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FAQ/Walkthrough by Littlepony

Version: 4 | Updated: 02/22/00

Code Veronica FAQ and Walkthrough

I'm writing this FAQ for a few reasons.I know there are other guides out there 
that are really good and shaping up great.I have really enjoyed battling through 
the Japanese game so I decided to try and help out.This is my first ever FAQ so 
forgive me if it looks rubbish!I hope it is of some use to you.Currently,the 
walktrough is not written to get through the game with lightning speed.It has 
taken me 9 hours to complete the game first time round.I write this on my second 
trip through the game.I am also aware that I may have missed a lot of items and 
there are probably better ways to win the game.Still,it's all about surviving 
and unless I'm mistaken,when you sit there watching the end credits,it doesn't 
matter how you got through it.That is until your next trip through :-)

If you have any questions,comments or info that I've missed,please send them 
to:- littlepony50@hotmail.com
All I ask is that you check the FAQ first to see if I've covered the query!Much 


22/02/00:- V4 Added walkthrough for Wesker,how to open locker in weapon room 
with Chris,quick solution to water gauge puzzle and added scoring system.Also 
made a few corrections.
14/02/00:- V3.5 Finished walktrough.Added rocket launcher to secrets.Still have 
more to add to the FAQ yet so keepp checking back!
13/02/00:- V3.0 Added solution to unlock Alternate Chris & Hunk.Added 2 more 
locations for bullets near sauna and in torture chamber.Walkthrough now approx 
75% complete!
10/02/00:- V2.0 Finished disc 1 walkthrough and added a herb mixing guide in 
misc section.Written walktrough for disc 2 up to killing worm with Chris!
09/02/00:- V1.0 FAQ started and first version uploaded.


2.Walkthrough Disc 1
3.Walkthrough Disc 2
4.Battle Mode Info
5.Miscellaneous stuff


The game is set 3 months after Biohazard/Resident Evil 2.Claire is still 
searching for her brother,Chris Redfield.The games intro shows Claire being 
captured in an Umbrella facility.After doing her best to escape,she is captured 
and flown to an island.
 Upon arriving on the island,Claire has her hood removed,is told her I.D. number 
for the prison,then she is knocked cold with a gun butt to the head!Ouch!
 When she awakens,her adventure begins...

2.Walkthrough Disc 1

 You start the game in a prison cell.Go to your inventory and use your 
lighter.The man outside will open the door and tell you that you are free.Once 
the scene is over,go back into the cell and pick up the green herb in the 
corner.Then go over to the chair and take the bullets.Finally take the knife if 
you wish and head for the door.

 Take the ink ribbon from by the typewriter and pick up the bullets on the 
floor.Follow the corridor round to the top of the stairs.I don't advise saving 
just yet.You'll want the ink ribbons for later on in the game :-)

 Walk into the graveyard to trigger off a scary Hammer Horror style introduction 
to your first enemies.After watching the dead awaken,either run around them and 
out of the door of try and kill them with your knife.Take note of the case that 
fell from the wreckage,you'll be back soon to collect it!

 After you've taken a couple of steps,you will be fired at.Claire jumps to cover 
and shoots out the spotlight.Then you are introduced to Steve Burnside.You'll 
get a handgun now.Check the body by the jeep for some bullets.Then go out of the 
door near the rubble.

 Now go up the wooden stairs and take the green herb at the end of the gantry.Go 
into the door and prepare yourself for some resistance.Equip your newly aquired 
gun and kill the zombies inside.Go up the wooden stairs inside and round the 
table is another green herb.Go back down and take the bullets from the 
bookcase.Follow the room round into the kitchen and take the map from the 
wall.Now head into the door by the swinging light.

 Walk forwards and take the blue book from the from the bunk.Continue round to a 
window with a zombie banging on it.Take the bullets from the shelf.The zonbie 
will now crash through the window.He'll be joined by another undead friend.Kill 
them both then examine the zombie who came through the window for some machine 
guns.Walk round the other corner and pick up the bullets from the blood 
splattered shower.Go back outside now.
 Follow the building round and you will see a body get dragged under the 
foundations.Ignore this for now.Continue round till you come to a door.Enter and 
get ready with your guns.Take down the zombie resistance and head for the metal 
door.Once inside,walk under the metal detector.Put ALL your metal objects into 
the box and follow the corridor round.

 Once you're out of the second detector,walk round the corner and pick up the 
B.O.W. & flame rounds from the table.Also take the F.Aid spray and the file from 
the table.Turn on the scanning machine and once it's fired up,go through the 

 Go forwards and pick up the fax on the desk.Examine the table by the computer 
and take the gold medallion from the drawer.You'll also want to pick up the ink 
ribbon from the typewriter.Press the switch on the wall next to the door that is 
blocked to activate power to the shutter outside.

 Go back to the scanning machine and place the gold medallion on the scanning 
tray.The machine will scan the medallion and store it's design in it's 
memory.Now go back through the metal detectors putting away the goodies you just 
collected in the security box.You'll get them back later.Before you go back 
outside,take all your things out of the box (except the knife.Leave this till 

 When outside,press the switch at the side of the shutter and stand back as it 
opens.Another wave of zombies will attack.For a quick kill,shoot the explosive 
barrel in the garage to blow the undead to bits!Once the area is cleared,pick up 
the fire extinguisher.Now go into the fenced compound and check the guillotine 
for the gate key.

 Make your way back through the door and round the building.Before you've gone 
very far,you'll be attacked by 2 dogs.Shoot them down to the floor then shoot 
them while their down for a quick and easy kill.Once you see the doors you came 
in through,walk to their left and unlock the gate from the other side.Discard 
the key when prompted.This will save you a bit of time and it sure beats running 
all the way round the building!

 Make your way back to the graveyard now.Take down the zombies and go over to 
the burning wreckage.Use the fire extinguisher on the fire and take the case 
when the fire's out.Check the briefcase and take the material inside.To check 
the box,go to your inventory.Select the case and pick the 2nd option to check 
it.Then make the case's handles face you then it will open.

 Go now to the scanning machine and place the material on the machine next to 
the scanner.The machine will now carve the medallion's pattern onto the 
material.Once this is done,take the duplicate medallion and head back.The place 
will now house 3 zombies.My only advice is learn to dodge and learn quickly :-
).Head outside collecting your guns and metal from the box on the way out.

 Go back to the courtyard with the wrecked jeep where Steve shot at you and use 
the fake medallion on the large metal doors.Once slotted into place,the doors 
will open.go through and make your way across the bridge via the side path.Pick 
up the 2 green herbs if you like.Go to the jeep and take the bullets off the 
seat.Now,push the metal crate over the fire then climb on top.Climb down the 
other side and heaad up the stairs.

 Kill the zombies at the top and go through the door near the large double 
doors.As soon as you arrive on the next screen,you are attacked by 2 dogs.Use 
the same tactic as before and go through the other double doors.When inside the 
foyer,head up the stairs and go through the door to your left.When in the 
room,take the crossbow and memo from the table.As you go to exit,a short cut-
scene will play.Take note of the painting in the room,you'll be needing it later 
for more than one reason!
 Head back downstairs and pick up the red herb from the bench and the arrows 
from the telephone booth's.Go through the door directly ahead of the doors you 
came in through which should lead into the locker room.Take down the dead guys 
in here and make your way round.Check the slightly opened locker for a F Aid 
spray.Take the 2 lot's of arrows then check the body by the door for more 
arrows.Enter the door and kill or avoid the 2 zombies inside.Go and get your 
feet wet and walk over to the red valve to stop the water flow from the 
mouth.Take the locker key and head back to the foyer.

 Go through the door opposite the phones.Kill the zombies inside.Operate the 
photo copier for a handy map.Take the arrows from the table then head into the 
other office.Use the key on the cupboard/locker and take the explosive 
arrows.These will sure come in handy!Just combine them with regular arrows to 
make more of an impact on your enemies.Guaranteed or your money back!Before you 
exit however,if you have the space,take the green herb by the body lying near 
the door.Combine it with the red herb to make a full life healing herb.

 Make your way past the burning barrels and mop up any zombie on the way.The 
zombie by the stairs did something cool to me on my first trip through.If you 
let him bite you by the stone railings,Claire will push him over the balcony.It 
is very satisfying but I'd advice taking him down from a distance.Once 
upstairs,follow the path round and walk up the stairs leading to the 
mansion.Kill the 3 dog welcoming party.Before you go in,you can take a green 
herb just outside the door to the right.

 Go inside the mansion and take the bullets from the desk.Now go upstairs and 
turn right.Enter the door to find a much welcomed save room.Borrow the bullets 
from the bookcase.Take the red book from the table and the green herb from by 
the Gold Luger's door.Move the nearby cupboard and take the I.D. card.Save your 
game if you wish then head back down to the desk downstairs.

If you check the I.D. card on the back,you will get the following code:-


Operate the computer behind the desk and enter the above code to unlock the 
other door.Discard the card then head into the grey door.Use your lighter in 
here and the bats will stay away from you.Take the briefcase and the F Aid 
spray.You can't open the case yet so put it in the save box upstairs.

 Now go through the door you just unlocked.Kill the zombies within then follow 
the corridor and go through the door staright ahead,picking up the red herb on 
your way down.When in the room,take the bullets from the desk then press the 
switch on the mounted ant on the wall and watch the cut-scene.The right display 
case will slide to one side allowing you to go behind and take the ship wheel 
but leave the Gold Luger's where they are else the door will close on you.

 Make your way now to the main doors of the house.As you try to go 
outside,you'll hear Steve shout for help.Run back to the room you've just come 
from and check the computer on the wall.You'll see that Steve is trapped in the 
Luger room.Enter choice C & E (both guns) on the screen then select the far 
right option to free Steve.He now has the guns that you need and will soon get!

 Go outside the mansion and pick up the first crest.Make sure you have the ship 
wheel with you.Make your way to the right and go through the metal gate.At the 
bottom of the steps,walk round and underneath them to get a map and some more 

 From the alcove,head straight on and take the arrows from the green barrel.Put 
the ship wheel on it's mount.Turn the wheel and a mini submarine will rise from 
the water and the platform you are on will move out toward it.Climb down the 
ladder and into the craft.When inside the sub,immediately take the pouch from 
behind the ladder.This will enable you to carry 2 more items for the rest of 
Claire's game.VERY useful!Anyway,move to the front of the submersable and press 
the lever to descend.

 When you get to the bottom of the water,climb up the ladder and head down the 
steps in front of you and through the door.Kill the zombies in the room and take 
the bullets from the chair.Go behind the desk and take the ink ribbon from the 
cardboard box.Head through the metal shutter.

 In this room,take the elevator to the top and go to the crane controls.Operate 
them and hold forwards till the arm stops at the end of the room.Then,press the 
lever to the left till it will go no further.The crane will then automatically 
move the crates that were blocking a wall switch.Head back down the lift and to 
the switch.Press the switch and prepare for a lift full of zombies to greet 
you.Take them down then proceed onto the new platform.Take the arrows and 
Umbrella Key Card from the box.

 Make your way back to the office then go through the door by the fish 
tank.Equip your lighter to keep the bats at bay.Activate the computer panel 
ahead then put your first crest into the box.You need 2 more crests yet so make 
your way back to the submarine and ride it to the top.When back at the 
mansion,either save your game or proceed straight to the foyer in the building 
with the Biohazard contamination.

 As you enter the courtyard,you will be greeted this time by a giant worm.Watch 
the cut-scene then quickly run into the double doors and into the foyer.When 
there,use the card key on the panel next to the door straight ahead.Go through 
and the shutter will close behind you.Go through the door ahead and into a small 
yard and a cut-scene with Alfred.Quickly run up the stairs to avoid his sniper 
fire.He'll do a runner before you get to the top.Ignore the door to your left 
for now and head straight on through the other door.

 When inside,go forwards into the room with the vending machine.Take the 2 lot's 
of bullets from the box and head into the grey door to find a save room.Take the 
ink ribbon by the typewriter and save if you wish.Pick up the green herb by the 
ashtray and take the hemastatic medicine from the sofa.When you're done,go out 
and head into the through the brown door.

 When you emerge from the door,go to Claire's left and collect the 2 guns.Equip 
your crossbow and explosive arrows.Kill the grabber monster quickly with 2 shots 
then head downstairs and towards the opened door.As you do so,a grabber will 
reach out and grab ya.Steve will arrive and take said monster down in 
style.Watch the cut-scene and Claire will exchange the machine guns for the gold 
luger's.Watch the scene then prepare to play as Steve.

 The object of this part of the game is simple,kill EVERYTHING.I like this 
bit.You'll only play the main game once with Steve so don't worry about wasting 
ammo too much.Kill all the zombies in the first room then head into the grey 
door.Remove the undead and be sure to take note of the locked cupboard 
containing acid rounds.You'll be back for these later.

 Head back and now go through the brown door.Shoot the two explosive barrels for 
a quick kill then mop up any survivors.Head through the opposite door.Go 
forwards and Claire will join you.Watch the cut-scene then go through the brown 
double doors.Kill the doggies and take the arrows then unlock the door.

 Now comes a choice of preference.You can either continue on with your mission 
OR you can do a little side mission and get the lockpick.Getting the lockpick 
now will mean you can open those white cases you come across in the game plus a 
few locked drawers and cupboards.The ammo will be very usefull if you get it 
earlier.However,there are 2 more sections with bats that will be much easier to 
complete with the lighter (which you lose in the following mission).I personally 
go and get the lockpick now but it is up to you.Okay,for those going for the 
lockpick,read the below passage.Those who want to leave it till later,read after 
the stars.

Make sure you have the lighter and hemostatic medicine with you then head all 
the way back to the starting prison cell.When you get there,a short scene will 
follow with the guy who let you out at the beginning of the game.In return for 
your lighter and medicine,he will give you thanks and the lockpick.

 Head back into the mansion which will now be heaving with the undead.Dispatch 
any in your way and go to the save room upstairs.Use the lockpick (if you have 
it yet) on the white case you found earlier to get some explosive arrows.Take 
the gold lugers and put them in the door.To do this,go to your inventory and 
select the guns.Pick the 4th (bottom) option to place them in the door instead 
of equipping them.Go through the door.

 In the room,pick up the bullets on the table then examine the laptop on the 
desk to see those cruel twins Alfred & Alexia showing how much they love 
dragonflies.When asked for the password,enter:-


 The musical clock will slide sidewards revealing a secret door.As you move,a 
grabber will crash through the window.Kill him quickly with explosive arrows 
then head through the secret door picking up the herb if you wish.

 Head over the bridge towards the castle.Climb up the stairs and at the top 2 
grabbers will greet you.Dispatch them quickly then head into the castle.When 
inside,kill the bats (or use the lighter if you still have it) and make your way 
through the door to the left of the stairs.Go inside and immediately kill the 
grabber.If you have the lighter,light the fireplace to see a little better.Take 
the arrows off the mantlepiece and the ink ribbon in the cupboard in the corner.

 Now go to the top of the stairs and take the bullets and F Aid spray.Head into 
the red door.Watch the cut-scene then head into the room on the right.Examine 
the music box and the bed will move allowing you to pick up a key.The bed will 
drop down as soon as you take the key!

 Now,head back to the mansion with your key.Go upstairs and take a left.open the 
door and go into the bar.Take the bullets,grenades and 2 green herbs then go 
downstairs.Go through the brown door and unlock the door in front of you then 
discard the key.Have your crossbow equipped and enter.Take out the 2 grabbers 
quickly.Take the shield from the carpet mural.Also,take the bullets from the 
chair and the HUNK file from near the TV screen.

 Again,you have a choice.You can either use the shield by the research complex 
by the mansion OR you can use it by the guillotine.I'm going with the latter as 
I think it is a slightly quicker way to do this puzzle.So,head back to the 
guillotine.Go on,run!!!

 When there,kill the zombies then place the shield in the slot.The door will 
open and you will be attacked by 2 more zombies.Send them to rest then enter the 
door.Shoot the explosive barrel in front of you for a quick kill and zombie 
burgers.Head straight on and through the door.Pick up the bullets by the barrel 
then move the move the crate that is blocking the door.

 Go through the door and retrieve the ammunition,fire extinguisher and ink 
ribbon you stored in the safety box at the beginning of the game.Now head back 
to the place where you made zombie fast food.Pick up the green herb by the 
barrel then enter the door.

 You are now in the infirmary.Take the bullets off the box and take the F Aid 
spray from the medicine cabinet.Go into the small office and take the red file 
from the desk.Remember where this is and take note of the human model with an 
eye missing.

 Go through the door behind the screen and watch that body bag!Inside the 
room,clear out the undead and before heading back through the door,collect the 
bullets,red herb and the white case.If you open the case,you will get some 
handgun parts.Combine these with your handgun and you will now be able to hold 
20 bullets in it at a time and you will fire rounds off much more quickly.Go 
through the door with your new toy equipped.Follow the nasty sound.You will see 
a doctor zombie chowing down on a patient.Quickly take the doctor and patient 
down.The doctor comes at you VERY fast and takes double the normal zombie 
damage.However,at a safe distance with your new handgun,he should fall fast and 

 Once stopped,check the doctor's body for a glass eyeball.Can you guess where to 
go now?That's right,to the human model.Put the eye in the socket and a secret 
panel will open in the wall.Go down the stairs and through the door.Kill the 
bats and take the green herb in the corridor then enter the door to go into the 
torture chamber.

 After laying the smack down on the zombies,take the arrows from the chair and 
the bullets from the chair  then head down the stairs to the left of the 
room.When you arrive in the dungeon,take the sword from the statue.As you do 
this,the room will start to fill with poisonous gas.Quickly push the stone lever 
on the left side of the center statue anti-clockwise till the gas stops.Now put 
the sword into the now revealed iron maiden.Quickly kill the impaled zombie as 
he comes out of the maiden.Once he's down,take the music notes from the maiden 
then head back to the mansion.

 Go into the bar upstairs and put the music notes into the slot on the piano.A 
tune will play and the lit fruit machine will open to give you a blue ant.Go now 
to the save room and put the ant in your storage box.Make sure you have the I.D. 
card with you then head back to the resarch facility (by the worm) and unlock 
the doors that Alfred shut on you.You can kill the worm if you wish.This may 
change the preceeding's in disc 2.I'll detail if it does in the next few 
days.Make sure you picked up the arrows on the barrel outside.Ignore the shotgun 
shells as you'll get these in disc 2 with Chris!

 Go to the area by the tank (through the brown door near worm) and go inside the 
building.Take the bullets of the barrel if you missed them earlier (climb on 
crate).Unlock the single door and destroy the zombies within.Take the bullets 
from the corner by the door you just came through.

 Head straight on through the door.In this room,take the ink ribbon from the 
typewriter then take the 2nd shield from off the wall.Remember this room!Head 
back to the worm courtyard and go through the double doors.

 Make your way to the small yard with the burning barrels and kill the dog's if 
you haven't already.Put the shield in it's pedestle upstairs and take the key 
card.Go back downstairs and down the ladder in the small compound by the 
barrels.Open the gate with the card then head into the door by the broken gas 

 Open the cage and take the grenade launcher.Then go through the door opposite 
where you came in.Use the lockpick on the cupboard door and take the acid 
rounds.Go round the corner and take the bullets if you need them.Ignore 
everything else as you'll return later with Chris!

 Go through door in cage and kill the 2 grabbers.Take the arrows.This part is 
optional at this point.Head back to the pipe room and go up the other stairs and 
through the door.Take the bullets from the gargoyle head on the wall then go 
into the elevator.Ride up to the 2F,open the shutter then discard the key card.

 Go forward then up the stairs to collect the grenade rounds.Check the computer 
on the wall for info on albinoid monsters.Go back down and take the 2 green 
herbs.Take the 2nd crest from the lit computer terminal and then operate the 
monitoring camera.Zoom in on the painting on the wall and note down the code:-


 Kill the 2 awakened zombies then unlock the door.Head back to the worm area.Go 
through double doors into research facility.Use the card on the last shutter 
next to you then throw away the card.Head upstairs now to the contaminated 
area.Go into the lab room and enter 1126 as the code on the door panel then go 
through the door.

 Take the acid rounds off the table then remove the painting from the wall.As 
you do so,an albinoid will escape it's pod and escape through an air vent.You'll 
meet him later as a daddy albinoid!Kill the baby albinoids quickly with a 
single,well aimed greande then head out the door to beat the shutter countdown.

 Now go back to the room where you took the 2nd shield from the wall on the 1st 
floor of the facility.Kill the 2 zombies then go inside.Put the painting on the 
wall space left by the shield.The wall will now move to reveal a model of the 
complex.Take the gold key from the model then use the lockpick on the drawer to 
obtain a F Aid spray.Read the writing on the podium and make a note of the 
following number:-

12 8

 Now head back to the mansion with your gold key.Go through the brown door and 
unlock the big double gold doors.Discard key when asked then enter the room.

 You are now in the Ashford family art gallery.Take note of all the paintings of 
the Ashford family tree.Each painting has a button to press underneath it.Press 
the painting buttons in this order:-

1.Lady Ashford
2.Man with 2 babies
3.Man with cup of tea (to right of room)
4.Man with red hair
5.Old man next to man with cup
6.Man next to Lady Ashbury
7.Alfred Ashbury (up on raised platform)

 Check young Alfred's picture for a letter then press the button below.The 
painting will swivel round revealing a picture of his sister,Alexia.Take the 
vase and check inside it for the red ant.Proceed upstairs to save room.Take both 
ants and some decent ammo with you and head to the castle.

 There will now be a horde of zombies patrolling the bridge.Pick them off from a 
distance with the crossbow for an easy kill.Two grabbers will attack you by the 
stairs.Kill them then head into the castle which will be home to a gang of 

 Head upstairs and go into Alexia's bedroom and put the red ant into the music 
box lid.Take the music then head round to Alfred's room.Put the blue ant into 
the music box then when it opens,place the music notes into the box.The bed will 
lower allowing you to climb on it then up a ladder.

 When at the top,pick up the green herb and take the dragonfly from the 
chair.Examine the dragonfly and it will become a key.Place it in the mouth of 
the ant mural on the wall.Climb up the carousel ladder.When in the top room,take 
the ink ribbon from by the typewriter.Pck up the bullets from the chair then 
take the newspaper article from the broken steps.Push the crate forwards to the 
right bookcase.Climb on top and take the green book and the 3rd crest.Head back 
down to the bedroom and towards the door for a cut-scene with Alfred.After 
watching it,you'll go through a secret door.Examine the blonde wig on the table 
to trigger another cut-scene.Alfred will run away and activate the self destruct 

 Head back to the mansion save room.Take the remaining 2 crests and head for the 
submarine.You'll see another cut-scene with Steve.Continue on to the sub.Go 
through the door by the aquarium avoiding or killing the zombies on the 
way.Provided you activated the power on the computer earlier,place the 2 crests 
into their respective slots.Press the button and you will enter the plane.You'll 
see yet another cut-scene (you can skip these if you wish by pressing the start 
button during them).Pick up the lever then head up to the room with the crane 
controls.Go up the small elevator and through the door.Use the lever on the 
panel and pull it.Run along the noow raised bridge and through the door.Open the 
locker for a F Aid spray.Check the body in the corner of the room for a key.Go 
back down and use the key on the K-402 lock.The bars will raise so you can enter 
the room.

 Take the bullets and grenades from the crate.Also pick up the 2 green 
herbs.Push both crates into the lift and a 5 minute countdown will begin.I 
strongly advise saving your game here.You will see a cinema where Alfred let's 
loose a mean looking tyrant to kill you.When you come off the lift,you will 
arrive in the worm courtyard.Head out of the door towards the mansion.You'll see 
another cut-scene then you'll have to face the tyrant.Keep your distance and 
keep hitting him with grenades and perhaps a couple of acid rounds.Make sure he 
doesn't get too close else he'll throw you off the balcony or into the fire.When 
he falls flat on the floor,he's out.

 Keep heading toward the plane.Go down the sub as usual and back onto the plane 
with Steve.Watch the coming cut-scenes and cinema.You'll see that you have a 
pest on board the plane.Sort your ammunition and take some real heavy 
firepower,some serious health recovery items then save your game at the handy 
typewriter.Go through the cargo door then prepare yourself for the final 
challenge of disc 1.

 You'll see Mr tyrant and he doesn't look very pleased.You have to keep dodging 
away from him,whack him with a powerful shot then run again.Try not to go too 
close to the opened cargo door else tyrant will send you back to the ground the 
quick way!Keep hittinh away with acid,flame,bio rounds and explosive arrows if 

 After quite a beating,tyrant will slow down and start bleeding.Remember the 
words of Arnie in the film Predator,
"If it bleeds,you can kill it!"
This is very true.You'll see a trail of blood on the floor.When he's in this 
state,he's about to lose.Run over to by the door and press the switch next to 
it.This will send a metal crate hurtling towards the tyrant who at this point 
will have no energy left to stop the crate.He'll go flying out of the plane for 
a prompt meeting with the ground.Don't try and knock him out of the plane until 
he is bleeding though else he'll shrug off the attack leaving you in the poo!

 Go back in to Steve and save your game when prompted.Now,open your Dreamcast 
without shutting off the power and remove disc 1.Place disc 2 in the 
machine,close the lid,then get ready to face disc 2!

3.Walkthrough Disc 2

 Watch the cut-scene then you will be controlling Claire.Climb down the ladder 
and go down the steps.Go straight ahead and into the save room.You'll hear a 
rattling noise.What could it be?Take the arrows,ink ribbon,green herb and the 
blue file next to the grammaphone.Push the bookcase and go to the locker.A rat 
will jump out at you.When you've straightened your underwear,take the 
letter.Save your game then head out of the door,turn left and watch scene with 
moths.These creatures are a real pain.You will travel down this corridor often 
and chances are they'll poison you every time.Luckily there is a pot of blue 
herbs outside the side door so anytime you get poisoned,take a herb to cure 
yourself.Go through the double doors to go into the warehouse.

 Kill all the dead guys inside.once this is done,go into the door marked B.O.W.
Kill the 2 spiders in there as quickly as possible.Ignore the spider underneath 
the grating.Just watch when he spits acid at you.Take the barcode sticker from 
the box in left corner.Take the herbs,arrows and bullets from their respective 
places (floor,conveyor and box next to conveyor).Head outside into warehouse.

 Walk under the gantry and put the barcode sticker on the B.O.W. box.Next go 
into the room marked,"Weapon".Kill the zombies inside then take the key from the 
conveyor belt.Take the detonator from the zombie lying round the corner and put 
it into the keyhole on the locker.Take the machine gun from the green lockers 
then head back into the warehouse.

 Go up the steps and open the door with the key then discard it.Go inside the 
room then head straight on and into the door on your left.Kill the 3 dogs inside 
then head to the metal compund under the gantry.Press the switch to activate the 
generator to restore power to the base.Go back round the corner to where you 
came in and press the switch there to turn on all the lights within the 
complex.There are numerous herbs in this room so remember their location.

 Now press switch in the warehouse on the side wall to start the first 
conveyor.Now press the lever to send the B.O.W. box down the conveyor.Head back 
into the B.O.W. room and take the gas mask from the opening by the door.Head 
back to the save room.Press the switch in the locker and it will move allowing 
you to enter a secret room.Watch the scary cut-scene then take the plant 
pot.Examine it underneath to get a key.

 Head upstairs and into the room next to the stairs.Take the explosive 
arrows,then the F Aid spray and bullets from the open locker.Take the bullets 
from the shelf then zombies will attack.Kill them then scour the room for a blue 
file on the table,more bullets on the shelf and an ink ribbon on the floor.Now 
go out and through the double doors.Head to the right door and use the 
key.Discard it then go inside.

 Follow the room to the next door.Enter and collect the valve handle.Go back 
into crane room and watch Steve be a turd.You now have to shut of the gas 
leak.Make sure you have the gas mask then head back to the warehouse.Kill the 
new zombies here then go up the stairs to the power room but climb up the 2 
ledges instead.Try and use the valve handle and it will tell you it needs to 
have an 8 sided adaptor to work.Now head back up to the room above the warehouse 
where the leak started.Go through the left hand door instead.

 Ignore the zombie in the cage and instead collect all the goodies in the room 
then place the valve handle on the machine.It will then carve the handle to be 8 
sided.Head back down to the valve spot again and use the new valve handle on 
it.The gas will stop then a cut scene will play with Alfred.

 After that,go to save room and stock up on ammo and health then save your 
game.Leave 2 spots in your inventory free.Head back to room with the tunnel 
machine in (where you just shut off the gas) and pick up the sniper rifle from 
the floor.Steve will now ask what's going on before getting into the 
vehicle.Watch the cinema's then prepare for a tough battle.

 The easiest way to defeat the boss is to take pot shots at his heart and chest 
area with the sniper rifle.If you hit on his heart it will do lot's more 
damage.Once your bullets are spent,finish him with acid and flame rounds.All the 
time keep distance between him and you and try to stay away from the poison he 
spews.Take a F Aid spray from one of the boxes on the roof corners.Once he's 
dead,get ready to play as CHRIS REDFIELD!!!

 From your starting position,pick up the green herb then follow the cave round 
to meet up with the person who freed Claire at the start of the game.He is till 
looking rough!After the cut-scene,he will be gobbled up by the worm.Here you 
have 2 options.The first is to save your game round the corner (picking up the 
goodies first) then leg it to the elevator in the next cave.Dodge the worm till 
it arrives then escape OR you can fight the worm.He is a bit of a wimp.After 
about 20-30 bullets from the handgun,he'll die.Before he does,he'll spit out 
Claire's friend.A short scene will follow and he will give Chris Claire's 
lighter.After getting the lighter,head back to the typewriter and examine the 
stone bust on the wall.Open the hatch then use the lighter to light the 
grail.You can now take the Uzi's which will come in handy VERY soon.Remember 
Hunter's from Bio/Resi 1?Well they're back!!!

 Head back into room with now dead worm and go up the lift.Kill the 3 zombies 
waiting for you then go through the double doors.You will see a huge tank in 
front of you.Manouver to the back of the tank and press the red button on the 
back to move it.A small elevator will now be available to you.Collect the 
bullets from under the tank then head down the lift.

 Take the blue & green herbs and the shotgun shells then walk to the end of the 
corridor.Pick up the battery.Immediately kill the 2 prowling spiders then head 
into the door for a handy save room.Inside,take the shells,bullets,green herb 
and the acid rounds.Phew!Next to the table is a set of drawers.Open them in this 


Now open the final drawer and take the single gold luger.Put this in your item 
box.Collecting this then completing the game will allow you to play as Steve in 
the Battle Mode!

 Now head back towards the tank then through the double doors.Use the battery on 
the yellow lift then hitch a ride to the top.Turn left and take the key and 
letter.Now go through door.Watch the cut scene and see a familiar face.Go down 
the lift to the B1F.Head down the stairs and take the bullets and ink ribbon.You 
can also take the shotgun if you wish.However,removing the gun from it's wall 
mounting will make the steps you just walked down rise meaning you'll have to 
put the gun back to lower the stairs.This is easily countered later on though!

 Make your way through the lab taking the green herb if needed.Activate the 
computer to lower one of the pods which will allow you to take an AK47 clip 
which could be handy!Now go through doors.Head onto the lift platform and take 
the door knob.As you do,one of Wesker's spy camera's will spot you alerting 2 
hungry hunters.They are VERY easily killed if you have your Uzi's equipped.Shoot 
them down then blast them while they're on the floor.Simple :o)

 Now head back to the 2F and go through the brown door after killing the 2 
zombies.You'll see the shield you need fall down to the bottom of a hole.Go 
through the door avoiding the camera's spotlight.If you are spotted you'll have 
to kill a hunter.Take the ammo pouch to allow you to carry 2 more items and the 
arrows then go through the single door in the corner.Put the door knob on the 
door then enter.Take the bullets and the model tank then head for the 1F.

 Sneak past the camera then into the door.Put the model tank in the facility 
model and the picture will move.Take the key and the green book.You'll be 
needing the 3 crests from Claire's game soon to move the lasers blocking the 

 Head to the lab on B1F to meet up with Albert Wesker!!!He'll throw you at one 
of the pods which will break freeing a grabber.Quickly kill the one armed meanie 
then go through the doors.Use the key on the lift panel and ride it to the 
top.Climb over the crate then through the hole in the wall and into the 
door.Kill the zombies inside then take the acid rounds from the broken locker in 
the office.Go through the door and kill the crawling zombie.Head into the 
compound then down the ladder.Press the switch to start the ground fan to remove 
the poison gas.Go forth and end the zombie holocaust then go through the door by 
the pipe.

 Inside is a hunter.Kill him quickly then take the grenade rounds from the 
bookcase then head into the door opposite where you came in.Check the drawer 
inside to automatically upgrade your hand gun.Take the chemical then leave.Head 
back for the platform lift thenb ride it back down.Go into the lab door 

 Take the shells,bullets and herbs then open the refridgerator.Open it with the 
key then discard.Change the temperature to:-

128 degrees 

Then press the yellow button.The door will close and the chemical inside will 
turn blue.Take it and mix it with the other chemical you have, then prepare to 
remove the oncoming poisonous hunter.Head now for the stairs by the mounted 
shotgun.Go down and take the shotgun and the stairs will rise.Go underneath for 
a paddle.Kill the bathing zombie,collect the red herbs then go up the 
ladder.You'll emerge out of the manhole by the save room.Save if you wish.Heal 
if needed and put some items away if you need the space.

 Now you need to go to the worm courtyard via the platform lift.Ride it down and 
go out of the facility front doors.Beware the approaching hunters.Kill 
them,collect the shells then head into the cargo lift.When you arrive at the 
bottom,exit and kill the hunter in the next room.Ride the elevator to the 
top.Head out the door and across the bridge and into the door.

 Now you have to play with the water gauge puzzle.You have to fill the lower 
gauge to the 10 mark exactly.Anything under or over will not count.The quick 
solution is as follows:-

Press the button for the 3 gauge 4 times.
Drain the 10 gauge.
Press the 3 gauge button once.
Finally press the 5 gauge button once.

Thanks to Ho Joon Lee & Don for the above solution

 You'll now be attacked by 3 zombies.You can kill them and take the shells or 
quickly run for the door.Head back across the bridge then lower it at the lever 
control.Go back down and across the now lowered bridge.Kill the hunter and go 
through the door.Kill the zombies then go through the door by the fishtank.Kill 
the hunter then turn the power off at the computer.You can now take the 3 
crests.Once you have them,head back to the room on the 1F with the lasers 
guarding the switch.

 Put the 3 crests in the slots to turn of the lasers.Press the switch and the 
model behind you will move.Take the shells and herb then go down the 
ladder.Follow the corridor round and kill the 2 spiders.Collect the herbs too if 
you wish then head down ladder.Remember that albinoid that escaped?Well now he's 
a daddy albinoid.You now have 2 choices.You can kill the albinoid from the sides 
of the pool OR you can wait till he's not near and electrified then dash into 
the water and collect the shield.Killing him is safer but takes longer!

 Now head to the save room by the manhole.Make sure have the shotgun with you.If 
not take it from it's place.You don't want to leave it on the island believe 
me!Save your game if you like then head out to the double grey doors.Combine the 
chemical you mixed earlier with the shield to take the halberd key.Use this on 
the door then watch the ensuing cut-scenes.You are now halfway through disc 2.

 As you arrive on the gantry,follow it round then head through the double grey 
doors.You'll now be in familiar surroundings.Blast the 2 tentacles protuding 
from the holes in the wall then go into the door next to the steps to collect 
anything you missed earlier and the grenade rounds from the now wrecked bunk 

 Head back out and down the stairs to the save room.Save if you desire then 
place the gold halberd key in the lock next to the locked cupboard.It will open 
and you can take the ink ribbon,green book and the code dice.Take the fire 
extinguisher from your item box go back upstairs and into the left hand door 
first.Kill the escaped caged zombies then take anything you missed earlier and 
the shells & case in the now opened cage.

 Go now into the right hand door.Walk past the crane controls and walk onto the 
raised ice.You will see a few bodies under the ice.Take the valve handle from 
it's spot and the zombies will break out of the ice.Don't bother killing 
them,just run and dodge round them and out of the door.Climb down onto the ice 
and climb up onto the opposite ledge.Go through the door by the other crane 
controls.Ignore the giant spider underneath the ice ... for the moment!

 As you walk through the door,you will spot a spy camera indicating that Wesker 
too is in the facilty.Try your best to dodge it and go into the door next to 
you.Inside,press the switch with the blue light to raise the extinguisher 
barrel.Fill your fire extinguisher then head down the small lift.As you arrive 
at the bottom,kill any resistance and use the extinguisher on the fire.Take the 
magnum from the bottom of the conveyor and follow the room round to take the 
machine gun from the green lockers (if you didn't take it as Claire).Use the 
lighter on the locker you put the detonator in with Claire and take the gun part 
and ammunition from inside.

 Anyway,head back up in the lift and then go back out of the door.Follow the 
corridor round and go into the door at the end.You will travel down a lift.As 
soon as you leave the elevator,go straight through the door in front of you then 
go into the voltage room to your right.Use the valve handle on the right machine 
to insert plug into the generator.Now press the lever on the left machine to 
supply power to the base.Once this is done,head back outside and kill the horde 
of the undead.Head through the grey door.

 As you emerge,you will be in a very familiar room to those that have played 
Biohazard 1.Push the statue that you see over the crack in the floor to take the 
map.Where were those bloody steps when you needed them? :o)
Kill any zombies that may be lurking then make your way into the doorway and 
round to meet another familiar friend,the tiger with bad eyesight!Take the blue 
jewel out first and the statue will swivel round to give you the 4 sided valve 
part.Combine this with the valve handle the eye back in it's slot and take out 
the red jewel for some magnum rounds.Place that eye back in it's socket then 
head through the door opposite.

 You should now be facing a huge wasp nest.You will see something sparkling on 
the floor.Take your first dragonfly wing then head to the left trying to squish 
or avoid the wasps.In the room,kill the initial batch of zombies then head 
through into the other room and kill the dead in there.Take the 2 lot's of 
bullets and read the letter on the disc.I still think there is more to do in 
this room but at the moment,I can't find what!

 Now head back out and into the door on the right of the hive.You will now be in 
the room where Alfred awakened his sister,Alexia.Examine the right computer and 
you will have to input a code.Enter the symbols in the following order:-


A drawer will open.Put the code dice into the drawer and Alfred's corpse will 
drop out of the cryogenic pod.Take his blue ring and examine it to recieve your 
first jewel.Head back now to the room with the extinguisher barrel.

 Go up the small lift and use the valve handle (now 4 sided)in the slot to drain 
the water from the tank.Climb down the ladder and retrieve the crane key.As you 
do so,a poisonous hunter will burst through the glass.Kill him quickly,climb 
back up the ladder,down the lift then out and to the spot where the giant spider 
is under the ice!Arachnophobic's such as myself should prepare and take deep 

 Use the key in the small control hut and the ice will break and lift up 
Alexia's father (the mantis boss from the roof).Something will drop from the 
body.Watch the cut scene where the spider attacks you and quickly run onto the 
ice and take the green gem.Avoid the spider then head back through the 
door.Check the gem to get the second jewel.

 Head now towards the voltage room but when you emerge from the lift on the 
way,take a left turn into the small courtyard.Kill the poisonous hunter and 
follow the water round.Take the 2nd dragonfly wing from the floor then go into 
the water and check the right side of the water vase to take the 3rd wing.Head 
into the double doors to once again be in familiar teritory,a replica of the Bio 
1 mansion!

 When inside,make your way round to the back of the stairs to see Claire trapped 
in a type of cocoon.If you don't have it with you already,go upstairs and 
retrieve the knife to cut Claire free.The next part here is strange.First 2 trys 
through the game,I cut Claire free but she was poisoned.This meant I had to go 
back to the extinguisher room,down the small lift and take the blood pack from 
the shelf.Take the blood to Claire to heal her.However,on my 3rd trip 
through,she didn't need the blood.Whether it was because I got to her quickly or 
the fact that I skipped the cut-scenes I don't know.Take whichever decision you 
need and once Claire is okay,you will be in control of her again.

 As Claire,you'll arrive in a room with an item box.Take the green & red 
herbs,the bullets and the shells.If you have it in the item box or your 
inventory,push the bookcase next to the box to reveal 2 hanging hooks.Place the 
shotgun on these to move the opposite painting,behind which are grenade and 
flame rounds.Take them and then remove the shotgun from the wall cos you'll need 
it!Head out the door.

 In this corridor you will have to quell 2 more tentacles out of the walls.Easy 
enough.When you're past the 2nd one,push the middle display case and take the 
grenade rounds hidden underneath.Head striaght on and through the door.

 You will now be in a small prison section of the base.Go forwards and kill the 
zombie that wanders out of his cell.Climb up the steps and go into the cell up 
there to take the 2 lot's of arrows from opposite the slumped body.Go back out 
and pick up the note from the floor.You will be asked if you want to lower the 
cannon.Say yes and the cannon will spit out a plastic ball.As it drops,a 
concrete block will crash down right by you.Dash underneath as ity lowers and 
take the ball.Inside is an I.D. card.Walk slightly under the block and step back 
so it falls but misses you.Then quickly place the ball underneath the block.It 
will crash down and break the ball allowing you to take the now freed card.

 With the card and preferably 2 healing items,go back past the cells and through 
the grey door by where you came in.Inside,use the I.D. card on the slot.The door 
will lock behind you and the bars will move in front.Run forwards and watch the 
rather upsetting sequence involving Steve.When you have control of Claire,run as 
fast as you can away from Steve towards the entrance.He may hit you with his axe 
more than once.When he does,immediately heal then keep running.You will escape 
under the bars and another sad cut scene will follow.

 Now you will be controlling Chris again for the duration of the game.You will 
see a cute-scene showing Alexia in her true form laying the smack down on 
Wesker!Funny?Not really cos now you have to fight her.For a VERY simple 
victory,blast her with 3 grenade rounds and she's toast.If you don't have the 
launcher equipped,just keep running round taking a shot then running 
again.She'll drop soon enough allowing you to take the 3rd jewel from by her 

 Now with the green,red and blue jewels,go upstairs and place them in the 
painting of the Ashford's on the landing.The portrait will move allowing you to 
go through a door.As you enter,head into the door to your left as you come 
in.Take the green herbs if you need them then ride the small lift down to the 
lower level of the lab.Open the sleeping chamber via the adjacent computer panel 
and take the 4th dragonfly wing.Head back up to the lab and out through the door 
you came in.

 Kill the zombies in the hallway,then make your way towards Alfred's bedroom.Go 
into the door on the left before you arrive at his room (before you turn the 
corner).You will now be in a study.Take the F Aid spray and shells then open the 
drawer by the Lady Ashford painting.You will now have the mansion key.Get ready 
people cos now we're up to the number 1 question,"How to do the Tiger Eye 

 Go downstairs in the mansion and unlock the brown double doors then discard the 
key.Go inside and through the grey door opposite.Make your way back to the 
voltage room and now turn off the power at the mains.Head to the courtyard and 
through the mansion front doors.Now go through the brows doors you just unlocked 
and to the tiger.Now that the power is turned off,you can take both jewels from 
the tiger's eye's without his head moving.Take the red & blue gems upstairs and 
head into Alfred's room.

 Go straight through the secret stone door ahead and you'll be in Alexia's 
room.Close the lid on the music box then place the red gem in the lid to open it 
and take the music notes.Take them back into Alfred's room and place the blue 
gem in his box lid.It will open allowing you to place the note inside which will 
lower the bed ladder for you.

 Climb up the ladder and take the ink ribbon from the shelves to the side of 
you.Follow the room round and take the dragonfly body from the jar of 
sand.Combine the 4 wings with the body to create the dragonfly key.If you want 
to save your game at this point (advisable),go back to the voltage room first to 
do so.Now head back and go into the lab from the hallway.Climb up the stairs and 
unlock the door then go through.Head to the item box and stock up on health and 
ammunition making sure you have the dragonfly key with you.Go out of the 
room,follow the corridor then exit through the door.

 A cut-scene will play.Claire will pass a folder underneath the door from the 
room she's trapped in.Examine the folder to take the detonation card then head 
round the corner and into the door.Run over the grating and place the dragonfly 
in the slot next to the door to open it.Go inside and kill the 2 zombies 
inside.Take the herbs if you need them and then use the card on the computer 
panel.Enter the code:-


This will start the detonation sequence.There's no turning back now.I hope you 
are prepared.Head back out the door to watch a series of cut-scenes and 
cinema's.When Alexia walks towards Claire after blocking her way with fire,take 
one shot from even the weakest weapon you have to drop her.Now it's up to Chris!

 The final boss of the game can either be an absolute nightmare if you're not 
well prepared or she can be quite defeatable.Basic advice is to have as many 
fully mixed herbs as you can (red+blue+green) to combat her annoying habit of 
poisoning you.She will let loose lot's of VERY irritating little creatures that 
will prod and poke you but will do little damage.A crafty way to kill these 
things is to let Alexia try to whack you with her tentacles but move so that she 
squashes the little bugs.

 Pound into Alexia with the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.After so 
long,a cut-scene will play showing Alexia rise from her hive.Again,this part can 
either be easy or difficult depending.As Aleixia takes to the air,the plasma 
cannon will now be available to you.Pick this up quickly then equip it.Keep 
running in circles till Alexia has fired 3/4 lot's of acid then take aim at her 
with the cannon.One hit is all that is needed to kill her and finish the game.A 
good tactic is to try and hit her as she criss crosses in the air catching her 
in the middle of her flight.This makes it easier to hit her as she is constantly 
moving around!

 Well,you've done it.Biohazard Code Veronica is now completed.Give yourself a 
pat on the back,watch the end credits,earn the Battle Mode (first time 
completion) then get ready to go through it all again to collect the rocket 
launcher and Hunk!




4.Battle Mode

 The battle game is obtained after you have completed CV for the first time.You 
can unlock this mode on ANY difficulty and I think you can playing the easy mode 
too.It's not known though if you get the game on very easy mode.My advice is 
play on normal mode if you've played any of the Biohazard/Resident Evil games 
before.It's a better challenge and it's the sure way to unlock Battle Mode.
It doesn't end there just yet though.While playing through the game,you can pick 
up various items that are not necessarily for usesage in the main game.It is 
required that you pick up the Sniper Rifle dropped by Alfred in the Antartic 
Base (just before you ride the snow machine out of the base)in disc 2,to unlock 
the 1st person perspective mode.To do this,simply watch the cut-scene involving 
Claire and Alfred.When Steve shoots Alfred,he falls over the railings to his 
death?You will see his rifle shining on the ledge under the railings.Simply 
climc down to the ledge and pick up the rifle before making your way back up and 
getting quizzed by Steve.
 To unlock Steve Burnside,you must find the single gold luger after solving the 
4 drawer puzzle in the save room near manhole cover in Disc 2 with Chris.Simply 
press the drawers in this order:-

Red,Green,Blue then the bottom drawer will unlock.Select it to take the gold 
luger.Place it in your item box and when you finish the game,Steve will be a 
selectable Battle Mode character.

To obtain Alternate Chris and Hunk,you must complete the game on Normal 
difficulty within a strict 3 and a half hours making sure to collect EVERY 
file,memo,map,book etc...

You may also be able to unlock Alternate Chris by completing the Battle Mode 
with Wesker but I'm not sure as it is a task in itself! Alternate Chris has the 
plasma cannon weapon (from last boss fight) and Hunk is the only character to 
have a limit to his ammunition.I have yet to obtain Hunk and A Chris so thanks 
go to Mark Gottlieb for the info.Thanks!

Claire Redfield
Alternate Claire
Chris Redfield
Steve Burnside
Albert Wesker

Here's the data files on the unlocked characters:-

Claire Redfield

ID Number - WKD4496
Name - Claire Redfield
Age - 19
Sex - Female
Blood Type - O
Height - 169cm
Weight - 52.4 kg


Beretta M93R
Hand Gun bullets
Mixed Herb x 4

Aleternate Claire Redfield

As above except:-


Grenade Launcher
Sulphuric Acid
Mixed Herb

Chris Redfield

ID Number - MRD6251
Name - Chris Redfield
Age - 25
Sex - Male
Blood Type - O
Height - 181cm
Weight - 80.5 kg


Colt Python
SPAS 12 (shotgun)
Shotgun Shells
Mixed Herb x 2

Steve Burnside

ID Number - MFD2872
Name - Steve Burnside
Age - 17
Sex - Male
Blood Type - AB
Height - 173cm
Weight - 67.5kg


Gold Luger's
Mixed Herb x 2

Albert Wesker

ID Number - MSD6377
Name - Albert Wesker
Age - 38
Sex - Male
Blood Type - O
Height - 183cm
Weight - 84.5kg


Mixed Herb x 3

Wesker Walktrough

The one thing with Wesker's battle game is that your final grade is not 
determined by how quickly you finish the game.Bear this in mind.Even completing 
the mode in 20 minutes can still award you with an S rank.It is essential to 
pick up the following items along the way:-

1.F Aid spray near telephones where you face 3 grabbers.
2.F Aid spray in the locker where you fight the 2 hunters.
3.F Aid spray on the desk in penultimate room before last boss (with 3 more 

There are also numerous blue and green herbs scattered along the way.

Another vital onject for defeating Alexia is picking up the Colt Python.If you 
take the right hand door in the room by where you first fought a grabber (where 
the hemostatic medicine was),play the slot machine and you get the gun.

Enemy Guide


Wait until they get close to you then either perform 2 upper body swipes or go 
for their legs to knock them to the floor.When they fall,keep slashing at them 
while they're down to finish them off.When facing a group of zombies (as you 
frequently do),try and concentrate your attack on them one at a time and pick 
them off 1 by 1.This will help keep you from being surrounded and killed.In the 
room with the gas leak and the stairs,simply slash at the zombies from the steps 
safely out of their reach.You may have to go down the stairs to lure them 
first.Never walk closely to a zombie with his back to you as they turn round 
VERY quickly.


Run into the one closest to you and kill it as quickly as you can.Try to kill 
him before his friends come abd join him for an advantage against the other 2.On 
the second grabber encounter,it may be wise to fire off 1 of your Colt rounds 
into one of the grabbers to help things along.


There is only 1 way I can see to beat hunters and that is simply to slash away 
at them till they die continually trying to keep from fighting 2 at once and 
watching your energy.There are almost always some form of health in the room 
with Hunters which you will probably need.


When you get the Colt Python,you will only have 6 bullets to use.You will need 
at least 3 for Alexia.After 3 shots and 1 knife slash,she will more than likely 
be dead.You have to be carefull getting too close to Alexia because she has an 
annoying habit of killing you VERY quickly.Learning where to use your Colt 
rounds is the key to killing her and completing the battle mode.

There is a special surprise for you if you complete Battle Mode with ALL 
characters with an S rank but I have yet to achieve that accolade :o)

Many thanks to JamesH for the walktrough above.

5.Miscellaneous stuff

More sections to come soon...

a)Herb Mixing

Here is a table showing the various herb mixtures you can create by mixing 

Green = Heals 25% energy
Blue = Cures poison
Red = Doubles strength of herb

Green & Green = Heals 50% energy
Green & Blue = Cures poison and heals energy
Green & Red = Put's you at full health
Green,Red & Blue = Heals all energy and cures poison

b)Scoring System for Battle Mode

Basic score

00:00:00~04:30:00           8250 point
04:30:01~05:00:00           7550 point
05:00:01~05:30:00           7000 point
05:30:01~06:00:00           6450 point
06:00:01~07:30:00           5500 point
07:30:01~15:00:00           5000 point
15:00:01~20:00:00           2500 point
20:00:01~                   2000 point

Special score

1)Did you give the Hemostatic Bottle to that prison guard?
Yes =  +250
No =  -1000

2)The speed it took you to save Steve
Fastest = +400
Average =  0
Slow = -1000

3)Map discovery
100% = +100
Anything less =  0

4)First aid spray
No use = +1800
If used = 0

No save = 0
First time = -1000
Everytime after = -50

No Retry = 0
First time = -1000
Everytime after = -50

Final score

10000 or above = S rank
7000-9999 = A rank
4500-6999 = B rank
2500-4499 = C rank
2499 or below = D rank

Thanks to Mark Gottlieb & JamesH for above information.


i)To obtain the rocket launcher,finish the game in less than 4 hours 30 mins 
with an S rank.The launcher will now be in the item box in the Ashford mansion.

Thanks to all that corrected me on the above!


Gamefaqs and VGS for hosting this FAQ at the following addresses:-


My mom for helping with the initial writings
The kind people frequenting the Gamefaqs message boards
Mark Gottlieb for help,advice and for finding Hunk :o)
Ian Lowrey for helping with the typing and putting up with my winging!

If you like Tekken,visit my Jun Kazama Shrine at:-


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