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Soul of Steel Quest FAQ by falsehead

Version: Final | Updated: 11/26/02

**************** PHANTASY STAR ONLINE Ver.2: QUEST FAQ ******************

             ******** SOUL OF STEEL - DOWNLOAD QUEST *********

                  WALKTHROUGH (Final Version) 26/11/2002

Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com

Copyright stuff; If you wish to use this FAQ on your website, feel free to do
so under the following conditions. a) You email me first and let me know where
it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the content in anyway (if you need
to change the formatting slightly for display purposes that's OK).

If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
type all this up for the good of my health you know.

This walkthrough contains a script section covering the script of this mission.
 This was provided by the generous people at http://www.camineet.net who have
down an superb job scripting the whole pf PSOv2.  Check it out for every
mission and every bit of dialogue contained in PSOv2. Amazing stuff!

********************************* CONTENTS *****************************




************************ INTRODUCTION/REVISIONS *************************

INTRODUCTION - This is an in-depth guide to the PSO v2 download quest "Soul of
Steel".  Part of this is also included in a much larger FAQ I have written. 
But having seen this questions about this quest come up on the message boards
many times.  I thought it a good idea to submit a separate mini-guide so people
who are familiar with PSO don't have to wade through a 150kb file to find it!

I have also included the Quest script as this is quite an important quest in
terms of the PSO storyline and even implies a sequel quest at the end. 
Although this is something that may be followed up on the Gamecube version
rather than DC.  Lots of people find the lack of "rares" disappointing after
you complete this quest.  But its worth playing through for all the possible
outcomes as it is quite dramatic and even abit moving in places.  PSo overall
is rather lacking in a strong storyline, this quest goes a little way to
redressing the balance.


REVISIONS - Version 1.0 (27/09/2002) This is the first version of this FAQ. 
I've done a mission walkthrough, any future updates are likely to be typo
correcting and may a Q+A.

Have also added the mission script as I found it interesting as it's the most
plot heavy Quest in the whole game.  Hope you enjoy it!

Final Version (26/11/2002).  Have basically just ironed out a few spelling
mistakes. Also you will notice I have added a credit at the top of the FAQ for
a PSO script site where most of the script was taken from.  Basically when I
first put the guide together much of the script was posted on the gameFAQs
message boardd, which I copied down for future reference.  I didn't actually
realise it had originally been taken from another site.  Anyway the people
responsible got in touch and let me know and I am happy to credit them for the
script section.  I had of course checked it all out myself by playing the quest
many times and filled in a few gaps that hadn't copied from the baord posts.
Anyway, do check it out , it nice and easy to navigate and a very interesting

Apart from that, there is no more to be said or done for this mini PSO FAQ so
this will be the Final version!
******************** 1) SOUL OF STEEL - WALKTHROUGH *********************

Now before you play this quest you need to have played through the SUE
storyline and finished all quests.  This is what you need to have done to see
the full ending (and in the same difficulty level)

1) When doing the quest, "Dr. Osto's Research", tell SUE your name, (this means
you can't now get the Soul Eater in this difficulty).Then complete the quest.

2) In the quest "Unsealed Door" first talk to Bernie, then find SUE, and talk
to her. Then go back to the beginning of Mine 2 and talk to Bernie again.
Choose to tell him what SUE told you. Complete the quest.

3) Now do "WaterFall Tear", first speak to Sue on Pioneer 2 and ask her about
Black Paper.  Now in the caves you will have to find Bernie. Talk to him, and
complete the quest.

4) Go and do "Black Paper".  First talk to Sue on Pioneer 2, it doesn't seem to
matter what you ask her.  Then go to the caves and Bernie should be in the
middle of nowhere, waiting for you. Talk with him, and finish the quest.

5) Do the Quest "Docs Secret Plan".

Now when all quests are done, you should choose to do Soul of Steel in the same
difficulty mode you did the above "SUE" events. Also while playing Soul of
Steel you must also get the MAG you are given to "move" three times as you go
through the Mines, after all this you can get the extra, proper ending.

Once you choose to do the Soul of Steel Quest, you will find yourself reunited
with Doc. Montague and Elenor.  Your task is to rescue Elenors twin sister Ult.
 AS you leave to go down to the Mines you will be confronted by a Soldier from
WORKS who will warn you off. Then Elenor will give you a MAG CELL.  Now you all
warp down to the Mines.

The first room is small and throws everything at you, Gilchics, Canadines,
Sinows and Garanz.  Luckily Doc. Montague and Elenor are both strong and
powerful.  The Doc will heal you and Elenor and even cure paralysis.  But keep
an eye on them and have healing to hand as if either die it's mission over.

Once that's been cleared, head into the next large area and talk to the
soldier.  Whatever you answer, he won't let you pass. Go find the Doc, who has
gone into a side room. Talk to him and he will create a diversion.  You should
all go up to the opposite corner and wait for the soldier to leave.  Once he
has done, all sneak down through the barrier and into the next area.

Examine the computer, and Doc will tell you some stuff.  Then the Mag will move
for the first time.  Now you should walk forwards to the end of the room.  When
the screen fades to black briefly and there is a rumble you should check your
map to see doc and Elenor have moved.  Go to where they are and a cut scene
will occur.  Doc will tell her more about her special mag.  Then the mag you
are carrying should move for the second time.  You can go talk to them or carry
on looking for Ult.

You'll encounter Ult. Now. Your task is to follow her.  She walks slowly so
this task is not hard.  Once you have followed her far enough press the red
light switch to open the door and she will be on the other side.  Now Doc and
Elenor will arrive. She will disappear again.  Unlock the purple gate and carry
on alone through the next few rooms. You have to make like Solid Snake and
sneak past three sets of patrolling androids.  Watch their patrol patterns on
the map and make sure you don't get in their line of sight.

Once they have been avoided, you'll be in an open area where you must battle a
WORKS soldier and two androids.  There are also a few Gilchics to take out.
Once they are dealt with carry on to find Doc and Elenor.  If you did the Sue
stuff and got the mag to move twice, then a short cut scene will occur.  Sue
will talk to Doc and Elenor, then warp down to the mines.  The Mag you are
carrying will move again and a glow will follow you briefly.

WORKS have now activated the self-destruct and its up to you to disable it. 
You Elenor and Doc all warp to the Ruins.  Here you need to find the room that
is a hollow square with the raised area with a computer on it.  Now destroy all
the rocks blocking one pathway.

Carry on that path way and you'll find a room with a red force field blocking
the way.  You need to disable this using a timer switch in another location. 
Return to the square room and find a side room with a warp point in it. This
takes you to a small room.  Leave this one and battle through the next one. 
You'll end up in a room with a red switch gate.  Before you press it, use the
touch lamp switches to open the exit to the room.  Now press the timer switch
and run as fats as you can to the room with the red force field.  You may need
a couple of goes, but you have plenty of time.  Once through the force field,
you can warp up to the PC and Doc will disable the self-destruct.

Now you must catch Ult.  She is shown as a blue arrow.  Use the warp points to
catch her on the long, thin section.  Talk to her.  Now at this point two
things can happen.

If you did not complete the "Sue" events in the game, you will get the short
ending.  There will be a big explosion and you will wake up in the infirmary. 
All you can do now is read the letter from Doc. Montague and collect your
meseta reward.

If you did do the "Sue" events CORRECTLY then you will get some extra stuff.

Now all hell will start breaking loose.  When you are offered choices. Choose
"Rescue Elenor" and "No" x 3.  You can't really do anything but watch events
unfold.   Soon you'll end up in the medical centre.  Talk to the nurse walking
about then leave.  As you do a cut-scene occurs in the Hunters Guild.  Now go
to the desk and claim your meseta.


You can get an extra bit of ending.  As long as you said "No" to Doc. Montague
three times.  Choose to do the "Soul of Steel" Quest again and this time you'll
be greeted by a woman who says you have been asked for via the BEE system.

Warp down to Forest 1 and meet Elenor in the place she was in "Magnitude of
Metal".  Talk to her about everything. Then she will leave.  Pipe back up after
her and enjoy the groovy music playing as you collect your meseta reward.

*************************** 2) QUEST SCRIPT *****************************

Script courtesy of http://www.camineet.net

(This assumes you did the SUE events and played the quest "Docs Secret Plan."
It also omits non-essential text)

Client: Montague
Quest: Please! Can you help me find my darling android that I crafted with my
own two hands?
Reward: ??? Meseta

MONTAGUE - Heh heh heh.  [NAME], so you're the one who decided to take this
quest, right? I am Jean Carlo Montague. Heh heh heh.  I'm very glad.  It was
difficult to find someone who'd take this quest. I'm in something of a rush,
you see...  Heh heh heh.

ELEMOR - [YOUR NAME], I'm Elenor.  Umm, Do you remember me?

MONTAGUE - Of course we remember you, Elenor.  It's been a while, eh, [YOUR
NAME]?  I have to ask you for another favour.

MONTAGUE - What I need to ask you is, well, what we want you to do is, to put
it simply, go find Elenor's sister.

ELENOR - Yes, please find my sister!  She was kidnapped by some strangers.

MONTAGUE - What kind of awful people would stoop to kidnapping?  Her name is
Ult.  Heh.  I will give you more details later.  For now, we want you, [YOUR
NAME], to go underground with us. There might be some troublemaker on the way. 
We're counting on you.  Heh heh heh.

GUILD GIRL BY DOOR - Right now, underneath Ragol... Military unit "WORKS" has
an operation underway.  According to the agreement reached by the military and
the hunters... Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the operation
area. Also, a military tribunal has sole jurisdiction over any disputes. 
Hunters don't even have the right to speak in their own defence.  The Hunter's
Guild cannot protect you from the military.  So please be careful.

[As you leave a soldier approaches]

SAKON - !?  (Strange hat, and that pink android...) (That's...)  Hey, you!
Where do you think you're going?  Come here!!! Hey, you!  You aren't thinking
about going down to Ragol, are you?  Hey!  It's you! I know who you are.

MONTAGUE - ... Hmm.  Sorry, but I've never seen you before.

SAKON -  Ha ha ha!  Don't try to fool me!  Do you know what we have to go
through because of you?  Oh, well.  Right now, underneath Ragol, the Galactic
Mobile Infantry 32nd Squadron, WORKS, has an import operation underway.  That's
why most of the areas on Ragol have been restricted!  There're rumours that
some people aren't obeying our edict, but... If you make any stupid moves, I'll
be forced to hurt you.  So keep that in mind.

MONTAGUE - (YOUR [NAME], Elenor, there's something fishy about this guy.) 
Umm... Are you sure you don't need my brain to help you with that operation? 
Or are you just being arrogant because you have Ult?

SAKON - ? I... I don't know what you're talking about, but... This is a very
important operation for WORKS.  I strongly recommend that you don't interfere. 
Umm... It's just that, You know.

ELENOR - Please give us back my sister!! And please don't hurt her!

SAKON - Listen, little android girl.  I don't know nothing about your sister. 
And beside, we're not doing anything to hurt anyone.  You got it?  How do you
even know that she was kidnapped?  She might have decided to walk away on her
own. OK?  Now, if you want to ask more questions, go talk to the Doctor, OK?
All right, this is your final warning!  Don't do anything stupid!  If you ever
enter a restricted operation area... No matter what kind of excuse you may
have, WORKS will eliminate you.  So don't make me do something that you'll
regret. Hey, you, [YOUR CHARACTER CLASS], you too!  Ha ha ha ha.

[Sakon departs]

MONTAGUE - Hmm... [YOUR NAME], did he scare you?  Don't worry about it.  If
this was the old WORKS, things would be different.  But the soldiers now are
nothing.  All their best men were lost aboard Pioneer 1.  Heh heh heh.

ELENOR - [NAME].  Ah... I have a favour to ask you.  I, I must rescue my
sister!  I will do whatever it takes!  But, I just don't know where to begin. 
I know I can't do this all by myself. ... Umm... Can you wait here? Can you
keep this?

NARRATIVE TEXT - Received "Mag cell"!

ELENOR  - This is a baby Mag.  It's very precious to me.  My sister has an
identical one. What?  Oh, why did I...?  I don't really know why.  I just
thought it would be able to help you... Rescue my sister.  Please.  And please
take care of my Mag. ...

MONTAGUE - Hey!  Elenor!

ELENOR - ! Y, yes! I'm coming!

[All transport down to the the Mines]

MONTAGUE - Heh heh.  Thanks.  I've never been good at dealing with soldiers. 
They're all such total morons.  You can never reason with them.  Well, anyway,
here's some information for you. As we suspected, there's something very wrong
going on. WORKS is a Special Forces unit within the military.  They're sneaky. 
They  often have ulterior motives, so we should go after them first. ... Heh
heh.  She's such an innocent girl.  Oh, never mind... Heh.

MONTAGUE - Hey, Elenor, do you feel like we're closer to Ult now?

ELENOR - Ah, hmm... Sorry, I don't know yet.

MONTAGUE - Oh well, let's move on then.  I really don't want to go.  Soldiers
make me nervous.  How do we get into that WORKS-controlled area, anyway?  I
just don't know how we'll be able to.  Hmm...

[Go and talk to the guard]

UKON - Hey you!  What are you doing there?  This area is restricted to the
Galactic Mobile Infantry, 32nd Squadron, WORKS.  Notification has been sent out
to all hunters. What?  You still want to go beyond this point?  Go elsewhere
for you monsters or treasure!  This is no place for that.  You still want to

[If you answer "Yes! I want to!" Montague leaves the party...]

UKON - Do you know what WORKS is?  Do you think we'll just let you walk right
in? Do you know how easy it is for us to erase your hunter registration?  We
could make it so you'd never be able to set foot on Ragol again!  Now go back
to where you came from before I get really mad!

[Go and find Montague]

MONTAGUE- A military transmission terminal... Hmm. I think we can use this.  I
think we canuse this to distract that soldier.  Let's see here... OK, we're
set. Hee hee...Now we need to wait some place a little further off.  Let's hide
in the next block where the soldier won't be able to see us.  Hee hee...

[Group head towards western corner]

MONTAGUE - He he he... We'll be safe here. ... The area that we're about to
enter is controlled by WORKS. Once we enter, we can't go back out.  If we
return back to Pioneer 2 before our task is done... We won't be able to enter
this place again.  But that's not a problem.  I'm sure we'll find Ult.  Hey,
it's almost time.

[Alarm sounds.  UKON moves off]

UKON - What's that sound? ... I think it's coming from the block over there. 
By the terminal... I should go check.

MONATGUE - OK, let's go.  Let's get through the gate before that soldier comes
back! [Examine next computer] Hmm. That looks like interesting data.  It could
be useful... Do you mind if I take a look? Hmm... Very interesting. Hmm?  What
was it about? Well, this doesn't apply to us right now, but... Well, I'll try
to explain briefly.  First of all...  This underground facility was being
accessed by 3 automatic computers.  Each one kept an eye on the others, and
maintained balance.  Secondly, the AI names of these computers were...
Vol Opt
Third, access logs show that the first 2 were located in this facility, But the
last one, Olga, has no logs after that huge explosion occurred.  We can't trace
it back from here, either.  I believe that the route was actually closed from
the other side.  ?  So what, you say?  Well, from what can be speculated from
this data...  The Olga was never here, and a similar lab existed somewhere
else.  You see... If that's the case, then some kind of transport would be
needed.  You follow?  Even if there is another facility just like this, Where
would it be?  And why was it needed?  You see, I can speculate a great deal
from this data.  But then, this is all just speculation. Heh.

ELENOR - I don't quite understand.

MONTAGUE - Heh.  Well, as I said, it doesn't really apply to us directly.

NARRATIVE TEXT - I think the Mag moved

[you leave Elenor and Montague to carry on searching.  When the floor quakes,
go back and find them in a nearby room to hear the next bit of plot]

ELENOR - Uh, Doctor?  Can I ask you a question?

MONTAGUE - What is it?

ELENOR - Almost every Hunter I've seen has a Mag.  How come I don't have one?

MONTAGUE - Oh.  Hmm.  I thought I told you this before... You're carrying
a baby Mag inside your body.  And that Mag is a very important Mag, Elenor.  It
could possibly change the world as we know it.  But it can  also be very
dangerous, so you need to be careful.  So it's your job to keep this baby safe.
 Do you understand?  That's why I won't let you have another Mag.  It could
harm your baby.  This goes for both you and your sister Ult.

ELENOR - Um.  Ah... Um.

MONTAGUE - You didn't... lose it, did you?

ELENOR - !!! (Actually, I... ... to [YOUR NAME].) ... No, I haven't!

MONTAGUE - Good. Unless you disconnect the link, it cannot detach itself from
you.  Don't scare me like that.  Heh heh.

NARRATIVE TEXT - I think the Mag moved

[Soon you'll encounter Ult.]

ULT - Who's there?  Elenor?  Is it the Doctor?  No... I will decide my own
destination.  No one can stop me. Someone is calling me.  I must go. It won't
do you any good to follow me.  I will... I will go to her.

[Successfully follow Ult.]

ULT - You're still following me?  Huh?  Who's that? Doctor? Elenor?


MONTAGUE - He he he... Ult!  It was you! I'm glad I followed you.  Ult? Ult!
Don't you recognize me?  I can't believe you went and followed those soldiers. 
What's wrong with you?  This isn't at all like you!

ULT - Don't come here!  I can't... Calling me... Someone is calling me.  From
the edge... I...

MONTAGUE - Hmm... Ult isn't acting normal! Elenor! Stop her!

ELENOR - Huh?  Y, yes.

[Ult disappears]

ELENOR - !? Ah, uh, Ult?

MONTAGUE - She disappeared... What an amazing phenomenon.  She seems to be
reacting to something.  I'm sensing something strange about the Photons in this
area.  Maybe it's the abnormal Photons? ... WORKS... Ha ha ha.  Interesting. 
Very interesting, indeed. Hmm... The security seems to be much tighter here. 
When we advance, we need to be careful.  Soldiers and security androids are
everywhere.  If you get too close, they'll detect us.  We need to be very
careful.  It's not a good idea to travel as a group here. [YOUR NAME]! Will you
go first?  We'll hide here for now.  We'll try to remain undiscovered.

[Elude the androids and Elenor and Montague catch you up]

ELENOR - [YOUR NAME], and... Ult is there, too!

MONTAGUE - Ha ha ha.  Ult!  I'll never let you out of my sight again. My power
of deduction are telling me... It's too dangerous for you to be here any
longer.  I don't really care about what the military does, just as long as they
don't hurt you!  Now come, Ult!

ELENOR - Ult! Let's go home now!

ULT - Don't tell me what to do!  I want... I want to be free... (I want to
evolve) Stuck inside a capsule... (underneath the ground) I'm sick of it all...

MONTAGUE- Ult! Don't go! !!! Wait, Ult! I can't let her go like this. Can you
keep up?  Let's go, Elenor!

ELENOR - Oh, y, yes. I'm OK. Doctor, I will help you!

[Montague and Elenor leave, but you have to stay and fight WORKS]

SAKON - Aha! I've finally found you! Now don't move... How did you get in here?
 I'll give you credit for getting this far.  But your luck has just run out. 
You worthless hunters... Ain't got no respect!  I'll take care of the doctor
later.  First, I'll take care of you.  I will teach you a lesson for messing
with WORKS!

[Room shakes violently]

SAKON - ??? What? What's happening?  Could our operation have caused this? We
didn't predict anything like this.  Oh no!

ANDROID Type:O - Sensors have detected enemies! Estimating a large number of

ANDROID Type:W - Distance 300... 200... 100... Danger Danger Danger...

ANDROID Type:O - Upgrading to Mode D.  Eliminate intruders!

ANDROID Type:W - Eliminate...

SAKON - It can't be! This whole area should be under the control of WORKS.  But
why are they... Is it due to the abnormal Photons effect that the doctor
predicted?  If that's the case, then I shall destroy everything!  Be prepared! 
I will show you what the military can do! Say your last prayer, and prepare to
[After you defeat All enemies]

SAKON - The power of WORKS... Is this... It?  ... I won't.  I won't be able to
face the commander like this.  Ugh... I'll never let scum like you disrupt this
noble operation.  I won't let you get away with this. Ha ha ha ha.  I'll blow
us all apart! (Mark my works, this operation will succeed.  Nothing can stop

LOUDSPEAKER - Warning: Emergency! Ruins WORKS Terminal WMC. Incoming
transmission from WORKS District 07 Emergency Program activated.  All staff
evacuate occupied District area. Relocate to a designated shelter.  I repeat...
This is an emergency!

[An alarm and 20 minute counter appears.  Run over to Doc and Elenor.  If you
did all the Sue Events, Docs Secret Plan and got the mag to move twice, then
SUE will appear]

SUE - Long time no see, Doc!  Since our home world?

MONTAGUE - Yeah, I heard that you were here.  I thought you got out of this

SUE - Well, I've got my reasons.  ...  You're getting involved quite a bit
yourself, Dr. Montague.  It seems like you're still under surveillance, too.  I
found your name in Dr. Osto's research from Pioneer 1.  I believe it was the
military's plan...  He's not only got his hands in the government but other
places, too.

MONTAGUE - Dr. Osto was a great scientist.  It's too bad we lost such a good
man!  But he had a tendency to get too caught up in his research.  And when he
was like that, he often made very poor decisions.

SUE - You too, have that same tendency.  Always focusing too much on the
research. Maybe I can help you put an end to your habit.  Good bye, Doctor!

ELENOR - An attack is imminent.  Should we fight back?

MONTAGUE - No need, Elenor.

ELENOR - OK.  Temporarily disarming.

SUE - I wouldn't do anything like that.  So about your partner, [NAME].  What
is that all about?

MONTAGUE - ?  What are you talking about?

SUE - How much does [YOUR NAME] know?

MONTAGUE - Well...  Heh.

ELENOR - [YOUR NAME] is a good person.

SUE - ...  Oh, well.  It doesn't matter.  I must agree with you.  Sometimes,
you don't need to know everything.  Your life could be at risk if you know too

MONTAGUE - I thought it would be good to have someone with a more...  Objective
point of view.

SUE - ...  OK, one piece of advice for you.  Part of the military has been
making some strange moves...  It's dangerous to move around without knowing
what's going on!  Nothing positive will come out of it.  Especially for Pioneer

MONTAGUE - I told them that many times, but they never listened.

SUE - Why don't you talk directly with Leo Grahart?  ...  See you.


SUE - What?

MONTAGUE - Osto didn't do his research here.  The only facilities here are for
mining and refining.  That includes the ones below, too.

SUE - I know.  What's below here is... hell

NARRATIVE TEXT - I think the Mag moved.

MONTAGUE - Are you all right, [NAME]?  Everyone from WORKS is running around,
screaming.  Hmm... What?? Hmm. They sure don't go away quietly, eh? We found
Ult, but... she got away again.  Something really bothers me. Ult's an older
model, but just like Elenor, she's completely autonomous. She shouldn't become
that unstable even if someone tried to control her. Hmm.  It just doesn't make
sense... Wait... And, it happened to Elenor... (Ult did react to the abnormal
Photons...) (And she somehow vanished, just like magic...) (It can't be...)
(Why would Ult's Evolutionary Emotion Device be activated now?)

ELENOR - Doctor! Ult seems to have gone down from here!

MONTAGUE - Good job, Elenor.  Hmm... What's that?  I have a bad feeling about
this area.  Elenor, can you collect the data for this area?

ELENOR - Um... Yes! Scanning... ... ... ... ... ... I can't find anything
unusual.  Wow!  The Photon density in the air is...Rising exponentially!

MONTAGUE - !!! Hmm. I guess we don't have much time.  I wanted to collect more
data, but... I think we better get out of here. ...(I just hope that operation
will fail.) Oh, nothing.  We're going to go down now, so come with us as soon
as you can.
[Warp to Ruins]

MONTAGUE - You made it.  This is being triggered by WORKS' Self-Destruct
Program.  [NAME], can you find the computer?  If I can get hold of it, I should
be able to stop the explosion.  Heh he he... Their feeble attempt to protect
themselves from my intellect is a joke.  They couldn't outwit me if they put
all their brains together.  Heh.

[If you don't find the computer in time the whole place goes up in flames. 
Misson Failed.  If you do find it the following occurs]

MONTAGUE - Wait, [YOUR NAME]! Sorry, but something's been bothering me.  Hmm.
What's that?  There's a really strange looking computer over there.  Hmm...
This one is different from the one in the tunnel.  This is from Pioneer 2's
military. I can't believe them.  They might as well just put up a sign saying,
"Terminal Computer, HERE!" Heh heh.
[After you warp up to it]

MONTAGUE - Let's see what this thing is all about.  Hmm... Aha... ... ... Ha ha
ha.  How's this?  I guess they didn't add my intellect into their calculations.
 Heh heh heh. [Disarms self-destruct]

MONTAGUE  - ... ... Hmm. There's another program hidden here.  Looks like we're
going to find something interesting, too. ... ... ... Aha!  I see now.  That's
why it was Ult.  So it means that this order wasn't given by Leo.  But it must
have come from someone with special plans for Elenor.  There's no way they
could have pulled it off with this kind of setup.  But... if the program is
still running around, that means... What!? It looks like they had this all
planned out. ...They did this jus to keep us here.  I can't believe we fell for
such a simple trap.  First of all, this Self Destruct Program bought them some
time.  Their ultimate objective is to release Ult's power. The abnormal Photon
levels were catalyst... It... Well, they were planning to trigger the circuit I
hid inside Ult.  What a simple plan! I can't believe their stupidity, though! 
They still won't be able to control anything!  I just can't take it anymore. 
How could they believe that they'd ever actually control such power?  That
primitive equipment could never contain that kind of power! Not just this area,
but the whole infrastructure of Ragol would...  Phew... Anyway, we don't have
much time.  Let's go get Ult!  I believe that is our best course of action for
now.  That WORKS!  Messing with my little baby... They are going to pay for

[Cut scene showing Sakon and Ult]

SAKON - Ha ha ha. We're almost there, Ult! I must deliver you to the designated
location.  Then the operation will be complete!  Those guys must have figured
out that they've been duped, by now! We better hurry.

ULT - Uh... My body.  My body is heating up. I can't take this! Let me go free!
[Ult begins to glow]

SAKON - !! No! She's going out of control! This wasn't predicted in the
simulation!  How much power does this thing have? OK, good girl. Calm down,

ULT - !!! No!! Don't come any closer...

[Photon Energy fills the room and explodes.  Cut back to you and Doc and

MONTAGUE - Hmm.  An explosion?  We're getting close, very close!  No... Not

ELENOR - !!!  No!  Ult! Ult!  Please wait!

MONTAGUE - No! Ult!  Don't go any further!  Ult! ... OK, we've got to hurry! We
must find Ult.  We're not going to let WORKS get away with this.

ELENOR - ... Doctor, where did Ult go?

MONTAGUE - Hmm. Let's split up and try to find her.  Elenor, can you start with
the hallway over there?  I'm going to start looking here.

[Split up and search for Ult.  You all three will find her by a chasm.  The
music changes to the PSO "Ending Theme". Once you talk to her, the events below

ULT - !!!  Doctor?  Elenor?

MONTAGUE - Ha ha ha.  Great timing.  There's no way out.  Ha ha ha.  Ult!  Come

ELENOR - I'm so glad that you're safe.  I was worried sick!

ULT - Elenor...  Thank you.  But, I must...  Ugh!  My body...  (Need to get
out...) My body is heating up...  (Get outside...)

MONTAGUE  - No!  Ult is fusing with the abnormal Photons...  My poor baby! 
Idiots!  WORKS, and their simplistic plans...  Ult wasn't made to handle this! 
She's still just a prototype!  She's not built to take this kind of punishment.
 The abnormal energy!!!  Elenor.  Quickly.  Download Ult's data!

ELENOR - Doctor?  !!  Y, yes!  I understand!

ULT - ...  Listen to me while I am still...  Myself.  Doctor, Elenor...

ELENOR - U, Ult...

MONTAGUE - !!  Elenor.  Don't stop!  Continue the download!

ULT - I.  I...  I've always been inside the capsule in the lab.  I want
freedom... Elenor, I always envied you.  I wanted to create my future with my
own hands.  That was my dream.  Then...  I received a telepathic call from
Ragol.  It called to me...  "I want to free myself," it said.  Whatever it was,
it wanted the same thing I did.  Because even now...

ULT - No.  It didn't matter what the reason was.  I just needed someone to prod
me... But it turned out that I was only being selfish.  I never knew that... I
had it inside of me.  It feels strange.  It doesn't feel like it's part of me. 
It's like a creature that thirsts for fresh blood.  Insane... hungry...  And it
was to same as that... something...  I had that hunger.  A hunger for freedom,
to be like Elenor.  My control device could not hold me back from my desire for
freedom.  I... I should've listened to the   Doctor.  I never should've come
down to Ragol.  ... I'm so sorry.  Can you forgive me?  Doctor, Elenor, and
[YOUR NAME].  You came to get me.  Thank you.  For risking your lives for me.

[The earth shakes.  Ult starts to glow blue.]

ULT- Ugh!  Ahhh!!  Ahhhhhh!!!! My final request.  Leave.  Run away...

[Ult opens a telepipe for you to Pioneer 2, then she warps herself over to the
other side of the chasm.]

ELENOR - Doctor!

MONTAGUE  - Elenor, it's too dangerous to stay here anymore!  Emergency escape
back to Pioneer 2!  I'm sorry, Ult.  Hang in there. [you and Elenor stay still]
!!  Come here, [YOUR NAME]!  Elenor!!!

[If the Mag Elenor gave you evolved three times during this quest, this is what
happens next...]

ELENOR - Ult! [She starts to glow as well]

MONTAGUE - Elenor!  Don't do it!

ELENOR - No!  I must rescue Ult!

ULT - A. aaaahh... [She teleports over to Ult. Ult collapses]

ELENOR - Ult!  W, why?

MONTAGUE - No...  No, this can't be happening.
[Elenor and the mag you have for her all start to glow and stars twinkle

NARRATIVE TEXT - Elenor's Mag Cell is reacting!

ELENOR - No!  ... [She is enveloped by a pink beam] ...Uh.

MONTAGUE - !?  What is it, Elenor?

ELENOR - Doctor, there's something wrong.  I've never felt like this before. 
...  I will...  [The pink beam appears again and her mag also appears behind

MONTAGUE- "ELENOR"...!  It can't be.  Why is this happening now?
[Alarms ring out]


MONTAGUE - Is this...




[Scene shifts round the terminals in the ruins.]

TERMINAL - Number 1, 2, 3 Security Net Bypassed 30 seconds till unknown
invasion program arrives at the core!  Starting invasion program analysis.

TERMINAL - Setting up emergency dummy program at address J26.  Support
targeting codes are being accessed!  Searching for hacking origin...

TERMINAL - Invasion route confirmed.  Access path determined.  Hacking origin
is...  ...  ...It is "MOTHER."

MOTHER-00 TO MOTHER-01  Doctor.  My head, my head...  It's about to explode.  

MONTAGUE - Amazing...  My work of art, Elenor.   "MOTHER."


MONTAGUE  - He he he.  Amazing, just amazing!  Pure genius.  I amaze myself. 
Ha ha ha!!

[You are given three options: Rescue Elenor, Rescue Elenor, and Rescue
Elenor.(hee hee)]

MONTAGUE  - !  Sorry, [YOUR NAME]!  I kind of just lost it.  Elenor!  !!!  I
see.  So, the abnormal Photons were emanating from the runes!  That's the
reason why the prediction was so far off.  I can't believe I didn't see this! 
It doesn't matter how it was done. We have to access...

ELENOR - [YOUR NAME].  Doctor.  I... don't think... I... can...  Run away! 

MONTAGUE - Elenor!  Are you going to blow yourself up too?


MONTAGUE - It started when I became involved with a military project called
"MOTHER." Government officials wanted to extend their control of the military. 
"MOTHER" is capable of controlling anything with the latest AI program.  This
included anything from Mags to androids to... huge warships.  Due to its
sensitive nature, the project was hidden away on Ragol.  I should've never
gotten involved in the first place.  I thought of this as nothing more than an
interesting experiment. But it's different now!  And Elenor isn't just another
experiment to me.  She's my pride and joy.  I cannot live without her.  This
has become a personal matter, I hope you understand.  That's why I can't let
you get involved in this.  I know that you care for her as much as I do.  So
I'm going to have to ask you to go back to Pioneer 2 [YOUR NAME].  I will take
care of Elenor.  You can count on it!

[You can choose, "OK." or "No."  If you say "No."...]

MONTAGUE - Please try to understand!  There is nothing more you can do!

[You can choose, "OK." or "No."  If you say "No."...]

MONTAGUE - You're so stubborn!  The Elenor that you see is not the same Elenor
you know!  I will have to force you to go back!

[YOU can choose, "OK." or "No." If you choose "No" here or "OK" at any point
the scenario carries on]

MONTAGUE - !   Elenor!  Oh, man...  Jean!  Is this all you can come up with?

ELENOR - [YOUR NAME]...  Doctor...  Thank you...  This is good bye....  Ult... 
Ult said, She envied me because I was free, but...  I, I was able to enjoy
myself because  Hee hee.  I was with her.  ....  ...  ..  .  Together until the

[Elenor looks down at Ult.  Then an explosion starts from Elenor and engulfs
them both.  The screen whites out, then you awaken in the medical centre.]

YOU - This is the Medical Centre...  Feels like I've been asleep forever... 
Dr. Montague, Elenor, And Ult...  I wonder if she's OK...

NURSE - [YOUR NAME]!  I'm so glad you're awake!  You've been asleep for days. 
We were all so worried.  Oh, yeah...  Someone named Elenor came to visit quite
a few times. You should let her know that you're OK.  You shouldn't make such a
cute girl cry!

[Leave the medical area and the scene fades out to the Hunter's Guild.  Sakon
is here with Ash and Nadja.]

SAKON - So...  We'd like to ask you all as well.  This is going to be very
serious.  I'm counting on you.

ASH - I'll take care of it!

SAKON - ...

[Back to you]

GUILD GIRL BY DOOR -  Strange things have been happening in the past few days. 
First, the computer in the Hunter's Guild malfunctions, then...  All these
soldiers and hunters start running around.  I wonder what's going on.

- You've been awarded 3000 Meseta.

[If you anwered "No" three times to Montague, then reload Soul of Steel for the

GUILD GIRL BY DOOR - [YOUR NAME]?  This client has specifically asked for you
via the BEE system.  ...I think.  Umm.  We don't know who this was sent from. 
He wants you to go see him in person.  It says that you should know where to
find him.  ...  Are you sure this is OK?  Oh, well... Anyway, good luck!
- Anyway, good luck!

[Go down to Forest 1 and find her where she was in Magnitude of Metal, your
first Quest!  She now has her cool Mag equipped]

ELENOR  - !  You startled me.  [YOUR NAME].  It's been a while.  I can't
remember what I was thinking about.  I wanted to tell you something...  Let's
see, let's see...
[Talk about "The Mag?"...]

ELENOR  - ...  This one?  No problem!  The Doctor has been very careful to fix
it properly.  I think he said something like, "There goes my plans!"  Of
course, I don't know what he was talking about.
[Talk about "Ult?"...]

ELENOR - ...  Ult!  Yes!  She's all right!  My sister is all right!  The Doctor
said that the backup data I got saved her life!  But he said she will take a
little more time to fully recover.
[Talk about "Montague?"...]

ELENOR - What?  The Doctor?  Yes, he is well.  Yes, he's busy right now.  He
was saying something about atonement...  And, vengeance?  Things we can do for

[After you have talked about everything]

ELENOR - ...  Ummm.  I'm actually about to leave.  Of course, the Doctor will
be with me.  Yes, I think we'll be gone for a while.  ...  ...  Let's see.  I
don't quite remember all the details from that time...  But, I did hear a
voice.  I don't know if that voice belonged to the Doctor or Ult, or... 
Maybe...  ...  Was that you, [YOUR NAME]!  "Don't give up."  "Hang in there." 
That's what I heard.  ...  ...  Sorry, it's kind of silly.  A, anyway...  Thank
you very much!  ...   ..  ...  Oh, yeah!  [YOUR NAME]!  Are you taking good
care of the Mag?  I am sure you are, but... You must remember to give it lots
of love!  OK?  ...  ..  .   Mags have feelings too, you know.

[She disappears, return to Guild.  Music changes]

GUILD GIRL NEAR DOOR  - Were you able to find your client?  Pretty strange if
you ask me.  Never seen anything like it.

NARRATOR - You've been awarded 3000 Meseta.

[For those of you interested in the ongoing PSO plot, any thoughts on this is
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