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Reviewed: 01/25/01 | Updated: 01/25/01

Well this is...something I didn't expect.

Yo, yo ,yo Funk Punk back and after yet another long hiatus, (which i seem to be having a lot) am back to here at gamefaq with all you excellent gamers and back to love to the best, rewiewing the hottest, recent, and classic game to date. Now pay attenion class, as today subject game is House of the Dead 2...oh wait, this isn't hod2, the title says Typing of the Dead. But the game like the same as hod2 only sentences are appering on the zombies now and your bullents are...words!!! What the hecks going on, it time to get to the bottom of this madness. It reviewing time.

Skinny: Follows the same plot of House of the Dead, new madman unleashes a new batch of zombies on a huge city. Endangering the lives of the citzens that live there. Now it up to four AMS agents stop the zombies and the dude who created them. Only now instead of guns, you use your keyboard and your typing skills to take down the undead.

The Good:
If you want to bone up on your typing skills but are tired of using boring word program then this is the game for you. The graphics in the game are very excellent and look just like Hod2. The music is intense for zombie blast...or should I said typing blasting action. Unfontenly, the voice acting is still pretty cheesy. The gameplay is what really this game worthwhile. Picture this, the game zoom along on the track it sets. A zombies jumps out of nowhere and sentences flash right below them. You have to type them out fast or otherwise take damage. But if you think that all that change about the game, guess again. Through parts of the game, you'll be given a certain objectives such how fast you can defeat enemies in the given time. But before you enter the game, you might want to try the drill mode first. It like the pratice mode from the orignal game only it test your speed, timing, how well you type, etc... Along with the boss and orignal modes. The is diffenly the ulitmate novel game you'll been looking for. You need the Dreamcast Keyboard in order to pla (but you proabably already knew that, and don't think I don't heard you saying duh).

The Bad:
Aside the fact that they didn't change the voice acting. There nothing really wrong with the game.

Punk's Final Thought: So there you have it, this isn't house of the dead 2, it house of the dead 2 with typing madness instead of gun blasting. But either way it you blast zombies and am down with that. This is Funk Punk saying '' Sega if you quit out on the dreamcast owners, am gonna come after you!!!'' Adios amigos!!!!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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