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Reviewed: 03/31/03 | Updated: 03/31/03

Graphics are not everything...

This is an unusually good game with terrible graphics. But for me, and most true gamers, graphics are not everything. This is probably one of the most under-rated games on the Dreamcast. But it is a great game if graphics do not bother you.

~STORY: 8/10
I don't want to spoil anything for you but the story is pretty good. You are a female cop that must take down a gang called the ''Wildcats'' that are over-running the city.

~GAMEPLAY: 10/10
If you've ever played GTA3 then when you first start playing this game you instantly think ''GTA''. Because surprisingly it seems similar. In Urban Chaos you are free to walk down a street in part of the city, punch out any civilian, steal any car, shoot anyone, go on top of large buildings, whatever you please. But the badside is that you shouldn't get addicted to killing too many civilians because you are a COP! And you will later get into trouble for killing to many. There are many weapons to choose from ranging from a Handgun to a baseball bat. Anyone that you knock down can be arrested and then searched. Some people (usually gangsters) will have weapons on them. The level objectives range from saving hostages to placing bombs on various drug storage boxes. Overall the game is very big with many MANY levels and a large variety of objectives for each of them.

The controls are pretty tough to get used to but once you get the hang of it it shouldn't bother you too much. Fighting is very easy: ''L'' is to kick and ''R'' is to punch. You can also perform several combinations to enhance your fighting. Driving cars at a high speed is a no-no but its pretty damn fun running over innocent bystanders (or Gang members).
Here are the basic controls:
Run: Analog, Punch/Shoot: ''R'', Kick: ''L'', Jump: ''Y'', Weapon Select: ''B'', Kneel: ''A'', View: ''X''.

If you are all about the graphics then do not get this game. Since this game is ported directly from the PSX you can imagine how bad they are. Well we should at least be happy that they are not as bad as Omikron's graphics. The Cinematics are not bad but they come up very rarely.

~SOUND: 6/10
The music is not that good but the sound effects are.
The shotgun firing sound VERY realistic and if there is a gangster on a roof and you are approaching him from below you hear him say ''Did you hear that?'' (meaning that he heard you).

~OVERALL: 8/10
Overall It's a GREAT GAME. But its just too underrated by people who care only about the graphics.

~BUY or RENT?:

BUY if graphics are not important to you.
RENT it if they are.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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