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Reviewed: 06/17/01 | Updated: 06/17/01

Slow Typer? Fast Typer? This game decides!

Over the years, we have had games where you shoot a gun at the television screen, Games where you turn a steering wheel to drive a car, and even games where you have to use a microphone to speak to the in-game character. The craziness kind of ends here, with a game where you must TYPE on a KEYBOARD to beat the game.

Story - 8 : The story starts with 35 year old James Taylor and (If in 2 Player mode) Gary Stewart driving through a city to meet someone called ''G'' but is attacked by Zombies. They enter a church with more zombies and meet G. Then Amy and Harry (Harris is his last name in case you want to know) who work for the AMS meet up with James and Gary It seems that Zombies have run all over the city. Who is behind this and why?

Graphics - 9 : The graphics in this game match The House of the Dead 2. The graphics are so detailed, from ripped zombie skin, blood and even stained walls. The character detail is quite impressive, and I aren't just talking about the zombies. What The Typing of the Dead doesn't have what Resident Evil games has, is real time character detail. What I mean is, if a zombie scratches James in the face, during the next cut scene, there is no marks on James.

Gameplay - 9 : Instead of a controller, the game uses a Keyboard to play, as you may have guessed. The control of the keyboard is neat, and if you are just getting started to a keyboard, there are short words like ''Ok'' or ''Me''. To play the game, a word flashes near the Zombie, and in order to kill it, you must type it fast. Fortunately for those getting used to the keyboard, do not have to worry about the caps lock, so you can type in Lower/Upper case all you wish. As for boss fights, there are long words to type, or even sentences like ''Let's teach you a lesson''. Sadly, for words like ''Let's'' or ''Sam's Ball'' you need to include the ' . One thing I almost forgot to mention was ''Spaces'', if you was typing ''Yellow Zebra'', you can save time and just type ''yellowzebra'', the game doesn't look for spaces.

Sound and Music - 10 : Brilliant, all in upper case and no typo's ^_^.The music fits in with the atmosphere, gloomy music for gloomy places, Cheesy music for cheesy bosses. The sound is perfect, and fits in with what is happen not a second to late or a second to early, just bang on time. Also, every time to type in a letter, you hear a cross between a gun shot, and a keyboard button been pushed.... GENIUS!

Replaybility - 8 : Yes, the game is surprisingly addictive, but has a short difficulty. There are some training levels and different ways to get through levels which add to the gameplay clock but not enough. Still, you can see how good you are at typing. Personally, I think it is worth it to play the game over and over again to see some comical sayings like ''Yellow Zebra'' and see Zombies with squeaky hammers.

Overall - 9 : The Typing of the Dead is a clever, sort of original and hilarious game. If you are the slowest or the fastest of typists, I suggest getting this to improve even more, and for fun. Well done Sega and Smilebit.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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