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Reviewed: 04/19/01 | Updated: 04/19/01

Excellent: E....x....c...e...ll....i...D'oh!

This is not your normal game. God no, it isn’t your normal game. First, take House of the Dead 2. Then, throw out the lightgun and replace it with a keyboard. Rather then shooting at the zombies, each zombie has a little box in front of him with a word in it. You type the word, and the zombie dies. This is Typing of the Dead. Seems simple enough, and it is. But it’s also more fun then any other typing program ever (this is the first console one-that last sentence was in reference to computer programs).

Before I get on to the scores, let me say two things:
1. You quite obviously need a keyboard. Fortunately, anyone who plays online often or surfs with the DC will most likely have one. If you don’t, well, this is a better reason then any.

2. House of the Dead 2 vets who can play through the game without continuing and can save all the victims, get a Medkit now: Your ego is about to be severely injured. See, while it’s easy with a lightgun, it’s a bit different with a keyboard. Hostage saving gets much harder now, mainly because when the zombie’s about a foot away from said hostage, and will kill him/her in about three seconds, you can’t just shoot him, you have to type out a word now, which takes a hair longer then pulling a trigger. In other words, there’s a good chance of you seeing hostages falling left and right until you master typing (and, after playing this a lot, you will master it).

Anyway, on to the scores.

Graphics: 9/10. Overall good and detailed, though not as terribly gory as everyone makes it out to be (just a bit of blood and the removal of zombie body parts-but all the zombie blood is green, there’s not that much of it, and what is there you can turn off). I’ve knocked a point off, though, because of the humans: they’re UGLY. On top of
that, their facial expressions don’t change that often (read: never) unless their mouths are moving.

Sound:10/10. While some people may complain about the terrible voice acting (“helpme!!” in a semi-high pitched voice), I welcome it. It’s funny. The sound itself basically consists of gunshots and zombie groans, nothing amazing, but nothing bad either. The music, while not terrifying, is very nice.

Control: X/10, where X is represented by your typing skill. If you’re good, 10/10. If you’re terrible, knock off a few points.

Gameplay: 10/10. Well, I’ve pretty well already explained it: type the word, kill the zombie. Some bosses require other tactics, such as Tower (the hydra on stage 3), where a question appears and you have to pick one of three answers and type it. The fine folks at Sega have also included items, such as tranquilizers (zombie’s words get easier), genre dictionaries (words in same genre), or my personal favorite, balloon head meat (all heads get big until end of level). They’ve also included several modes, such as a basic tutorial mode or drills (i. e. shoot all the projectiles out of the air before they hit you). On top of all that, there’s a great sense of humor. Some zombies are armed with toy hammers (also known as squeaky mallets), lollipop things, and I think I saw a banana once. Also, some of the things you have to type (especially on the Strength boss) are downright silly. Here’s a few examples: “Large arse”, “Smart arse”, “Dead parrot” (Monty Python reference-Yay!), and, in the previously mentioned Strength boss stage, where you type out longer things sentence by sentence: “I’m to shy to speak to her.....But at night, I can still dream of her....That’s when I’m lucky.....Other times, I dream of crazed monkeys.” I think the creators didn’t want to put in things you type every day and are used to.

Replay: 9/10. Well, some of you probably stink (and typing “u” instead of “you” won’t get you too far), and so you’ll either wanna give up or keep playing until you master it. Good typists will also want to keep going until they master the art completely. But, once you’ve mastered it, and get bored, there’s not much to go back to.

Overall:10/10. If you have a keyboard, get this. If you don’t get a keyboard, then get a keyboard, then get this.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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