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FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

Version: Final | Updated: 03/24/04


Final Version :

Hi, here is a walkthrough for a Resident Evil like. The Ring stays a particular
game with its own originality. This walkthrough is now complete and i hope you
will appreciate it.

Homepage : http://www.dimensions-sega.fr.st
E mail at : advanced_knight@yahoo.fr

1.1 : was not a viable version but just a call for help, thanks to everyone who
help me or read me.

1.2 : Major updates were realised since i finished the game. First new weapons
appeared, one new character also appeared and minor update in the part 1 of the
walkthrough. Last, part 2 is now available.

1.3 : I added my point of view about the name translation and also how to find
the katana. I also increased by three points the final note in my review
because i have now a better opinion about this game.

1.4 : you'll discover the location of a new item in part 2, the story of the
videos, and personnal notes. Also, new faqs appeared since some people
misunderstand me. I read the walkthrough again and explain what is the "capsule
room". I have forgotten to say how to raise in reality last time because i
thought that when you was in the game it was evident, but it seems not ...I
read again and some Sanecko instead of Shizuko was corrected. Sorry for the
confusion it caused, but i thought that i had corrected all the name in the
last version of this walkthrough. A description of boss also appeared.

Final version : I corrected others things. This version is for my site and

Update 02/26/2004 : I added new commentaries in the 7th secion of this faq.

Here is the summary :

0 My point of view about translation
1 A complete review of the Ring
2 A cast of Characters
3 A word about items and weapons
4 A short description of the monsters and of the bosses
5 The walkthrough part 1
6 The walthorugh part 2
7 the story from the movie
8 FAQS and credits
9 personnal notes

0 : My point of view about the translation :

READ THIS FIRST : It's the first time i make a walkthrough for a game that
obtain a translation and maybe it's the last one if people continue to send me
e mail about name correction. I played with the JAPANESE version of The Ring.
The names could be different because english is not my first language. I use
the official translation rules in my country (France) and they are quite
different. I begin with Timothei which is the equivalent of Timothy in english.
For Luckino, i refuse to write it LU KI NO because it's like to said to
everyone : "I'm a champion i read 3 katakanas". For example in Tech Romancer in
the english version, the robot RAFAGA is in fact named LAFARGUE in japanese. If
you don't believe me, play with Magic Knight Ray Earth on Saturn : A character
is called Lafargue (it use the same kanas) and Working Designs translate it by
Rafargue, which is better than RAFAGA. In addition of that, We write Luc in
french and not Luke so sorry for the convenience. Last i finish with Kessy.
English translator called it Kathy. With english pronounciation it's ok, but
for a french it's completely different. That's why i chose Kessy. I hope you
will understand my point of view.


Kadokawa and Asmik Ace sign their first Resident like or if we can call that
game a resident like. There are a lot of subtilities in the game. The Ring
separate clearly adventure and action. In the "reality" you are MEG. It seems
that she was the girlfriend of Robert ( we will be fix with the translation ).
Robert has created the next generation in video games : THE RING. For Robert
it's more than a video games (and to say the truth he was not so wrong). As you
will see by playing the game, it's a parallel of their world (a friend told me
of a devil dimension like in Silent Hill). But something happens, a virus
changes the data, game becomes a reality when you play it and reality is a
game. That's the entire originality of the Ring.

The game begins after a long FMV, thanks to Kadokawa (Lunar...), of good
quality but it's the only one i have seen. Maybe there is another one at the
end of the game. Gulp... . The cut scenes have nothing special. Fortunately you
can zap them.

The graphics are the hard point of the game. In the reality they are correct
for 2F, very cool for 1F and quite ugly for B1. In the Ring you have a problem
of light. You have a lamp and some batteries and you visit a dark world. You'll
fix the light later in the game but the graphics reach the quality of B1. At
least the game is too dull blue green for the player. The cold atmosphere in
the CDC SOCIETY is adapted to the story.

The animation is average. Good because all movements are real, bad because Meg
is too slow when she walks and too speed when she runs. It creates some bugs
when you want to investigate a drawer or a cupboard or a locker. In addition of
that some monsters are quicker than you. You can change the camera in the
Options menu but not in the game. Type B is auwful, Type A is the same as in
Veronica, Type C is a hybrid of A and B and type D is a first person view, cool
for investigation but auwful for battles.

I give credits to the music. I don't like the one of 2F but notice that there
is one music for one floor. Quite original. The digit are good but not

The controls are hard. You play with the cross and not the analogic control
(when the conceptors will understand that Play and Sat are dead). I think that
Meg is too slow when she shots, however she has an excellent precision.

As you can see the game is full of drawbacks (have i talk of bugs with ladder)
but some points are good. The more you kill the monster the strongest they
become. The imaginary acts like a real video game. If the adventure is
difficult in the reality, it's ultra hard in the ring because you are alone and
without directive. I wait 2 hours of normal play, without searching for my way
to go to 1F. I hope for the game that the monster will come in reality or more
people transform like Robert. Even if the story is interesting the Ring is not
a top. If you know the original video maybe it could be interesting. As a
player i must admit that the game is dull blue green for interesting a
classical player, but also as a player i want to know the secret of the Ring.

GRAPHICS : 14/20
SOUND : 16/20
CONTROLS : 13/20
INTEREST : 13/20



MEG : Heroine of the game, she worked with Robert. She must discover why "the
Ring" has killed Robert. She is slow when she shots but resists so good.

JACK : Friend of Meg and Robert. We learn few things about him and i suppose he
knows more about Robert's death than he wants too say (at least like all the
best friend in detective story).

JOHN : Big boss of the CDC SOCIETY. Each time you talk of the Ring, he is
nervous. Hey Johny, got a problem ?

CHRIS : She is not a friend of Meg but she helps her sometimes. As the
secretary chief she is extremely straight in her work.

ROBERT : He died at the beginning (or he is supposed to be dead) because he
plays too much with the Ring. Don't worry they don't want to talk of epilepsie
in the game.

KESSY : She is the most sympathic character of the game. She helps Meg to go to
1F without asking the permission of Luckino.

LUCKINO : the most antipathic security guard i know. Each time you want to make
something unusual like going in toilets for men with Meg or Investigate a new
room, he forbids the access.

PETER : The scientist who works in the office near Robert's one. Not very
communicative, he had a problem with Robert. I think, he was jalous.

TIMOTHEI : The doctor of the CDC. He is too old to investigate himself, so he
helps Meg as best as he can. He doesn't understand which virus killed Robert
and he counts on you to help him for this point.

SHIZUKO : is the virtual girl i called ring in the previous version of this
walkthrough. She is very important.


The knife : Useless like in all resident like.

Handgun : a good weapon and a tons of bullets

Shotgun : a powerful weapon at close range. On the contrary of other shotgun,
you cannot make combos.

Grenade launcher : not very powerful and long to reload.

Assault rifle : the best weapon of the game. Powerful and full of bullets.

Rocket launcher : extremely powerful and even dangerous for the user. you'll
build it.

Napalm gun : is the most powerful weapon but you'll use it only for the last

The katana : When you return last from the Ring go to 1F. Then head towards the
Exit. Meg will hear a scream and run. Kessy is attacked by a gorilla. Kill the
gorilla. Then search for the southwest corner of the room and you'll find the
katana. It's a good weapon in close range But it's hard to use. Also you can
find it only when you have the access to this room (you could think it's stupid
to say that but in fact it's very late in the game.)

Normal items :

Healing Serum :
normal that heals one status
medium that heals 2 or 3 status
extra that heals all status

Battery : for your lamp, or you'll travel in the dark.

Special Items are used automatically.

About the battle system : When a monster is too close of you, you cannot use
your weapon. Avoid the foe first then shoot. It's better to reload by using the
sub menu because in battle the monster hits you with violence when you reload.


HUMAN LARVE : Exist in red(stupid), blue(stick) and green(powerful and stick).
GORILLA : Very powerful with a good jump but a little slow.
LIZARD : They are difficult to shoot.Exist also in red and white.
CROW : Also difficult to shoot.


BLUE LARVE : In the microscope room in imaginary awaits the first boss. Similar
to the other blue larve, he is hard to kill.
GORILLA : He waits for you in the room Breeding, when you kill him you collect
a key.
SUPER LARVE : Near the isolation room, you need a grenade launcher to kill him
JOHN : After a good transformation, John is a disapointing and easy boss.
SADAKO : It's the last boss.

5 WALKTHROUGH part 1 :

The game begins with a FMV in english where Robert dies killed by a virus. Meg
was talking to him by using phone. Then she arrives and cries. Jack takes her
to the CDC.

Meg is now in Robert's office. Try to exit but the phone rings. Answer the
phone. Jack learns that Robert was working on "the Ring" before his death. Use
the PC and go to the Ring. You awake as a virtua cop and meet another virtua
cop. You are in the capsule room. You will play a mini tutorial : L : lighten
up your lamp, A is the action button, R+A= shot etc... Then climb the stairs.
You find a serum and bullets. You meet with a monster. Shoot him. Go
downstairs. You fall and awake.

MEG : "wow the game is very realistic..."

Exit of the room. You can save the game by using the camera and use the box to
deposit items. Exit of the office and meet Chris.

CHRIS : " Hi Meg. The big boss wants to see you."
MEG : " Ok let's go."

You talk with John. When Meg asks about the ring, he becomes furious. Now Meg
is in the LOBBY. You see 2 doors near the one of the boss and 1 door near the
exit. Don't go to 1F. You need a LV2 CARD. Enter the door near the exit. Talk
to Timothei.

TIM : "Robert's death is due to a virus"
MEG : "a ... virus ? strange."

Take the serum in the locker then Exit. Now visit all the rooms you can. You
must find the Laboratory room with two lockers. One of them have a file inside.
This will mark a red point on your map. Arrive in a new corridor then
investigate the LOCKER ROOM. When you have see it, exit. This will activate a
cut scene. When you come to the toilets enter those for men to meet Luckino.
Then visit those for Women to laugh. Now exit and head to your office. Here
save. Exit.

The next room is Peter's office. Talk with him and exit. Go all the way back to
the boss and ask more about the Ring. Exit. Go to your office and talk with
Jack by using the phone. Return to the locker room to meet Chris and Kessy.
Search for the first locker on the left. Chris comes to talk. Then Exit. Now go
back to John's office and ask again about the ring. Then go to Timothei's room
and talk with him.

TIM : "If you want to know more, investigate Robert's locker."
MEG : "I search for all the lockers but they are only for women. I can't visit
the room for men."
TIM : "Luckino must be there now. Go and I will follow, don't worry."

Go to the room near the LOCKER ROOM and enter it. You meet Luckino and Tim
explains that you want to look inside Robert's locker. Luckino is OK but it's
the only one you can open. You found a key and a file in Robert's locker. The
key opens the library in the lobby. Visit it and take the third file. Luckino
comes and orders you to exit.

MEG : "Is that guy a human ?"

Now that you have 3 files you can go further deep in the Ring. Go to your
office and save. Then use the PC to raise again in the Ring. This time use a
ladder to go to B1. In the first corridor there are an extra serum and a
battery. Pass the door. In the new corridor enter the first room and save.
Collect a battery and open a locker for a surprise. Exit to the toilets for
women and find some bullets in one of the WC. Enter a new corridor and talk to
the Virtua cop. Enter the first room. It's an infirmery and talk to the other
cop. Search for the curtain to investigate each bed. Exit. Visit the Microscope
room. Search for the drawer to find a file. Open the locker and kill the
monster inside. Collect the map on the wall. From this moment on you will
encounter powerful and new monsters. Visit the other room you can to collect
serum and battery. Go back to your save room and use the PC to raise in the

MEG : "Ouh my head... that game really hurts... I must talk of it with John."

Go talking to John. Exit and you fall. You awake in Timothei's room. Exit and
go to your office. There's no light. Enter the little room with the PC, you
will see a guy destroying the connection with the Ring. He hits you and
escapes. He loses a card lv2. Exit and talk to Peter.

PETER : "I never do such a thing. i don't understand."
MEG : "Are you sure ?"

You exit. On the way to the locker room you meet Kessy. She has lost her LV2
CARD and need yours to go to 1F (but Kessy didn't know that you have just
acquired it). Go to the Lobby. On your way you can open a new room : CONTROL
ROOM to find a map of 2F on a wall. Then go to the Lobby. Meet Kessy and go to
1F with her. Now you open the door. Visit 1F. The first office is Chris's one.
She says that Kessy is waiting for you at the restaurant. You cannot use
Chris's computer to go to the ring for the moment. In the second office save.
Exit. Go to the Restaurant. Kessy will help you disturbing Chris. Exit and
visit all the rooms you can. Last visit SECURITY ROOM to meet Luckino.

LUCKINO : "You know that you are heavy ?"
MEG : "What ?"
LUCKINO : "I bring you to Timothei's room."
MEG : "I suppose i must thank you ?"
LUCKINO : "Have i say that ? You must exit now."
MEG : "That guy has nothing human, but he could be useful."

On your way to Chris's office you meet Chris. She informs you that she has seen
Jack in the Lobby. Enter Chris's office and go to "the Ring". Go to the
corridor of Microscope room. The first door is locked and you need a powerful
weapon. You must go to the OPEROOM at the end of this corridor and enter. Push
the stool toward the cupboard. Collect the Shotgun. Use it to open the door.
Enter. Collect card key LV2. Go to the EXIT DOOR. Use the card and then the
stairs. Go to the roof to collect a serum. Kill the monster near 1F door and
enter 1F.Collect Hand gun bullets in the corridor, shot gun bullets in the
toilets, in the control room and in another room. Collect also a battery in the
first room of the corridor and the map of 1F on the wall. Save your game in the
OFFICE 2 like in reality. Enter OFFICE 1.

VIRTUA COP : "You surprised me. Are you nuts ?"
MEG : "Oh i'm so sorry."
VIRTUA COP : "I have a headache, It's not the moment. I cannot protect us from
the gas because i will disconnect soon.
MEG : "Gas ?"
VIRTUA COP : "Yes, if in 15 minutes you don't put the code 1951 in the electric
panel of the control room, we are all dead. Oh no i lose the contact,

Now you have 15 minutes to find a key, to put it in the panel and enter the
code. First re enter the room to collect a battery. Then immediately go to B1
and enter the room BREEDING. Kill the gorilla and collect the key. Go to the
transmission room of 1F and enter 1951. You will see "SHIZUKO", a little
virtual girl. Now you can switch on the light in all rooms and corridors you
have visited except for the stairs. Go back to the capsule room and raise in
the reality. Go to the restaurant and talk with Chris and Kessy.

KESSY : "Where were you ?"
MEG : "On the ring..."
CHRIS : "Ok, stop taking us for stupid girl. What about Robert's death ?"
MEG : "I do what i can, but that game is really dangerous..."

Meg turns her head and looks at the girl who disappeared.

CHRIS : "Meg, are you alright ?"
MEG : "Yes, I think."

Meg turns again and didn't see anyone.

MEG : "I want to access to more room, if you want to know the truth, OK ?"
CHRIS : "Let me fix it with your LV2 CARD KEY. It's ok now."

You can now visit most of the rooms that were locked. Go to B1. Visit the save
room and collect the map of B1 on the wall. Then visit the toilets for women
and talk to the woman inside. Then visit the infirmery and talk to the doctor.
He said that all the people here suffer of the same virus. He doesn't
understand what happened to them. In other room talk and you will learn a lot
of interesting things, in japanese for the moment. Don't forget to open the
curtain and talk to a woman who talk so much of Robert. Then go in Microscope
room, open the locker and hide inside. John and Peter know everything and Peter
cannot solve the problem for the moment. After that collect the serum and add
it to the item box. During the exploration you will find a lot of serum. Put
them all in the item box. You will find 90 bullets, put it also in the item
box. Look at all the drawer. Go to 2F and enter John's office. Open his drawer
and collect a key. I know that key opens a locker. In fact you can now open new
lockers and collect serums and bullets. Visit all the rooms and put all the
items in the item box.

6 Walkthrough part 2 :

Now return to John's office and enter in the Reference room (the one i called
Library). Search for a drawer between two chairs and collect a 8mm film. I
cannot find it due to the bug of programmation. I wasn't able to touch the
drawer because i searched for it while i was running. BRIEF, return to your
office and pick up the phone to talk with Jack. Go to Chris's office and talk
with her. You get the Audio visual key on the ground. Go to the audiovisual
room and use the camera to watch the film. Shizuko will transport you in the
ring. Go to B1 and pass the door at the end of the corridor of Microscope room
to reach a new area. Pass the next corridor. You meet a Virtua cop who looks

VIRTUA COP : "Ah that monster escapes."
MEG : "Let's go !"
VIRTUA COP : "No you must equip yourself first. There are a grenade launcher
and an assault riffle somewhere in 1F and 2F. Find them and come back. Find
also some grenades. I have installed it."
MEG : "INSTALLED ? Oh... ok see you later."

Go to 1F and enter the kitchen. You find an assault rifle. Open the
refrigerator of the left to find some grenades. In the right refrigerator you
find a key. Exit and enter the room in front of you to find a rifle ammo. Then
go back to the Capsule room and climb the stairs. You find a grenade launcher
in this room. Now go back to the cop. Enter the room and kill the monster by
using your grenade launcher (All the bullets). Then the cop says that he is
going to 1F now. You can visit two isolation rooms to find a lot of bullets and
serums. You also find some batteries. Now save and climb to 1F. You discover
that the cop is Jack. He has learned how to play in network with the ring by
studying Robert's data. Then a larve attacks Meg and she falls. Meg awakes in
the operoom and talks with John and Peter. They ask Meg to find a vaccin
because no one has survived so long in the ring. Return to your office. Try to
enter the little room but Luckino arrives. Talk and when he lives connect the
PC and raise on the ring. You find 3 rockets. Climb the stairs and collect
Napalm bullets. Go to B1 and then use the stairs to reach 1F. You see Shizuko.
Follow her and enter the same office. A cop talk with you of the rocket
launcher. You must now build it. Exit to B1. You see Shizuko again. Follow her
to the new area. Enter room level 4. Then use the door to arrive in a room with
a big machine. FMV.

Then Shizuko appears and lives. Follow her to Chanel room. She informs you of
the current danger. The virus is launched in reality and everyone will turn in
monsters. Now collect the Rocket launcher. The first part is in one of the
toilets of isolation room, second is in the toilets for men in B1 and third is
in the restaurant in 1F. There's probably a little more to do in the ring but
monsters were so powerful and numerous that I prefer to advise you to raise in
the reality now. To do that, go to the capsule room (where you play the
tutorial) in 1F and use the only open capsule. Yes my wish comes true :
Monsters in reality. You can use all the serums and bullets. You find a gun.
Equip yourself and save. Keep in mind that if monsters are weak they are too
numerous to be all killed. In addition of that you must economise the bullets
for the two ultimate bosses of the game. When you exit you have 3 minutes to
reach B1 by using new doors (the courtyard). Then go to the Isolation room. The
chrono stopped and now you have all your time. In one of isolation room is a
man who's scared. Then he changes into a gorilla. Kill him, he is weak. Shizuko
appears. Follow her in the chanel room. You find her body and after you

Then you'll have to use an elevator to reach the two rooms you can't enter. Go
to John's office and push the cupboard to find a secret elevator. Now kill the
larve and arrive in B1. Enter the level 4 room. FMV. Kill John. He is
ridiculous but long. you need a tons of bullets. Go to the machine room to see
Sadako. She takes off to the room. You exit automatically, but now, re enter
the room and search for the drawer to find Sadako's silver ring. If someone
knows how we can use it in the game... Shizuko asks you to kill her to save the
world. Go to 2F and save. Now climb to the roof by using stairs and collect all
items. Then enter the last arena.

SADAKO : To kill her you must first shoot her until she changes into crows.
Shoot all the crows. Do this two times. The third time she appears collect the
napalm gun and in one shot kill her. FMV. Now enjoy the end of the game and
prepare for RING 2.


7 The story from the movie :

There are three movies based on the Ring and also in Japan a dramatic serie of
episodes. Here i'll tell you the story of the two movies i received by mail
after i asked it. It's also to answer to many people who asked me more about
the Ring, because except for the game, i don't know anything else.

Update : (final version) :

Since the time i wrote this, the first movie comes in France to the cinema, and
now, a movie called Ring 0 is available. It told of the story of Sadako, before
she became the evil spirit. It also showed how she obtained her power.

Movie 1 :

A strange video is being circulated around among teenage students in Japan.
They dare each other to watch it and spread rumours that whoever watch it will
die in 7 days. Usually, the victims will receive a strange midnight call
without anybody at the other end. That's why for those who plays with the
japanese version, you can see in the manual a video named : RING 0. The victims
are found dead with a horrible look on their face as if they had seen something
horrible. You'll understand that it's because they have seen SADAKO and were
frightened by the death during the seventh day. If you remember during the
gameyou saw an extract from a movie and even a second if i'm right. It comes
from the first movie video. In the movie the heroine is a female reporter who
has heared of the story. She is involved in the story because a girl of his
family was killed by this videotape. She managed to get a copy of the tape
since more and more youngsters are copying this video to their friends. The way
to lift the curse is to show the same video to another one and make a copy to
him or her, then he or she only die if he doesn't show the same video to
another one. With the system of copy, everyone could be in danger...

One caracteristic of this curse is that whan you take a photo of you, you see
that your faces is not normal. She notices it on photo of her niece who was
killed by Sadako.

This reporter gives a copy of the video to her ex husband, Ryuji, a teacher, to
ask him his opinion. She was saved but didn't know it. Unfortunately her son
also watch the movie, because he has paranormal power and can communicate with
the death niece. This power comes from his father, Ryuji. Ryuji also feels that
his niece was here.

She tries to communicate with him. Then the two heroes of this first part, were
desperates to save themselves as they didn't know how to lift the curse.

They discovered the place where Sadako was thrown by her scientist father who
didn't want her anymore : a well. The mother of Sadako, Shizuko has super
natural power. Her daughter inherit them but they were superior. The extract of
the movie in the game related the public test organised to show these powers.
No one believe it was possible, then a guy screamed and died. Shizuko perfectly
knows that Sadako was responsible for this. His father then decide to kill
Sadako. When she was 16, she looks in the well and her father killed her, or so
he believes. Someone makes a video and doesn't interfere or help her. Sadako
had supernatural power and survive in the well 7 days. During this time she
developped hatred for humanity who mocked her mother (as in the video of the

In the tape, she explains her name : sada in japanese means she has no sexual
relation and she blames everyone for not saving her. After seven days she comes
and kill the person. After a long investigation, they both uncovered Sadako's
bones and thought that they had lifted the curse, because 5 minutes after 7h
PM, the heroine was alived. Of course it was not. The husband of the reporter
died on the seventh day. The scene was horrible, and i really make nightmare
cause of it. Then the reporter learns about her son and think to an ingenious

They watch the film one after the other to increase their lives of 1 week, she
calls for her father and asks for his help. And the first movie end here.

Movie 2 :

In the second movie, the reporter lets her father watch the video. The father
died also in horrible conditions and we learn that he was a sacrificed because
he was old. We learn this fact as we watch the movie. The hero in this story is
another girl who knew well the Ryuji. In fact this movie suggested that she
wanted to make her life with him. This girl has also kinesic power and can see
things that people can't see. She were interested by the story of the ring in
order to understand why Ryuji died. After her personal shadowing, she managed
to find Ruyji's ex wife and son. She said she wants to help them but the mother
refused. The son is still under the power of Sadako. In the same time, the
grandfather of Sadako throw the newly found body in the well in the ocean so
Sadako can rest in peace.

However Sadako is still here. That's where it goes weird in this movie. In the
first episode Sadako was in her video and nowhere else. This time, a male
reporter who talked to a victim found her in a video HE has done of the girl.
Then he was cursed and lived with Sadako in an asylum. The kinetic girl decides
to help Ryuji's son. First she brought him to Sadako's house to talk to the
grandfather. She wanted to understand how and where Sadako was born. That's
when we discover that Sadako is in Ryuji's son mind. Then the girl asks to a
doctor, friend of Ryuji to help her.

They use an equipment with a swimming pool and unfortunately they were all
killed. Sadako's soul was "released". This pool became a portal to the death
realm. The girl dives in the well to find Ryuji's son. Then Ruyji's spirit
arrives and takes all the fear inside his son so he can be normal again. After
this he asks the girl and his son to exit of this illusion well before he turns
into Sadako. They escaped and Sadako talked for the first time and asked "why
are you the only one to be saved ?"

Conclusion : Ryuji's son and wife go back to a normal life. The girl also
returns to a normal life. Both the doctor, nurse and grandfather died. The male
reporter is in an asylum with the spirit of Sadako. His exemplary of the video
was found by a guy in his office. Sadako is able to appear in pictures of her
victims, in movie of them, and in her own video. You can aslo be under her
influence if you look at her but were not the one who saw the video.

According to everyone, Ring 2 is a good movie but not as good as Ring 1 because
the movie go in many directions. The mystery is solved too which decrease the
interest of a viewer. The video is given to teens because they do sex, and even
if they don't they must die by Sadako's hand so they won't have sex as her. You
can't resist to her as she calls your fear to beat you. My opinion is quite the
same, the movie is not that bad but he didn't reach the level of Ring 1.

Movie 3 :

Ring 0 is a prequel to Ring 1 and 2 and it helps greatly to understand the full
story of Sadako. According to everyone this is the best of the serie.

US Movie : The Ring :

This is a US version of the first movie. I haven't seen it but it's the same
plot with american actors.

Scary Movie 3 is the official parody of this movie.

8 FAQS and credits :

I have a tons of serum and bullets in reality, can i transfer it to the ring ?
No. You must store them for the end of the game. Even if it's possible to
transfer items never do such a thing.

The game is too hard. I run out of ammos !
Keep in mind you cannot kill all the monsters for some reasons. Monsters are a
virus. So they are infinite. The more you kill the monsters the strongest they
are. Simply avoid battle and kill only those who must be killed.

I don't understand what you say.
No problem, e mail me at advanced_knight@yahoo.fr and i will answer you.

Why must i build the rocket launcher ?
To see a powerful weapon and kill those gorilla in one shot.

Where are those capsules you talk about?
The capsule room is the room where you play the tutorial the first time you
rise on the imaginary. Sorry if it's not clear for you but it's the name in the
japanese version.

The names are different !
I added "Read this first" near "my point of view". Stop sending mail to say
it's Kathy and not Kessy, the pronounciation is good for English user but not
for everyone. Think that in the world there are more ways to translate japanese
and especially to pronounce it. If the Ring was translated by me in french, the
name will be Kessy so everyone in my country can pronounce it correctly.

What are you saying, the monsters in reality are not weak !
Yes they are, but it's because i killed many monsters in imaginary. They were
very powerful at that moment. I decide to return to the real world cause of
this. Anyway the first gorilla you meet can be killed in three bullets of a
gun, and other larves are the classical one at the beginning of the game.

I must thank Sam Clevenger who e mail me how to proceed at the beginning of
Part 2.
I want to thank Loner for the location of the katana and "some" names
correction (those in kanji in the japanese version).
Thanks to Al Amaloo and Dave Allison who post my walkthrough on their site so
many people can read me.
Thanks to Beng Wah who bring to me new elements and the story from the movies.

This walkthrough is copyrighted 2000 because i suffer so much to build it. I'll
never admit someone use it to sell it. Enjoy the game and read me in other


Well, the Ring was completely destroyed in the review i read on the net or
elsewhere. However it's an international success due to the translation in
english, because i receive e mails from everywhere in the world. I'm so happy
to build this walkthrough step by step, since i receive new informations some
times and i'm sure that this game has its own fan club. I can add that i watch
an episode of X files last week where Mulder and Scully was disguised in virtua
cop. They both enter the game to fight with a super woman who gives the death
to everyone in the game. Most of you probably missed it but she spoke japanese
to Daryl Musashi before she killed him. It probably means that a japanese
discovers the original character and installs it to stop the advance of
american in this fictional way. Hehe, if it's not the Ring, for the costume and
the fatal game, i'm the King of Fighter. As you can see in the movie, the story
is completely different of the game. There's no virus and no CDC society. In
fact the programmer created a special story based on the real Ring. In addition
i remember of many legends in japanese OAV that talk of a ghost woman in a
well. They use it to make fear to little child during their equivalent fest of
halloween. The only common point between the two stories is Sadako, because she
appears in the same condition (look at the CG MOVIE in the game and compare
with what i say in the walkthrough) but the programmer add a form of cloning of
her soul which was not in the movie.

If you have new infos or dicovered new items and secrets don't hesitate to e
mail me at advanced_knight@yahoo.fr.

PS : Ring 2 was cancelled because the first episode doesn't have success in

ADK. I wait for RING 2.

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