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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cvxfreak

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 05/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ____   __  ___  _  _   __  _    _  _____   ___  _    _  _  _      ____
    |  _ \ | _|/ _/ | || \ | _|| \  | ||_   _| | __|| |  | || || |    |___ \
    | |_|/ ||_ \_ \ | |||\|||_ |  \ | |  | |   ||__ | |  | || || |       _||
    |  _ \ | _|  \ \| |||||| _|| |\\| |  | |   | __| \ \/ / | || |      |_ |
    | | \ |||_  _/ /| |||/|||_ | | \  |  | |   ||__   \  /  | || |__   ___||
    |_| |_||__||__/ |_||_/ |__||_|  \_|  |_|   |___|   \/   |_||____| |____/
    -   N   E   M   E   S   I   S   -
                 R E S I D E N T   E V I L   3  :  N E M E S I S
                B I O H A Z A R D   3   :   L A S T   E S C A P E
                      U L T I M A T E     G U I D E B O O K
    A complete FAQ/Walkthrough for:
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PlayStation)
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Dreamcast)
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PC)
    BioHazard 3: Last Escape (JPN PlayStation)
    BioHazard 3: Last Escape (JPN Dreamcast)
                   |Written by: CVXFREAK                    |
                   |E-mail:     FireEmblemPride@hotmail.com |
                   |Date:       May 25, 2003                |
                   |Version:    3.0                         |
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    The console versions of Resident Evil 3 (PlayStation, Dreamcast) are
    copyright 1998, 1999, 2000 by Capcom. The PC version is copyright by
    both Capcom and Virgin Interactive 1999. The entire Resident Evil series
    is copyright Capcom, etc. The PlayStation is copyright Sony, the
    Dreamcast is copyright Sega and the PC varies (between Hewlett Packard,
    Compaq, Sony VAIO, Packard Bell, etc). All those copyrights apply to the
    Japanese version, BioHazard as well.
    NOTE: BioHazard 3: Last Escape is the Japanese name for Resident Evil 3:
    Nemesis. This goes for the entire series and their respected numbers and
    ***T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S***
    0.  Introduction
    1.  Version History
    2.  Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Versions
    3.  Characters
    4.  Basic Information
        A. Controls
        B. Difficulty Modes
        C. Herb Guide
        D. Combat Tactics
        E. Ranking Mode
        F. System Requirements (PC only)
        G. Different Paths
        H. Live Events
    5.  Jill's Last Escape Walkthrough
        A. September 28, 1998
        B. October 1, 1998
    6.  Operation Mad Jackal
        A. Carlos Oliveira
        B. Nicholai Ginovaef
        C. Mikhail Victor
    7.  Secrets and Extras
        A. Codes, Cheats, Etc.
        B. Dreamcast/PC Extras
    8.  File Transcripts
        A. In Game Files
        B. Jill's Diary
        C. Epilogue Files
    9.  Item List
    10. Monster and Boss List
    11. Plot Information
        A. Synopsis of Resident Evil Series
        B. Wesker's Report
        C. Wesker's Report II
    12. Standard Guide Information
        A. Legal
        B. Contact Guidelines
        C. Credits
        D. Conclusion
    0. I N T R O D U C T I O N
    For those who have been living in caves since 1999, Resident Evil 3:
    Nemesis should be a familiar name to videogame fans by now, in 2002.
    Resident Evil 3: Nemsis has spanned across many consoles in the last
    generation. It appeared _TWO_ times on the PlayStation, once on the PC,
    and once on the Dreamcast.
    Unlike Resident Evil 2 and its countless versions, each version of
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis contains no exclusives, except for costumes and
    locations. The only extras in the PC/Dreamcast versions are extra
    costumes that can be chosen from the start, and Operation Mad Jackal is
    unlocked from the beginning.
    Now comes the "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis: Ultimate Guidebook." This
    FAQ/Walkthrough will be the only version that will extensively cover
    every console/PC version of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as humanly
    possible. The following games will be covered by this walkthrough:
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PlayStation)
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PC)
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Dreamcast)
    This way, since I'm covering nearly every aspect of every Resident Evil
    3: Nemesis version, it will be far easier for me to update this document
    more frequently. In other words, all my Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    FAQ/Walkthroughs before August 11, 2002 will be merged into this one
    document. The walkthrough will cover all versions. This should be simple
    enough for anyone to understand.
    1. V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y
    November 25, 2002
    UPDATE: Finished make over of guide.
    August 12, 2002
    UPDATE: Made the FAQ cover all versions of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. I
    also added several more sections to the walkthrough for changeable parts
    of the game.
    April 20, 2002
    UPDATE: Made walkthrough through a room by room basis.
    August 18, 2001
    UPDATE: Finished walkthrough. Started typing up files and Epilogues.
    Added Wesker's Report and Trevor Letters. Ifnsihed the entire guide.
    August 16, 2001
    UPDATE: Since RECVX didn't come out today like it should have, I'll
    spend time making a FAQ for RE3: Nemesis for Dreamcast. I plan to finish
    this guide today or tomorrow!
    2. R E S I D E N T   E V I L   3  :  N E M E S I S   V E R S I O N S
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is available for the Dreamcast, PlayStation and
    PC. At the end of 2002, it will be available for the Nintendo GameCube.
    Here is a breakdown of each version and how it compares to the other
    versions. The difference isn't as big as in Resident Evil 2 (which is
    one psychotic game when Capcom was porting it to all different
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Playstation)
    The only exclusive in the PlayStation version is the Boutique and the
    Boutique Key, which is used to unlock the Boutique itself. The Boutique
    holds all the costumes that Jill can change into during the game. There
    are 6 costumes available to change into (including the one she can
    wear). Each one is earned as you beat the games over and over again. In
    this versions, the Epilogues can only be unlocked on Hard Mode.
    Operation Mad Jackal must be unlocked by beating the game once on any
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Dreamcast/PC)
    The Dreamcast and PC versions are basically identical. They both contain
    8 costumes Jill can choose when starting a new game. Since you can
    choose costumes from the beginning, the Boutique and Boutique Key are
    removed from the game. Also, minigame Operation Mad Jackal is unlocked
    from the beginning, so you don't have to beat the game once in order to
    play it.
    3. C H A R A C T E R S
    AGE: 23
    Jill is pretty tough! She is trained to do many specialties, such as
    chemistry, gunning, music and plain common sense (unlike Leon Kennedy
    and Chris Redfield :) ) She also runs pretty fast. But at times she can
    be arrogant, especially toward Umbrella. The Jill in this game is also
    considerably different from the Jill in the original Resident Evil. The
    one in the original Resident Evil wasn't as tough, but was equally
    intelligent. The Jill in the GameCube remake of Resident Evil was a lot
    tougher than her original counterpart, which makes the Jill in Resident
    Evil 3: Nemesis make a lot more sense.
    AGE: 21
    He is from South America. He is very good with any weapons and has come
    to Raccoon City to help fight off the deadly zombie invasion. He may
    seem cocky like Steve Burnside, but he has a heart of gold! He is
    willing to save anyone who needs to be saved, and turns out to be a
    valuable ally to Jill.
    He is from Russia. Secretly assigned to gather combat information,
    Nicholai hides in the shadows to find his information. When he meets
    Jill, he doesn't trust her, because she seems to be a STARS member.
    Nicholai is also extremely arrogant and much of an elitist.
    He is also Russian, but he is a good man to his army. He is willing to
    sacrifice his own life for Jill and Carlos and when the Nemesis
    approaches, he does the inevitable... Like Marvin Branagh, and Rodrigo
    Raval, he's really not that important to the overall story.
    Not much is known about him, other than he becomes a zombie during the
    game. He seems to be great friends with Carlos.
    He, like Nicholai, is a Watchdog. He is eventually shot by Nicholai. He
    is very dependant on trust and loyalty. He doesn't like to be betrayed!
    AGE: 35
    He is a wimp! He left the STARS Members at the mansion in RE1 and got
    shot by Leon (not Claire) a day after the first half of RE3. He is
    eventually murdered by Nemesis for being a wimp. Then the next day, as a
    zombie, he is again killed by Leon. Bad week for him!
    He lost his family to the zombie raid. Even though Jill is armed to the
    teeth, he still doesn't want to go with her to escape. That's his
    problem, unfortunately. Will he live? You can find out...
    4. B A S I C   I N F O R M A T I O N
    A. C O N T R O L S
         R1 Trigger: Ready Weapon (press and hold)**
         L1 Trigger: Change Targets (when R trigger is held)**
         L2 Trigger: Map
         X Button: Action/Confirm Selection
         TRIANGLE Button: Status Screen/Cancel
         SQUARE Button: Dash (with D-button UP)/Cancel selection
         Start Button: Option menu, skip movie/cut-scene
         D-Pad: Moves character and options
    To move character and navigate menus:
         UP: Forward
         DOWN: Backward
         RIGHT: Rotate right
         LEFT: Rotate left
    **Sometimes Jill will end up dodging during intense scenes with
         R Trigger: Ready Weapon (press and hold)
         L Trigger: Change Targets (when R trigger is held)
         X Button: Action/Confirm Selection
         Y Button: Map Screen
         B Button: Status Screen/Cancel
         A Button: Dash (with D-button UP)/Cancel selection
         Start Button: Option menu, skip movie/cut-scene
         Analog Thumb Pad: Moves character and options
         D-Pad: Moves character and options
    To move character and navigate menus:
         UP: Forward
         DOWN: Backward
         RIGHT: Rotate right
         LEFT: Rotate left
    **Sometimes Jill will end up dodging during intense scenes with
    I won't be including them here. Those controls are crappy! Customize
    them on your keyboard.
    B. D I F F I C U L T Y   M O D E S
    This mode is the hardest in the game. If Nemesis is defeated, he'll drop
    a suitcase with a special item inside. Enemies take a lot of bullets to
    kill, and Nemesis is a lot harder to kill (not to mention more
    relentless). Jill will get newer weapons as she progresses through.
    This mode is pretty easy for people just starting out. Jill will start
    out with an Assault Rifle, and will get a lot of weapons in the game
    from the start, inside the Item Box. Also, Jill will get more ammo per
    box than in Hard Mode. Nemesis is also somewhat easy to kill, though you
    should still take some precaution when fighting him.
    HEAVY MODE (Japanese version)
    This is the hardest mode in the Japanese versions. However, it is only
    as hard as Easy Mode in the U.S. Version. However, Jill will still get
    the items from Nemesis, and will get the same amount of ammo per box as
    in the U.S. Hard Mode. However, enemies will be easy to kill like in the
    U.S. Easy Mode. Jill doesn't start out with the Assault Rifle, however,
    LIGHT MODE (Japanese version)
    This is a super-easy mode for Japanese players. In addition to the
    enemies being insanely easy, Jill will get the Assault Rifle and all the
    extra weapons to start out with. However, Jill will not get any present
    from Nemesis, but this mode is good for people who have virtually no
    experience in Resident Evil games.
    C. H E R B   G U I D E
    FINE (GREEN) = 100% HEALTH
    Little to no damage suffered.
    Some damage suffered.
    A lot of damage suffered.
    Extreme amount of damage suffered. Near death.
    POISON (PURPLE) = 100%-25% HEALTH
    Poisoned by a monster, gradually loses health.
    | This herb looks like a small red and green dot on a piece of paper.|
    |This herb looks like one big green dot on a piece of paper.|
    |3. GREEN + GREEN = 50% HEALTH|
    |This herb looks like 2 small green dots on a piece of paper.|
    |This herb looks like a small blue and green dot on a piece of paper.|
    |This is a blue leaf-like herb.|
    |6. GREEN = 25% HEALTH|
    |This is a green leaf-like herb.|
    |This looks like 2 small green dots and a blue dot on a piece of paper.|
    |This herb looks like one big brown dot on a piece of paper.|
    |This is a silver can with a spray nozzle on it.|
    D. C O M B A T   T A C T I C S
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is somewhat hard. It is easy to use up a lot of
    ammo. The Tyrant known as Nemesis, and Hunters require a lot of ammo. To
    conserve ammo throughout the game, strictly use your Handgun and run
    away from battles.
    Hunters and Naked Zombies are extremely versatile when close up to Leon
    and Claire. You will want to get to a distance and fire guns like the
    Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and Handgun. When it comes to zombies, try to
    shoot them at close range because they fall down a lot easier than at
    farther distance.
    When playing, the SHOTGUN can blow a zombie's head off. For a SHOTGUN
    SHELL to decapitate a zombie, get close and aim it up, and then fire. Of
    course, the SHOTGUN is only available to Jill, and not to Carlos, so
    this only applies to Jill.
    Sometimes you can drop health because some monsters are stronger than
    others. Avoid this by carrying a Green herb and First Aid Spray. The
    Green Herb can cover small damage, while the First Aid Spray can cover
    sudden health drops from Brain Suckers or Naked Zombies.
    Make at least 3 saves. Make one for the Police Station, and progress on
    the game, but save onto another spot (preferably the post-Nemesis
    fight). Those are definite save areas. If you keep multiple saves, you
    can then start from and older save if you mess up (EX: Use up too much
    The dodge feature can save Jill, but it is pretty random in combat. When
    you dodge, consider it a blessing to either recover some health, or to
    run away. Pressing R1 right before Jill or Carlos are hit can initiate a
    dodge, however, it is still somewhat random.
    If Nemesis grabs Jill, relentlessly press all buttons and move the
    Control Pad. Nemesis will let go Jill faster. If Nemesis holds onto Jill
    to long, he'll crush her head, so be careful.
    E. R A N K I N G   M O D E
    S RANK
    This is for BioHazard 3: Last Escape (all Japanese versions). Simply
    avoid constant saving, don't grab any weapons that take up two slots,
    and don't get killed a lot. Try not to use First Aid Sprays, but Green
    Herbs are OK. Try to beat the game with a fast time, too. Very skilled
    veterans get this ranking with no trouble at all.
    A RANK
    This is for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (all American/PAL versions). Simply
    avoid constant saving, don't grab any weapons that take up two slots,
    and don't get killed a lot. Try not to use First Aid Sprays, but Green
    Herbs are OK. Try to beat the game with a fast time, too. Very skilled
    veterans get this ranking with no trouble at all.
    B RANK
    Simply save quite a bit, don't grab all weapons that take up two slots,
    and don't get killed once or twice. Try not to use a lot of First Aid
    Sprays, but Green Herbs are OK. Try to beat the game with a sort of fast
    time, too. Skilled, yet close to average people get this ranking often.
    C RANK
    Save at your leisure, grab all weapons that take up two slots, and don't
    get killed a lot. Try to use First Aid Sprays, but Green Herbs are OK,
    too. Try to beat the game with an average time, too. Amateurs receive
    this ranking all the times.
    D RANK
    Save A LOT, grab every weapon and item, don't worry about getting
    killed, and take long to beat the game to get the worst ranking. This is
    the ranking novice players tend to receive.
    F. S Y S T E M   R E Q U I R E M E N T S  ( P C   O N L Y )
    OS: Windows 95/98
    CPU (Without 3D card): Pentium 200MhZ (Pentium 2 266 MhZ or higher
    Memory: 48 MB (64M or higher recommended)
    HDD Space: 20 MB minimum (250MB or more recommended)
    CD-ROM: 4 times or faster (8 times or faster recommended)
    Display: 640x480 dots or higher (High Color (16-bit) or higher
    Keyboard and GamePad: (Microsoft SideWinder recommended)
    Sound Card: Direct Sound Supporting Board (need to support
    Video Card: DirectDraw supporting board (need to support DirectX6.1,X7)
    G. D I F F E R E N T   P A T H S
    During the game, Jill will be presented with 2 paths to take to continue
    her Last Escape. Usually, she'll end up going down on path, finish what
    she needs to do there, and then double back and take the other path.
    Whatever path Jill takes will affect what Live Events she'll see, and
    who she'll meet. Different Paths can be different floors to take,
    different areas to search, or the order in which she solves puzzles.
    Different Paths also alter where Nemesis appears.
    H. L I V E   E V E N T S
    Live Events are basically a choice Jill must make. She only has a few
    seconds, and if she doesn't make a choice, she might even get killed.
    Some choices will change depending on what Different Paths Jill chooses.
    Some Live Events even affect what ending Jill will get, and where she'll
    end up, especially at the last part of the game.
    I. G U N   P O W D E R   C H A R T S
    Some of these also add up to Grenade Rounds.
    The color of the Gunpowder makes the same color round when combined with
    Grenade Rounds.
    5. J I L L ' S   L A S T   E S C A P E   W A L K T H R O U G H
    A. September 28, 1998
    Pick your costume and watch the opening scene.
    Then shoot down the zombie. Climb the dumpster.
    After the next scenes, you'll be in the warehouse. Grab the First Aid
    Spray and go up the stairs.
    In the first save room, grab the Warehouse Key.
    Make Handgun Ammo with the Gun Powder. Deposit the Reloading Tool. You
    might want the Knife for now since it is fairly effective against lone
    zombies! Go back out to the main room.
    Outside, go through the hall. In the next room, go to the left. After
    the next door, you should be on a wooded catwalk.
    Go to the door and open it- zombies bust out. Knock them down only. Go
    down the stairs and grab the Lighter Oil. Grab the Shotgun also and head
    back out. Go down the stairs to the southwest and through the next door.
    Grab the 2 Green Herbs.
    In the next door, dodge all the zombies. Pass the 2 locked doors and
    climb a crate. Grab the Uptown Map and climb the emergency stairs. Grab
    the 2 Green Herbs. Down in the street, go through all the zombies to a
    wooden door.
    Go run to a flight of stairs. Knock any zombies down with Knife hits.
    Follow this sequence: hit, auto turn, run, auto turn, stab, auto turn,
    run, and then stab. Those can save Handgun ammo! Run through the door
    that guy ran into.
    Inside, it's Brad. Run to the other door in the room and grab the
    Lighter. Combine the Lighter with the Lighter Fluid. By now, Brad should
    have dealt with the zombie. After he leaves, leave the bar through the
    way you came in.
    Go back up the stairs and turn right. Then turn another right. Through
    the next door, run to the locked steel door and use the Lighter. When
    the blocked zombies become free, quickly head through the next door.
    Through the next door, arm the Knife. Walk to the fire and a dog jumps.
    Stab it and run for the metal door to the left. Avoid the 2 dogs.
    Inside the save room, make Shotgun ammo and Handgun ammo. Deposit the
    Lighter. Exit with the Shotgun armed.
    Run left through the grated doors.
    Keep going and turn 2 lefts. You are now in front of the RPD from RE2!
    Enter through the big gate!
    When you enter, Brad will come in. Then the Nemesis will come in and
    murder Brad. After the next scene, you'll have 2 choices:
    I suggest you run inside if you have no business fighting Nemesis. You
    won't need a STARS Card later, so just run in.
    If you want to duke it out for a rare item, get the Shotgun ready! When
    he charges RUN to the right. Then auto-turn and fire. Always run to the
    left of Nemesis (Nemesis' right) since he is left-handed. Repeat the
    pattern of running passed his weak arm, auto-turn, then fire. When you
    are short on Shotgun ammo, try the Handgun. That should finish him. If
    not, there's always the Knife. Since Nemesis can't hit you, Knifing
    isn't the worst idea out there.
    When Nemesis falls and bleeds, grab the case for the Eagle Parts A.
    So now we are all in the RPD. RE2 veterans should know their way around,
    while new comers will need instructions. Veterans should head for the
    evidence room.
    New comers, head to the only unblocked door in the hall. Inside, dodge
    all the zombies. Go to where Marvin is and grab the Shotgun ammo. Now
    proceed through the next door to the evidence room.
    Look at the drawer that's blinking (The one where Claire found the Bomb
    in RE2). Inside is the Blue Gem. Now circle the room to the other side
    and inspect the drawer with the needed combination.
    There are 4 RANDOM codes (that are not so random anymore). Here are
    those 4:
    Now we don't need Brad's Card! Grab the Emblem Key and exit.
    In the next hall, cap those zombies and head for the Dark Room.
    Inside, search the lockers to find Gun Powder A. Don't mix it yet- if
    you get a certain item in a few moments, you'll need that! Now deposit
    the Blue Gem. Bring the Reloading Tool. Exit the Dark Room.
    If you didn't get the Shotgun Shells in Marvin's Room, go through the
    silver door instead of up the stairs. Go passed the windows to the
    double doors and look around for them.
    Now head up the staircase outside the Dark Room.
    Avoid the nearby zombies. Try not to shoots any zombies, but merely
    knock them down. You can also Knife.
    Here is the strategy-
    The Knife is VERY useful in RE3- it's underestimated in this game!
    However, if you aren't a very good player, you should pass the
    opportunity to kill Nemesis up.
    Head through the next door and then into the STARS Office- use the
    Emblem Key to unlock.
    In the STARS Office, go to Barry's Desk and collect the 30 Handgun
    Bullets. Now examine the Locker where Leon found his 2nd Shotgun (Leon A
    IS the Official RE2 scenario, refer to Wesker's Report Section).
    In the Locker should be the Magnum or Grenade Launcher. Now you can mix
    the Gun Powder A from the Dark Room. You should now have 60 Bullets, 7
    Shotgun Shells, a Magnum or Grenade Launcher and the Knife. Now collect
    the Lockick on Jill's desk.
    Aim back for the Dark Room with the Magnum or Grenade Launcher loaded.
    Continue downstairs.
    Outside, Nemesis will pop in. Head back to the Evidence Room because HE
    Inside, pick the locker in the corner and get some Gun Powder B. Mix it
    with the Reloading Tool for 7 Shotgun Shells. Now run to Marvin's Room.
    Nemesis will be on your tail. Head for the RPD MAIN HALL.
    Head out of the RPD the way you came. If you want another rare item,
    stay in Marvin's Room.
    OK, arm the Grenade Launcher or Magnum. Look out for Nemesis. Keep
    dodging his rockets with R1 and R2. He should waste his rockets
    eventually. Now run around the tables. Fire at Nemesis while you use the
    tables for leverage. If you have the Grenade Launcher, unfortunately you
    can't hit him.
    The Magnum would have been the likely choice you got since you ran into
    the RPD. When Nemesis falls and bleeds, grab the Eagle Parts B and
    combine them with Eagle Parts A- now you have the best Handgun in the
    Head through the gate!
    Now we are outside the RPD's main gates. Pass the bookstore to the
    locked door. Pick it with the Lockpick.
    Pass this alleyway- examine the dead body for a file and Handgun
    Bullets. Then head through the next door.
    In the next alley, turn right and look at the Fire Hose- you need to
    remember this location!
    Go through the next door. You are in the Bus Room. Run away from the
    dogs through the next door!
    In this garage, grab the Cables. Avoid the dogs (Shoot them with the
    Eagle Gun if you have it).
    In the next save room, grab the Handgun Bullets. Now save up. Deposit
    the Knife and if you have the Eagle Handgun, the old Handgun.
    In the next room, dodge the dogs and make a B line for the next door.
    In this next room, grab the downtown map. You are in downtown now.
    Run up and Drain Deimos will attack you. Use the Shotgun for an easy
    kill. Search the body for Gun Powder A and mix them for Handgun Bullets.
    Kill the other Drain Deimo using the Handgun and dodge technique. Up the
    stairs is a non-working lift. Remember that for later!
    Through the next door, you can turn left to the newspaper office or
    right to the restaurant. I'm up for turning right. Look in the Alternate
    Path Section for tips.
    Turn right and follow Carlos. Grab the 2 Green Herbs. Follow Carlos into
    the restaurant.
    Inside, go to the end of the whole room and use the Lockpick on that
    drawer. Grab the Crowbar and then go to the latch Jill just passed. Use
    the Crowbar and open the latch. Carlos comes in.
    Speak to him and Nemesis will come in. A Live Selection occurs.
    Use the second option. Nemesis gets KO'd. Get the rare Item (First Aid
    Box) and exit through the back.
    After talking to Carlos, arm the Shotgun and turn right. Nemesis should
    follow. Then duck into the save room.
    Inside, grab the Shotgun Shells and deposit all your herbs if you have
    the First Aid Box. Withdraw the Blue Gem. Grab the Rusted Crank and
    Run right to avoid Nemesis. Then travel to the next hall.
    In this wide room, you can now battle him if you want. But first run up
    to the gate and use the Blue Gem. Now fight Nemesis if you want. If you
    don't, head to the newspaper office to the north.
    Use the tactics you used outside the RPD. Run left of Nemesis. Then
    auto-turn and fire. I suggest you don't kill this Nemesis because he
    doesn't give a rare item.
    In the newspaper office, push the ladder to the switchboard. Power it
    up. Now go to the shutter and raise it. Climb the stairs and head to the
    next room. Inside, grab the Green Gem and exit.
    Nemesis may be here, so run to Nemesis' right.
    Go back to the gate. Use the Green Gem and pass through the gate.
    Pass the door and you are at an intersection. Take the left one for now.
    Run through here and avoid the zombies. Then go to the next door.
    Keep going until you reach 2 Green Herbs. DON'T PICK THEM UP YET!
    Continue and you are in the trolley area.
    Go to the trolley's second car. Use the Cables on the chip-board you
    see. Proceed through the trolley. Talk to Nicholai and then Mikhail and
    then head to the first car. Inside, talk to Nicholai and Carlos. Carlos
    will give you a Side Pack like in Resident Evil 2- so now Jill has 10
    item slots. Nearby, grab the wrench. Now exit the trolley. Go back to
    the intersection.
    Take the right path this time. It leads to a gas station.
    Go to the main door.
    Use the Rusted Crank to open the shutter. As you try, it breaks, so use
    the wrench afterwards.
    Inside, either Carlos or Nicholai will be here. Go to the cabinet left
    of that First Aid Spray. There are options for this puzzle.
     _   _   _   _
    [_] [_] [_] [_]
     A   B   C   D
    The letter that is lit needs to be the only one that is red. Press in
    any order because the puzzle is random. Eventually the cabinet will
    unlock. Grab the Machine Oil.
    Now get out quickly! The Gas Station is about to explode! Nicholai seems
    to be fried if he came in here. If Carlos came, run outside with him
    before the Gas Station COMPLETELY explodes. After Carlos leaves, go back
    to the intersection and head for the restaurant.
    On your way, zombies will open a locked door. Kill them. Through the
    door is a statue. Press the button and grab the Book of Wisdom. Then
    head for the CITY HALL GATE.
    Now head for the Downtown T Hall.
    Now go back to the area in front of the restaurant.
    See that statue? There's a hollow spot the shape of a book. Place the
    book there. Now go to the other hollow space and grab the little
    pendant. Now go back to the DOWNTOWN T HALL.
    Proceed to the City Hall Gate.
    Now head for the City Hall Mayor Statue.
    Place it on the statue and then grab the Battery. Then head for the CITY
    Then head for the Downtown T Hall.
    Then head for the Restaurant Street.
    Then head for the LIFT ROOM.
    Now go back to that non-working lift up those stairs.
    Directions are:
    3. Head up the stairs to the lift.
    4. Use the Battery.
    5. Go down the lift to substation.
    Kill all the zombies. Then enter the sub station.
    Inside, go to the locked door and press the buttons to power the place
    up. Now go to the machine next to the second shutter. Press Blue, Red,
    Blue and Red to open the first shutter up.
    Inside, grab another weapon- either the Magnum or Shotgun, depending on
    what you found in the RPD. If you found the Magnum in the RPD, the G.
    Launcher will be here. If you got the G. Launcher at the RPD, you'll
    find the Magnum here. Go back out.
    You have to make another selection.
    You want to do the first option, since you'll fight Nemesis for a rare
    item. If you don't want a rare item, then select the second option and
    skip the next Nemesis section.
    OK, so now we should be outside if you made the second choice. He'll
    fire rockets from above, so run in circles until he jumps down. Now arm
    the weapon you just found in the substation.
    Use the strategy from the RPD and the Restaurant. Run left of Nemesis,
    auto-turn fire and repeat. Nemesis should drop a rare item- it's a
    Custom Part A!
    Run back into the substation through the door you exited it from.
    OK, now we are all back in the substation. Go back to the Red and Blue
    buttoned machine. This time press Red, Blue, Blue and Blue. The second
    shutter will open.
    Grab the fuse inside. Now exit the substation through emergency exit.
    Backtrack up the lift and down the stairs to the room where Drain Deimos
    first attacked you.
    Go back to the door leading toward the uptown area.
    Pass through the garage and save room.
    In the save room, grab the Wrench if you deposited it. Now fight your
    way through the next alleyways until you are back in the alley with the
    Fire Hose.
    Run through here.
    Now run to the Fire Hose Alleyway.
    Use the Wrench to get the Fire Hose. Discard the Wrench and now travel
    back through the alleyways to the area in front of the RPD.
    Fight the Drain Deimo and head to the RPD Street.
    Once in front of the RPD, go to the bookstore sign and turn left to that
    alley with the fire.
    Use the Fire Hose on the 3 holes and the fire is out. Proceed
    forward until you reach the Sales Office.
    Run through.
    Kill the monsters, and then head inside.
    Inside is either Nicholai or Carlos, depending on whom you saw in the
    Gas Station. After they finish talking, go to the computer.
    The codes are either:
    After entering the codes, go through the unlocked door.
    Through them, arm the Shotgun. Go to the end of the room and grab the
    Gun Powder (if they aren't there, then you should have seen them in the
    SUBSTATION). Then grab the Oil Additive and add it to the Machine Oil
    from the Gas Station. Head back to the SALES OFFICE.
    Zombies will then overrun the whole Sales Office. Use the Shotgun on
    them all as you get out.
    Now, head to the ALLEYWAY next door.
    Now, head to the FIRE DOG ALLEYWAY.
    When you are out in the fire hose hole, Nemesis will come out if you
    didn't kill him in the substation.
    Now run back to the trolley as fast as you can.
    Run to the Fire Hose Alleyway,
    Run to the Bus Room.
    Run to the Garage,
    On your way, a Live Selection will occur.
    Do the first choice. It saves time. Continue for the trolley. Arm the
    and Grenade Launcher.
    Save up if you need to. Exit.
    Run through here. Head for the Lift Room.
    Head for the Restaurant Street.
    Head for the Downtown T Hall.
    Head for the T Hall Save Room.
    Save if you must. Exit.
    Head for the City Hall Gate.
    Head into the City Hall Mayor Statue.
    In City Hall, Nemesis will appear.
    Now we need to battle him for the Custom Parts B. Lure him to the area
    with the RPD, RESTAURANT and SUBSTATION techniques there.
    Once Nemesis drops, grab the Custom Parts B. Mix them with the Custom
    Parts A and then backtrack to the save room where you got the Rusted
    Crank. There, deposit the old Shotgun. The new Custom Shotgun is MUCH
    more powerful!
    Head to the CITY HALL ALLEY.
    There will be an earthquake. Keep running until you reach the 2 Green
    Herbs. GRAB THEM NOW. Suddenly, Jill will fall to a boss battle!
    We should have plenty of ammo if you've been using that Handgun and
    Knife- enough to kill this Grave Digger. When it pops from the walls,
    hit it with 1 Magnum Bullet and then dodge. Repeat this pattern and the
    Grave Digger will eventually die. However, you are still better off just
    trying to get the ladders working and fighting your way out of the
    tunnels. Fighting this creature simply isn't worth it. It is time
    consuming, as well as suicide (since the Grave Digger is a tough
    Now press both panels in this tunnel and then power the ladder. Climb
    You are outside the trolley. Enter and use the Fuse and Mixed Oil.
    Carlos will come in. Run to the front of the trolley with him and then
    after the FMV, go back to the back car.
    Nemesis appears to have beaten the hell out of Mikhail. When in control,
    auto-turn and head through the door to the front. An FMV will occur and
    you have to make a choice.
    Choices are:
    Try the first choice. It's the best choice. You should now be in the
    Tower courtyard.
    Grab all the herbs and enter through the left-most door of the building.
    In the first room, head left into the chapel.
    In the Chapel, save and rest up.
    Arm yourself with:
    Eagle Handgun with 15 bullets, don't bring HG Bullets Grenade Launcher
    with ANY rounds Combat Knife
    Deposit everything else (Lockpick, Auto Shotgun, Magnum). In the Chapel,
    check the case for the Clock T. Key. Check it to be named Winder Key. Go
    back to previous room.
    Zombies will attack, so aim for locked door and unlock it with Winder
    Talk to Carlos in Dining Room and then proceed.
    In the Clock Tower's Main Hall (looks like RPD and Mansion Main Hall),
    run to dead body and grab the Mine Thrower. Proceed to door on other
    side of the room.
    Through it is a room with 2 doors. Go to the brown one- remember the
    green one for later.
    Through it is another save room. Pass through to the next room.
    In the bedroom, examine the painting to get another key- the Bezel Key.
    Zombies will also chase you, so exit back into the Save Room.
    Head back to the BUG HALL.
    Now go back to Main Hall.
    There, climb the stairs.
    Now arm that Eagle Handgun. Press R2 and a bomb will explode. All the
    Spiders will die. Proceed through the next door.
    In the Clock Tower Balcony, go to a little keyhole and use the Bezel
    The ladder lowers. Climb it.
    Up in the MECH ROOM, turn left and examine the Music Box. You have to
    make the right choices and get the song correct. It's a completely
    RANDOM puzzle, but you can tell if the song notes are out of tune or
    Solving the puzzle reveals the Chronos Chain. Combine it with the Winder
    Key to make the Chronos Key. Examine the rest of the room and grab the
    MT Rounds and Silver Gear. Head down to the balcony.
    Down there, make a choice against Nemesis again.
    Use the cord to KO Nemesis. Grab a rare item- another First Aid Box.
    Head for the MAIN HALL BALCONY.
    Run back to the first floor of the MAIN HALL.
    Head for the BUG HALL.
    Head back to the Green Door and use the Chronos Key. Discard it and head
    Pass this infested hall.
    Through it is a room with 3 clock paintings. Examine the back area to
    find a bell blocking a door- Jill can't push it.
    Go to the 3 statues and grab the Obsidian, Amber and Crystal Stones. Go
    to the clocks and then try any combinations of inserting them in. Here
    are the time changes for each painting.
    Crystal -1
    Obsidian -2
    Amber -3
    Crystal +1
    Obsidian +2
    Amber +3
    Crystal +2
    Obsidian +4
    Amber +6
    The Gold Gear will be revealed. Combine it with the Silver Gear and go
    back to the Infested Hall.
    Head to the BUG ROOM.
    Head to the MAIN HALL BALCONY.
    Head for the CLOCKTOWER BALCONY.
    Head for the MECH ROOM.
    There, apply it to the mech to get the bell ringing. Head back to the
    Attempt to enter the Main Hall Balcony.
    Escape at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ..........................Nemesis crushes the escape chopper.
    Carlos should destroy the Rocket Launcher Nemesis has. Now arm the M
    Thrower and hit him with all you got. Switch to the G. Launcher after
    running out of Mine Thrower Rounds.
    In the unlikely event you should run out, use the 14 left over Eagle
    Handgun Bullets. If Nemesis is STILL up, use that trusty Knife and the
    strategy from the RPD, Restaurant, Substation and City Hall Nemesis
    Carlos comes in at last. Jill is infected with the T- Virus.
    B. October 1, 1998
    After Jill's battle with Nemesis and before the start of Carlos'
    mission, the events in Resident Evil 2 happen. By the time you control
    Carlos, Leon, Claire and Sherry will now have escaped the lab. By the
    time Jill wakes up, Claire's epilogue (see below) will also have already
    happened. Resident Evil 2 takes place from September 29, 1998 (at night)
    to the morning of September 30,1998.
    It is now October 1, 1998.
    After talking to Jill, you now control Carlos. Arm him with:
    Assault Rifle
    Load the Handgun. Exit.
    Kill all the zombies.
    Head through this room to the CLOCKTOWER MAIN HALL.
    Head for the BUG HALL.
    Head for the INFESTED HALL.
    Try to kill any enemies you may see here. Head for the CLOCKTOWER PUZZLE
    Go to that bell Jill couldn't push and then push it. Men have the
    advantage at times. Hehehehehehehe. Pass through the next door.
    Use the Handgun to fry the zombies outside the Clock Tower. Enter the
    Inside, duck into the nearest door to avoid the Hunters.
    In this save room, SAVE! Head through the next door.
    Grab the Tape Recorder from the table. Go to the elevator, power the
    elevator and ride it to 4F.
    Up there, make your way to the door far in the hall.
    Inside, Nicholai shoots Tyrell. After he leaves, grab the Sickroom Key.
    Leave the room.
    Head out to the other 2 doors in the hall.
    Head to the first SICKROOM. Inside, memorize the room! Look at the
    corners and see which one has the cart. Also look at the doctor corpse
    for a number. Jot it down on your hand or something. Now head out to the
    room next door, using the Sickroom Key to unlock it.
    Inside, you'll notice the room is a mirror image of the previous room.
    Remember where the cart was in the last room? You'll need for it to be
    on the same side, but on the opposite end. Anyway, it's hard to explain,
    but try pushing the cart to the corner on the same side as the one in
    the previous room. If you miss, exit and try again. Once the painting in
    the room drops, enter the code from the dead doctor's hand from the
    previous room and grab the Vaccine Base. Exit.
    Now head back to the elevator and ride it to B3.
    Once down, you may encounter Hunters or Zombies. Continue down the new
    corridor until you reach a door.
    Inside this lab, pass through and kill the Hunters. Through the next
    door, look on the northern side for a Medium Base. Left of the Hunter
    tubes is a power switch. Switch it off.
    Now look at that valve machine and use the Medium Base. Now press valves
    I, III and A to get a Vaccine Medium. Combine that with the Vaccine Base
    and you have the T-Virus/G-Virus/Whatever-Virus cure! Exit the Lab.
    Go back to the elevator, killing Hunters on the way. Ride it to 1F.
    Head to the Hospital Save Room.
    Pass through the save room and save (Nemesis encounter). Exit the
    Hospital Save Room.
    Out in the lobby, Nicholai has planted a bomb. It will detonate in 7
    seconds! Head out of the hospital!
    Outside, Carlos will get thrown into the Clock Tower's backdoor after
    the Hospital explodes. Head back inside the Clock Tower.
    Once back inside the room where Jill got the Gold Gear, aim for the main
    hall. Head to the Infested Hall.
    If you didn't clear out any Spiders/Brain Suckers/Drain Deimos when you
    left for the hospital, they will still be here and you may be in bad
    shape. Hit them with the Handgun from a distance. Head to the BUG HALL.
    Head for the CLOCKTOWER MAIN HALL.
    In the CLOCKTOWER MAIN HALL, Nemesis II will make an appearance, scarred
    after being beaten up by Jill. You can't get a Rare Item, but you can
    battle him to make Jill's encounter easier (Carlos should have about 30%
    Rifle ammo and 60-90 bullets *AND* the Combat Knife).
    Arm the Assault Rifle. Go safe distance and fire away- Nemesis'
    tentacles are harmless, but keep those Green Herbs from the hospital
    handy! When you run short of Assault Rifle ammo, Nemesis might continue
    for Jill! If he does, follow him into the next room.
    Shoot him with the Handgun and he should fall and bleed. Head to the
    chapel where Jill is, via the Piano Room.
    Head to the CHAPEL.
    Jill will be in control again after Carlos gives her the cure. Pack the
    Magnum (you'll be finding ammo for it), the Handgun with 15 Bullets, the
    Knife, 1 full First Aid Box and the Auto Shotgun with 7-21 ammo. Head
    Nemesis is back. But since you weakened him as Carlos, you should have
    NO problem taking care of him. This battle should be mandatory for all
    players. If you can't beat this Nemesis, I fell VERY sorry for you.
    Equip the Magnum. You should have approx. 2-5 bullets inside. Empty your
    Magnum and then switch to the Auto Shotgun. Fire quickly. If 7-21 shells
    don't kill it (unlikely unless you didn't kill him with Carlos), switch
    to the Handgun for the finishing touches.
    If the Handgun isn't enough, the Knife will do. Hopefully you've been
    practicing with it as Carlos. Nemesis will fall to reveal the last rare
    item- either an Assault Rifle or Infinite Ammo! You get the Assault
    Rifle if you kill Nemesis at the RPD (2X), Restaurant, Substation, City
    Hall, Clock Tower Balcony and here during your first game (Hard Mode).
    You get the Infinite Ammo if you kill Nemesis like the above on your
    second and all games after.
    If you have the Assault Rifle, deposit the Auto Shotgun. If you have
    infinite ammo, use it on the Auto Shotgun or Magnum, but I prefer the
    Auto Shotgun because of its sheer speed. Restock your inventory in the
    Auto Shotgun w/ Infinite Ammo
    Assault Rifle
    Full Eagle Handgun
    Head to the BUG HALL.
    Head to the INFESTED HALL.
    Head to the CLOCK PUZZLE ROOM.
    Now exit the Clock Tower via the backdoor. Since Carlos moved that bell,
    Jill can now exit!
    Outside, go to the locked door and pick it.
    Inside is another save room. Inside, grab switch the Lockpick for the
    Lighter. Grab the Park Gate Key as well. Exit.
    Back outside, turn right to see the hospital's rubble. Pass the backdoor
    of the Clock Tower and you'll see the park gate.
    Use your Park Key and enter.
    Equip the Assault Rifle or Auto Shotgun. Kill any monsters you see and
    take the stairs to the right.
    Kill all monsters. Pass these long docks through the gate.
    Through it is the path infested with Hunters or dogs. Kill them and look
    at the first body you see. Collect the Second Park Key and Magnum
    bullets. Return to the PARK DOCK.
    Run through here back up the stairs to the PARK ENTRANCE.
    Back there, take the gate to the left.
    Through it is the controls for the sewers. Go to them (grab the Herbs
    first) and then press the gears in this order:
    1. Left White.
    2. Right White.
    3. Right Black.
    4. Right White.
    5. Left Black.
    6. Left White.
    7. Start Button.
    The water will drain and the sewers will be accessed.
    Down in the sewers, a gate blocks the area Leon and Claire explored in
    RE2, but there is a ladder at the end of the tunnel you can climb.
    You end up in a Graveyard. Head into the nearby building and then use
    the Second Park Key to access it.
    Inside the Undertaker's home (not the wrestler :)), grab the nearby Iron
    Pipe. On the fireplace, use the Lighter to burn away the wood.
    Discard the Lighter and use the Iron Pipe to make a new entryway in the
    fireplace. Grab all the Gun Powder and mix up some Freeze Rounds (Make
    some C Powder and combine it with Grenade Rounds from the Grenade
    Launcher, which can be gotten from the save room next door). Now head
    through the new entryway.
    Grab the last Park Key and head back the way you came. 2 FMVs involving
    Nicholai will occur. Pack the Grenade Launcher if you got the Assault
    Rifle from Nemesis at the Clock Tower. If you have the Infinite Ammo
    Auto Shotgun, bring that instead.
    Head to the Undertaker's Save Room.
    Save. Grab all the Items, and exit.
    Exit into the Graveyard.
    Outside in the Graveyard, an FMV will occur and you are in a boss fight.
    This guy is tricky, so keep a look out. When it surfaces, fire the
    weapons as fast as you can. You'll know where it surfaces by looking at
    sand pop up. About 15 Freeze Rounds and 30+ Auto Shotgun Shells will
    finish this demonic beast. Phew. Head back to the MAIN GATE via a fallen
    Run to the GEAR AREA.
    Run to the PARK ENTRANCE.
    Head to the PARK DOCK. Watch out for any monsters.
    Run back through here to the Park Exit Alleyway.
    Run all the way down this alleyway. You'll see the Park's Back Gate. Use
    the Last Park Key. Passed it is the bridge to the Dead Factory, the last
    area of RE3.
    As you approach, Nemesis returns. Now you have a choice:
    This walkthrough will follow the choice of Jumping Off. If you want the
    other choice, look in the next walkthrough.
    Once you jump down, head up the nearby ladder. Take the nearest door-
    it's a Save Room!
    Inside, reorganize your items:
    Magnum Ammo
    Auto Shotgun
    Auto Shotgun Ammo
    1 Full First Aid Box
    Now grab the Water Sample and head through the next door.
    Head down the stairs to the Water Room and examine the machine in the
    back. Use the Water Sample and now we have to adjust the 3 different
    bars to get a door to unlock.
    I hate this puzzle. It is completely RANDOM and there aren't any easy
    explanations. Here are some tips for solving the puzzle since there
    aren't any real answers.
    1. Using the graph above, try to align the 3 bars below so they match
    the figure above.
    2. When making ideas, make sure there aren't any bars on where there are
    spaces in the graph above.
    3. Don't freak out.
    4. You'll eventually get the combination right.
    5. Don't freak out.
    After solving this damned puzzle, head back up to the save room and out
    to the tunnel.
    Head to the FACTORY SEWER.
    Turn right and an FMV with Carlos will occur. Raccoon City IS GONNA BE
    We only have minutes to spare, so head through the next door.
    In this Sewer Room, dodge all the monsters and fight your way to the
    Ride it up to the upper level of the Sewer Room. Go to the right of the
    This is the door that stupid water puzzle unlocked, but we still need to
    do something else! In the same room, on the monitors, look for the MO
    Disk. Exit through the next door.
    In the Entrance Tunnel, you'll see Nicholai. To the right of Nicholai is
    a large door, but it only leads to the bridge you jumped off of.
    Take the door on the other end instead- it's another save room. Grab the
    Facility Key and head through the next door.
    It is the Steam Room. Go right and press the first steam button. Then
    press the far steam button on the next turn. Then press the steam button
    to the left of the one you just pressed.
    Now head to the other side of the room (Near the non-working lift) and
    press the far steam button, then the one to the right. Go back to the
    other side and press the steam buttons there again. The machine will be
    revealed. Press it and that door in the Upper Sewer Room will open.
    Head there now, with the Facility Key. Before taking that door, ride the
    elevator back down to the Lower Sewer Room. Head back to the room where
    you solved that Water Puzzle and look for a machine to the right. Use
    the Facility Key.
    Now head back to the Upper Sewer Room. Take the big door now.
    Through it, head to the far door and unlock it by using the MO Disk on
    the disk tray nearby.
    Head through and now you have to fight Nemesis.
    Nemesis has become a wimp since your fight at the Clock Tower. After the
    scene is over, arm the Magnum and shoot away. After running out of
    Magnum ammo, use the Auto Shotgun and try hitting Nemesis AND the valves
    in the room. The acids that hit Nemesis can cut his arms off and
    eventually his head :). This battle is also fairly easy with the Knife
    :), since his tentacles don't do much damage (less than a zombie bite).
    Stab, auto-turn, run, auto-turn, stab. Hehehehehehehe. Nemesis is toast!
    But beware, you only have a few minutes before the room eats Jill up!
    With Nemesis down, grab the Card Key from the dead scientist. There is a
    card reader near the entrance door of the room- use it to get out!
    Out in the hall, the building shakes- the missile is coming! Hurry!
    Head for the ENTRANCE HALL.
    Head for the FACTORY SAVE ROOM 2.
    Aim for the STEAM ROOM!
    There, use the Card Key to work the lift. Ride it down and grab the
    Grenade Rounds. Go to the lockers and use your Facility Key to get the
    ROCKET LAUNCHER! YAY! Head back to the STEAM ROOM.
    Head for the FACTORY SAVE ROOM 2.
    Reorganize your items one last time:
    Auto Shotgun
    Shotgun Ammo
    1 Full First Aid Box
    Card Key
    Rocket Launcher
    Grenade Launcher w/ Freeze Rounds
    Now we are set to escape! Head to that locked shutter in the entrance.
    Use the Card Key and discard it. Shotgun the zombies and head through
    the door.
    Grab the radar receiver on the monitor and then prepare for another
    Live Selection:
    If you take the first option, Nicholai talks about Jill being wanted by
    Umbrella and leaves with the helicopter.
    If you take the second option, you get the chance for revenge by
    shooting down the chopper. Remember back in the Clock Tower when Nemesis
    used a Rocket Launcher to shoot down the chopper? Well, you can do that,
    Sink a Rocket into the chopper and Nicholai is toast (good riddance,
    too)! Carlos then comes in and tries to signal a new chopper. Examine
    the latch in the room to lower the ladder.
    After the final countdown, head down the ladder. Head through the next 2
    rooms, killing zombies with the Auto Shotgun. Run through.
    Run through.
    When you reach the Rail Cannon Room, go to the giant green package with
    a 3 over it. Next to it is a machine. Power it up and go to the green
    battery next to the entrance (now damaged). Push it in.
    Nemesis will come in, but he looks a lot like the final William Birkin
    from Resident Evil 2.
    You need the rail cannon to beat the boss this. Run to the second
    battery by the exit door and push it in. Head to the 3rd battery and
    push it in. Now hit Nemesis with the 3 rockets.
    Look out because it can poison now. After running out of Rockets, switch
    to the Grenade Launcher with Freeze Rounds. Fire away and Nemesis should
    retreat to the entrance and start eating a dead Mr. X.
    The Rail Cannon will have to fire twice before Nemesis heads 6 feet
    deep. Run to the exit and pass through. You have to make one more
    Make any choice you want. It doesn't affect the ending.
    Now head through and ride the elevator down. Watch the ending and enjoy!
    6. O P E R A T I O N    M A D    J A C K A L
    The mini game is available from the start on the Dreamcast Version. Like
    the Extreme Battle Game from Resident Evil 2, you have to take a weapon
    and fight off a buncha zombies and save some people. Mikhail, Carlos and
    Nicholai are controllable characters.
    A. Carlos Oliveira
    Assault Rifle with 100% Ammo
    Eagle Handgun with 15 Bullets
    90 Handgun Bullets
    3 Brown Herbs
    This isn't a step by step nor specific walkthrough. There are specific
    walkthroughs for each character in the RE3 GameFAQS.com section by
    JRKerr. Those guides are better.
    People can be saved at the:
    They each give you 20 extra seconds.
    They drop healing items and ammo.
    They raise your reward.
    Killing ANY monsters gets you more points and time. Good luck! Get from
    the trolley to the warehouse!
    B. Nicholai Ginovaef
    Mercenary Handgun with 15 Bullets
    Blue Herb
    3 First Aid Spray
    This isn't a step by step nor specific walkthrough. There are specific
    walkthroughs for each character in the RE3 GameFAQS.com section by
    JRKerr. Those guides are better.
    People can be saved at the:
    They each give you 20 extra seconds.
    They drop healing items and ammo.
    They raise your reward.
    Killing ANY monsters gets you more points and time. Good luck! Get from
    the trolley to the warehouse!
    C. Mikhail Victor
    Shotgun with 7 Shells
    21 Shotgun Shells
    Magnum with 6 Rounds
    18 Magnum Bullets
    Rocket Launcher with 8 Rockets
    One Brown Herb
    This isn't a step by step nor specific walkthrough. There are specific
    walkthroughs for each character in the RE3 GameFAQS.com section by
    JRKerr. Those guides are better.
    People can be saved at the:
    They each give you 20 extra seconds.
    They drop healing items and ammo.
    They raise your reward.
    Killing ANY monsters gets you more points and time. Good luck! Get from
    the trolley to the warehouse!
    7. S E C R E T S    A N D   E X T R A S
    A. Codes, Cheats, Etc.
    B. Dreamcast/PC Extras
    8. F I L E   T R A N S C R I P T S
    A. In Game Files
    These are all the files. They must be gotten IN ORDER to obtain Jill's
    We hope to improve your chances to survive!
    Shooting Objects:
    You may get different reactions from shooting objects, such as oil drums
    and bombs. Press the R2 button to aim directly at these objects.
    Quick Turn:
    You can perform quick 180 degrees turns.
    Press the Run button while retreating.
    Emergency Escape:
    When you're trapped by enemies, you can push them away to escape. Press
    the Directional buttons, Action button, Cancel button, Run button, R1,
    R2 and L1 buttons rapidly.
    Emergency Dodging:
    Just before an enemy attacks, you can perform a dodge move to evade it!
    Press the R1 or R2 buttons. Press the Action button while aiming.
    Getting on/off an Object:
    You can get on or off certain objects that appear in the game.
    Press the Action button while you are moving forward to the edge of an
    object that you wish to get on or off.
    Press the L2 button to view the map. You can zoom in or out of the map
    by pressing the Action button. While the map is zoomed in, use the
    Directional buttons to move the screen. Press the Select button to
    switch between maps.
    Live Selection:
    At certain points in the game, the screen fades into B&W. At these
    points, you will be prompted to choose between two different options.
    Use the Directional buttons to move between the options and use the
    Action button to make your decision.
    Event Cancel: It is possible to skip certain scenes.
    Press the Select button to skip these scenes.
    Ammunition Creation System:
    To create various ammunition, you need to use the "Reloading Tool" and
    "Gun Powder."
    Reloading Tool:
    This is a necessary item if you want to create different types of
    ammunition. By combining the Gun Powder and Reloading Tool, various type
    of ammunition will be created.
    Gun Powder:
    Mix materials to create various types of amunition. There are three type
    of basic Gun Powders : A, B and C. Please note that Gun Powder C is
    created by mixing A and B types.
    How to Mix Gun Powders: You can create various kinds of bullets by
    mixing the different Gun Powders. There are 13 different kinds of Gun
    Powders in all.
    A: Handgun Bullets
    B: Shotgun Shells
    C: Grenade Rounds A + C: Grenade Flame Rounds B +
    C: Grenade Acid Rounds C + C: Grenade Freeze Rounds
    C + C + C: Magnum Bullets
    Mixing Gun Powder with Grenade Rounds: If you combine a certain type of
    Gun Powder with Grenade Rounds, special types of Grenade Rounds will be
    Mixing Level Improvement:
    If you repeatedly create the same kind of ammunition, your skill will be
    improved, and you will be able to create more powerful ammunition.
    A picture postcard of a clock tower.
    The following explanation is printed on the backside:
    "A landmark spot: Saint Michael Clock Tower."
    4. PHOTO A
    The policemen are pressing forward. Picture dated September 27.
    September 24th
    There are reports of a theft in the municipal building before dawn. A
    jewel decorated clock at the main gate was damaged. Two of twelve gems
    that are installed on the face of the clock are missing.
    Due to lack of available officers at this time, I have no choice but to
    suspend the research of this case.
    Marvin Branagh
    September 26th
    Based upon an autopsy report of a 42 year old restaurant owner, I have
    discovered that he has one of the missing gems. He apparently took
    shelter in the police department at about 10 am, where he was shot to
    death within 10 minutes of having developed the symptoms.
    Since the city is currently under martial law, we are forced to suspend
    this case. At this time, we'll keep the gem as evidence.
    Marvin Branagh
    My sanity is at its end... I still can't believe this is happening. We
    lost another man yesterday. Meyer, one of our better marksmen. He saw me
    panic once we were overrun by the zombies, but he came back to save me.
    But when the time to return the debt, I ran.
    I can still hear him calling out my name. I can still hear the screams
    coming from behind. The sound of his flesh being stripped from its
    bones. I was afraid... terrified...
    It's the 27th. The fight to stay alive continues. I took out several
    zombies who managed to break through the barricades. Now I'm cutting
    through the chill with whisky, unloading my Mossberg on anything undead.
    That shotgun became a close friend of mine. I've blasted many a zombie
    into fertilizer with it.
    We've lost 13 men as of yesterday. In 3 hours, we'll bicker over trivial
    things in the meeting room. It's a total waste of time. When I finish
    this bottle, my old friend Mossberg will be turning one last body into
    Peace at last.
    I can hardly wait...
    To the boys of S.T.A.R.S.,
    I have some good news for you from my brother Joe. He has finalized the
    new handgun for official use. It's the M92F S.T.A.R.S. Special, but he
    calls it the "Samurai Edge." It's the most balanced of the Kendo custom
    guns. Joe said if you miss the targets with this, you should carry a
    teething ring instead of a gun in your holster.
    The goods will be delivered along with their proper documentation. I'm
    sure you'll be surprised when you see what kind of excellent parts are
    used for the M92F. I know that you'll want to thank the good people who
    developed it.
    Robert Kendo
    Kendo Gun Shop
    September 1st
    Following six months of intensive training, my body's edge had returned.
    I was a good soldier, but they ordered my execution with no reason
    given. I was tortured and forced to give a false confession.
    But on the morning of my execution, a miracle happened. The company had
    helped me out, giving me a second lease on life.
    September 15th
    I ended my vacation short and returned to the HQ office. It looks like
    my IBCS unit's been called into action.
    Umbrella maintains its own paramilitary unit to counter corporate
    terrorism and V.I.P. abduction. In addition, they have nightmen who
    specialize in handling problems cause by illegal products.
    I'm currently a member of the latter.
    September 28th
    Dawn's here, but we're still slogging through this nightmare. There are
    no provisions of any kind here. The undead walk the streets feeding upon
    the flesh of the living.
    Given the choice again, I would rather have been executed. Death row was
    a heavenly asylum compared to this place.
    I've chosen to pull the trigger myself, in the hope that my dead body
    won't come back to life.
    The Tracks of Our City
    Dear citizens,
    Thanks to kind and generous people of Umbrella Inc., this is a peaceful
    and friendly city. The vast donations from Umbrella Inc., have been used
    for welfare work, the constructions of public utilities, and to help
    maintain public peace.
    In 1992, it was my fifth year as mayor of our beautiful city. It was
    then that through many donations and hard work our city was able to
    rebuild the municipal building, create a state of the art hospital.
    In honor of these fine accomplishments, I was awardded with a grand
    statue that same year. The statue rests in the municipal building.
    I came to this city as an engineer more than 35 years ago. I made
    contributions to the electric systems, and to the installation of the
    cable car. I pledge to follow the tradition of this fine city and will
    devote my life to its prosperity.
    The mayor of the city,
    Michael Warren
    10. PHOTO B
    A close-up shot of a zombie.
    It says, "SCOOP!" on the backside.
    11. PHOTO C
    The police have Been destroyed.
    At last I have found the evidence I need to prove that the "Cannibal
    Disease" is indeed happening in this city. One man actually ate people
    to death. He was like a savage animal tearing away a new flesh. It was
    completely disgusting. I have heard rumors that many people are also
    suffering from this disease now. However, the causes of the disease is
    not yet known. Is this another mystery of the present disease? I will
    have to check on it...
    They have placed Raccoon City under martial law because of the cannibal
    disease. I have lost contact with the media outside of the city, but I
    won't keep my eyes shut and walk away. I have a duty to the people and
    my profession. I don't think the disease has spread nationwide yet. I
    believe that this city  holds the key to its creation and cure. In fact,
    I'm sure of it.
    The military has setup blockades around the city to keep people from
    escaping and spreading the disease. Most of the citizens have either
    died or have come in contact with the disease. I know that it is thee
    right decision to quarantin the city, but I can't help but pity myself.
    If I am infected or eaten, it doesn't matter. My fate is already sealed.
    All I have left is my journalism. I won't give up until I solve the
    mystery of this deadly disease. I have just discovered that the disease
    is not spread through the air, but by some other means.
    I know that you're intimidated by your new job Kevin, so let me tell you
    how to make sure that you and your trains get along just fine. You see,
    these carriages were made in 1968, and then imported from Europe.
    Sometimes they get rickety, but they still work because they are simple,
    stubborn, and strong. We can always depend on them. If they have a bad
    day and are malfunctioning, you'll need to take a good look at their
    circuits for any trouble. Once you discover what's wrong, you'll be able
    to fix it easily.
    I'm sure that you'll be able to avoid those nasty little malfunctions if
    you check the parts every day. These old trains will surely have problem
    if you don't remember to check them out. Just remember that if you need
    to replace anything, you have to choose a suitable part. When I say
    suitable, I mean that even if you can't find another original part,
    you'd better find something that works good enough. Even with regard to
    oil, you must always prepare good quality oil for these trains. Never
    forget kevin that a man may betray others, but a machine won't.
    Before you begin your new position, please allow me to give you some
    Some of the medicines in the storage room are unstable and their quality
    will deteriorate under changing temperatures or humidity. Therefore, you
    must remember to keep the temperature the same in the storage room at
    all times. You should personally check it everyday. Although the
    computer checks it around the clock, a machine is not perfect. Try and
    remeber that a machine is no more than a tool to be used by people.
    You must check all personnel coming and going to the storage room. Many
    dangerous drugs are stored there, f any of them are missing you have a
    serious problem on your hands. The door to the storage room is always
    locked, but when you let personnel into it, you will beed to have them
    hand in their documents. And above all else, remember that if you find
    anything suspicious, contact your boss immediately.
    If you forget the password to lock the door, try and remember that it is
    a word that everyone is familiar with. Don't forget that once a new
    product is shipped, the password will be updated again. You can always
    enter the password from the terminal of the PC for administration.
    "Order Sheet"
    The liquid medicine named VT-J98 is suitable to cultivate the NE-T type
    virus. Therefore, we will need to order additional quantities of it.
    U.E. Sixth Laboratory
    16. DARIO'S MEMO
    I can't help but wonder if anyone will read these words, but writing
    them will help me maintain my sanity if nothing else.
    After I've become a meal for those undead monsters, will the G.I.s
    responsible for sealing off the town laugh upon discovering my corpse?
    So is this how it's supposed to end? I don't want to die. I'm just not
    My wife, daughter, mother... My entire family has been killed. But none
    of that matters anymore. Right now, my life is the only important thing.
    That's all that matters.
    I never would have pictures my end to be like this. I had so much left
    to do. Rather than becoming a salesman, I should have tried my hand at
    being a novelist. It's what I've always wanted, but my mother would only
    tell me you have a long way to go.
    Why did I ever listen to her?
    But this looks like the end for the great Dario Rosso, novelist
    extraordinaire. Cut down before his prime...
    Order for UBCS Echo Team:
    Wipe out the downtown area of the infestation and then evacuate the
    remaining citizens to the clock tower. Among the civilians, remember to
    give priority to the employees of Umbrella's affiliates. Remember to
    stay alert because the infected have a high endurance rate and will
    strike without hesitation.
    Evacuation Procedure:
    1. Once the mission is complete, or when it becomes too impossible to
    accomplish, evacuate immediately.
    2. We'll deploy a helicopter that is waiting in the suburbs, to the yard
    in front of the clock tower.
    3. When you are ready for evacuation, ring the bell of the clock tower
    to signal the helicopter.
    A picture of antique clocks.
    The following verse is printed. "Give your soul to the goddess. Put your
    hands together to pray before her."
    September 26th
    It's only been there hours since the mission started, but the team is
    down to me and Campbell. The number of the zombies is far greater than
    we expected. There is no hope left for this city. We have already
    injected the antibody for the virus, but I'm not sure that it will work.
    I don't know if I will survive...
    September 27th
    We managed to reach the clock tower. Out of desperation we robbed some
    wounded members of their weapons and used the surviving citizens as
    decoys. We were taught to do this in order to survive in the
    battlefield, but I never enjoyed it. However, a girl showed up at the
    clock tower before me. She is one of the survivors. She looks just like
    my sister before she starved to death...
    September 28th
    I wanted to evacuate as soon as possible, but the girl didn't. Her
    father insisted that he wouldn't leave the city. Where his beloved wife
    rests in peace. I really wanted to save the girl, but Campbell said,
    "All I care about is our lives." That's how I felt before, but now...
    The clock tower has become a dangerous place and I don't want to make
    anymore mistakes...
    September 10th
    These patients suffer from gangrene and congestion of their blood at
    first. Then their mind slowly deteriorates. In the end, there is nothing
    left on their mind. When that happens even mercy killing seems
    pointless. After all, they are already dead... This disease is unlike
    anything I have ever witnessed. Once the patient's mind is gone, they
    become flesh hunger monsters and act like wild animals who are on some
    type of bloodlust.
    September 18th
    Another patient has been admitted to the hospital. He is showing
    symptoms of the first stages of the disease at this point, but...I
    haven't been able to sleep at all these past few days. I refuse to let
    these patients become "zombies." I am not just an ordinary citizen. I am
    a doctor. Even if I die, my clinical charts will contribute to finding a
    September 26th
    We lost most of the doctors and staff during the battle against the
    "zombie" patients. It's impossible to maintain the hospital under these
    conditions. And, I know that it's too late for me. I am beginning to
    feel that same itchy and hungry desire that all of my patients felt.
    It's too late for me...
    21. PHOTO D
    The zombies are walking. It says, "The effects of the "T- Virus" on the
    Umbrella Medical Service
    North America Division
    Douglas Rover
    In order to activate the synthesizer to cultivate the vaccine, please
    follow the procedure as detailed below:
    1. Supply enough energy to the system.
    2. Set the medium vase to the device.
    When the device is ready, you can start mixing the vaccine medium. To
    mix the vaccine, you will need to control the five levers. This will
    cause the two gauges to increase or decrease. If you adjust the two
    gauges so that they stop at the center, the vaccine medium will then be
    produced automatically.
    23. PHOTO E
    The Zombies are attacking.
    Mission Requirements:
    Bravo 16
    1. Obtain and secure sample of all the information pertaining to this
    case. Observe and record combat data on the UBCS.
    2. Destroy all the evidence including the medical facility that has the
    medical treatment data.
    3. Check the guinea pig's ability to accomplish the mission. Once your
    mission is complete, evacuate the area.
    Remember that you must not help anyone who is not a supervisor, nor
    bring anything back that might be traced to where it belongs.
    The endurance ability of the contaminated guinea pigs is truly
    incredible. Even when shot in a vital area, they can sometimes survive
    for several days without taking care of the wound. However, after
    prolonged exposure to the virus, the guinea pigs' intelligence level
    decreases to that of an insect. Even though reviving the dead seems to
    disgusting, the virus may still be of use. If we inject the virus into
    our POWs and release them, they would return to their units and then
    turns into zombies. This plan may work well for us in the future.
    In certain areas, the virus seems to have caused the mutation of animals
    and plants. It may be difficult, but it'll make a good sample for the
    bio weapon development. I've heard that there is a giant alligator, but
    I have only encountered a giant creature moving under ground. I don't
    even want to imagine what creature spawned that monster.
    I encountered "NEMESIS." If I didn't know about it, I'd have been
    contaminated and would have become one of them by now. If it is still
    walking around the city, its mission is not yet over. S.T.A.R.S. members
    must be very tough, since they have survived until this point. However,
    they cannot hold out forever...
    Attention. The Raccoon City project has been abandoned. Our political
    maneuvering in the senate to delay their plans are now futile. All
    supervisors should evacuate immediately. The US army is going to execute
    their plan tomorrow morning. The city will be obliterated at daybreak
    for sure.
    April 25th
    Today is my 30th birthday. I was transferred to this facility today. I
    am very happy because the work environment is very different from life
    in the university.
    May 14th
    The disposal system has been completed. Using a special kind of gas, it
    can decompose the cells of the guinea pigs. We have to try this out
    before beginning practical usage of the system, since it is not 100%
    stable yet.
    May 20th
    While I was checking the treatment room, the door shut, and I was locked
    inside. I couldn't get out for one hour. I guess even if you have the
    key card, it's useless when you are locked inside.
    June 7th
    The guinea pigs we have to dispose of are increasing. The system is not
    working smoothly. The laboratory staff doesn't listen to my opinions and
    I am getting extremely frustrated.
    July 16th
    We can't dispose of all the bodies and the quality of the liquid
    medicine is not good enough, either...
    July 29th
    Though the function of the system decreases, the number of the bodies we
    have to dispose doesn't. The infection level has increased and the anti-
    bodies we are using is no match for the new mutation of the virus. Some
    of the workers have been infected by the disease. I have continued to
    work, but I always keep a gun with me. I must remember to save one
    bullet for me. I want to weep. I don't want to die here. I swear that
    I'll lose my mind if I imagine how painful the death will be...
    "Security of the Plant"
    Since this plan is a facility under the disguise of a deserted factory,
    civilians will sometimes enter. If this should occur, do not hesitate to
    shoot them. If they chaos to surrender, arrest and then transfer them to
    the laboratory as a guinea pigs. You will be rewarded.
    "Maintenance of the Device"
    This entire plant is controlled by an epidemic prevention system. When
    contamination is detected in the treatment room or decomposed specimen
    pool, the plant will automatically be locked down for isolation. In that
    case, you must follow the manual to unlock it. If the contamination is
    over the limit, the whole system will automatically lockdown. Then, you
    must remain in the plant and wait for subsequent orders. Those who leave
    the facility without permission will suffer extreme consequences.
    The incinerator plant is one of the facilities that burns the disposable
    items which are sent from the laboratory. The incinerator burns the
    waste materials that cannot be decomposed at the treatment room. It also
    supplies electricity to the facility by a thermal power electricity
    generator. Part of the electricity is stored in the big battery
    installed in the facility's underground area. The electricity is used as
    an auxiliary power source.
    The auxiliary power circuit will be activated once the three "auxiliary
    circuit units" are properly placed in their sockets. In case the
    circuits are not connected automatically, a person can connect them
    manually to activate the system.
    In my opinion, I feel that it's too early to use this, "Paracelsus'
    Sword" in actual fighting. However, in order to acquire the G-Virus that
    Umbrella has developed, it will be a great help to us. The power of the
    "Rail Cannon" is satisfactory, but please note that it is still having a
    few remaining problem.
    Technology Division Colonel,
    Franklin Hart
    B. Jill's Diary
    (NOTES: This file can be found on Hard/Heavy Mode after collecting the
    above files in order and READING THEM IN ORDER.)
    August 7th
    Two weeks have passed since that day. My wounds have been healed, but I
    just can't forget it. For most people, it's history now. But for me,
    whenever I close my eyes, it all comes back clearly. Zombies eating
    peoples flesh and the screams of my teammates dying. No, the wounds in
    my heart are not healed yet...
    August 13th
    Chris has been causing a lot of trouble recently. What's with him? He
    seldom talks to the other police members and is constantly irritated.
    The other day, he punched Elran of the Boy's Crime department just for
    accidentally splashing Chris' face with coffee. I immediately stopped
    Chris, but when he saw me by just gave me a wink and walk away. I wonder
    what happened to him...
    August 15th, Midnight
    Chris, who has been on a leave of absence for a "vacation," called me so
    I visited his apartment. As soon as I walked into his room, he showed me
    a couple of pieces of paper. They were part of a virus research report
    entitled as simply as "G". Then Chris told me that "The nightmare still
    continues." He went on to say that "It's not over yet." Ever since that
    day, he has been fighting all by himself without rest, without even
    telling me.
    August 24th
    Chris left the town today to go to Europe. Barry told me that he would
    send his family to Canada and then he would follow Chris. I decided to
    remain in Raccoon City for a while because I know that the research
    facility in this city will be very important to this entire case. In a
    month or so, I'll be joining with then somewhere in Europe. That's when
    my real battle begins...
    C. Epilogue Files
    Jill Valentine
    After escaping the city, Jill set out to join Chris Redfield. However,
    all she found was an empty hideout of Chris's. On the floor was Chris's
    knife. Jill left without hesitation because she firmly believes that
    Chris is still alive. She will search for him until she finds him. Then
    they can go and put an end to Umbrella... Chris Redfield  Please forgive
    me Claire." Chris Redfield has just finished this letter with his
    signature phrase. As he removes his sunglasses, a lady walks by him with
    light steps. "She looks about the same age as Claire," he thinks. A
    short time later, Chris discovered that his sister was looking for him,
    but was caught...
    Barry Burton
    Barry Burton looks at his young daughters and says, "I'm sorry but my
    comrades are waiting for me." He knows that he must repay his teammates
    for forgiving his betrayal. Even if that means leaving his family for
    now. His wife tries to hide her fear so she smiles and says, "Don't
    worry. We'll be OK..."
    Leon Scott Kennedy
    Leon Scott Kennedy is confronted with a man who claims to be a US
    government agent. Leon says, "Leave Sherry alone. She is innocent."
    "She knows too much," the man replies. He looks at Leon and says, "But
    youhave value. This is a good deal. Make your choice." Without regret or
    hesitation, Leon closes his eyes and then sharply responds...
    Claire Redfield
    "Leave us alone." Claire Redfield couldn't believe Leon's words. Leon
    continued, "You're looking for your brother, right? Just go!" Claire
    knew that Leon and Sherry needed immediate medical attention, but she
    could not waste anymore time. "I... I'll be back. I promise!" She said
    as she disappeared into the wilderness alone...
    Sherry Birkin
    "Do you have any relatives?" When the army officer asked her, Sherry
    Birkin did not respond for she has no immediate relatives. Her father
    and mother died because of the G-virus. And so, this little girl holds
    herself with her arms and bites her lip tight. She thinks, "I'm sure she
    will come back. She won't forget about me..."
    Ada Wong
    A woman looks at herself in the mirror. She used be called Ada Wong. But
    this morning she will say good-bye to the name. "I'm not Ada Wong
    anymore." She feels her ab and thinks, "This is Ada's scar, not mine."
    And as she says good-bye to Ada Wong, she can't stop her tears. However,
    there isn't much time left before her next mission...
    "Once again, only you survived, Mr. Death," the chopper pilot speaks
    with a cold bitterness. "Always, only you survive, Mr. Death," the pilot
    continues. But Hunk does not respond to the pilot. He doesn't care. "The
    Death cannot die...," the survivor thinks to himself with a warm
    9. I T E M    L I S T
    10. M O N S T E R   A N D   B O S S   L I S T
    Handgun: 5-12
    Shotgun: 1-3
    Grenade: 1-2
    These guys used to be humans until they were infected with the T- Virus.
    They usually are dangerous in groups, but in singles they are easy to
    Handgun: 5-8
    Shotgun: 1-2
    Grenade: 1
    These guys run faster than zombies and take longer to rot. F they are
    hit by anything, they fall, so they are susceptible to that.
    Handgun: 15-17
    Shotgun: 2-4
    Grenade: 2-3
    These guys look like Lickers from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Gun
    Survivor. They aren't powerful and are blind, so avoid as best you can.
    They can poison, so beware!
    Handgun: 15-17
    Shotgun: 2-4
    Grenade: 2-3
    Basically Drain Deimos, but they can't poison.
    Handgun: 10-12
    Shotgun: 3-5
    Grenade: 2-3
    These guys are exactly like the Hunters from Resident Evil 1, Survivor
    and CODE: Veronica X, but they are red. Hit them as fast as you can-
    they can decapitate you!
    Handgun: 10-12
    Shotgun: 3-5
    Grenade: 2-3
    These are exactly like the other Hunters, but they jump higher and they
    look like the original Hunters from Resident Evil 1. Beware!
    Handgun: 1
    Shotgun: 1
    Grenade: 1
    These are often in groups. Just use the Shotgun to kill off 3-5 at a
    Handgun: 1
    Shotgun: 1
    Grenade: 1
    Like the crows, they attack in groups. But unfortunately they are
    harmless, so shake them off!
    Handgun: 30+
    Shotgun: 20+
    Grenade: 15+
    When you see him in the sewers, hit and dodge! 3 hits can kill you! The
    Grenade shrugs him off quite well, while the Shotgun seems to hurt him
    through and through.
    Handgun: 50+
    Shotgun: 50+
    Grenade: 50+
    This time, you should shoot him to death. Run and shoot, run and shoot
    is the strategy. If he hits you directly, Jill can get seriously hurt!
    If you are in the fight long enough, a lamp post can fall into water and
    shock him.
    Handgun: 50+
    Shotgun: 50+
    Grenade: 20+
    Nemesis is pretty fast. If you are crazy enough to duke it out with him
    (besides Clock Tower Battle), then use the Magnum and Grenade Launcher.
    Hit him fast and powerful and learn to run away. The Shotgun and Handgun
    aren't too effective, though they should be used as last ditch attempt.
    Handgun: 40+
    Shotgun: 40+
    Grenade: 10+
    He isn't as fast or strong as last time. As before, use the Magnum, but
    the Shotgun is actually pretty strong now. Hit him fast and strong like
    before. Learn to circle him, since his flimsy tentacles can't seriously
    hurt you.
    Handgun: 20+
    Shotgun: 15+
    Grenade: 10+
    He looks like William Birkin. Use any weapon against him, since he's
    virtually melting away by corrosive acids. With the help of the Rail
    Cannon, he's fried!
    11. P L O T   I N F O R M A T I O N
    A. Synopsis of Resident Evil Series
    I will give you a brief summary of all the games. If you want detail,
    check out TWILDE'S RESIDENT EVIL PLOT ANALYSIS, found at GameFAQS.com,
    where this guide can be found. There's nothing gameplay important from
    here on out, so scroll up if you're still looking for something.
    NOTE: This synopsis combines Chris and Jill's games.
    July 1998
    Raccoon City, a mid-western U.S. town is experiencing reports of
    cannibalism near its forest. The local police department sends in a
    special force to stop it, called STARS, Special Tactics and Rescue
    Service, to seek information about it. Umbrella Inc, a pharmaceutical,
    also controls Raccoon City. The STARS are divided into 2 teams, Bravo
    and Alpha. Bravo heads in first. Bravo team is consisted of Rebecca
    Chambers, Enrico Marini, Forest Speyer, Richard Aiken, Ed Dewey and
    Kenneth Sullivan. Enrico Marini was the team's leader.
    Bravo Team heads to the forest in the Arklay Mountains. They
    investigate the origins of the zombies that wandered into Raccoon City.
    A day later, Alpha Team loses communication with Bravo Team. Albert
    Wesker decides to send in the other STARS Team to find them.
    When their helicopter sees wreckage, they land. Wesker, Jill, Joseph,
    Barry and Chris examine the chopper. Inside are the remains of Kevin,
    the pilot of the Bravo Team. Joseph looks around, and is shocked by the
    sounds he hears. As he searches... he sees nothing.
    Suddenly, a skinless dog mauls Joseph. Jill Valentine, nearby, shoots
    the dogs several times, but the dogs don't seem to feel the bullets (or
    she's missing; it isn't clear). She runs out of ammo, and after the dogs
    finish Joseph off, a dog lunges toward Jill. Chris shoots the dog just
    before it gets Jill, and Jill and Chris start running for the others.
    Brad Vickers, the pilot, flies away because he is scared of the monsters
    he sees. Chris pauses in shock, and a dog is about to lunge at him, but
    Wesker saves Chris and shoots the dog into its death.
    After a merry dash to avoid the zombie dogs, the remaining STARS members
    run into a nearby mansion which belonged to Umbrella, Inc. It was the
    home of Ozwell Spencer in the 1960's, and was supposedly abandoned for
    years. Inside, Jill, Barry and Wesker realize Chris is missing. They
    hear a gunshot nearby, and Jill and Barry check it out.
    Jill Valentine and Barry Burton discover the destroyed body of Kenneth
    Sullivan of Bravo Team. Jill seems suspicious as she and Barry discover
    Forest Speyer's body, because of Barry's weird attitude.
    As Jill and Barry separate, Chris reaches the guardhouse behind the
    mansion, passed the courtyard. There, Chris and Rebecca duel with a
    vicious and giant plant called Plant 42. They destroy the plant with the
    help of a chemical and a little luck from draining a shark of its water.
    Jill, back at the mansion, destroys a giant snake. She then explores the
    basement of the mansion. Chris and Rebecca head to the mansion with
    nowhere else to go for now. There, they discover the scarred snake that
    Jill just fought. With new ammo from the guardhouse, the snake dies for
    As Chris and Rebecca look around, a new type of monster invades the
    mansion. It's called the Hunter. They are a lot worse than the zombies
    Jill, Barry, Chris and Rebecca have been running into.
    [Jill finds her way outside the mansion. She finds a cottage beside the
    mansion and its courtyard. Looking around, she is momentarily knocked
    out by a creature in chains. After regaining consciousness, she tries to
    shoot her attacker, but it seems she cannot even hurt the thing with
    even a Magnum (which she found in a graveyard beside the courtyard).
    Running away, she too explores the guardhouse. She hears a conversation
    with Barry and someone else, with Barry muttering something about his
    family. Barry discovers Jill and tells her that he was talking to
    himself. (O_O)]
    Jill finds her way into the underground tunnels with Barry. There, Jill
    finds Enrico Marini. He tells Jill Umbrella had planned this just
    before he is shot by a traitor. Marini was killed right before he can
    expose the perpetrator.
    [Jill chases the killer into some weird tunnel, where after a long
    chase, she finds Barry Burton. Taking a lift down into a big pit, she
    runs into that monster that attacked her in her in the cottage. Dodging
    it, she finds that Barry has ridden the lift up to abandon her. She gets
    irritably pissed off at that stunt.]
    [Dodging that thing once more, she finds a ladder leading up to the
    cottage where she was knocked out by that inhumane creature. Circling
    back to the mansion, she discovers a pathway to an altar, beneath where
    it all started; the mansion main hall.]
    [She sees Barry there, mysteriously. After an argument where Barry
    attempts to ambush Jill, that creature now known as Lisa returns (the
    chains monster), and a clear view shows it has tentacles and a giant eye
    on her back. Jill gives Barry his gun back, and Barry and Jill shoot the
    thing until it falls into a deep pit. Barry volunteers to keep out for
    it, in case it returns.]
    Jill follows the path into a lab from the altar.
    Finding some notes Jill and Barry left near some typewriters, Chris
    and Rebecca find their way to the tunnels. Chris and Rebecca kill a
    Giant Spider and find their way into a lab.
    Jill discovers Barry and Wesker were working together to kill all the
    STARS and to collect combat data. Barry didn't want to, but his family
    was in danger. Wesker also  is planning to blow the lab up, and to
    betray Umbrella Inc. Barry betrays Wesker and gets him to get impaled by
    Tyrant, Wesker's creation.
    [Barry is knocked unconscious by the Tyrant. Jill battles the thing, and
    wins a close battle, thanks to a Grenade Launcher. Barry recovers from
    the Tyrant's attack. Outside the Tyrant room, they realize that the
    mansion is now going to explode. How?]
    Jill and Barry hurry out of the mansion. They run into Chris and
    Rebecca, and join each other to escape. They make it to the roof of the
    mansion, but the Tyrant has recovered from Jill's assault and catches up
    to the quartet.
    [Chris Redfield is knocked out by the Tyrant on the roof. Jill, Barry
    and Rebecca use their weapons to kick the Tyrant's ass. No weapons work,
    however, but Brad Vickers sends a bazooka out of the helicopter window
    after flying about the mansion roof.]
    [Chris recovers and catches the launcher, and destroys the Tyrant with
    it. After the thing is destroyed, all 4 people get on the helicopter and
    escape into the morning right before the mansion explodes.
    SEPTEMBER 1998
    Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca must stop Umbrella for spreading the
    virus through the mansion. Chris and presumably Rebecca go to Europe to
    take out Umbrella, while Jill and Barry stay behind.
    On the 22nd, a scientist named William Birkin finishes his G- Virus, an
    upgrade of the T- Virus. Umbrella, impatient, sends a squat team that
    attacks Birkin and steals his virus. Birkin injects himself with his G-
    Virus and becomes a monster. He kills off the squat members. Because
    Birkin is now a monster, he causes a T- Virus leak and now the Raccoon
    citizens are zombies, courtesy of a virus spread through rats in the
    SEPTEMBER 28, 1998
    Jill Valentine escapes infection. On the 28th of September, armed with
    an Assault Rifle, Jill fights her way out of town. She runs into Brad
    Vickers, the pilot of STARS. He tells Jill that something is coming for
    STARS members. What?
    As Jill makes it into the RPD Building, that thing Brad was speaking of
    arrives. Brad Vickers is murdered by the Nemesis. Jill's weapons don't
    damage it too much, so she retreats into the RPD Building.
    [The Nemesis bears a jump and tentacles similar to that of what Lisa
    had in the Spencer Estate. Hmmm.]
    The RPD STARS Office is untouched on the RPD second floor. Jill finds a
    Magnum, which is effective against Nemesis. After finding a set of lock-
    picks, Jill fights her way out of the RPD. Nemesis returns, but Jill's
    Assault Rifle and her new Magnum are powerful enough to put the thing
    down, but it rises up again quickly.
    Jill runs as fast as she can, loses the Nemesis and reaches the
    downtown area. She runs into a man named Carlos Oliveira. He is part of
    Umbrella BioHazard Countermeasure Service. They were sent by Umbrella
    to save Raccoon Citizens. But they don't know anything that Umbrella
    does. They are grunts, as in the lower Umbrella class.
    Jill runs into Mikhail Victor and Nicholai Ginovaef, more UBCS.
    Nicholai seems suspicious, while Mikhail is fine. Mikhail is seriously
    injured, though. Jill runs to a trolley and plans for escape with them.
    Jill explores a power station over by the RPD and grabs a needed fuse.
    She also finds even more added power- a Grenade Launcher and a Shotgun.
    When she runs into Nemesis again, the Grenade Launcher puts it down
    almost instantly. The Shotgun puts zombie groups down with relative
    ease. Jill finds some oil at a gas station and some cables around town
    and prepares the trolley.
    On her way back, she sees Nicholai shoots someone and is then attacked
    by zombies. Thinking Nicholai is dead, she finds Carlos and Mikhail and
    ride the trolley out of town.
    The Nemesis returns. Mikhail takes a grenade and blows himself and
    Nemesis out of the car. The car breaks and crashes in the clock tower.
    Carlos and Jill, now with Mikhail sadly dead, try to signal a
    helicopter by ringing the clock building's bell.
    Jill finds the keys to them and rings them with ease. As she signals,
    Nemesis uses his own Bazooka to destroy the chopper. With the help of
    Carlos, Nemesis' Rocket Launcher is destroyed.
    Nemesis then infects Jill with the virus. With her Magnum, Shotgun and
    Grenade Launcher, Jill manages to put Nemesis down. She then blacks
    SEPTEMBER 29, 1998
    As Jill lies unconscious, Claire Redfield, the sister of Chris
    Redfield, rides into town to find him. Leon Kennedy rides into town on
    his first day of job. Leon and Claire run into the zombies. Leon tries
    shooting them to no avail, and Claire tries running from them at a
    diner. After running from them, Claire runs into Leon.
    They work together to get to a police vehicle. Claire gets a hold
    of a gun. Suddenly, their police vehicle crashes thanks to a zombie.
    Since the RPD Building is nearby, they decide to meet there.
    (Notes: When Jill was in the RPD the day before in RE3, half the place
    was blocked off. It isn't anymore by the time Claire and Leon arrive
    because zombies broke through the barricades after Jill left.)
    Leon and Claire take different paths to the RPD Building. Leon enters
    through the front. Claire enters through the back. Leon finds a wounded
    cop who helps him unlock some doors.
    As Claire wanders, Umbrella drops a Tyrant into the RPD for an unknown
    reason. Claire sees Tyrant, which she nicknames Mr. X. She runs away
    from the terrorizing creature.
    They eventually meet in the STARS Office. Leon finds a Shotgun in the
    STARS Office and Claire finds a much needed Grenade Launcher in the main
    desk of the main lobby. Leon and Claire decide to find any survivors so
    they can have more weapons to get through the streets.
    Claire runs into a young 12-year old named Sherry Birkin, the daughter
    of William Birkin, who is now a monster. Leon runs into Ada Wong, a
    women looking for her boyfriend, John. Claire and Sherry meet the RPD
    chief, Brian Irons. He is obviously strange, and really, really
    creepy. At his possession is Ms. Warren, the daughter of the mayor
    of Raccoon City. Irons claims she died of zombie bite... but it
    looks like a bullet hole.
    Ada and Leon meet up with Ben Burtolucci. He seems to know something
    about John, but isn't cooperating. Ben encourages Leon and Ada to
    escape the city via the sewers. Doing just that, Ada and Leon try to
    escape via the sewers. Ada climbs into an area Leon cannot reach.
    She finds a key for some locked doors in the RPD. Passing them on to
    Leon, she finds a way to get back to him.
    Leon, impatient, decides to search the rest of the RPD on his own. He
    informs Claire that the cellblock is accessable now.
    Claire and Sherry reach an area under the RPD. Sherry hears her dad
    supposedly scream, and runs into an area Claire cannot reach. Basically
    she ends up in the area Ada explored, and only finds Acid Rounds for
    Claire's grenade launcher. She decides to take a roundabout route to
    get back to Claire.
    Leon explores the rest of the RPD, and finds 4 chess plugs which might
    work for a door near the cellblock. Using a chute from the RPD 3rd
    floor, he gets back to Ben and hears him scream...
    As Claire returns to explore the RPD thanks to a call from Leon, she
    runs into Mr. X 3 times. Eluding the thing, she finds keys for Chief
    Iron's office.
    She finds Sherry at the office. Using the keys, she discovers the
    chief's secret dungeon. He explains that Sherry's father, William,
    invented the G-Virus. Before he can shoot her, William Birkin attacks
    and cuts Irons in half. Eww... she goes down a ladder to confront
    William Birkin.
    Leon returns to Ben.
    William Birkin, the monster, implanted Ben with a parasite. The
    parasite escapes Ben's body, cutting him up. Leon contacts Sherry
    and Claire to go back to the sewers for escape.
    Leon sees the growing parasite. Earlier, Leon found a Magnum. It
    and his Shotgun are very effective against the G-Imago. The G-Imago
    Earlier, Claire found a Submachine Gun. It and her Grenade Launcher are
    effective against William. William falls into a pit. After receiving
    the call from Leon, Sherry and Claire find their way off the
    RPD building via an underground sewer connected from Chief Iron's
    Leon and Ada find the exit of the RPD to the sewer at last. As Leon and
    Ada go down a lift, a woman in a lab coat shoots Leon. Leon blacks out,
    but Ada chases the women through the sewer. The sniper then corners Ada
    after a merry chase through the sewers.
    Sherry and Claire see Mr. X continuing its unknown search. They run
    away. As they enter the sewer proper, leaving the RPD for good, Claire
    sees Sherry fall down a drain. She looks for her and runs into Leon, who
    just woke up from that bullet wound in his arm. Leon tells Claire to
    find Ada and Sherry. Claire moves ahead, leaving Leon to rest.
    Ada and the sniper are talking. Annette Birkin is William's husband and
    Sherry's mother. Annette tells how Umbrella stole the virus. Then Ada
    pushes Annette over the railing and she falls into a sewer after
    telling her that her boyfriend John is dead.
    Wanting to rejoin Leon, Ada runs down into a pit and sees... a GIANT
    ALLIGATOR! Claire runs into where Annette fell. She tells Annette that
    Sherry is in the sewer. Annette faints, just after telling Claire that
    Sherry has a sample of the G- Virus somewhere.
    Leon wakes up. He decides to look for Ada, Claire and Sherry. He
    eventually finds Ada being attacked by an alligator. He outs an
    explosive canister in its mouth, shoots it and the alligator goes
    kaboom. Ada tells Leon that John is dead. After healing his wound, Leon
    and Ada go to the tram and ride it across town.
    Claire finds Sherry eventually. She asks Sherry is she has G- Virus,
    like Annette had told her, but she says no. As Ada and Leon ride the
    tram, William Birkin attacks them. They shrug him off, though.
    Unable to find Leon and Ada, Sherry and Claire ride another tram to
    follow Ada and Leon. Ada and Leon ride an elevator car down. During the
    ride, Birkin wounds Ada. Leon uses his artillery to stop him.
    Claire and Sherry recall the elevator car. Mr. X interupts as Claire
    recalls it, but she kicks its ass. They eventually take the car down.
    Birkin, who just awoke from mutation sleep, since Leon  had hurt it,
    is now mutating again. Birkin is about to lose the match, but runs away.
    In the lab, Leon decides to heal Ada. He looks around the lab.
    Claire loses Sherry again thanks to a power loss in the elevator car.
    She runs into Annette, who sees Sherry being stalked by Mr. X on a
    TV screen. She tells Claire that the G-Virus is in Sherry's pendant.
    Annette runs off, running into Leon.
    Leon runs into Annette Birkin. Annette is about to shoot Leon, but
    Birkin attacks Annette. Annette drops a G- Sample. Leon takes it
    and runs into Ada, who is now threatening him.
    Apparantly, Annette said Ada worked for some company out for the G-
    Virus. Ada then falls down a chasm, thanks to Annette. Leon, in a rage,
    throws the G- Sample over. Since the lab's explosion sequence has now
    started, Leon must get out quickly.
    Claire runs to where Mr. X and Sherry are. Claire takes Sherry's
    pendant, and throws it into a lava pit, with Mr. X diving in for it.
    It's the end of Mr. X...
    Leon gets to the escape elevator. Birkin returns, but Leon deals with
    him accordingly. Claire and Sherry reach see a hurt Anette near where
    Ada fell. Annette tells Sherry to escape. Annette falls unconscious,
    giving Sherry and Claire an escape key.
    Claire and Sherry use an elevator to get to the train area. As Claire
    and Sherry power the train up, a hot and flaming Mr. X returns and now
    has grown a claw. Claire's weapons only slow it down. Claire knows she's
    about to die... but suddenly, Ada, a dark shadow of herself, throws a
    rocket launcher to save Claire! Ada runs off...
    Claire destroys Mr. X once and for all. Seeing as Ada is nowhere to be
    found, Claire powers up the train and Leon comes in. The lab then
    explodes in a blast, the train barely making it out. In the back of the
    train, Birkin returns from his fight with Leon. Since Leon was injured
    in his fight with Birkin, Claire tried to shoot Birkin with all the
    ammo she has left. It only holds it at bay for a few seconds.
    Birkin is still alive. The only solution is to destroy him in a
    blast. The train activates the train's explosion sequence, unexpectedly.
    Sherry, with Claire's help, stops the train and they all get out. Birkin
    is consumed in a blast with the lab's escape train.
    SEPTEMBER 30, 1998
    Outside, Leon, Claire and Sherry recuperate. After a small argument,
    Claire runs off toward Europe to find her brother Chris. Leon and Sherry
    are captured by an unknown organization...
    [Meanwhile, down in the sewers between the Umbrella lab and the Police
    Station, HUNK, the man who had shot William Birkin, awakens from his
    sleep in the sewers. He seems to have gotten a sample of the G-Virus,
    and notifies his men. He is to get to the roof of the RPD to escape.]
    [He runs up to the RPD, and shoots many zombies, dogs and crows. On the
    second floor RPD, it seems that a Mr. X unit is after him. Avoiding the
    terror, he makes it the hallway leading to the heliport. Another Mr. X
    seems to be attacking him. Unloading all the ammo he has left, the
    creature falls unconscious. HUNK makes it to the helicopter and is
    picked up by his men.]
    [After riding away from the city, HUNK's comrades are congratulating him
    on another job well done. He is known as Mr. Death, and has survived
    once again.]
    OCTOBER 1, 1998
    Meanwhile, Jill is infected with the virus back at the clock tower.
    Carlos decides to find a cure in the hospital of Raccoon City, located
    behind the clock tower. There, Carlos discovers Nicholai is alive and
    working with Umbrella. Nicholai shoots UBCS member Tyrell Patrick.
    Carlos dodges Nicholai and finds Jill's cure.
    Returning to the Clock Tower, Carlos gives Jill the cure for the T-Virus
    and successfully recovers. Carlos runs off to fulfill a strange mission.
    Jill attempts to escape the Clock Tower. The Nemesis returns, but Jill
    can handle it again.
    On her way through Raccoon Park, she encounters Nicholai and finds his
    motives, she is forced to destroy a giant worm in the park. After that
    battle, she finds the last area of Raccoon left to explore.
    She gets to an escape plant, and sees a means of escape. She repowers
    the entire factory up, and finds herself in a trash compactor, full of
    corrosive acids. After dumping Nemesis into the corrosive acids
    following a heated confrontation, Carlos tells her that the town will be
    Jill sees Nicholai escape in a chopper. After letting him go in a
    negotiation, Jill kills Nemesis for the final time, thanks to a rail
    Nicholai stole their helicopter, and all seems grim. Carlos discovers
    that a copter is out there to save Jill. Carlos lights a flare and
    signals the rescue chopper to bring them on board.
    Barry Burton suddenly saves Jill and Carlos just before the town of
    Raccoon is nuked... Jill and Carlos have escaped, thanks to Barry
    After the nuke, the news cast is on in an unknown city. The final toll
    of victims in Raccoon City is 100,000. With that in mind, Jill Valentine
    vows to find Chris Redfield and take Umbrella down.
    Following the disaster, Leon S. Kennedy is given a strange offer by his
    captors. He is trying to conceal the information in his ordeal. It is
    unknown who the captors are. He makes his decision...
    Sherry Birkin is also questioned by her captors, and tells them that
    both her parents are dead. She tells them about Claire, and that she'll
    eventually return...
    After saving Jill and Carlos, Barry Burton, in his new home, is ready to
    leave his family to join his comrades. He is taking part in destroying
    Umbrella once and for all, and is leaving soon, for their suicide
    Ada Wong is at her home, looking at where the William Birkin monster had
    slashed her. Apparently, she is changing her name and is really sad
    about it. Unfortunately, she has another mission to fulfill for HCF...
    In a restaurant somewhere, Chris Redfield signs a letter for Claire, his
    sister. He sees a woman about the same age as Claire...
    NOVEMBER 1998
    On an isolated island in the Atlantic, a guy named Ark Thompson sneaks
    into an Umbrella controlled city. He was sent by RE2's Leon to check up
    on the base and its commander, Vincent. When Ark gets to the base, he
    fights Vincent. Vincent, who was ready to get kicked out of Umbrella,
    spilled the T- Virus into the island, called Sheena Island.
    Ark Thompson loses his memory. The place has been zombified like
    Raccoon City. Ark only has one gun for protection. After a phone call
    from someone he questioned, Andy Holland, Ark thought he was Vincent.
    Ark goes through the city, uncovering secrets about Umbrella and how
    they created Tyrants. Mr. X, a Tyrant Claire ran into in Raccoon City,
    chases Ark around the island.
    Ark, still thinking he's Vincent, runs into Lott and Lily Klein. After
    joining them in an escape, Umbrella sends in a "Cleaner" crew team to
    wipe them out. Ark and the others eventually discover that many Mr. X
    were being produced on the island.
    Ark, Lott and Lily encounter a new type of Tyrant, similar to the one
    Chris Redfield saw on the Spencer Estate. They slay it and finally
    escape, before Vincent, the Cleaner crew and Andy Holland are consumed
    in a blast.
    One month after the Sheena Island incident and 3 months after the
    Raccoon City incident, Claire Redfield goes to Europe to find Chris.
    She eventually gets captured for trespassing on Umbrella's Paris Lab.
    She is taken to an island near Antarctica and that's where RESIDENT
    EVIL CODE: VERONICA X begins...
    Here is a detailed description of the story of CODE: Veronica. This
    will explain what's behind the Ashford Family, Albert Wesker's
    intentions, and the whereabouts of Steve Burnside. Unlike RE2 and RE3,
    there are VERY many things leaving you out in the blue.
    CODE: Veronica X first starts December 17, 1998 in Paris as Claire
    gains some leads on her brother, Chris and his whereabouts. It has been
    2 and a half months since Claire and her new partner Leon escaped
    Raccoon City just a day before it was bombed.
    Claire and Leon traveled to Paris, once again, to gain a lead on Chris
    Redfield. Unable to contact his partners Jill, Barry and Rebecca,
    Claire and Leon invade Umbrella's Paris Lab. Leon and Claire are
    separated because the guards of the base see them.
    Leon manages to escape during the attack, but Claire isn't so lucky.
    Suddenly, a chopper loaded with a Gatling Gun begins to attack Claire.
    (In the Beta Version, Jill's enemy from RE3 (Nicholai) is piloting the
    chopper.) The guards are still chasing her. She ducks into a hallway.
    The guns kill the guards chasing her.
    Claire runs down the hallway, barely missing the choppers' guns. She
    ends up on the base's rooftop. She uses a slick move to wipeout the
    guards. Suddenly, a Hispanic man captures her at gunpoint. Claire is
    10 Days later, she is taken to an isolated Umbrella Base, called
    Rockfort Island. After being told her identity number, she is butted in
    the head by a rifle butt. Time passes and Claire wakes up to a huge
    explosion. Up above her seemingly underground cellblock, she hears guns
    roaring and people screaming. Moments later silence hits.
    The door to the cellblock opens. A heavily breathing man comes in.
    Somehow the guards managed to not see Claire's lighter. She lights the
    lighter and she sees the man who captured Claire at Paris. The man
    frees Claire and sits down because he was wounded in the chaos above.
    Claire discovers he needs Hemostat. Looking at the list, Claire finds
    out his name is Rodrigo Juan Raval. Grabbing a nearby Combat Knife,
    Claire leaves the cellblock. She eventually climbs a flight of stairs
    to a graveyard.
    As she passes through, a burning truck explodes. A burning man goes
    toward Claire. It's A ZOMBIE! It seems the attack caused a viral leak
    in the area. Claire was luckily to avoid the zombies.
    Claire arrives in the main hall of the prison complex. She is then
    attacked by a Gatling Gun. Claire sees a pistol and dispatches the gun.
    Apparently, Steve Burnside, a prisoner, sees Claire and thanks her for
    not being a zombie. After rudely introducing himself, Steve runs off
    for the island's rumored airport.
    Claire looks around the prison, which is now a zombie's hell house. As
    she explores the prohibited areas, Claire catches up to Steve, who is
    looking up on Chris Redfield on a computer. Steve asks Claire to
    contact Chris to come save them. Claire does that, though Steve wasn't
    serious about the idea. Claire can't contact Chris directly, but she
    figures Leon can. She e-mails Leon to get Chris to help them. She gives
    Leon the coordinates of the island and Chris himself. Steve runs off
    [Chris Redfield, somewhere in the world, receives an e-mail from Leon,
    and discovers that Claire Redfield was caught by Umbrella...]
    After finding the right keys, Claire escapes through prison's main
    gate, near where she met Steve. After finding her way up a cliff,
    Claire sees a military training complex. She explores the area, but
    shutters block off most of the complex.
    She manages to find a Bow Gun, though. And she also sees a man get
    slaughtered by a yellow zombie in a locked lab. Claire sees a picture
    she think may be important later on.
    Claire decides to find the key cards elsewhere on the island. Leaving
    the military complex for now, she sees a big palace up ahead.
    She enters the palace and looks around for the key cards. She finds a
    few locked doors. One of them is different. It needs to be unlocked
    using 2 special pistols. Claire looks on the first floor and after
    unlocking a strange movie, she fins the 2 guns she needs. The movie was
    shot, showing 2 twins, a boy and a girl, feeding a wingless dragonfly
    to a hill of ants.
    Claire grabs the pistols, but then the room locks her in and the room
    heats up. She inserts them back in. She decides to exit the palace to
    look for the military complex's keys elsewhere. But as she exits, she
    hears Steve's scream. She runs back to the Luger trap to see Steve
    caught in it.
    Using the reflexes she learned in Raccoon City, she saves Steve. Steve
    has the Lugers Claire needs for the door. He offers to trade for 2
    fully automatic weapons. But Claire's 3 pistols and her bow gun don't
    satisfy Steve.
    As Claire gears up to leave, she sees Alfred Ashford, the owner of the
    island. Alfred tells Claire she attacked the island. Alfred continues
    to shoot and miss at Claire with his sniper rifle.
    Alfred also says his grandfather founded Umbrella originally. Alfred
    leaves with a death threat to Claire. Seemingly not intimidated, Claire
    continues her mission to find the military complex's card keys.
    Claire sees a submarine beside the palace. She works the controls and
    sees it going down. It stops. She gets out to see she's at an
    underwater military airport.
    She looks around and finds an airplane she can use to get out. She
    needs 3 special keys to activate the plane, though. She looks around to
    find another locked shutter. Looking at some maps, she sees a giant
    elevator behind the shutter and remembering the maps of the military
    complex, she thinks the broken elevator in the military facility's yard
    leads down the airport.
    To her surprise, Claire finds a key card she needs for the military
    complex. Taking the submarine back to the palace, Claire continues for
    the military complex. As she passes by the palace gates, she notices a
    smaller private mansion on top of a hill behind the palace.
    Continuing for the military complex, Claire eventually arrives. In the
    yard, she sees a giant worm attack her. Like the dead alligator she saw
    in the sewers of Raccoon City, this thing is huge, but not too smart.
    Claire escapes the thing by ducking into the facility.
    She gets through the locked shutters. In a room, Claire is ambushed by
    Alfred, but thanks to his bad aim, Claire chases Alfred further into
    the complex. In a medical room, Claire finds the hemostat she needs for
    Claire gears for the prison, but she then discovers that Alfred lowered
    a shutter that leads to the exit. Claire goes further. That yellow
    zombie that killed the scientist then attacks her. It is a cross
    between a zombie and tyrant. Using her twin pistols, she shrugs them
    Continuing, the another yellow zombie attacks her. But Steve them saves
    her with the Lugers. Claire trades Steve the Lugers for the Submachine
    Guns she found a few moments ago.
    Alfred suddenly lowers them into the complex's basement. Steve runs
    ahead of Claire and destroys a fresh set of zombies for her. Claire
    catches up to Steve. Questioning him about his family, Steve runs off.
    She catches up to Steve in an unstable balcony. They fall through.
    Suddenly, a zombie rises and then runs toward Claire. Steve hesitates
    to shoot it. When it is about to eat Claire, Steve unloads the rest of
    his bullets into the creature, while yelling, "father!!!" After the
    zombie dies, Steve starts crying.
    He tells Claire that his father took Umbrella info and sold it. Steve
    and his family were caught, his mom was killed and Steve hates his dad
    for doing this to him. Claire leaves Steve to mourn his dad's death.
    Apparently, Steve just shot his zombie dad.
    Claire finds Alfred's crest in a room with the facility's diorama. She
    uses it on a little box she found earlier. She finds the last key card
    needed to explore the facility. She finds a key for the airport's
    Claire also finds her way into the lab where the yellow zombie killed
    that scientist. Claire sees the painting she wanted. Noticing a
    resemblance to a painting she saw in the facility's diorama room, she
    hooks it on to the wall where the eagle plate was. As she leaves,
    albinoid experiments escape the lab and run up vents. Claire escapes
    before the lab is locked.
    A wall in the diorama room is raised, revealing the actual diorama the
    wall was hiding. She sees a key, gold colored. Claire sees that this
    can open a door at the palace.
    Claire races for the palace. She opens the door she wants to open and
    sees a room full of paintings of Alfred's ancestors. After looking
    around, Claire finds a strange queen ant model.
    Claire travels to the door with the luger engravings. Using the lugers,
    Claire unlocks the door to an office. There, she discovers that Alfred
    has a twin sister, Alexia, and according to Alfred's butler, he's seen
    her in Alfred's private house.
    Claire finds her way to a bridge. Up ahead, Claire sees the private
    house on the hill she's been wanting to explore for more clues. She
    explores the house and nearly runs into Alexia Ashford. She's talking
    to her brother about Claire and Steve's destruction. They then leave.
    The house has been damaged by the island's attack, but Claire finds a
    key she needs for the palace's remaining doors. Heading back to the
    palace, Claire finds another eagle plate. She then remembers a door she
    saw in the prison complex that had an eagle engraving.
    After looking in a slot room, Claire decides to head back to the
    prison. There, she goes to the cellblock and sees a dying Rodrigo.
    Fortunately, Claire saves him in time with hemostat. After thanking
    each other, Claire trades her lighter for Rodrigo's lockpick.
    Claire explores the door behind the one with the eagle plate. Claire
    discovers an infirmary. After confronting a powerful zombie, Claire
    unlocks the path to a secret basement.
    There, she finds a piano roll that fits perfectly into the piano at the
    palace. Claire gears for the palace. In the yard, someone familiar
    attacks her: Albert Wesker. Wesker tells Claire he attacked the island
    and is after Chris now. As Claire is attacked, she notices a key she
    needs for the airport. Wesker tells Claire he'll use her to get to
    Wesker, after getting a call from his men, jumps over a wall, toward
    the palace's dock. Collecting the airport key, Claire heads into the
    palace's piano. Claire finds a king ant model, like the queen model she
    found earlier.
    Heading back to the private residence, Claire discovers the ant models
    where keys to a secret lair above Alfred and Alexia's bedrooms. Claire
    discovers the final airport key and decides to find Steve and Rodrigo
    and leave.
    Alexia Ashford attacks Claire on her way out. She has a sniper rifle
    like Alfred's. Suddenly, Steve comes in and shoots Alexia through a
    door. The door is easy passage between Alexia and Alfred's bedrooms.
    Claire sees Alfred with make up on. Apparently, he's been dressing like
    his sister. Claire decides that Alexia is just Alfred's imagination.
    Alfred runs off crying. He sets off the self-destruct sequence.
    Claire and Steve run to the palace gates, near where Claire was
    attacked by Wesker. Steve leads Claire to the airport. Claire inserts
    the keys to the plane. Unfortunately, the drawbridge is in the way of
    the plane. Claire volunteers to raise it.
    Claire runs to the controls and raises them. In a room she couldn't
    access before, Claire finds the keys to the shutter blocking the
    Claire decides to ride the elevator up to the military complex and head
    back to the plane via the palace's submarine. She does just that. After
    fixing the elevator, the 5 minute timer for the explosion begins. As
    Claire rides the elevator up, Alfred releases a monster after Claire...
    Can it be? Yeah it's...
    Claire steps out of the elevator and as she expected, she ends up in
    the military complex's yard. Dodging the giant worm, she gears for the
    On her way, a fire traps Claire. Tyrant comes from the fence.
    Apparently, it's the monster Alfred released. Claire uses her bazooka
    she found earlier and manages to put Tyrant down. Claire dashes passed
    the palace and down the submarine into the airport.
    Steve manages to pilot the plane and then the plane lifts off from an
    exploding island. As the plane circles the island, the prison, palace
    and private mansion are consumed in the blast, but the military complex
    seems to withstand it.
    Not caring, Claire and Steve fly off. They apologize for everything
    mean they said to each other. Suddenly, the plane rocks. In the back,
    Claire sees Tyrant. Claire uses her bazooka to weaken it and then
    catapults it off the plane. It looks like her encounter with Mr. X on
    Raccoon City did her some good.
    Back on the exploding island, Alfred runs into the somehow surviving
    military complex. He sees the tank and moves it to reveal a secret
    lift. The lift leads to a different area of the airport. Alfred hitches
    a ride on one of the 2 harrier jets and flies away from the island.
    On Claire's plane, Alfred controls the plane and changes it's
    direction. Steve can't change it so they have no choice. Hours later
    Steve attempts to kiss a sleeping Claire, but fails. Moments later, the
    plane crashes into an Umbrella Base in Antarctica.
    Claire and Steve get off the broken plane and look around separately.
    Claire finds the diary revealing that a monster named Nosferatu is
    trapped somewhere in the base. Also, it seems Alfred Ashford spilled
    the T- Virus around the base, so there are now zombies in the area.
    Looking in a private office, Claire finds the evil monster trapped in a
    chair beneath wire mesh. What has Alfred been up to?
    Claire looks around and asks Steve to lift a digging car with a crane.
    Steve looks at Claire and causes a gas leak in the room. Claire fixes
    it. Suddenly, Alfred, still wearing make up and talking like Alexia,
    tries to shoot Claire, but Steve comes in and shoots Alfred down a deep
    Nosferatu suddenly feels agitated. He breaks free of his prison and
    runs off... Claire grabs Alfred's sniper rifle and Steve and Claire dig
    out of the room with the digging car. They eventually get to a heliport
    above the base.
    Nosferatu suddenly attacks Steve. Steve is KO'ed, while Claire must
    fight him on his own. Using the sniper rifle, Claire punctures
    Nosferatu's once human heart and kills him. Claire rescues Steve.
    They find a car and drive off to an Australian Base. Meanwhile, Alfred,
    nearly dead, releases his sister from cryogenic sleep. Alfred tells
    Alexia to kill Claire. Alfred then dies of blood loss.
    Alexia uses her mind to attack Claire and Steve's car. The car burns.
    Did Claire and Steve survive?
    Meanwhile, on Rockfort Island, Chris Redfield arrives. Leon managed to
    contact him. Chris climbs a cliff and arrives in a cave. There, he sees
    Rodrigo. After Rodrigo tells Chris he saw Claire and Steve leave the
    island, that worm Claire saw swallows up Rodrigo.
    Chris chases the worm throughout the cave. Finding some Submachine
    Guns, Chris kills the thing. Rodrigo is swallowed up, but dies shortly
    after, giving Chris the lighter before he dies. Chris finds his way
    into a lightly damaged military complex.
    Chris looks around and finds his way to Alfred's harrier jet bay. He
    needs a halberd that was on the eagle plates Claire found to open the
    harrier doors.
    Chris finds his way to the control room. He sees Alexia Ashford singing
    on the wide screen. Down in the airport where Claire boarded the plane
    with Steve, Wesker is happy that Chris is finally here. He sends
    Hunters after Chris.
    Chris finds the eagle plate Claire used to open the box. But
    unfortunately, it falls down into the sewers below thanks to a giant
    hole caused by the explosion. He finds his way into the lab area thanks
    to a hole in the wall.
    Chris sees a knob-less door Claire didn't explore. Chris decides to
    find a doorknob in the basement. There, he explores a lab where the T-
    Virus was leaked from.
    He finds a chemical he thinks he needs for getting the halberd. It's
    called Clement E. It, mixed with Clement A, can melt the alloy part of
    Alfred's eagle plate.
    Chris finds his doorknob and then is scanned by a scanner. Moments
    later, the Hunters Wesker sent attack Chris. Chris, using a shotgun he
    found, kills them. Chris sees the scanners when he gets back to the
    knob-less door.
    Avoiding them, Chris ends up on the other side of the broken balcony
    that Steve and Claire fell through right before Steve assassinated his
    father. Finding a small tank object resembling the tank outside the
    facility, Chris inserts it to the little hole in the diorama on the
    first floor. The paintings in the room slide to reveal 3 little keys
    needed and a turntable key.
    There's also a note from Alfred saying there's a passage beneath the
    diorama that takes Alfred from the military complex to his private
    residence. Chris notices the 3 key holes and notes them.
    On his way, Chris sees Albert Wesker. Wesker attacks Claire and says
    Claire won't live long and that she's in the Antarctic with Steve and
    the evil Alexia. Suddenly, Alexia Ashford appears on a screen and
    Laughs, as if she is expecting something to happen. Wesker seems to have
    super powers, as he has yellow eyes... Wesker vanishes and a yellow
    zombie attacks Chris. Using his submachine guns, he kills it.
    After finding his way to the main yard thanks to the turntable key,
    Chris sees that he can't get to the palace thanks to rubble blocking the
    entrance to the passage.
    Alternately, taking the elevator down to the airport, Chris sees the
    keys Claire used to board the plane. They also fit into the 3 key holes
    in Alfred's diorama room. Grabbing them, Chris tries to use a submarine
    he saw on a map to get to the palace.
    Unfortunately, the submarine somehow got docked up at the palace, so
    access to the palace is impossible. Taking the 3 keys back to the
    diorama in the military complex, Chris manages to find the ladder.
    Following a tunnel, Chris discovers that the door leading to the
    private residence is locked. But nearby, Chris sees Alfred's private
    swimming pool. In it is the eagle plate. There's also a monster on the
    It's the albinoid Claire released from the lab. It matured really fast.
    Chris uses his shotgun to dispose of the electric monster. Chris grabs
    the eagle plate. But Clement E alone can't dissolve the alloy.
    Chris backtracks to the basement area, where Steve had a shooting spree.
    The explosion caused a gas problem, but a lever fixes the problem. He
    finds the final Clement A and then mixes it with Clement E. The mixture
    solution causes the eagle plate to dissolve, leaving the halberd.
    Using the halberd, Chris gains access to the harrier bay. He jumps on
    the last plane and flies to Antarctica.
    After he leaves Rockfort, he travels across the blue ocean. When he
    reaches the base, a docking bay at the base welcomes him. It seems as
    though Alexia has been expecting Chris.
    There, Chris immediately looks for Claire. It seems that the place was
    filled with ice from when Claire and Steve tried to escape. This helps
    Chris access new areas.
    In an area that looks like the Spencer Estate, Chris finally finds
    Claire. After saving her, Claire and Chris decide to find Steve. Alexia
    comes and curses at them, and threatens them. Claire and Chris give
    chase toward Alexia, but a giant tentacle separates them.
    Claire wakes to see Chris' foot and knees injured. Chris tells Claire
    to find Steve. Suddenly, they hear Steve scream. Obeying Chris' request,
    Claire chases Alexia through a few doors.
    Using her guns, she kills a few of Alexia's tentacles. Claire finally
    sees Steve in a prison, after nearly risking her life to find the
    appropriate keycard to enter. It's the room Nosferatu was stuck in.
    Steve tells Claire that Alexia performed the same experiment that she
    performed on her own father.
    Steve suddenly grows and mutates into a giant toad-like monster, unlike
    Nosferatu. It then begins to attack Claire with a giant ax. Claire runs
    off to the exit and makes it just as the gate lowers. But since the door
    was locked by Alexia, Steve begins to attack Claire.
    Suddenly, a tentacle grabs and constricts Claire. Steve is about to
    kill Claire, but his human personality comes back and Steve cut the
    tentacle. The tentacle whacks Steve at about 50 miles an hour and Steve
    is flung into the wall.
    Steve tells Claire he loves her and that he can't keep his promise of
    leaving with her. Slowly, Steve dies due to a violent strike, as if he
    were hit by a truck. Claire cries and cradles over the body of Steve
    Burnside, crying.
    During the death of Steve, Wesker calls Alexia to come with him because
    she has her experiment, T- Veronica Virus, in her. Somehow, Alexia
    managed to elude Claire and returned to the main hall Alexia walks down
    the grand stairs of the Spencer estate-esque place, and then begins
    to burn. Her clothing begins to shrivel. Alexia's choker falls to the
    Floor at her feet, Chris taking notice over in the corner.
    Alexia is now a gray evil mad woman. She looks like a cross between a
    dragonfly and ant. Wesker attempts to capture her. Alexia raised her
    gray hand and Wesker gets punched across the room. He moves across,
    tells Alexia he's coming with her and then punches Alexia via a long
    spring from the walls. After punching Alexia, Wesker notices Chris. And
    he is armed with a weapon. Realizing that Wesker can't defeat Alexia,
    Wesker sees Chris take care of Alexia.
    Chris uses his shotgun to kill Alexia. He keeps moving and eventually
    10 shotgun shells put Alexia down  at Chris' feet. Chris, judging from a
    file he found earlier, thinks Alexia's choker can access a door behind
    the painting above the staircase of the mansion main hall replica. At
    Chris' feet is the choker. He uses it on the painting.
    Chris looks at the file some more and sees that Alexander Ashford was
    turned into a monster thanks to Alfred and Alexia. Chris leaves the
    main hall and then heads down an elevator. As Chris exited the mansion,
    Alexia rises to her feet from her slumber. She's still alive. Chris is
    now in a room with a giant anthill.
    Searching around, Chris finds the room Alexia was stored in for 15 years
    during her coping of the T-Veronica Virus. He plays with the controls
    and then out of the tube falls Alfred Ashford's dead body. At Chris'
    feet is Alfred's Ring. Chris grabs Alfred's ring. Looking around the
    base a second time, Chris learns that Nosferatu was implanted in the ice
    thanks to Alexia.
    In the file, Alfred said Alexander Ashford was turned into a monster.
    Thinking the dead Nosferatu will have the 3rd jewel to open up the
    Painting, he decides to look in the ice.
    At Chris' feet below the ice is Nosferatu's body.
    Using a crane to get Nosferatu's body, Chris grabs the 3rd jewel, after
    an argument with a gigantic spider similar to the one Jill saw beneath
    the real Spencer Estate.
    Chris opens up the painting in the Spencer Estate imitation hall and
    finds a lab just passed it. It's where Alexander Ashford tested the T-
    Veronica Virus. It also reveals Alfred and Alexia where created through
    inserting a sperm cell into an embryo that belonged to Veronica, their
    Nearby are replicas of the bedroom from Rockfort Island's Private
    Residence. There, Chris finds a key detrimental to unlocking a room
    where he can blow the base up. That is all he finds, however. He returns
    to the lab, and goes through a door he hasn't gone through yet.
    The lab leads to where Steve died. Unfortunately, there's a locked door
    between Chris and Claire. Claire tells Chris that Steve is dead and
    tells him to set the explosion sequence like in the real Spencer Estate,
    Raccoon City and Rockfort Island. Chris does just that.
    Chris runs for the door leading to the computer which can set off the
    base's exploding sequence. Using the key he found above Alfred and
    Alexia's imitation bedrooms passed the lab, he unlocks the room and
    finds the appropriate computer, after killing off 2 zombies.
    After inserting the CODE: Veronica thanks to the file, Claire and Chris
    rejoin each other. Suddenly, a tentacle separates them once again.
    Alexia has returned.
    Chris and Claire see a good weapon to use nearby, called the Linear
    Launcher. Claire and Chris turn the keys simultaneously, but now it has
    to charge. Chris decides to keep Alexia busy as Claire decides to run
    After nearly destroying Claire, Chris shoots Alexia with a bullet and
    causes her to mutate into a large monster. Claire attempts to run for
    the elevator. Chris fires every weapon he has against the giant Alexia.
    He uses the Shotgun, his Handgun, the Submachine Guns and the Grenade
    Launcher against the mammoth beast that was Alexia. Dodging a bunch of
    tentacles and little parasites attacking him, his abuse to Alexia pays
    Suddenly, the ants beneath in the hill start to attack Alexia.
    Alexia shrugs them off by growing wings and is now flying. The bulk of
    her body dissolves just after Alexia leaves it. Apparently the bulk of
    the giant Alexia was a feeder for Alexia to grow wings.
    Coincidentally, the Linear Launcher has finished charging. Chris grabs
    it and shoots a ray into the base, with the plasma slamming into the
    walls of the base. The thing is heavy, and with Alexia spewing fire like
    her first form, it is hard for him to get a clear hit.
    But Chris gets lucky, and shoots a ray into Alexia's chest. Alexia
    screams and then the next second, she is liquefied by the impending
    blast, and is finally dead.
    Chris drops the Linear Launcher and  starts to run as explosions begin
    to occur. As Chris gets down to the prison cells and to the elevator, he
    sees Wesker holding Claire by the neck. Nearby, the door leading to
    where Steve died is open...
    Wesker pushes Claire through a hole in the wall. Chris chases Wesker
    through a horde of zombies and catches up to them, in a submarine dock,
    which seems to be far enough from the base's explosion. Chris and Claire
    discover Wesker took Steve Burnside to get the T- Alexia Virus.
    Chris and Wesker decide to kill each other once and for all, and Claire
    returns to the plane. At the plane, Claire looks into the elevator to
    wait for Chris...
    Chris and Wesker battle. Chris tries using a pipe to hurt Wesker, but
    Wesker basically kicks Chris' ass. Wesker's superpowers are simply
    unbeatable for Chris. Explosions are still rocking the base.
    Chris sees a ton of iron bars supported by a rope. Chris trips the rope,
    causing the bars to land on Wesker.
    Too bad they were ineffective.
    Wesker rises to his feet, and stumbles a little, and gets ready to kill
    Chris for that stunt.
    Suddenly, an explosion rocks the entire room.
    Wesker and Chris are separated in a blast of fire. They vow to kill each
    other next time. Wesker laughs his ass off, as Chris runs back to the
    Passing back through the zombie hall, the place is now on fire, and is
    ready to collapse. Chris calls the elevator and ducks his head to avoid
    the explosions and debris flying all over the prison cell walls.
    Luckily, they are made out of solid stone, and hold up for the time
    The elevator arrives, and Chris rides down. Amazingly, the glass around
    the elevator holds up as explosions rock it. Then the glass breaks all
    over Chris, but luckily the elevator door opens, and the final explosion
    blows him out of the elevator onto the plane, landing on his stomach.
    Ignoring it, he gets on the plane.
    Piloting the plane, he escapes the blasts and flies out of the base.
    Claire is happy to see Chris once again.
    They apologize for leaving each other and then decide to take out
    Umbrella once and for all.
    In the distance, the Umbrella Ashford Antarctica Base completes its
    detonation sequence, and the entire building explodes and collapses as
    they fly away.
    Well, that is CVX's story. I personally think the Plot Guide has a
    better synopsis. Check it out!
    B. Wesker's Report
    If you pre-ordered the American Version of Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
    X, bought the Japanese PS2 or DC version of CODE: Veronica Complete, or
    bought the BioHazard 5th Anniversary Briefcase, you got the Wesker's
    Report DVD.
    If you didn't, it's here for you to read, because it bursts with seams
    of the original PSX RE, RE2 and RE3 information. Others may hate the
    Report because they can't think what Capcom is aiming with that, but I
    love it!
    Sure, the information for the "Mansion Incident" may seem a little
    outdated when the remake is accounted for, since it covers the original
    PlayStation version, but it still contains the basic information about
    the storyline of Resident Evil.
    This is also for people who do not understand the plot information for
    Resident Evil 2. This explains a lot about what happened in RE2, for
    those who are wondering.
    "My name is Albert Wesker. I aspired to become a leading researcher at
    Umbrella Inc. A pharmaceutical enterprise who covertly conduction Bio
    Organic Weapons, better known as B.O.W., for development. But at the
    leader development training ground situated in Raccoon City, I met a
    brilliant and talented researcher who decided to take a different path;
    William Birkin.
    In time I shifted my position to S.T.A.R.S., a special force unit of
    the Raccoon Police Department. Umbrella, for crisis management reasons
    of their illegal Bio Organic Weapons development had many of its people
    working in the police department.
    I became the leader of S.T.A.R.S. and conducted all sorts of
    intelligence activities for Umbrella. As I continued to serve I devised
    my own plans and waited for the right time moment to execute them. Then
    at last, opportunity knocked.
    1998 July 24th
    The freak murder incidents that had occurred in the forest near the
    mansion started it all. The mansion was Umbrella's secret BOW
    laboratory and it was clear that the indevelopment T-Virus was the
    cause of the murder. Initially, Umbrella instructed me secretively to
    keep S.T.A.R.S. to the mansion, dispose of them, then report the
    situation to headquarters so that their combat with the B.O.W. could be
    used for data analysis allowing Umbrella a comprehensive portrait of
    the B.O.W.'s combat abilities.
    From the two S.T.A.R.S. teams I first pitched in the Bravo Team. As
    expected, the top elite of S.T.A.R.S. gave all they had and became
    useful sample data. Then following, I geared up the Alpha Team to
    "search and rescue" the lost Bravo Team. The members of Alpha Team also
    proved their worth and as expected many died.
    There were five survivors from the initial eleven S.T.A.R.S. members.
    From the Alpha team were Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Barry
    Burton. And from the Bravo Team were Rebecca Chambers and Enrico
    Marini. It was time to begin executing my plans.
    In the midst of the whole affair I could take Umbrella's ultimate Bio-
    Organic Weapon, the Tyrant, and join forces with an opposing
    corporation of Umbrella. To buy into that opposing corporation I would
    need the actual combat data of the Tyrant. The surviving privileged
    members of S.T.A.R.S. were just the perfect bait.
    I decided to have one of them play the Judas and draw them to the
    Tyrant. That Judas was Barry. Barry was the strong truth and justice
    kind and cherished his family more than anything. His type is easy to
    manipulate. I just took that most important thing away from him.
    My only miscalculation was the high potential of Chris and Jill. But
    with the family man Barry playing Judas the scheme went as planned.
    Then the winds turn unexpectedly. I had to eliminate Enrico who found
    out what was behind it all. I used Barry to get to him.
    After I successfully got rid of that nuisance I awaited the sample
    specimen that Barry would bring to me in the Tyrant room. I injected
    the virus I obtained from Birkin in advance. If I made Umbrella believe
    I was dead, it made it far more convenient to sell myself to the
    opposing corporation.
    According to Birkin the virus had profound effects. It would put my
    body in a state of temporary "death". It would then bring me back to
    life with super human powers. Therefore I unleashed an awesome Tyrant
    from its slumber and let it attack me. As my consciousness faded away I
    was certain that the whole scheme would end in success.
    Never did I imagine that S.T.A.R.S. could slay the evil creation. I
    lost the Tyrant and the plan I devised which cost me my humanity ended
    in failure. Now anything and anyone who stood in my way would be
    terminated. It's been that way for a long time and it always will be.
    At all costs I had to make S.T.A.R.S. pay.
    Two months had passed since the mansion incident.
    To regain everything I had lost in my new organization I joined hands
    with Ada Wong, a female agent who was also sent to spy on Umbrella. I
    knew in my bones that the key developer was William Birkin, but what he
    didn't know was that Umbrella did not play games...with anyone.
    Eventually, Birkin would be assassinated, and the G-virus would be in
    the hands of Umbrella. But the salvage team led by Hunk was ahead of
    us. By the time they got to Birkin, he'd already injected himself with
    the G-virus...he became his own creation, and decimated them. Soon
    after, the T-virus carried by rats spread throughout Raccoon City, and
    Umbrella faced its worst scenario.
    September 28th
    The good citizens became zombies, and the city had headed for its
    devastating fate. Humans were no match against zombies. In the chaos,
    Umbrella Europe applied a new type B.O.W., called "Nemesis". The
    Nemesis would hunt down and destroy the surviving member of S.T.A.R.S.,
    Jill. It became imperative that our organization would also obtain the
    Nemesis data.
    September 29th
    To cover up the whole affair, Umbrella jettisoned a Tyrant to take care
    of Leon and Claire, who were trying to unveil their secrets. Then,
    there was a new revelation. Birkin used to hide the findings of his
    studies in his daughter Sherry's pendant.
    It was very possible that the G-virus was there. While Umbrella was
    busy with their cover up, we had to capture Sherry before they did. I
    sent Ada undercover to seek the location of Sherry. I, the "dead man"
    on the other hand, had to work in the shadows.
    A spy's obligation and priority is in mission, to carry out the mission
    like a machine without any emotional interference. But through her
    interaction and involvement with Leon Scott Kennedy, there had been an
    affection growing inside her. My instincts sensed danger. Something had
    to be done, quickly. My instincts did not disappoint me.
    Even though Ada almost had her hands on the G-virus, which Leon had
    acquired from Sherry, that affection of her drove her to her death. But
    she was still of some use. I had to save her life. My people hurried to
    retrieve the G-virus that Leon threw away.
    But Hunk, the only survivor of Umbrella's salvage team, was there
    before us.
    September 30th
    Our only option left was to bring back Birkin, the monster, as the
    sample specimen and have him finish Leon and Claire in order to obtain
    his combat data.
    Although Birkin lost the battle to Leon and Claire, we succeeded in
    gathering samples of the G-virus from his dead body.
    October 1st
    In the morning the government bombed Raccoon city in an attempt to stop
    for the viral outbreak. This was, of course, their feigned reason...
    Later, Claire left to Europe to find her lost brother Chris, and Leon
    joined forces with an underground anti-Umbrella organization.
    Sherry is safe in our hands. I would never underestimate Birkin.
    There's something about this little girl..."
    C. Wesker's Report II
    [The report is actually crucial to understanding Resident Evil Zero, so
    here it is.]
    JAPANESE COPY: http://www.capcom.co.jp
    TRANSLATION COURTESY OF http://www.residentevilhorror.com
    This contains SPOILERS. Please consider that before reading. You have to
    have ALSO played Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X at
    the very LEAST to understand this. Play Resident Evil: Survivor and
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for a complete understanding.
    This was translated by GameFAQS user: Saiki. Thanks to him for the
    translation. I have done some editing.
    To Ada Wong:
    When I first visited that place, I was 18 and it was summer, twenty
    years ago. I still remember the smell when the helicopter landed and
    the rotor caused the wind to stir. From the air, the mansion seemed
    normal but from ground level, something was different. William Birkin,
    who was 2 years younger than me, seemed only interested in the research
    files he had as usual...
    July 31, 1978 (Monday)
    Two days ago, the two of us were assigned to that place. Everything
    could have been planned out from the beginning or it could have all been
    a coincidence. The only person to know the truth is most likely, Sir
    Ozwell Spencer. Spencer at that time, was using the Arklay labs for the
    research on the T-Virus.
    As soon as we got off the helicopter, the president of that lab stood
    In front of the elevator.
    I don't even remember that man's name. It didn't matter what was said
    officially. From that day, that lab belonged to Birkin and I. We were
    assigned to be chief researchers at the facility. This of course, was
    Spencer's will.
    We were the chosen ones.
    The two of us ignored the president as we entered the elevator. We had
    Already been briefed about the layout of the area and Birkin, with no
    bad  intentions, ignored everyone as usual.
    Usually, when someone sees our actions, they would react within 5
    seconds. But the president didn't even react at all.
    At the time, I was only a youngster so it didn't bother the president.
    The president understood what Spencer was thinking and didn't take
    notice of someone like me.
    While the three of us were on the elevator, Birkin still kept his eyes
    on the research files. The files contained information about a new faro-
    virus found 2 years ago in Africa called Ebola.
    Even now, their are thousands of people researching the Ebola. But the
    People are always divided in half, one group to save people from the
    virus and the other to kill people with the virus.
    As known, if a person is infected with the Ebola, the chances of dying
    is 90%. It has the capability to destroy the physical structure within
    10 days and even now, a cure hasn't been found. If this is used as a
    bio-weapon, it would display incredible destruction.
    But because making a bio-weapon is against the law, we would not use the
    virus as a weapon. But I'm certain that someone out their would use this
    as a  weapon. So to prepare for a case of like the virus being used as a
    weapon, it is  good to do research on it now. But the line between
    finding a cure and making a bio-weapon is thin. This is because the
    actual research conducted do not differ at all between the two. So one
    could say that they are researching for a cure and be making a bio-
    But to Birkin, he was not interested in either cause just wanted to
    research the Ebola itself. The virus had too many things unknown at the
    time. One was that the fact that virus would die within a few days by
    itself and would die instantly when hit by sunlight. The second was the
    speed that it would kill its host. It kills the host extremely quickly
    that their is almost no time for the virus to infect another person. The
    third is how the virus is spread. The virus has to physically touch
    another person in order to infect them and therefore can easily be
    quarantined. But I would like to bring up the following thought.
    What if a person that was infected with the Ebola virus could stand up
    and walk around? And that infected person would have a disrupted chain
    of thought, and would infect others that weren't infected?
    What if the DNA of the Ebola, the RNA, had a direct impact on the DNA of
    a human, and due to that, would make the person not die so easily?
    The person would be dead from a humans point of view, but would still
    go around as a bio-weapon spreading the virus around.
    It is fortunate that the Ebola may have features like this. Even from
    now, we will be the only one to now about this.
    Umbrella, with Spencer as the head, was an organization made to do
    research on viruses with these qualities. As a cover, they tell the
    world that they are a company making cures, but the truth was a bio-
    weapon developing organization.
    The finding of the original virus which restructures the human DNA was
    the start of everything.
    Using the original virus as a base, an enhanced virus would be made to
    be a bio-weapon. This was the plan for the T-Virus.
    The original virus was also an RNA virus and would cause abnormalities,
    thus enhancing a host.
    Birkin was interested in the Ebola because he planned on combining the
    two virus's (Ebola anywhere outside the lab.
    From the records, she was here since this lab had been created.
    She was 25 at that time. But what her name is and why she is here is a
    mystery. She was a test subject for the research on the T-Virus. The
    research begun in November 10, 1967. For 11 years, she had gone through
    tests with many viruses.
    I heard Birkin whisper something. Whether those words were cursing,
    swearing or praising, I don't know.
    But we had come to a place where we couldn't back out of.
    We were to take the research to its completion or to be captured, and
    end up like the woman. For us we, only had one choice.
    The woman who lay on the pipe bed had moved something within
    both of our minds.
    Was this part of Sir Spencer's plan?
    ---The next records take place 3 years later
    Alexia - 1
    July 27, 1981
    ---3 years from the previous report
    Today, Umbrella assigned a ten year old girl to be the chief
    researcher at the Antarctica facility.
    Her name is Alexia Ashford. As of right now, I am 21 years old, and
    William Birkin is 19.
    It is very provoking that even in our own Arklay lab, everyone is
    talking about Alexia and the Antarctica facility. It is because all the
    old high staff members consider the Ashford family a legendary family.
    Every time something goes wrong with our research, those old fools
    always say the same thing. "If only Edward were still alive."
    It is true that he was the first one to find the original virus, and he
    may have been an incredible scientist for starting the T-Virus plan.
    But soon after Umbrella was formed, Edward Ashford had died. It has been
    13 years since then. There would be no meaning in expecting anything
    from the Ashford Family.
    In fact, ever since Edward's death, the Antarctica facility that his son
    (Alexander) built has done nothing.
    This granddaughter of his is probably nothing useful as well...
    But one day, our useless workers started to say these statements. "If
    Alexia was here......."
    It angers me to think that our workers and researchers are filled with
    mindless people that judge people by their status. Because they think
    like that, they cannot do anything themselves and always have to be
    told what to do! But I, I still had good judgement.
    If I had let all of that go to my head, the research at the Arklay lab
    would have been delayed. As the head researcher, I always have to keep
    myself under control or success would not be possible.
    Then, a thought came to my head. I could use those old staff members to
    gain my success. Those old fools could die at any time and would serve
    as perfect test subjects. To be able to rise above everyone, I must be
    able to use all resources to my advantage.
    But the problem was Birkin. His reaction to Alexia was great.
    Although he never spoke of it, Birkin took pride in the fact that he was
    16 when assigned to this lab. But his pride was completely destroyed by
    the fact Alexia was a genius at 10 years of age. Born as a genius, he
    had tasted his first defeat, since Alexia was ahead by a full 6 years.
    He could not handle the younger, legendary family, girl. To be out-done
    by a girl who hadn't even made any progress...
    The main thing was the fact that she was still a child.
    But for reasons, I have to have Birkin get back to his normal self
    again. The William Birkin I knew before he met Alexia. We had already
    reached phase 2 in our plan in the past 3 years.
    Currently, the T-Virus could be used to create a biological weapon also
    known as the zombie. But the effects of the T-Virus varies greatly
    between people and there is no 100% guarantee for it to work yet. Every
    person has a different DNA structure and some may react differently.
    Even then, 10 percent of those who turn into zombies die. This we can do
    nothing about. With the remaining 90%, it is easy to use them as a
    weapon, but Spencer thinks differently.
    He wants 100% and wants a perfectly confined weapon.
    Originally, the bio weapon was to be a weapon that could be made with
    very little cost. But now, the bio-weapon that we research now costs
    great amounts. If Spencer just wanted to make money, he would not have
    chosen this path.
    If used at the current state, we could easily make a profit from it. But
    to continue research would not add up.
    Why would he continue research if he would lose money?
    I don't understand what the hell Spencer was thinking.
    But going back to Birkin, the research that Birkin is currently in is
    a bio-weapon that possess combat skills. By using other DNA samples,
    we could create this bio-weapon. It was made to fight off any forces
    that opposed us. It was a fighting bio-weapon, also to known as a
    Hunter. But that research had to put on hold for now so we could protect
    the test subject from Birkin.
    To compete against Alexia, Birkin started to act differently than usual.
    He would stay at the research lab 24 hours a day, and would do tests
    without any perceived plan.
    I would usually use other researchers to collect samples and data from
    the test subjects before they died, but at the speed that Birkin goes at
    now, is impossible to keep up with him.
    The president would keep getting new test subjects as if nothing
    happened and that subject would die shortly after. It was hell in
    But even in that hell, that one test subject, the women, still lived.
    She was 28 and had spent 14 years in the lab.
    Over the 14 years, the effects from the Ebola Virus must have corrupted
    her mind. But if she were to still have a conscious mind, death is what
    she would want. But she lived on. How would she live on for so long?
    There is nothing different from her data and any other data from the
    other test subjects.
    More time is needed to solve this mystery.
    ---the next report takes place 2 years later
    December 31, 1983 (Saturday)
    It had been the 6th winter since I began working at the Arklay facility.
    During the last two years, we had made no real progress with our
    research as time passed by. But this had come to an end. We had received
    word that Alexia had suddenly died. The reason was the virus that Alexia
    herself created; the T-Veronica Virus. It seemed like the 12 year old
    Alexia was too young for such dangerous research.
    I had heard rumors that Alexia had injected the T-Veronica Virus in
    herself but I couldn't believe this. She probably couldn't handle her
    father's death a year ago and perhaps made a simple error in her
    Later, the research at the Antarctica facility was continued by Alexia's
    twin brother, but no one had expected anything from him. In the end, the
    Ashford family couldn't bring any results and fell.
    Like I had stated earlier, the Ashford family was a legend and will stay
    as a legend only.
    With Alexia's death, Birkin had changed, or I should say, changed back
    to what he was. But now, there was no one who could surpass him and all
    those researchers had to acknowledge him. But it was still a taboo to
    talk about Alexia in front of him. Even when I tried to get a sample of
    the T-Veronica Virus, he had strongly objected.
    I had to put aside finding out about Alexia's research for later. In the
    end, Birkin had changed not one bit when everything around him had
    But to me, I had a much bigger problem in my hands.
    Our facility was located in a very dense forest. I went out walking into
    the woods many times, but because this facility was in the near center
    of the forest, we would never encounter any other human. The only way to
    get here was by a helicopter. It was a needed precaution dealing with a
    bio-weapon. Since if by chance, the virus is leaked out, it would
    prevent the chances of spreading.
    But a bio-weapon isn't so simple. The virus can also affect non-human
    beings as well.
    Any virus isn't guaranteed to only affect one kind of organism. For
    example, the Influenza virus not only affects humans, but birds, pigs,
    horses and even seals. And even in 3 each of these species, only certain
    ones are affected. For example, seagulls and chickens are affected by
    viruses, but all other birds are not. And the same virus may have
    different effects on different species.
    The problem lies in how the T-Virus can affect many different life
    During the time when Birkin was useless, I had done my own research on
    the T-Virus. I had found out that the T-Virus can affect most life forms
    out there. And not just mammals, but plants, bugs, and fish can also be
    affected by the virus. Every time I walked in the woods, I always asked
    myself, "Why did Spencer choose this place?"
    There are many different forms of life in these woods. What would happen
    if the virus were to leak out? If only an insect were infected, it is
    small in size and probably would not go through a big mutation. But
    these insects could spread the virus at an incredible rate. If this were
    to happen, how far would the T-Virus spread?
    If it were a plant that was infected, the plant itself could not move
    and would seem safe. But what about the seeds the plants give out?
    It would be very dangerous for such a case to happen. Now that I think
    about it, it was very smart for the Ashfords= family to locate their
    facility in Antarctica. But here, it almost seems like someone wants the
    virus to spread. But that could not be possible. What is Spencer trying
    to make us do?
    This issue was far to great and I could not discuss this with any
    other researcher. The only one who I could talk to was Birkin, but
    he probably would not even be interested.
    I need more information.
    I had started to realize my limits as a simple researcher. To find out
    what Spencer was truly thinking, I need to be at a position where I
    could obtain more information.
    For that, I would throw away all my current positions. But I cannot do
    this quickly. I cannot let Spencer notice my plans for if he does,
    everything would be over.
    I had continued to do research with Birkin so that no one would
    know my intentions.
    During that time, that woman test subject was forgotten. She was a
    "failure" that just lived on until that day, 5 years later...
    The 11th summer had come since we started working at this facility. I
    was 28 at the time. Birkin had become a father to a 2 year old girl.
    The wife was a also a researcher at the facility. It was natural that
    people who conducted the same research at the same facility fell in love
    with each other and end up having children.
    But a normal person would not be able to continue research at this
    place. Anyone still here is crazy.
    We had gone into phase three of our plan in the ten years. A programmed
    life, to be used a soldier, is a bio-weapon for combat.
    It was to be called "Tyrant." But this project had a huge problem from
    the start. Gaining the test subject for this Tyrant was a problem. There
    were very few who were compatible with becoming a Tyrant.
    This was due to the nature of the T-Virus.
    Any human could be used to make a zombie or a hunter but their
    intelligence would be lost in the process. A certain amount of
    intelligence is needed to create a Tyrant. Birkin had used a different
    way of creating the Tyrant to compensate for this problem. But only a
    very small amount of people could be used for this different way. In the
    simulation, only 1 out of 100,000,000 turned into a Tyrant and the rest
    became zombies.
    If our research continued, we could create a different kind of T-Virus
    that was compatible for more people. But for this to happen, we needed
    another test subject. But even if we searched through all of America,
    we would only find ten or so people that were compatible for becoming a
    Other research facilities had reached the same problem. We had run into
    a wall even before our research began.
    But we had received word that the Europe facility had thought up of a
    plan to conquer this problem in phase 3. This was the "Nemesis Project."
    I had urged to get a sample of the project to put our research further.
    Although Birkin had strongly opposed, I had convinced him.
    Until we found a compatible host, our research would not move and Birkin
    needed to admit this.
    We had received the package a few days later with a number of
    precautions written on it. The package brought to heliport was a small
    box, titled "Nemesis Project"
    To gain this sample from the France facility required quite an effort
    but was mainly due to Spencer backing us up.
    Birkin took no interest in the package until the end but he had at least
    admitted to tests. The Sample was totally new and was thought up for
    test purposes.
    The Nemesis was a biological life form created by manipulating DNA.
    The intelligence was the only thing enhanced and this life form alone,
    could not do anything. But once it finds a host, it becomes a parasite
    and would take over that host and would cause it to have incredible
    combat ability.
    The host for the weapon and the parasite would be made separately and
    later the intelligence of the parasite and the body of the host would
    be combined to create a bio-weapon. If this were to succeed, it would
    overcome the problem of the intelligence and we could create a bio-
    But the problem was when the parasite takes over the host.
    In the research files, all that was recorded was the death of each host
    once taken over by the parasite sample. Within 5 minutes of the parasite
    taking over, the host would die. But we were already aware of the danger
    that lied in the prototype.
    My plan was to prolong the time in which the host would survive, so that
    we would gain the credit to the "Nemesis project". The host would be
    that women test subject.
    Her incredible life rate could survive longer against the Nemesis
    prototype. And even if it failed, nothing would change on our side.
    But the test had created a result I had not expected. The Nemesis
    prototype that tried to enter her brain had disappeared. At first, we
    could not tell what had happened. We did not expect her to consume the
    That was the beginning.
    Something was happening inside of that failed experiment. We had decided
    to start research on her from scratch.
    In the past ten years, we had conducted every research possible on her,
    but we had decided to throw all those files away. Within the 21 years
    that she lived, something was beginning to show.
    Only Birkin had begun to notice the change.
    Indeed, something had begun to change inside her.
    But that was something totally different from the T-Virus project.
    Something new and would bring a new idea to us.
    The "G-Virus" project was the project that had changed our destiny.
    ---the next log is 7 years later
    July 31, 1995
    ---7 years from the previous
    When I came back to that place, it had been 17 years since I first came.
    Every time I came here, I remember the smell of the wind of that day.
    The buildings and the surroundings all looked the same from before.
    On the heliport, I could see Birkin. It has been a long time since I've
    seen him. Four years have passed since I left Arklay labs.
    4 years ago, when Birkin's G-Virus project was authorized, I had
    requested to transfer to the secret (intelligence) service and this
    was easily approved. From everyone's point of view, it was a natural
    thing for me to stop my road as a researcher and go onto a different
    And in reality, the research conducted on the G-Virus was far above my
    level. Even if I didn't have a different motive, I could feel my limits
    as a researcher when finding out what Sir Spencer was up to.
    In the midst of the wind blowing, Birkin, as usual, didn't take his eyes
    off the research files. Birkin came to Arklay quite often, but Birkin
    was not under Arklay anymore.
    A little while ago, an underground lab under Raccoon City was made and
    this was the place that his G-Virus project would be made.
    But to be honest, I didn't think that Spencer would authorize "G". This
    is because "G" was far from being a weapon, and had too many unknown
    things about it.
    The reason the "G" was slightly different from "T-Virus" was that the
    host would keep spontaneously reacting to the virus. It was very easy
    for a mutation to occur since the DNA would be open to a virus. But this
    is just in the case of the virus itself and not the hosts DNA.
    Even if the virus did cause some form of change, the DNA of the host
    becoming mutated was a rare case. If there was an outside force like
    radiation, it would be a different story though.
    But the case of "G" was different. Even without an outside force, the
    "G" would keep mutating the host until death.
    Something very similar to this did exist in the T-Virus as well. When a
    bio-weapon is put in a specific area, the virus inside the host would
    causing some form of mutation has already been confirmed. But for this,
    an outside force was always needed.
    But the "G" had no need for such a thing.
    No one can even expect what lies ahead with the mutations. And even if
    we think of a way to stop the mutation, the virus would just mutate to
    7 years ago, Birkin found this in that woman. At first look, the woman
    had no changes on the outside, but inside, various mutations had
    occurred and had kept on consuming each kind of virus injected and had
    lived on.
    And over the 21 years of mutating, it had mutated so much that it
    would even consume the Nemesis.
    The G-Virus project was to take this mutation to highest point possible.
    But this could lead to the "Ultimate life form" or it could end due to a
    disaster .....could this even be called a weapon?
    What was Spencer thinking when he authorized this project? Even when I
    moved to the secret (intelligence) service, I could not find out
    anything about what Spencer was thinking during these 4 years. And now,
    Spencer doesn't even show up in Arklay labs. It seems he was expecting
    something to happen there.
    Spencer was slowly drifting away from me, just like an oasis in a
    But my chance will come soon enough... That is, if I can live until then.
    The elevator took me and Birkin to the highest level in the lab. It was
    the place where Birkin and I first saw that woman.
    There, we met the new research leader, John.
    He had come from a Chicago lab and was an excellent researcher,
    but he was too normal to work in a place like this. He had started
    to question the motives of the research there and had repeatedly
    questioned the superiors.
    This had even reached my ears in the secret (intelligence) service.
    If information has been leaked out, he would be the first to go.
    This is what everyone had started say.
    We had both ignored John and had started the clean-up of that woman to
    kill her.
    When she consumed the Nemesis, although she had started to regain
    some intelligence, her behavior was extremely peculiar.
    Each time it would escalate. She would start to rip another woman's
    face off and would wear it herself. According to the records, she
    showed the same behaviors when she was first injected with the
    original virus.
    No one knew why she would behave like that, but recently, three
    researchers had been killed that way and this is when she was authorized
    to be killed. Because "G" was progressing steadily, there was no use for
    Her death was confirmed over the course of 3 days, and her "dead body"
    was carried somewhere by the president.
    In the end, no one knew who she was and why she was here. But this was
    also the case with any other test subjects.
    But if she had not been here, the G-Project would not have existed. If
    this were the case, both I and Birkin would had been in a different
    situation than the one now.
    I had this on my mind as I left the Arklay labs.
    How far was Spencer planning?
    ---the "incident" would happen 3 years later...
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