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VMU Data Guide by CMacDonald

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/02/00

 Resident Evil  Code: Veronica
 VMU Data Guide, v1.2

 by Charles MacDonald
 E-mail: cgfm2@hotmail.com

 Unpublished work Copyright 2000 Charles MacDonald

 This guide cannot be reproduced in any way, shape, or form, nor can
 it's contents be submitted to magazines, other web pages, etc.  It
 cannot be put up on any web page and is only to be found at GameFAQs
 and my homepage <http://www.emucamp.com/cgfm2/>.  This guide was
 created and is owned by me, Charles MacDonald.  Furthermore, it is
 protected by the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976, as well as
 International Copyright Law.

 What's New
 - Save slots for Chris, Steve, Wesker, Alt. Claire
 - Added character select
 - Added stage select
 - Reformatted some sections
 - Added security box slots
 - Added checksum information
 - First release

 - Nexus 4M memory card or similar device

 - DCI2VMS and VMS_CRC utilities

 - A hex editor. I use `Hex' ver. 5.1a by JD Software.

 All offsets are given from the start of a DCI file, the kind generated
 by EMS' DC Linker program.

 Editing the save file
 There are two types of files generated by the game:

 RE_CV000.SYS   <--  Configuration file, holds options, Battle Mode info.
 RE_CV000.0??   <--  Save file, one of fifteen available

 After you've edited a file, you need to fix the checksum to reflect
 the modifications made. Use the DCI2VMS utility to convert the edited
 DCI file into a VMS file. Then run VMS_CRC to find the checksum.
 Finally, at offset 64 in the DCI file, insert the new checksum that
 you got. Otherwise, you will get an error message when trying to
 load your save files during the game.

 I realize this is a very roundabout way to update the checksum, but
 currently there are no utilities to directly fix a DCI file.

 All data in DCI files are stored in big-endian format.

 Configuration file
 The byte at 2A7 enables Battle Mode and controls what characters are
 available.  Bit 1 must be set for Battle Mode to be present in the
 options menu, and this automatically gives you Claire.  Other values

 01 - Claire
 03 - Claire, Alt. Claire
 0F - Claire, Chris
 7D - Claire, Alt. Claire, Chris, Steve, Wesker

 I have not been able to determine what settings enable individual
 characters, nor how to enable more characters than the original five,
 if there actually are more characters in Battle Mode.

 Save file locations
 - Character select

 The byte at offset 82B selects the character to be used.

 0 = Claire
 1 = Chris
 2 = Steve
 3 = Wesker      (buggy, no name listed in save file)
 4 = Alt. Claire (buggy, no name listed in save file)

 - Current number of saves

 The byte at 827 is the current number of times you've saved.
 You can change this value to zero, for instance, to achieve
 a better ranking.

 - Difficulty select

 The byte at 833 selects the current difficulty level.
 For the American version, this value is always zero by default.

 0 = Normal     (save file text is white)
 1 = Easy       (save file text is green)
 2 = Very Easy  (save file text is red)

 - Stage select

 The two bytes starting at 829 select the area your are in.

 829 = Room  (00-??)
 82A = Stage (00-??)

 Here are some known values for the stage value:

 00 = Prison
 01 = Palace

 Please let me know of any interesting room/stage numbers so I can expand
 this list.

 Take note that you will start off in a room in the same location
 your original save took place. You could start off behind an
 door that cannot be opened, or inside a wall, etc. To get around this
 problem, find the area you want to start in, and then save at a
 typewriter that would place you away from any obstacles. (Imagine
 the room you want to be in was overlaid on the room you are saving
 in, and choose a safe spot to stand at)

 Also, if you save on the ground level, then start in an area where
 you must be on the top level (such as the bridge in front of the
 airplane), your character will be stuck with no way to get up.

 You can always see your character's location arrow on the map screen.

 - Character inventories

 There are eight slots available, two extra when using the Side Pack, and
 one extra for the item currently in-hand, such as the Lighter or Lockpick.


 A18 : Slot #0   (In-hand position)
 A1C : Slot #1
 A20 : Slot #2
 A24 : Slot #3
 A28 : Slot #4
 A2C : Slot #5
 A30 : Slot #6
 A34 : Slot #7
 A38 : Slot #8
 A3C : Slot #9   (need Side Pack equipped)
 A40 : Slot #10  (need Side Pack equipped)


 A58 : Slot #0   (In-hand position)
 A5C : Slot #1
 A60 : Slot #2
 A64 : Slot #3
 A68 : Slot #4
 A6C : Slot #5
 A70 : Slot #6
 A74 : Slot #7
 A78 : Slot #8
 A7C : Slot #9   (need Side Pack equipped)
 A80 : Slot #10  (need Side Pack equipped)


 A98 : Slot #0   (In-hand position)
 A9C : Slot #1
 AA0 : Slot #2
 AA4 : Slot #3
 AA8 : Slot #4
 AAC : Slot #5
 AB0 : Slot #6
 AB4 : Slot #7
 AB8 : Slot #8
 ABC : Slot #9   (need Side Pack equipped)
 AC0 : Slot #10  (need Side Pack equipped)


 AD8 : Slot #0   (In-hand position)
 ADC : Slot #1
 AE0 : Slot #2
 AE4 : Slot #3
 AE8 : Slot #4
 AEC : Slot #5
 AF0 : Slot #6
 AF4 : Slot #7
 AF8 : Slot #8
 AFC : Slot #9   (need Side Pack equipped)
 B00 : Slot #10  (need Side Pack equipped)

 Alt. Claire (untested)

 B18 : Slot #0   (In-hand position)
 B1C : Slot #1
 B20 : Slot #2
 B24 : Slot #3
 B28 : Slot #4
 B2C : Slot #5
 B30 : Slot #6
 B34 : Slot #7
 B38 : Slot #8
 B3C : Slot #9   (need Side Pack equipped)
 B40 : Slot #10  (need Side Pack equipped)

 Item box slots are at B14-D10.
 There are 128 slots.

 B14 : Slot #1
 B18 : Slot #2
 B1C : Slot #3
 B20 : Slot #4
 D04 : Slot #125
 D08 : Slot #126
 D0C : Slot #127
 D10 : Slot #128

 Security box slots are at D14-D90, and D94-E10.
 There are 32 slots for each box.

 Security Box #1

 D14 : Slot #1
 D18 : Slot #2
 D1C : Slot #3
 D88 : Slot #30
 D8C : Slot #31
 D90 : Slot #32

 Security Box #2

 D94 : Slot #1
 D98 : Slot #2
 D9C : Slot #3
 E08 : Slot #30
 E0C : Slot #31
 E10 : Slot #32

 Item information
 Currently, it seems there are a total of 99 items in the game.

 When used in the Item Box or Inventory data areas, each item slot has
 the following format (four bytes):

    'ff nn xx xx'

 f = Item flag
 n = Item number (00-99)
 x = Item count (0000-FFFF)

 The item flags define special properties for various items:

 Bit 0 - Unknown
 Bit 1 - Unknown
 Bit 2 - Unknown
 Bit 3 - Infinite supply of item (item count field is ignored)
 Bit 4 - Ammo Type
 Bit 5 - Ammo Type
 Bit 6 - Ammo Type
 Bit 7 - Unknown

 Bit 3 makes the item count infinite.  You can still set a value in the
 item count section, but that value will not be used (interestingly
 enough, when you pick up more items, the item count is increased).

 This flag only works for items you can have more than one of, so it can
 be used with the Bow Gun, Ink Ribbons, etc. but not the Combat Knife,
 Duralumin Case, and so on.

 Bit 5 has the following value for the Bow Gun:

 0 - Bow Gun Rounds
 1 - Flaming Bow Gun Rounds

 Bits 6-4 have the following values for the Grenade Launcher:

 00 - Grenade Rounds
 01 - Acid Rounds
 02 - Flame Rounds
 04 - BOW Gas Rounds

 It's safe to assume the top four bits could very well select other types
 of ammo or various states of an item, depending on the item currently

 The item number chooses what item is in the given slot.

 The item count selects how many of an item you have.  This value can be
 overriden by the infinite supply flag.  The item count must be within
 0-999 (decimal), values larger than that will show garbage for the item
 count.  You should set the item count to one for items you can only
 carry one of.

 Some weapons take 2 spaces. In this case, you should make the next slot
 empty, using a value of '00 00 00 00'.

 Items in the following list with a star next to them mean the item is a
 duplicate, a non-existing item with an incorrect description / picture,
 or an item that for some reason has no associated image.

 There are some items that are never found in the game, such as
 the King Ant Relief, Remote Control, and Calico Bullets. Any ideas
 what they may have been used for?

 Item number list
 00  < No Item >
 01  Rocket Launcher        (this item takes 2 spaces)
 02  Assault Rifle          (this item takes 2 spaces)
 03  Sniper Rifle           (this item takes 2 spaces)
 04  Shotgun
 05  Handgun
 06  Grenade Launcher        
 07  Bow Gun
 08  Combat Knife
 09  Handgun
 0a  Custom Handgun
 0b  Linear Launcher
 0c  Handgun Bullets
 0d  Magnum Bullets
 0e  Shotgun Shells
 0f  Grenade Rounds
 10  Acid Rounds
 11  Flame Rounds
 12  Bow Gun Rounds
 13  M93R Part
 14  F. Aid Spray
 15  Green Herb
 16  Red Herb
 17  Blue Herb
 18  Mixed Herb (G+G)
 19  Mixed Herb (R+G)
 1a  Mixed Herb (B+G)
 1b  Mixed Herb (G+B)
 1c  Mixed Herb (Green Pile)
 1d  Mixed Herb (Yellow Pile)
 1e  Magnum Bullets
 1f  Ink Ribbon
 20  Magnum
 21  Gold Lugers            (this item takes 2 spaces)
 22  Sub Machine Gun        (this item takes 2 spaces)
 23  Bow Gun Powder
 24  Gun Powder Arrow
 25  BOW Gas Rounds
 26 *M.Gun Bullets
 27  Gas Mask
 28  Rifle Bullets
 29  Duralumin Case
 2a  A.Rifle Bullets
 2b  Alexander's Pierce
 2c  Alexander's Jewel
 2d  Alfred's Ring
 2e  Alfred's Jewel
 2f *Prisoner's Diary
 30 *Director's Memo 
 31 *Instructions
 32  Lockpick
 33  Glass Eye
 34  Piano Roll
 35  Steering Wheel
 36  Crane Key
 37  Lighter
 38  Eagle Plate
 39  Side Pack
 3a *Map
 3b  Hawk Emblem
 3c  Queen Ant Object
 3d  King Ant Object
 3e  Biohazard Card
 3f  Duralumin Case
 40  Detonator
 41  Control Lever
 42  Gold Dragonfly
 43  Silver Key
 44  Gold Key
 45  Army Proof
 46  Navy Proof
 47  Air Force Proof
 48  Key with Tag
 49  ID Card
 4a *Map
 4b  Airport Key
 4c  Emblem Card
 4d  Skeleton Picture
 4e  Music Box Plate
 4f  Dragonfly Object
 50  Album
 51  Halberd
 52  Extinguisher
 53  Briefcase
 54  Padlock Key
 55  TG-01
 56  Sp. Alloy Emblem
 57  Valve Handle
 58  Octa Valve Handle
 59  Machine Room Key
 5a  Mining Room Key
 5b  Bar Code Sticker
 5c  Sterile Room Key
 5d  Door Knob
 5e  Battery Pack
 5f *Hemostatic
 60  Turn Table Key
 61  Chem. Storage Key
 62  Clement a
 63  Clement E
 64  Tank Object
 65 *Sp. Alloy Emblem
 66  Alfred's Memo
 67  Rusted Sword
 68  Hemostatic
 69  Security Card
 6a  Security File
 6b  Alexia's Choker
 6c  Alexia's Jewel
 6d *Queen Ant Relief
 6e *King Ant Relief
 6f  Red Jewel
 70  Blue Jewel
 71  Socket
 72  Sq. Valve Handle
 73  Serum
 74  Earthenware Vase
 75  Paper Weight
 76  Silver Dragonfly (no wings)
 77  Silver Dragonfly (wings)
 78  Wing Object
 79  Crystal
 7a  Gold Dragonfly (1 wing)
 7b  Gold Dragonfly (2 wings)
 7c  Gold Dragonfly (3 wings)
 7d *File
 7e  Plant Pot
 7f  Picture B
 80  Duralumin Case
 81  Duralumin Case
 82  Bow Gun Powder
 83  Enhanced Handgun
 84 *Memo
 85 *Board Clip
 86 *Card
 87 *Newspaper Clip
 88  Luger Replica
 89 *Queen Ant Relief
 8a  Family Picture
 8b *File
 8c *Remote Control
 8d *?
 8e  M-100P                 (this item takes 2 spaces)
 8f  Calico Bullets
 90  Clement Mixture
 91 *?
 92 *?
 93 *?
 94 *?
 95 *Empty Extinguisher
 96 *Square Socket
 97 *?
 98 *Crest Key S
 99 *Crest Key G

 In Closing
 I'd like to thank the following people:

 - Visual Kreations, for information on save slot locations for Chris,
   Steve, Wesker, Alt. Claire, and for the character and stage select data.

 - Jeff Veasey, for the MvC2 save file hacking guide, which was an
   invaluable help for getting started on this game.

 - Chris MacDonald, for providing the Dreamcast and the snazzy disclaimer.

 Feel free to e-mail me with questions, comments, or save file information.
 I will at least read your letter if time does not permit a response. :)

 I've gotten a lot of e-mails about what 'bits' are, it's beyond the
 scope of this document to explain the binary system and how it relates to
 hexadecimal numbers. If you really want to know, buy a book on
 computer science, which should explain that kind of thing.

 Unpublished work Copyright 2000 Charles MacDonald

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