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Enemy Guide by Mr. Black

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 10/19/00

                   | Resident Evil Code: Veronica |
                           | Enemy Guide |
                     | A Mini-FAQ by Mr. Black |
                              | v1.04 |

1.  Introduction
2.  The Enemies
 2a.  Zombie
 2b.  Cerberus
 2c.  Bat
 2d.  Hunter / Spotter
 2e.  Sweeper
 2f.  Bandersnatch
 2g.  Giant Spider
 2h.  Giant Moth
 2i.  Parasite
 2j.  Tentacle
 2k.  Baby Albinoid
3.  The Bosses
 3a.  Tyrant (1st Form)
 3b.  Tyrant (2nd Form)
 3c.  Nosferatu
 3d.  Giant Worm
 3e.  Adult Albinoid
 3f.  Alexia (1st Form)
 3g.  Tyrant Steve
 3h.  REALLY Giant Spider
 3i.  Alexia (2nd Form)
 3j.  Alexia (3rd Form)
4.  The End
 4a.  Credits
 4b.  Legal Stuff

After finishing the fiendishly scary Resident Evil Code: Veronica, I 
decided that the game was too big for ickle me to write a whole walkthru 
for it. So, to compromise, I've thrown together this little guide to 
help you with the arduous task of defeating the plethora of enemies and 
bosses in the game. 

Am I lazy by not writing a full walkthru? Not really - seeing as 
Resident Evil Code: Veronica more or less consists of just two things: 
solving puzzles and killing baddies, I've covered half the game in this 

This section will tell you the rough locations of each enemy, what they 
look and sound like, what their attacks are, and what it'll take to kill 
them. I've even included bonus background notes for each enemy!

Treat this a kind of spotter's guide - whenever you come across an enemy 
for the first time, consult this section to find out more about them.

2a. Zombie
WHERE TO FIND THEM: More or less everywhere, on both disks. They're the 
most common enemy in the game.

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Human, but with rotting flesh and a shambling walk. 

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: They make moaning, groaning sounds, and *shlup-
shlup-shlup* sounds when walking.

1) A lunge for your neck. If it connects, mash the buttons and waggle 
the stick to break free. Progressive damage - the longer the zombie is 
latched on, the more damage you take.
2) A grab at your ankle (when the zombie is crawling). More or less the 
same as the above attack, except one you break free of the zombie's 
grasp, you will either stomp on their head or kick it off, 
killing the zombie instantly.
3) A vomit attack. Close range, light damage. May poison???

HOW TO KILL THEM: 4 to 5 handgun bullets is usually the most effective 
method. However, one magnum shot or explosive arrow or an upward-aimed 
shotgun blast will blow a zombie's head up and kill them instantly. It 
is also feasible to use the bow gun, although this requires around 10 to 
15 arrows.

When using the handgun or bow gun, remember that the amount of bullets 
required can vary depending on the zombie. Some zombies can withstand 10 
bullets, whereas some will die after 3. There is an element of 
randomness there.

There are a few different types of zombie that you'll need to look out 
for. You have the normal type, which is the most common, but there are 
some zombies (who, as far as I can tell, appear randomly) who have 
greatly increased agility and stamina - they are much tougher, and much 
quicker. These zombies can be very dangerous if you're on low health. 

The final type, 'bomb-zombies' only appear once or twice. These zombies 
have plastic explosives strapped to their backs (!) which will detonate 
if shot with a powerful gun like the magnum or shotgun. If you kill the 
bomb-zombie with a weaker gun like the handgun, then the bomb won't 
explode until the zombie hits the floor. The explosion is quite large 
and very damaging, so keep your distance.

As a whole, zombies are fairly slow, so it is often easier to avoid them 
rather than attack them.

BACKGROUND: Zombies are humans who have been infected with a mutated 
strain of the T-Virus. This mutated virus causes degeneration in living 
cells, so this accounts for the zombie's decaying bodies. The zombies 
also suffer almost total brain death, which although reduces their IQ 
drastically, they therefore become far more resilient to harm.

2b) Cerberus
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Again, these enemies are quite common. However, the 
Cerberus are more abundant on the first disk.

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Zombified dogs. 

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: What noise do dogs make? Yes, that's right, they 

1) A tearing bite at your thigh. This attack is only used while the 
Cerberus is chasing you. Light damage.
2) A bite at your wrist. Progressive damage, so tap the buttons to shake 
the dog off.
3) A jumping bite at your neck. This is often used when the Cerberus is 
chasing you. Light-medium damage.

HOW TO KILL THEM: Cerberus are very fast enemies, and they can often be 
as tough, if not tougher, than zombies. The handgun, shotgun, M-100P or 
even the knife are effective weapons, due to the fact that whenever you 
deal even the smallest bit of damage to a Cerberus, it falls to the 
floor. As long as there are relatively few of them, they shouldn't pose 
too much of a threat.

Despite their agility, Cerberus are surprisingly easy to dodge. Run away 
and they'll give chase. When they jump to bite you, jink to one side at 
the last moment and continue running. Simple.

BACKGROUND: Cerberus are T-Virus infected dogs. Unlike the zombies, the 
T-Virus has had not much effect on the Cerberus, so they are still very 
fast and agile. 

2c) Bat
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Toilet in Alfred's palace, Private Residence (main 
hall), Airport, underground tunnel.



1) They claw and bite at your head and neck. Progressive damage.

HOW TO KILL THEM: A single bullet/shell/knife swipe will see them off. 
In fact, ANY weapon kills them in one shot. If you don't kill them, they 
can become a huge annoyance, as they are always found in swarms, and 
repeatedly attack you one after another.

There is another, easier way to keep bats away - equip the lighter. If 
you have the lighter out, bats will not attack you.

BACKGROUND: I can only assume that these are T-Virus infected bats. 
However, they may just be normal, common-or-garden bats!

2d) Hunter/Spotter
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Several places while playing as Chris. They are not 
found while as Claire.

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Hunter - A reptilian humanoid, with a hunched back 
and sunken head. Spotter - A small, robotic camera-on-wheels, that moves 
along the ceiling or walls.

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Hunter - They make a short, high-pitched squeal 
when attacking, but most of the time you can only hear their heavy 
footsteps. Spotter - A mechanical whirring/clicking sound as it moves 
around and turns it's projector on and off.

Hunter -
1) A short-ranged swipe at your ankle (only used when it is giving 
chase). Light to medium damage.
2) A swipe at your midsection. Medium damage.
3) A jumping slash at your neck. Heavy damage.
Spotter -
1) Spotter beam (see below)

HOW TO KILL THEM: The Hunter and the Spotter are unusual enemies, 
because they work in a team. You will never come across a Hunter on it's 
own, instead, you must be detected by a Spotter before a Hunter attacks.

The Spotter projects a light beam onto the floor, which, if you pass 
through, will cause the Spotter to alert one or more Hunters to your 
presence. Luckily, the Spotter can't sustain the beam forever, so there 
are periodic pauses before it resumes the beam, allowing you to dash 

The Hunters themselves are formidable enemies. Their jumping slash is 
absolutely lethal, so if you see a Hunter crouching down for a jump, get 
ready to move. They're faster than you, so don't even think about 
running, or you'll be hamstrung from behind. 

The best weapon to use against them is the shotgun. Stand still and aim 
at the Hunter, and when it gets close, let rip. Wait for it to stand up 
and run at you, then floor it again. Repeat until it dies. Also, the 
Dual Submachine Guns will waste a Hunter with ease.

The magnum and a grenade launcher loaded with acid rounds will fell a 
Hunter with one shot.

BACKGROUND: Hunters are genetically engineered killing machines created 
through controlled use of the T-Virus, based on the body or some kind of 
lizard. These particular Hunters are kept by Albert Wesker, so we can 
assume that they are 'domesticated'. The Spotters are also owned by 
Wesker, and these are obviously used to help the Hunter's hunt down 
their prey.

2e) Sweeper
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Chemical Lab (after you obtain the Blue Chemical), 
Utility Room (breaks through glass after you drain the water). None 
while playing as Claire.

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Similar to Hunters, but squatter and with a wider 
mouth. They look like bipedal frogs. Their skin has a purplish tinge to 

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Same as Hunters.

They have the same attacks as Hunters do, but each hit is more powerful 
and carries the possibility of poisoning you.

HOW TO KILL THEM: Also known as the Poison Hunter, the Sweeper poses an 
even greater threat than regular Hunters. Their ability to poison you 
makes them very dangerous, and because they are stronger than Hunters, 
they need to be killed quick. Use the same tactic(s) to defeat them as 
you would Hunters, but be ready with a Blue Herb if you get slashed. 
Luckily, there are only two of them in the whole game!

BACKGROUND: Sweepers, like the Hunters, are genetically engineered. They 
are based on the bodies of toads or frogs, and they must be more 
intelligent than Hunters, because they don't need the Spotters to help 
them out.

2f) Bandersnatch
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Fairly common on the first disk, only one on the 
second, in the Incubation Lab (after you meet up with Wesker).

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Bit hard to describe, but here goes... they have 
muscular bodies, which looks as if melted flesh has been dripped onto 
it. Their faces are skeletal in appearance. Their right arms are very 
long and muscular, but their left are just tiny stumps. Their whole body 
pulses and throbs.

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: A shuffling sound as they walk, dragging their 
right arm across the floor. A stretching, elasticcy sound as they 

1) A VERY long range attack, the Bandersnatch stretches it's right arm 
all the way across the room to punch you. Light to medium damage. 
Virtually impossible to avoid as it comes out very fast.
2) An upwards swipe with it's right arm. Light to medium damage. The 
Bandersnatch only uses this attack if you're up close.
3) The Bandersnatch grabs your head with it's right arm, picks you up, 
and proceeds to crush your head with it's hand. Progressive damage.

HOW TO KILL THEM: Although their attacks are fast and annoying, as well 
as being nigh-on impossible to dodge, Bandersnatches are fairly simple 
enemies to defeat, as long as they're alone. A few bursts from the M-
100Ps or one-two explosive arrows will make short work of one 
Bandersnatch, but two or more can pose problems. Try to attack them from 
as far away as possible.

The Bandersnatches are also very tricky to run away from. They can use 
their stretchy right arm to stick to walls and pull themselves up to it, 
like a grappling hook.

BACKGROUND: I'm not entirely sure. They look like zombies, but they seem 
to be more intelligent. My theory is that they're failed Tyrant 

2g) Giant Spider
WHERE TO FIND THEM: B.O.W. Room, Hallway before Harrier hangar, Sewer 
Tunnel. None on Disk 1.

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Spiders, but bigger.

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: They make a thump-thump-thump sound as they walk 

1) A poison spit attack. Light damage, may poison.
2) A facehugger-style grab-and-bite at your face. Progressive damage.

HOW TO KILL THEM: Giant Spiders are VERY annoying enemies. They are 
fast, hard to hit, and they can survive the majority of their body being 
blown completely off!

The Giant Spiders must be shot once or twice with the shotgun, then 
their abdomens explode. This just leaves their thorax (basically the 
head and legs), but it'll still come after you! Another one to two 
shotgun blasts finally kills it. They are extremely easy to avoid and 
run past, though.

For a decisive kill, use a single flame round from your grenade 

BACKGROUND: The mutated strain of the T-Virus which has infected these 
spiders has not only increased their durability, it has caused them to 
grow in size.

2h) Giant Moth
WHERE TO FIND THEM: They occupy a single room in the Antarctic Base, the 
cocoon filled corridor.

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Take a guess.

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Flutter-flutter-flutter. You know, like what a 
moth would sound if it was really big.

1) Poison scale cloud. Wherever Giant Moths fly, they leave a trail of 
green scales which can poison you if you run into them. No damage, but 
may poison.
2) Egg implant. Giant Moths can lay eggs on your back, which will later 
hatch into larvae. You can't do anything about them until they attack, 
at which point they crawl onto your neck and start biting. No damage, 
but when the eggs hatch, the larva will deal progressive damage and may 

HOW TO KILL THEM: Forget what I said about Giant Spiders being annoying, 
these Giant Moths currently hold the Resident Evil title for Most 
Gittish Enemy. The awkward camera angles in RECV mean that it can be 
*very* difficult avoid the poison clouds. And while you're trying to 
manouevre past them, you've got another one coming after you, trying to 
lay eggs in your back! It's best to waste some AK47 ammo here and see 
them off once and for all, otherwise every time you pass through this 
room you'll probably be poisoned and implanted.

BACKGROUND: Like the Giant Spiders, the T-Virus has caused these moth to 
grow dramatically.

2i) Parasite
WHERE TO FIND THEM: A single room in the Antarctic base, the one full of 
ice where the zombies attack after you pick up the Octa Valve Handle. 
They burst out of the zombie's chests.

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Pale facehugger-y things.

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: They don't make a sound (At least I don't think 
they do).

1) They burst out of zombie's chests if you get too close and clamp to 
your face. Progressive damage.

HOW TO KILL THEM: There's a simple method of avoiding the Parasites: 
keep away from the zombies in that room. If they do get hold of you, tap 
the buttons to shake them off and kill them.

BACKGROUND: I have absolutely no idea.

2j) Tentacle
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Near the crashed plane in the big silo (as Chris), 
and the painting-filled corridor you run through before you fight Tyrant 
Steve (as Claire). 

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: What a stupid question.

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: A whippy sound as they thrash at you.

1) If you try to get past them, they'll knock you to floor. Light to 
medium damage.

HOW TO KILL THEM: Think of the tentacles as destructible barriers. It's 
impossible to get past them without taking damage, so just repeatedly 
fire your handgun or bow gun at it from a safe distance until it dies, 
then forge onwards.

BACKGROUND: I think that these are part of Alexia's giant cocoon, but 
I'm not really sure.

2k) Infant Albinoid
WHERE TO FIND THEM: The lab where you get the red skeleton picture. They 
attack after you pick it up.

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Little pink blobs with small, stubby arms.

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: An "zap" sound as they attack.

1) An electric shock attack. If you get too close, they'll give you a 
zap. Light damage.

HOW TO KILL THEM: Basically, don't. After the Infant Albinoids drop down 
from the ceiling, they'll scuttle after you. Just run away. You'll 
probably get zapped a few times, but nothing a Green Herb won't cure.

BACKGROUND: Another of Umbrella's T-Virus experiments, this time on 
salamanders. Read the report on the projector found in the Military 
Training Facility's control room to find out more.

The bosses in Resident Evil games have, up to now, been slightly less 
than challenging. Not so with RECV. In this game, some of the bosses can 
drive you up the wall, and sometimes you may even have to restart your 
game to beat them (in my case, the Tyrant on the plane, and nearly the 
final boss, too)! It's lucky for you, then, that I've given tips to beat 
the bosses in this guide, too.

For the most part, bosses HAVE to be killed for you to proceed through 
the game. However, direct combat with some of them can be avoided.

3a) Tyrant (1st Form)
WHERE TO FIND IT: The bridge connecting the Military Training Facility 
and Alfred's palace, after you've raised the airport barrier.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: A heavily muscled humanoid, with no indication of 
gender. It's skin is light blue, with patches of black scales. It has 
claws instead of hands.

WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: Silent, except for it's heavy footsteps.

1) A claw swipe. Medium damage. Knockdown effect.

HOW TO KILL IT: While fighting this Tyrant, be aware that you have no 
room to manouevre. The flaming wreckage behind you is impassable, so all 
you can do is stand and shoot. Immediately after cut scene ends, bombard 
it with explosive arrows or acid rounds, and it should die just before 
it reaches you. If one of the Tyrant's swipes knocks you into the 
flaming barrier, you'll die instantly. 6 acid rounds or 15 explosive 
arrows should be enough.

BACKGROUND: A mutant created by the controlled infection of the T-Virus 
in a human being. The result is a near-unstoppable creature with 
unfathomable strength.

3b) Tyrant (2nd Form)
WHERE TO FIND IT: The cargo section of the plane after it's taken off.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Same as the 1st Form Tyrant, except it's right hand 
has turned into what resembles a mace.

WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: Same as the 1st Form Tyrant.

1) A claw swipe. Medium damage. Knockdown effect.
2) A dashing claw swipe. Medium damage. Knockdown effect.
3) A crushing downwards blow. Heavy damage. Knockdown effect.

HOW TO KILL IT: Before you enter the cargo bay, take your bow gun with 
explosive arrows and your grenade launcher with acid or B.O.W gas 
rounds, plus some healing items.

The way to kill this form of the Tyrant is rather tricky. You have to 
press the button on the control panel near the door to fire the cargo 
catapult towards the Tyrant, knocking it out of the plane. However, it's 
too strong, and it'll grab the cargo and hurl it back. So, what you must 
do is use your most powerful weapons to weaken it, then fire the 
catapult to finish it off.

When the cut scene is over, aim at it with your bow gun and fire as many 
explosive arrows at it as you can before it gets too close, then fire 
the catapult. This won't be enough to knock it out, so you'll have to 
play a game of cat-and-mouse with it, around the plane, dodging it's 
attacks and shooting it whenever you get the chance. If it strikes you 
down with any of it's attacks, run away from it as soon as you get up, 
otherwise it'll use a crushing blow and deal heavy damage. Also be wary 
of the open cargo hatch - the Tyrant can actually knock you out of the 
plane if it hits you towards it.

All the while, the cargo catapult will be charging up for a second try. 
A "binge" sound will tell you when it's finished charging. Keep dodging 
and shooting until the Tyrant begins to limp, then fire the catapult 
once more. The Tyrant will be knocked out of the plane and killed.

You CAN kill the Tyrant just by repeatedly firing the catapult at him, 
but this is VERY hard to do, because you'll need to dodge him for a 
whole lot longer. Thusly, if you don't have at least 15 explosive arrows 
or 6 Acid or Normal Grenade rounds, consider restarting your game.

BACKGROUND: All Tyrants have several stages of mutation during their 
life spans; this is the Tyrant's second.

3c) Nosferatu
WHERE TO FIND HIM: On the helipad in the Antarctic base.

WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE: A jaundiced, bald old man, with his arms bound and 
his mouth gagged. In the centre of his chest there is an exposed heart, 
and long tentacles protrude from his back. A cloth is wrapped around his 

WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: A whipping sound as he attacks with his tentacles.

1) A swipe at you with his tentacles. Medium damage, knockdown effect.
2) Poison gas cloud. Whenever Nosferatu attacks with it's tentacles, 
several clouds of purple gas move in the direction of the wind.

HOW TO KILL IT: If you picked up the Sniper Rifle earlier on, this boss 
should be a cinch. Run away from it, and auto-aim with the Sniper Rifle. 
Zoom in with the L-Button, and wait until you see him emerge from the 
mist. Fire off all seven rifle rounds into the Nosferatu's exposed 
heart, this will kill him. If you miss with any of the bullets, run 
away, avoid the poison gas clouds. Auto-aim with another gun. Keep on 
shooting, and he'll eventually drop.

You have to be careful when fighting Nosferatu - he can knock you off 
the helipad with his tentacle attacks, so try to keep your distance. 
Avoid the gas clouds by staying 'upwind', because the gas clouds 
disperse in the direction of the Antarctic gales blowing over the 

BACKGROUND: The Nosferatu is actually Alexia and Alfred's father, 
Alexander. He was infected with the T-Veronica Virus in one of Alexia's 
depraved experiments. However, the experiment failed and Alexander 
became a insane and uncontrollable monster. For safety, Alexia locked 
him up in a dungeon below her father's office.

3d) Giant Worm
WHERE TO FIND IT: The cavern right after you take control of Chris.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: A REALLY big earthworm, but with a mouth full of 
tentacles and mandibles.

WHAT IT SOUND LIKE: It makes an unearthly shriek as it surfaces for air.

1) Whenever you touch the Giant Worm, you take light damage.
2) When the worm makes a short dive from out of the ground, it can 
swallow you whole. Instant death.

HOW TO KILL IT: Okay, this isn't strictly a boss, but if you kill it 
quick enough, it'll make your adventure a whole lot easier. Because it 
swallowed Rodrigo earlier on, killing it quickly makes it vomit up 
Rodrigo, upon which he'll give you Claire's lighter. You can use this 
unlock the Submachine Guns in the previous room.

Basically, all you need to do it dodge it while it's coming up for air, 
auto-aim with your Handgun and let off as many shots as you can before 
it burrows back underground. Repeat this process until it dies. You need 
to be VERY careful that it doesn't eat you, because that kills you in 
one go.

BACKGROUND: It seems to be another T-Virus mutation. It could have been 
deployed by the special forces unit that attacked the island at the 
beginning of the game.

3e) Adult Albinoid
WHERE TO FIND IT: In the pool at the end of the sewer tunnel. It's the 
one that the Eagle Plate fell into.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: A bigger, 4-legged Albinoid.

WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: It makes an electric "zap" sound when it attacks, 
much like the Infant Albinoids do.

1) It electrifies the water that it's in if you get in with it. Light to 
medium damage.

HOW TO KILL IT: Like the Infant Albinoids, it's best not to kill it. 
Just dive in, pick up the Eagle Plate, and run out again. If you got 
zapped, heal yourself with a Green Herb or two.

BACKGROUND: Remember when you first encountered the Albinoids, and one 
got away through an air vent? Well, this is that same Albinoid. 
Obviously, it's grown quite a bit.

3f) Alexia (1st Form)
WHERE TO FIND HER: The mansion in the Antarctic base while playing as 
Chris. She beats up Wesker then comes after you.

WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE: A naked woman (meow) with plant-like growths 
covering her naughty bits (awwww....).

WHAT SHE SOUNDS LIKE: Silent. A whooshing sound as she uses her flame 

1) Flame barriers. Alexia can create impassable walls of fire that 
disappear after a little while. Deals light to medium damage if you 
touch them.
2) If you get right up close to her, you'll die instantly.

HOW TO KILL HER: Keep your distance, and use either the Magnum or 
Shotgun. Around 7 Magnum bullets or 14 Shotgun blasts should be enough. 
A very easy boss to defeat.

BACKGROUND: It seems that Alexia has injected herself with the T-
Veronica Virus!

3g) Tyrant Steve
WHERE TO FIND IT: In the statue filled dungeon near the prison cells. 
Steve is at the end, strapped into Nosferatu's chair. He then mutates 
into Tyrant Steve, picks up the battleaxe, and attacks.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: A hugely-muscled green-skinned hunchbacked monster. 
It still retains Steve's Leonardo DiCaprio-esque face.

WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: It roars. Quite a bit.

1) Axe swipe. VERY heavy damage (From Fine down to Danger in one hit).

HOW TO KILL IT: Put simply, you can't. Even your most powerful weapons 
cannot leave a scratch on him. All they do is slow him down.

The best tactic, then, is to RUN back to where to you. Run like hell. 
It's axe will finish you off in two swipes, so after you're hit, heal 
yourself back to Fine with either a First Aid Spray or a Mixed Herb.

I'm sure that it's impossible to escape Tyrant Steve without getting hit 
at least twice, so bring at least two First Aid Sprays.

Once you get to the grating at the end, you're safe.

BACKGROUND: Alexia has performed the same T-Veronica Virus experiment on 
Steve as she did on her father. However, this time Steve didn't totally 
lose control of his mind, allowing her to escape.

3h) REALLY Giant Spider
WHERE TO FIND IT: The large ice-filled room with the crane. You can see 
it scuttling on the underside of the ice. It attacks after you use the 
crane key.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Think how big a Giant Spider is. Now multiply that 
by about five.

WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: The same as a regular Giant Spiders.

No idea, I killed it too quick. However, C14dog gave me this useful 
"If it's on the ceiling it can smack you onto your a** with one of it's 
arms. It can also grab onto you like the smaller ones do." 
(Thanks C14dog)

Also, Living Dead Girl says:
"If you shoot him (the Giant Spider) but don't kill him quickly he spits 
out babies. You need to blast him with a few grenades. If you do it fast 
no baby spiders pop out and attack you!!
HOW TO KILL IT: This boss is ridiculously easy, so much so that you can 
kill it before it even has a chance to attack you.

After the cut scene finishes, follow it's movement's with the Shotgun. 
As it tries to climb up the wall, shoot it. It'll fall off, and then it 
will try again. Shoot it off. It'll try again. And again. And again. 
Until you kill it. A flaw in AI here, I'm sure.

If ammo's a problem, simply take the Jewel from Nosferatu's body and leg 
it out of the door.

BACKGROUND: I can only guess that this is the Granddaddy of all spiders! 

3i) Alexia (2nd Form)
WHERE TO FIND HER: The gantry above the giant ant-hill/cocoon thingy.

WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE: A big, nay, HUGE amorphous blob of goo, with 
tentacles, legs and wings everywhere. At the top of it, sits a deformed 
Alexia, who looks suspiciously like a dragonfly.

WHAT SHE SOUNDS LIKE: Bleach. Can't say - she makes so many disgusting 
sounds it's hard to describe.

1) Tentacle slam. A huge tentacle emerges from one of her orifices, and 
tries to squish you. Medium to heavy damage, knockdown effect.
2) Acid spit. Light damage, may poison.
3) Mites. Weird little bugs also emerge from Alexia's body. These follow 
you around and attack you with whip-like appendages. Light damage.

HOW TO KILL HER: When you exit the control room, a cut scene begins, 
when it ends, Alexia (still in her 1st form) erects a fire barrier, 
stopping Claire from escaping. You then have to quickly shoot Alexia, 
otherwise she'll knock Claire off the balcony and the game will end. If 
you manage to shoot her in time, she'll mutate into her second form.

There are two methods of defeating Alexia, depending on whether you got 
the Magnum or not.

With the Magnum: Stand still, and blast away at her with the Magnum. Try 
your best to keep away from the mites and the tentacles, but otherwise 
keep shooting, regardless of what damage you may take. After around 15 
Magnum shots, she'll "die" and mutate into her 3rd and final form.

Without the Magnum: Run as close to her main body as you can, and aim up 
at her face with the Grenade Launcher loaded with either Normal or Acid 
Rounds. Blast away. I normally use 6 Normal Rounds and 1 Acid, and 
that's enough to kill her.

Of course, you can use the Grenade Launcher method even if you have got 
the Magnum, in fact, I recommend it over the Magnum method.

BACKGROUND: The second T-Veronica Virus-induced mutation that Alexia 

3j) FINAL BOSS - Alexia (3rd Form)
WHERE TO FIND HER: She attacks after you destroy her 2nd form.

WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE: A huge dragonfly, with Alexia's head. It emerges 
from her second form's body.

WHAT SHE SOUNDS LIKE: A buzzing sound as she flies around, and a whoosh 
of flames when she attacks with her acid spit.

1) Acid spit. A barrage of acid that also creates a flame barrier. Light 
damage, may poison.

HOW TO KILL HER: It's a shame, really, that the final boss in this game 
had to be so pathetically puny. 

All you need to do is take the Anti-B.O.W Linear Launcher from it's 
holder, take aim and zoom in (just like with the Sniper Rifle) and fire 
one shot at her. You don't even have to avoid her acid attack, because 
it's so damn weak. The only setback that you'll suffer is missing a 
couple of times, because Alexia flits about a fair bit, and the Linear 
Launcher projectile is a little slow. That's okay, though, because the 
Linear Launcher has infinite ammo. After a few shots, you'll probably 
hit her by fluke anyhow. And there you have it - game completed!

BACKGROUND: It's strangely apt that Alexia's final form should be a 
dragonfly, seeing as the dragonfly theme is repeated several times 
throughout the game (the two dragonfly keys, the video showing Alexia 
and Alfred mutilate the dragonfly and feed it to the ants). Interesting, 


4a) Credits
Credits go to:

Capcom, for making such a damn fine game;
My little brother Harry, who forced me to watch him play RECV because he 
was too scared to play it alone, and consequently made me learn a whole 
lot more about it;
C14dog and Living Dead Girl of the GameFAQS RECV forums, for giving me 
that useful info concerning the REALLY Giant Spider boss;


Gamefaqs.com, for being such a great site, what with posting up all my 
guides and all.

4b) Legal Stuff
Capcom is a registered trademark of CAPCOM CO., LTD.

This guide is Copyright Alexander Hugh Clarkson   2000

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by Mr. Black

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