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Boss FAQ by Rick

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 05/23/00

                          by: Rick Nuzback (Alias: Rick)
                               {Version: 1.7}


1) Introduction
2) Disc 1
3) Disc 2
4) Thanks To...
5) Version History
6) Legal Stuff
7) Contact

    Hi! This is a Guide for the awesome Dreamcast game Resident Evil: Code 
Veronica. In this guide, the setup will be that I tell you the boss, where it 
is located, and how to beat it. Each boss is listed in the order in which 
they appear in the game. This is a guide mainly for those who are stuck on a 
certain spot in the game that requires you to defeat a boss, or just want to 
spoil the fun of the game for themselves. If you have any questions regarding 
the Guide/FAQ, please do not hesitiate to E-Mail me at CresFresh420@cs.com. 
Anyway, on with the guide!

WARNING!: Every little thing I say and do ends up spewing with controversy 
(vid-game wise), so you might get offended in a video game sense with my 
You've been warned...


    a.) Tyrant 1

    "Where Is He?": This is the first boss of the game. And get this, it's 
all the way at the end of the first disc. Anyway, to get to him, you have to 
have the Cargo Key to get into the Elevator Service Area. Save your game in 
this room, and go up on the elevator. Make your way through the Courtyard, 
into the Airport, and hop on the plane. This not-so happy camper will be 
waiting for you in the Passageway.

    "How Do I Beat Him?": Since he's just standing there, just start blasting 
him. He a tough one, though, so empty some Explosive Arrows or Acid Rounds to 
waste him. Ypou're wasting time and ammo if you try to do him in with the 
Handgun or Shotgun. When he's dead, walk on out of there.

    b.) Tyrant 2

    "Where Is He?": After defeating him the first time and walking out, you 
should be in a room with a typewriter. Just in case, save your game and ready 
your best weapons and health power-ups and walk out to the Cargo Room of the 
plane. There you will find Tyrant 2, and he looks a little pissed.

    "How Do I Beat Him?": Use the same shooting strategy you did with Tyrant 
1, the only problem is that this time he's on the offensive, as well. He will 
either rush at you, which is pretty easy to dodge, or, he will try to take a 
blow at you. This attack is quite damaging but it also is very slow so you 
shouldn't have much trouble with that attack. Once you've weakened him up 
with the same weapons as with Tyrant 1, go to the switch by the door you came 
in through. You will notice that it releases a box that knocks into the 
Tyrant. Once he is weak enough, drop it right on top of him and it should 
knock him clear off the plane. Also, if you are completely out of             
weapons/ammo, continuously drop the crate on the Tyrant. It is very difficult 
and takes anywhere from 3-5 times, but if you have any kinds of healing items 
and good reflexes you should be okay. Congratualtions. Your Disc 1 troubles   
are over and popular opinion says that this is the toughest boss of the game.


    a.) Poison Tyrant (Alexander Ashford)
    "Where Is He?": About 20 miutes into Disc 2, you should be around an 
Antarctic Helipad. You also should've picked up the Sniper Rifle while you 
were in the Valve Room. This is the room right before the Poison Tyrant so 
you better have the Sniper Rifle. Walk out to the Outside Helipad once you 
hit the valve switch and grab the Sniper Rifle and grab the First Aid Spray 
if you need it. When you get it or not, go towards the ladder. You will see a 
cut-scene as the Poison Tyrant attacks.

    "How Do I Beat Him?": This big guy will chase you around, so RUN! Don't 
_ever_  let him get too close to you. He will either poison you or try to 
knock you off the roof of the Helipad. Use your Sniper Rifle and aim for the 
Tyrant's heart. This is the easy way to do it with your seven-shot Sniper 
Rifle. The harder way is if you either run out of Sniper Rifle ammo or don't 
use it, you can just run around shooting the thing with your strongest 
weapons. After he's dead, you may switch controls over to our ol' biddy Chris 

    b.) Giant Albonoid

    "Where Is He?": Go through the Sewer in the Military Facility. There 
should be a ladder that's down there, climb it. It leads up to a big pool 
that is gaurded by the Giant Albonid. The Blue Crest is in the pool so you 
need to get it.

    "How do I Beat Him?": Your best strategy is to just avoid his dashing 
attacks and pump that sucker full of Acid Rounds or Shotgun Shells. He's not 
too hard, so once he's dead, jump in the pool and grab the Blue Crest and 
continue with your quest. For all the risk takers out there, you also might 
want to try jumping in, grabbing the Crest, and running out. You have to be 
quick since it's about 4 hits until your death, but in the end it can save 
you large amounts of time and ammo.

    c.) Tyrant Steve

    "Where Is He?": Grab the Card Key that was in the Prison area of the 
Military Facility. Go back up to the Courtyard where the locked gate was. 
Enter it and this bohemoth of your former friend will be right in your face.

    "How Do I Beat Him?": Quite simple. You don't. What you do is haul-ass 
because this guy is not only invinceable but he's also probably the most 
powerful monster in the game. 2 hits with that huge axe and you're down and 
out, and that's in "Fine" status. Simply run like hell back the way you came  
in and you'll do fine.

    d.) Alexia Ashford 1

    "Where Is He?": Or "She" in this case. After you've ran away from Tyrant 
Steve, you'll be right in Alexia's face after a few cut scenes. One of which  
being Wesker getting beatdown by Alexia! I think Wesker is so friggin cool. I 
don't care if it is a cut scene of him being knocked out, anything with 
Wesker in it just rules! >:P

    "How Do I Beat Him?": Again with the "She" thing! Anyway, she will walk 
right toward you and it's the Touch of Death right here so stay away from 
her. She flings acid as well so steer clear of that. Also steer clear of the 
other flames around the room and be careful because she can walk through 
them. Run away from her while filling her full of Handgun Bullets and you'll 
do okay.

    e.) Alexia Ashford 2

    "Where Is She?": Aha! I  got it right this time! Anyway, in the Prison 
Area you'll fins the VERONICA Key Card. Enter the Control Room with the 
Dragonfly Key and execute the self-destruct sequence for the base. The 
password is VERONICA. (Now come on! If you couldn't figure _that_ one out you 
shouldn't even be playing RE games!) Go back to the Prison Area and you'll 
have your final fight of the game.

    "How Do I Beat Her?": Ah, I love doing things right! Now, she turns into 
a big pile of gunk so just keep using your Shotgun on her. (If you bothered 
get the Magnum because you're some complete RE Freak who thinks Nemesis       
actually means something and absolutley _had_ to find every little thing in 
this game, it works well in this situation, as well.) Soon enough, she'll 
bust out a tentacle and send in hordes of these freaky low-flying bug things. 
Aim down and fire away. At this time, her lower-half melts and her upper-half 
starts floating around. You should find the Linear Launcher on a holster. 
Take it, 
aim carefully, and fire away at the Freaky Umbrella Owner! Once she's dead, 
sit back, relax, and enjoy the game's ending. After all, reading all of this 
cheater junk and following the directions sure must make you tired, huh?


    a.) Once again, CJayC at GameFAQs. You give us all a reason to learn to 
type better, man. James, sabin and I all thank you from the bottom of our 

    b.) Eidos for finally over coming the whole "violent video game" thing in 
this country and bringing over a decent port of Sword of the Berserker. Keep 
this up Eidos and we just _might_ forgive the whole Tomb Raider thing.

    c.) James and sabin. My buds who also write for GameFAQs. If it wasn't 
for you guys, who would I fight and argue with about video games? Oh yeah, 
guys? I now have 2 FAQs and 15 reviews. Good luck catching up. Hee hee hee.

    d.) All the Resident Evil/Biohazard fans who made me want to write this 
FAQ. Every one of you guys are Crescent Fresh!

    e.) I completely forget the guy's E-Mail, but he sent me the only piece 
of hatemail I have recieved for this FAQ. It involved myself sitting on an 
organ that 
supposedly belongs to my mother yet shouldn't. You know who you are, and if I 
ever meet 
you on the street, I would be honored to shake your hand. You're the only guy 
there who would do a guy a favor by sending him some hatemail. I wish there 
were more guys out there like you on the internet. (NOTE: Seriously, this is 
not sacarsm. I really do love hatemail. I consider a deep dive into the 
psychological depths of a man's mind.)

   f.) I recently got an E-Mail from a guy who thought my RE2 64 review was 
unfair. This was perfectly understandable, until I read this excerpt, "Play 
Station sucks and so do you." Now I know everyone wants to hatemail this guy 
because he insulted me :), but I prefer that you crescent fresh PSX people 
tell him your arguements to his statement. Since I'd prefer not to post it 
here, E-Mail me if you want his E-Mail address. 


{1.0}-- Created and wrote just about everything in the Guide.

{1.5}-- Added extra Credits and Tips for certain bosses.

{1.7}-- Fixed a few spelling and margin errors that were positively blaring.


    This guide, if accepted into the GameFAQs.com library, becomes the sole 
property of all owners and maintainers within said website. It's their's and 
they don't want to share. So don't bother them. And if you bother me... Elmo 
knows where you live! I cannotgive you permission to use this FAQ on your 
website or anything else. Only GameFAQs can and trust me, they won't. So save 
them, me, and yourself time by not even bothering to ask and go back to 
looking at your Twisted Metal web page you dork.

    Resident Evil/Biohazard and all names and events within are Copyright 
Capcom 1995-2000. It's theirs, not mine so don't bug me about stuff like what 
could've made the game better or something because there's nothing I can do 
about and I really don't care what you wanted in a perfect game like this. 
However, if you do want to contact me, feel free to E-Mail me at the address 
of the bottom of the screen. 

    E-Mail me at this address with anything you have to say. And I mean 
anything. I absolutley _love_ hatemail so feel free to send it to me but keep 
in mind that I will probably embarrass you by posting up your 
poorly-grammared, mispelled, stupid E-Mail on my next FAQ and humiliate you. 
I also enjoy constructive criticism so feel free to send that too.  
                                Rick Nuzback (Alias: Rick)

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