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Reviewed: 11/28/01 | Updated: 11/28/01

BOOM, it's Bomberman for Dreamcast !!!

Boom! Here is Bomberman for Dreamcast !!!

In my opinion, the best Bomberman game was “Bomberman” for SNES, released in 1993. But now, Hudson once more release a new Bomberman game, called “Bomberman Online”. It’s a nice game with so much to do, you will never stop playing. And like the name says it is online. One more thing, don't thing this is a kid's game because it isn't.

Nor excellent nor poor. It’s good and make it’s part in the game. Movies and animations are very cool too. The characters models are almost the same as those in Jet Grind Radio.

The songs are very, very nice and innovative. Depending on the player, the musics will or won’t get annoying with the time. With me, they won’t.

There are now five modes.

1)The tradicional: you have to defeat your enemy just by planting a bomb and waiting it to explode with him/her.
2)It’s like the game battleship: the arena is divided in two parts (one for you and the other for the enemies). You plant up to 3 bombs in your field and wait for them to go to the other field, automatically. If you are luck enough, the bomb will explode with the enemy.
3)My favorite: Plant as many bombs as you can to complete the ground with your color.
4)Bombs keep falling from sky. Make a trick and bomb your enemy.
5)Get three panels and go to the center of arena. Then, all of your enemies will be defeated.

With four new modes, you will be playing this game for many time. You can also collect cards (96 in total). And these cards will unlock new costumes. Yes, you can customize your bomberman: the head, the eyes, body and legs. This way, there will be no confuse in online game. There are more than 90 heads, 60 eyes and many, many types of body (elephant, soldier, ninja) and legs. Playing online is fun too. Call your friends for an online play or an offline game.

OVERALL: 10/10
This game is not just fun. It is a sequel of a classic that you really should buy. It’s online and great. If you are asking: “To buy or to rent?”, I will be answering: “Buy.” If you like the series and have already played the game in other consoles, don’t waste any time: go to the nearest store and get the game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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