• Extra Students

    This is for the North American version only.

    Everytime you beat the game in Story Mode you'll unlock an extra student for use in any mode but Arcade. It doesn't matter what school you use to beat the game, you just need to beat it to the credits in Story Mode. After you get John, no more extra students will be avaliable.

    Contributed By: Saturn Urameshi.

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  • Story Modes

    Complete Arcade Mode with any school on any difficulty, and you will be able to view that School's Story in the Options Menu.

    Contributed By: Dao.

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  • Unlock Hidden Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Burning BatsuPlay the story more with Taiyo H.S. (Batsu), when you get to a round with Yurika, Zaki or Akira, lose a round.
    Demon HyoBeat story mode with every school and get every ending (As in play as every possible character).
    Hyo and D.S. Student CouncilBeat the game with every school, D.S. Student council is only available in story mode.
    KurowBeat story more as D.S. Student Council.
    Powered AkiraPlay story mode with Seijyun H.S. when you fight Wild Daigo beat him without using a team-up move.
    Tiffany and RoyBeat the game with Pacific H.S. , Ran and Iincyo join Boman.
    Unlock Hidden Character JohnComplete both arcade modes (Story and Freemode) at least 5 times to unlock John from Justice Highschool.
    VatsuBeat story more as Gorin H.S.

    Contributed By: BVMatt and Blackk Mobb.

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  • Unlock Wild Daigo

    In arcade mode play story mode and pick the Gedo Koukou school. When you get up to the match against Wild Daigo finish him with a party up attack (when all three fighters attack at once) in one round. Now the story will go on a different path and when you finish the arcade mode game you have unlocked him.

    Contributed By: Terra Brandford.

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  • View Credits

    Beat the game in Arcade Mode on any difficulty, and you will be able to view the Credits at anytime in the Options Menu.

    Contributed By: Dao.

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  • Hidden Costumes

    - This only works for Hinata, Shoma and Boman.

    On the character select screen go to either Boman, Hinata or Shoma, whoever you want to play as. Hold START and select them with Y, B, X or Y button (If you try to make different colors by pressing A+B for example, it won't work) Hinata wears the same outfit except she has sleeves, Boman has no shirt and Shoma wears a jersey kind of shirt.

    Contributed By: BVMatt.

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  • Move Camera

    After winning the last round of a fight, you can move the camera in different directions using the analog stick when the characters do their winning poses.

    Contributed By: Dao.

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