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Shenmue Collection FAQ by J Twelve-Sixty

Version: 2.3 | Updated: 12/18/18

                             Shenmue Collection FAQ
                             Valid for all versions

1. Introduction
2. Contents of Shenmue Collection
3. Arcade Locations
4. Game Locations
5. Fight Locations
6. Move Scroll Locations
7. FAQ
8. Copyright Info

Section 1. Introduction
The Shenmue Collection is located on the menu screen of the fourth disk 
on the Dreamcast version or simply on the menu screen of all others. 
This mode allows you to play any arcade games, mini-games or street 
fights that are available throughout Shenmue II but it’s not as easy as
just going into the Collection and playing them...you have to first 
find them in the main game, and that’s why this guide exists.

Section 2. Contents of Shenmue Collection
There are three sections in the Shenmue Collection each containing 
different things so here is a list of contents in exact order as it 
appears in the Collection...

Arcade Collection:
Classified Images
Space Harrier

Games Collection:
QTE Title
Excite QTE2
Slot Machine
Lucky Hit Museum
Darts Seven
VS Darts/Old Man
VS Darts/Boy
VS Darts/A Snob
VS Darts/A Baseball Fan
VS Darts/A Rapper

Fight Collection:
Moves Scroll
The Beast
Mongolian Wrestler
Iron Thrust Style
Acrobat Style
Iron Head Style
One-eyed Man
Passive Raid Style
Jeet Kune Do
Tiger Swallow Style

Section 3. Arcade Locations
This is the location of all the things in the Arcade Collection...

Classified Images:
This is unlocked automatically when you complete the game so don't 
worry about looking for photo's or anything. It actually contains a 
very nice video featuring Shenmue when it was still scheduled for 
release on the Saturn. Many of the events and characters will be 

Easily the hardest to find thing in the game is the Hang-On arcade unit. 
It's in Kowloon and located on the 2nd floor of the Yellow Head Building 
in Room 222. It's only accessible near the end of the game unfortunately 
so play it so you can enjoy it in the Collection later.

Space Harrier:
This one is located in the corner of the Pine Arcade in the Golden Qr of 
Wan Chai. 

This one is easy to find, it's also in the Pine Arcade right in the
centre of the room.

This is located on the first floor of the Phoenix Building. Just incase 
you can't find the Phoenix Building, it's accessable through the Tea Break 
Building in Kowloon, it has a large man standing in front of it.

Section 4. Game Locations
These are all pretty easy to find so you shouldn't have any problems...

QTE Title:
This can be played in Pine Arcade in Wan Chai, it's right next to the 
Darts Seven machine. You can also find it on the 8th Floor of the Moon 
Child Building in the Orphanage which just so happens to be in Kowloon.

Excite QTE2:
This too can be played in Pine Arcade of Wan Chai fame and is right 
beside the Neo Darts machine. You can also find it in the Orphanage on 
the 8th Floor of the Moon Child Building in Kowloon.

This is easy enough, just play any Slot machine you come accross, there 
are a few locations this can be done, Pine Arcade 2F is the easiest but 
you can also play on the 1st Floor of the Dimsum Building in Kowloon.

Lucky Hit Museum:
In the Dimsum Qr in Kowloon you'll see a circle of Lucky Hit Stands, 
play one of them to unlock the museum in the Collection. You should play 
this anyway as some of the stands pays out a lot of money and are easy to 
win but others are near impossible. One for Pachinko fans.

Darts Seven:
This is located in six different places throughout Aberdeen and Wan Chai, 
simply play a game on your own to unlock it. If you get to the third game 
you'll get a toy Darts Seven machine and unlike in Shenmue, you can keep 
on getting them.

Darts Seven locations:
Pine Arcade (Golden Qr)
Liverpool (White Dynasty Qr) 
SIC (Golden Qr) 
Fortune's Eateary (Fortune's Pier) 
Blue Sky Garden (Fortune's Pier)
Bar Swing (Worker's Pier)

VS Darts/Old Man/Boy/A Snob/A Baseball Fan/A Rapper:
These people can be challenged to a game of Darts, I can't give you a 
precise location because they move around each day and not all will appear 
on one day. You simply have to try all six of the locations mentioned above 
until you find them all. Also, note the players tend to only visit two 
different locations each, if they are not in either then just wait until 
the next day.

Note: Neo Darts is not unlockable in the Collection.

Section 5. Fight Locations
Most of these are in Kowloon so don't worry about it until then...

Move Scroll:
This is present in the collection from the start and will show you 
every move you have learned throughout the game. This can be used to 
arrange your moves so your favorites are available.

The Beast:
This is located in Beverly Hills Wharf in Aberdeen close to were Cool Z 
hangs out. It's quite hard to miss, if you have a map just head to the 
largest area and thats it. The goal of this fight is to inflict pain and
a few hits from Iron Palm should do the trick.

Mongolion Wrestlers:
This trio of wrestlers are located in the Former Barracks in Kowloon and 
it's fairly easy to win. All you must do is avoid their throws and beat 
all three in sequence although you can quit after just one or two if you 
don't want to try your luck.

Iron Thrust:
The old master of the Iron Thrust is located int the Abandoned Factory 
Site in Kowloon, you'll have to perform two QTE's (both B) then a CQTE 
to defeat him.

Acrobat Style:
This is located in Thousand White Qr in Kowloon and all you have to do 
is throw the opponent which is easier said that done. Keep tapping Y 
then B and it should be fairly simple, although sometimes the Acrobat 
loves to do backflips and avoid everything you do.

Iron Head:
This large guy can be found in the Construction Base in Kowloon, his 
favorite move is a huge headbutt. You can avoid it but it'll just knock 
you down for a few seconds. Your goal is to KO him, but thats not easy 
so just knock him off the edge by dodging out the way when he charges 
at you.

One-Eyed Man:
This guy is located Star Gazing Point, also in Kowloon. His left side is 
a blind spot so just stick to the left and pummel away. Iron Palm is the 
most effective move.

Passive Raid Style:
The goal here is to simply score a single hit against your opponent. This 
may seem hard at first but often you will defeat him with just a straight 
kick that he was unable to block for some strange reason. Find this 
opponent in the Small Dragon Garden which is in Kowloon.

Found in the Blue Dragon Garden which is also in Kowloon, the opponent 
here is Greg and fans of wrestling will recognise many of his moves. The 
easy way to win is to throw him out of the ring but this can sometimes be 
very difficult to do. I just attacked with my kicks, Tornado Kick works 
well here. Counter Elbow Assault isn't much use as he will perform mostly 
throwing moves, you may also want to try Brawling Uppercut, this can take a 
large chunk out of Greg's health if it connects.

You can find your opponent, Rod, in the Phoenix Building which is, you 
guessed it, in Kowloon. This fight is fairly easy, just keep lunging at him 
with kicks. Rod might be strong but he's extremely slow and won't be able to 
repond to any fast attacks.

Jeet Kune Do:
This fight is against Chunyan and she is a master of Bruce Lee's very own 
fighting style.  This fight will end with a CQTE, get it right to dodge her 
attack and defeat her. You can find her in the Black Heaven Building which 
is in Kowloon.

Tiger Swallow Style:
This fight is part of the story and so cannot be missed, it's in the Yellow 
Head Building in Kowloon, just incase you wanted to know. Your opponent is 
Bauhi and he uses very powerful moves to destroy his opponents. There are a 
few QTE's and the fight will end with a CQTE. Also, note that if you have 
Machinegun Fist the fight will end differently.

Section 6. Move Scroll Locations
Now I'll tell you the location of every move scroll in the game, 
additionally I'll list how to get other characters to teach you their 
moves and where it can be done...

Wise Man's Kung Fu Store on Wise Men Qr:
Twin Palm Thrust
Dragon Spin
Double Storm Kick
Stepping Strike
Oblique Air Kick

Thousand White Building in Kowloon:
Machinegun Fist
Serpent Coil
Rear Foot Sweep
Diagonal Wipe (Only if you missed getting it from Hanhui)
Oblique Slam
Dragon Spin (Only appears if not previously bought)
Double Storm Kick (Only appears if not previously bought)

Hanhui's Scrolls:
Every day that you work at Master Tao's Temple you will get a scroll.
Horseshoe Kick
Mantis Combo
Diagonal Wipe

Heel Sweep & Monkey Roll Drop:
These can be gotten from the Challenge Stands in Kowloon's Dragon St. 
There is no real strategy to winning, most get it with blind luck but it 
is possible despite what you may start to believe.

Demons Triangle:
Master Tao will give you this scroll at the end of disk 3, you MUST 
remember to read it on disk 4 or you will never learn the move.

Taught Moves:
Iron Palm:
Jian Ming will teach you this move in Lotus Park while you are looking 
for the Wude. Jianming will make you use the attack on a nearby tree, 
once the ground has been covered with leaves you are done.

Hind Blow:
Guixhang will teach you this move after after she has told you about the 
Chawan Signs. Just walk by the Yan Tin Apartments and the cutscene will 
begin. She will use the attack on you and then you will have to defeat 
an opponent. This attack can be missed so make sure you meet with 

Wild Throw:
Master Zhaoshan will teach you this move after helping Guixhang defeat 
the Land Sharks the first time. All you have to do is walk past the 
Guang Martial Arts School and one of the guards will ask you to meet 
with the Master. This attack can be missed so make sure you meet Master

Lunging Strike:
Hanhui will teach you this on your second day of work at the Temple.

Brawling Uppercut:
Delin will teach you this move when you're looking for $500 for Ren. 
Find the boss who has you lift crates and agree to work for the day
Once you've finished the cutscene will automatically begin. Make sure 
not to miss this as you will not get another chance to learn it.

Counter Elbow Assualt:
Master Tao will teach you this move before you go to Kowloon.

Predictive Explosion:
The Musician will teach you this while in Kowloon.

Section 7. FAQ
A FAQ of the most common questions seems in order...

Q. How do I win the Challenge Stands?
A. I'm afraid this is mostly luck but keep trying and it'll
eventually work out.

Q. Do I have to play on all the Hit Stands in Kowloon?
A. Nope, only one for it to appear in the Collection, you don't even 
have to win.

Q. Can I return to Wan Chai if I missed something?
A. No, please be sure you have everything you wanted to take with you
before you leave for Kowloon.

Q. A couple of the darts players are giving me a hard time.
A. You don't actually have to win against any of them to have their
entries unlocked.

Q. How do I perform Brawling Uppercut?  It's not working.
A. Delin doesn't explain it properly, you actually have to take two
steps back.  If you keep getting it wrong he'll correct himself
eventually but if you get it right before that then the dialogue that
follows is slightly different.  Incidentally, if you keep practicing
the move with Delin when given the option you'll get an amusing scene.

Section 8. Copyright Info
This FAQ should appear ONLY at GameFaqs.com.

This FAQ is protected under copyright law and belongs to me.  
This FAQ cannot be given away or sold, it is a free 
document.  Absolutely NO alterations may be made to it without my 
express permission.  All copyrights and trademarks that are not 
mentioned but used in the FAQ are respected and upheld.

© Copyright 2018 

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