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Wesker Battle Game FAQ by RHeuberger

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/25/00

Bio-Hazard:Code Veronica
Wesker Battle Game FAQ Version 1.4
By Robert Heuberger(seifer_lv100@hotmail.com)
Written on 2/22/00 Final changes made on 3/25/00

   Hello. I am writing this faq because people tell me that beating the 
battle game with Wesker
is hard. So being board and having 4 hours to waste, I beat the battle game 
with Wesker. It sure
was fun and I want others to be able to enjoy it as much as I did. Now that 
I have gotten more
info, I will also give tips on fighting all the bosses.

   The name Bio-Hazard and all characters of the game are owned by Capcom.
This faq was written by me. If you wish to post this faq else where or 
change it,
you must get my permission. Thank you.

WalkThrough(Note:You can use this for any other character in the battle 

Tips For Winning
1.The most important. PICK UP EVERYTHING! Most characters can complete the
battle game without picking up any items, but Wesker cannot.

2.Play in first person. When playing as Wesker you can have trouble aiming 
the knife.
This will improve your aim amazingly and you can also find items that could 
not be seen
in the third person.

3.Aim for their legs. This is the best place to hit. You would think it is 
the head but you
are wrong. 2 or 3 swipes will make them fall. Also, you bend down when 
aiming for their legs
which for some strange reason makes it harder for zombies to bite you neck

4.Lastly, use you environment to your advantage. For example, if you are at 
the top of stairs or
in front of a narrow door way let the enemy come to you.

Ok. Lets start the battle. I will tell you the enemies and items in each 
room after the other.

Totals	67 Enemies	 14 Items
	55 Zombies	  6 Green Herbs
	 6 Banders	  3 Blue Herbs
	 6 Hunters	                  4 First Aid Sprays
			  1 Slot Machine Item(Random)

   Here are the weapons and items each that each character starts with.

          M93R Hand Gun
          Bow Gun(With exploding bolts)-best to use.Fast reaction.
          Hand Gun Bullets
          4 Mixed Herbs

              Grenade Launcher-best to use.
              Grenade Rounds
              Fire Rounds-use this round
              Acid Rounds
              Mixed Herb

         Magnum-best to use.One hit kill.
         Spas 12 Shotgun
         Shotgun Shells
         2 Mixed Herbs

          Golden Lugars
          Sub Machine Guns-best to use
          2 Mixed Herbs

             3 Mixed Herbs

   You start in the boiler room and run from there to the respective room of 
your character's
boss. In order here are the monsters in each room plus the items.

        4 Zombies
        6 Zombies + Green Herb(on the barrel)
        3 Banders + First Aid Spray(under the first phone)
        5 Zombies
        7 Zombies
        2 Hunters + Green Herb(on the crate)
        2 Hunters + Green Herb + Blue Herb(Green from where the 1st hunter 
appears and the
             |                                                   other by 
the conveyor belt)
        4 Zombies
        6 Zombies
        5 Zombies + First Aid Spray(desk behind the glass)
        4 Zombies + Green Herb + Blue Herb + Silver Door(Go in first.)(next 
to the soda machine)
        No Enemies + 2 Green Herbs + Blue Herb + Slot Machine 
Item(Random)(on the bar)
        2 Hunters + First Aid Spray(in the open locker)
        6 Zombies
        4 Zombies
        5 Zombies
        3 Banders + First Aid Spray(on the desk)

Every person in the battle game fights a different boss. Here are the 

Claire(Nosferatu)	       Chris(Alexia 2nd & 3rd form)
Alternate Claire(Tyrant)   Steve(Glup Worm)
Wesker(Alexia 1st form)

    When picking up all the items the most important is the slot machine 
item. Just go
up to the lit up slot machine and press action. It is a random item. Either 
a file,
First Aid Spray, or Twin Uzis. Wesker does not get a random item, he gets 
the magnum.
Save it for the boss.

The Bosses.
    Wesker fights Alexia from the FMV on disc 2. You don't need healing 
items because you die
instantly when hit. Five straight shots  with the magnum will make her hit 
the floor. Wait a few
seconds so blood will come out before firing again.

    Claire for the first time fights The poison boss Nosferatu. As soon as 
you enter the room
just equip the bowgun and fire like a mad man don't stop, just keep pressing 
the button. You
should take him down in about 20 to 30 seconds with no problem.

    The other Claire fights Tyrant. Just keep running around shooting fire 
or acid rounds until
he falls. Don't get to close suprisingly he has a long reach. Just go to 
each side, auto aim, and
fire about 2 or 3 shots then run to the other side. I use fire rounds 
because you can see them in
the snow storm.

    Steve fights the Glup Worm from Chris' game. Just avoid it like Chris 
did and fire every
chance you get.

    Chris fights Alexia in her final forms. When you enter just keep firing 
the magnum. Dont's
stop but to heal. The problem with this boss is that it takes 20 magnum 
rounds to make her go to
form 3. That is why you stay in the corner. The little things will hit you 
but the giant tentacle
can't. It will only reach the little things and kill them for you. Alexia in 
her final form is
the most easy Resident Evil boss you ever faced. Just use the magnum. Fire 
at her once and let go
of r than press it again to keep hitting her where ever she flies. Do this 3 
times and run around
in a circle until she spits fire.

For a good rank do the following things.

1.Don't pick up items.
2.Don't use a healing item.
3.Stay in the fine condition.
4.Finish in your character's listed time.

   For an s rank just beat it in these times.

Wesker(Beat it.)

Anti-Bow Linear Rail Cannon.
     If you want the rail cannon in the battle game, beat it with an s rank 
for every one.

Funny Poses and Actions.
     If you do things in certain rooms when all the monsters are dead, you 
can make the
character do stupid things by pressing action in these locations.

Claire(Stand still in the frozen room.)
Chris(The mirror in the locker room and in front of the tiger eye statue.)
Steve(The soda machine in the locker room.)
Wesker(The medical doll in the infermary.)

     I would like to thank the following people.

Capcom for this great game.
My friend John who made me play the battle game until I beat it with Wesker.
R. Hopkins(cowie@spa.att.ne.jp) for the poison boss' real name.
DEagle09@aol.com for telling me some of the actions

Any other questions, just email me at the address above.

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