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    FAQ by brak2000

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/11/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                          OF THE
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                |___/  |__| |_|  |_| |___/
                  For the Sega Dreamcast
    		    VERSION 1.3
                        By Brak2000
    1. Revision History
    2. Game Info
    3. Controls
         -Basic Controls
         -Letters and Symbols
              -Quick Reference Symbols Table
    4. Gameplay
    5. Arcade Mode
         -Chapter 1: Prelude
         -Chapter 2: Muddy
         -Chapter 3: Darkness
         -Chapter 4: Despair
         -Chapter 5: Dawn
         -Chapter 6: Original Sin
    6. Original Mode
              -Coin Rewards
    7. Tutorial Mode
    8. Drill Mode
    9. Boss Mode
    10. Rankings
    11. Options
    12. Password Entry
         -Correct Passwords
         -Incorrect Rumored Passwords
    13. Frequently Asked Questions
    14. Word/Phrase List
         -Hydra Questions
         -Strength Paragraphs
         -Emperor Questions
         -Alien Dictionary
    15. Unlockables/Secrets
    16. Credits
    17. Legal Stuff
    18. Ways to contact me
    Version 1.3- Minor changes and fixes for the chapter 1 walkthrough.
    Version 1.2- Word/Phrase list started, Character/Zombie descriptions
                 added.  Updated logo, contents, arcade mode, FAQs, credits.
    Version 1.1- Original Mode Coin info added. Logo added.
    Version 1.0- First version of the FAQ.
    2. GAME INFO
    Game:               The Typing of the Dead
    Platform:           Sega Dreamcast
    Rating:             Mature
    Players:            1-2 Players
    Enhancements:       Keyboard **REQUIRED**
                        Standard Controller
                        VMU (22 blocks)
                        VGA Box
    Game Objective:  Type words or phrases to defeat various zombies
    Before turning on the Dreamcast...
    For a ONE-PLAYER game:
         *Connect the keyboard to port A
         *Put the controller with VMU in port B
    For a TWO-PLAYER game:
         *Connect 2 keyboards, one in port A and the other in port B
         *Put the controller with VMU in port C
    Basic Controls for Keyboard:
    Keyboard Arrows: Menu Selection
    Enter: Join or continue a game/Start a game/Enter a menu selection
    Esc: Delete "Targeting"/Return to Previous Screen
    Pause: Pause the game/Continue
    F1-F4: Use items (Original Mode ONLY)
    F12+Alt: Return to Menu Screen (Drill Mode/Tutorial Mode ONLY)
    Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Return to Title Screen
    Once you begin typing a phrase, you will then be targeted on that
    phrase.  While targeted on a phrase, you CAN NOT begin or type
    in any other phrase but that one.  You must either complete the
    phrase/word or hit Esc to begin the next phrase/word.
    In a 2 player game, 1st Player is red while 2nd player is blue.
    **HINT** Always target onto the first zombie that is attacking you
    or you'll end up losing life in the later levels.
    Press and hold the Shift key in order to type the symbols that are
    displayed on the keyboard above the number keys and other symbol
    keys.  Release the Shift key to type numbers and the lower symbols
         *EXAMPLE* To type "!", press the Shift key and the "1" key
    Quick reference table for letters and symbols
      1  |  !        -  |  _
      2  |  @        =  |  +
      3  |  #        [  |  {
      4  |  $        ]  |  }
      5  |  %        ;  |  :
      6  |  ^        '  |  "
      7  |  &        ,  |  <
      8  |  *        .  |  >
      9  |  (        /  |  ?
      0  |  )
    **HINT** The Typing of the Dead dows not distinguish between upper
    and lower case letters.  You only need to press the Shift key to
    type symbols.  You also do not need to type spaces.  The space bar
    is basically not used in this game.  This means that you plain out
    waste precious typing time by doing these things.
    The display of TotD is very basic and easy to interpret.
         *Word Boxes
              - Word Boxes are located right on a zombie.  Simply type
                the word correctly, and the monster will die.  In 2 player
                games, the box will have 3 lines of text instead of 2, one
                for each player.  The first one to type gets the points
                in a competitive nature.  Also, targeting will be shown
                in the text box so you know which zombie you are currently
         *Rank Display
              - Once a zombie is defeated, a rank will be displayed.
                Your rank will be decided by how fast you managed to type
                the word or phrase to destroy the zombie.  Ranks range
                from A to E, of course with A being the best and E being
                downright horrible.
         *Winner Display (2 PLAYER ONLY)
              - The winner display will show which player defeated the
                zombie.  1P=Red and 2P=Blue
         *Bonus Gauge
              - Each time you defeat a zombie, your bonus gauge increases
                depending on the current number in your perfect meter.
                Once the meter fills, a free life will be yours.
         *Perfect Meter
              - In order to do well with the perfect meter, you'll need to
                master the art of accuracy.  The more accurate you type,
                the longer the meter will stay up.  Spell a word right
                without any errors, and you earn 1 perfect meter point.
                This will allow the bonus gauge a faster increase ratio.
              - The most obvious part of the display is the lives.  The
                small red or blue flame type items on the bottom are your
                lives.  The game ends when the lives run out when you will
                then be gave 9 seconds to a slow painful death or you can
                choose to continue.  I wonder which one you'll pick...
                Also, you are limited to anywhere from 3-9 continues
                depending on what you picked in the Options menu.
    If there is one thing Typing of the Dead has, it's plenty of modes to
    keep your fingers busy.  Here is a short description of each...
         *Arcade Mode
              - This mode is exactly the same as the arcade version of The
                Typing oft he Dead.
         *Original Mode
              - The basic feel of arcade mode, but with the addition of
                various items and a coin collecting system.
         *Tutorial Mode
              - Typing lessons galore.  Learn to be the best typer you can
                in these in-depth typing tutorials.
         *Drill Mode
              - Select a category that you are bad at and practice it
                repetitively in this mode.
         *Boss Mode
              - Select one of the bosses, and try to defeat it as fast as
                possible in this competitive mode.
              - View the rankings from every mode.
              - Modify the game settings and perform sound tests.
         *Password Entry
              - A NFL2K style password entry screen.  I barely know any
                passwords, so hopefully many more are to be found.
    **NOTE** Character and Zombie descriptions are taken directly from
         A special agent of the government agency "AMS". 35 years old. American.
         His conduct is cool and logical. He never relies on intuition and
         guesswork. He handles whatever he faces with the utmost calmness and
         clarity. Devoid of excessive emotion, Taylor has an almost computer-like
         mind. Accordingly he is often dispatched to scenes of immense
         difficulty and utter confusion.
         A special agent of the government agency "AMS". 24 years old. American.
         A warm hearted youth, yet to discover the world's sheer disorder.
         Whatever he comes up against, his approach is passionate and
         emotional. He was assigned tO "AMS" a year ago. Despite his lack of
         experience, Gary puts all of his effort into his work. But sometimes
         he is recklessin his actions, and this worries James.
         A special agent of the government agency "AMS". 29 years old. American.
         A reliable character, who has faced danger on many occasions, Amy
         is an open, frank, kind woman who never discriminates. She often 
         behaves like a big sister to Gary and has not yet accepted him fully
         as a special agent.
         A special agent of the government agency "AMS". Harry is either in
         his late thirties or early forties. No one knows his nationality.
         He does not speak about his past. He always seems gloomy. He
         habitually wears dark glasses, and never shows his expressions.
         Goldman is in his early forties, and heads a world-famous,
         distinguished financial group. Using his own substantial financial
         power, he is actively involved in human genome research. Goldman
         will soon report the results of his latest research, but none of
         his projects has ever been officially approved. He has an incredibly
         cool and intellegent appearance, but inside he is extremely anxious
         about the future of the natural world and the very existence of
         the human race.
         David is one big zombie. He is highly adaptable, thriving in all
         environments. His special attack is with his teeth. Beware of
         David's putrid breath.
         Despite being big and fat, BOB can move fast. Bob's principal form
         of attack is a drop kick. He also throws barrels and oil drums.
         Ebitan is a revolting and perpetually rotting zombie. Accordingly,
         his resilience is lower than other monsters. Ebitan resides in the
         water, suddenly leaping from the murky depths to attack his prey.
         His main method of attack is to bite his prey.
         Gregory is a bit of a show off and there is nothing he likes to do
         more before finishing off his victims than to flourish his giant
         sword. You will find is hard to aim your gun at Gregory, because
         he uses his sword to defend as skillfully as he does to maim.
         Johnny is a tough zombie to deal with, as he loves to rush at his
         prey hiding his vulnerable face behind two axes. When he's not
         descending on you with terrifying speed, he will throw his axes
         with lethal accuracy from a safe distance. Be warned!
         Kageo is a mummified zombie, who prowls the darkest, most dreadful
         areas. He may look weak, but watch out for his fierce punch.
         You'll know Max when you see him. He's the zombie crazily swinging
         two chainsaws about. He's also the biggest of all zombies.
         Ken was modelled on Kageo. He wears an iron mask and is armed with
         vicious clawed gloves. His face is his most vulnerable part, but
         as it is covered, it makes Ken an extremely troublesome zombie to
         stop. Like kageo, ken also lurks in dark corners. Ken attacks with
         his lethal claws.
         Mickey is a small zombie who wields knives in both hands. His method
         of attack is to leap down at his target from roof tops and other
         high places. Even if Mickey throws both knives at you, there's no
         time to relax. He can produce an unlimited supply of knives from
         his hips.
         Randy is a small mask-wearing zombie. Don't be fooled by his lack
         of stature because Randy is a vicious little monster who can run
         along walls and ceilings as easily as on floors. Randy often roams
         with a friend. His preferred method of attack is a leaping death
         Poor Peter is infested with giant parasitic worms and is relatively
         weak. He puts his worms to horrifyingly effective use though, for
         when his chest is wounded, the parasites will leave Peter's ribcage
         and leap at his attacker. Peter can also pack a mean punch.
         Murrer is a snake-like zombie who often infests areas in hoards.
         Murrer attacks by flying at his victims and gouging at their faces
         with his myriad of teeth.
    You begin by selecting Training or Story Mode
         *Training Mode
              - This is a training mode where you should aim to clear the
                stage within the 210-second time limit.  You will lose 5
                seconds every time a zombie hits you.  Don't worry about
                losing lives in Training Mode.  You will be given
                explanations on how to play during Training Mode.  The
                game will end if you clear the stage, or if you run out of
                time.  This stage is very basic and extremely easy.  You
                shouldn't have any difficulties making it through this
    Once you select Story Mode, the game will truly begin!
    In story mode, first you will select a chapter.
         *CHAPTER 1: Prelude (For absolute beginners)
         *CHAPTER 2: Muddy (For novices)
         *CHAPTER 3: Darkness (For intermediates)
         *CHAPTER 4: Despair (For intermediates)
         *CHAPTER 5: Dawn (For typing masters)
         *CHAPTER 6: Original Sin (For typing prodigies)
    **NOTE** Chapter 6 will only be avaliable after finishing Chapter 5.
    After earning a certain amount of coins in Original Mode, Chapter
    6 will be selectable from the beginning.
    Chapter 1: Prelude
        This level is very basic with easy phrases and plenty of powerup
        items.  To receive the highest score possible, make sure to get
        all the items and rescue all hostages.  This level is great for
        working up the Perfect Meter and helping your accuracy out.
        Level Walkthrough:
          /   \
        A |     --M1---D-----BOSS
          \   /
                                                |MAP KEY        |
                                                |A-Path A       |
                                                |B-Path B       |
    					    |C-Path C       |
    					    |D-Path D       |
                                                |M1-Mission 1   |
                                                |BOSS- Judgment |
       PATH A
       The level begins with a cutscene of you driving a car into
             1 - 3 Zombies (Davids) are waiting for you. Quickly dispose
                 of them by typing the 2 letter words.  Next, you will enter
                 the building to your right...
    	 2 - 2 Zombies will attack.  Quickly dispose of these 2 also
                 by typing the 2 lettered words. You'll continue to walk
                 forward.  James will look at the body on the floor to his
             3 - The zombie will kick the chair to the side and come at you.
                 He should be an easy word.  Dispose of him and James will
                 walk forward and look over the table to his left.
             4 - A zombie will crawl up. Quickly kill him for an easy A rank
                 and another zombie will pop up to your right as you are
                 killing the first.  He should be another easily disposed.
                 Continue walking forward and James will spot "G".  G hands
                 James the G's File book which will help you point out the
                 weak spots of bosses in the game.  Take the book and some
                 zombies will break through the glass door ahead.
             5 - Dispose of the closest one (which should be a Johnny, or
                 a zombie carrying axes)  These 2 should be extremely easy
                 once again.  Once you've took care of them, you'll exit the
                 building to find a hostage being attacked.  Don't fret when
                 he dies.  You cant save this one.
             6 - Shoot the zombie (which should be a fairly short word) and
                 continue down the path.
     Powerup 1 - Located between the 6th and 7th "attack", this is a fairly
                 tough powerup to get.  Be ready to shoot at it with a quick
                 one-button configuration.
             7 - It's time for your first path split.  The first hostage is
                 very easy.  Just take your time and try not to panic :P
                 Destroy the zombie chasing the girl and you'll be on your
                 way.  If you don't save the girl, you'll lose valuable
                 points toward the level.
    	     IF THE HOSTAGE DIED:         GO TO PATH C
             8 - Two hostages in a row to rescue! Save the hostage from the
    	     2 zombies.  Go for the close zombie first thats about to
                 kick the hostage in the head.  Then go for the distant
                 zombie after that.  This one is tougher than the last, but
                 still easy none-the-less.
                 IF THE HOSTAGE DIED:        GO TO PATH C
       PATH B
     Powerup 2 - The second powerup of the level will appear here. Shoot the
                 barrel to reveal this powerup as you make your ways toward
                 the 9th "attack".
             9 - Could it be??  Ah yes..  3 hostages in a row!  This one is
                 the toughest yet.  You'll have to save the crawling man
                 from a swift kick in the rear.  Please, be kind and don't
                 let this guy get kicked there.  The zombie will be an easy
                 word..  so do it for all of mankind!  After saving this
                 guy, you'll continue on to PATH D.  If you let him die a
                 very painful death... continue on to PATH D anyways.
       PATH C
       **COMING SOON**
       PATH D
             10- A swarm of small one button "worm type" creatures (whose
                 true names are "Murrers") will attack you.  Be quick with
                 your reflexes, and this should be easy enough.  Continue
                 on the path through the town.
             11- An axe throwing Johnny is next to attack.  Shoot him through
                 the window above with the simple word and you'll be on your
                 way.  Be sure to watch out for his axes and use the ESC key
    	     if necessary.  You'll turn to the left for the next attack.
             12- 2 Zombies from the balcony across want a piece of you it
                 appears.  Beware of the axes they throw and destroy them
                 quickly.  You'll turn back on the path and be on your way.
     Powerup 3 - Between the 12th and 13th "attack" lies the easiest powerup
                 to get in this level.  Be prepared and shoot the barrel to
                 get the Genre Dictionary.  This will allow you words of one
                 category.  It's not very helpful.. but fun anyways.
                 Make your way down the path and a young chinese looking boy
                 will run out the door.  It's time for your first mission!
     Mission 1 - Kill ten zombies in 30 seconds
                 This mission is very easy.  If you picked up the powerup
                 directly before it (the same genre dictionary), this mission
                 will be even easier as you will usually type words containing
                 a certain letter or pattern.  This isn't always true though,
                 so be prepard.  Most of these are single words. You'll be
                 rewarded by how fast you type and the ranks you receive.
                 If you fail, it won't hurt you..  but you won't get an item.
    	 13- 2 Zombies will be standing on the path.  Quickly dispose of
                 them and a zombie will jump down from the bridge high up
                 above.  Shoot him mid-air and continue down the path.
     Powerup 4 - Between 13 and 14 is another powerup.  This one should also
                 be fairly easy to get.  I suggest using it on one of the next
    	     zombies (it should be sulphuric acid) since they are the
                 final two in this level.  Continue down the path to rescue
                 the final hostage of the level.
             14- A zombie is torturing a young woman hanging off the ledge
                 of a bridge.  Hurry up and shoot the zombie before he beans
                 the lady with the barrel.  The woman will then fall into
                 the trash below and jump out.  She'll point towards the door
                 which is a zombie cue (or it appears so) as a zombie charges
                 through the door to the right.  Destroy this one quickly
                 again to receive a free life from the woman.  Continue down
                 the path to the two parked cars and Judgment will attack!
          Boss - Judgment
                 Judgment is the easiest boss you will face in the game.  It
                 has 2 forms.  First you will need to destroy Kuarl.  Kuarl
                 isn't too difficult and you will only need to type short,
                 easy phrases and even some words.  Once Kuarl is gone, you
                 will fight the red guy (I can't remember his name).  He's
                 not too difficult as you will receive a 3 second countdown
                 and he will then fly at you.  Simply type the word before he
                 gets to you to shoot him and dodge the attack.
    Chapter 2: Muddy
         This level takes place in either the house or walking outside the
         ancient looking house.  It all depends if you can rescue the guy
         in the car at the opening of the level.  He is difficult to rescue
         in my opinion, but with some practice he should be easy enough to
         Powerups - **COMING SOON**
         Missions - **COMING SOON**
         Boss 1 - Heirophant A
              Heirophant is a pretty easy boss.  Attack him when his chest
              is open to do some damage.  If his chest is closed, you will
              not be able to attack.  After a few hits, he will then jump
              up into the air and require you to do a bit tougher words.
              This is mostly due to the fact that you have less time.
         Boss 2 - Heirophant B
              Depending on which path you took, you may end up at
              Heirophant B instead.  This boss is almost exactly same as
              the A version.  I don't think there is too much of a
              difference between the 2, but B may be just a tad tougher.
    Chapter 3: Darkness
         The majority of this level takes place on a speed boat.  You don't
         get the ability to drive yet (awww...) but anyways Harry seems
         like a good driver for the most part.  Amy tags along for the ride
         as you speed through the water in this fast paced word fest.
         Powerups - **COMING SOON**
         Missions - **COMING SOON**
         Boss 1 - Hydra A
               A first to the House of the Dead series is the chance to
               test your trivia knowledge!  A question will pop up and you
               have to type the correct answer out of the 3 choices.  Some
               of these are no brainers while others actually require you
               to do some thinking.  After answering 6 or some correct,
               form 2 of Hydra will come into play.  Now the main head of
               the hydra is loose and you much attack it as it slides like
               a snake through the desert.  Type the short word quickly or
               your as good as dead.  After 5 shots or so, the boss will be
               dead and James has one once again!
         Boss 2 - Hydra B
               If you didn't fight Hydra A, then Hydra B is the boss you'll
               be up against.  The strategy is the same as the A form,
               except the final hydra fight will take place in the water
               instead of the desert.
    Chapter 4: Despair
         Did you ever want to fight some zombies in an ancient ruins? I
         didn't think so, but guess what... you get to anyways!!  Despair
         is really not too bad of a chapter.  The enemies have longer words
         and phrases for the most part, but with practice the level should
         come naturally.  The level has many splits in the path, and I'll
         get more in-depth in those in the next update hopefully.
         Powerups - **COMING SOON**
         Missions - **COMING SOON**
         Boss - Strength A
              Strength, Strength, Strength...  Strength is without a doubt
              my favorite boss in the game.  Instead of typing words or
              phrases you type entire paragraphs.  It may sound boring, but
              the paragraphs are hilarious for the most part.  Anyways, the
              best advice I can give to you is take it easy and remember
              punctuation.  There will be a lot, so get use to it!
         Boss - Strength B
              Exactly the same as Strength A, except the Maze is a tad
              different but you most likely wont notice it at all.
    Chapter 5: Dawn
         Lets run the boss gauntlet!  For the most part, that's exactly what
         this level is. This level runs on a track, so there are no path
         changes in the level.  You begin the level walking through the
         beginning of the town.  Next, you hop into Harry's car and start
         down the road.  First you'll run into Judgment.  Just follow the
         same strategy as you used the first time.  The phrases will be a
         little tougher this time around... but just stay calm.  Continue
         down the road.  A few kick shots will need to be done on the car
         next to you and an enemy should jump on the hood.  Take them out
         quickly and onto Heirophant.  Once again, follow the same strategy
         as last time and continue on your way.  Destroy the enemies in the
         van area and continue.  One more enemy will get on your hood and
         after taking that one out, you'll hop out of your car.  Make your
         way towards Goldman's Headquarters and you'll need to take out 3
         enemies.  Watch out for Pete's parasite as it jumps out and onto
         the boss.
         Powerups - **COMING SOON**
         Missions - Actually..this mission doesn't have any missions :(
         Boss - Magician
              Magician isn't a fun boss..  If there's one thing I can say,
              it's simply that you SHOULDN'T base your attack on speed.
              He's all about accuracy..make a typo and you take damage.
              Take your time with the first hits and after a minute or so
              he'll go up into the air for the next attack.  Now you can
              go back to the speed thing and not worry as much about
              accuracy.  Type in the words or phrase as fast as you can
              before the orbs hit you and after the second minute, this
              boss will be as good as dead.
    Chapter 6: Original Sin (Final Chapter)
         Yes, this stage also runs on a track.
         **NOTE** A more detailed walkthrough will be added later
         Going through Goldman's Headquarters is no easy feat.  Go through
         the level and eventually you'll reach Mission 1.  Finish this and
         it's onto Hydra.  Dispose of Hydra the same way you did before
         and then onto Mission 2  Finish this up and you'll then get to the
         Emperor..  one tough boss.
         Powerups - **COMING SOON**
         Mission 1 - Destroy 8 zombies without taking damage
              This one isn't easy..but it isn't impossible.  Destroy the
              zombies by typing the -sentences- (argh)...  Good luck!
         Mission 2 - Repel the zombies for 30 seconds
              Repeling the zombies isn't easy, but it's simple enough.
              Of course, type the words as fast as you can and try not to
              allow too many zombies on the screen at one time.
         Boss - Emperor
              Duh Duh Duh..  Time for the Emperor...  It's all about fast
              typing and there isnt any set way of attack the Emperor does.
              Just type them as they come I suppose until the Emperor turns
              into the orb form.  In this form, you'll get a question and
              3 sentence answers.  No matter which answer you type, it'll
              do damage.  Just pick one that's easy to type and you'll have
              the Emperor beat in no time!
    **NOTE** For level walkthroughs, see the Story Mode walkthrough.
    In original mode, you collect coins to unlock secret stuff and modes.
    Each level has 5 coins, you only need to collect them once..  you know
    the deal
         Chapter 1: Prelude
         Coin 1: Clear the stage!
         Coin 2: Clear with more than 3000 pts!
         Coin 3: Clear with accuracy rate of 80%+
         Coin 4: Clear with more than 20 Rank A's
         Coin 5: Clear without using any continues
         Chapter 2: Muddy
         Coin 1: Clear the stage!
         Coin 2: Clear with more than 4000 pts!
         Coin 3: Clear with accuracy rate of 85%+
         Coin 4: Clear with more than 30 Rank A's
         Coin 5: Clear without using any continues
         Chapter 3: Darkness
         Coin 1: Clear the stage!
         Coin 2: Clear with more than 3500 pts!
         Coin 3: Clear with accuracy rate of 90%+
         Coin 4: Clear with more than 30 Rank A's
         Coin 5: Clear without using any continues
         Chapter 4: Despair
         Coin 1: Clear the stage!
         Coin 2: Clear with more than 3500 pts!
         Coin 3: Clear with accuracy rate of 90%+
         Coin 4: Clear with more than 30 Rank A's
         Coin 5: Clear without using any continues
         Chapter 5: Dawn
         Coin 1: Clear the stage!
         Coin 2: Clear with more than 4000 pts!
         Coin 3: Clear with accuracy rate of 93%+
         Coin 4: Clear with more than 30 Rank A's
         Coin 5: Clear without using any continues
         Chapter 6: Original Sin
         Coin 1: Clear the stage!
         Coin 2: Clear with more than 4000 pts!
         Coin 3: Clear with accuracy rate of 95%+
         Coin 4: Clear with more than 30 Rank A's
         Coin 5: Clear without using any continues
         5 Coins:  5 Lives avaliable in the Options menu
         10 Coins: Start with 2 Molotov Cocktails in each level of Original
         15 Coins: 9 Continues avaliable in the Options menu
         20 Coins: Chapter 6: Original Sin avaliable whenever
         25 Coins: Free Play
         30 Coins: ??? (I don't have this much yet)
    9. BOSS MODE
    10. RANKINGS
    11. OPTIONS
    Password entry is simply a place to enter passwords for the games. Here
    I will list ones that really work and the known rumored ones as well.
    Password = PERKINS
    What does it do?
         - This password allows you to play VS CPU mode.
    Password = KIKMAHP
    Source   = www.gamewinners.com, www.cheatcc.com
    What is it supposed to do?
         - Supposedly activates unlimited continues, all bosses in boss mode,
           all Drill mode levels, and all CPU characters in vs. CPU mode
    13. FAQ
    Q: Do I need a keyboard to play this game?
    A: Yes! Two would be nice if you can get your hands on them, but at
       least one is required to play
    Q: Can I use my lightgun for this game?
    A: Well.. considering the name of the game is The TYPING of the Dead
       I would recommened only using it with your keyboard :)  But the
       answer to the question is NO.
    Q: If I own House of the Dead 2, is this game a waste of money?
    A: The feel of the game, drills, tutorials, and much more really make
       the game different.  I suggest buying both.  Anyways, it's fun
       pointing out the small changes we notice.
    Q: Typing of the Dead sounds horrible! Is it really worth my time?
    A: It's one of those addictive games.  I would recommend getting it
       if you have SOME TYPE of experience typing.  If your a super slow
       type, you aren't going to last long.  You actually do become a much
       better and faster typer from this game.  Also, there are tutorials
       on how to type using the home row. (which I think is hard :P)
    Q: Will the tutorials actually help me type?
    A: Yes.  They are a big help if your starting to type!  I strongly
       suggest going through them.  ESPECIALLY the special key ones :)
    Q: Can you have two players on one keyboard?
    A: Nope, sorry.  It sounds tough on the same keyboard anyways.  Shelling
       out the 20 bucks for a second keyboard is worth the cash anyways.
    Q: How much is this game?
    A: At current time, you can probably find it for $29.99 easily.  Use the
       extra money to get yourself an extra keyboard.
    Q: How much is the Dreamcast keyboard? <submitted: bigjoebowski@hotmail.com>
    A: I'd say the keyboard ranges from $19.99 to $24.99
    Q: You talk about things in your FAQ that aren't in my game!!  Are you
       insanely CRAZY?!?!
    A: I don't think so...  Check the secrets/unlockable section to find
       out how to unlock tutorials, drills, and bosses.  Also, if you need
       the stuff IMMEDIATELY, check the password section and cheat your way
    Q: What's the ESRB on this game?
    A: Even though it's a game about typing.. It's about Mature.  So if your
       under 17 either find an adult who will buy it for ya or you'll have
       to wait.
    Q: Is this game like House of the Dead or House of the Dead 2?
    A: This game is an EXACT replica of House of the Dead 2 with a few minor
       adjustments that are barely noticable.  There's even some extra zombies
       thrown around in it! :)
    Q: I like this FAQ.. where can I find more to quench my thirst?!
    A: This is only my second FAQ, but I have also wrote numerous game reviews.
       Go to http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4532.html and check
       out all the stuff I have/am writing.  At the time I wrote this, my only
       other GameFAQs FAQ is for Chameleon Twist.  It's a great FAQ if you own
       the game (which I hope you didnt waste your money on).
    Have any questions?
    Send them in to brak2000@hotmail.com
    Any INTELLIGENT questions will be answered and possibly put in this FAQ
    with credit to your email address.
    Hopefully this will allow you quick references to correct spellings
    and easier levels in the future. This list is VERY MUCH incomplete.
    **NOTE** Words are ordered by category and then listed in alphabetical
    An IOU
    A pack of lies
    A ray of hope
    About to die
    Adult children
    Alive and kicking
    Baby boomers
    Badger State
    Bang on the nose!
    Behave yourself
    Black pig
    Blow me a kiss
    Ciao babe
    Clumsy waitress
    Counting freckles
    Coyote State
    Cry baby
    Cut here
    Cut it out
    Dead on arrival
    Decayed tooth
    Desperate attack
    Do you really mean it?
    Don't talk dreck
    Early post disco
    Endurance contest
    Facial aesthetic course
    Fancy a drink?
    Fed up
    Field of hay
    First scandal
    Full of malice
    Get out of it
    Get out of my way
    Gimme your number
    Giveaway price
    Go fifty-fifty
    Go on
    Homecoming dance
    Hot iron
    Humble pie
    I am, I think
    I love you
    I say no
    Instant memory-loss
    Internet crime
    It's Ishii!
    It's time
    It's not gas
    Just a bit more
    Just got dumped
    Left field
    Life belt
    Life sucks
    Mr. Y
    Must be an error
    My mother country
    Nauseating flattery
    No. 1 in Asia
    No cred
    No funny stuff
    No yes maybe
    Obsolete problem
    Oh! My!
    On the rocks
    Outlawed rebel
    Paw reading
    Pump it up
    Rice crackers
    Road worrier
    Rock the house
    Rose bud
    Rude and crude
    Sad sour shrimp
    Sham slimming pills
    Shoot the pianist
    Slave to power
    Sorbeti on gelati
    Soul for sale
    Starved to death
    Stop eating erasers
    That's me!
    That's my boy
    That's my line!
    The 4th of July
    The deceased
    The last game of the series
    The rear
    Type till you drop
    Uncle Stan
    Utter leaner
    Utterly regrettably
    Vegas or Bust
    Walking chimney
    Warm soda
    Weekend trip to Kyoto
    Weekly weathercast
    Who nose who?
    Wiggle your ears
    With a twist
    Yellow zebra
    You choke me
    You're dismissed
    Q: Which one has fingers?
         Correct Answers
              - Doctors
              - Gorillas
         Incorrect Answers
              - Sea Gulls
    Q: What's in a normal sentence?
    Q: Which is a boy's name?
         Correct Answers
              - Peter
         Incorrect Answers
              - candy
              - Elizabeth
              - Eloise
    Q: Which word has 2 M's in it?
    Q: Which word has 2 N's in it?
    Q: Which one is a planet?
    Q: Which one decomposes?
         Correct Answers
              - Crab salad
         Incorrect Answers
              - Honey
              - Fossils
    Q: Which is in a music store?
         Correct Answers
              - Cello
              - Piano
    Q: Something that will help a cold.
    Q: Which contains wood?
    Q: Which one is sticky?
    I don't have to go shopping anymore.
    I've been eating all kinds of poultry.
    I just keep my sliding doors clean.
    And put the birdfeeder on the inside.
    The other day, I saw this anteater.
    He was really really overweight.
    And then I started to wonder what
    It would eat if it was on a diet.
    I have a brand-new red sports car.
    I keep it bright and shiny all the time.
    I think I'll just stand here next to it.
    And wait for someone to notice me.
    What do you call a zombie taking a bath?
    You call him Stew, of course.
    How do you know if a zombie used
    Your shower? The soap got bigger.
    I was disgusted yesterday at breakfast.
    I was on my last piece of raisin toast,
    When I made a startling discovery,
    I wan't eating raisin bread.
    No, thank you, I don't eat meat.
    Fish? No, I really can't eat fish.
    I don't like vegetables, either.
    Anyway, don't you have any chocolate?
    16. CREDITS
    SEGA of America - for making this awesome game and bringing it to the US!
    gameFAQS.com - thanks for putting this up!
    The Typing of the Dead Instruction Book - for the story and stuff
    like that.
    Typing of the Dead website - for character and enemy descriptions.
    Nemesis - for helping me out with the format and telling me REVIEWS ARE
    Vegeth! - for help with my pathetic G in the logo!
    EVERYONE ELSE! - without readers, there would be no FAQ!
    Also, thanks to Gene for his excellent FAQ on the Japanese version.
    Check it out if you can!
    This has been written by brak2000 <brak2000@hotmail.com>.
    If you would like to use it please ask my permission first.  If you don't,
    then legal action may be taken!
    Oh yeah... and I am no way affiliated for Sega or Dreamcast.. they get
    all the credit for this awesome game.
    E-Mail - brak2000@hotmail.com
    ICQ - 52483244
    MSN Messenger - brak2000@hotmail.com
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    or through my webpage -www.brak2000.com

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