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7:30 Battle Game Guide by Minesweeper

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/14/02

"This document Copyright 2000-2002 Nathan Norris"

____   ____   ____   _   ____   ____   _  _   _____
|    \ |  __| |  __| | | |    \ |  __| | || | |_   _|
| || | | |    | |    | | | || | | |    | \| |   | |
| || | | |__  | |__  | | | || | | |__  |    |   | |
|    / |  __| |__  | | | | || | |  __| |    |   | |
| |\ \ | |       | | | | | || | | |    |    |   | |
| || | | |__   __| | | | | || | | |__  | |\ |   | |
|_||_| |____| |____| |_| |____/ |____| |_||_|   |_|

____   _   _   _   _
|  __| | | | | | | | |           _  _  _  _
| |    | | | | | | | |          |  | || \|_
| |__  | | | | | | | |     __   |_ |_||_/|_
|  __| | | | | | | | |    |__|     _  _  _       _  _
| |    | |_| | | | | |          |||_ |_|| ||\ |||  |_|
| |__   \   /  | | | |__        \/|_ | \|_|| \|||_ | |
|____|   \_/   |_| |____|


Resident Evil: Code Veronica: DC -Steve 7:30 Battle Game Guide  Version 1.3
   By:  Minesweeper (Nathan Norris)  Email:  minesweeper1@hotmail.com


Last Updated:   8/14/02

-Table of Contents-

1:  Revision History
2:  Introduction
3:  Battle Game Explanation
4:  Steve's Equipment
5:  Enemy Strategies
6:  Walkthrough
7:  Thanks
8:  E-mail Policy
9:  Copyright


1.	Revision History

Version 1.0 9/15/00 - This is the first edition, so everything is new!


Version 1.1 9/19/00 - The only thing I really changed was added dates
to this section and changed my old e-mail address.  My new one is


Version 1.2 7/22/01 - I come look at this guide nearly a year after I made
it and I discover how messed up it is.  This guide now has a new copyright
and a new e-mail policy, part of my campaign of making a standard copyright
notice for every guide I make so people will not be confused.  I have also
added an ASCII art header, which is the standard type on all my Resident
Evil guides now.


Version 1.3 8/14/02 I have a small copyright revision today and a new email 
address.  http://faqs.ign.com may now host my guides, and my new email 
address is minesweeper2@hotmail.com.


2.	Introduction

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by and reading my strategy guide.  Please
excuse my mistakes, this is my first FAQ. This guide will give you the
skills you need to get an A ranking almost everytime you play the
Battle Game with Steve, like I do :)  He also uses my all time favorite
RE weapon ever, the Double Golden Lugers!  Be warned that this guide
assumes you already know all the basics, items, and such.  You must,
since to get the Battle Game, you have to defeat the Story Game.  Oh
well, enough ranting, lets get moving!


3.	Battle Game Explanation

The Battle Game is a minigame you earn after finishing the Story Game.
You choose a character from story mode, each with his/her own different
equipment and weapons.  Then you are expected to fight through almost
20 different rooms taken from all over the RE: CV playfield.  You get
five  rankings (in order from best to worst) A,B,C,D, and E.  You can
also either choose third-person mode or first-person mode.  I prefer
the former, and the guide is written using that camera mode.  And, as
stated above, this guide will focus exclusively on Steve, my favorite
character.  Now onto...


4.	 Steve's Equipment

Double Golden Lugers - The best RE weapon ever IMO!  Everything is
great about these guns.  They have great decoration, they are gold-
plated, they can kill in one shot (well, at least zombies ;), even the
recoil animation is cool!

Double Sub-Machine Guns - These are good guns, but not near as much fun
as the Lugers.  Whenever I get to the last room before the Gulp Worm, I
get mad, because there are no more zombies to headshot :)

Knife - YAWN.  Why did Capcom even bother putting a knife in every
characters' inventory?  Well, except for Wesker, this item serves no
real purpose in the Battle Game.  But we're not playing as Wesker, are
we? :)

Two Mixed Herbs - Completely refills your health.  If you're a pretty
good player with Steve, one herb will be good enough without having to
pick up anything.


5.  Enemy Strategies

Zombies and Barrels - Use the headshot on zombies with the Lugers.  The
easiest time to get a headshot is right after you begin to hold the Aim
button and Steve is raising his hands.  So if you press R+Up+X all at
about the same time, you can get a head shot on zombies very easily.
Sometimes you can get them even if they're standing 20 feet away!  I'd
love to see someone try to do that with a shotgun :) Headshots also
seem to be easier to get if you focus both guns on one zombie.  Just
thought you'd like to know that.

NEVER, EVER let zombies bite you!  If a zombie bites you, you'll have
to shove him off, and he'll fall to the floor.  You can only headshot
zombies that are fully standing up, so you'll have to waste time
pecking at him with weak shots until he dies.  Meanwhile, you've wasted
five seconds on a zombie that should have taken only a split second to
kill.  Shoving zombies is even worse if you're surrounded.  When you
shove off the offender, it will knock down all the other zombies,
slowing your progress even more.

Also, when the next room has zombies in it, you can hold R+Up+X while
and after the door animation is playing.  The moment the screen fades
in, you will automatically headshot the first zombie Steve sees!  This
technique will save you a LOT of time.  There is one exception to this
rule though.  It's the zombie standing next to you on the platform in
the room with the machine that spewed toxic gas in the main game.  You
will have to wait until the screen fades in before you can headshot
him.  If there is an exploding barrel in the room Steve will hit that
instead.  Not that it's bad, if you always shoot the barrel from the
starting point in a room, the explosion will never hurt you.  Also, the
barrels will usually kill large groups of zombies! :D

Some notes on special zombies, the fat zombies are impossible to score
headshots on with the Lugers, so kill them the normal way.  If you
always kill exploding zombies with Luger headshots, they will never
blow up.

Bandersnatches - You wouldn't believe how stupid I felt when I tried to
kill the Bandersnatches with the Lugers and then they crushed me (they
sure did look effective when Steve used them on one in a cinema...).
Always use sub-machine guns on them. Their one arm is incredibly
flexible, so flexible they can slap you from the other side of the
room. They seem to be able to get fewer slaps in if you split your guns
between them.  Don't worry, there is only one room when they are really
much of a threat.

Hunters - Hunters are really dangerous because they can leap and slash,
taking off large amounts of health.  You must aim down to kill them at
close range because they are short.  Another dangerous thing about them
is that it seems to take longer for their blood to spread (showing they
are dead) than zombies.  A way around this is by shooting them when
they are down.  If you see blood coming up, then he's not dead yet.
But, if the bullets pass through him and hit the wall, he is now
nothing more than a harmless mass of polygons.  You are safe :)

It's an odd coincedence that two of the three hunter rooms have the
same kind of door leading into them.  It is tan colored with one large
rectangle on it that is a bit smaller than the rectangle of the door.
The one without that kind of a door is the next room after the first
hunter room.  So now you know when all the hunter ambushes will spring
up!  Hooray!

Now, on to what most of you probably came here for, the...


6.  Walkthrough!

This is the complete walkthrough to get an A rank with Steve in the
Battle Game.  This is how I will describe each room's major points:

ROOM 0 - the room's number, duh!
Name of room - this is the room's name!
Enemies - this is the type of enemy you will fight in this room!
Items - these are the things you can pick up in each room!  My guide
will ignore most of these items, but if you're in Danger status or
something, feel free to pick up an First Aid Spray or whatever else is
in the room.  Better to get a decent finish time than none at all...

Okay!  Are you ready? Alrightee then...pick Steve and prepare for...

Torture Hallway
No Items

Immediately go to the inventory and get out your Lugers.  Run near the
zombie straight ahead and peg him with a head shot by pressing R+Up+X
(from now on, I will just say headshot to replace R+Up+X. Make note of
that.  I'll also say "headshot" a lot.  Try not to get annoyed.)  Run
up ahead. When the camera angle changes, you can see two zombies, one
of them fat.  Shoot the first with a headshot.  Then just kill the fat
one with some bursts of Luger rounds (Remember!  You cannot kill fat
zombies with headshots!)  Run down the hall some more and you will see
another zombie.  Shoot him with another headshot.  Run up the stairs
and get ready for the next room by holding headshot.

Shutter Alleyway
Zombies, Barrel
Green Herb

If you held the buttons for headshot like I told you, the barrel in
front of Steve will explode and a crowd of zombies will be advancing on
you.  Get about four or five steps from them, and headshot them all.
Kill the prone zombie next to the gate.  Before leaving, switch to the
Sub-Machine Guns.

Facility Lobby
First Aid Spray

I HATE THIS ROOM!  You will too if you don't now.  There are already
two snatches almost on top of you when you enter, making it difficult
to escape this room without entering yellow caution.  First, split your
fire between the snatches.  They will die.  By now you've taken a few
slaps and are either still fine or just entering caution.  Another
Bandersnatch will emerge from the hallway to Steve's right.  Kill him,
and change back to the Lugers.  Go out through the door that is in the
hall the last snatch appeared from.  During the door animation, hold
the headshot buttons.

Statue Room
No Items

You will instantly kill a zombie cuz you already had the headshot
buttons ready.  Headshot the next zombie in this room and headshot the
other zombie barring the entrance to the red hall. Enter said room.
Now, either one or two zombies are coming around the corner to Steve's
left, or they're still hanging around by the elevator.  Dispose of them
with HS's and leave.  This time, DON'T hold headshot.

Gas Machine Room
No Items

A zombie will already be about two feet away from you when the screen
fades in.  If you get lucky, you might nail him with a headshot
manually before he can bite you.  Most of the time, though, he will
grab you and try for some free lunch.  Throw him off you, and shoot him
several times.  He will crumple over.  Dart down the stairs, and kill
the five or six zombies with headshots.  Go up the opposite stairs and
equip the Sub-Machine Guns.  Oh no!  A tan door with a rectangle!  That
means (dum, dum, duuuuuum...) HUNTER ROOM!!!  Gather up your courage
and enter their domain.

Turntable Room
Green Herb

Turn 90 degrees right (Steve's right) and head for the exit!  The
hunter you just ran past will swipe you once.  You get irritated at him
and fill him full of lead.  His buddy has also caught up while you were
fighting him so you kill him too.  Walk out the double doors.

(BTW, you can also just fire from where you are when you first enter
the room, but you risk a flying claw swipe from the hunter standing on
the turntable.  That is why I prefer the above method despite the fact
it is slower.  But if you'd like to do this instead, that's okay with

Conveyor Room
Hunters, Barrels
Green Herb+Blue Herb

Run a few steps before turning around. A Poison Hunter who tried to
ambush you from the side will now be in view.  Blast him to show him
how rude it is to sneak up on people!  Meanwhile, a regular Hunter is
either barreling around the corner or he's still playing with the
conveyor belt.  Either way, kill him when he comes a'runnin'.  If
you're lucky, neither Hunter got one swipe on you and you're in yellow
caution or better.  You're unlucky if you've been poisoned and/or in
orange caution or worse.  If it's just poison, then grab the blue herb
the Hunter was so nice to leave you next to the conveyor controls.  If
you're in orange caution or danger, use a mixed herb regardless of
whether poison is mixed in or not.  Go back to your old Lugers and
leave through the door up the stairs.  Prepare for a headshot.

(Like in the last room, you can fire from the starting point if you
like, but I almost always get nailed by the hunter's flying swipe and
are either badly wounded or dead because after that, he usually boxes
me in the corner with no escape.  I'm just telling you, do this if you
want, but I think its more risky than it's worth.)

First elevator hall
Zombies, Barrel
No Items

If you held headshot, a zombie standing next to you will be killed
twice!  First he will get a headshot from one Luger, then get thrown
into the wall courtesy of the other Luger hitting an exploding barrel!
Now a fat zombie is approaching from past the elevator.  Kill him with
several Luger bursts, and HS the other two zombies. Leave out the door
at the other end of the hall.  Prepare a headshot.

Second elevator hall
No Items

A zombie who tries to catch you from behind will be instantly killed
because of the two bullets you had waiting on him.  There are now three
or four zombies approaching from the control room.  HS them to death,
then run around the platform and kill the standing zombie and the one
sleeping on the floor.  Run back to the brown door you passed on the
left wall.  A lot of the time, the zombie hanging out on the platform
will have come down so kill him too.  If you're unlucky, he's still
staring at the wall on the platform so you'll have to waste several
seconds to go up and kill him.  Either way, exit out the brown door
while holding headshot.

Painting Hall
No Items

Hmmm, three halls in a row.  The zombie standing behind the first
zombie will die because of the prepared HS.  Kill his other two buddies
and run down the hall.  The next three-zombie mob is hiding around the
corner, but they're tough to see because of the camera angle.  These
must be the toughest zombies to avoid being bitten by, and also one of
the worst because they will instantly crowd around you, which means
when you shove off the first zombie, all the zombies will fall down,
forcing you to peck at then with weak shots.  Kill them and get out by
whatever means necessary.  DO NOT PREPARE A HEADSHOT WHILE YOU ARE

Medical Room
First Aid Spray

If you ignored my command not to HS, your bullets will just harmlessly
hit the cubicle wall.  This is my most hated room in the Battle Game
because none of the zombies are packed into groups, making it difficult
to focus guns on just one target for easy headshots.  HS the zombie on
the other side of the cubicle wall and the one near the medicine
cabinets.  Now a fat zombie is coming around the other cubicle wall and
a regular zombie is walking out of the office.  Kill the fat zombie
first and then go after the regular one with a HS.  Also headshot the
last zombie coming around the glass wall.  Get the First Aid Spray off
the body bags if you need it and leave.  I shouldn't have to remind you
to get a headshot ready.

Military Hall
Zombies, Barrel
Green Herb

This is probably the most important prepared HS in the Battle Game.
You will instantly hit the exploding barrel.  All the zombies will die,
but only if you had a prepared headshot.  If the headshot was delayed
for even an instant, there is a strong chance a zombie or two will
survive, forcing you to waste time pecking them with weak shots on the
floor.  Afterwards, kill the zombie hiding around the corner to the
right.  When all the zombies are dead, equip the Sub-Machine Guns,
ignore the casino bonus room, and leave out the the tan door with a
dum, duuuuuuuum) HUNTER ROOM!!!

Locker Room
First Aid Spray

Unlucky 13...NOT!!  Unlike all the hunter rooms, they are not already
on top of you the moment you step in.  Run past the vending machines
and fill Hunter Number One with SMG fire.  After doing that, keep
heading through the room until Hunter Number Two attacks.  Fill the
Poison Hunter with more SMG fire and hopefully he won't be able to claw
you and mess you up with poison.  HURRAY!  WE'VE COMPLETED ALL THE
HUNTER ROOMS!  Exchange the SMGs for the Lugers and leave out the door
with the broken window.  Prepare another headshot.

Freezer Room
No Items

A zombie you can't even see will die instantly courtesy of Mr. and Mrs.
Luger.  Run ahead until you pass the threshold of the corner and
headshot the two zombies near you.  Then headshot all the other zombies
down the hall and leave through the door around the next corner.
Prepare a headshot.

Motor Pool
Zombies, Barrels
No Items

You will instantly hit one barrel creating a chain reaction that will
kill every zombie in the room.  Leave with a HS ready.  You may get the
"I must kill that monster!" message a few times before you can leave
through the double doors.

Shutter Room
No Items

No tricks here.  Just headshot every zombie and leave through the
greenish colored door in the area that was blocked off by the shutter
in the main game.  Equip the SMGs before you go.

Airport Reception
First Aid Spray

Immediately commence firing until you hear the death cries of two
Snatches then focus the guns on the survivor to Steve's left until he
dies.  Take the First Aid Spray if you need it and leave through the
shutter door.

Gulp Worm Cave
Gulp Worm
No Items

HURRAY!  YOU MADE IT TO THE LAST ROOM!  All that stands between you and
that A rank now is the Gulp Worm.  To beat him, just constantly run
back and forth along the cave wall with the doors and blast Eartworm
Jim everytime he surfaces.  Rinse and repeat until he is dead.
Sometimes you can kill him without a single hit using this method.
Usually I can get him in a little over a minute.


So, how did you do?  If you didn't get bitten by a zombie more than
once, didn't pick up anything, and only had to use one healing item,
then your time will be something like 7:30-7:50.  My personal best is
7:22 and I usually average about 7:40 using this method.


7:  Thanks

- Thanks to myself because if it wasn't for me, this FAQ wouldn't exist!
- Thanks to my dad for giving me jobs to do to pay for my Dreamcast  and
this game!
- Thanks to Capcom!  I am really looking forward to Resident Evil: Code
Veronica X.
- Thanks to S.D. Perry for her brilliant novelization of the Resident Evil
- BIG, Big thanks to GameFaqs, THE best video game site on the net!


8:  E-mail Policy

I have recieved a lot of stupid e-mail in the past, but now it is starting
to get ridiculous so I am going to start enforcing what kinds of messages
will and will not get answered.

Please DO:

- read the whole document before sending a question.  If you have time to
waste your life away on video games, then you have enough time to scan my
document for a few minutes for an answer to a problem.

- put the name of the game in the message topic.  It makes it A LOT easier
for me to pick out which messages are on games and which are not.  Also if
the name is not there, I might accidentally delete it, thinking it is junk

- spell correctly.  I won't be able to help much with your problem if you
send me something like "Hy mn cn u hlp me wth ths 1 prblm, I cnt bt ths 1
lvl ok thnks gby."

- send a message in English.  I can barely read Spanish, let alone translate
Japanese.  You wouldn't believe how many messages I have recieved in some
foreign languages that I don't even know which continent they are from.

- be polite.  Any mail with excessive flaming will be instantly deleted.

Please DO NOT:

- write the title of the message as "About your walkthrough" or something
similar to that.

- flame.  I hate flaming.  Especially messages with the f-word or the
s-word.  These will be instantly deleted.

- send advertisements.  These will be considered junk mail and will be
deleted instantly.

- ask me something that is already answered in the walkthrough or the
manual.  C'mon, would you rather spend a few minutes skimming my guide, or
would you rather spend a few hours, days, or even weeks waiting for me to
get back to you?

- forget to include the name of the game in the message or on the title.  I
am not a psychic.  I cannot tell what game you are after if you do not
include the name in it.

- send me a message in any language other than English.  The only other
language I can barely understand at all is Spanish, and even then, I can
hardly form simple sentences.  So don't send the message in any language
besides English or I simply won't be able to help you.


9:  Copyright

This guide is the sole property of Nathan Norris, author of this guide.
Don't rip off this guide in part or whole, or I will be forced to act
against you.  Don't rip off this guide then alter it to death and claim it
as your own.  This guide may not be used for ANY profitable reasons
whatsoever, even if no money is made.

I'm tired of all these websites requesting my guides for their sites, so
from now on, these are the only sites which may use my guides:


This makes it very simple for me to keep track of what state each version is
in each site.  If you find this guide on some other site, and it is
incomplete, go to www.gamefaqs.com. before requesting help from me.  Since
gamefaqs.com is the first place I send every piece of my work, they are sure
to have the most up-to-date version of my guides.

I bid you farewell.


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