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FAQ by Bullet Sponge / Gundam Dubya

Updated: 07/30/2001

                _______     __  __   ____       __     __      __
               / _____ \   | |  | | |  _ \     /  \   |  \    /  |
              / /     \_\  | |  | | | | \ \   / /\ \  |   \  /   |
              | |    ____  | |  | | | |  | | / /__\ \ | |\ \/ /| |
              | |    |__ | | |  | | | |  | | | ____ | | | \  / | |
              \  \_____/ / |  \/  | | |_/ /  | |  | | | |  \/  | |
               \________/   \____/  |____/   |_|  |_| |_|      |_|

              _____       __    _______  _______  __       _______
             | __  \     /  \  |__   __||__   __| | |     |  _____|
             | |_\ /    / /\ \    | |      | |    | |     |  |___
             |  __ \   / /__\ \   | |      | |    | |     |   ___|
             | |__\ \  | ____ |   | |      | |    | |____ |  |____
             |______/  |_|  |_|   |_|      |_|    |______||_______|

                       (Online for few, Offline for most)
                  Either way, not a great game to play for long

         VERSION 1.0
         July - 30th 2001

     Rock Ciccarone --> a.k.a. "Bullet Sponge"
     Edward Ju      --> a.k.a. "Gundam Dubya"
     Email contact information has been ommitted for now.

     Use message board topic "Faq Submitted" by Bullet_Sponge
This Faq was written by the typical none-Japanese reading (or Speaking)
American Joe... The "Bullet Sponge". (And no I have not been shot... yet.)

Without the help of Gundam Dubya, I'd be guessing as to what the majority of the
items in pilot statistics meant (except the weapons selection), and would not
know what the different options concerning Sensor-Ship groups, besides missiles.

The terms I use in this FAQ are NOT based on the literal Kanji. They are based
on my interpretation of what the buttons and symbols do or represent. The
reasoning behind this outrage... Well, for 99.9% of you (the FAQ readers),
reading Japanese is as easy as holding water in a thin paper bag. SOOOO I found
this approach much easier to read and follow than the literal translations.

***** DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS THIS FAQ COVERS. ***************************
***** DO NOT POST THIS FAQ WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. All you have to do is ask *****
***** DO NOT ADD MY EMAIL ADDRESS TO ANY MAILING LISTS. *************************


All individuals that would like to contribute to this Faq are more than welcome to
send me the information. I will give credit where credit is due. But don't think
if you tell me about a spelling error, your going to get your name in BIG BOLD

     1. BUTTONS
     6. CRUISERS
     11. ONLINE **** COMING SOON *********************************

1. BUTTONS --  And what they do.
            MAP                BATTLE                HANGER
      A - SELECT             SELECT                SELECT
      B - BACK               BACK                  BACK
      X - PASS TURN          NONE                  WEAPONRY / SKILLS
      Y - QUICK MOVE         SENSOR ZOOM           Remove
      L - MOVE PREVIOUS      Previous              NOTHING
      R - MOVE NEXT          Next                  NOTHING
Analog - Zoom               Rotate Angle           NOTHING
D-Pad  - Pointer Move       Control Menu           Control

     ___________________   ___________________   ___________________   ________________
    |MOVE             A | |MOVE             A | |MOVE             A | |UNIT LISTING  G |
    |-------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------| |----------------|
    |CLEAR ORDERS     B | |CLEAR ORDERS     B | |CLEAR ORDERS     B | |MISSION       H |
    |-------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------| |----------------|
    |MINOVSKY         C | |MINOVSKY         C | |PURCHASE         F | |SAVE          I |
    |-------------------| |-------------------| --------------------- |----------------|
    |DOCK             D | |DOCK             D |    | * FIRE *** |     |MAP VEIWER    J |
    |-------------------| ---------------------    |------------|     ------------------
    |CONFIGURATION    E |                          | * RELOAD * |
    ---------------------                          --------------

     A. MOVE --> Select one of your ship groups and then hit this button.
            Now place the hex Selector on an empty zone. You can also
            select another group. By doing this however, you will follow
            that group if Friendy, or Intercept it if it is an enemy.
            Be careful not to have all units follow your attack group.
            Doing this can result in getting 'Boxed In' and will only
            make you mad. Trust me, I am speaking from experience.
     B. CLEAR ORDERS --> Use this if you want a group to stop ALL activity.
     C. MINOVSKY --> On the map, you may notice that there are areas that sensors
            can not penetrate until you get right next to them. Be warned, those
            are Minovsky particles. If you have ever seen Gundam, and not that
            shameless poor-plotted semi-romanticized series **Gundam Wing**, then you
            know (or at least SHOULD know) that Minovsky particles are the bye-
            product of the fusion generators that power starships and mobile
            suits. They result in the reduced effectiveness of sensors. The higher
            the Minovsky level, the lower the range of sensors, which by the way, is
            why you don't see Mobile Suits using guided weaponry. Wars would go
            pretty quick if every shot was a radar-guided 50 megaton missile.
     D. DOCK --> When your playing the game offline, you'll notice how you always
            have a cargo ship in your task force. In some missions, it is critical
            to actually USE the cargo ships. The 5th mission in the Zeon campaign is
            a prime example. You are to recover HLVs that are fired from Earth into
            one of 4 drop zones. Anyway, when your cursor is on a cargo vessel, look
            to the lower right area of the screen. You should see a line that is
            either yellow (1000 or 2000) or black (0). That is the cargo capacity
            of the transport. If your transport is full (yellow), then it can't do
            anything useful except drop Minovsky Particles. If it has no cargo, then
            move next to an HLV with cargo, and hit the dock button. Depending on how
            much is inside, the process could take up to 4 cycles. If either the
            the transport or the HLV (or whatever) is attacked, the procedure is
            terminated. All transferred cargo remains on the transport though, so
            it isn't a complete loss.
               ***** You can NOT dock with the Sensor-Ship groups *****
               ***** You CAN dock with your Battle group ********
     E. CONFIGURATION --> This is by far the most important command in the game.
            What this command does is allow you to equip you Mobile Suits, change
            pilots, design your emblem (why bother), set your pilot's commands,
            and change your MS color (Which is about as lame as I have ever seen).
            You would think you could change the color of the entire suit.. What's
            even worse is when you use suits that have different base colors like a
            Zaku and a Keampfer. The end result.... GAY
               1. ORGANIZE --> Go to Hanger to configure Pilots and Suits
               2. FORMATION --> Designate the Ship and Mobile Suit formations.
                    a. MS Placement
                    b. Ship Placement
                    c. Ship Status
               3. MS VEIWER --> GAY!!!!
               4. EMBLEM SELECTION --> USELESS
               5. EXIT
     F. PURCHASE --> This command allows those mostly useless flight groups to be Not-
            as-useless. In order to "buy" options for them, you need to position them
            next to your freighter. Then click the "Purchase" command.
            There are five things you can buy, although, and only two are semi-useful.
               1. Mines (CRAP) --> Time Delayed Garbage, but powerful.
               2. Missile x 4 --> When an enemy moves next to you, AFTER they have
                    already fired, you can fire back. This is useful when you keep
                    all of your Bait groups together. To destroy an enemy cruiser
                    group later in the game, you will need to have 4 or more
                    groups attack. AND each group can only take one hit before they
                    go bye-bye. YOU DO THE MATH.
                    Once you have purchased the missiles, you no longer need to remain
                    by the transport.
               3. Recon --> Changing to this allows you to see the numbers and types
                    of mobile suits on each ship.
               4. Enemy Seeker (DEFAULT) --> Standard "Bait" ships.
               5. Defense --> Lowers the damage it takes from a cruiser encounter.
                    *** By far the most useful. ***

            IF you buy a group missiles or Mines, then their commands become slightly
            more varied. They each have 5 commands now, and not three.
            The first three function the exact same.
               4th Command --> Fire Missile, Drop Mine
               5th Command --> Reload (Buy more ammuntion)
     G. UNIT LISTING --> Bring up this menue for a listing af all units visible.
     H. MISSION --> Shows the number of Days, Targets to Detsroy, and Materails
            required to successfully complete the mission. Also shows how many days,
            targets, and supplies you have recovered so far.
     I. SAVE --> Save in the middle of a battle. (Never used personally)
     J. MAP VEIWER --> Brings up a map of the level.
            Debris Map --> Shows the obstacles and ships.
            Minovsky Density --> Shows the entire map and the density of Minovsky.
            Territory --> Shows the sectors controlled by you and the enemy.

	________  ________  ________  ________  ________
       |Move    ||Attack  ||Support ||Stop    ||Status  |

     A. MOVE --> Select a unit, hit the move button, place the cursor in the area, BAM!
     B. ATTACK --> Bandia has done it again. Who gets in a fight and stands by watching
            his buddy get smacked in the face? In case you don't know what I am
            referring to, An enemy can only be attacked by a MAXIMUM OF ONE UNIT!
     C. SUPPORT --> The above statement isn't ENTIRELY true, but it is for all practical
            purposes. To give your buddy a hand, you can have up to TWO mobile suits
            provide support. Support is broken down into two classes.
                **CLOSE SUPPORT** & **DEEP SUPPORT**
                You can only have one MS in each support position.
     -------CLOSE SUPPORT is important for three reasons;
               1. Increase Action Point Recharge Rate (Covered Later)
               2. Replacement Killer... Above I said you can have only one person fight
                  at a time. So what happens when your guy is getting his face kicked
                  in? You switch spots with the person giving you close support.
                  It takes time to evade, but if you have someone who is amazing at
                  Hand-to-Hand combat, let him do the fighting.
               3. Knock Out... You will get punched so hard it knocks you out of action.
                  So what keeps the enemy form breaking through to your cruisers? Close
                  support does of course. The instant something happens to the primary
                  combatant, the Close support guy takes over.
     -------DEEP SUPPORT is important for only 1 REASON
               1. The BEAT DOWN! You can't provide Deep support against cruisers, and in
                  most battles, you won't outnumber the enemy by more than 3 Suits, so
                  the only purpose I can see is to give your Suit Fighters a little
                  extra push. If you give someone Deep Cover, make sure nobody is open
                  for close support (unless the person providing support is an S class).
     D. STOP --> Only works if a mobile suit is NOT in combat and has orders.
     E. STATUS --> This will display the pilot's stats and the command he/she is
                  currently executing.
          When a mobile suit is fighting, a second sub-menu is activated. This sub menu
          has 3 options.
               1. DISENGAGE --> This command is annoying because it knocks out the
                        opponent. Why is that annoying you ask?! Because the guy
                        who is taking a nap can't be attacked. More often than not,
                        you are going to want to finish off the mobile suit, NOT
                        let the guy get away. It gets annoying when your beating the
                        snot out of someone, and he knocks you out. Then he goes and
                        attacks one of your cruisers, where he is safe... kind-of.
               2. SWITCH --> If you have someone in close support, hit this button to
                        have them take the primary position. The unit being replaced
                        is now giving close support to the new Primary.
               3. STATUS --> DUH

     A. Those letters above the pilot (A,C,D,S...)
          These letters tell you what that pilot does best. You've probably been in
          fight where you were getting stomped. Did you remember the pilot's letter?
          Chances are, your pilot is an S and the opponent was a C. Now I'll tell
          you what they mean. Below is a description of the letters and in GENERAL,
          how pilots of that type will perform. There are other affects as well, and
          like most strategy games, different letters do better against each other,
          similar to Fire vs Ice. But if your pilot is high in level, that won't
          matter... Much.
               I. *** A ***
                    ASSAULT - These pilots are the ones you send over to fight the
                  cruisers (aka Cruiser Busters). You can tell who they are because
                  they will fly above and below cruisers. Everyone else will fly in
                  circles around the cruiser. They are kinda fun to watch because
                  they do a LOT more than simple circle patterns. The Suit also makes
                  a difference. Stick one of them in a Gelgoog and another in a Gelgoog
                  Cannon. You'll see what I am talking about. Generally weak in
                  combat. DO NOT give them hand-to-hand techniques. They are
                  extremely weak, and increases the rate of enemy attacks.
               II. ** C ***
                    COMBAT - These pilots should ALWAYS be the first ones into a fight.
                  they excel at kicking the crap out of other mobile suits. However
                  in most cases, they only do well against one enemy at a time.
               III. * D ***
                    DEFENSE - These pilots are average at everything, but incredible
                  when they are outnumbered. If your team is in a fight, these are the
                  last people who should get support, unless they are fighting top
                  level enemy suits like the RGM-79SPs. As a general rule of thumb,
                  put them in the best COMBAT suit you have available.
                  Also, I have noticed that they fight better closer to your own
               IV. ** S ***
                    SUPPORT - OH %#%^ an enemy got through to my cruisers! Never fear,
                  the mostly crappy pilot is here. These guys are ALMOST worthless,
                  except when you are in deep %#%^. When an enemy is pounding your
                  cruisers, send this guy back IMMEDIATELY. These types of pilots
                  should always be in a high performance suit, and not in an artillery
                  type like the MS-14C or RX-77D. Those suits fly very slow and chances
                  are that the only times you'll need these support pilots, are when
                  your best pilot got kicked in the face and his foe slipped by.
                  Typically, the ones that kick you a lot are the enemy *Assault*
                  class pilots. Unlike any other Mobile Suit pilot in the game, they
                  can actually cause enemy suits to DISENGAGE your cruisers. I can't
                  stress their importance enough. Absolutely Invaluable after
                  mission 4. Leave them in back and only send them in when your
                  doing cleanup. Then have them destroy all the cruisers with the
                  close support of a cruiser buster.
               V. *** M ***
                    MANEUVER - Used only by the cruisers. It improves their dodge rate
                  of enemy attacks, but makes them less effective concerning shooting.
                  If you don't have any support nearby, ALWAYS switch to maneuver.

          Let me start by saying... I don't have a friggin clue. There is no rhyme or
          reason to how they fight. I have tried to look for a pattern, but as soon as
          I see a pattern develop, something comes along and breaks the mold. The only
          thing I can say is that in general, the stereotypes I posted above are
          accurate. The letters just indicate what the pilot is good at. Saying
          A beats D and C beats S is complete bull.

     A. ACTION POINT --> The battle controls I listed above should easily get you
          playing the game. But knowing what the buttons are is only "half the battle"
          (G.I.JOE taught me that.) Anyway, When your watching one of your characters
          in a fight, the first thing your going to ask is "What in the heck is that
          blue and red bar in the middle?" I'll tell you. That is the Action bar. This
          is the ONLY way to tell who is going to win a fight. Your pilot's level does
          play a factor, but what is more important is the Letter (A,C,D,S). Here is
          how the action bar works.
             Battle Starts --> both at 0.
             Numbers Go up --> Battle has begun and a turn passed
                 If your number is going up slow (Left side) and your enemies is
               breaking speed records, get out of the fight. You are going to DIE!!!!
               If you actually read my faq up to this point, you may remember me calling
               the A letter pilots "Cruiser Busters". After your A class pilots get to
               around level 6, watch their number compared to the other types when
               fighting starships.
                 The number doesn't really matter that much. It does if you always load
               your pilots with the +2 skills though. Each skill or move your pilot
               has takes a certain amount of their action points, so needless to say,
               if your action points sky rocket to 90 in .0001 seconds, your probably
               going to smear your opponent all over space, and then do horrible things
               to his cold dark grave.
             Numbers Go Down --> Somebody attacked (used a turn)
             *** Your pilots current command ALSO affects the action points ***
     B. MORALE --> This is how your pilot is doing... mentally. If he is losing morale,
          he is probably going to fight less effectively. From what I've seen, the Feds
          have a much larger problem with this than the Zeons. Overall, not a super
          important gauge. Should only be a factor near the beginning of the game.
     C. TOTAL POINTS --> This red bar is completely useless. I am only guessing that it
          is the total action points. It's the bar right next to your the pilots
          active command and their type (A,C,D,S).
     D. ACTIVE COMMAND --> There are several of these.
          1. Auto-Fire (Three Lines)
               This command is best used for S and D pilots. Basically means to fire
               the primary weapon.
          2. Aimed-Shot "Snipe" (Target)
               This command is best suited for the A pilots. This fires the Secondary
               weapon, such as the Beam Cannon on a Gelgoog cannon. IF your suit
               doesn't have a secondary weapon, it functions the same as the Auto-Fire.
          3. Hand-to-Hand Combat (Two Facing Arrows)
               Every C type pilot should load up on these bad boys. Don't over-do-it
               with the +1 and +2 attacks though. Those use more action points to
          4. Retreat (Curved Arrow)
               This is not a command you can equip your pilot with. This is what you
               get when you hit the "DISENGAGE" button inside combat. I may take a
               few turns to actually get away. (This is how you knock out an enemy
               suit. Also good for preparing for cruiser support.)
          5. Switch (the S)
               Another command only available in combat. It either means you are
               trying to escape or switch to your close support unit. This is what you
               get when you hit the "SWITCH" button (or "DISENGAGE").
          6. Hand-Off (Two arrows facing opposite corners)
               This is the command that actually switches to the support unit. The
               Switch I mentioned before just states that the pilot is trying to
               perform that action.
          7. Movement (The Single Arrow)
               This simply says, "This unit has orders and is moving to execute".
               This can be misleading though. remember, only one person can fight a
               unit at a time, and the arrow also means flying back towards YOUR
          8. Knocked Out (The box with the X)
               Either your Dead, or your pilot is temporarily out of action. Until
               the pilot recovers, they are useless (But invulnerable if not already
          9. NO ORDERS (Box with one diagonal line)
               This pilot is waiting for orders.
          10. ??? CRUISER COMMANDS ???
               I know of 4 Cruiser Commands, and I know what none of them do. If I
               said anything, I'd get 50 billion emails saying that I'm wrong, so
                              "NO SOUP FOR YOU"!
     E. RECTANGLES --> This is the damage indicator for that object. When you are in
          perfect health, all rectangles should be green. As you accumulate damage,
          you will lose performance. The worst is when your head is blown off (top
          rectangle red). You will cause 1 point of damage. It is sad really.

This is fairly easy to describe
     A. ZEON
          1. Musai - Cruiser          4 Mobile Suits
          2. Zanzibar - Battleship    6 Mobile Suits
          3. Papua - Transport
          4. Jicco - Sensor Ships (Bait)
          1. Salamis - Cruiser        4 Mobile Suits
          2. Magellan - Battleship    6 Mobile Suits
          3. Columbus - Transport
          4. Public - Sensor Ships (Bait)

          I have compiled a list of all the suits I know of and the weapons that they
        can use. Also, I have several Suits with a (*) after the name. The * is either
        Silver or Gold, and the effects always boost the basic performance of the suit,
        as well as provide different weapons. (Gold is better than Silver).
        The MS-14A * has a Rocket-Gun, that does well over 120 Damage to a cruiser.
        2 hits to a Magellen... GONE! To get the best suits and the upgraded versions,
        you need to get S ranks.
                    Long Range Weapon            Hand-to-Hand          Built-in Weapon
     A. ZEON
           1. MS-06F - Zaku II
                    90mm Machinegun              Heat-Hawk Axe
                    120mm Machinegun             Punch
                    Zaku Bazooka (280mm)
           2. MS-06S - Zaku II Commander Type
                    Same as MS-06F
           3. MS-06R-I - Prototype Space-Combat High-Mobility Zaku II
                    Same as MS-O6F
                    Giant Bazooka (360mm) (Gold *)
           4. MS-09D - Dom
                    Giant Bazooka (360mm)        Heat Sword
                    90mm Machinegun              Punch
                    120mm Machinegun
           5. MS-14A - Gelgoog
                    Beam Rifle                   Twin Beam Saber
                    90mm Machinegun              Beam Saber
                    120mm Machinegun             Punch
                    Rocket-Gun (Silver *)
           6. MS-14S - Gelgoog Commander Type
                    Same as MS14A
           7. MS-14C - Gelgoog Cannon
                    90mm Machinegun              Twin Beam Saber       Beam Cannon
                                                 Beam Saber
           8. MS-18E - Kaempfer (Heavy Assault Mobile Suit)
                    Bazooka (280mm)              Beam Saber
                    Shotgun			 Punch
           1. FF-3S - Core Fighter (Haven't been able to get one yet)
           2. RB-79 - Ball
                                                                       180mm Cannon
           3. RGM-79 - GM
                    Beam-Spray                   Beam Saber
                    90mm Machinegun              Punch
                    Bazooka (260mm)
                    Beam Rifle (Silver *)
           4. RGM-79GS - GM Commander Type
                    Same as RGM-79 Silver * version
           5. RGM-79SP - GM Sniper 2
           6. RX-77D - GunCannon
                    90mm Machinegun                                    280mm Cannon

There is a little more to it than most games. That's the only reason why I included
this section.
     1. Choose an Affiliation (Zeon or Fed).
     2. Name your Fleet.
     3. Choose how many pilots you want of which type.
          I would suggest 3-Ds, 4-Cs, 2_Ss, and 3-As.
     4. Choose your pilots.
          You can select from 50 or so pilots, and they are different depending on
          your affiliation. They position you choose such as position 1, will make
          that pilot a D class pilot. If you changed the 8th pilot, you'd be choosing
          an S class pilot. The stats also do not change, only the faces.
     5. Name your pilots.
          Select one of the options to give your pilot a name. If you switch out
          or change positions, you will have to re-enter the name. You can only
          enter 8 letters, so some of the more fun names are out of the question.
     6. Hit the button at the bottom that looks like an ED or something.
          That is confirm and go and is always the last command on a menu.

I am not going to insult your intelligence and give you the exact details for every
mission in the game. Not only is that a waste of my time, but it is also a complete
waste of YOUR time. The missions (outside of Zeon stage 5) are a joke. You'd waste
more time reading the faq than playing the game, so what I will do is give you a
list of all the missions with a few tid-bits of info, like days to complete, and special
items you can find. Yes, there are things you can find. These little Explosions on the 
map are emblems. 

     1. Destroy 3 Transport Groups  --- (ORANGE)
          150 Days
            EMBLEM: Top Left Corner
     2. Destroy all enemy Cruisers --- (ORANGE)
          200 Days, 3 Targets
            EMBLEM: Bottom Left Corner of Large HEX in TOP LEFT CORNER
     3. Destroy Cruisers  --- (ORANGE)
          300 Days, 4 Targets
            EMBLEM: Bottom Right Corner
     4. Escort the Transport --- 
          (Can get additional Zanzibars for repeat completions)
          250 Days
            EMBLEM: Bottom Center
     5. Recover HLVs --- HINT --- Get all six loaded, then move all transports
          to the boarder of the yellow landing zone. Have all enter at the same time for
          a guaranteed S rating.
          200 Days, 6000 Required Supply Recovery
            EMBLEM: Top Left Corner
     6. Destroy Ships --- (Orange)
          250 Days, 3 Targets
            EMBLEM: Bottom Center
     7. Recover Musais
          300 Days, 6000 Required Supply Recovery
            EMBLEM: Upper Right Corner of large HEX in UPPER RIGHT CORNER
     8. Destroy Ships --- (Orange)
          250 Days, 5 Targets
            EMBLEM: Top Left of Large Hex IN TOP LEFT CORNER
     9. Get to Granada (Get the Cruiser to the Yellow)
          250 Days
            EMBLEM: Bottom LEft Corner
  8B. Earth Federation
     1. Destroy 3 Transport groups --- (Orange)
            EMBLEM: ****** UNKNOWN ******
     2. Escort Transport Groups (More that are alive, the higher your rating)
          200 Days
            EMBLEM: Lower Right portion of 3rd Large Hex from the left.
                      (Left side of Asteroid wall)
     3. Destroy Ships --- (Orange)
          ? Days, 5 Targets
            EMBLEM: ****** UNKNOWN ******
     4. Destroy Federation Transports --- (Orange)
          300 Days, 6 Targets
            EMBLEM: Top Middle of Map

     It appears the the units aquired after each mission varies. Gundam Dubya's list
     and my own are completely different, and a more complete list will be in the next
When you finish a mission, you are awarded a letter score for that mission. What rating
you get is based on several things, and some are weighted more than others. I am listing
them in order from highest weight to lowest.

     1. Number of Surviving Transports
     2. TIME to complete.
     3. Enemies Destroyed.
     4. Supplies Remaining.
     5. Survivability of YOUR attack group.

     The support ships MEAN NOTHING... They die, oh boo hoo. The TRANSPORT on the other
     hand, is a bit more important, but it is still disposable. You get a percentage of
     the amount of supplies you have remaining, so if you are going for S ratings,
     ESPECIALLY on the second time through, limit purchases for the support groups.


This document has been copyrighted to ROCK CICCARONE JULY 20th, 2001.
Un-authorized useage of this document is subject to fines up to $5,000
and imprisonment for up to 90 days.

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