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FAQ/Walkthrough by KogaNinja42

Updated: 04/17/00

Resident Evil: Code Veronica everything FAQ
by KogaNinja42


It s FINISHED!! I have completed the full walkthrough. Now that is done, I was 
thinkin about maybe making a file section. But I m not sure though...

BEFORE! I say anything, I have a new screen name for those of you who need to 
contact me w/ questions it is: Genin42

Al right I got a little busy, but I have updated the walkthrough semi-big time. 
I basically have most of the whole walkthrough complete. I also got the Resident 
Evil: Code Veronica soundtrack =) so I have supplied a brief review on the 
soundtrack and a track listing. And as well touched up on a few areas. ENJOY! =)

This will be the largest Resident Evil: Code Veronica guide known to man...well 
maybe not that big. But it s gonna be quite the lengthy one. Probably my largest 
FAQ. But uh wha do you care lets get to that gore and mayhem.

Table Of Contents:
(1.) Story
(2.) Characters
(3.) Herb Mixing
(4.) Weapons
(5.) Codes and Cheats
(6.) VMU
(7.) Enemies
(8.) Walkthrough	

	(8A.) Prison Facility
	(8B.) Palace
	(8C.) Military Training Facility
	(8D.) Underwater Base
	(8E.) Ashford Private Residence
	(8F.) Tyrant (Boss fight
	(8G.) Antarctic Base 
	(8H.) Boss fight (Nosferatu)
	(8I.)   Chris Walthrough
	(8J.)  Boss fight (Worm)
	(8K.) Military Training Facility 
	(8L.) Antarctic Part 1
	(8M.) Antarctic Lab
	(8N.) Claire Brief Walkthrough
	(8O.) Boss (Alexia Type 1)
	(8P.) Finishing the game Chris
	(8Q.) Last Boss

(9.  ) Shot Chart 
(10.) Item List (With Location)
(11.) FMV list
(12.) Battle Game full walkthrough (mini game)
(13.) Soundtrack
(14.) Review
(15.) Webpage
(16.) Copyright
(17.) Contact Info

(1.): Story 
(contains spoilers from past RE games) 

A secret lab facility (Umbrella) working with the United states government 
constructed a virus so terrible it renders humans into blood thirsty flesh 
craving zombies. After secret lab experiments Umbrella created monsters defying 
human strength. But things got out of hand and the virus leaked out in the 
outskirts of the small suburb town of Raccoon city. S.T.A.R.S Bravo team a small 
division located inside the Raccoon city police department moved in to 
investigate only to be wiped out almost immediately. Alpha team then searched 
the area only to find a mansion and a terror that was contained inside, stranded 
for the night Alpha team members Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton 
and S.T.A.R.S leader Albert Wesker fought for there lives and had learned some 
twists and lies that circled around Wesker and his involvement with the corrupt 
Umbrella industry. After the incident the team returned except Wesker who got a 
touch of irony and died at the hand of one Umbrellas own creations in the 
mansion lab. When Chris, Jill, and Barry returned the town shunned what they 
heard from the team and the RPD considered it a joke. Until 2 months later when 
the virus yet again leaked out and the town suffered the horrible wrath of the 
virus. The chief of the RPD Brian Irons falling into the web of Umbrella, as 
Umbrella wrapped its company around the neck of the people in Raccoon. Leon 
Scott Kennedy rookie RPD officer entering the town on his first day on the job 
strolls into town along with Claire Redfield (sister of S.T.A.R.S member Chris 
Redfield) both unveil more of Umbrella s deep secrets and affairs with Raccoon s 
own PD on that fearful night. During the event before this Jill Valentine fellow 
S.T.A.R.S member escapes from the town and taunted by the ruthless Nemesis 
another devastating creature created by Umbrella. She makes it out with a fellow 
friend and Umbrella mercenary Carlos Oliveria and a long time friend of Jill s 
Barry Burton (also S.T.A.R.S member) 
	3 months pass, Claire travels to Europe to be reunited with her brother, 
only to be kidnapped by Umbrella and brought to an island where she is contained 
and the same virus has spread. She races against the clock to find her brother 
and save her own life..........

(2.): Characters

Prison guard, lets Claire go. At heart is a good guy, but he has a hard outer 
shell. He is dying of a painful wound and searches for a cure, but knows there 
could be no hope.

Claire Redfield: 
Returning RE2 female hero. After 3 months of Raccoon city's destruction Claire 
is in once again search for her brother, her extremely poor luck leads her into 
the hands of Umbrella once again.

Chris Redfield:
Original and classic Chris Redfield. It's been a while since gamers have taken 
control of old Chris,  Chris takes up most disc 2 as he searches for his sister 
across the deciamaited island and ultimately to Antarctica

Steve Burnside:
Steve s father worked for Umbrella but after getting in some hot water with the 
company his family was split and met their demise. Steve has trouble with 
relaying on people and tries to do most of the work by himself.

Albert Wesker:
 Wesker, your still alive?  the question Chris asks when reunited with his 
former S.T.A.R.S leader. Albert Wesker mentions something that involved him 
selling his soul for a higher organization Little is known about his whole plan 
and not much is said in the game.

Alfred Ashford:
Having ancestry tracing back to the creation of Umbrella. Alfred wields a sniper 
rifle and is dressed in elegant attire. Of royal reds and gold. He appears the 
palace which  in Clarie's journey

Alexia Ashford:
Sister of Alfred. This brother sister pair is beyond strange, and seems almost 
incestuous. The Ashford s have a great deal of power and are prime figures in 
the Umbrella corporation.

(3.): Herb Mixing:
There s nothing totally new here in the herb mixing department. You ve got your 
green herbs, red herbs, and blue herbs. Mixing 2 green herbs together will make 
a semi health replenisher. It s not the best, but it will restore HP by at least 
25%. Here is a mixing chart to help ya out better.

Green+Green= Restores partial health

Green+Green+Green=Restores slightly about partial health

Green+Red=Restores about half health

Green+Blue=Restores health slightly, cures poison

Green+Red+Blue(Mixed herb)= restores life 100%

(4.): Weapons:

Resident Evil: Code Veronica presents some new destructive weapons, but as well 
brings some of the same back..

Claires s Weapons:
Claire s Handgun:
Decent handgun, basically the same one she had in RE2. Ammo is regular 9mm 
bullets you find with the little picture of a fox on them.

Bow Gun:
In my opinion the worst weapon, it may fire quickly but it takes like 15 to kill 
1 zombie. Save it s ammo and use it for small enemies.

MP-100 s:
The double modified handguns, this comes w/ a 100% ammo. Save it for 
bandersnatch encounters

Assault rifle:
Found in antarctic stash it in the item box so Chris can use it

Sniper rifle:
Picked up from Alfred on disc 2, you cannot use it in the game regular but used 
to defeat a boss

Chris s Weapons:

Glock-17 handgun:
Chris  primary weapon, fires at a decent pace can be upgraded but not a large 
increase of power

Assault Rifle:
Rapid fire machine gun good for taking down packs of zombies

Sub-Machine Guns:
A lot better then double handguns, rapid fire machine guns can take down two 
enemies at once and can do it quite fast, considering there constant flow of 

One of the best weapons you can get each shot is full of power, save shells for 
hunter encounters and other tough enemies.

(5.): Codes and Cheats & Bonuses:

Unlimited ammunition (demo version):
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, R at the item selection screen. 

Battle Mode:
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting. Then, battle mode will 
automatically be saved to the VMU and selectable at the main menu. Note: To play 
battle mode in first person view, pick up Alfred Ashford's sniper rifle once he 
drops it on Disc 2.

Wesker in battle Game:
To unlock Wesker in the battle game you must beat Chris  mode. 

Get Rocket Launcher w/ Unlimited ammo:
What you have to do to get this is disgustingly hard and if you screw up and die 
there is no forgiveness...it is over! personally I do not think it is worth the 
emotional distress and upset if you do screw up.

But...To Get It, Here Are The Requirements:
-Finish the game in under 4 hours and 30 mins
-Can not use first aid sprays, but you can w/ herbs
-Can not save your game
-No retries
-Save Steve from the secret room with gold lugers really fast 
-Give the hemostatic medicine to Rodrigo


(6.): VMU

As you might know on your Dreamcast virtual memory unit it reads the status of 
your lifeline (no I m not speaking of the thing on Who wants to be a 
millionaire) I m talking about that little heartbeat wave that you've seen in 
all the other RE s.  When your in Claire s scenario there is an animated image 
of here, and when your playing as Chris there is as well an animated image. Make 
sure to check the VMU here and there instead of going all the way in and out of 
your inventory. The little VMU will tell ya if your poisoned, or danger ect 

-Also in the battle game when you go to the inventory screen you can see a small 
digitized image of the character your controlling...even Wesker!! :p

-Side note wouldn t it be cool if the VMU told you how many handgun bullets you 
had like a little digitized HG= like however many bullets ya got. Likewise with 
other ammo.

(7.) Enemies:

Claire s Walkthrough:

The same basic crew, these guys sound, move, and act the same as they have in 
previous RE s. Ya got your...
-Graveyard zombie
-Prisoner zombie
-Policeman zombie
-Worker zombie
-Researcher zombie
-Soldier zombie

The same guys you have seen since RE1. Always coming in a pack of 2, these guys 
are pure pain in a$$

I dunno about you guys but the aim no matter how precise it looks is off target 
when I shoot these guys. These guys basically replace the crows and our a pain 
in the tukus

One armed freaks, but don t underestimate them, their arm can be thrown across 
the room and attach on a wall and pull it self forward. Which also means they 
can use that arm to slug you in the face. Mp-100 s work good on them.

Parasite moths:
These guys are soo annoying, I cannot even describe how much these guys pissed 
me off. They leave little eggs in your back which poison you and their regular 
hits can poison you as well, not fun.

In Claire s walkthrough these guys are in an area where it s difficult to move 

Chris  Walkthrough:

Same ones as in Claire s mission. Nothing new here 

Another classic RE enemy. There poison spitting is pretty easy to avoid and 
these guys wont show up that much for Chris so do not panic if your not too keen 
on these folk

Argh man these guys are everywhere, and they are not easy.  Slightly less then 
half a dozen shells will put them to sleep for ever

Al right think hunter but a tad worse. Not only do their claws take damage but 
they can poison ya as well. Not good

(8.) Walkthrough:

Claire s Walkthrough:

(Prison Facility)

After the stunning action packed intro go into your inventory and take out the 
lighter (cut scene) take the handgun bullets that is on the chair. And then the 
ink combat knife on the desk next to Rodrigo. And head out the double doors, 
take the ink ribbon next to the typewriter (I suggest you don t save yet since 
there is only one ink slot) take the handgun bullets on the floor next to small 
desk and walk down the hallway until you get to the stairs go up and round the 
corner. (cut scene) Now this is quite the feat and I m guessing by now your 
screaming at the whacked controls on your Dreamcast controller. Just keep moving 
away from the area you came up if you get bit a lot don t worry. Head through 
the door. 

(cut scene) ok so you got a handgun now there is no gettin past the doors that 
Steve went though so head through the small door in front of the wrecked jeep, 
keep going past the flame wreckage and than up to the stairs run all the way 
down to the end of the deck and grab the green herb. Now back track and head 
into the first door. There is about 4 zombies in here, take them out to the best 
of your ability if you move around you can take on zombie at a time with the 
combat knife. Now search the shelf on right-most wall for the handgun bullets. 
Walk up the small steps and take the green herb on the work bench. Now head down 
and enter through the singular door in this room. Read the diary on the bed and 
head down the little hallway, take the handgun bullets on the shelf next to the 
zombie pounding on the window.  He ends up breaking though (no surprise) and the 
other zombies around attack. Try and end back to the door you came in and shoot 
at them or use the combat knife, now go over where the zombie who busted though 
the glass was and take the MP-100 s save these for now, still concentrate on 
using your handgun and combat knife. Go into the shower room which is right 
behind you, in the last shower stall take the handgun bullets. 

Now head out of this area and keep going down the path outside  these rooms. 
Head into the door, there is some zombies here so take them out. Now head around 
the corner ignore the zombies in the gates and head through the door down the 
small alley way.  Drop all your items in the security box and go through the 
halls to the other side. 

On the table take the BOW gas rounds, flame rounds and first aid spray on the 
tables. I suggest you stash them in the security box on this side of the room. 
Do not worry you will get them back later on. Now head into the door take the 
memo and round the corner to talk to Steve (cut scene) search the computer so 
the eagle medal comes out from the keyboard area. Take the ink ribbon next to 
the typewriter (Don t save just yet) Now turn around and hit the lock release 
where Steve was standing before. Ok now back to the security box throw all your 
stuff in it, including the ink ribbon and the eagle medal. Now go to the other 
side now and take your weapons and exit the door and hit the button next to the 
silver shudder, now a bunch of zombies  will come rushing at ya. Run over to 
door to the security area and take them out, you can hit the explosive canister 
to make short work of these guys but be careful it does not hit you. Now take 
the extinguisher in the shudder room and go over to the guillotine where the 
zombie was pounding on the gate and take the padlock key. Now you have to go all 
the way back to the beginning where all the zombies came up from the ground, but 
on the way that little gate door next to the deck can be unlocked with the 
padlock key for easy back and fourth access. 

Once back to where the zombies came out of the ground there is that large fire 
from the helicopter. Put the fire out with your extinguisher and take the case, 
now that you have the TG-01 you can take the eagle medal out with you from the 
security office. So head all the way back to the security office where you 
picked up the f.aid spray and the grenade rounds, take the eagle medal out of 
the box and put it in the 3D duplicator machine next to the table, and then put 
the TG-01 on the other side and then get your alloy eagle medal, you can take 
that through without the shudders closing now, once again do not worry about the 
items in the security box you can get them later. But...that sound  is zombies 
breaking through the glass waiting for you flesh ya gotta dodge them the best ya 
can that is all you can do now on the other side grab all your weapons and head 
back to where Steve exited. Put the eagle medal in the door and enter through.

On the bridge go down the little steps and across to the other side back track 
and grab the handgun ammo in the jeep and then move forward take the 2 green 
herbs in the corner and move the huge box type thing over the fire and then 
climb up and take the stairs up.


Dodge the zombies or take them out head straight on up the stairs. Take out the 
dogs move into the courtyard and take the navy proof, walk up the main stairs 
and grab the green herb, enter the palace.  Move over to the door on left of 
Claire shoot the bats, take the handgun ammo that is wedged in between the 
cabinets and the wall. Grab the first aid spray on sink and next to that the 
brief case in the corner. Now head out and up the stairs and up the small set on 
the right and through the door. 

Save Room
Take the handgun ammo on shelf and the ink ribbon next to the typewriter, before 
you save round the corner move the small cabinet and take the card key. Now save 
if you wish and go back down into the lobby.

In the lobby use the key card on the computer. The password is NTC0-394 that 
unlocks the ground door north of you, go on through. Take the handgun ammo 
dispose of the zombies and take the red herb next to the bench. Go into the room 
all the way down the hall. Pick up some more handgun ammo on the table and move 
forward and press a switch under a encased ant model (cut scene).  This moves 
the giant tank thing so you can move into the secret room, take the steering 
wheel but do not touch the gold lugers that are on display. Now head back to the 
lobby and exit the mansion, but not before a cut scene occurs. 

Rescue Steve:
Go all the way back to where you just were and examine the computer panel. This 
puzzle is not too tough the basic idea is what 2 things are related. The 
handguns, so hit C for the handgun and then E for the magnum. (cut scene) Now go 
back to where you first came into this area by the stairs and take the small 
singular door. Run pass the dogs and through the double doors

(Military Training Facility)
Go up the stairs on your right and down the hall to last door. Inside take the 
bow gun on the desk now head back down stairs (another cut scene) Now move into 
the first door you encounter on the right. Take out the zombies and pick up the 
green herb in the corner, on computer panel hit the button to print out the map. 
On the side of the panel take the quiver of arrows and then head out , now go 
into the door on the north and through the door, take out the zombies in the 
locker room search the lockers for a quiver of arrows. Keep moving on take the 
arrows from the zombie corpse near the door, go through the door and head down 
the steps and into the water and pull the valve, now go over to the fountain and 
press pick up the storage key. Take the storage key and go back to the room 
where you printed out the map and move into the side room in that room and use 
the storage key on the cabinet and take the poison arrows.

Now exit the facility and go over by the palace and past it down the steps, 
round the corner under the steps and get the map and the handgun bullets. Now 
use the steering wheel on the little pad near the water. Enter down into the 
submarine. Grab the side pack in the submarine and press the lever,and then go 
up the ladder.

(Underwater Base)

Move down the steps and down the next flight. Round the corner and through door. 
Dispose of the zombies or do some quick dodge action, take the handgun bullets 
on the couch and enter through the shutter on the right side of the room. Go 
down the bridge to the other side and through the door. There is a lift up in 
the left hand corner, take it up. Go over to the crane panel and push it up as 
far as it goes and the push it to the left as far as it goes. The game will take 
over. There is a bunch of zombies down there better take a handgun or bow gun to 
them so you can get on that pad and pick up the items. Once on the pad take the 
quiver of arrows and the Biohazard card. Ok your done here..for now. Head all 
the way back to the training facility.

Back to Military Training facility:
Use the Biohazard care on the shudder near the door north of you when you enter. 
Head through the hallway and through the door. (cut scene) Don t worry about 
Alfred just run up the steps and you will scare him away. Head into the door on 
the right. Down the hall (cut scene)  take the two boxes of handgun ammo on top 
of the card board boxes, now head into the silver door on the right.

Save Room
Grab the green herb tucked next to the table and the hemostat on the couch(put 
that in the item box) now anything ya want stash into the item box. As well take 
red herb. Head out

Now go into the other door and take the uzi s that are lay in the corner. Head 
down the steps (cut scene) ahh a new enemy, these guys are pretty tough. Might I 
suggest using the mp-100 s on them. After that the door on the lower floor 
unlocks, go down the steps and through the door (cut scene...and a sweet one at 
that) Store the gold lugers.

Steve Burnside
Your now controlling Mr. Burnside, unfortunately his walkthrough is quite short, 
but oh well. Take him forward and wait to get two zombies in good range and take 
them out with the double uzi s. Do not overdue it with the shooting, his mission 
may be short but there is still limited ammo. No need to head into the door on 
the left wall cause Steve cannot pick up any ammo or items, so head through the 
door on the right. Go down the steps and take out the zombies in this room. On 
the other side of the room is another set of stairs and a platform and through 
the door (cut scene) 

Back With Claire:
Take Claire into the elevator on to the bottom floor. (cut scene) Leave Steve be 
and take the elevator.

Now that you have regained control of Claire take the handgun ammo in the lion 
statue mouth. Now go to that door where I said ya did not need to go w/ Steve. 
Take the handgun ammo on the shelf now remember this area cause you will need to 
come back. 

On the first floor take out the zombies and go down the hall into the door. Pick 
up the ink ribbon and grab the crest on the wall near the painting. 

Nothing is here right now except a shutter that requires a blue indigo card. 
Make sure you memorize this area.

Now head to where Alfred shot at you from the ledge. And put the crest into the 
center of headstone between each door. Take the blue indigo card (Emblem card) 
now go back to the place where you first start to take control of Steve on B1F. 
In there use the emblem card on the gate and take the grenade launcher. Now go 
to 2F and use the card on the shutter. Do not worry about the zombies on the 
floor right now head up the small steps investigate the white screen and read 
the stuff on the Albino creature. Now head down and move over to the control 
panel as well picking up the green herbs. Use the camera to zoom in on the 
skeleton puzzle the number read  1126  now go back to the military training 
facility main lobby. Use the emblem card on the closed shutter and take the 
stairs up and down the short hall into the door. Use the 1126 access code on the 
electronically locked door and move in. Grab the skeleton puzzle, leave (cut 
scene) those little albinos will sting you but do not worry just keep running 
out the door and back down into the main lobby before the times expires.

Place the skeleton painting on the wall across from the other painting and the 
wall lifts up. Investigate the display and take the gold key. If your curious 
about the green herb and shotgun shells do not worry about them they are for 
Chris later on. Now it is time to head back to the palace.

Back to the Palace:
Use the gold key on the double doors next to the door you rescued Steve from. 
This room is dedicated to one large crucial puzzle.  In the main painting up the 
steps of Alfred there is a file take it if you wish. The simple solution to this 
puzzle is:

Press the switches under the painting in the correct order (sounds familiar to 
that of the painting puzzle in RE1 doesn t)

The order of the paintings to be pressed:
-Lady Veronica
-Man with 2 babies
-Man with cup of tea
-Man with red hair who is just sitting
-Old man
-Man next to lady Veronica painting
-Alfred Ashford 

Take the earth ware vase and check it and take the red ant jewel. Now take the 
gold lugers Steve gave you and head to the save room in the palace. Place the 
gold lugers on the door and enter. Oh it seems there is a bit of a thunderstorm 
going on, take the handgun bullets on the table. Go over to the computer and 
start it up. Read the clue to puzzle on the desk. Now go over to the clock type 
thing and input these in the following order.

-each set of digits gives you a number which will be used for the computer 

First Digit:
Left, Right


Second Digit:


Third Digit:


Fourth Digit:
Right (x3)


-As you can see the code is 1971. Now punch that password in on the comp a 
bandersnatch breaks through the glass take him out and (coincidentally the storm 
stops :p       the secret door opens. Head through take the green herb on the 
floor in the corner and take the path down the bridge

Head up the eerie steps, and follow that freakish laugh. Some bandersnatchs are 
gonna show up you can either take them out risking health and wasting ammo or 
you can just dodge them. Head up the stairs and through the double doors, take 
out the bats and go up the stairs  and move around the winding ledge and up the 
stairs grab the handgun ammo and the first aid spray.  Move into the door at the 
end (cut scene) move over the right and around the corner and into the door. 
Place the red jewel on the music box top and take the music plate, and grab the 
silver key that is on the bed. Now head back to the palace.

Back to the palace....again:
On the second floor the room on the opposite side of the save room is where you 
can use the silver key. Inside the gambling room pick up the handgun ammo on the 
podium and the explosive darts on the roulette table. Over by the bar there is 
two green herbs as well. Remember that little piano that is also in this room. 
Now there is one more room to investigate go down into the palace lobby and head 
into door on upper left hand corner. Now go through the double doors, there are 
two bandersnatches here and they are a pain to maneuver around take them out and 
grab the eagle plate in the middle of the room and the Hunk report at the other 
end of the room. Hunk?...hmm I hope you remember that name. Now it is time to go 
back to the prison facility.  (remember to bring the hemostat)

Back to Prison Facility:
Now before you go to where you need to go head all the way back to the prison 
cell in the beginning of the game it may seem far but it ain't. A cutscene 
occurs right when you enter. As a rewards your given a lock pick. Now head back 
to the guillotine, place the eagle plate into the door next to the guillotine 
take out the zombies and go through the door. There are zombies here so take 
them out and pick up the green herb by the oil drums, do not go into the wooden 
door yet. Instead head down into the metal gate. Hop onto the box and push it 
out of your way stash what you want in the item box (Remember to open the brief 
case to get the explosive darts keep them in there, do not use them) and head 
through the door. TA DA! remember this area, run around the corner through the 
door and collect your stuff from the security box and put it in your item box. 
Now go back to that wooden door. 

Grab the first aid spray in the cabinet, and then head through the door on the 
other side...yes that body bag moved :p Ok now things are getting disturbing, 
there is a whole slew of zombies here take em out. On the table is a brief case 
and handgun bullets take those. Unlock the brief case to get the handgun parts, 
combine them to make the modified handgun. Now go back into the previous room 
and investigate that horrific sound, yep the cat..uh hmm zombie is outta the bag 
now. Take out this extra hard zombie and pick up the glass eye. Now go into the 
side room and place the eye into the human body display. Opens a secret door 
head down the stairs.

Head through the pathway taking out the bats, take the green herb at the bend. 
Now go up through the door.Take the rusted sword and use it on the contrapment 
in the middle of the room on the north wall. It opens and a zombie attacks kill 
or dodge and pick up the roll of piano notes. You should remember where those 
go, so now head back to the palace.

Back to the palace..uh..and again:
Use the piano roll on the piano and plays the little Ashford theme song, the 
slot machine bottom opens and presents a blue jewel ant. Take it and head back 
to the Ashford residence up on the hill.

But before..Places to use that lock pick of yours:
-In the drawer in the office in the military training facility (handgun bullets)
-Cabinet in B!F room (acid rounds)
-Bottom cabinet door on podium in the room w/ the 2 paintings and the military 
facility model (first aid spray)

(Ashford private Residence):

All the bats have been replaced with zombies, dodge them or kill them and head 
upstairs into the Ashford rooms. In Alfred s room put the blue jewel ant on the 
music box and put the gold music plate down. The bed reveals a secret ladder. 
Climb up, scout around the room for a green herb and a dragon fly model, check 
it and remove the wings. Go over to the ant mural on the wall and put the dragon 
piece in. The carousel shifts then go up the ladder. File the newspaper 
clippings. Move the box over climb up and take the final proof (air force proof) 
grab the ink ribbon and head back down into the Ashford room. (cut scene) Now 
it s time to head back to the underwater base.

Back to the Underwater Base:
The alarm is set by Alfred meaning you got to get the heck outta there, so now 
go all the way back to the main lobby in the underwater base and head through 
the singular door, head up and access the panel so the pad comes closer, now on 
the panel that is on the little pad place all three proofs on it (cut scene) You 
need to raise the bridge, so pick up the ink ribbon near the typewriter (do not 
save just yet) and grab the level on the floor. Now go out to the lobby and head 
through the shutter on the other side of the lobby. Go down the bridge and into 
the door, take the small elevator lift up and round the corner and through the 
door, use the level on the panel, now dart across the bridge into the door. 
There is a oil pressure system (do not need to solve) and some zombies in the 
corner(whom wont attack) pick up the airport key among the pile of zombies and 
head out and back down the elevator lift. Use the key on the gate by the door w/ 
the red light shed upon it and enter through there. There is a problem with the 
boxes under the shutter, but before you do anything, pick up the handgun 
bullets, the herbs and the box of grenade rounds. Now take and drop what you 
need in the item box, get the the grenade launcher w/ regular rounds or custom 
handgun. And save game.

Now the box that is blocking the shutter,  move it under so it fits through. 
Then get on the other side of the other box push it to the end and then shove it 
under like the other one. Now enter the elevator.(cut scene)

Hmm look where we end up, round the corner through the door. And back to the 
underwater base(cut scene)

Semi Boss: (Tyrant)
Uh oh notta o good, all you have to do is back up and fire rounds at him. Use 
either the handgun which fires fast or the regular rounds in the grenade 
launcher, he will drop to one knee, but that is not it. Keep firing when he gets 
up and he will end up dropping, now get outta therE!

Back to airplane:
Once back to the airplane you will have a talk with Steve (cut scene) but wait 
was that Tyrant fight it?....of course not. I suggest you save your game and arm 
yourself with the best weapon. Take the bow gun with explosive darts, or grenade 
launcher with acid rounds. Now go through back door in the plane.

(Boss: Tyrant round 2)

There is a panel right next to you when you enter, do not worry about that now,  
so move over and pull out you bow gun, poison arrows work best on him so pull it 
out and fire like 20 30 shots in a row. This tyrant has a few crazy moves, his 
over head slash will literally bring you close to danger so keep spray and herbs 
on hand. He also has a combo with his slashing make sure you fire a few shots 
and retreat if you use anything else. Never let him get you close to the butt of 
the jet or he will launch you out. Once he has taken hell from your trigger 
finger hurry back and slam on the button on the panel and whoops there goes a 
crate point blank in his chest and out the back door.

(End disc cut scene)
When it says put disc 2 in:
Open lid and place disc 2 in, save during disc transfer

Disc 2:

(Antarctic Base:)
After the cut scene move along the terrace pass the double doors and into the 
singular door next to the stairs, all those zombies lying around can not be a 
good thing, go over to the desk and take the handgun bullets and the first aid 
spray in the locker and take the explosive arrows on the desk. *the first zombie 
that falls, on the bunk bed is some handgun bullets*  (cut scene) well it was 
bound to happen that the zombies would attack. Take them out and go on the other 
side of the shelves there is some hidden handgun bullets. Now bout the middle 
point of the room and swerve right in the corner (you can not see it) there is 
an ink ribbon. Now head out and go down the stairs and run forward to the first 

Save Room
Al right before you get all situated, tend to that annoying rattling sound. Move 
forward and push that book case and then down the hall and let the rat go and 
grab the file. Do not worry about the button right now, there is no power so you 
ain't gonna move that wall. Now go back into the main save room pick up the 
green herb and the arrows on the desk. There is also an ink ribbon on the table 
(save if you wish now)

Exiting the save room take a right (cut scene) get ready to be annoyed beyond 
belief. These new enemies will cause you nothing but grief *there is a case of 
blue herbs you can use it as much as ya want when your poisoned* head through 
the double doors.

In this area head over to the double doors labeled  Weapon   dodge the zombies 
and take the Mining room key on the conveyer belt , move around the corner and 
the investigate the green cabinets near the missile carrying case get the Ak-47, 
save it for Chris.  Now move on and around the corner pick up the detonator and 
use it on the cabinet right in front of you. *You need a lighter for this 
however, but do not worry Chris will take care of that later* Now head out this 
room and on to the other pair of double doors labeled BOW.

There are spiders in here, so be careful and take them out or dodge them on the 
far wall is a green herb and a blue herb, also there is handgun bullets on the 
crate. On the other side of the room on another crate is a Bar code sticker, 
take it and head back out. Near the small stair case is a power panel and a 
lever next to a conveyer belt and as well a box. Slap the bar code sticker on 
the box and head up the small staircase to use that mining room key.

Head all the way down and into the door. Move down and grab the 2 boxes of 
handgun bullets and kill the zombie dog. Wrap around the corner and into the 
enclosed gate area and hit the button, now go back out taking out the 2 dogs if 
you must and head into the alcove to switch on the power.  Now move out of this 

Once back in the main room with the control panel and the box w/ the bar code 
sticker. Press the switch on the panel to access power, and then pull the level 
the box goes moving into another room (Do not be concerned with where it goes) 
now that the power is restored head back to the save room.

In the save room you hit the switch in the locker, it moves secret door revealed 
(cut scene) now go next to the moved door and take the plant pot. Check it and 
look on the bottom to reveal the machinery room key. Now head up stairs pass the 
moths and down into the double doors. Head to right side of the screen and down 
to the door where you use the machinery room key. (cut scene) Looks like Steve s 
horney tendencies are getting the best of him. Now go all the way back into the 
main room with the conveyer belt and go into room labeled  BOW  grab the gas 
mask now that the room is filled w/ poison. Ok now for some more backtrackage, 
head all the way to the 2nd floor and go into the room on the left. In the back 
room pace the valve onto the device, now head back down to the main area and up 
the small set of stars. Now veer off to Claire s right climb up the blocks and 
onto the small platform and use the valve. 
(cut scene) Now pick up the sniper rifle, and get ready for a short boss fight. 
Run back to the save room if you must get herbs and sprays. Now move on (cut 

(Boss (Nosferatu)
Now your gonna need to use that sniper rifle ya got.  Now you only have 7 shots 
make each one painful for this guy. Equip and use the other shoulder button to 
zoom in, you need to shoot that deformation on his chest point blank. Take it 
with precise. His basic attacks are tentacle whip, so keep your distance, he 
also has a poison gas release which can not be cured by blue herbs, but the 
fight is not long so do not worry just heal regularly. After a few shots Claire 
will finish him off (cut scene)

-End Claire Walkthrough

Chris  Walkthrough:

Oh yeah! after that nice little introduction gamers can once again regain 
control of our fav. zombie slaying star..CHRIS REDFIELD move on and pick up the 
green herb and round the corner use the item box at will grab the ink ribbon. 
Make sure to take the Ak-47 in the item box you left when you were Claire.

(Boss Fight: Worm)
Remember that large worm thing that popped outta the ground before when you were 
Claire, well it is time to take him down...oh come on you knew it was bound to 
happen. The best way to beat this guy has gotta be the AK-47, it is most likely 
the most powerful weapon ya got in your inventory, and you need a fast paced 
weapon to take down this fast paced creature. Here is the best strategy; he has 
2 basic moves one where he partially comes out of the ground and the other when 
he bursts up and stands straight in the air, that is when you want to hit him 
the other time just do your best to dodge that. Now when he stands erect unload 
on him with Ak-47 *Do not worry about wasting your whole 100% on the thing, 
surprisingly it takes a while to even get down to 80%* he will eventually go 
down (cut scene)  

Ok ya got the lighter, big deal right? well eh it is gonna get ya few goods here 
and there coming up.

Go around the corner pick up the herbs, handgun ammo and bow gun arrows. Now 
back track to where you met up w/ Rodrigo where there is a statue, push the 
switch and it lowers the gate revealing sub machine guns, use the lighter and 
grab the SMG and head back to where you fought the worm and go through the 

(Military Training Facility:)

The place is swarming w/ zombies (where they came from, who knows) go through 
the double doors, push the switch in back of the tank *where Alfred pushed it in 
the scene before the end of disc 1* now pick up the handgun ammo under the tank 
and take the lift down. Grab the herbs and the shotgun shells then head around 
the corner and into the door.

Save Room
Ahh rest, take the herbs on the ground, as well as the shotgun shells, ink 
ribbon and handgun ammo on the desk. There is a puzzle in here involving 
drawers, they must be opened in a certain order to get a certain something. This 
certain something opens Steve in the battle game. If your going through the game 
for quick time don t take it. But if your just playing to play take it. Here is 
the solution RED GREEN BLUE BROWN. Now take the gold luger stash it in the box 
and save if you will.

Now head out the door and head north to take the battery *cut scene* yeah 
spiders are no fun, this guy is easily bypassed, so run by him and take the 
lift. Once back up head back through the double doors and across the room to the 
yellow lift, place the battery in the lift and take it up.  Get the file and the 
chem. storage key, take the elevator now and go to B1F, head down the now 
available stairs, take the shotgun on the wall and the handgun ammo, ink ribbon. 
Go through the door.

Head through the lab and up the stairs, press the switch on the panel for the 
tank to lower revealing a 50%  clip for the Ak-47. Now head through the double 
metallic doors, head into the singular door and pass the electronic door lifters 
into the lab. Use the chem. storage key on the small container and set the temp. 
to 128 and then pick up the clement E  now head out and pick up the doorknob on 
the elevator panel. (cut scene) yep hunters, use the Ak-47 and them and head out 
of here and go to floor 2F and use enter the brown door and weave in and out of 
the spotter (camera) and around the corner into the door next to that small 
table w/ the notepad. Al right your on the 2nd floor of the military training 
facility use doorknob on the door and enter in. On the ledge there is some 
handgun bullets in the far corner and on a stand is the tank object. Now 
remember that diagram of the military training facility on floor 1F while taking 
the elevator, round the corner beware there are spotters everywhere now. Enter 
the door and your back in the painting room. Use the tank object on the diagram 
and the frame on the wall moves revealing a place for 3 medals and also giving 
you the turn table key and a file.

Now run back to where the first hunters appeared, and as well where you picked 
up the doorknob. And use the turn table key on it pad. But.....not before an 
incredible cut scene which involves an old friend.  

After taking the turn table up into the main area of the military training 
facility, head through the door ahead of you and dispose of the several zombies 
lurking around, pick up the shotgun shells on the floor and then head into the 
side room and through the busted wall and then to that door in the hallway. Your 
in the courtyard area, I hope ya brought along the emblem card, if not might 
wanna head back. Once that is done go past the gate and down the ladder hit the 
lever on the panel and then move down to where the bars are. Now use the emblem 
card to raise the bars. Hop down weave in and out of the zombies or take them 
down, now head up the small steps north east of you and through the door, blast 
the hunter and move into the door opposite of the room, on the work bench 
upgrade your glock 17 and get the 2nd clement on the shelf. Now head to the main 
lobby of training facility and go out the double doors. Be careful there are 2 
sweepers here and it s hard to dodge em. There is some shells personally I 
wouldn t bother with them. Now head into the larger elevator door and take the 
elevator down.

Remember this room?..head over to the item box throwing anything in there and 
what not, also notice the typewriter next to you. Now head through the shutter. 
The zombies in this room are really easy to dodge, head into the singular door 
and kill the hunter. Grab all the proofs from where you put them in as Claire, 
know head out and go on the other side of the room and head through the shutter, 
go down the stretch into the shutter on the other side. Take out the hunter and 
take the lift up. Round the corner and into the singular door room.

When this room, there is a small gas puzzle ya gotta solve, here is the simple 

Gas Puzzle:
-Hit 3 gauge twice
-Hit 5 once
-Empty the 10 (hit the 10 switch)
-Hit 3 gauge twice
-Hit the 5

Once that happens of course the zombies get restless from your success so now ya 
gotta take them out *you don t have to kill them, but if you take them out w/ 
the handgun there are some shells waiting over by them for ya* now head back out 
the door 

Back in the painting room place all the proofs on the small panel, the diagram 
moves, you can now get a green herb and 2 boxes of shells. Head down the ladder. 
There are spiders down here dodge them and if ya can pick up the ammo and the 
herbs sitting on floor, keep moving and head down another ladder.  Go down the 
hallway and get the 2 green herbs and the blue herb and round the corner. This 
is a semi boss fight you can fire away at this guy, but I wouldn t so here is 
what ya do grab the handgun ammo in the far corner. Now run around faking the 
albino out and then hop into the water now grab that eagle plate in the middle 
of the pool it is expected that you will get shocked a few times, now when ya 
got it run back to the rim and hop back up. ALL SET! =)  now head back to the 
save room in the bottom floor in the military training faclilty.

Now mix the clements together and mix that with the eagle plate to get the 
halebro. This little item if you remember is what Alfred used to open the double 
doors to his jet. Head out of the save room go north to the double metal doors 
and use the halebro.
(cut scene)

(Antarctic part I:)
Al right Chris has made it this far, it s time to finish this and retrieve 
Claire, head down the terrace and into the 2nd double door. The worm from the 
before cut scene evidently in his free time enjoys busting through walls and 
resting his sluggish form on cold metal (sounds fun :p) Al right your not 
getting past him easily, shoot him with the handgun or shotgun for fast results 
move on, now take out the other piece of him and then once again move on. Head 
down the ladder and into the double doors. One the terrace from Chris  view head 
right into the singular door. Now a little mess has gone down, take out the 
zombies and grab the briefcase in the now busted open gate, now get outta here 
and back to where you went down the ladder. And into singular door next to the 
stairs there is a case of grenade rounds on the bed on the left wall. Now exit

Now go down the stairs and head straight into the save room.

Save Room
There is a few extra things to do here, on the wall there is a little halebro 
symbol use it and a drawer opens revealing a diary, and ink ribbon and a paper 
weight. You can toss the paper weight in the item box

Now back up the stairs and head back to those double doors head to the left in 
Chris  view. In here go across the ice and grab the valve. A whole bunch of 
zombies bust up from the ice, dodge around them (waste of ammo if ya stay) Back 
out, head to the other side, hop down onto the ice and then move up the terrace 
on the other side. And into the door.

(Antarctic Lab:)
 (cut scene) right after the cut scene you will get caught by a camera (most 
likely) kill the hunter and keep going around the corner and through the door. 
After that elevator ride, don t mind that sound of a sweeper and just go 
directly into the door in front of you. Now when through there will be another 
door right next you enter in.

Save Room
There are 2 boxes of handgun ammo, shells in to far corner. And 2 green herbs 
and a blue one. As well as an ink ribbon on the desk. Collect all and use the 
valve on machine on the far north/right now go to the other side and flip the 
lever up to turn on the power. Once this is done, if you have the extinguisher 
in the box grab it, if ya don t skip forward.

Using the extinguisher:
Remember where the camera first made its appearance here, head back up and 
through the double doors next to it. Press the button on the panel, the 
extinguishment comes up refill your extinguisher and head down the lift.  Now 
attend the fire and use the extinguisher, now collect the magnum on top of the 
box. Go onto the other side of the room where there is a metal cabinet. If you 
placed the detonator on this, use the lighter to get 3 boxes of handgun ammo. 
Now go back by the save room

Now the power is restored head through the winding path taking out all the 
zombies, pick up 3 green herbs, and 2 blue herbs and then head through the 
electronic doors.

oooooh Look familiar (for all those who have played the first Resident Evil, 
this will be easily recognized) pick up the handgun ammo on the table as well as 
the shells. Move the statue to wall near where ya got the ammo and push it over 
the crack in the floor to get the puzzle. Go through the red area and wrap 
around to once again another nostalgic RE piece. Pick the gems one at a time out 
from the tiger for a socket piece and some magnum ammo. Go back and stash those 
in the item box. Now head back near the statue and go through the silver and 
brown door.(w/ your paperweight)

Don t worry about those little bugs on the ground, they are harmless, they will 
bite at you but it does next to no damage, pick up the dragonfly wing object, 
now there is 1 green herb on each side of the room, head to the door on Chris  
left first into those double doors there will be some zombies to dispose of, 
around 6 or 7. Take them out and grab the scattered green and blue herbs. Now go 
into that other little room take the box of handgun ammo on the desk, and on the 
other side of the chair if you investigate there is another hidden box of 
handgun ammo. Now head out of here and go into the door on the opposite side of 
the room.

In this room access the panel next to the tank. It asks you to punch in some 
symbols. Here are the symbols needed to be pressed

-King s crown
-Black Spade

Now place the paper weight into the open drawer the tank comes up, and ooh look 
who it is. Grab Alfred s ring. Investigate the ring to take off the piece to get 
just a blue jewel. Now back near the save room, and enter the door next to it 
and head to the open area, where you hear that suspicious noise. Ready your 
shotgun and take out the sweeper, pick up the green herb. Wrap around to the 
other side, pick up the dragonfly wing object 2, and then hop into the water and 
pick up the 3rd dragonfly wing object. No go through the double doors.

Ooooh once again a familiar item for all who played RE1, even though the layout 
is a tad different. Head up the stairs and place the blue jewel in painting, and 
as well grab the glittering combat knife on the ledge, or ya can just go back to 
your item box if your outta room. Now take the knife go down the stairs and go 
behind the base of the stairs. LOOK who IT IS! use the combat knife (cut scene)

*NOTE: You will regain control of Claire shortly, make sure you leave the bow 
gun in the box if ya have it on ya. And keep the magnum and the shotgun in 
Chris  inventory screen before delivering the serum to Claire*

Now ya need to go get the serum. Go all the way back to the area where you 
picked up the magnum, down the lift next to the extinguishment. There are some 
zombies here now, take em out and then grab the serum on the shelf and return it 
back to Claire all the way back in the mansion (cut scene)

(Claire Brief Walkthrough:)
Back with Claire, and she s pretty hurtin, take the herbs near the door and the 
handgun ammon on table. As well take the shotgun shells on the table. Store 
those in  the item box. *NOTE: You don t do a lot with Claire, so take only the 
bow gun and the handgun with her, and stash any other weapons in the box for 
Chris. All of the weapons you take with Claire you will never get back in the 
game. So have her take the weakest weapons*  If you do have the shotgun you can 
place it on the brackets behind the book case to get some grenade ammo. Situate 
yourself with the item box and then move through the door. That worm type thingy 
will bust through the wall fire rounds at him and move on through the next door.

There is a zombie in the cell, don t bother now keep moving and go up the small 
set of stairs, investigate the cannon to get the security card inside a crystal. 
*There is some bow gun ammo in the cell next to you, if your really hurtin for 

Now this is a tricky maneuver. Take the crystal ball and move to the middle of 
the large cement block that drops down and quickly place the crystal ball there. 
Claire will move back and the block will crush the crystal, so now you can go 
forward and grab the security card. Now quick turn and run out of the blockers 
way or your done. Ok know go to the silver door next to the entrance you came 
though here from, and enter the silver door. In this room you can use the 
security card on the panel to gain access through the bars. Move down through 
the area

At the end a cut scene takes place. 

Steve chase:
Al right this is a tough little situation ya gotta quick turn right when this 
chase begins and run like mad, try to swerve around dodging the axe blows, but 
it s tough. If you take even 2 blows your done

1 hit: Caution/sometimes severe caution
2nd hit: Danger
3rd hit: The death of you =)

Now once ya get back to the bars a cut scene takes over. After that very sad 
scene we switch over to a cut scene w/ Chris. 

This is a little unfair of Capcom, springing all these fights on ya. But eh

(Boss: Alexia Type 1:)
Either having the magnum on hand is good or the shotgun. This battle is a little 
tough if your not equipped well. Run around cause she plants rows of fire 
everywhere, and if you get near her it s instant death a grab and you go 
bursting in flames. So keep away. She takes about 6 magnum rounds to kill with. 
Run around and fire the typical strategy. Good luck

Once the fight is over pick up the pink Alexia jewel that she drops by the 
staircase and place it in painting atop the stairs. Now one more jewel and your 
all set. So we got brother, sister and oops seem to be missing the father jewel. 
But where is father Asford?

That socket ya got in box grab that and combine it w/ your vavle and head back 
to where ya got the refil on the extinguisher and take the ladder up. Use the 
new refined valve near the water tank. The water drains out then climb down the 
ladder and pick up the crane key. Uh OH! a sweeper better waste him w/ a few 
well placed shells.

Take the crane key all the way back to square shaped room w/ the ice floor and 
the terrace that wraps around the room. Opposite the side of the double doors is 
a small hut, run into there and use the crane key. Oh look who it is, looks like 
Mr. Ashford went for a little dip and he posesses the 3rd gem. However.... there 
is a catch that black widow spider is ready to take you out. You don t have to 
kill the spider so run around him as much as possible and grab that jewel that 
lies on the ice. Once obtained head all the way back to the mansion and use the 
third jewel on the painting and enter the door.

There is quite a lot of zombies lingering around here,  don t take them out yet, 
go into the double doors on Chris  right, take the 2 green herbs next to the 
stairs. Take the lift down and press the blue button on the panel to remove the 
cover and take the dragon wing object. Also pick up the handgun bullets in 
between the 2 clear tanks. Take the lift back up and go up the small set of 
stairs and you will unlock the door, head through. Keep heading straight and 
into the next door. (cut scene) Oh no end of the game action music. Need not to 
worry, your quest is not over yet. There is still some stuff ya need to do. So 
head out of here and back out the double doors where all the zombies are take 
them out and then move down the hallway to left of Chris and into the first door 
on the left. This is a save room w/ out the item box however. Next to the 
typerwriter take the ink ribbon and the box of shells in the chest next to the 
save desk. On the coat rack is a first aid spray. Next to the coat rack is 
another desk on the right drawer is the Biohazard key a.k.a Sterile Room key, 
take that and head out.

Around the corner is 2 green herbs, once you get those head all the way back to 
the save room near the arctic labs. In here turn off the power and return to the 
tiger statue. *Make sure that the tiger statue isn t sided left or right but in 
the center so you can now take both the red and the blue jewel*  Take those 
jewels and head all the way back to where to that hallway and go into the door 
next to those green herbs lying on the floor. This is a replica of Alfred s 
room, and beyond the stone relif is a replica of Alexia s room.  Now head into 
Alexia s room, place the red jewel on the music box, it opens now take the music 
box plate. Now head into Alfred s room. Place the blue jewel on the music box 
and then place the music box plate in. It reveals a secret passage from the bed, 
head up.

Go down the passage and into the room *F.Y.E this is the room the Asford bro and 
sis were in that FMV of them feeding the dragonfly to the ants* , pick up the 
handgun bullets on the table if ya need em. There is 2 green herbs near the 
north wall. In the lttle cylnder case is the middle dragon fly object. Pick it 
up and combine it w/ the wings to get the full piece. Now head down and all the 
way back to the save room. I suggest you take as many health items ya can get, 
however your best weapons too stocked w/ ammo. Now go back to where Claire was 
trapped and head down the jail hall and up the stairs. Use the dragonfly object 
on the panel to the far left and door opens head through. *Another note, head 
back before going through and add another health item to your iventory, save 
your game and scrap the ink ribbon so you have another slot open.*

In this door there are 2 zombies, take them out and head out, head up the steps 
and to the panel on the far left.  Next to the panel is a green herb, use the 
secruity card and type in the password. What is it? you ask. Ask yourself what 
game your playing Resident Evil: Code VERONICA! type in veronica, and the self 
destruct thing goes off, it s time to finsih this. Head out the door ya came in 
(cut scene)

(Last Boss:)
1st FORM:
This is not even really a  form  so to speak, all ya need is one quick shot to 
Alexia *use shotgun* 

-Now comes the hard part...

This is it, for all the marbles. This has to be the hardest boss fight ever in a 
Resident Evil game, mainly because there is no place to run. Make sure you have 
at least 6 to 8 rounds in the magnum on hand and around 30 shotgun shells just 
to be safe bring along the sub-machine guns as well if ya got them loaded. If 
they are under 30 percent forget it and just go with the other artillery. Try to 
get some blue and green herbs, and some first aid sprays, how man you ask...well 
I would say at least 5 herbs and sprays just to be safe. Not to say you can not 
beat her with say 2, cause ya can. Now lets get to the fight..

	1st Form: She will attack with a few basic moves, she can not move really 
cause she is just a blob, however she has tentacles that will occasionally come 
out and whip ya sending you to the floor, her other move is where she sends tons 
of little parasite bugs on the ground to annoy you beyond belief it becomes so 
unbearable at times your gonna need to move from one side of the room to the 
other. Unload without stopping a whole 6 rounds in the magnum, once your out 
pull out the shotgun or sub-machine guns and fire rapidly at her. Keep moving 
from one to the other once again and keep firing until there is a cut scene.

	2nd Form: This form is reasonably easy but if you die here your gonna need 
to start the fight over from scratch. It is a pain but just reuse your 
techniques. On this form she flies around in the air, pick up the Linear 
Launcher behind you. She will toss balls of flame to the ground which are really 
quite easy to avoid run around in a sorta half circle as the flames fall you 
from behind and you will not get hit. Once she finishes she will take a break 
and now is your time to shoot. Aim up and zoom like you would with the sniper 
rifle and fire, she will move out of your sites a lot so just move it from left 
to right. But do not waste time, she will start in with the fireballs again and 
then is when you need to take a break and retry. Keep an eye on the health and 
good luck.

Shot Chart
This is a list of the enemies and how many shots it takes to kill them with each 
weapon, I have done some research on how many shots to kill each enemy so it is 
pretty precise. I m not fully down with the list however.

Combat Knife= 8 slashes
Handgun= 8 shots
Bow Gun= 7-13
Explosive Arrows= 1-2
Shotgun= 1-4 (more shells when they are in packs)
Grenade Launcher(regular rounds)= 1
Acid Rounds= 1
Flame Rounds= 1
Sub-Machine guns= About 3 seconds of repeated fire
Gold Lugers (in bonus game)= 3-5 bursts
AK-47= About 3 seconds of repeated fire
Custom Handgun= 2 quick 3 shot bursts
MP-100= About 2-4 bursts

Combat Knife= 5 quick stabs
Handgun= 17-18 shots
Bow Gun= 18-20
Explosive Arrows= 3
Shotgun= 4-7
Grenade Launcher(regular rounds)= 3
Acid Rounds= 2
Flame Rounds= 2
Sub-Machine guns= About 4 seconds of repeated fire
Gold Lugers (in bonus game)= 12-14 bursts
AK-47= About 3 seconds of repeated fire
Custom Handgun= 6-9 bursts
MP-100= 6-8 bursts

Combat Knife= 5 quick slashes
Handgun= 18-20 
Bow Gun= Around 18-2- (Not suggested to be used, very weak weapon)
Explosive Arrows= 3
Shotgun= 4-7 (more shells when they are in packs)
Grenade Launcher(regular rounds)= 1
Acid Rounds= 2
Flame Rounds= 2
Sub-Machine guns= About 4 seconds of repeated fire
Gold Lugers (in bonus game)= 4-6 bursts
AK-47= About 3 seconds of repeated fire
Custom Handgun= (Not used)
MP-100= (Not used)

Combat Knife= 5 quick slashes
Handgun= 18-20 
Bow Gun= Same as Hunter
Explosive Arrows= 3
Shotgun= 4-7 (more shells when they are in packs)
Grenade Launcher(regular rounds)= 1
Acid Rounds= 2
Flame Rounds= 2
Sub-Machine guns= About 4 seconds of repeated fire
Gold Lugers (in bonus game)= 4-6 bursts
AK-47= About 3 seconds of repeated fire
Custom Handgun= (Not used)
MP-100= (Will not run into them)

Combat Knife= 1 slashes
Handgun= 1 shots
Bow Gun= 1-2
Explosive Arrows= 1
Shotgun= 1
Grenade Launcher(regular rounds)= 1
Acid Rounds= 1
Flame Rounds= 1
Sub-Machine guns= Quick burst
Gold Lugers (in bonus game)= (wont use them)
AK-47= Quick burst
MP-100= 1 shot
Custom Handgun= Quick shot

Cerebus (zombie dogs)
Combat Knife= 8 slashes
Handgun= 8 shots
Bow Gun= 6-8
Explosive Arrows= 1-2
Shotgun= 1-4 (more shells when they are in packs)
Grenade Launcher(regular rounds)= 1
Acid Rounds= 1
Flame Rounds= 1
Sub-Machine guns= About 2- 3 seconds of repeated fire
Gold Lugers (in bonus game)= (wont use them)
AK-47= About 2-3 seconds of repeated fire
Custom Handgun= 2 quick 3 shot bursts
MP-100= 2-5

Combat Knife= Lots of quick slashes (fast paced creatures)
Handgun= 8 shots
Bow Gun= 18-20 shots (Do not used unless you want to get poisoned)
Explosive Arrows= 2-3
Shotgun= 3-5
Grenade Launcher(regular rounds)= 4 or so
Acid Rounds= 3 or so
Flame Rounds= 3 or so
Sub-Machine guns= About 5 seconds of repeated fire
Gold Lugers (in bonus game)= (wont use them)
AK-47= About 5 or more seconds of repeated fire
Custom Handgun= (Not used)
MP-100= (Not used)

Parasite Moths
Combat Knife=  A few quick slashes
Handgun= 1-3  shots
Bow Gun= 4-5
Explosive Arrows= 1
Shotgun=  1
Grenade Launcher(regular rounds)= 1
Acid Rounds= 1
Flame Rounds= 1
Sub-Machine guns= About 2 seconds of repeated fire
Gold Lugers (in bonus game)= ( wont fight them)
AK-47= About 2 seconds of repeated fire
Custom Handgun= 1 quick burst
MP-100= A quick burst

:Item List:

*In no particular order*

-Valve Handle
Antarctic 2F

-Wing Object
In various areas in the antarctic area

Turn Table Key
Military training facility 1F

In briefcase from wreckage of plane near the beginning of the game

-Tank Object
Military training facility 2F

-Sniper Rifle
On edge of cliff where Alfred fell off

-Skeleton Painting
In the room on the 2F in the military training facility, after you have vented 

-Sub-Machine Guns
In room where you fight worm creature

-Sterile Key
In the antarctic mansion area

-Steering Wheel
First floor of Palace

-Special Alloy Emblem
After you duplicate it in the machine. In the security office

-Silver Dragonfly
In Ashford private residence top floor above hidden passage way in Ashford 

-Silver Key
Second floor of Ashford residence

-Red Jewel
BF5 in antarctic

BF5 in antarctic

-Storage Key
Military training facility 1F

-Side Pack
On the seat of submarine

On hook, on the bottom floor below stairs in military training facility

B2F in antarctic

-Security File
Given to from Claire in her cell, slips through the door

-Security Card
Check inside security file to get security card

-Rusted Sword
In the statue room near the torture room areas

-Queen Ant Object
Check inside earth ware vase

-Plant Pot
In back room of save room in Antarctic

-Red Herb
In various areas

-Blue Herb
In various areas

-Green Herb
In various areas

-Music Box Plate
>From the music box in Alexia Ashford s room

-Luger Replica
In save room, (bottom floor save room in military training facility

Dropped by zombie in the prison block

-Handgun ammo
In various areas

-Piano Roll
In spiked torture case in torture room areas

-Paper Weight
B2F in antarctic

-Padlock Key
First floor of prison

-Navy Proof
First floor of Palace

In B2F in antarctic

-Mining Room Key
B2F in antarctic

-Umbrella ID card
Second floor in Palace, under stand

In save room above military facility s courtyard

-Lock pick
Given by Rodrigo in cell block

Custom on Claire, given to Chris from Rodrigo

-Magnum Bullets
Various areas

-Machine Room Key
Check under plant pot

-M93R Part
Taken in cut scene

-M93R Handgun
In spiked room in torture room

-Linear Launcher
In same room as final boss encounter

-King Ant Object
In slot machine in gambling room in Palace 2F

-Ink Ribbon
Various areas

Formed w/ Clements (w/ Chris)

In shutters in prison area for Claire

B1F in Military training facility

-Clement E
B1F in Military training facility

-Combat Knife
Taken in cell block
-First Aid Spray
Various areas

-Flame Rounds
Various areas/on table in security office

-Gold Key
1F in Military training facility

-Gold Lugers
Given to from Steve

-Glass Eye
Taken from doctor zombie in torture rooms

-Control Lever
On floor in airplane

-Crane Key
B1F in antarctic

-Crystal w/ Card key inside
In cannon, when taken control of Claire for the 2nd time on disc 2

B2F in antarctic

-Dragonfly Object
Check dragonfly in Ashford residence to take wings off

-Emblem Card
2F in Military training facility

-Eagle Plate
Numerous areas, in double doors in Palace, in water where Albino is, and in 
military training facility

-Earth ware Vase
Taken after Ashford room puzzle is completed

-Gas Mask
In BOW room in antarctic

-Grenade Launcher
Behind gate in B1F in elevator (military training facility)

-Bow Gun Arrows
In various areas

-Glock 17 Handgun
Comes custom on Chris

-Grenade Rounds
Various areas

-Explosive Arrows
Various areas

-Clement CX
Military training facility

-Chemical Storage Key
2F in Military training facility

-Acid Rounds
Various areas

-Airport Key
Taken from zombies in oil pressure room near airplane station

-Air Force Proof
Top shelf in Ashford residence

-Army Proof
2F in Military training facility

-Alexia s Jewel
B5F in Antarctic

-Alfred s Jewel
B1F in antarctic

1F in prison

-BOW Gas Rounds
In security office near 3D duplicator

-Bow Gun
Office 2F in military training facility

-Durallumn Case
1F in Palace,  other areas

-Blue Jewel
B2F in antarctic

-Alexander Piece
B1F in antarctic

-Alexia Piece
B2F in antarctic

-Alfred s Ring
Taken from Alfred once released from storage tank

-AK-47 Ammo Clip
In one of the tanks in the lab (Chris  game)

-Assault Rifle (AK-47)
Antarctic terminal B2F

(11.): FMV list:
*Obviously, if you read any further you will spoil the game if ya haven t beaten 
it yet. So don t look if your still playing*

Claire is given her prison ID, Claire is running down a hallway two Umbrella 
troops chase after her. Claire reaches a dead end. All is silent until a 
helicopter machine guns positioned on each side greet her. Claire being quick on 
her feet run back, as the helicopter begins firing the Umbrella troops on 
accident through the cross hairs. Claire runs and leaps into a hatch to look up 
and see dozens more of Umbrella soldiers holding their guns positioned on 
Claire. She sees a propane tank behind them, and decides to drop her gun. In 
slow motion it falls to the air, in Claire than rushed down to the earth and 
grabs it by its handle and take a few quick shots and sends all the soldiers 
flying in a fiery explosion. 

-Zombie infestation: 
Zombies erupt from the earth and all race to take a grab at Claire s flesh, more 
and more pop up out of the ground and it seems endless. They surround her fully 
and Claire is in trouble.

-Brother and sister:
The first introduction to Alfred and Alexia Ashford, you see the brother and 
sister shot on a old shaky camera, they get up and take a dragon fly and Alfred 
plucks its wings off and places the body in a bucket , ant surround the helpless 
dragon fly and eat at him. The brother sister look into each others eyes in an 
almost incestuous way.

-End Disc 1 Scene:
The plane sets off with Steve and Claire, aboard. As it sets off there seems to 
be some disturbance in the back, what could it be?

The Plane slams into the hard white snow and heads towards an arctic base. And 
smashes into the glass and wall


-Off to freedom
Claire and Steve in there snow jeep set off together both happy to have finally 
escaped the evil clutches of Alfred s web of evil. Meanwhile  a dying Alfred 
seeks his sister in hyberation The  chemical drains and a naked Alexia steps 
forward, a new Alexia. Comforting the dying Alfred, we see Steve and Claire in 
there jeep on a monitor with a large snake like creature heading towards them 
crashing them. And hitting them toppling them over into destruction. What has 
happened. As Alexia strokes the hair of the dying Alfred.

-Ok..well this is a very sad scene =(
Steve comes centimeters away from the slicing off the head of dear Claire, but 
his true emotions and warm heart takes over. Changing him from the hideous 
creature back into a naked and pale faced Steve. Steve is dying..as he feels the 
hand of Claire he comes forward to say he loves her. We will never see Steve 
again...he s dead =(

-Alexia Transformation
Alexia walks down the stairs toward Wesker. Each step she takes her body take 
son a new transformation, fire erupts and her figure turns into an evil stone-
like creature

-End FMV:
Alexia blows up in pieces, but Chris needs to get out of there fast. Claire is 
off in the jet. As Chris jumps from room to room in a mad pace to get out. Each 
explosion sending him feet ahead of himself. The near to final explosion sends 
Chris flying into the air and falls on top of the nose of the jet leaving Claire 
with the line  See...I always keep my promises  As the 2 head off in the jet 
Claire tells Chris not to leave again like that. Chris assures Claire that this 
is not over. That now it s time to take down Umbrella once and for all.

(12): Battle Game:
There is not too much depth to the battle game, but there is a lot of little 
things you can do.

Extra Tidbits:
Locations for finding Herbs and First Aid Sprays:
-Green Herb in the prison alley on oil drums
-F. aid spray in phone booth where bandersnatches are
-Green herb on crate where hunters are
-Green herb on conveyer belt where sweep is
-Blue herb on the other side of conveyer belt
-Green herb on cardboard boxes next soda machine
-Blue herb next to green in soda machine room
-First aid spray on bloody boxes as you exit the torture room
-First aid spray in locker that s ajar 
-First aid spray on table in underwater facility

Time To Get A Rankings:
Claire Redfield 1: 6 mins 9 secs
Claire Redfield 2: 7 mins 59 secs
Chris Redfield: 6 mins 29 secs
Steve Burnside: 9 mins 59 secs
Albert Wesker: 59 mins 59 secs

-Side note: All weapons for each character have unlimited ammo

Claire Redfield:
-Combat knife
-Handgun (loaded)
-Unlimited box of ammo
-Bow gun with explosive darts
-Herb packet (4)

Quite easy, use the bow gun with the explosive darts and your all set. In the 
gambling room which is 

Boss: (Nosferatu)
No sniper rifle this time. Unload on him with explosive arrows he will be down 
in no time.

Claire Redfield 2
-AK machine gun
-Grenade launcher
-Unlimited regular grenade rounds
-Unlimited flame rounds
-Unlimited acid rounds

-Claire in a more skimpier outfit, and has a whole new slew of weapons
-In the gambling room there is    file 

Boss: (Tyrant)
Man, just when ya thought you d never have to touch this guy again he goes and 
shows up in the battle game. Granted the space given is much better then the 
back of a jet you have a whole helipad pad make good usage of it. Take a couple 
flame rounds to him till he stumbles and then run and retreat. Stay away from 
the ledges cause he can launch ya off it.

Chris Redfield:
-Combat knife
-Unlimited shotgun shell crate
-Herb packet (2)

-Chris has the goods to make this an easy run, use the magnum for all 
encounters. One hit kills all
-Press the action button in front of the tiger statue and Chris  curiosity gets 
the best of him and he does a little cavity search =)
-Press the action button in the mirror in the military training locker room and 
Chris checks himself out


Steve Burnside:
-Combat knife
-Double uzi's
-Gold Lugers (that is if you solved the puzzle in the save room as Chris.{see 
-Herb packet (2)

-Steve is a breeze to beat it with he has rapid fire double uzi's which can 
-Press the action button in front of the soda machine Steve searches for change 
and kicks the machine in frustration of not having any.

Remember what you did for Chris when fighting the big worm. He has 2 basic 
attacks one where he burrows into the ground, and the other is when he bursts up 
in the air briefly and then goes back down. That is when you want to hit him 
too. Keep your distance and keep an eye on your health.

Albert Wesker:
-Combat Knife
-Herb packet (3)

Uh yeah defiantly the tough one out of the bunch. However the combat knife is 
still quite effective and is actually one of the more powerful weapons, but 
since it is so close range you take the risk of getting hit a lot.

-You might wanna try his in 1st person mode, it s still basically the same 
difficulty but a tad more easier to move the knife around

-Take out zombies the best you can try to slash at their torsos,  and hit them 
when they are down on the ground make sure to show no mercy and slash at them 
until dead.

-Hunters can be a pain, they are low attackers so do many quick and precise 
slashes you can get them in a few hits (same goes for bandersnatches)

(13.) Soundtrack:
I got the Resident Evil: Code Veronica soundtrack in the mail the other day, and 
it is quite impressive. All the tracks sound really good in the game. But they 
sound even  better now. But any ways I will post a small review and as well a 
track listing.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica soundtrack review:
Believe it or not Video Game soundtracks are becoming more popular then ever, 
why? because video games are becoming more popular then ever. While this recent 
outburst in mainstream gaming as occurred (some not liking it *including 
myself*) It must be known video games are no longer children play toys and are 
becoming interactive movies. So on these interactive movies, the music is beefed 
up more then the ancient traditional bland beats the Atari and Nintendo offered. 
But now the musical scores are full fledge orchestral and top of the line 
conducting. If the CV s soundtrack made you sad at moments in the games, made 
your blood boil at others with the intense beats serving as  background music 
then you no doubt took respect in the games music. Is purchasing the soundtrack 
worth it? you say, well it all depends on whether you like this kinda stuff. 
Most people think game music is a waste. When in fact it is quite good. If your 
on the side that appreciates this kind of music quality. Then this soundtrack is 
worth the cash in your pocket.

Track Listing:
1.The Movie
2.Title Calling
4.The Beginning

5.Thrown Into Despair
6.Once Again
7.First Contact
8.Death Seige
10.Putrid Smell
11.The Palace of Insane
12.A Moment of Relief
14.Through the Scope
15.Berceuse Piano Version

17.Pulsating Right Arm
18.Here Comes the Knight

23.The Suspended Doll
24.One-man Show
25.Pandora s Box
26.The Secret Door
27.Not Alexia
28.A State of Emergency

29.The Theme of Tyrant 3: Ver. A
30.As You Wish
31.The Theme of Tyrant 3: Ver. B
32.Midnight Sun

35.The Confined IT
36.You Think You re Safe Now?
37.Resonance of Blood
38.Go With the Digger
39.The Theme of Nosferatu
40.The Ending of The Begining

41.Cliff Hanger
42.I Need to Know
45.Still Alive
46.To Antarctica

48.Bad Way or BAD Way
49.Deja Vu
50.At Last
51.Sardonic Smile
54.Not Steve
56.You Want it
58.Muderous Eyes
59.The Them of Alexia Type 1
60.The Resurrection
65.Final Weapon
66.The Theme of Alexia Type 2

68.End Credits
69.Set Free

-Disc 2 consits of the sound FX in the game. And some dialgue sequnces up to the 
scene where Claire meets Alfred Ashford.

(14.) Review:

Resident Evil: Code Veronica review
by KogaNinja42

What draws people into Capcom s acclaimed series of moody backgrounds, ominous 
and deceiving storylines, corrupt and shady villains,  and relatable characters 
with a common goal to take down the most evil empire known to the world. Is it 
all of those? Of course and Code Veronica shines with finesse to show you all 
these great qualities.
	If your mind is made up and you ve taken a cold shoulder to both Capcom 
and Sega for the RE series  rather large jump onto a next gen console other then 
that of Playstaion whom spawned the success of the now well known Resident Evil 
lineup. Well hold that thought and harsh opinion , and while you are check out 
Code Veronica. Why because it s the best thing you will get to pure perfection 
in RE  to date. 
	I m not one to judge a game by its graphics,  nor do I think they make the 
game. But you can t help but drop your jaw numerous times in sight of every 
atmospheric wonder that make up the games numerous and vibrant locales . You 
will actually look forward to getting keys to open the next door and view the 
next graphical masterpiece. The backgrounds show no sign of pixalation and are 
smooth with rich colors blended to create the wallpaper of a mansion or elegant 
marbles constructed to make a floor, or even the cool icy sterilized metal of a 
facility in the antarctic. 
	Those RE veterans whom feel ready to make that transition from the 
Playstation controller to the Dreamcast pad get ready to learn how to walk again 
(literally) the controls have been completely reconfigured. I felt ready to get 
cozy with that right thumb corner button (formally known as square on Ps 
controller) but only to find out it was used as the action button. It took me 
minutes on trying to get the lighter out of my inventory screen. Even though the 
controls have shifted doesn t mean it makes them worse, it is now just more of a 
hassle to begin to feel comfortable with the this new Resident Evil. Never the 
less the game is quite lengthy, spread across 2 gigabyte discs making it likely 
to be second nature half way through disc one with its mixed controls. 
	The key ingredients to making a superb Resident Evil game is to have 
fluidity in storyline, puzzle solving and progression through the game. And this 
is exactly what RE:CV gives you plenty of although expect to do a lot of running 
around from here and there almost to much back trackage on Claire s portion of 
the game,  but none without leaving a reward or presenting a new area to 
explore. Card key, boxes of handgun ammo, maps, silver/gold keys, green/blue/red 
herbs  all make their appearance yet again in the traditional fashion making 
fans once again familiar that nothing has changed drastically.
	It s about time Chris Redfield returned, missing in two RE s with barely a 
word said about this crucial character. Gamers will take control of the obvious 
(Claire Redfield) but the juicy part being is during the middle half of disc 2 
Chris comes into the picture and for all the die hard RE fans this is quite a 
pivoting moment to once again see the chizzeled facial features of the rugged 
and heroic zombie slayer himself.
	Zombie moans, hunter screams, door creaks all are recycled and thrown into 
CV, given the sound effects sound the same the one thing that makes them 
tolerable once more is the crispness of each footstep on a metal grid, or cock 
of a shotgun.  The music as always in a RE game is vital, it must have that deep 
dark symphonic hym with low and gentile strokes of a cello with eerie 
collaborations of odd sound effects and tenebrous classical music. Code Veronica 
doesn t disappoint, Capcom brings a bone chilling soundtrack to the table yet 
again as you will yet again dive into the gentile relaxing hyms of a save room, 
or the pulse pounding action beats of  a timer soon to go off in this next round 
of evil
	Code Veronica is the meatiest of all RE s. It still keeps a lot of the 
traditional RE characteristics and maximizes them,  nothing here is truly ground 
breaking for the series. Instead everything is enhanced, the mood, the graphics, 
the sound ect but Capcom magnifies the characters this time around, with the 
Dreamcast s capabilities we can now see expression, and emotion on the 
characters faces and with this remarkable effect Capcom has developed a unique 
and mystifying storyline for Code Veronica, revealing new characters and 
constructing a backbone to bring the Umbrella mystery into focus
	Capcom has replaced the pre-rendered backgrounds with fully polygon 
enviorments which now offer much more dynamic camera angles, instead of the snap 
shot angles in Resident Evil 1 through 3. The camera actually reminds you much 
of Dino Crisis, and if you ve played Dino Crisis you will notice similarities 
between shifting and the following of the camera and as well in backgrounds in 
certain points of CV. Although the polygon constructed settings are certainly 
nice, I more or less found myself concentrating on whether the angles would be 
too annoying to my play rather then taking in how creepy and horror movieish it 
was. Although for a friend who is checking it out while you play, the experience 
can be bone chilling.
	But replayability? you ask. Capcom seems to have just recently gone full 
fledge into making their games have a higher replay value. With Resident Evil 3: 
Nemesis it was the collectable epilogue files and the addicting Mercenaries mini 
game which rewarded players with money for each mission in exchange for big 
ticket items such as the gatling gun with unlimited ammo, or the rocket 
launcher. CV features a mini game appropriately called  Battle Game  you can 
choose from a half dozen characters and sweep through room after room 
annihilating foes to earn good grades and record times. While this is a most 
addictive bonus game it still lacks some depth and wasn t as non-linear as the 
mercernaies mode was. Code Veronica also features the standard beat the game in 
a certain amount of time frame...ect ect earn goodies. That method has grown 
dull and something  much more innovative  needs to be done in having the gamer 
earn rare weapons.
	What makes RE:CV such a rich game? it is probably the powerful interface 
of the Sega, Dreamcast allowing  players to see Resident Evil in a new more 
crisp and refreshing light. Who needs FMV s when the in game cut scene are 
almost a pinch up to par to the glorified CG movies sprinkled through. 
Enviorments, puzzles, the action of taking on Umbrella s deadliest creations all 
these that make a good RE game have been generated new life into, it s now  easy 
to set a story around unlimited settings instead of being restricted to a 
system s hardware. And Code Veronica is one of the true games we ve seen so far 
that has done this.
	Overall Resident Evil: Code Veronica is by far the cream of the crop, this 
kind of Resident Evil quality will make this series immortal . However RE needs 
something new to really redefine the gameplay and shift itself into a new path 
of innovation. But until we see a change in the mean time grab a slice of Code 
Veronica. For any fan, it s RE bliss.


(15): Webpage:

Resident Evil makes up for most of my social life, it would only be right that I 
create a internet shrine for Capcoms masterpiece of a series. This is a site 
created by me and a few others called Umbrella Online. Check it out. 


I also got another page I m working on called The Playstation Pit
by all means if your intrested in working w/ us drop me an email again

(16.): Copyright:
This guide should in now way be reprinted in magazines, books or  posted on
web pages without my approval. You can use this guide. However once again,
you must notify me and ask my permission and give me full credit. Thanks
and enjoy.

(17.) Contact Info:
If you want to contact me and talk about Resident Evil, or just chat..OR have 
questions on stuff in the game you can email me at Jubei42@xfilesfan.com or 
RExtreme42@the-lair.com or you can catch me on AOL Instant Messenger under 
Genin42 orStealthNinjax42

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