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Reviewed: 11/02/01 | Updated: 11/02/01

At least the DC will be going out with a bang (man . . . that's corny)

For old and new fans alike, this is definitely a must have. Not only is it one of the Dreamcast's final titles, it brings back the original Bomberman-style gameplay with a few new modes and it's most important feature . . . ONLINE PLAY!!!!

Cel-shading is just perfect for the game. The opening intro blends both computer animation with anime that has to be seen to believe, you cant even tell what's hand drawn and what's not! Giving this game the Cel-shading technique really makes it look like one the classic games in the series. The ingame graphics are smooth, bright and full of color. Beautifully rendered and easily one of the best looking games on the DC. And, you can make a cool-looking Bomberman (or woman) of your own to blow up people online with!
Rating: 9

Simple. No problems here. If you could play Puzzle Bobble you can play this. Well, let's put it this way,
all you have to do is place bombs on the grid and get out of the way!!!! It's been made with simplicty in mind, so it shouldn't be hard to catch onto if you haven't played Bomberman before.
Rating: 9

The same insane and addicting gameplay you'd find from older Bomberman titles. It focuses mainly on Battle games, but isn't that what Bomberman games are all about? The online mode is pretty much flawless, with little lag. The extra modes keep the game fresh and the difficulty level will keep you going until you get it right. It might get repetitive after awhile, but get some friends and play online for a crazy 8-person Bombfest!!!!
Rating: 8

Not too bad. The jungle music really fits the game, although they could have had a few more songs to play in the main game. It's too repetitive. The voice that tells you what kind of item you picked up can get annoying at times, too. But it doesn't affect gameplay at all.
Rating: 7

Buy or Rent
This is a must buy for a few reasons. Number one, it is one of the last titles you'll ever see hit the Dreamcast. Number two, great party game, hours and hours of endless fun. Number three, the ability to play online. If you don't have any friends to play with, just hop online and find a bunch of people to bomb. Number four, so many things to do in such a simple game. You'll be hooked for hours on end just trying to get all the extra items in the game. Number five, VERY ADDICTING!!!! Being the simple game it is, you'll be stuck on it until you feel like blowing up your controller instead of your enemies.

Overall: 8

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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