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Reviewed: 11/28/05

An imortal classic for Dreamcast!

I've already contributed with a review for this game to GameFAQs exactly four years ago as the user 'Gordon 2001'. Here I'm again to produce a more detailed review of Bomberman Online, a real addicting classic for Dreamcast.

If you've accompanied a little bit of this magnificent series history, you'll see that Hudson, the mastermind behind the development of this game, always delivered us a very simple gameplay for the entire collection of Bomberman games, perpassing NES, Gameboy, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Playstation. In fact, the fun factor resides there, in the simplicity of its gameplay. You'll easily notice all of this if you take the time to play and compare the different versions of the series. Better than that: get your DC version right now and see with your own eyes how a simple game can provide many and many hours of pure fun for you, for your family and for your friends. And oh yeah, it's online! DC's modem's really put to good use here.

The basic premisses of the game are the same of the old years: plant your bombs to defeat your opponents. Hey, piece of cake you say? Yeah, even a kid could manage to master this. But it's exactly there where the real strategy enters the stage to play its role: you gotta use the various power-ups and the different levels obstacles to take advantage of your adversary and win the battle. Not just that: it's all about spacing and time precision. If you're a Bomberman veteran you know what I'm saying. The basic premiss of plating bombs ends by getting a high level of gameplay complexity. And this is the key of the series I'm talking about!

When you put down your Bomberman Online copy onto Dreamcast and lay down in the sofa, first thing you see is a really gorgeous anime intro sequence of the main character making martial arts moves and battling diverse enemies. Soon after seeing the intro, the game puts you in the main selection screen. You can play the Story Mode, which consists of 5 different scenarios with different battle objectives; a battle mode, in other words, a massive and consistent multi-player mode in which you can play against your friends; the options mode, where you can customize your bomberman character by choosing name, head, upper and lower body. Sure, you get your own customize bomberman for online gameplay! New kind of body parts will be revealed as you play the story mode and collect the secret cards by completing some mission objectives.

To explain this well, here we go: Bomberman Online features five different play modes: survival, hyper bomberman, submarine, panel paint, and ring mode. Survival mode is pretty self-explanatory, you've simply got to bomb your enemies to conquer the victory. In the Hyper Bomberman mode, you must collect three hidden atom icons, granting you a blasting power to defeat anyone you want with a single blow... such a HUGE explosion. Submarine is much like "Naval Battle": the stage is divided into two parts and when you plant one bomb, it'll be transferred to the other side simmetrically. Plant as many as you can by partying with CPU or human friends and destroy the opponents. Panel Paint is my favorite: go planting your bombs in the ground and when it explodes, the ground will immediatelly turn to a predetermined color that represents you or your team. Keep turning the ground to your panel paint color and the victory will be yours when the time runs out. And last but not least, the Ring Mode, where you and your opponents are put into a tiny stage and bombs keep falling from the sky. No items, no power-ups, you're just a lone wolf. But don't panic! Just make sure you're smart enough to dodge the explosions and make your foes fools! :)

Hey, hey, whatcha about the game graphics? Sure, they're fantastic. Quite like Jet Grind Radio, the programmers adopted the cel-shading style. In brute language, it's like tranfering a paper drawn picture into the live screen of your Dreamcast. As you see, it's a tridimensional polygon model with a 2D intrigating perspective. The visual of the game surpassed my expectations! The composition of the stages, the special effects, the well drawn body parts were all put to good use here. Fascinating!

And the online mode? Oh yeah! This is surely the best part of the game. Or maybe, was, because the last time I played Bomberman Online all the servers of Seganet for online playing were all disabled. Despite of that, the online mode was really a plus! You could create a 'room' with specific predetermined rules and as the gamers entered, a battle was ready to begin. People all around the world gathered to play online, each one with their own and unique bomberman style. There was also a chatbox where you could chat with the other people before battling. I surely spent nice times there!

Well. Bomberman Online is worth the price. Either for the casual or for the veteran ones, this game is a close direction if you want some fun. And fun for all times! The possibilities are infinite as you play the game. Do not rent it, buy it! An imortal classic for your dreamcast library. An imortal classic for your life!

Presentation - 8,0
Graphics - 8,5
Gameplay - 9,0
Sound - 8,0
Lasting Factor - 9,5

'Til next time, friends!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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