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Guide and Walkthrough by Starmasta

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/23/2007

 ______                        __
|  __  |        _____  ______ |  |      _____  _
| |  |_||\     |___  ||  _   ||  |     |___  || |____  ____  _____  _____
| |____ | |__   ___| || |_|  ||  |      ___| ||  __  || _  \|  _  ||  _  |
|____  ||  __| |  _  ||     / |  |     |  _  || |  | ||| |_|| |_| || |_| |
 _   | || |  _ | | | || |\ \  |  |     | | | || |  | |||  _ |  ___||    /
| |__| || |_| || |_| || | \ \ |  |____ | |_| || |  | |||_| || |___ | |\ \
|______||_____||_____||_|  \_\|_______||_____||_|  |_||____/|_____||_| \_\

Game: Starlancer
Platform: PC
Type of Guide: FAQ/Walkthrough
Created in: MS Word
Author: Ryan Caird
GameFAQs username: Starmasta
Version: 1.01
Starlancer FAQ/Walkthrough c Ryan "Starmasta" Caird
Last Updated: Tuesday 24 April 2007

 /        \
 \        /

( 1. Intro )               
  ( 1a. Version History )
  ( 1b.Legal Blah )          

( 2. Mission Layout )        o-----------------------------------o
  ( 2a. Mission 1 )          | +-------------------------------+ |
  ( 2b. Mission 2 )          | | You can use the Ctrl+F        | |
  ( 2c. Mission 3 )          | | feature to easily find any    | |
  ( 2d. Mission 4 )          | | section of this walkthrough.  | |
  ( 2e. Mission 5 )          | | Press CTRL+F and copy/paste   | |
  ( 2f. Mission 6 )          | | the desired section including | |
  ( 2g. Mission 7 )          | | the brackets and hit enter.   | |
  ( 2h. Mission 8 )          | +-------------------------------+ |
  ( 2i. Mission 9 )          o-----------------------------------o
  ( 2j. Mission 10 )
  ( 2k. Mission 11 )
  ( 2l. Mission 12 )
  ( 2m. Mission 13 )
  ( 2n. Mission 14 )
  ( 2o. Mission 15 )
  ( 2p. Mission 16 )
  ( 2q. Mission 17 )
  ( 2r. Mission 18 )
  ( 2s. Mission 19 )
  ( 2t. Mission 20 )
  ( 2u. Mission 21 )
  ( 2v. Mission 22 )
  ( 2w. Mission 23 )
  ( 2x. Mission 24 )

( 3. FAQ )

( 4. Credits and Contact )

 /         \
( 1. Intro  )
 \         /

Hey all and welcome to my Starlancer FAQ! This is only my second FAQ, so 
excuse me if it isn't the best/most flashy you've seen. This is for the PC 
version of the game, so don't ask me anything about the Dreamcast version. 
Also, if you haven't got a good feel of the controls yet, try to because 
it's a lot easier to understand this guide if you do. One last thing, to 
get the most out of this game, I recommend using an 8-button joystick. 
Doesn't matter which one as long as it has a trigger, 4 buttons on the top 
of the main stick and a turny knob thing somewhere to make it easier to 
adjust speed. 
Best get started now, eh?

This game takes place in 22nd century, about 2160. The Eastern Coalition 
has launched a surprise attack against the Western Alliance fleet, 
massacring hundreds of dedicated service men and women. The Alliance 
immediately starts recruitment. You are enlisted in a squadron called the 
45th Volunteers, made up of former pilots and soldiers. 

( 1a. Version History )

Version 0.80	Up to Mission 20
Version 1.00	All missions finished
Version 1.01	Updated list of allowed websites

( 1b. Legal Blah )

Websites allowed to host this FAQ/Walkthrough
And any other websites owned by CNET Networks.

This StarLancer FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright c 2007 by Ryan Caird. This FAQ 
may not be hosted on any website other than the afore mentioned ones 
without prior written permission from me, the author. If do host this on 
your website without permission, you are in violation of this copyright and 
are therefore open to prosecution under the current laws. Written 
permission may be obtained from me through an email to the above address. 
This FAQ/Walkthrough may be reproduced, in part or in full, without prior 
written permission from me, the author.

Basically means, if you ask me nicely in an email, odds are I will say yes, 
depending on my mood or if your website has a good reputation 
*coughdefinitelynotcheatcccough*. If you do host without permission, and I 
find out, prepare for a lawsuit.

That just about wraps that up.

 /                  \
( 2. Mission Layout  )
 \                  /

The layout for the missions will be simple. It'll go a little like this:

( ??. Mission ? )

Recommended Fighter: ?????
Recommended Hardpoints: ?????

Objective: ?????

<How to complete mission>

My kills: ?????
My total kills: ?????
Rewards I got: ?????

Simple, no? Just remember that you can get a rough idea of how you went at 
the end of your mission, when you approach the big screen. A high-five 
means excellent, pat-on-the-back means ok, and a tantrum where Mr. Helmet 
meets Mrs. Floor means you blew it.

( 2a. Mission 1 )

Recommended Fighter: Predator
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Screamer, 2x Bandit, 1x Fuel Pod

Objective: Protect the remnants of the British fleet

From the bunkroom, turn to the door and right-click on the mouse (do this 
before every mission, I'll only say it once). Watch the brief, choose 
Predator, then hit the middle button on the left for hardpoint selection 
and click on the button with the label "Screamer" twice, the button 
labelled "Bandit" twice, and then the button labelled "Fuel Pod". Instead 
of saying this during each mission, just click on my recommended fighter 
and then change to hardpoint menu and click what you want or what I say. 
Now the actual mission starts.

After you are dropped out of the Reliant, you are introduced to your back-
seater, Mike "Moose" Horrigan. When he says "Jump Drive online", hit the 
jump button. You will jump to the British fleet and ordered to take up 
escort positions. Look for the red rings to the back of the fleet. Fly into 
them and you will automatically match speed with the fleet. Soon you will 
see a cutscene in which a fighter is destroyed by one of the Coalition 
ships, a Basilisk belonging to the Black Guard. Scroll through missiles to 
the "Bandit" and lock on to the Basilisk. Fire at it with your guns and 
when they have locked, fire 1 of you bandits at it. This should destroy it 
and a wing of Sabers fly in. Take them out with Screamers and guns, making 
sure none of the British transports are destroyed. When they are all 
destroyed, you will get a message about an incoming bomber. Immediately 
start hammering on whichever button you have assigned to "Target Torpedo" 
(I have it as one of my joystick buttons) and when you have it displayed in 
your HUD, afterburn towards it. On the way it should launch a torpedo, so 
target it with your Target Torpedo button (it has torpedoes as priority 
over bombers) and blast away. With any luck it only shoots one then you are 
on it. Destroy the bomber as soon as all launched torpedoes are destroyed 
(or launch a bandit at it while destroying the torpedoes) and then get to 
work on the fighters that jumped in with it. 

When all Coalition ships are destroyed, escort (jump with) the transports 
to Fort Sherman then the mission is done. Just wait for the Reliant to jump 
in then open up a comms link with it and select Permission to Land. You 
will land and mission complete.

My Kills: 11
My Total Kills: 11
My Rewards: None

( 2b. Mission 2 )

Recommended Fighter: Predator
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Screamer, 2x Bandit, 1x Fuel Pod

Objective: Rendezvous with Pumas at ANS Washington

Jump out to the Washington, and you will get a cutscene with Prowler Beta 6 
jumping out with one General Briggs. You will now meet up with the Pumas. 
Jump out and you will see the remnants of Prowler Beta 6. Puma Leader Jake 
Tanner will tell you that he is picking up an escape pod on his scanner. He 
orders in a Nanny ship to pick it up but the party is crashed by a 
Coalition group, with 8 fighters and an Antonov, the equivalent of a Nanny, 
who decides to pick up the pod itself. Let it have it with a coupladozen 
screamers and your cannons before it gets the pod, then focus on the 
fighters. Make sure you don't accidentally hit the pod. When they are all 
gone, you are told that the Coalition hunting pack that took out the 
Prowler is going after an Alliance convoy.

Jump out to the convoy and take up escort positions, again indicated by the 
red rings. A comms link will come through from the Hornet squadron who are 
in "real trouble". The Pumas, being the good Samaritans they are, will jump 
out to help them leaving your wing with the convoy. Naturally, Moose jinxes 
you by saying "we're gonna miss out on all the action". Guess who comes in 
to attack. A wing of 7 Sabers will jump in. Get in range of one and blast 
like crazy. After about 25 seconds a Kamov bomber will jump in, not to far 
away. Hit the Target Torpedo and close in with afterburners going. Hit it 
with a Bandit then let it have it with your cannons. Hopefully it will be 
down before it can launch any torpedoes, but if it isn't then take them 
out. When all torpedoes and the bomber are destroyed, focus again on the 
fighters. When they are all destroyed, you will get a com from Tanner, 
saying he needs backup. The convoy will jump out, so you should too.

When you arrive, you will see a fierce battle taking place between the 
Pumas and a Coalition capship. Turns out the Hornets weren't quite as good 
as the ITAC would have you believe, because now they are all destroyed. 
Start taking out fighters and eventually another Coalition cruiser will 
jump in. Take out as many fighters as you can and then the Yamato will jump 
in. It will destroy both the cruisers so now you have nothing to worry 
about. Jump out to the Reliant and request landing permission. Mission 

My Kills: 22
My Total Kills: 33
My Rewards: None

( 2c. Mission 3 )

Recommended Fighter: Predator
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Screamer, 1x Bandit, 1x Fuel Pod, 1x Jackhammer

Objective: Meet up with the Vampires at ANS Bremen then search for Mantis 
Black Box

Jump out to the Bremen and meet and greet the Vampires, the Alliances top 
guns. Jump out and you will be greeted by an attacked Alliance transport. 
Destroy all the fighters without letting them destroy the transport(its 
harder than it sounds) then accept you thanks. 

Jump again to a debris-filled area and immediately hit Zero Thrust button. 
This area is filled with mines. Press the Target Nearest Enemy button to 
target a mine, and then shoot it with your lasers. Repeat until they are 
all gone. Now we search for the black box.

You will no doubt see (and hear) a needle resembling thing on your HUD. 
This is a scanner, which will let you know how close you are to the black 
box through beeps. The faster the beep, the closer you are to it. When you 
find it, nudge it to let everyone know you found it, then a cutscene will 
play with a large......thing popping up and a Coalition science vessel 
coming through. You will get sucked in and end up deep in occupied 
Coalition space. Strangely enough, it doesn't seem so deep because there 
isn't much there. The Vampires leader Klaus Steiner will state the obvious 
"the coalition must have invented some kind of warp technology". Now what 
you do is target an enemy, blow it up, target an enemy, blow it up etc 
until you get a message from Klaus Steiner telling you that they have found 
a weakness on the warp gate that will destroy it. It is an energy core, 
which if destroyed, will blow up the gate. It should automatically pop up 
as a target so fly over to it. Start shooting at it but don't worry if 
nothing seems to be happening. It is covered by armoured plates, which 
aren't so armoured at all because they are quite easy to destroy. When they 
are all gone (stress ALL), scroll through missiles to Jackhammer. Let it 
lock on then let it go. This isn't really necessary but it makes a nice 
boom on impact and makes it seem slightly realistic that it takes a bloody 
powerful missile to take out an energy core, not a couple of hits with weak 
puny lasers. Immediately fly back through the gate.

You will come out where you where before you were sucked in. Immediately 
lock on and destroy fighters, then you will get a message from Bremen 
Control that they want the science vessel. Moose will then say that backup 
is available. Call it if you want, but I don't because they take some of my 
kills, and the more kills you get the quicker you get promoted for some 
reason. The engines will appear as a target, or the engines will in any 
case, so fly over to them and blow them up. Make sure you don't destroy the 
actual ship, because then they won't be happy, and you can guess what 
happens when you stuff up something during a high-priority mission in the 
Navy. When the engines are down, take out the rest of the fighters. When 
they are all destroyed, a Marine boarding ship will come in with the rest 
of the Vampires. At this point you can jump back to the Reliant, so do so. 
Request permission to land and your done.

My Kills: 15
My Total Kills: 48
My Rewards: Promotion to 1st lieutenant, Coyote now available

( 2d. Mission 4 )

Recommended Fighter: Coyote
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamer, 2x Bandit, 2x Havok

Objective: Protect Condors while the deploy early warning satellites

Jump out to an empty Nav Point. The Condors will jump in a few seconds 
later and tell you about your fantabulous reputation. An Alliance convoy 
will then jump in, saying that they will take care of the Condors while you 
clear out the drop zone. Jump out and a few moments later a wing of Karak 
and Haider Coalition fighters will come in. Destroy them all using your 
guns and screamers, and then the Condors will jump in. After they drop 
their first set of satellites, another wing of Karaks and Haiders will jump 
in. Afterburn over to them and launch you Havoks at them to temporarily 
disable them, and then let them have it with your guns. If you have a 
Coyote or Predator, it's easier to use Screamers because of the blind fire 
your guns have. If some don't get hit by the shockwave from the Havoks, 
then chase after them and take them down before going on to the disabled 
ones. Remember that they are only disabled for about 20-30 seconds, so be 
quick in taking them down. Luckily your wingmen will help a little, so it 
shouldn't be too difficult. When they are all destroyed, and the Condors 
have dropped all their satellites, they will jump out. Enriquez will then 
open up a comms link to you, telling you that the convoy you met before has 
come under attack. Jump out to assist.

When you arrive you should see that only 1 of the original 5 ships is still 
alive, then a cutscene will show a Basilisk fighter decloaking and 
launching Screamers at the remaining transport. After this a bunch of 
Basilisks will decloak behind you and launch their missiles. Drop a couple 
of countermeasures or use you ECM (electronic counter measures) and you 
won't get hit, in fact if you used the ECM the missile will turn away from 
you and possibly hit one of the Basilisks. Bandit will go down (don't 
bother trying to stop it, it's scripted) and then you are free to let the 
fighters have it. When they are all down, Enriquez will jump in, only a tad 
late. Hit the afterburners and fly over to the remaining transport. 
Eventually a Kamov bomber will jump in, take it down before it can launch 
to see a real big bang, even bigger if you use your Bandits. Wait for the 
Nanny to pick up the ejected Bandit (gotta be kinda confusing now, eh?) 
then the transport will jump out. Follow suit. 

On arrival back at the Reliant, request landing permission. Mission 

My Kills: 17
My Total Kills: 65
My Rewards: None

( 2e. Mission 5 )

Recommended Fighter: Coyote
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamers, 2x Bandits, 2x 

Objective: Defend the transports

Jump out to where the Cobras are doing battle against the CS Badanov and 
her fighters. The Cobras are incredibly skilled (at this point, anyway) so 
you won't get many kills in against the fighters. On a good day you will 
get 4, but usually only 1 or 2. Gamma Wing will blow up the Badanov with 
their wonderful bombs that I'm oh so jealous of, then jump out. You shall 

When you pull out of JumperSpace, you are smack-bang next to a Coalition 
convoy. The Cobras will jump in shortly to help out. Attack the fighters 
until you are given the order to take out the Shield Generator on the heavy 
transport, so do so then get straight back into the fighting. There are a 
couple of gunboats known as Kurgens here, but they are easy prey to a 
Jackhammer-laiden fighter (hint hint). If you still don't get it, lock on 
with Jackhammers and launch them at the Kurgens. Then finish up the 
fighters and a couple of Ripper cargo-movers will come in with a Mammoth 
heavy transport to fill it up. You should get a message from Enriquez about 
the convoy being under attack. Be a dear and take a little look-see.

Jump out to the Mammoth transports. When you arrive, you will notice a few 
Sabers flying around and causing just a little trouble. Take them out and 
try not to let any transports die, apart from the Sierra Madre because 
that's scripted. Take up an escort position by flying into those funky-
looking red rings and the speed should auto-match. After a bit of random 
mumbo-jumbo, a Coalition attack squad will jump in, consisting of 2 
Kurgens, 8 fighters and 2 bombers. Immediately hit Target Torpedo because 
these clowns won't mess around with the launch-BOOM-transport dies-ness. 
One of them only has 2 torps, so that's a slight relief. Destroy all 
launched torpedoes then turn your attention to the bombers themselves. Take 
them down and straight after the Cobras will pop up again (what good timing 
these people have!). Go after the Kurgen. A dozen Screamers and 7-10 
seconds of guns should just about turn it into Swiss Cheese, so now turn 
you attention to the fighters. Use your Bandits if you feel the need (which 
I'm sure you do) and just generally pulverize the rest. The Cobras will say 
that they will take care of the Mammoths. Jump out to Fort Baxter and a 
cutscene will show Viper going boom during jump slow-down. The Reliant will 
jump in and say it will run a search for an eject pod. Request landing 
clearance and your done.

My Kills: 19
My Total Kills: 84
My Rewards: Promotion to Flight Lieutenant, Mirage now available

( 2f. Mission 6 )

Recommended Fighter: Coyote
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamers, 2x Bandits, 2x 

Objective: Defend Ulysees and her convoy

Jump out to the Ulysees convoy. Bandit has taken over for Viper, so now 
Diceman has taken over for HIM. He will say that he detects Kamov bombers 
and Basilisks coming in. The final result is 4 Kamovs and 5 Basilisks. 
Afterburn over to the Ulysees and wait for them to jump in. When they do, 
the Kamovs will cloak but that doesn't matter because you can still see a 
blue/silver shadow depending on you settings. I prefer the silver because 
it's easier to see against a black background. Attack the Basilisk all the 
while mashing the Target Torpedo so you will know when to go for the 
bombers. If you are close enough you should be able to destroy the bomber, 
then the single launched torpedo. The second to decloak is near the first, 
but the third is over the other side of the convoy. Afterburn over to it, 
take out the probably-two torpedoes then hit the bomber, and last of all go 
for the fourth bomber, which again, shouldn't be to far away. When all 
torpedoes and bombers are down or jumped out, focus all attention to the 
Basilisks. These to can cloak but again there is the blue/silver shadow 
there. Eventually the remnants will jump out as will the convoy. You go 

When you arrive at Fort Baxter, you are given a new assignment. There is an 
arms freighter under attack and you are to jump out and rescue it. When you 
get there, the transport it destroyed (don't restart, it's scripted) and 
you are welcomed with a) my favourite Coalition phrase: "You're too late to 
save you comrades, but you're welcome to party with us", and b) another 
wing of Sabers, Azans and Kossacks. Turns out some of the cargo is still 
intact, so a wing of Rippers and a Mammoth jump in to get said cargo, and 
now you are charged with defending those Rippers and Mammoth from the afore 
mention wing of Sabers, Azans and Kossacks. When they are all done, Baxter 
sends in a fighter wing to play babysitter. Jump back to the Reliant.

When you arrive, request landing clearance. Congrats, you have completed  
this game.

My Kills: 11
My Total Kills: 95
My Rewards: Silver Cluster

( 2g. Mission 7 )

Recommended Fighter: Coyote
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamers, 1x Havok, 1x Bandit, 2x 

Objective: Attack and destroy the CS Ramases

Welcome to my least favorite mission in this game. At the very start, you 
informed that the Ramases is in fact attacking Fort Baxter. Enriquez comes 
out in her crash-hot Patriot to help in a non-helpful way. Jump out to 

When you get there, immediately hit afterburners and go as fast as you can 
toward Fort Baxter. The CS Ramases will launch about 8 torpedoes and the 
rotating circle in the middle of Baxter, destroying the whole fort. It then 
drops off about 10 fighters and then bugs out. The Reliant will go out to 
attack it. What you must do now is use the Target Next Friendly to find the 
escape pods from Fort Baxter and protect them against the fighters. You 
wingmen do bugger all against them unless the fighters come right up to 
them and hit them in the face with a Jackhammer, which they probably will 
do, and about 5 of them do before your wingmen do anything, so they will 
target those 5. That still leaves you with 5 trying to get at the 6 escape 
pods you are guarding. You can only protect 1 at a time so that's where the 
Bandit and Havok come in. When they first come at you, they will be 
reasonably close group. Lock on and launch the Havok to know them out, and 
then hit them with a couple of Screamers to take at least one of them down. 
Unfortunately at least one of them will not be hit by the Havoks shockwave 
so smack them with the Bandit and then hit them a few times with you guns 
to finish them off. Turn your attention to the almost-definitely-NOT 
disabled fighters and do your best to take them out. A couple of Nanny's 
will come in and pick up the pods, so they will help. Odds are at least 1 
of the pods will be destroyed, but as long as it isn't General Makin's, you 
will be fine. When they are all destroyed, the Ronin will jump in (another 
wing just a little late) and take care of the Nanny ships. They order you 
to go out and help the Reliant take on the Ramases. By all means, do.

When you arrive there, you will see that the fight isn't fair in the 
slightest. Apart from all the fighters, the Ramases is about 25 years 
younger and has somewhat newer technology. Meaning it has shields and the 
Reliant doesn't. First up you will get a message from Al Rahan, bragging 
about how wussy he is. Scroll through you targets until you find him, then 
get in close. DON'T FIRE AT HIM!!!!!!!!!! Scroll to the Jackhammers and get 
up rreeeaaalllll close to him. Launch them at him and if he doesn't jump 
out, he is destroyed. Now focus on the regular fighters.

Eventually you will get a message from the Reliant saying to take out the 
Ramases shield generator. It will appear automatically as a target so 
cruise on over, and say Mrs. Generator, meet Mr. Screamer. Let the 
fireworks commence! Yeah, I'm lame, but you get what I mean when I say 
that. When its destroyed, find the turret that launches that crazy orange 
flame thing and take it down. At this point you will be told that a new 
wing of fighters is going to launch, so Gamma is launching early. Stay with 
them from the word go and destroy any Coalition fighter that gets a little 
to close. Gamma launches torpedoes, Ramases goes boom, you destroy 
remaining fighters, fighters jump out, you land, and all is right with the 

My Kills: 16
My Total Kills: 111
My Rewards: Alliance Defense Forces Mobilization Medal

( 2h. Mission 8 )

Recommended Fighter: Coyote
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamers, 1x Havok, 1x Bandit, 2x 

Objective: Escort ANS Reliant to Fort Carter

After launch, you aren't given any time to get in an escort position 
because straight after launch, a warp gate opens and a Coalition Class 2 
Carrier, the CS Krasnaya comes through. It launches a few fighters and the 
Vampires and Klaus Steiner will jump in to help you destroy them. It also 
launches a few torpedoes at the Reliant but don't worry about it, none of 
them get through care of the dozen or so laser turrets. But a few bombers 
will jump in eventually, marked with an "I spoke too soon. We've got 
torpedo bombers coming in. Take them out, 45th". Hit the Target Torpedo to 
do just that. There are 3 bombers in total, making 12 torpedoes and about 4 
runs. The Kamovs will edge in closer, so be sure to hit the afterburners 
and use Screamers to take out torpedoes just in front of you that your guns 
won't hit. Eventually, after a long while, they will be out of torpedoes so 
they jump out. Now it's time to get the Krasnaya.

Afterburn over to it and wait for a message from Steiner to take out the 
shield generator. Be quick about it. Then go after the engines and finally 
the turrets. Be quick about all this because if you take to long the 
Krasnaya will either jump out or warp out. When they are all down, Gamma 
will make their run and take it out. Jump out with the Reliant to Fort 
Carter. Get landing permission, and mission complete.

My Kills: 12
My Total Kills: 123
My Rewards: Promotion to Captain, Tempest now available

( 2i. Mission 9 )

Recommended Fighter: Coyote
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamers, 2x Bandits, 2x Havoks

Objective: Disable the Berijev Command Ship, destroy the Carrier and 

Jump out to behind the Berijev and start attacking the fighters. For such a 
big important fleet, it isn't too well protected. A handful of Scorpions at 
the front and a handful of Sabers at the back, and a Kurgen at each end as 
well. You'd think they had a few more intelligent molecules, but hey, it's 
easy so I'm not complaining. Start out with the Sabers, and then move on to 
the Kurgen. With that down, destroy the Berijev's shield generator and then 
engines, finishing up with the 5 turrets. The Marine Boarding Ship will 
jump in, followed by another wing of fighters. Take them out before they 
get to the boarding ship. When they are all gone and the marines have 
docked, you are free to move up to the top end of the fleet and engage in 
the merciless destruction of fat slow scorpions and a fresh wing of 
Saracens. Eventually you will get a message from Enriquez to destroy the 
carriers shield generator. Do so then get back to Saracen destroying, made 
more fun by yet another wing launching. The Reliant will destroy the 
carrier and Stahl will call saying he's in a real pickle. Best go check it 

When you arrive you should see the Boarding Ship being attacked by the 
Cobras, the guys who helped you out back in Mission 5. If you were keeping 
up with the news (who doesn't these days) you will have seen something 
involving them and John McGann. If not, here's a rundown: After Mission 5, 
they highjacked the convoy and stole the cargo. They have been essentially 
pirates ever since. Attack as many as you can because if you've been 
keeping up, you are about 5 on the killboard, and 4 looks very nice right 
now. But remember to protect the boarding ship. If that goes up, you lose. 
If you don't let it get destroyed, and you take out enough of the Cobras, 
they will warp out with inbuilt warp systems they have on their little 
warping Patriots. The Reliant will then jump in, congratulate you, and then 
you are free to land.

My Kills: 27
My Total Kills: 150
My Rewards: Promotion to Flight Captain, Patriot now available

( 2j. Mission 10 )

Recommended Fighter: Patriot
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamers, 2x Jackhammers

Objective: Destroy Latov Observation Base

Change guns to the Tachyon Cannon for a blind-fire advantage straight after 
launch. Jump out and arrive next to a Coalition convoy. Target one of the 
Sabers and let him have it with you cannons. Quickly change back to full 
guns and hit the other because he will jump out and alert the troops that a 
convoy is under attack. When he's down, take out everything else and then 
jump again.

This spot is for a Nanny rendezvous, which can re-arm you and fill up your 
afterburner fuel. But it's not there and it turns out it's because there's 
and enemy hunting pack in your sector. They will jump in and go straight 
for Gamma. Make sure at least one survives, because if they both go down 
you fail. But if one or both live, the Nanny jumps in. Fly into the funky 
red rings and you will automatically fly in and get re-armed and re-

Jump again and you will come out at the Latov base. Afterburn towards it 
(it's a big asteroid in case you're wondering) and hit the Comms Tower. 
Next go for the turrets around the big dish. When they are destroyed, Gamma 
will move in for the kill. The only con here is that they have to drop 
shields, and the place is crawling with Kurgens. Switch to Full Guns and 
take them out with some extra assistance from Screamers, just to make it a 
little faster. Gamma will destroy the dish, so now comes your big moment. 
Blow the hatch that was above the recently-destroyed comms tower, then line 
up with the rings and launch 1 or both your Jackhammers down there. I like 
both because it looks cooler. If you haven't already, finish up the Kurgens 
and then jump back to the Reliant. Get permission for landing and you are 

My Kills: 16
My Total Kills: 166
My Rewards: None

( 2k. Mission 11 )

Recommended Fighter: Patriot
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamers, 2x Jackhammers

Objective: Attack and destroy the CS Czar

In this mission you finally get to intentionally warp courtesy of a new 
inbuilt warp system like the ones the Cobras had. Use this to warp out to 
the Coalition Class 1 Super Carrier, the CS Czar.

Immediately change guns to Tachyon Cannon. This will make it easier to 
destroy the sentry satellites stationed around the Czar. A wing of Lokis 
and 3 Kurgens will launch, ignore them and go straight for the satellites. 
Lock on, shoot, lock on, shoot etc until you get a comms from Bandit saying 
"That's enough of the sentry turrets out of the way". You are now free to 
engage to Lokis and Kurgens. Eventually the Vampires will finally jump in, 
along with a marine boarding ship to locate the shield generators. A 
coalition cruiser will jump in, with a new wing of 8 Azans launching. Don't 
let any of them get to the boarding ship. Be careful that you don't use any 
of your Jackhammers against the fighters and satellites, you will need them 
BOTH to destroy the Czar. Destroy all the fighters, finish up the Kurgens 
then head over to the centre of the Czar, directly below the coalition 
cruiser, the Yestavify. In here there is what looks kind of like a docking 
bay, there are two sections of whatever they use to build it above and 
below it, along with a turret on either side and one on the top metal 
section. 1 section is shorter than the other. At the end is a dead end, but 
you should see a logo that looks like a star with red dashes coming out on 
the left and right. Wait for the marines to locate the shield generators, 
they will then send the location to Gamma Wing. They will jump in and blow 
them up. The star-section should now be lit up in your HUD. Shoot the 
bejeezes out of it then wait for a hatch to pop up as next target. 
Jackhammer that and then Jackhammer the energy core. You have 1 minute to 
do that because then the secondary shields will come online. If you 
successfully destroy the core, pull up and afterburn away. Make sure you 
use the burners, hell hatch no fury like a Coalition Class 1 Super Carrier 
going up in smoke, and lots of it. When it's all done, jump out to the 
Reliant and initiate landing procedure.

My Kills: 7
My Total Kills: 173
My Rewards: Squadron name changed from 45th Volunteers to 45th Flying 
Tigers, Black Eagle, Long-Range Forces Commendation Medal, Level upgraded 
from Bronze to Silver, New missiles available

( 2l. Mission 12 )

Recommended Fighter: Coyote
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Screamer, 2x Raptor, 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Vagabond

Objective: Rendezvous with Ronin at ANS Yamato, steal fuel cells from and 
destroy Stalag mining base

On launch, jump out to the Yamato and the Ronin will launch. They will jump 
out after a bit of chitchat and will engage the bases fighters, slowly 
withdraw, and you will jump in. When you arrive, fly on over to the base 
then another lot of 8 fighters will launch from the Stalag. Destroy them 

Now we go turret hunting. The Stalag's laser turrets should pop up as next 
target, so cruise on lover, launch a couple of Screamers at them, finish up 
with cannons, then blow up the entry hatch. Move in with Bandit. The 
interior of the mining base is covered by turrets. Fly around SLOWLY and 
carefully take out the turrets. If you hit one of the cells, place goes 
boom, you fail the mission. Assuming all goes well, the turrets are 
destroyed and the base is intact and the Rippers cruise on in.

The Rippers will take their sweet time collecting the fuel cells, so you 
have plenty of time to decide how you are going to get out before the 
places explodes. I like to take up a position behind the cells but facing 
the entrance. That way I take a couple of shots, thing goes up, and I can 
afterburn straight through the exit without having to turn around. The 
Rippers will eventually make it out of the base with their cells, so start 
blazing away at the remaining cells. As soon as you get a message from 
Moose saying to get out before the place explodes, hit the afterburners and 
fly straight to the exit, make an attempt at turning, ram into a wall and 
continue out, hopefully before you hear a god-almighty BOOM!!! 

When you are out, a wing of Azans will jump in. Take them out with Raptors 
and Vagabonds before they can get to the Rippers, because if they are 
destroyed, you fail. When the Azans are down, jump out to Fort Carter. A 
wing of Azan Golden Warriors will jump in, accompanied by Squadron Leader, 
the Red Dragon. Take him out first, because he is actually somewhat skilled 
and can stuff up this mission for you. When he's down, you get comms from 
Moose congratulating you that's a little different from normal, and then 
focus on the regular fighters. With the Maulers in to help as well, this 
should be all too easy. When all the Golden Warriors are destroyed, jump 
out to the Reliant and land.

My Kills: 19
My Total Kills: 192
My Rewards: None

( 2m Mission 13 )

Recommended Fighter: Patriot
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamer, 2x Raptor

Objective: Locate renegade base, destroy Cobras

Switch guns to Tachyon Cannon. Jump out after the convoy, and 2 wings of 
Black Sun Sabers and Saracens will jump in. #1 priority here is the 
protection of Gamma, without them you can't destroy the Cobras base. Fly up 
to one of the bombers, match speed and let fly with 1 Raptor to whoever 
comes too close. When they are all destroyed, Bandit and Tanner will engage 
in a little bit of talk then the convoy will jump in, followed by 4 Cobra 
fighters. Again, the #1 priority is protection of Gamma, but as there's 
only 4 as opposed to 12 like before, you don't need to hang around them. 
There is also a 2 minute time frame, so make sure you get to work. Take out 
the Cobras then the Pumas will jump in.

Jump out to where the convoy was before they jumped to you. As you jump in 
you might just see the Cobras jumping out. Warp out to the base to find 
nothing but a ruined fort. Afterburn over to it  and at the bottom you 
should see a strange attachment. Let it have it with Full Guns and 
Screamers. When it's destroyed change back to Tachyon Cannon, because a 
wing of Lokis will launch. Take them out then the REAL Cobras will come in, 
including McGann. Target him first, and if you pay close enough attention, 
you will see that he is flying a Phoenix, a prototype medium-class fighter 
with lots of fancy add-ons that he won't use. He weaves and rotates a lot 
so when he does line up behind him and shoot Screamers. When he's down 
(shouldn't be too hard, he doesn't fight back), focus on the rest of the 

When they are down, you get a surprise visit from none other than Viper, 
who was supposedly killed when his jump drive malfunctioned in Mission 5. 
Turns out McGann made him an offer he couldn't refuse, so he didn't. Target 
him and do the same as you did for McGann, as he too weaves a lot. But 
again, like McGann, he doesn't fight back. Next up turn your attention to 
the rest of the Cobras. When they are destroyed, Gamma jumps in and 
launches torpedoes. If you want, you can do my favorite thing and launch 
every last one of your Screamers at the base for absolutely no reason while 
the big boomers are still on their way. When it's down, jump back to the 
Reliant and land. Mission complete.

My Kills: 23
My Total Kills: 215
My Rewards: Promotion to Lt. Commander, Wolverine now available

( 2n. Mission 14 )

Recommended Fighter: Wolverine
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Screamer, 2x Raptor, 2x Vagabond, 1x Jackhammer, 
1x Fuel Pod

Objective: Attack and destroy Coalition research station and warp gate

At last, the Vampires favorite fighter, the Wolverine. It hasn't got blind-
fire, but its guns are so strong and fast firing that it doesn't really 
matter. It also has 8 hardpoints, but I will go more in-depth into this 
later on in this FAQ.

Jump out to Gamma's drop-off point, then jump again to the actual base 
area. Start blowing up fighters and then hit the Kurgens. Don't use your 
Jackhammer here, you will really need it. Use missiles freely in this 
mission, as you should in every mission. After the fighters and Kurgens are 
destroyed, go over to the research facility. Fly all over it looking for 
turrets, destroying them as you find them. When enough are down, Gamma will 
jump in. Using the Target Next Friendly key, scroll through to either of 
the Gamma's and afterburn over to it. A Kurgen is behind them and with 
shields dropped, Gamma won't last long. This is where the Jackhammer comes 
in: lock on and blast the thing into oblivion. Now fly back over to the 
actual warp gat, and on it are 4 power cores. They are pretty much 4 big 
structures placed at intervals around the perimeter. When the research 
station is down, start Screaming and shooting the cores. You have to do 
this fast, otherwise you have a Class 1 carrier in with you. If you take 
the gate down fast enough, the carrier will be cut clean in half and you 
will have taken out a research station, a warp gate and a carrier in one 
mission. Not too shabby.

Warp out to the Reliant. Initiate landing procedure.

My Kills: 7
My Total Kills: 222
My Rewards: Medal of Valour

( 2o. Mission 15 )

Recommended Fighter: Patriot
Recommended Hardpoints: 1x Fuel Pod, 2x Screamer, 2x Raptor

Objective: Search for traces of ion signatures

On launch, change to Tachyon Cannon and jump out. A wing of 9 Black Guard 
Basilisks will jump in. Attack and destroy them but remember that they can 
cloak. Moose will try and contact the Reliant, but he can't get through 
because the Black Guard are jamming his comms. When about 6 of them are 
destroyed, a wing of Black Eagle Sabers will jump in. Take them out, they 
are easier than the Basilisks. When all Coalition fighters are destroyed, 
the Reliant will send a comms to you: "Tigers, where've you been, where in 
real trouble here! The Reliant is heavily damaged, our jump is destroyed 
and our shields are gone! There's a Coalition carrier group closing in on 
our position. Captain Foster has ordered all personnel to leave the ship 
and rendezvous at the Victorious" There you have your next point of call.

When you arrive, the Bridge Officer on board the Victorious will inform you 
of the Reliant's current predicament. Enriquez will then jump in. The 
Victorious will let you know that her scouts are coming in with fighters 
and bombers right behind them. As soon as the scout team jump in, which is 
told through a cutscene in which 7 Tempests jump in, hit your Target 
Torpedo button to get the lock-on. The bombers will launch as soon as they 
arrive so make sure you have Tachyon Cannon and a bunch of Screamers ready. 
Destroy all the torpedoes before they connect and then go after the 
fighters. There's only 5 of them and with about 11-13 Alliance fighters out 
here, there is probably only 2 left. Nonetheless, go for the kill and then 
another wing will jump in along with another couple of bombers. Hit the 
torpedoes and then the fighters. When they are all shot up, take up an 
escort position with the Victorious. A cutscene will roll, showing Captain 
Foster launch 4 torpedoes at one of the 3 carriers than ram into it, 
destroying both ships. After this cutscene the game will be frozen for a 
while, potentially 10 minutes. 
The game will come back to life soon, don't worry. And when it does, you 
are ordered to go and help the Ronin and the Yamato, as they are currently 
engaged in a battle with the Yestavify and Kiev.

Jump out and target the shield generators on one of them, blow them up, 
then target the other generators and blow them up. The Yamato will launch 
torpedoes and they both go boom. Finish up the last of the fighters and 
then land at you new home.

My Kills: 23
My Total Kills: 245
My Rewards: None

( 2p. Mission 16 )

Recommended Fighter: Wolverine
Recommended Hardpoint: 2x Screamers, 2x Raptors, 2x Jackhammers, 2x Fuel 

Objective: Attack and destroy CS Morzov

On launch the Vampires and the Bremen will jump out, and a wing of Sabers 
and 2 Kamovs warp in. The Ronin say that they will take care of them, so 
jump out. When you finish jumping, you will see that the Morzov is docked 
with a Shavrov fuel tanker. Fly on over to them and the Shavrov will jump 
out. A wing of Black Guard Basilisks and 2 Kurgens jump in, as well as a 
launch of Sabers. Seems these guys knew you were coming, eh?

One of the Black Guardians is Nicolai Petrov, you met him back in Mission 4 
when he was launching Screamers at the Larsons Pride Mammoth transport, 
remember? Well, he's back and with some more of the Black Guard with him. 
Target him first and blow him to smithereens, he's really not that skilled 
they make him out to be. Then get to work on the rest of the fighters and 
the Kurgens. Remember, even when the Basilisks cloak you can still see a 
shadow, so lead them manually and blow them out of space. When all the 
fighters and Kurgens are down, take out the Morzovs shield generator and 
engines. The Yamato will then jump in and launch 
torpedoes at the Morzov, destroying it. Enriquez will then let you hear a 
comms link they got from the Vampires: "Tigers! Need assistance!". Seems 
they didn't fare all too well. At this point another wing of fighters, 
Kamovs and Kurgens will jump in. Again, the Ronin will be all honorable and 
say that they will handle it, but hey, they're Japanese (ok, that's pretty 
stereotypical, but still). So out you go, jump over to the Vampires.

On arrival, a cutscene will show a close-up of the Vampires base-ship, the 
ANS Bremen. It turns out the Vampires lost, and by a lot. Diceman says he's 
got an escape pod on his scanners, and then patches through a comms link to 
the pod. Apparently the Black Guard were waiting for them, ready to shoot 
them down as soon as they came out of JumperSpace. Which they did. They 
also took out all ejection pods, except his. A Black Guard wing will jump 
in and finish the job, meaning they shoot the pod. The leader of this wing 
is Ivan Petrov, the brother of the recently killed Nicolai Petrov. They 
will attack so do the same. Stay on Ivan and bring his shields down to 3 
bars left, then they will jump out. The Yamato will jump in and Bandit will 
tell them what happened. It is now time to land.

My Kills: 16
My Total Kills: 261
My Rewards: Promotion to Commander, Reaper now available, Level upgraded to 
Gold, Special Operations Service Medal, New missiles available

( 2q. Mission 17 )

Recommended Fighter: Reaper
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Screamer, 2x Raptor, 2x Hawk, 1x Jackhammer, 1x 

Objective: Disable Berijev Command Ship, capture Admiral Kulov

On launch, change guns to the Vulcan Battery. Jump out and you will meet a 
Coalition recon wing. You have 60 seconds to destroy them all or you fail. 
Best get to work. When they are destroyed, jump out.

When you arrive go straight for the Kurgens. Lock on to one and let fly 
with a Jackhammer, then lock on to the other and finish it off with 
Screamers and guns. Next on the list is to destroy the shield generator. Do 
so, and then get the engines. Cruise around and take out the turrets, then 
go and help the Ronin finish up the fighters. The boarding ship will now 
jump in.

After a while an Antonov pickup ship will jump in along with a wing of 
fighters. An escape pod will launch from the Berijev, it's Admiral Kulov! 
The Berijev will explode due to a self-destruct sequence initiated by 
Kulov. Lock on to the Antonov with Hawks and take it down, remember the 
Hawks have a very long range so you don't need to rush things. When the 
ship is destroyed, target the fighters. Be VERY CAREFUL that you don't hit 
the escape pod, if you do you fail the mission. When the fighters and 
Antonov are destroyed, a Nanny will jump in to pick up the pod. When the 
pod has been collected, Nanny 1 will jump out, so you should too. 

When you pull out, Diceman says to celebrate the capture of Kulov, but a 
wing of Haiders crash the party. Don't let them get too close to the Nanny, 
because although it has a few turrets, they aren't much compared to the 
full guns display spewing from a Haiders cannons. But overall, they are 
pretty easy to defeat and shouldn't cause my trouble. Land and you are 

My Kills: 18
My Total Kills: 279
My Rewards: Promotion to Flight Commander, Shroud now available

( 2r. Mission 18 )

Recommended Fighter: Reaper
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Screamer, 2x Raptor, 2x Hawk, 2x Jackhammer

Objective: Attack and destroy Dark Reign Ion Cannon

Warp out to the Ion Cannon, henceforth known as DR. When you pull out of 
the warp, go for the fighters instead of DR. After about 10 seconds, it 
will destroy the Victorious and the Yamato will bug out. Continue shooting 
up fighters and if Moose says "The Ion Cannon is targeting us! Get out of 
its range!", it means to afterburn away from DR as fast as you can. 
Eventually Diceman will locate the shield generator and pass this on to 
Bandit, who assigns you the task of destroying it. When it's down, armor 
plating should pop up as a target. Get up close and destroy it with 
Screamers, then launch your Jackhammers at the core. 
Remember you have a time limit, which I think is winngmen left, so don't 
take too long. This (the Jackhammers) should take it out and that means 
it's time to go. Afterburn away and watch the show. A new wing of fighters 
will jump in, which is all the more for you. Finish up the fighters, and 
then land on the recently arrived Yamato. 

My Kills: 18
My Total Kills: 297
My Rewards: Legion of Service, Joint Services Commendation Medal, Phoenix 
now available, new missiles now available

( 2s. Mission 19 )

Recommended Fighter: Shroud (no choice)
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Hawks, 2x Solomons

Objective: Rescue Klaus Steiner from the Saladin

It seems Bandit has vanished, so now Diceman has taken over as Wing Leader 
and a new member Hawkeye has taken over for him. Anyhoo, jump out and a 
wing of Scorpion Haidars will jump in. Take them out but be careful, your 
Shroud isn't the best when it comes to defences. When they are down, a 
Boarding Ship and the Ronin will jump in. Now you can jump out.

As soon as you arrive hit the cloak button. You will have to destroy the 
Saladin's Gravity Drive and turrets. Move in to the Gravity Drive, 
highlighted in your HUD, and wait for Diceman to give the ok to decloak and 
destroy your target. When the first one is down, another drive will be 
highlighted, then another and another. There are 4 in total, so take the 
out and then go turret-busting. Move along the surface of the Saladin so 
the turrets will have a harder time hitting you, then yell out "BOO!" and 
tackle them to the ground. Not really, fly up to them and fire at them with 
you Proton Cannons. When all 7 turrets are destroyed, you may begin fighter 

As the last fighter/Kurgen goes boom, the Boarding ship shall jump in along 
with Ronin. The boarding ship will proceed to move into the Saladin, and 
about halfway there a wing of Scorpion Haidars jump in. Attack. Kill. 
Destroy. Seriously, these guys won't mess around and go straight for the 
boarding ship. Launch all of your Solomons at them and shoot down those who 
survive. After they are all destroyed and you have your first update from 
Marine commander Mason, another wing will jump in, this time with 2 
Kurgens. The Kurgens have Alliance prisoners on board, so DO NOT target 
them. Go for the fighters only. Eventually Hawkeye will say that the 
Kurgens are after the Boarding Ship, so Diceman makes the decision for you 
to destroy the 2 Kurgens. Do so because 6 turrets on boarding ship equal 
about 30-40 seconds of life. After they are down go after the fighters. 
When they are all down, the Marines let you know that they have 
found Steiner and are calling in the boarding ship. Soon after the ANS 
Churchill jumps in along with the Pirates. Time to go home.

When you arrive back at the Yamato, they tell you that they are tracking 
incoming Coalition fighters. They jump in and go straight for the boarding 
ship. One of them is Scorpion Leader Kariq Madiz, and the Coalitions loss 
is the killboard's gain. Finish up the rest of the fighters, making sure 
they don't destroy the boarding ship. When they are all done, land on the 

My Kills: 32
My Total Kills: 329
My Rewards: Promotion to Squadron Commander, Level upgraded to Platinum, 
Navy Cross

( 2t. Mission 20 )

Recommended Fighter: Phoenix
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Solomon, 2x Raptor

Objective: Attack and destroy Coalition convoy

On launch change guns to Pulse Cannon, then jump out. On arrival at the convoy, 
Hawkeye will point out that you are somewhat outnumbered. The Marauders jump in 
to land a hand. Start to work on the fighters while the Marauders get to work on
the shield generators and engines. Remember that the fighters are all Kossacks
and they can just sit there day and night and they won't be destroyed because 
their armor is so strong. So it will take about 10 minutes just to get rid of 
them. But when you have finished up the last one, move onto the Kurgens. Stand 
tactics: change to full guns, blast away, fly away a little to let you guns 
recharge, then make another run. Repeat until they are destroyed. At this point
a wing of Raven Laggs will jump in, accompanied by Coalition ace Katrina 
Illyana. When 1 of them is destroyed, they will jump out. A comms will come 
through from Enriquez, saying that Gamma will have to attack now before 
reinforcements arrive. Destroy the rear gun on the Ufelsky and the Berijev and 
Gamma will launch torpedoes. I would advise you move out of the way otherwise 
the ships will explode in your face like a lava lamp on the stove. When they are
both destroyed, Enriquez will patch through a comms from the Ronin. Turns out 
that the Black Guard were waiting for them. Jump out to see what happened.

It will take 2 jumps to get there. After the last jump you will emerge in a
scrap field. The Black Guard already destroyed the Ronin and reclaimed Kulov.
Hawkeye will say that she picks up a comms beacon on her scanners. The beeping
needle will pop up again so get searching. When you find it, Kulov appears and
says that the Ronin put up one hell of a fight. Ivan Petrov and the Black Guard
(or a wing thereof) will jump in and attack again. Attack back and take a few 
kills or go straight for Petrov again and make them jump. When they do, head 
back to the Yamato. 

My Kills: 15
My Total Kills: 344
My Rewards: None

( 2u. Mission 21 )

Recommended Fighter: Reaper
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Solomons, 2x Screamers, 2x Raptors, 2x Fuel Pods

Objective: Attack and destroy the Coalition Second Fleet

You will start this mission in a Kamov bomber to let you get behind the 
Coalition lines. Jump out and change to Chase View to make this easier. If you 
don't excel and formation flying, this will take a few tries, but you should get
it eventually. In this mission there is the reappearance of the "funky-looking
red rings". Fly into them and hit the Match Speed button. Stay in the rings and
in formation or the mission will fail after you second warning. Fly in towards
the Varyag and when Diceman starts to turn and twist when you are behind it,
stop the Match Speed and search for another set of red rings behind the Varyag.
When you get there, point your nose at the Varyag and wait for Dice man to say
"Now! Fire torpedoes!". When he does, hit the Fire Missile until all 4 of you
torpedoes are gone. When they are, pull up and afterburn away. A cutscene will
show it going up and the Yamato, Endeavour and Mitchell will jump in. Afterburn
over to the Yamato and fly to the ramp at the back. You will land automatically
and re-launch in the fighter you chose at the beginning.

After launch you will arrive to the sound of a BOOM and the Endeavour exploding.
Hit the Target Torpedoes button because a wing of Kamovs will try and destroy 
the Yamato. Blow all the torpedoes out of the sky and then turn you attention to
the fighters. When Enriquez says to concentrate on the shield generators, do so.
Blow one up, afterburn over to the other ship and blow that up. The Yamato will
then make its torpedo run, destroying both ships. Finish up the fighters and

My Kills: 11
My Total Kills: 355
My Rewards: Battle of Titan Campaign Medal

( 2v. Mission 22 )

Recommended Fighter: Phoenix
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Solomons, 2x Hawks

Objective: Raid and destroy the Kronstadt supply depot

When you jump, you will come out in a Coalition satellite field. You have 60 
seconds to take out them all. The satellites are arranged in rows of 3. There 
are roughly 5 rows. They are arranged a little like so:

   ooo                    ooo
ooo   ooo          OR   ooo ooo
ooo   ooo               ooo        ooo

Leave the front row to the rest of the wing and get to work on the rest. Go for
the rows on the right. Take out the first row and launch 3 Solomons. Afterburn
over to the other couple of rows and take out one, then launch another 3 
Solomons. If you don't get them all a wing of Haidars will jump in and you have
60 seconds to take them out, otherwise they jump out and warn the base. Either
way, when you are done, jump out.

On arrival, the Kronstadt will launch a wing of fighters. Immediately afterburn
towards the Comms Tower and blow it up. Again, you have 60 seconds before a
bunch of everybody jumps in. After that, I would advise going after fighters
before the service doors because as soon as the doors are blown, the Rippers
jump in along with the Mammoth, and it's a pain in the *** to protect 4 Rippers
and a Mammoth at once. Either way, when they jump in, so does the rest of the
Golden Warriors, along with Squadron Leader the Red Dragon and also a few of the
Sabers. Take them out before they can get to the rippers.

The rippers will collect 2 cargo pods each and drop them off at the Mammoth.
When they have all made their drops, they will jump out. The Yamato and Gamma
will then jump in and blow the Kronstadt to oblivion. Jump out to Fort Bear and

My Kills: 16
My Total Kills: 371
My Rewards: None

( 2w. Mission 23 )

Recommended Fighter: Reaper
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Screamers, 2x Solomons, 2x Raptors, 1x Hawk, 1x Fuel

Objective: Attack and destroy the CS Pukov and the Black Guard

Klaus Steiner will be with you in the mission. On launch, change to Vulcan 
Battery and jump out. You will arrive right beside the Pukov. Afterburn towards
it and wait for it to launch its fighters. Attack, kill, destroy, lather, rinse
and repeat. When enough of them are down you will be ordered to take down the 
shield generator. It can take a LOT of punishment so it will take a while. But 
when it's eventually destroyed, a wing of Kamovs will launch. Take them down 
before they can launch. When they do, another wing of them will launch, except
theses ones are cloaked. But still, you can see the shadow, so engage at will,
preferably sooner rather than later. Then go after a fresh batch of Sabers and
Basilisks. Eventually the Pukov will launch missiles at the Yamato when Gamma 
Wing launches. Intercept and destroy the torpedoes. They will launch several 
salvos, the hardest parts about it being a) enemy fighters attacking you while 
you take out torpedoes and b) getting hit by one of said torpedoes. A real good
strategies for taking out the torpedoes is to sit in between the 2 ships but out
of the way of the torps, switch to Vulcan Battery and mash Target Torpedo, lock
on and destroy. The onslaught will only end when the Pukov is destroyed, which
will take 3 salvos from the Yamato as well as the 12 from Gamma. Either way,
unless you die, the Pukov goes down and the Yamato lives. 

My Kills: 23
My Total Kills: 394
My Rewards: Alliance Medal of Honour

( 2x. Mission 24 )

Recommended Fighter: Shroud (must-use if you plan on living)
Recommended Hardpoints: 2x Solomon, 2x Raptor

Objective: Attack and destroy the CS Boridin

Here it is, the final mission against the last of the Black Guard, Ivan Petrov,
Admiral Kulov and one last ion cannon, with both Klaus Steiner AND Maria 
Enriquez flying with you.

This mission is really long and really complex, so I shall write this mission in
Stage 1:
After jump, you will uncover a part of the plan: 2 Hades will ride behind a 
Coalition Shavrov transport to get in close then launch there torpedoes. There
are a few Alliance capships here too say the least: the Yamato, Intrepid, 
Mitchell and Koenig are here. Warp out to the Borodin. 
Stage 2:
As you come out of warp, Hawkeye will comment on the impressive size of the 
Boridin. A wing of perhaps 20 Laggs, Sabers and the last of the Black Guard 
Basilisks will come at you along with about 2 Kurgens. Engage at will, this part
isn't any different from any other mission. Eventually the Ion Cannon will get a
lock on the Shavrov, with Gamma having been spotted. At this point they launch 
their torpedoes and then get destroyed by the blast from the Shavrov. A few 
torpedoes make it through but not enough to take out the cannon. 
Stage 3:
The Yamato has picked up 2 wings of Coalition fighters moving in, and the
Pirates jump out to intercept them, leaving you with the order to take out the 
Boridins turrets. Here is where the need for the Shroud comes in. You know how 
the Boridin has an Ion Cannon, right? Well, unlike the Dark Reign, this one 
doesn't have a range. It just keeps a lock on you and shoots you down. The only
thing that can get rid of it is to cloak, and the Shroud is the only thing that
can. So, cloak up, move in, decloak, take out a turret, cloak, find another, 
Stage 4:
Hawkeye has found a weakness on the Boridin. To capitalize, a wing of Rippers 
jumps in along with a Mammoth filled up with charges. The rippers will then pick
up a charge and try to drop them on the hole, but a wing of fighters jump in, 
making it just a tad difficult. Take them down and another wing will jump in, 
this one with about 14 instead of 6. Launch ALL your Solomons at them then fire
away with your Raptors. Finish up with guns and remember, AT LEAST 6 RIPPERS 
MUST SURVIVE. When they are all down, the Rippers should be just about done.
Stage 5:
The Ripper leader tries to set off the charges by remote, but it fails. You must
fly in and set them off manually. They should appear as a target. Fly over to 
them and shoot one then bug out. The charges will go off, but a section of the 
Boridin will break away before the explosion reaches it. It starts to open a 
warp core.
Stage 6:
The energy core on the section is covered by extra-strength armour plating, so 
your guns do jack **** against it. Steiner decides to be a hero and kamikazes 
into it, destroying the plates. Shoot out the core then afterburn away. That 
thing blasts big, and powerful, so you don't want to be near it.
Stage 7:
The Ion Cannon is destroyed and so is a section of the Boridin. Turns out 
Steiner ejected before his fighter hit, so he's still alive. Ivan Petrov arrives
with a wing of the Black Guard and is not happy that he's still alive, so he
targets the ejection pod. Sit by it and launch at him with any leftover Raptors
you may have, our move forward a bit and finish up with your guns. Then turn you
attention to the rest of the Black Guard. When they are all down, the Yamato 
will launch torpedoes and destroy the Boridin. Land and congrats, you have 
completed the game!

 /       \
( 3. FAQ  )
 \       /

a) What's the highest rank you can get?
Squadron Commander

b) What's the highest Level you can get?

c) Is this a good game?
Why did I write a walkthrough for it?

d) What do ANS and CS stand for?
Just a guess, I would say the ANS stands for Alliance ? Ship and CS stands 
for Coalition Ship

e) How many squadron leaders can you kill?
7. Colonel John McGann, Viper, Red Dragon, Ivan Petrov, Kariq Madiz, Angel 
of Death, Al Rahan and if you turn rogue, Maria Enriquez.

f) Your walkthroughs awesome! Can I have your children? 
Well, no, but it's real nice of you to ask

g) Your walkthroughs awesome! Can I host it on my website?
Like I said in 1b. Legal Blah, ask me in an email and if I'm in a good mood 
and your website has a good reputation, most likely yes.

h) What's the most kills possible in this game? 
I have no idea, but the highest I've gotten is 437, so my guess would be 
about 550, but that's taking out ALL the fighters and Kurgens in EVERY 
mission by yourself, which is nigh impossible.

i) So many carriers! How many are there?
I don't know a total number for either ANS or CS, but rough guesses are 
that there are about 11 featured in the game for ANS with 14 overall, and 
at least 13 featured of CS, with 14 overall.

j) What are the names of all the Alliance carriers?
Now that's a tricky one. Lets see, Reliant, Yamato, Bremen, Kestrel, 
Churchill, Koenig, Endeavour, Washington, Victorious, Illustrious, 
Mitchell, Ulysses, Intrepid and Roma.

 /                       \
( 4. Credits and Contact  )
 \                       /

I would like to thank the following people for their contributions in 
this walkthrough possible:

CjayC for the amazing website of GameFAQs
My sister for letting me use her PC
Mum and Dad for the money to buy this game
EB Games for trading this to me in place of my faulty Star Wars KOTOR
Microsoft Games for making this game
And any readers of this for lasting this long.

Send all your strategies, kills for a particular mission, earlier 
promotions, questions, comments or the address of a website that isn't 
allowed to host this but does to:
That's spambot stopping code for my email address, just remove ALL slashes 
and change the 'at' to '@' and the 'dot' to '.'
Until next time!

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