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Reviewed: 06/07/02 | Updated: 06/07/02

As far as Bomberman goes, that was good.

Welcome, boys and girls, to the Bomberman game for an actual NextGen system. Like the synopsis says, as far as Bomberman goes, that was good. It averages with all its predecessors, though.

This plays like any other Bomberman game. However, there are different play modes and whatnot, but the principle is still the same.
In the one-player mode, you go through areas in a Mario-esque manner, i.e. the 1-1 level system... Every area has three levels and one boss. There are five areas total. But you don't care about that, do you?
The Battle area is fun, for awhile. It gets incredibly boring if you don't have friends. :) It doesn't make a great solo game once you've finished the game.
One player mode is different from all other bomberman games: It's actually hard in the first five minutes. Once you get used to Bomberman and the cheap computers you should have a good time.

Not much of one. Bomberman wants to become the bestest bomber in the world by winning in each category of the Bomb-a-lympics. (You KNOW this was inspired by the olympics.) Not much of a story, and there isn't even any evidence of it untill the end.
Other Bomberman games, as far as I'm concerned, have better stories, since they aren't jocked out of real life, and twisted into Bomber-nese.

Sound is good. It actually sounds like a bomb explodes... as if in a cartoon. Nothing besides bombs exploding really pops up. Of course, the infamous Bomberman Techno music is back! It sounds nice, but just don't expect too much variety. It all sounds the same.
In this one, Bomberman is an Anime cartoon! That's right: one more game has once again become anime. Will they ever stop?
The playfields look nice. It's funny when you notice Bomberman is taller than everyone. This game is heavily into cartoon graphics.

When you beat the game and have all the panels, Hell will freeze over when you want to play again. You might want to play if friends come over, but that's it.
If you just beat the normal mode, odds are you'll come back in short doses to get all the panels. That is, unless, you're a caffeine-hyped 8-year-old.

Buy this game, if you want to go online and get all the collection panels. Rent if you think you'll get bored quick.

That, ladies and gentleman, is a dumb review, but a good game. For this Bomberman game, I give a 7 because its not the best game I've ever played. But, for Bomberman's sake, it gets a 9, compared to other BM games. Bomberman Hero comes in first. You should play it if you like Mario64.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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