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Dordray by friction

Version: 1.0 |

This FAQ is for VOOT.  The sequel   (Virtual On:  Oratorio Tangram)
DORDRAY Moves and Strategy v1.0

by friction

Please contact me with any feedback, corrections, new ideas, whatever, at:

Last updated May 17 1998


- Intro
- Weapons Systems
- Close Combat
- Special Attacks
- Vs. Guide
- Move List



In VOOMG, each Mech had 3 basic weapons.  But things are a little more
complex in VOOT.  Dordray really has 5 major weapons, all very different, 
not including special moves or close combat.  He is hard to use because 
these main weapons can only be fired under certain circumstances:  The V. 
HURRICANE and CLAW can only be fired from a standing position, and the 
RUSHES only off of a Forward Dash.  If you are not fluent with all 5 
attacks, and their variations, you will have a hard time winning.  It seems 
that the most advanced aspect of his offense is the RUSH... in fact, your 
main priority when learning Dordray will probably be how to avoid getting 
the RUSH when you don't want it! So learn the characteristics of the other 
moves first, and then try to integrate the RUSH.

He is also slow, but has great armor to make up for it and is pretty stable. 
In Close Combat, Dordray is perhaps the slowest mech, but he does lots of 
damage when he hits.



This is the mainstay of your offense.  There are quick variations of the 
drill, such as LTLW and crouch LW, which do not home as well.  The standard 
drill has great homing, and the RTLW drill is the one that turns in the air 
and rushes the opponent.  Note that the RTLW drill will only turn about 90 
degrees, making this move useless on an approaching opponent.  Useful for a 
surprise once in awhile.
Also, some drill variations will stay out on the perimeter after a miss,
Rotating in and making another pass at the opponent, one they can almost 
NEVER plan for. I think it is the diag-fwd dash drill that has this 
ability... I need to do more research to find out how to take better 
advantage of this.

When trading dash-attacks with an opponent, get a feel for how long you have 
to wait before firing the drill.  I find that I have to wait a little bit
longer to be sure I'm going to hit an opponent whose path I'm crossing, to 
let them get far enough away.  The Drill rush (fwd-dash LW) is covered under 

The claw is a great attack because it does decent damage and slows your
opponent CONSIDERABLY.  Thus it's a setup for more damage.  Plus, it's an
'extra' attack in the sense that it seems to operate independently of your 
regular RW, the fireballs.  A great combo is:  fwd-dash Fireball -> crouch 
Claw (crouch LTRW).  If you time it right the claw will fire the moment you 
end your dash.  No problems with running out of RW ammo. Claw combos coming 

This is another mixed blessing, like many of Dordray's moves.  It
is paralyzing to the opponent for a seemingly random amount of time (it
seems to depend on how many rings hit, and how much the opponent struggles 
to escape).
It's hard to know how to follow up this move sometimes without knowing how 
much time you have.  A powerful effect is that is destroys *most* incoming 
attacks.  Some major exceptions would be Specineff's homing energy balls (I 
wish it would).  So while it can protect you, it also is slow and 
uncancellable and can leave you very vulnerable to attacks from the sides 
and back.

The Damaging variation (RTCW) is great, if you can hit with it.  It's a 
little slower to come out and lasts much longer, leaving you more 
vulnerable.  The crouch variation may be useful, haven't really played with 

When you fire your CW when you are dashing, you are stuck with the 'flaming
ring', which does piddly damage.  Its usefulness seems to be less than
Apharmd's beam cutter from VOOMG.  It may be useful for cutting down 
incoming fire, I don't know.  All I know is I try to avoid wasting my ammo 
on it.

Also, the HURRICANE props an opponent up, so they can't fall down to escape
damage.  So, if you can freeze them near you, you can often get in TWO CC
attacks before they go down.

Fwd-dash fireballs are deadly.  Fwd-diag also good.  Moving through an
opponent firing these is effective as Dordray (and everyone else) gets
near-instant rotation.  Side-dash fireballs are weak, but the option of
using the crouch on the side-dash fireballs helps.  Crouch side-dash 
fireballs are quicker and make small explosions when they hit or reach their 
maximum range, which is about 1/3 of an arena.  The explosions can sometimes 
cancel incoming fire if you're lucky.  Useful bail-out move, or to finish 
someone off.  Regular side or back dash NOT RECOMMENDED.

This is where Dordray becomes really tough.  It's very hard to master the
use of these rushes, but if you can, your Dordray will be really powerful 
and disorienting for your enemy.  The problem is that you can't just do a 
rush off of any old dash, only a forward dash. Also, the rush is hard to hit 
with, cannot be done at point-blank range, is canceled if you are hit with 
anything major during it, and leaves you vulnerable if you miss.

Fwd-Dash CW gets you the 'CD Rush' with something that looks like a CD on 
your head.  This does big damage.  Fwd-Dash LW gets you the 'Drill Rush' 
which does less damage and is slightly more steerable.

You can get an 'instant rush' by pushing a turbo button, CW or LW, and Fwd
all at the same time.

Rush Techniques: Curve-Dash - The Curve Dash is a crucial asset to set up
Dordray's Rushes.  Use the Curve ability to 'aim' your forward dash before 
you activate it with CW or LW. Watari Dash - This is also very useful.  The
variation I use is to side- dash to avoid incoming fire and then turn to 
forward, use a little curve for final aiming, and Rush! The problem with 
these tricks is that you may spend so much time aiming your dash that it 
ends, or you just get hit! Or you may be so close to the enemy by the time 
you are on track that the rush will
go right through them.

A good technique to practice is as follows:  Side-dash.  Watari-turn
forward.  If opponent is nearly in front of you at this point, curve- dash 
to aim and Rush. If
opponent is not directly in front of you, shoot regular fireballs.

Rush Combos: Hurricane and Drill Rush - This is a cool setup, BUT... you 
can't use your CW rush after the hurricane, which is the most damaging one, 
because you're out of ammo! Damn!  So, you are better off firing a quick 
crouch LTRW Claw, then doing the drill rush.

Claw and Rush - The claw may slow the opponent enough to allow you to hit 
with the rush.  But don't count on it!  Most people will immediately side 
dash after getting hit by the Claw, because they are expecting a drill next.  
So it may be good to see what they will try to do, and then respond.  After 
all, they can dash, but not quickly and not far, with that Claw hanging on 

Claw, Drill and CD Rush - Ahh, the Trifecta!  Beautiful if you can get it, 
and quite painful for the opponent.  This is the perfect application of 
Dordray's 3 main weapons.  You can even do this after a fwd-dash fireball, 
although almost nobody will still be standing by the time you get to the 

Dash Fireballs (or Dash Drill) and Rush - You will more or less be oriented 
to your opponent after a dash attack.  So you can immediately do a rush if
they are right in your sights.  Use the quick rush technique.


Dordray is slow in close combat, maybe the slowest of all the VOOT
mechs.  But he makes up for it with power.  One hit can do big damage.  And
while he may be slow, he is still fast enough to block and counterhit, 
something which seems guaranteed in VOOT.  Example:  Fei-Yen attacks with 
her sword combo, swinging twice.  Dordray blocks both, and then 
counterattacks with LW for what seems to be a guaranteed hit.

Dordray has short arms and cannot swing his weapons very far.  So they have 
a short arc.  The right swing will not hit someone on Dordray's left, and
vice-versa.  If your opponent is dead in front of you, either will work, but
otherwise, you have to pick the appropriate weapon based on your enemy's
position.  This is a limitation that Mechs like Temjin, with a long sword
swing, don't have.

While his regular CC attacks are slow, his crouch CC attacks are even 
slower.  Despite these limitations, I seem to have some luck with him in CC.  
I think it's because I know that he is too slow to be the aggressor, unless 
someone is just landing from a dash or otherwise vulnerable.  Instead, I 
wait and react.

I don't know yet how valuable his throw really is.  It only grabs mechs
Standing in your Right arc.  It is unblockable, and in a sense is similar to 
a crouch attack.  It's probably a little faster than his crouch attacks 
though, so may be a better option against blocking opponents.  Haven't 
figured out why he sometimes tosses the opponent, and sometimes hits them 
with the drill.  It is uncancellable as far as I know, leaving you 
vulnerable.  Use with caution.
Also, if they are not too close, you can pop them quickly with the Crouch 
Claw Launch (Crouch + LTRW).  May knock down.

His CC weapons, with notes:

RW  Claw swing-  This attack has the longest activation range, 79.9m, and
incorporates a pretty long 'slide' up to the opponent. Good damage, but 

LW  Drill swing-  This attack has a shorter activation range, 54.9m, but
otherwise seems similar to the Claw swing.

CW  Claw and Drill swing-  This funny-looking move comes out very
slowly and has a very short range.  But it does even more damage.  Activates 
at 69.9m.

Crouch RW  Crouch Claw-  Very slow!!  Good damage.

Crouch LW  Crouch Drill-  Also Very slow, also good damage.

Crouch CW  Crouch Scissors-  EXTREMELY slow, glacially slow.  The
only good thing I can see about this move is that it extends fairly wide to 
both sides.  Damaging if it hits though.  Not recommended.

Jumping LW  Drill Drop-  Good damage and about as fast as anyone
else's jump attack.

RTRW  Claw Uppercut-  A dramatic finish, but very slow.  Try it when
you are winning convincingly.  Another potential use is if you happen to 
freeze an opponent in the air, but pretty close by.  There is a jump up at 
the end that might hit.

RTCW  Throw-  Good damage and looks cool.  See notes above.

Q-Steps  Not the quickest, or the longest, but usable.

Q-Step + LW or RW  Circle Attack-  Not a great circle attack due to
his short arms.  Unpredictable hit ability.



Spinning Drill - Rotate Right and CW with all gauges full
-Homes well
-Big damage
-Can be easily interrupted by enemy fire
-Useful to hit landing opponent

Giant Mode - Push Start - only once PER CREDIT
If hit during growth process, Giant mode is canceled.
-Increased armor?
-Larger weapons hit more easily
-In CC, RW becomes a stomp move


Vs. Guide (incomplete)

Angellan: At the start of a round, if she puts up a shield, you can
CD rush her right away for huge damage.  I think you have the advantage at 
the beginning of the round here.

The rushes can be used to get away from dragon breath in some cases.

Temjin: It's very hard to avoid that damn fwd-dash beam rifle for a
slow guy like Dordray.  At longer range, it will bounce though.

Bal Series: Keep an eye out for the mines!  Dordray will have to
absorb quite a few before he falls down.

Grys-Vok: Don't forget that you can deflect his RW.

Raiden: A difficult matchup, especially if you don't like running
and hiding.  Raiden's Lasers are tough on Dordray because he is too slow to 
escape it, and yet the drill, claw, and rush (and fireballs?) are all 
canceled by it. At least it doesn't always knock down.

Specineff: Another really tough matchup for Dordray.  Beware the
homing balls, they are not canceled by the V. Hurricane.  The only way I 
know to cancel them is with the explosions of your crouch fireballs, which 
is not easy to do.  The Shockwave (boomerang) is tough on slow mechs like 
Dordray, and knocks down often!!! For some reason, just about anything 
Specineff does, except the homing balls, knocks Dordray down.  Also, it is 
very hard to RUSH Specineff because the shockwave can cancel the rush 
easily.  Sometimes Specineff's RW will also cancel the rush.
Don't get overly offensive unless you think you can really get the opponent
confused.  A better tactic is to keep cool, keep reflecting the RW as much 
as possible, and try to get in a good, solid drill or fwd-dash fireball when 
you can.  Don't count on hitting Specineff with many rushes though.

In CC, watch out for his deadly speed!  You have to play CC waiting for the
1 big hit.

Apharmd S:

Apharmd B: The Hurricane is very effective vs. the Tongfer Rush.
You can often freeze him right in front of you, for a 1-2 punch.

Viper: You can play with the air rushes if you want to get clever.
Or even the Air Hurricane --> Air Rush (requires 2 jumps)

Fei-Yen: Stay away from the edge to avoid HHB explosions.

Dordray: You can't possibly win this matchup.  Dordray is just too
tough.  Give up.


Dordray Movelist
(Special thanks to Hiro for the basics)

* denotes key moves

Normal (standing) Attack
RW      Fireball *
LW      Drill *
CW      V. Hurricane - Paralyzing rings *

RTRW    Flamethrower
RTLW    Homing Drill - turns in air
RTCW    V. Hurricane - Damaging Rings *

LTRW    Claw attack - Slows opponent *
LTLW    Quicker Drill
LTCW    Quick flaming ring

Crouch Attack
RW      Exploding fireball - mid range
LW      Quick Drill *
CW      V. Hurricane

RTRW    Crouch Flamethrower
RTLW    Crouch Homing Drill ?
RTCW    Quicker Damaging Hurricane

LTRW    Quick Claw attack *
LTLW    ?
LTCW    ?

Jump Attack
RW      Fireballs
LW      Drill
CW      V. Hurricane



Dash Forward
RW      3 Fireballs x4 *
LW      Drill Rush *
CW      CD Head Rush *

Dash Diag-Forward
RW      3 Fireballs x4 *
LW      Drill *
CW      Ring

Dash Side
RW      3 small 3-way fireballs
LW      Drill
CW      Ring

Dash Back
RW      2 Fireballs x4
LW      Drill
CW      Ring?

Aerial Dash Forward
RW      Fireballs
LW      Drill Rush - slightly steerable
CW      CD Rush

Aerial Dash Side
RW      Fireball
LW      Drill
CW      Ring

Aerial Dash Back

Crouch Fwd Dash
RW  Fireballs
LW  Crouch Drill Rush
CW  Crouch CD Rush

Crouch Side Dash
RW      5 Exploding Fireballs limited range *

Close Combat
RW      Claw Swing - longest range *
LW      Drill Swing
CW      Claw/Drill Swing - slow

RTRW    Drill uppercut - SLOW
RTLW    ?
RTCW    Claw Throw - grab and toss

LTRW    Claw Launch
LTLW    Drill Launch?
LTCW    ?

Crouch Close Combat
RW      Crouch Claw
LW      Crouch Drill
CW      Scissors swing


LTRW    Quick Claw Launch *

Jump Close Combat
LW      Drill Smash *



Dash Close Combat
RW      Claw Swing
LW      Spinning Drill
CW      Spinning Drill


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