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Walkthrough (JP) by Caz

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/29/99

  Biohazard 2: Code Veronica TRIAL DEMO 
  Walkthrough written by Caz (cdondoya@uci.edu)
  Version 1.1 (99.12.29)

Note: Since this is a simple Walkthrough, I 
won't bother with future revisions (except 
for this last time where I'm including the 
info on where the bow gun was). I'll just 
include the relevant information as needed 
for the trial demo. This walkthrough was 
initially submitted to GameFaqs and is 
intended to have exclusivity there; if this 
walkthrough appears elsewhere, then I most 
likely gave the party of request permission 
to post my walkthrough at another site other 
than GameFaqs. Please, ask me before you 
even try to post this walkthrough on your 
site. Thanks.

  a. Changes Log
  b. The Jail Cell
  c. The Graveyard
  d. Enter Steve Burnside
  e. The Barracks
  f. Guillotine Yard
  g. Cerberos
  h. Back to the Graveyard
  i. The Bridge
  j. The Ashford Courtyard
  k. The Ashford Mansion
  l. The Antiques Museum
  m. Enter Alfred Ashford
  n. Alfred's Office
  o. The Solution to the Cryptic Clock
  p. Credits
  q. Copyright Information

a. Changes Log
   -99.12.23: initial walkthrough [size=19k]
   -99.12.29: added bow gun info and modified 
              "The Bridge" section; actual 
              proof-reading also took place

b. The Jail Cell
   Once you've watched the introductory FMV, 
   you'll end up in a jail cell. The guard 
   who took you there (now wounded at the 
   stomach because of a melee that happened 
   outside just minutes ago) will walk in 
   and approach your cell.

   The jail cell is dark, so your first task 
   is to go to your inventory screen (default 
   button is B) and select the LIGHTER as your 
   current equipment at hand. When you ignite 
   lighter, you will see your captor's face. 
   He will retreat to his seat, take out a 
   bottle of empty painkillers and throw it 
   down in disgust. He tells you to leave the 
   complex, so that's what you'll do next. 
   In the cell, there is a green herb that 
   you can pick up located at the bottom 
   right corner of the screen. Right after 
   you walk out of the cell, there will be 
   a box of bullets to your right. Don't 
   forget to pick up the knife that's sitting 
   on the table.

   Proceed to the outside and pick up another 
   box of bullets on the ground next to the 
   typewriter (you can't save your game in the 
   demo so don't bother). Head down the hallway 
   and go up the stairs leading to the surface. 

c. The Graveyard
   Once at the surface, make your way around 
   the truck and past the tombstones to the 
   other side of the yard (your goal is to make 
   it to the gates). It won't be long until you 
   trigger an event where the truck explodes, an 
   attache case falls out (you can't get it yet 
   since it's surrounded by fire), and a burning 
   zombie from the truck begins to make its way 
   towards you. After that, more zombies will 
   dig up from underneath you and try to attack. 
   At this point, you only have a knife, and it's 
   best to just run around the two zombies in 
   front of you until you make it to the gate. 
   Most likely, you'll be bitten by the two 
   zombies. Just shrug them off and don't worry 
   about the bites (they pose no threat to your 
   health at this time). Proceed to the gate.

d. Enter Steve Burnside
   You'll find the other side of the burning 
   truck and a corpse right next to it. You'll 
   also notice that there's a gun next to the 
   corpse. Move closer and you'll be bombarded 
   by a rain of machine gun fire from above. 
   The next minute or two will be in auto-
   sequence, so just sit back and watch the 
   story unfold. After you've been introduced 
   to Steve (who suspiciously resembles Leo 
   DiCaprio), go back to the corpse and search 
   it for a box of bullets. You'll need them 
   for your new gun that you just picked up. 
   From where you're at, there'll be a gate 
   to the far right of the truck where you'll 
   need an eagle-crested emblem to open it (so 
   go back to that later) and another gate that 
   you can readily open that's to the far front 
   of the truck. Enter the gate.

e. The Barracks
   There's nothing outside the barracks at 
   this point except the green herb that's 
   sitting at end of the porch. After getting 
   that, head inside the barracks. Once inside, 
   you'll encounter a group of zombies. Shoot 
   them all and get everything available in the 
   cafeteria. The items are: 
     -a box of bullets in the cabinet
     -a green herb on the elevated portion of 
      the cafeteria
   Do the smart thing and mix all your herbs 
   so that you have space in your inventory. 
   Now, head to the door of the next room 
   which will be the dormitory. Inside, there 
   will be a couple of corpses on the bunk 
   beds. There will be a blue book that you 
   can pick up, but since you're reading this 
   FAQ, you don't really need it (besides... 
   it's only informative if you can read 
   Japanese). Head around the corner and go 
   the the shower area. Pick up the box of 
   bullets near the corpse at the last shower 
   stall and head back to the window where 
   the banging zombie awaits you. Once you 
   pick up the bullets on the shelf, the 
   zombie will break through the window and 
   attack. In the process, it'll drop two 
   M-100 "uzis". First thing is to cap this 
   zombie as fast as you can until it falls 
   down. Once it does, pick up M-100's and 
   use them to knock down all the other 
   zombies who have awakened (two from the 
   bunkbeds, one from the shower stall, and 
   the one that popped out from the window). 
   If you like, you can choose to shoot the 
   zombies till they fall once and run around 
   them to save your bullets. When you make it 
   back to the cafeteria, more zombies await 
   you. However, you need not waste your 
   bullets, so just head out the door. Once 
   you return to the outside, step off the 
   porch and you'll notice that something 
   underneath the porch is watching you. Don't 
   worry for now. Go around the barracks. 
   You'll come across a corpse being dragged 
   underneath the building. Forget you saw that 
   and move to the gate that's at the end of 
   your path. 

f. Guillotine Yard
   There will be three zombies in your 
   immediate scope and two more behind the 
   fenced enclosure. Just worry about the 
   zombies approaching you. Shoot them and 
   head to the building in front. You'll 
   notice that there's a garage panel with a 
   red light. That means it won't open until 
   it turns green. That's what you'll do next. 
   Go the door that to the far right of the 
   garage door panel.

   Inside the building, you'll come across a 
   metal detector that won't let you pass until 
   you put away ALL your metallic carry-ons. 
   This includes the lighter, so put that away 
   too. If you don't heed this warning, the 
   panels will close stopping you from going to 
   the next room. If the alarm does go off, simply 
   go the panel next to metal detector and flip 
   the switch to make everything normal again. 
   Head down to the next room.

   In this room, you'll find another metal 
   detector and a 3D Engraving machine. Inside 
   this room, there'll be a piece of paper that 
   you can pick up (instructions on how to use 
   the 3D Engraver), a can of First Aid, and a
   bazooka flame round. The only thing you need 
   to pick up is the First Aid can and use it 
   if you must. You shouldn't take the flame
   round since 1) There's no bazooka in this 
   demo, and 2) the metal detector won't allow 
   you to carry it elsewhere. Your first job 
   here is to go to the 3D Engraver panel and 
   turn the machine on. The tray will open and 
   your next job is to find the item to put 
   inside the tray. So, go the door of the next 
   room and you'll find Steve typing away on a 
   computer. Sit and watch the story unfold. 
   After Steve leaves, go the panel on the wall 
   that he was playing with and flip the switch 
   so that the 4 lights on this control panel 
   turn green. This is so that garage door 
   outside will become accessible. Now, go the 
   computer terminal and search the desk. One 
   of the drawers will reveal an Eagle Emblem 
   that you'll need to open that gate next to 
   the burning truck back in the very beginning. 
   However, you can't take this Eagle Emblem 
   outside this building because it's made of 
   metal (remember the metal detectors?). So, 
   your job is to put this Eagle Emblem inside 
   the 3D Engraver tray so that it can be 
   scanned by the machine. Now, once you've done 
   that, head back to the first metal detector 
   and get your belongings. Run back to the 
   door and flip the switch to open the garage. 
   You'll find two zombies inside the garage and 
   two more will attack from behind (they broke 
   through the fence). Shoot them all down and 
   get the Fire Extinguisher in the garage. Now, 
   head to the fenced enclosure and go in front 
   of the guillotine where a silver key lies. 
   Get it and head back out to the barracks area. 
g. Cerberos
   Once you make your way around the barracks, 
   two zombie dogs will attack you from the front 
   and behind. Use your M-100's to take care of 
   them quickly. Now, head around to the front. 
   With the silver key that you found next to the 
   guillotine, use it to open the padlock on the 
   fence gate. This way, you don't have to run 
   around the barracks area again (it's a short-
   cut). Now, head out to main gate and go the 
   graveyard. On your way to the graveyard, just 
   run around the two zombies eating away on the 
   dead corpse next to the burning truck.

h. Back to the Graveyard
   Once you get to the graveyard itself, shoot 
   down all the zombies with the M-100's. Now, 
   go to the front of the truck and use the Fire 
   Extinguisher. You can now pick up the attache 
   case. It won't be useful until you examine it, 
   so do that. The examine option is the second 
   of the three options: 
   Upon examination, tilt the attache case to 
   the opening point of the case (where you can 
   see the red button). Examine it further and 
   the case will open, revealing a piece of TG-01 
   plastic. What's this good for? This TG-01 mold 
   is what you'll use on the 3D engraving machine 
   so that you will make a replica of the Eagle 
   Emblem. That way, you can take the replica 
   emblem without the metal detector stopping you. 

   Now that you have the TG-01, head back to the 
   building that houses the 3D Engraving machine. 
   Don't forget to use the shortcut (the fence gate 
   that you just unlocked with the silver key). 
   Again, at the first metal detector, unload all 
   your metal items except your herbs and the TG-01 
   plastic. Head to the 3D Engraver. Go to the right 
   side of the machine where the plotter sits and 
   go to the inventory screen and USE your TG-01 
   plastic. In a few seconds, a replica of the 
   Eagle Emblem will be made. Get it. You'll hear 
   glass breaking and the zombies have just busted 
   through the windows. Go and skillfully run around 
   the zombies. If you get bitten, shrug them off 
   and continue your way to the first metal detector. 
   Get your belongings and head out the door (don't 
   bother to shoot the zombies). Now, head back to 
   the once burning truck (there place where you 
   first met Steve) and use the replica emblem on 
   the large gate. BTW, dodge the zombies and save 
   your bullets on your way to the large gate.

i. The Bridge
   Here, you'll find an MP jeep blocking your path. 
   Go around the bridge and head back to the jeep 
   so that you can take the box of bullets inside. 
   At the end of the bridge, there'll be some green 
   herbs. Get them and mix them. Now, go to the large 
   silver crates. Move the farthest crate towards 
   the other two crates so that you make a platform 
   for you to step on. Now, head up the flight of 
   stairs. At the top, you'll notice "Farmer John" 
   zombie and friends. 

   [how to get the bow gun, pointed out by Zbo@aol.com]
   After rushing this portion of the game, I missed 
   the door that's to the far right of "Farmer John" 
   zombie. Here's how to get the bow gun from Zbo's 
   own description:
     "Next, at the top of the stairs is the zombie in 
      overalls and a zombie with a hat on. There are
      also flaming barrels. If you walk straight, you 
      are on the way to the Mansion, but before that, 
      you can walk to the right and go through a door.
      There is double doors next to it you can't go 
      through, but the single door you can. This 
      brings you to a little are with three dogs. 
      Kill the dogs and go in the door to your right. 
      Here you are in a lobby where there are three 
      doors you can go in. Two on the lower level, one 
      on the upper level. The upper level door has a 
      lab (with cut scene), which you can't get into, 
      and the Bow Gun. Next, return to the lobby and 
      go through the door at the back. This room has 
      zombies and lockers. Two lockers hold arrows, 
      as does the dead guy near the door at the end 
      of this room. This door brings you to a room
      with a sauna and a pool, and two zombies roaming 
      around. In the pool, there is a wheel you can turn 
      to lower the water level. After it is turned you 
      can get the key on the pool floor. After getting 
      the key, go back to the lobby and go through the 
      other door. Here, there are three zombies, two 
      walking around, one playing dead. There are also 
      arrows in here and a side room. Go in the side 
      room, watch out for the zombie, and use the key 
      you got out of the pool on the locker at the back 
      of this room. Opening the locker gets you explosive 
      arrows." -Zbo@aol.com

   After you've done that (if you bothered in having the 
   Bow Gun... IMO, I suggest you get that since you get 
   to see the most out of this game and see everything 
   there needs to be seen in this demo), you'll now 
   head your way towards the Ashford Mansion area. To 
   get there, consider the part where you went up the 
   flight of stairs where you first met "Farmer John" 
   zombie and company. You went to the far right door 
   in order to get the bow gun. If you backtracked and 
   went back from this point, all you have to do is 
   head straight. Dodge the zombies. Only use the guns 
   if you feel you can't run around the zombies. With 
   so much firepower at hand (assuming you picked up 
   the Bow Gun), you really have nothing to worry 
   about. At the end of the path, there'll be steps 
   leading up to the courtyard. Go up the steps. 

j. The Ashford Courtyard
   You'll find two or three cerberos dogs run 
   towards you. Cap them with the M-100's and head 
   to the middle of the courtyard. Here, there'll 
   be three paths from where you came from: a path 
   to the left (a dead end), a path ahead (leads 
   to the lower-level submarine dock), and a path 
   to the right (the entrance to the Ashord mansion). 
   First, head to the path ahead and go down to the
   lower-level where the submarine dock is located. 
   In this demo, you can't access the submarine 
   sequence, so just run around to where there is 
   a room underneath the staircase from where you 
   just came from. Inside, there'll be a box of 
   bullets and a can of First Aid. Near the actual 
   submarine dock, you can also pick up bow gun 
   ammo. You should now have plenty of ammo for 
   your bow gun (it's not like you'll end up using 
   all of it for this demo).  Now head back up to 
   the surface courtyard and go to the entrance of 
   the Ashford mansion. 

k. The Ashford Mansion
   Inside, there'll be a check-in lounge, two doors 
   (one of which is locked), a staircase leading 
   the second level of the mansion. At the lobby 
   desk, there'll be a box of bullets for you to 
   take. The computer terminal is for employees 
   only, so unless you know the password, come back 
   to the machine later. By going to the light-blue 
   colored door near the entrance of the mansion, 
   there should be a can of First Aid on the sink. 
   There will be four bats waiting for you if you 
   inside, so have your gun pointed and ready if 
   you decide to get that can of First Aid. At 
   this point, you have nothing else to do but 
   to go up the stairs.

   To the left of the big painting, there's a door 
   that is not accessible through this demo. To the 
   right of the painting, there will be a "safe 
   room" that you can go into. Enter that room. 
   Inside, there'll be an item box where you can 
   store the items that you don't feel like taking 
   along with you. At this point, you should have 
   only the following items:
     -the M-100's or the Bow Gun (with arrows)
     -the standard pistol (optional, if you must)
     -box of bullets (if you take the pistol)
     -ONE can of First Aid *OR* a mix of herbs
   That's it. Don't take more than you need and 
   make sure you have two spaces available in 
   your inventory. Near the chest, there'll be 
   a box of bullets on the shelf. Get that. Go 
   to the couches and you'll find a pamphlet
   (just ingore that and head to the door with 
   the gun insignias). On the door, you'll notice 
   that there is a carving of two old pistols 
   engraved on the door. You can't open it till 
   you find those pistols. In the meantime, you'll 
   find that there's an object shining beneath the 
   chest next to you. Move the chest over and you 
   will get an employee ID card. Take it. Now, 
   examine the card and turn it around to the 
   backside to find the ID number. The number 
   should be:
   Once you get that ID number, you don't need 
   the ID card anymore, so just put that away 
   in the item box. Now, head back out and down 
   the stairs to the lobby desk where the computer 
   terminal is. With the ID number, type it in 
   and a door should unlock (there's only two 
   doors down there... a light-blue door and a 
   brown door you previously couldn't open). Go 
   through the door. 

l. The Antiques Museum
   Once you go through that door, you'll be in 
   a hallway where a few zombies will attack you. 
   Shoot them down and head to the door straight 
   ahead. Don't turn to the door on the right- 
   hand side of the corridor because it won't 
   open. Once you go through the main door, you'll 
   enter an antique museum of sorts that houses a 
   few relics from the Ashford family collection. 
   The only items that'll be of use are the box of 
   bullets on the table and the two golden pistols 
   in the back of the room. There is a backroom 
   where there is a showcase of old antique guns 
   and rifles. However, the only ones of use to you 
   will be the two golden pistols on the wall. Get 
   the pistols and head back to the main lobby.

m. Enter Alfred Ashford
   Once you get back to the main lobby, a laser 
   will travel up to your forehead. Now sit back 
   and watch the story unfold. After you sit 
   through Alfred's rants, you'll have to make 
   your way back up the stairs and back inside 
   the "safe room". Once you get inside the room, 
   place the two golden pistols on the door with 
   the engraved pistol carvings. The door will 
   now open. Go inside. 

n. Aflred's Office
   This, supposedly is Alfred's den or office. 
   In the back of the room, there's a computer 
   terminal asking for a password. When you turn 
   the computer on, it'll pan to the cryptic 
   clock of sorts. Two buttons on that cryptic 
   clock will now glow green. On the table, you'll 
   find some papers that reveal the password to the 
   computer. If you don't want to be spoiled and 
   find the password on your own, then I'll place 
   the solutions at the end of this walkthrough. 
   For now, here are the instructions:
     1. First number is when you press the left 
        button first, then the right button. 
     2. Second number is when you press the left 
        button once.
     3. Third number is when you press the right 
        button once. 
     4. Fourth number is when you press the right 
        button three times.
   To get the numbers, you have to input all the 
   commands in sequence. For example, this means 
   that when you press the left button, then the 
   right, then whatever number that appears on the 
   dial is the first number of the password. Then 
   if you press the left button once, whatever 
   number that comes up is the second number of 
   the password. Then if you press the right 
   button once, the dial will show you the third 
   number of the password. Finally, if you press 
   the right button three times, the number on the
   dial will be the fourth number of the password. 
   In total, the password is four digits in length 
   (four characters for you to type in). Again, if 
   you give up, the solution will be at the end of 
   this walkthrough.

   Now, head to the cryptic clock and input the 
   commands as shown above. If done correctly, you 
   will get the four numbers. Now, head to the 
   computer terminal and input the four-digit code. 
   If done correctly, the cryptic clock will move 
   aside and open up a path that leads to a secret 
   passage. However, a mutated freak will bust 
   through the big window and attack you. All it 
   needs is five or six shots of the M-100's and 
   it will fall. You don't need to heal, as you're 
   almost done with this demo. Now, go through 
   the secret passageway. At the end of the hall-
   way, you'll go through a door. You'll now be 
   on a covered bridge that leads to a castle of 
   sorts (sounds like Castlevania, doesn't it?). 
   Make your way to the end of the bridge and your 
   demo play is now finished. Now, just sit back 
   and watch the previews of what's in store for 
   you come February 3, 2000. Enjoy.

o. The Solution to the Cryptic Clock
     -The first number is 1.
     -The second number is 9.
     -The third number is 7. 
     -The fourth number is 1.
   The significance of 1971 may be the year that 
   one of the engineers or founders of the 
   Biohazard series was born.

p. Credits
   -Caz (C. Dondoyano, cdondoya@uci.edu)
    +author of this walkthrough
    +supplied info on where the bow gun was
     and the area leading to it
   -Capcom of Japan (http://www.capcom.co.jp)
    +creators of the game
   -MagicBox (http://come.to/magicbox)
    +supplied last name for Steve

q. Copyright Information
   This walkthrough is a copyright of Caz, 1999. 
   All characters, names, and related trademarks 
   are copyrights of Capcom. No part of this 
   walkthrough may be used, printed, or PUBLISHED 
   (especially on any online or printed magazine) 
   without my prior consent. I'll hunt you down 
   and claim your first-born. No kidding. If you 
   plan to use this walkthrough to make your own 
   FAQ, then please give credit to those where 
   it is appropriate. Then again, this is a demo 
   walkthrough and I see no reason why you have 
   to make a FAQ. ^_^

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