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Reviewed: 01/19/03 | Updated: 01/19/03

The best Bomberman game.

Bomberman Online for the Sega Dreamcast is the simply the best Bomberman game I have ever played.

Graphics 10/10
Most people are appalled by this Bomberman game being 3D. I am, however, mostly surprised and happy about the Cel-shaded models that are presented by Sega and Hudson in this game. I think that the graphics are superb. 3D models look crisp, the arena Graphx are clean, and the bomb fire has actual transparencies.

Sound 10/10
Most people grade sound on whether or not they liked the music. But I am grading it on how one can hear the sounds and the BGM. Perfect sound.

Controls 10/10
Bombing and maneuvering quickly respond. The only reason you are getting killed without a reason is because of the Dreamcast's D-Pad on the controller is a little small.

Game play and Fun Factor 9/10
We all know Bomberman. Place the bomb that can explode in a 2 or 4 direction grid, run away and hide, try to kill others but not yourself.

The story of this game includes Bomberman entering the ''Bomb-Olympics''. He is trying to defeat all 5 bosses and to capture their medals upon their defeat. However, he must go through a 5 stage arena before he can get to a boss.

Before you play online, I recommend that you play offline first to get a feel of the game's new bombing system. Genius. You can now chain bombs with skill and the new ocular timed bombs are good. While playing offline try to get some panels to unlock online costumes. Some of the panel clues are a little vague and hard to figure out. Then when you figure out the clue, getting the panel is very hard. After you feel you have a good looking online character made, get your arse online and play with the best of the best. You will have ''hours of fun'' when you play online.

Chaining the bombs are a good skill to learn especially for online play. This move makes it look like you have an infinite number of bombs while you walk across the whole arena with fire spewing everywhere.

Replay 10/10
See above. You will be addicted my friend....

Overall 10/10
The first 3D Bomberman game proved to be the best. It was basically the last USA Dreamcast release. If you don't have this game, you are missing out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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