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FAQ/Walkthrough by Todd

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/10/00

Biohazard : Code Veronica Full Version Walkthrough
Version 2.0
Written By Todd McGillen (akuma19@idt.net)

New Additions :

Added the last touches for defeating Veronica. Also got the American version, 
and I will be doing minor updates with minor corrections. (I.E. note names, 
correct names for objects, etc.)

Also another request to have this posted. Now can also be seen at 
www.firesoft.net and (translated into Italian) at 


New Additions :

Almost finished with the game. The FAQ is updating to the final fight. There 
are people I have to credit for some info that was given to me. I wrote this 
final part while on a flight to St. Louis. I will credit those people within 
the next 2 days.


New Additions :

Finished Disc 1 as Claire, and started Chris' walkthrough on Disc 2. 

Also,  more request for posting this FAQ. It can now also be found at 
www.survivalhorror.com and at www.resident-evil.org .


New Additions :

Found some items that I missed in the first FAQ. Also found the 7 pictures 
(Credit to Cain007 from the Gamefaqs Message Boards).

Also, This FAQ has been requested to be posted at vgstrategies.about.com, and 
cheatcc.com. Enjoy!


Note : I just got this game yesterday (Thanks Arnold at Gamer's Heaven). So 
far I haven't gone far, mainly     what was in the demo disc. I named 
everything area by area, room by room, with items and enemies listed.
I am giving this FAQ to gamefaqs.com exclusively (starting on 2/1/2000). I do 
go to other boards and I WILL KNOW if someone else uses this.


Table Of Contents (Disc 1)
Prison Area
Iron Bridge
The Passage
Military Training Facility
Palace Backyard
The Palace
Military Training Facility Basement
Private Residence
Private Residence Roof


Disc 1

Text Opening

Cinema plays in which Claire Redfield is captured by Umbrella. Explosions 
occur, and an injured Umbrella agent enters the room. *You must use the 
lighter to see him*, then he unlocks Claire's cell, telling her to 

1. The Palace

A. Cell Room
Items - Handgun Bullets, Green Herb, Knife

Walk into the cell and get the herb, then get the bullets on the chair outside 
the cell. On the desk is a memo with the line "WKD4496". You can take the 
knife from the desk (optional, I never found a use for it in the demo). Exit 
to the Hallway.

B. Hallway
Items - Ink Ribbon, Handgun Bullets
Note - Save Point

Take the ink ribbon and bullets. No need to save at this point. Go up the 
stairs to the Graveyard.

C. Graveyard
Items - None
Enemies - 7 Zombies

Walk around the wall into the graveyard. The car in the wall will explode, 
showing a case. A cinema plays showing Claire being surrounded by zombies. Run 
around them, then through the gate into the Courtyard.

D. Courtyard
Items - Handgun Bullets, Handgun

Walk towards the corpse on the right. Another cinema plays showing Claire 
being shot at. We are now introduced to Steve Burnside. Watch behind him for a 
gate. Get the bullets from the corpse. Exit the gate opposite where you 
entered into the Prison Courtyard.

E. Prison Courtyard
Items - Green Herb

Walk straight until you reach the end of a platform, then go up the stairs to 
the end and get the herb. Turn around and enter the door by the stairs, 
entering the Prisoner Eating Quarters.

F. Prisoner Eating Quarters
Items - Green Herb, Handgun Bullets, Prison Map
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Upon entering you are attacked by 3 zombies, kill 'em all. Go up the stairs 
and around the table for the herb. Combine the 3 herbs you've gotten so far. 
Get the bullets from the bookcase. Take the map from the wall next to the 
stove. Enter the room to the right of the entrance door (Sleeping Quarters).

G. Sleeping Quarters
Items - Note, Handgun Bullets, Dual Uzi's
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Walk through the quarters, get the note off the 2nd bunk. Get to the end of 
the hall. When going for the bullets, a zombie will come through the window, 
showing 2 uzi's hitting the ground. Kill all the zombies and get the guns. GO 
around the corner, and in the bloody shower get the bullets. Leave to the 
Eating Quarters.

H. Prisoner Eating Quarters (2)
Enemies - 1 Zombie

1 zombie to kill, the exit to the Prison Courtyard.

I. Prison Courtyard (2)

When going down the stairs, a short cinema plays with some growling. Go around 
the corner and watch a corpse get pulled under the building. Finish circling 
the building, and enter the solid gate to the Cage Area.

J. Cage Area
Enemies - 3 Zombies

You will see a few zombies in cages. Kill the ones that aren't and enter the 
Lab Building.

K. Lab Building
Items - Note, Health Spray, Flame Grenades, Acid Grenades

When going through the gate, you must get rid of all metal objects you have 
(don't forget the lighter). After getting to the other side of the building, 
go to the table. Get the spray if you wish, and there is a note explaining how 
to use the 3D Copier. Activate the copier. On the other side of the table are 
flame and acid grenades (it's pointless to get them now as you'll have to put 
them in the box before leaving the room). Go through the door to the Computer 

L. Computer Room
Items - Fax, Eagle Medallion

Go straight and get the fax, then go to the other side of the room. You'll 
have another cinema with Steve. Throw the switch on the wall that Steve plays 
with. Go to the desk, open the drawer, and get the Eagle Medallion. Go back to 
the 3D Copier, and put the medallion into the left drawer of it. Exit the Lab 
Building and take the items you left in the box (I chose not to take the 
knife). Exit to the Cage Area.

M. Cage Area (2)
Items - Fire Extinguisher, Key
Enemies - 5 Zombies

Arm the uzi's. Press the green switch next to the cages. The door will open, 
releasing the zombies. Shoot the barrel to kill most of them. Get the 
extinguisher from the store room. Go into the left cage and get the key from 
the guillotine. Note the plaque on the back wall. Go into the Prison 

N. Prison Courtyard (2)
Enemies - 2 Dogs

Run around the building, killing the 2 dogs. Go around to the exit area. Use 
the key on the fenced door, the get rid of it. Exit to the Courtyard.

O. Courtyard (2)
Enemies - 2 Zombies

Kill the zombies, then enter the Graveyard.

P. Graveyard (2)
Items - TG-01, TG-01 Note
Enemies - 4 Zombies

Walk around the graves, killing the zombies. Use the extinguisher on the fire, 
and get the case. Examine it and open it to the TG-01. Read the TG-01 note. 
Then head back to the Lab Building and the 3D Copier.

Q. Lab Building (2)
Items - Plastic Medallion
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Drop all the items except the TG-01 into the box, then go to the 3D Copier. 
Place the TG-01 on the right side. Watch it get "copied", then take the 
plastic medallion. After taking the medallion, zombies will enter the hall. 
You'll have no weapons, so weave your way around them to the exit box. Take 
everything you dumped except the extinguisher (if you put the knife there, 
it'll still be there). Exit to the Courtyard.

R. Courtyard (3)
Enemies - 3 Zombies

You can kill or run around the zombies to the gate you originally saw behind 
Steve. Put the plastic medallion into it, then open the gate.

2. Iron Bridge

A. Bridge
Items - Handgun Bullets, Green Herb (2)

Run across the left catwalk to the end of the bridge. Grab the herbs and 
combine them. Run back on the bridge to the jeep and get the bullets. Push the 
metal box over the fire to snuff it out, then climb the boxes to the other 
side. Climb the stairs to The Passage.

3. The Passage

A. Passage
Enemies - 4 Zombies

At the top, kill the 4 zombies. Enter the door on the right to the Military 
Training Facility.

4. Military Training Facility

A. MTF Courtyard
Items - Arrows
Enemies - 3 Dogs

Kill the dogs, and get the arrows on the metal drums. Enter the door opposite 
the drums.

B. MTF Hallway
Items - Red herb

Get the red herb if you want to. Go up the stairs immediately to the right. Go 
to the end of the hall and enter the Lab Prep Room.

C. Lab Prep Room
Items - Bow Gun, Bow Gun Note

Walk around the desk to the bow gun. You will need 1 open slot for it. Turn 
around and try to open the lab door. It won't so leave the room. Another 
cinema *note the door in the back*. Leave the room to the MTF Hallway.

D. MTF Hallway (2)

Go to the End of the hall and through the door to the Locker Room.

E. Locker Room
Items - Arrows (3)
Enemies - 4 Zombies

Kill the zombies. There will be 2 open lockers with arrow in them. Take them 
both. There will be a corpse in the back with another quiver of arrows. Take 
them then enter the door to the Bath House.

F. Bath House
Items - Key
Enemies - 2 Zombies

Kill the 2 zombies then enter the pool. On the right is a wheel. Turn it. Get 
the key in front of the lion's head. Exit and head back to the MTF Hallway.

G. MTF Hallway (3)

Enter the door in the middle for the Research Room.

H. Research Room
Items - MTF Map, Explosive Arrows
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Kill the zombies (2 in one room, 1 in the other). In the 1st room, press the 
blue light. This will activate the photocopier, and make a copy of the MTF 
map, get it. Go into the other room. use the key on the locker and get the 
explosive arrows. Exit the Military Training Facility and go to The Passage.

5. The Passage (2)

Run down the passage then go up the stairs to the Palace Backyard.

6. Palace Backyard

A. Palace Backyard
Items - Green Herb, Boat Medallion
Enemies - 3 Dogs

Walk down the entrance and kill the 3 dogs. The boat medallion will be on the 
left. On the foyer will be the herb.  Go to the end of the hall and through 
the gate to the Boat Dock.

B. Boat Dock
Items - Arrows, Handgun Bullets, Underground Map

When down the stairs, go to the right and get the bullets and map. At the end 
of the dock are the arrows. Go back to the Palace Backyard and enter the 

7. Palace

A. Foyer

Quick cinema as you walk down the stairs. Go up the stairs and to the right 
into the Study.

B. Study
Items - Ink Ribbon, Note, Handgun Bullets, ID Card, Green Herb
Note - Save Point

Get the ink ribbon from the desk, and the note from the table. Get the bullets 
from the bookshelf. In the small hallway in the back, push the small shelf to 
get the ID Card. View it and remember "NTC0394". There is an herb by the door. 
Save the game, then put the uzi's, id card, herb, and ink ribbon into the item 
box. Go back down to the Foyer.

C. Foyer (2)

Go to the door on the lower left corner for the Bathroom.

D. Bathroom
Items - Health Spray, Handgun Bullets, Suitcase
Enemies - 3 Bats

Kill the bats from the stairs. There's a suitcase in the back, get it. There 
are bullets in the broken stall, and spray on the sink. Exit the bathroom and 
go back to the Foyer.

E. Foyer (3)
Items - Handgun Bullets

Go to the desk, get the bullets. Then use the computer. Enter "NTC0394". The 
corner door will unlock. Go into it.

F. Palace Hallway
Items - Handgun Bullets, Red Herb
Enemies - 4 Zombies

When entering, the zombies will rush you. Kill 'em all. Get the bullets from 
the statue. Go to the end of the hall and into the Office.

G. Office
Items - Handgun Bullets, Ship Steering Wheel

Take the bullets from the table. You'll see a blue light on the wall. Press it 
and see a video of 2 kids. A display case will move. Go behind it and take the 
ship's wheel. Exit, go through the Hallway, and through the Foyer. Steve will 
yell for help. Go back to the Office.

H. Office (2)

Go to the computer screen in the center of the room. you will see Steve 
trapped in another room with the Golden Guns in his hand. You then have to 
play a memory game. Choose C and E to rescue him. Steve is freed and runs off 
with the golden guns. Go back to the Foyer.

I. Foyer (4)

Upon entering the Foyer (again), we see a cinema, introducing Alfred Ashford, 
a decendant of Umbrella's founding member. Exit the Foyer and head to the Boat 

8. Palace Backyard (2)

A. Boat Dock

Go to the podium and use the ship's wheel. Choose yes to turn it. A boat rises 
from the moat. Go into the boat.

B. Boat
Items - Fanny Pack

In the back of the boat is a fanny pack. Put it on to get 2 more storage 
spaces. At the front is a power switch. Flip it and the ship will sink, taking 
you to the Airport.

9. Airport

A. Airport

Go down the stairs. Walk through the hall, and through the door to the 
Receptionist Room.

B. Receptionist Room
Items - Ink Ribbon, Handgun Bullets
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Kill the 3 zombies. Get the bullets from the couch. Walk through the door 
closest to the aquarium (Dock Door 1).

C. Dock Door 1
Enemies - 5 Bats

Quickly kill the bats. Go to the blinking monitor and activate it. Use the 
boat medallion on the podium overlooking the airplane. Go back through the 
Receptionist Room, and enter Dock Door 2.

D. Dock Door 2

Walk across the bridge to the other door and enter the Elevator Room.

E. Elevator Room

Go onto the elevator in the right corner to go up 1 floor. Go to the monitor 
and control the arm to pick up the box blocking a corner. Go back downstairs.

F. Elevator Room (2)
Items - ID Card, Arrows
Enemies - 5 Zombies

Go to the now unblocked corner. Flip the switch, and a loading bay will come 
up with the zombies on it. Kill them then go onto the dock. Get the ID Card 
and arrows off of the boxes. Go back through Dock Door 2, the Receptionist 
Room, and back through the Airport to the Boat. 

10. Backyard Palace (3)

A. Boat Dock

Resurface the boat and exit it. Spin the wheel to bring the controls back in. 
Then go back into the Military Training Facility.

11. Military Training Facility (2)

A. MTF Courtyard

Cinema of a wave of dirt coming at Claire. Immediately run into the MTF 

B. MTF Hallway

Go to the end of the hall and use the ID Card in the slot. The sliding door 
will open. Go through the other door to the MTF Courtyard.

C. MTF Courtyard

Ashbury will start shooting at you. To stop him just run up the stairs. Go 
through the unlighted door.

D. Hallway
Items - Handgun Bullets

Not much here except for the bullets. Go through the metal door.

E. Lounge
Items - Green Herb (2), Ink Ribbon, Hemostatic Bottle
Note - Save Point

Grab all then items then save. Afterwards put the ink ribbons, hemostatic 
bottle and herbs into the item box. Exit the hallway and go through the wooden 

F. Hallway (2)

When going through the wooden door, a small cinema in which Ashford 
antagonizes Claire. Go through the door.

G. Storage Room
Items - Dual Uzi's
Enemies - Mini-Tyrant

Go to the right and get the uzi's. When walking past the door again, you hear 
it lock and a mini-tyrant comes out from another door. These guys are easy to 
kill. Continue down the hall and you'll see another door unlock. Go down the 
stairs. Go through the door. Another cinema in which another mini-tyrant 
attacks. In a John Woo/Matrix fashion, Steve jumps through a window to save 
you. You then trade the uzi's for the golden guns. Ashford then interferes 

12. MTF Basement

A. MTF Basement
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Here you play as Steve. Kill the 3 zombies. Go through the red door.

B. MTF Basement Hall
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Go down the stairs and kill the zombies by shooting the barrels. Go up the 
stairs on the opposite side.

C. Lagoon Hallway

Walk across the other side for another tear-jerking cinema. The cinema will 
take you up an elevator.

D. Corner Hallway

Playing as Claire again. Go around the corner and through the door.

E. Garage
Items - Handgun Bullets

Walk towards Steve and the floor collapses. Another cinema shows Steve 
hesitating to kill an attacking zombie. The zombie turns out to be dear-old 
dad. Steve ends up shooting the shit outta him. Steve then gives a family 
history lesson. Go to the right corner, climb the box and get the bullets. 
Head to the left and through the door.

F. Dark Hallway
Items - Handgun Bullets
Enemies - 2 Zombies

Get the bullets to the right, then kill the zombies. Go straight across the 
hall and into the other room.

G. Office
Items - Blue Eagle Shield
Note - Save Point

Get the shield from the right wall. Save if you wish. Exit through the Dark 
Hallway and into the Garage.

H. Garage (2)

Go through the large set of doors in front of Steve

I. Tank Room
Items - Arrows
Enemies - 2 Dogs

The dogs attack right away. Kill them both. Get the arrows by the barrels. 
Unlock the door and go into the MTF Courtyard.

J. MTF Courtyard

Quickly run across and head back to the Palace.

13. Palace (2)

A. Foyer
Enemies - 4 Zombies

Kill the 4 zombies (2 in the Foyer, 2 up the stairs). Go into the Study.

B. Study
Note - Save Point

Place the golden guns into the door to unlock it. Then save your game and go 
though this door.

C. Ashford's Office
Items - Handgun Bullets
Enemies - Mini-Tyrant

Get the bullets off of the table. Then go around the desk to the computer.
Activate it, and see a cinema of 2 kids. After that, enter "1971" as the 
password. The clock will move, showing an entranceway. As soon as you turn,
a mini-tyrant will crash through the window. Kill it and enter the Passageway.

D. Passageway

Walk through to the Wooden Bridge

E. Wooden Bridge.

Walk through to the stairwell. As you go up it, the camera will zoom to a 
and you hear a woman laughing.

14. Private Residence

A. Private Residence
Items - Red herb
Enemies - Mini-Tyrant (2)

There's a mini-tyrant immediately to your left. Kill him quickly. There's 
one by the turn. Keep going around to the stairs, then up them. In the left 
is the herb. Go through the green door.

B. 2nd Floor Hallway
Enemies - 5 Bats

Kill the bats, go through the red door on the left.

C. Trophy Room
Items - Handgun Bullets, Arrows, Ink Ribbon
Enemies - Mini-Tyrant

Get the bullets on the left. Turn around to fight the mini-tyrant. Use the 
in the fireplace (if you still have it at this point, referring to being back 
in the
Lounge). On the mantel are the arrows. In the back corner is the ink ribbon. 
Exit to
the 2nd Floor Hallway.

D. 2nd Floor Hallway (2)
Items - Health Spray, Handgun Bullets

Go up the stairs. Walk around the stairs until you get to the landing. The 
spray and
bullets are on the chairs. Continue on and go through the red door.

E. "U"-Hallway
Items - Green Herb, Handgun Bullets

A cinema of Alfred and (sister) Alexia Ashford. Claire runs around the corner 
to hide
from them. In the corner here is the herb. Walk around to where you came in, 
and the 
bullets will be on the table next to the door. Go back by Claire's hiding spot 
and go
through the gray door.

F. Alexia's Bedroom
Items - Key

There's a music box playing. Stop it to reveal a key on Alexia's bed. After 
getting the
key, the bed top will drop down to show a ladder. You can't go up it yet. Go 
all the 
way back to the Palace, and into the Foyer. Go to the locked door on the left 
from the 
top of the stairs.

15. Palace (3)

A. Foyer

Go to the 2nd Floor. Head to the left and use the key you just got.

B. Game Room
Items - Handgun Bullets, Explosive Arrows, Green Herb (2)

There are bullets to the left. On the Roulette table are the arrows. On the 
bar are the
2 herbs. There's also a slot machine that's lit. You can't do anything to it 
yet. Exit 
to downstairs, to the back left door.

C. Palace Hallway

Go straight across to the opposite door and unlock it. You can then discard 
the key. 
Enter the room.

D. Bar
Items - Handgun Bullets, Blue & Gold Eagle Shield, "Hunk" Note
Enemies -  Mini-Tyrant (2)

Kill the mini-tyrants using the explosive arrows (2 shots each). Walk around 
the room
picking up the bullets, shield and "Hunk" note. Grab the 2 Eagle Shields (get 
1 from 
the item box in the study) and go back to the Prison Courtyard.

16. Prison (2)
A. Prison Courtyard
Enemies - 4 Zombies

Head to the guillotine area. Kill the 2 zombies there. Place an Eagle Shield 
in the back
wall. The guillotine will drop, a door will open, and 2 more zombies attack. 
Kill them 
and enter the room.

B. "L"-Hallway
Items - Green Herb
Enemies - 2 Zombies

Shoot the barrel to kill the zombies. Go down the short way to get the herb. 
Walk through
the wooden door.

C. Infirmary
Items - Handgun Bullets, Health Spray, Note

Get the bullets in the corner. The spray is in the cabinets. Head into the 
office and get
the note. Go to the back and exit. You will see the body bag move.

D. Morgue
Items - Red Herb, Handgun Bullets, Suitcase
Enemies - 4 Zombies

There are 2 zombies next to the door. Kill them, and get the herb. Kill the 
other 2 zombies
and get the bullets. There's another suitcase in the back corner (open it if 
you have the 
lockpick). Exit to the Infirmary.

E. Infirmary (2)
Items - Glass Eye
Enemies - 2 Zombies

You'll see 1 zombie eating the other. It'll stop and BOTH will come after you 
(Note - The
zombie in the white coat moves real fast). Kill them and get the eye from the 
zombie. Head into the office and put the eye into the mannequin. A passageway 
will open. 
Exit to the L-Hallway.

F. "L"-Hallway (2)
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Kill the zombies and go through the door at the end of the long hallway.

G. Small Passageway
Items - Handgun Bullets, Item Box

The bullets are behind the barrel. Climb over the box then push it back away 
from the door.
Enter the door. This takes you into the Computer Room of the Lab Building. You 
can get the
grenades from earlier in the game. Go back to the Infirmary and go down the 

H. Underground Prison Hall
Items - Green Herb
Enemies - 5 Bats

The bats attack 1 at a time. 5 easy kills. Walk down the hall and get the 
herb. Continue and
enter the next room.

I. Torture Room
Items - Arrows, Handgun Bullets
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Kill the zombies. Get the arrows off the chair. Bullets are on the table. Walk 
to the other 
side, down the stairs, and through the door.

J. Stone Garden
Items - Sword, Piano Music
Enemies - 1 Zombie

Take the sword from the statue. The door will lock, a statue will rise, and 
gas will enter 
the room. On the risen statue is a pipe. Facing toward the bottom of the 
screen, push the pipe
in a counter-clockwise motion until it stops. The gas will stop. The statue 
that held the 
sword will turn around. Walk over to it and put the sword into it. Start to 
walk away. 
SURPRISE!! A zombie bursts out of the statue (with the sword through his 
guts). Kill it and 
look in the statue for the piano music. Go back to the Palace and to the Game 

17. The Palace (3)

A. Game Room
Items -  Blue Ant

Put the piano music into the piano, and the slot machine will open. Take the 
Blue Ant. Head back
to the Private Residence.

18. Private Residence (2)

While going to the Residence, 2 Mini-Tyrants will attack. You can either fight 
them, or run 
Around them and go into the house. 2 zombies will immediately attack. 2 more 
will be upstairs.

A. "U"-Hallway
Enemies - 4 Zombies

You'll hear zombie as soon as you enter the hallway. Kill them and go into 
Alfred's Bedroom.

B. Alfred's Bedroom

Place the blue ant into the slot on top of the chest. Head to the MTF 

19. Military Training Facility

A. MTF Courtyard (3)

Go to the upstairs portion of this room. Use the other blue shield in the 
curved part of the
landing. The top will open giving you another ID Card. Go down the stairs, 
around the other 
side of the fence, and down the ladder.

B. Boiler Room

Use the new ID Card here to open the bars. Go down the small hallway, up the 
stairs, and to 
the door on the right.

C. MTF Basement
Items - Grenade Launcher, Grenades

This is the room that you played as Steve in. Use the ID Card to open the 
broken gate. Get the 
grenade launcher here. In the main room on the shelves are the grenades. Go 
through the silver 

D. Record Room
Items - Handgun Bullets, M93R Note, Acid Grenades
Enemies - 3 Zombies

Kill the zombies. In the back by the desk are the bullets and M93R note. In 
the front is a 
cabinet with the grenades. You can unlock it with the lockpick. Go back to the 
MTF Basement, 
and through the door where you got the grenade launcher.

E. Electrical Room
Items - Arrows
Enemies - Mini-Tyrant (2)

Kill the mini-tyrants (it takes 2 grenades each to kill). Arrows are in the 
back corner. Go 
back to the Boiler Room, through the other door, across the metal bridge to 
the elevator. Take
it to the 2nd Floor.

F. Corner Hallway

Use the ID Card to open the silver door. You can discard it if you want to.

G. Lab Control Room
Items - Grenades, Jeep Medallion, Green Herbs (2)
Enemies - 2 Zombies

Go to the elevated section. Look at the projection screen and learn about a 
creature called the
"Albinoid". Get the grenades from behind the chair. Go to the lower section, 
and look at the 
monitor. Take the Jeep Medallion (you can put this in the Dock Door 1 section 
later). Use the 
monitor to look into the Lab. Zoom to the skeleton picture and see the number 
"1126" (Gee, I 
sense a code). There are 2 herbs next to the desk. As you are leaving, 2 
zombies come to life.
Kill them and then go through the only door in the room. This takes you to the 
MTF Courtyard. 
Go across to the MTF Hallway.

H. MTF Hallway

Use the ID Card to go into the door on the right. Go up the stairs and into 
the Lab Prep Room.

I. Lab Prep Room

Use the code "1126" to enter the Closed Lab.

J. Closed Lab
Items - Acid Grenades, Skeleton Picture
Enemies - 5 Albinoids

On the desk are the grenades. Take the picture of the skeleton. As you do 
this, an albinoid will
escape, giving you 30 seconds to get the hell out of there. Too bad 5 of his 
buddies show up. I 
used 1 grenade to kill them. Run back to the MTF Courtyard.

K. MTF Courtyard (4)
Enemies - 2 Zombies

Walk across the courtyard to the metal door. Go through it to the garage, then 
go through the 
door on the right. Kill the 2 zombies and go into the Office (Save Point 
here). You will see a 
painting on the wall, and nothing opposite it. Put the Skeleton Picture on 
here. The wall will 
slide down.

L. Secret Room
Items - Gold Key, Green Herb, Health Spray

The spray is in the drawer on the right side. The key is in the model. There's 
a podium on the
left side blocking the herb. Exit and go to the Palace.

20. The Palace (4)

A. Palace Hallway

Go to the back and make a right. Use the gold key to enter, discard it if you 
want to. Go on in.

B. Gallery
Items - Red Ant

Okay, over the last few days I have received (I kid you not) over 60 emails 
asking how to get past
this. Good news is I found the answer in GameFAQS Message Boards (once again, 
credit to Cain007 for
 posting this).

This room has 7 paintings. These are the names I gave to them for reference 
(starting from the 
raised platform, going to the right) :

(1) Young Alfred
(2) Lady Ashbury
(3) Lord Ashbury
(4) "Red" Ashbury
(5) Grandpa Ashbury And Twins
(6) Old Man
(7) "Uncle" Ashbury

This is the order to push the buttons :

	2, 5, 7, 4, 6, 3, 1

The picture of Young Alfred will turn around, showing a picture of Young 
Alexis. There's a vase here.
Take it, view it, and get the red ant. Go back to the Private Residence, and 
to Alexia's Bedroom.

21. Private Residence (2)

A. Wooden Bridge
Enemies - 5 Zombies

Just kill the zombies and keep going to the Residence.

B. Alexia's Bedroom
Items - Music Wheel

Use the red ant on the chest, and take the wheel. Go to Alfred's Bedroom.

C. Alfred's Bedroom

Use the music wheel in the chest. Alfred's bed top will drop down showing 
another ladder. Go up it

22. Private Residence Roof

A. Carousel
Items - Green Herb, Key

You climb the ladder to the carousel. There's a herb in 1 corner. On a chair 
is a metal dragonfly.
Get it, view it, and it will become a key. Put it into the ant picture on the 
wall. The carousel will
Turn around, showing a ladder going to a landing. Go up the ladder.

B. Carousel Office
Items – Newspaper Article, Handgun Bullets, Ink Ribbon, Green Book, Airplane 

To the left on the small stairs is the newspaper article. Between the desk and 
clock are the bullets. The ink ribbon is on the desk. To the right side of the 
room is a box. Push is towards the glass case and climb it. On top of the case 
is the book and medallion. Climb down from the carousel. When leaving Alfred's 
bedroom, we get another cinema of Claire, Steve and Alexia.

C. Secret Door

Look at the wig, and we have another cinema. This time it has Alfred/Alexia in 
it (??….startling revelation here). A self-destruct warning sounds. As you 
leave, another cinema with Steve. Run to the Airport and Dock Door 1.

23. Airport

A.	Dock Door 1

Put the final medallion into the console. Press the button, and board the 

B.	Airplane
Items – Platform Lever, Keys

Get the platform lever from the floor. Head to the Elevator Room. Go up the 
elevator, and through the door. Put the lever here, and activate it. The 
bridge will rise. Run across it and into the door. Walk over to the corpses 
and take the keys. Go back across the bridge, and down the elevator. Go to the 
barred door and use the key. Enter the room.

C.	Locker Room
Items – Green Herbs (2), Grenades, Handgun Bullets
Enemies – T-079
Note – Save Point

There are 2 herbs on the floor. The grenades and bullets are on the crates. 
Push the 2 crates so that they no longer block the door. Afterwards, stand in 
front of that door and open it. You then get a 5 minute countdown from 
Alfred/Alexia, who releases the final boss for this disc (T-079). You have 
about 4 ½ minutes to get to the airplane. Unfortunately, you start at the MTF. 
Run to the airplane as fast as you can through the MTF Courtyard and to the 
Palace. As you exit the Courtyard and are halfway to the Palace, the T-079 
shows up. He won't attack you until he's close. It'll take about 8-10 grenades 
to stop him. Head to the airport.

D.	Airplane (2)

Cinema of Claire & Steve taking off, with Alfred in pursuit. There's an 
explosion, and Claire goes to check it out. Time to fight again. Before 
entering the cargo bay, take 2-3 health items, and (I found to be easiest) 
about 10 grenades with you. Shoot the T-079 until you see a lot of blood on 
the ground (mainly coming from him). Then press the blue button by the door. 
This will release a crate, tackling the T-079, and sending him off the plane. 
After that, a final cinema with Claire, Steve, Alfred, and the Antartic.

End Of Disc 1

Disc 2

Table Of Contents (Disc 2)

Antartic Transport Terminal
Military Training Facility
Military Training Facility 1st Floor Basement
Military Training Facility 2nd Floor Basement
Military Training Facility Basement

1.	Antartic Transport Terminal

A.	Antartic Transport Terminal

Go down the ladder to the landing. Go through the first door. Head to the left 
and go through the door.

B.	Caged Room
Items - Handgun Bullets (2), Ink Ribbon, Green Herb
Enemies -  1 Zombie

Zombie is in a cage, you can ignore him for now. Bullets and Ink Ribbon are on 
the desk. The herb is on the floor opposite the desk. Another set of bullets 
are on the desk opposite the cage. Go back to the A.T.T. and into the door by 
the stairs.

C.	Sleeping Quarters
Items – Explosive Arrows, Handgun Bullets (2), Health Spray, A.T.T. Map, Ink 
Ribbon, Note
Enemies – 4 Zombies

Go towards the back of the room. The arrows are on the desk. There are bullets 
and spray next to a bed (hidden from view). The 4 zombies attack now. There 
are more bullets on the other side of the shelf, and a note on the table. The 
ink ribbon is towards the left bed. Exit the room, go down the stairs. Take 
the map from the wall.

D.	Downstairs Hallway
Enemies – Poison Moths (at least 3 every time you come to this room)

Pass a guy who thinks he's in the movie "Aliens". Head to the left. Kill the 
moths before going too far, if they spray or bite you, you'll be poisoned.  
Enter the door to the right.

E.	Luggage Room
Enemies – 3 Zombies

The zombies attack right away. Head into the rear left door.

F.	Spider Den
Items – UPS Label, Arrows, Handgun Bullets (2), Green Herb
Enemies – 3 Spiders

2 spiders attack almost immediately. The 3rd is under the grating. You can't 
shoot him, so avoid it's poison as it spits. IN the back corner is a web. On 
the chest there is a UPS label. Get it. The herb is hidden in the right 
corner. The arrows are at the landing by the conveyor belt. The bullets are on 
the metal case. Head through the Luggage Room and go through the other door.

G.	Luggage Storage Room
Items – Key, Plug, AK-47
Enemies – 4 Zombies

The zombies are in different areas of this room. Get the key from the conveyor 
belt. The plug is in the back corner by the corpse. Go by the green lockers to 
get the AK-47. Go to the Luggage Room.

H.	Luggage Room (2)

Put the UPS Label on the box that says "BOW" on it. Use the key on the locked 
door then get rid of it. Walk in, go straight to the end, then enter the door 
on the left.

I.	Generator Room
Items – Green Herb (4), Handgun Bullets (2)
Enemies – 3 Dogs

1 dog will jump you right away.  The bullets are on a box to the right (by the 
pipes). The other 2 dogs stay hidden until you're near them. Under the 
platform is a switch, press it. Go back to the beginning of this room. 2 herbs 
are in the back, another 2 are under a pipe. Go to the middle of the room. 
Flip the switch here to turn on the power. Go back to the Luggage Room.

J.	Luggage Room (3)

Flip the 2 switches in the center of the room to start the conveyor belt.

K.	Downstairs Hallway (2)
Items – Arrows, Green Herb, Ink Ribbon, Note (2), Key
Note – Save Point

Arrows are on the table. The herb is on the floor. The ink ribbon is on the 
desk. The note is on the shelf. Push the shelf back to reveal a secret 
passageway. Open the locker, a rat will jump out and run away. In the locker 
is another note. Push the switch in the locker to reveal a secret room. Short 
cinema showing a prisoner. There's a clay octagon in the corner. Get it, view 
it, and take the key. Go to the Spider Den.

L.	Spider Den (2)
Items – Gasmask

Get the gasmask from the window then exit. Head back to the A.T.T., go into 
the "U" corridor of the terminal. Go to the right side then use the key there. 
Enter the room.

M.	Control Room

Go to the control panel. Cinema with Steve. Go to the pipe room.

N.	Pipe Room
Items – Pipe Wheel

Get the pipe wheel in the middle of the room. Exit and go downstairs to the 
caged room.

O.	Caged Room

Go into the back, put the pipe wheel into the grinder (use this in the outdoor 
pipe room). Go to the luggage room, through the middle door to the outdoor 
pipe room.

P.	Outdoor Pipe Room
Enemies – 5 Zombies

The zombies are in the luggage room as you enter it. Use the pipe wheel on the 
raised platform to shut off the gas. Cinema involving Claire, Steve, and 
Alfred. Climb into the tractor/grinder and leave. Another cinema of Claire and 
Steve finding a helicopter pad.

Q.	Helicopter Pad
Items – Health Spray
Enemies – Poison Tyrant (Final Boss)

The health spray is in the near right corner. As you go to walk down the 
stairs, the Poison Tyrant show up. To fight him, you need to circle him and 
fire. Keep out of reach of his tentacles, which can hit you, but they also 
release poison when they drag across the ground. I fought him using the 
grenade launcher (I had only 4 grenades) and the AK-47. It took me a few tries 
but I finally got him. Afterwards is the ending cinema with Claire, Steve, 
Alfred, and Alexis (yes, she's real this time).

You now play as Chris Redfield

Opening cinema of Chris climbing a mountain

1.	Military Training Facility

A.	MTF 3rd Floor Basement
Items – Green Herb, Arrows, Ink Ribbon
Note – Save Point

The herb is there as you walk in. Cinema with the Umbrella agent that helped 
Claire escape. The arrows and ink ribbon are by the desk. Go into the door. 

B.	Canyon
Items – Green Herb, Blue Herb, Handgun Bullets, Arrows
Enemies – Giant Worm 

The herbs are across from the door. The worm is ready to rumble. Over by the 
elevator are the bullets and arrows. After you activate the elevator, you need 
to run around, avoiding the worm for about 30 seconds while it comes down. 
Then get aboard it. Note : If you choose to shoot the worm until it dies, it 
will spit out the Umbrella agent, and you can get the lighter back. Use it on 
the stone tablet, and get the uzi's. 

C.	MTF Garage
Enemies – 3 Zombies

Kill the zombies then run into the tank room.

D.	Tank Room
Items – Handgun Bullets

Go to the back of the tank, and press the button you saw Alfred hit earlier in 
the game. The tank will move forward to reveal the elevator. In between the 
elevator and tank are the bullets. Go down the elevator.

2.	MTF 1st Floor Basement

A.	"U" Hallway
Items – Green Herb, Blue Herb, Shotgun Shells, Battery
Enemies – 2 Spiders

The herbs and shells are in the corner where you entered. The battery is by 
the door. The 2 spiders will attack. They spit poison and actually grab and 
bite you. Go into the middle door.

B.	Office
Items – Shotgun Shells, Handgun Bullets, Ink Ribbon, Acid Grenades, Green Herb
Note – Save Point

The shells, bullets, and ink ribbon are on the desk. The herb is next to the 
locker. The grenades are in the locker. Exit and go to the MTF 1st Floor.

3.	MTF 1st Floor
Items – Key, Note

Go into the garage, and put the battery into the lift in the back. Go up the 
lift. Get the key and the note. Go through the door.

4.	MTF 2nd Floor

A.	Lab

Cinema of Alexia and Unknown Person (Hint – He's Wesker from RE1). Exit 
through the door opposite the stairs. Walk across the MTF Courtyard and go 
through the door.

B.	MTF Hallway
Items – Fanny Pack, Arrows
Enemies – 3 Zombies

The zombies are on the other side of the wall. In there, the fanny pack is on 
a desk. The arrows are on the floor. Go back to the lab, and take the elevator 
down to the 1st Floor Basement.

5.	MTF 1st Floor Basement (2)

A.	Lagoon Hallway
Items – Shotgun, Handgun Bullets, Ink Ribbon, Red Herb (2)
Enemies – 1 Zombie

Go down the stairs. Get the shotgun from the wall (this will cause the stairs 
to rise up). The bullets and ink ribbon are on the floor next to the door. 
Jump into the water and go to the other side. A zombie will rise out of the 
water. The herbs are here. Go up the ladder. This takes you to the "U" 

6.	MTF 2nd Floor Basement 

A.	Cryogenics Lab
Items – AK-47 Ammo, Green Herb

The herb is in the corner. Go up the stairs. Go to the computer, push the 
lever to lower Tube #3. The AK-47 ammo is on top of Tube #3. Go through the 

B.	Electrical Room
Items – Door Knob
Enemies – 2 Hunters

The knob is on the elevator floor. Cinema of Wesker releasing Robot Seekers 
and Hunters from RE1. Kill them with the shotgun (3 shots each). Go into the 
door that had the red light over it.

C.	Lab
Items – Handgun Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Red Herb, Blue Herb, Chemical #1
Enemies – 1 Hunter

The bullets and shells are on the table. The herbs are on the desk. Go to the 
refrigerator, change the temperature to 128 and take the chemical. Cinema of 
the Hunter coming through the air vent. Shoot him before he touches you. If he 
does, you're poisoned. Go to the 2nd floor to the hallway outside the lab.

7.	MTF 2nd Floor (2)

A.	MTF 2nd Floor Garage
Items – Tank Model, Handgun Bullets

Get the tank model on the right. The bullets are in the corner. Go to the 1st 
floor to the secret room from disc 1.

8.	MTF 1st Floor (2)

A.	Secret Room
Items – Key, Book

Put the tank into the square of the MTF model to reveal a hidden panel. Get 
the key and book from it. Go to the basement and into the lab.

9.	MTF Basement

A.	Lab

As you go up the stairs, a good cinema with Wesker. Shortly after you fight a 
Mini-Tyrant. Go into the Electrical Room.

B.	Electrical Room
Items – Explosive Arrows

Use the key at the elevator. Push the button. Climb over the box, push it back 
to the 2nd crate, then climb it.  Get the explosive arrows here. Climb down 
and go through the hole in the wall.

C.	MTF Hallway
Items – Shotgun Shells, Arrows, Acid Grenades
Enemies – 4 Zombies

Go into the middle room. 3 of the zombies will attack you. The shells are on 
the floor, and the arrows are on the desk. In the 2nd room, the grenades are 
in the locker. Go through the hole in the wall, then through the door. 1 
zombie here to kill, then go down the ladder.

D.	Boiler Room
Enemies – 4 Zombies, 1 Hunter

Hit the switch to turn on the fan. 4 zombies are in here. Go up the small 
stairway, then through the door. Kill the Hunter, then go through the red 

E.	Record Room
Items – Chemical #2, Gun Modifier
Enemies – 2 Hunters

Get the chemical off the shelf, then mix the 2 chemicals together. Get the 
modifier off the desk. Exit. Go to the MTF Courtyard, then to the cargo 
elevator on the left. 2 Hunters will attack.

10.	Airport

A. Storage Room
Note – Save Point

Go through to the next room.

B.	Elevator Room
Items – Shotgun Shells
Enemies – 1 Hunter, 3 Zombies

Go up the elevator. Go through the door to the controls. Run across the bridge 
into the next room. There's a puzzle here. You need to get the bottom bottle 
filled to 10, and you have 2 bottles (3 & 5) to mix it up. Once done, 3 
zombies will attack. Behind them are the shells. Go back to the storage room, 
lowering the bridge on your way.

C.   Dock Door 2
Enemies – 1 Hunter

D.	Receptionist Room
Items – Ink Ribbon
Enemies – 3 Zombies

Ink Ribbon is on the box. 3 zombies in the room. 1 has a gas pack on it's 
back, and the others having glowing red eyes (looks cool when they're moving).

E.	Dock Door 1
Enemies – 1 Hunter, 2 Poison Hunters

Power down the computer. Take the 3 medallions from the console. Head back to 
the secret room on the 1st floor. 2 Poion Hunters are in the MTF Courtyard.

11.	MTF 1st Floor (2)

A.	Secret Room
Items – Green Herb, Shotgun Shells (2)

Put the medallions into the slots by the door. Pull the lever to move the 
model table back, showing a ladder. To the left of the ladder are the herb and 
shells. Go down the ladder.

12.	MTF 1st Floor Basement

A.	"L" Hallway
Items – Green Herb, Grenades
Enemies – 2 Spiders

The spiders are in the ceiling. The herb and grenades are in the corner. Go 
down the ladder.

13.	MTF 2nd Floor Basement

A.	"U" Hallway
Items – Green Herb (2), Blue Herb, Handgun Bullets, Blue & Gold Shield.
Enemies – Albinoid

The herbs are in the hallway corner. Go into the next room to see the shield 
in a pool with the albinoid. Either kill it, or have a few herbs with you, 
jump in the pool and get the shield. Go back to the MTF 1st Floor Basement.

14.	MTF 1st Floor Basement (2)

A.	"U" Hallway
Mix the chemicals and the shield toghether to the the gold key. Use the key in 
the door. Another cinema with a harrier jet, and Chris goes to the Antartic.

15.	Antartic Transport Terminal

A.	1st Floor Basement

Exit the 1st room to see Claire's plane. There's a tentacle on the ground. 
Shoot it a few times to make it disappear. Go down the ladder. Go down the 
stairs to the hallway, then the office.

B.	Office
Items – Puzzle cube, Book, Ink Ribbon

Use the gold key in the pillar to open the cabinet. Get the puzzle cube and 
book. Ink ribbon is on the desk. Head to the "U" Hallway, then into the caged 
room (watch the spider under the ice).

C.	Caged Room
Items – Pipe Wheel, Suitcase, Shotgun Shells
Enemies – 8 Zombies

3 zombies in the caged room. Get the suitcase and shells from the cage. Go 
into the other door of the "U" Hallway. Get the pips wheel from where Claire 
put it. About 5 zombise break out of the ice. Get back to the "U" Hallway.

D.	"U" Hallway
Enemies – 1 Hunter

Run across the other side of the hallway, climb onto the ice, then up the 
other broken walkway. Go into the first door. Cinema of a Robot Seeker. A 
hunter attacks. Go to the end then into the elevator.

E.	5th Floor Basement
Items – Blue Herb, Green Herb (2)
Enemies – 7 Zombies

Go across to the frozen hallway. & zombies in here. The herbs are by the 
doorway. Go into the door on your left.

F.	Generator Room
Items – Blue Herb, Green Herb (2), Handgun Bullets (2), Ink Ribbon, Shotgun 
Note – Save Point

Use the pipe wheel at the green light. Turn the knob to turn on the power. The 
herbs are in a corner, the bullets are on a table, the shells are on a chair. 
Exit and go into the right door.

G.	Water Garden
Items – Dragonfly Wing (2), Green Herb
Enemies – 1 Poison Hunter

The hunter will come right at you. Go around to the carousel for the 1st wing. 
The other is in the water by the fountain. The herb is next to the door. Go in 
the door.

H.	Foyer 
Items – Knife

This looks vaguely familiar ( I dunno…RE1???). If you don't have your knife, 
go to the 2nd floor and get it in the middle of the floor. Go back downstairs, 
then behind the stairs. Use the knife, a cinema of Chris and Claire being 
reunited. Go back to the hallway outside the generator room, and through the 
other door.

I.	Gallery
Items – Shotgun Shells, Handgun Bullets, Map, Adaptor, Magnum Bullets

Shells and bullets are on the table. Push the statue over the cracked square. 
The statue will fall and you cang et the map. Walk into the little room, and 
around to the tiger statue. When you take the blue eye, you get the adaptor. 
When you take the red eye, you get the magnum bullets.  Go into the elevator.

16.	A.T.T. 6th Floor Basement

A. Ant Hive
Items – Dragonfly Wing, Green Herb (4), Note, Handgun Bullets
Enemies – 2 Zombies

Walk down the hall and look at the Giant Ant Hive. Get the wing in front of 
it. Green Herb next to the right door. Go through the door and get the note. 2 
Herbs in front of the painting. Go through the side door, and say "hi" to 2 
zombies. Go to the other side of the hive. Another herb by this door. Go in. 
Bullets are on the desk.

B.	6th Floor Lab
Items – Note, Blue jewel

Get the note by the computer. Go to the back area and to the right. Puzzle 
time again. The answer is :

AA, Crown, Heart, Spade

Put the puzzle cube into the cabinets. A cinema of Alfred falling out from a 
tube. Get his ring. View it and get the blue jewel. Go back up to the 1st 
Floor Basement.

17.	A.T.T. 1st Floor Basement

A.	Computer Room
Items – Key, Blood Bag, Magnum
Enemies – 1 Poison Hunter, 3 Zombies

Avoid the seekers and go into the door on the right. Press the blue button to 
raise the crane. Recharge the fire extinguisher here. Go down the elevator. 
Kill the zombies, get the blood bag off the shelf. Use the extinguisher to put 
out the fire and get the Magnum. Go back up, and go up the other elevator. Use 
the pipe wheel here to drain the water. Go down and get the key. The hunter 
will crash through the glass. Kill him. Go back to Claire, and see a cinema of 
Chris curing Claire.


1. A.T.T. 4th Floor Basement

A.	Office
Items – Green Herb, Red herb, Handgun Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Flame Grenades, 
Acid Grenades

The herbs are next to the door. The bullets are on the table. The shells are 
on the couch. Go to the item box, get the suitcase, open it for more magnum 
bullets. Go through the next door. Push the shelf to the right, and put the 
shotgun onto the rack to show Flame and Acid Grenades. Go through the door.

B.	"L" Hallway 
Items – Arrows, Grenades

Push the 3rd case to get the arrows. On the 2nd set, push the 2nd shelf for 
the grenades. Go through the door.

C.	Prison Area
Items – Emergency Destruct Card, Arrows (2)
Enemies – 1 Zombie

Run down the corridor and up the small stairs. Go into the cage for the 
arrows. You'll see a cannon with a book next to it. Get the book and lower the 
cannon for the card-in-a-ball. Avoid the smasher when going for the ball. Get 
the ball. When the smasher is up, Run under it, and put the ball into the 
circle there. After it smashes and show the card, run under the smasher again 
and get the card to lock the device in place. Go back to the beginning of the 
hallway, and enter the door to it's left.

D.	Knight Hallway

Walk to the end, and see Steve tied up where the Poison Tyrant was. Steve gets 
an acne problem. Turn around and run out the hallway as quick as you can (I 
recommend having 2 full herbs with you). Then a big cinema of Steve breaking 
through, and a snake attacking Claire. Steve rescues her, then we have another 
emmy-award winning sob scene.


Scene opens with Wesker trying to join Alexia. Nice CGI scene (closest thing 
to nudity I've seen in a game, not including hentai).

A.	Foyer
Items – Red Jewel
Enemies – Alexia

Simple strategy. Avoid Alexia and her blood while shooting her. After a few 
shots, she will fall. Get the ring, view it for the red jewel. Go to the 1st 
floor basement.

B.	1st Floor Basement
Items – Green Jewel
Enemies – Giant Spider

Go into the "U" Hallway, around to the far side, and into the crane control 
room. Raise the crane and see the Poison Tyrant. The giant spider then 
attacks. Kill it and go onto the ice near the tyrant. Get the green jewel 
there. Go back to the foyer.

C.	Foyer (2)

GO to the top of the stairs to the painting. Put the 3 jewels into it to 
reveal a secret door. Go into it.

D.	"Y" Corridor
Items – Green herbs (2)
Enemies – 4 Zombies

The herbs are in the left corridor. The zombies are spread out throughout the 
hallway. Go into the first door on the right.

E.	Computer Room
Items – Green Herbs (2), Note, Handgun Bullets, Dragonfly Wing

The herbs are by the stairs. Go to the left terminal for the note. Go down the 
elevator. Bullets are between the tubes. Push the blue button to get the 4th 
wing. Go back up the elevator, then up the small stairs to unlock the door. Go 
back to the "Y" Corridor and through the 1st door in the left side corridor.

F.	"Y" Corridor Office
Items – health Spray, Key, Ink Ribbon, Shotgun Shells

The spray's in the robe. The key and ink ribbon are in the desk. The shells 
are next to the desk. Go to the foyer, use the key in the double door to 
unlock it. Go to the Generator Room, and turn off the power. Then go to the 
tiger statue and get it's eyes. Go back to the "Y" Corridor and into the left 
corridor. Head into the 2nd door.

G.	Bedroom
Items – Music Wheel

In the 1st bedroom, us the blue eye on the music box. Go through the statue 
door to the other bedroom. Close the player and use the red eye. Get the music 
wheel. Put the wheel into the 1st bedroom player. A Ladder will drop over the 
bed. Go up it.

H.	Meeting Room
Items – Handgun Bullets, Green Herb (2), Dragonfly Key, Ink Ribbon

The bullets are on the table. The herbs are in a corner. The ink ribbon is on 
the 1st shelf by opposite the ladder. The Dragonfly Key is in a jar on the 
table. Mix the key and wings together. Exit, go into the computer room, up the 
small stairs. Head to the prison area.

I.	Prison Area (2)

Cinema with Claire. Run across then up the large stairs. Use the Dragonfly Key 
on the 1st door. Go in.

J.	Command Center
Items – Green herb
Enemies – 2 Zombies

The zombies are in 2 hallways. The herb is in the raised platform's corner. 
Open the book Claire gave you to get the Destruct Card. Use it in the control 
panel. When asked for a code, enter "VERONICA" (if you didn't know this, you 
haven't been paying attention to the game's name). You then get the 
traditional RE countdown of 5 minutes. Exit, cinema with Claire unlocking the 
final weapon. Alexia will attack Claire. You MUST shoot Alexia before she 
touches Claire. Alexia transforms, then you fight. You need to waste time 
until the weapon is fully charged. Alexia "births" these annoying creatures 
that attack and poison you. They seem endless. You must keep shooting at 
Alexia until the BOW Weapon is ready. Once you get it, she will go through a 
final transformation. Get the weapon then shoot Alexia. All it takes is one 
shot, but you can't waste time, cause she'll come after you.

Then enjoy the ending….and wait for Resident Zero coming for the N64.

Cain007 for the 7 pictures code

PSX Otaku for the 3rd medallion

Ravensong, gouki13, and amitas for the dragonfly key code (I had about 40 
responses to this inquiry, they were the first ones to respond to it (it was 
actually about 5 minutes after the update was posted). My apologies to the 
others who weren't named on this.

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