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Battle Game Efficiency Guide by EntityGM

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/28/02

                   Resident Evil Code: Veronica
                   Battle Game Efficiency Guide
                       written by NinjaRyu
                           version 1.0
                    September 28, 2002, 3:30am


01. Intro
02. Legal info
03. General Battle Game tips
04a. Chris Tips
04b. Chris Guide
05a. Claire A Tips
05b. Claire A Guide
06a. Claire B Tips
06b. Claire B Guide
07a. Steve Tips
07b. Steve Guide
08a. Wesker Tips
08b. Wesker Guide
09. Personal Bests
10. Secrets
11. Revision History
12. Thanks
13. Contact

01. Intro

Right, so Code Veronica has been out over 2 years as of publication of 
this article.  Why, then, am I bothering to write a guide about 
something that's already been covered in great detail before?  I guess 
because I'm an insomniac who doesn't feel like playing through Resident 
Evil for the GameCube yet again right now.  Actually I was considering 
writing a guide for this certain method of playing through the main 
game I have (exclusive weapons, for one) but got drawn into battle game 

After looking through several battle game FAQs I noticed a lack of 
strategies in certain places, such as people who had never taken on 
Tyrant in alternate Claire without the anti-BOW gas rounds, and various 
other things.  I felt it would be a good idea to gather all the ideas 
I've seen scattered about in various other along with my own experience 
and insight into the game and methods for approaching it into one  

The truth is I don't even like Code Veronica that much, it's by far my 
least favorite of the main Resident Evil series ("Resident Evil: 
Survivor - It's like Kraft Cheese Slices or Cheeze Whiz, they aren't 
actually real cheese they are cheese _products_"), but on a whim I 
picked up the game again today and decided to play through it.

I don't know what it is about this battle game, it's very simple, it 
isn't about survival, yet I still find it great fun.  I'd say it's the 
arcade-style challenge of it, trying to get the modern-day equivalent 
of the high score.  Whatever the case, after about my 5th battle game 
tonight I decided I should do something constructive.

02. Legal Info

I hate having to put this here, but unfortunately people do rip off 
other people's work.  This guide is copyright 2002 Devin King aka 
"NinjaRyu" and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any for-
profit publication including magazines, guides, etc. without the prior 
written consent of the author.  This guide was written specifically for 
www.gamefaqs.com and reproduction on any other sites is prohibited 
unless express permission is given by the author.  This document in 
protected by international copyright law.  

Seriously, don't rip off other people's work.  Though writing this was 
enjoyable (as making a guide should be), having someone else take 
credit for my work would still be upsetting, illegal and dishonest.  
Just don't do it.  If you're interested in hosting this guide, then 
email me at the address listed in the contact section at the bottom.

03. General Tips

Battle mode is not a survival game, it's a time challenge.  It's also a 
fine example of the sort of gameplay that makes Resident Evil so 
addictive, playing to best your previous records, arcade-style.  
Anyway, don't waste time picking up items, switching weapons or healing 
unless you really need to.

Though you shouldn't need to heal often, keep yourself healthy if you 
do take damage.  The increased agility from being in fine condition 
will help your time marginally

Learn to aim while shooting by tapping L repeatedly.  This is useful 
not only for switching targets when one dies, but also for tracking a 
moving target you can't see.

Ignore the slot machine unless you're playing as Wesker, or if you're 
feeling lucky as alternate Claire.  My best time with alt. Claire was 
using the AK-47, as you save a couple dozen seconds by not entering the 
slot machine room.

In those instances when you do need to switch weapons or use herbs, go 
through the motions as quickly as you can to save precious seconds.  
Try to save healing for those times when you need to switch weapons so 
you can do both at once.

When killing an enemy near the exit, wait until you hear the *thump* of 
the body hitting the floor when they die, otherwise you'll get the 
message about enemies still being alive, which wastes time.

I play this game in third person exclusively, so if you have any 
trouble playing it in first person, I'm not the one to ask for help, 

04a. Chris Tips

Unless you're going for added challenge (I understand) equip the magnum 

Chris has an extremely tight time budget.  The magnum clears rooms with 
vicious efficiency, but this is not enough.  In order to get a good 
time, don't pick up _anything_, and only go into the inventory screen 
to equip the magnum at the start or to heal yourself if in dire need.  
If you approach this right you shouldn't need to use a single herb.

The boss's little tentacle monsters can be a pain here, though not as 
much as in the main game.  Because the magnum doesn't require 
reloading, just fire away and heal when you think you need it, this 
saves some time, though they are still annoying.  Check the guide for 
my detailed strategy to deal with them.

04b. Chris Guide

Equip the magnum straight away, this is probably the only weapon you'll 
be using.  If you want an added challenge try playing his whole game 
with just the shotgun, though.  Aim, fire, run to the corner, kill two, 
run down the hall a short way then fire again.

Hit the barrel, then fire at the mass of zombies.  You should be able 
to take out 2 or so with the first couple shots, then hit the 
remainder.  As you approach the door, aim at the crawler and fire a 
single shot, but don't try the door until he collapses or  you'll waste 
time as the message pops up.

Fire, switch, fire.  Run to the end, fire again.

Kill the 3 zombies Chris can hit from here.  Sometimes the one in the 
hallway is a pain so move closer before firing if needed.  Head into 
the reddish hallway; at the corner stop and kill two more zombies.

Fire right away, go downstairs, fire many more times, then leave.

Kill the first hunter, then tap L like a madman and try to shoot the 
second before he takes a swipe.

Nail the sweeper before you ever see him.  If you're quick enough the 
other hunter won't even hear (glitch?) and will just keep pacing, so 
round the corners until the central area has an opening, then kill him 
and head up the stairs to exit.

Go for the ultra-close-range headshot, then move away a bit to hit the 
barrel.  Aim at fatty and kill him, likely killing his friend in the 
same shot.  Move down the corridor until you see the one near the door 
then take aim and fire.

BOOM!  After nailing suicide bomber, move down and take out the next 
two guys in one shot.  Head straight down to the end and you should be 
able to hit the crawler and the normal zombie with one shot.  As you 
head back to the exit take out the idiot mulling around near the 

Take out 2-3 zombies with your first shot, then head down.  Be careful 
at the corner, sometimes these guys round it before you get there.  If 
not you can probably hit all 3 with one shot...

There's 4 zombies in the main area around the surgical table, take them 
out in turn.  Don't get careless and take a hit from the fifth near the 

One shot will likely take out the entire corridor, so move down and hit 
the guy around the corner.  Sometimes I can't seem to hit him if he's 
not in-frame, so move toward the exit until you can see him for the 
clean shot.  Forget about the slot machine, we don't need it.

Round the corner and bullseye the hunter before he can even take 
notice.  Do the same for the sweeper that tries to surprise you.  Grab 
a first aid spray from the lockers if you have taken many hits (you 
shouldn't have taken any) or feel you'll need it for the boss.

Move away from the barrels a little then take your shot, which should 
waste everyone here.

This room annoys me, the damn explosion never seems to kill more than 
maybe 2 guys, leaving many stragglers crawling around on the floor.  
Anyway, either aim straight at the explosive zombie then take out the 
survivors, or aim at everyone except him first.

One, two, three dead bandersnatches.  Grab the first aid spray if ya 
want (you may need it) then move into the next room.

Alexia 2/3
OK, right away head to Chris's right and hug the railing, then move as 
close to Alexia as you can get.  By doing this you are cutting off the 
angles of attack for those little buggers.  From here just aim and fire 
away, if you get pushed out of position by a tentacle or one of the 
little crawlers, try to get back to that same position so you don't get 
surrounded.  Also heal occasionally if you need it, though it's 
possible without if you're fast/lucky enough.  After maybe 14 shots 
Alexia will yell and break into the flying form.  Either get up close 
with the magnum, aim up and then tap L immediately followed by fire (to 
acquire and hopefully hit her), or just equip the shotgun and stand 
your ground using the same auto-acquire technique to hit her from afar.  
The flames aren't that damaging, usually I don't bother with healing at 
this point unless I was hurt going in.  If you got through the main 
portion of the game very quickly, not wasting time to heal or pick 
things up, you should get the A just fine.

05a. Claire A Tips
Use the bowgun only unless you want a real challenge by using only the 

Like Chris, Claire has little need for healing.  She also starts with a 
ridiculous number of herbs, so _never_ pick up anything.

Claire can clear a room damn fast, but the arc of the arrows can be 
tricky, learn to compensate against moving enemies by manually aiming a 
little to the side.

You'll probably need to aim down slightly to ensure you hit nearby 
hunters.  Also, don't bother fighting with honor, you shouldn't 
hesitate to fill an enemy full of lead while he's lying on the ground.

05b. Claire A Guide

Go equip that bowgun, then take out the first zombie.  Head to the 
corner, aim, fire, repeat.  Move down the hall so you can hit the final 
zombie before leaving.

Blow the barrel then aim at each zombie in turn.  From this distance 
you can see the way the bolts curve in the air.  If you can hit the 
crawler from afar it will save a couple seconds, if not shoot him then 
exit after he dies.

Four bolts for the first bandersnatch should do, after you've loosed 
that many switch to the other and repeat.  Move down to the corner and 
take out the third one before he gets a chance to hit you.

Kill the first two guys, then move forward and take out the one in the 
corridor.  Head to the corner, take out the remaining two, exit.

Nail the guy who is right in your face, then head downstairs.  Try to 
get a little close before shooting the zombies down here, otherwise 
they may have time to move before your bolts connect.

Fire at the first hunter, then tap L quickly until you acquire the 
second one.  Aim down and fire to stop him in his tracks, then just 
fire at each of them as they stand to kill them off.

Hit the sweeper right away, then run to Claire's left until you see 
him.  Hit him a few times while he's down to ensure he's dead, then 
take aim at the hunter who should be rounding the corner.  Knock him 
down and pump him full of bolts before he can stand up.  Heal if you 
got poisoned or hurt too bad, from here on you shouldn't take any hits.

Pop the zombie and the barrel, then hit fatty and his pal.  Move down 
until you see the one near the door before shooting him, from your 
starting point he is difficult to hit.

Move a little before hitting the nearby zombie, as he is strapped with 
a bomb.  Hit the two that get in your way, stop by the exit door to hit 
the one lumbering on the stairs, then head further down to nail the 
remaining two, including the crawler.

Just tap l, shoot, l, shoot, etc. here to take out the two groups of 3 
zombies.  It may help to manually strafe the zombies as you tap fire to 
ensure you get them quickly.

Run into a more open area and take out the two nearby zombies, then 
move on to kill the big one and another on the left.  Stop near the 
exit to take out the last one.

Fire one shot, move down a little, then pop the barrel.  Take out the 
one around the corner and any who may have survived the explosion.

Go around the corner and fire bolts toward the ground to ensure you hit 
the hunter.  Run up and execute him before he can stand.  Knock the 
sweeper off his feet as he ambushes you and do the same.

Fire one shot at the unseen zombie, then head to the corner.  Kill two 
near you, and head down for the angle to change where you can take out 
the remaining four.

Move forward and left some to be safe, then fire to wipe out the room.

Kill the first guy, switch aim and fire.  If you adjust to the right 
slightly you can hit explosive boy, otherwise the bolt may miss him.  
Take out the survivors before they stand up, then exit.

Fire 4-6 shots as there are two bandersnatches on the left.  Once you 
hear one or two screams, switch to the one of the right and take him 
out with 4 bolts, then move on past the first aid spray (don't waste 
time picking it up).

Did the game ever mention this guy as Nosferatu?  Regardless, this is 
absolute pie with the explosive bolts.  From the start just tap fire 
repeatedly, also tapping L occasionally as you shoot to ensure he 
doesn't move out of the line of fire.  Sometimes the winds are 
unfavorable and carry the gas directly into you, if you want to play it 
safe move to a corner before you open fire.

06a. Claire B Tips

Use the flame rounds, they are overall the best choice for the game.

Don't waste time with the slot machine, by the time you enter the room, 
wait through the animation, pick up the item, and leave, you've already 
wasted almost as much time as you'd save in using the anti-BOW gas 
grenades on the boss (if you even get them).

06b. Claire B Guide

Right away equip the flame rounds.  They are by far the best choice in 
this for a number of reasons, they kill zombies extremely well, 
bandersnatches are very weak against them, and they can hold off 
multiple hunters if you fire them directly into the ground, creating a 
wall of flame.  Use the flame rounds straight up to the boss of this 
unless you stop at the slot machine and luck out with the B.O.W. gas 

Shoot the first zombie you see with the flame rounds, then run near the 
corner to where you can acquire another and kill him (and probably his 
buddy).  Round the corner and run down the hall a short way, then aim 
and fire at the last one here.

Run to Claire's right, a little away from the door, and destroy the 
useless explosive barrel, then run toward the mass of zombies and fire 
until they're all dead.  Fire a final shot toward the exit door and it 
should kill the crawler there, saving you a few seconds as he goes 
through his death animation.

Instantly aim and fire.  The bandersnatch may hit you, but the flame 
round should kill him.  Fire until the two in this area are dead, then 
hug the left wall and run to the far corner, aim and shoot.

Kill the explosive zombie then his buddy, and run toward the lit 
hallway a bit before shooting the one in here.  Before you come around 
the next corner take aim and kill the two annoyances there, then leave.

Aim, fire. Run downstairs for closer shots and give each zombie here a 
round to the chest before heading up the opposite stairs and out.

Hmm, now this is trickier, I often take a hit in this room.  Try to 
fire one shot right away, then switch aim to the other hunter on your 
right.  Fire DOWN into him, sometimes can hit both hunters with one 
shot, and from there just hit them as they stand.  Don't heal yet 
unless you're really hurt.

Fire right away at the sweeper on your left, then fire again if he 
didn't die.  Often he will run directly into the second shot and get 
killed.  A hunter will be rounded the corner so just take him out from 
a distance before moving on.  Use the herb mix in your inventory now if 
you're poisoned or badly hurt.

Kill the nearby zombie, then move back and get the barrel.  Nail fatty 
and a friend behind him with autoaim.  There is another one near the 
exit, but you have to close in on him before you're likely to score a 

Get some distance before you kill explosives boy at the start, and then 
take down the two other nearby zombies.  As you cross the exit door 
(not the elevator) aim and fire at the one coming down the stairs.  
Head back to kill a regular and crawler zombies, then leave.

These guys stack up in the narrow hallway, so you should only need two 
sets of two shots to take down all of them.

Another room needs little explanation, just use auto aim to get 
everyone and be careful not to run into the straggler near the exit.

Fire then close in and hit the explosives barrel.  Run to the corner 
and get the unseen zombie before taking out anyone who managed to 
survive the explosion.  If you aren't going for time (or if you are and 
you're feeling lucky) go through the gray door and try the slot 
machine.  If you get the anti-BOW gas rounds that's great, otherwise 
just move on. 

Two hunters here but they come one at a time and are easily dispatched.  
Make sure to quickly fire down at the sweeper near the exit or you 
might take the hit.

Kill the first zombie, then get to the corner and kill another 2 or 3 
before moving in for the angle to change and taking out the rest.

Move to Claire's left BEFORE firing on the barrel, the combination of 
grenade and barrel is powerful enough to hurt you seriously from this 
range.  It should take out all the enemies in this room for you, if not 
find the survivors before leaving.

Fire once, then switch aim to explosives boy and fire again.  The 
zombie to Claire's right along the starting wall usually survives so 
hit him or whoever lived while they're down, then exit.

Last room before the boss, and its an easy one.  I like to go ahead and 
equip the AK-47 and heal myself now, as the delayed-hit of the flame 
rounds here makes the bandersnatches a bit more annoying to take out.  
Anyway, autoaim to her left and fire until one or both of them die, 
then switch to the other side and do the same.  Head right, grab the 
aid spray if you REALLY think you need it, then move out.

Yes this is the cargo plane version of the Tyrant, and yes he is quite 
capable of killing you.  The snowy, foggy helipad is both an advantage 
and a hindrance.  You can't see very far, so Tyrant may sneak up on 
you, and if you take a hit near the edge you will fall to your death.  
However, the large area to move around in (especially compared to the 
cargo plane) means that with enough patience you'll never take that 
hit.  Run to Claire's left, to the corner, and fire for a bit before 
moving to the next corner (clockwise).  Fire from that corner until you 
can see the Tyrant's outline through the fog as he approaches, then run 
left to the next corner. Hug the edge furthest from the Tyrant and just 
fire away (tapping L to ensure you're still aimed at him).  He should 
fall before he lunges at you, if he does not move to another corner, 
unless he killed you of course.

07a. Steve Tips

I'm not that great with Steve, my times are hardly noteworthy.  
Minesweeper has a great guide for speed with Steve at 

_Concentrate your fire_ by aiming both guns at one target.  Not only is 
this much more damaging, it also makes the headshot technique more 

Learn to get headshots with the lugers by tapping up and almost 
immediately tapping fire.  The gun in Steve's right hand seems to be 
the one that gets headshots most often due to the lower angle he holds 
it at. The further away from the enemy you are, the less time you wait 
between pressing up and fire.

You can't headshot the fat zombies.  Don't worry about it, 3 chest 
shots works fine.

It IS possible to get a double-headshot, but usually only at close 
range where the left-hand gun is still at a relatively low angle.  This 
is useful in spacious rooms with lots of zombies.

A stream of SMG bullets aimed at the ground acts as a nearly 
impenetrable shield against hunters, use it.

When the gulp worm is about to emerge, try to get in _front_ of his 
position.  If you're behind him he won't stay above ground as long, 
wasting time.

Don't be too afraid to pick up a first aid spray or two, Steve doesn't 
have the means of holding off an attack as easily as most of the other 

07b. Steve Guide

Headshot the first zombie then head to the corner as usual.  Try for a 
headshot on the skinny zombie if you want, but it's more reliable to 
just fire straight ahead a few times to drop both him and the fat one.  
Move down and headshot the remaining guy.

Pop the barrel, then move toward the crowd a little.  Start trying for 
as many headshots as you can.  Remember that the right gun fires 
relatively straight, but the left one goes out at something of an 
angle, so take that into consideration when aiming at crowds.  Pop the 
crawler near the door once or twice.  Go ahead and equip the SMGs and 
move into the next room.

This room can be frustrating, just remember that bandersnatches are 
right handed.  Run forward and toward the right wall, hopefully the one 
near it will swing at you, allowing you to squeeze past him.  If the 
other one grabs your head just shake loose and run toward the corner.  
Here dodge past the one in the corridor and run near the door at the 
end.  Then just open fire, all three should succumb in short order.  
Switch back to the lugers.

Shoot the two zombies near the statue with headshots and move toward 
the hall.  I just shoot this guy in the chest, headshots through the 
doorway don't always work.  Shoot the remaining two in the head and 
move on, preparing for a headshot.

Fire at the close zombie immediately, hopefully scoring a headshot.  
You can stay up top if you have trouble scoring headshots, as it makes 
it easier.  Otherwise, go downstairs and get a number of headshots, 
close range seems to work more reliably.  At this range you may even 
get some double shots.  Switch out to the SMGs again.

There are several ways of doing this, but almost all of them are going 
to get you hit a few times.  The key is to find a corner and set up a 
wall of fire so the hunters run into that.  I turn right and run to 
that corner immediately, then aim and open fire, aiming down.  Both 
hunters will run into the fire, scoring a few hits perhaps, but 
eventually dying.  Unless you're on orange/red health don't heal just 

Run forward arcing left (for those idiot reviewers who say 'you can't 
run and turn at the same time in this game', I say you're a full of 
it).  With some luck you will get into the little side area without 
taking a hit from the sweeper.  Once you're against the rubble near 
him, open fire, again aiming down mostly.  As he dies a hunter should 
be on the way, knock him off his feet (bonus for stopping him in mid 
air) and execute him, then switch back to the lugers.

Take out the nearby zombie and maybe the barrel at the same time.  
Several chest shots will down the fatty, allowing you to headshot the 
next one.  Move down the hall a little ways and headshot the final 
zombie here.

Headshot explosion boy, then the two guys on the other side, and move 
down all the way to the end.  Headshot the zombie and shoot the 
crawler.  On your way back headshot the new guy, if he decides to be 
difficult and stay upstairs just shoot him from down here.

Headshots can be difficult here if you aim wrong, tap L until the gun 
in his right hand is aimed forward and try it.  The chest shots are 
nice and powerful as a backup if you're having trouble.

Headshot the two nearby guys, then down fatty normally.  Headshot the 
guy who should be coming into view now, and do the same for the one 
near the exit.

Don't bother headshotting these guys, just fire until the barrel goes.  
Run down, headshot the unseen one around the corner, then take care of 
any survivors before heading on.  I wouldn't bother with the slots.

Switch to the MAC-11 if you want, and just aim down to take out a 
hunter and sweeper in turn.  Because they come one at a time you can 
use the lugers if you can time it so you hit them just before they 
attack each time, but it's risky and probably not worth the time saved.  
Switch back to the lugers and exit.

Shoot or headshot the first zombie and move to the corner.  Hit the two 
nearby, move down for the angle change, and headshot those that remain.  
Be sure that both guns are aimed forward for easier shots.

POP, done.

This is another room where concentrated fire is extremely useful, 
_always_ make sure both guns are aimed at the same zombie.  Headshot 
the first guy then aim at suicide boy.  Headshotting him seems to work, 
as the lugers don't seem to over penetrate enough to set off the bomb.  
Kill the rest with headshots or executions if the bomb went off and 
equip the SMGs before you exit (last weapon switch).

Aim both guns left then open fire until you hear a scream (or two).  
Switch or move your aim to the right and fire on this guy in the same 
manner.  Take out the other guy on the left as needed, and pick up the 
first aid spray if you're low on health and out of herbs.

Gulp Worm
As long as you have one of the herb mixtures left you should be fine.  
Gulp worm isn't so much dangerous as he is time consuming, this is 
mostly a waiting/moving battle.  Keep track of what part of the cave he 
is in, and run away from that area, but not so far you trap yourself.  
When you see the rubble indicating he is about to emerge, try to get in 
front of that area (far in front, of course) so that he will stay up 
and try to attack, giving you more time to damage him.  Shots in the 
mouth (heh) seem to have the greatest effect.  He'll die eventually, 
after having destroyed whatever time you managed to save in the main 
battle.  Like I said, I'm not very good at this one.

08a. Wesker Tips

_Be the aggressor_.  Just because you only have a knife doesn't mean 
you're helpless, quite the opposite in fact.  Wesker is a madman with 
the knife.  Not only can he take an insane amount of punishment in most 
cases, he also has a long reach and a huge swipe.  I've seen him down 4 
zombies at once without so much as a scratch before.  You are the 
aggressor in this mode, play that way.

Time is your friend, you have something like an hour to beat this game 
and still get the A, though 20 minutes seems to be about average.

Get all the healing items you can.  You aren't penalized the same way 
in battle mode for using first aid sprays as in the main game, and I 
don't know that Wesker is penalized for using any amount of them.

Go for the kneecap slashes to down zombies.  Not only does this help 
remove the threat they pose, while they are still alive they serve as 
something of a barricade against other zombies.  Kneecap slashes also 
seem to have a habit of happening in rapid progression (adrenaline 
rush?), helping you down even very close enemies.

_Always_ hit your opponent while he's down, this is the key to 
surviving Wesker's battle game.  It's not like Wesker is the most 
honorable among men or anything.

If you get grabbed by a zombie, hit buttons like a madman to shake them 
off.  If you can learn to shake them off every time without taking the 
hit, zombies will cease to be much of a threat.

Don't be afraid of bandersnatches and hunters.  Take a hint from Fight 
Club, get right up in their hostile little faces, and slash away with 
all you've got.  The key to defeating them is the multi-slash, so stay 
as far from walls as you can or angle Wesker so he doesn't smack into 
the wall and ruin the slash.  Because you'll be collecting most the 
healing items, the damage they will do back to you isn't that big an 

If you don't get the magnum in the slot machine, start over.  No sense 
being a damn fool about things.

08b. Wesker Guide
I'll update the Wesker guide as I have the time to write it, his game 
takes 20 minutes of play time, will probably take an hour at least to 
write the guide.  There are some other excellent sources for Wesker 
strategies at gamefaqs.

Make sure you stay near the center in narrow corridors such as this to 
avoid the wall.  Kneecap the first zombie and slash him til he dies, 
then lure the two near the corner around it.  Use their confusion at 
the corner to slash them down and kill them.  The fourth zombie should 
be handled like the first.

Argh, damn auto-aim always hits the barrel here, even on ps2.  No handy 
auto-acquire for explosives only like in RE3 here.  Anyway, get right 
up near the barrel and angle the knife to slash to Wesker's right, the 
barrel won't repel the knife like a wall would.  Slash the zombies as 
they come around and keep slashing when they hit the ground.  If you 
get grabbed shake them off before you take more than one hit, and make 
use of the pile that results to get in some good multi-hit slashes on 
the whole lot of them before moving away.  Slash the crawler near the 
exit from behind and grab the green herb before leaving.

You'll need to watch your health very carefully in this room.  
Immediately run up and right to get between the nearest bandersnatch 
and the wall, affording you some protection from the other one.  Slash 
away with either normal or head slashes, trying not to hit the wall, 
until he dies.  If you get good chest hits it should only take 2-3 
slashes to kill a bandersnatch.  Check your health and heal if you're 
at orange, then run toward the other.  Again angle yourself so the 
enemy is between you and the other one, and slash away.  When only one 
remains it's not so difficult, so take him out, pick up the spray in 
the phone booth and exit.  

Slash the explosive carrier, then the other one with kneecaps and 
ground slashes.  Do the same for the third one and then wait for the 
two remaining zombies to get near the doorway where you can slash them 
as they try to come through.  By this point you should know how to hit 
the buttons quick enough to avoid taking a bite if you get grabbed.

I don't bother trying to kneecap this guy, just run headlong into him 
and hit the buttons/sticks to knock him to the ground.  Back up enough 
to get a clean slash then kill him.  Now you could wait here to hit the 
zombies as they come up the stairs, but that's the easy way.  Establish 
yourself as the aggressor; the fear is all in your head, so get down 
there and mix it up.  Go for the standard kneecap here, the wide area 
should allow you to kneecap multiple zombies at a time for some 
carnage.  Hard part coming up, hope you didn't waste too many health 
items yet.

Argh, two hunters at once makes baby Jesus cry.  Anyway, head to a 
corner, I prefer heading right in this case.  Try to wedge yourself 
between the exit door and the box near it.  Sometimes one of the 
hunters will even get stuck on the other boxes.  This way only one can 
hit you at a time, so just trade slashes with them, your multi-hits 
should make short work of single hunters.  Be warned, if the hunter 
reels back with his right arm that means he is trying to do his one-hit 
kill, so either move or slash him hard to stop it.  To prevent this, 
stay out of caution (but don't waste too many herbs yet).  If you use 
more than one full healing and maybe two green herbs in this fight just 
restart, you aren't that far in yet.

Swing left around the sweeper and get up against the rubble, then begin 
trading hits.  If you angle it so you miss the wall you should take him 
out before the hunter shows up, who should be dispatched similarly.  
Again watch out for that one hit kill, use your single greens if you're 
at yellow caution to prevent it, or just slash them quick.  Grab a 
green herb and a blue, which you can use if you're poisoned.  You're 
now through the hardest part of Wesker's game, but an annoying element 
of chance still remains...

Knee slash the nearby zombie and kill him.  Now use this barrel as 
something of a barricade like you did early on to lure fatty and 
friends near you for kneecaps.

More zombies, no trouble.  Slash explosives boy, then turn to the two 
others near you.  One of these guys seems to turn into a super zombie 
for me, you know the ones that seem to be hyped up on adrenaline and 
pcp so they come rushing at you 3x as fast as normal.  Anyway, take 
them out, get the one coming down the stairs, then finish off another 
and a crawler at the far end of the room.

OK, looks very dangerous, yeah?  It's not if you go about it right.  
Press against the wall on Wesker's right and angle yourself toward the 
opposing wall so that you can perform a full knee slash without a 
collision.  Take down what zombies you can here until you are 
overwhelmed, then push through them by running into them and smashing 
the buttons.  If you manage to take down the whole group get some free 
hits, otherwise run down to the connecting hallway.  Wait around this 
corner, using one of the small dressers as a partial barrier, for the 
zombies to come and be sacrificed one by one.  Go ahead and heal a 
little if you need to.

Try to kneecap the two nearest zombies together so you can kill them 
quickly.  The two others in the middle shouldn't be much of a problem, 
just avoid the walls.  When the fifth comes to investigate take him out 
as well.  Grab the first aid spray off the barrel before you exit, I 
had two full healing items plus a blue herb at this point.

Another packed hallway, but this one is much more spacious, so just 
stick to the middle.  The explosive barrel is, for once, in the same 
direction as your enemies so that's another good thing.  Take out the 
first two guys then use the barrel to aid you on the next pair.  Use 
the green herb at the end if needed and pick up the blue if you don't 
have one.
-So you think you've done well so far, yeah?  Well now you see if it's 
all been for nothing.  Go through the gray door to the slot machine 
room and hit up the slots. If you get the magnum, great, if you don't, 
_start over now_. I know it sucks but without the magnum the boss 
(Alexia 1) is just this side of impossible due to her instant-kill 
attack.  Anyway, also grab two green herbs from the bar, combining a 
green and blue if you need space (you're doing better than I), and move 
back to the hallway, through the brown door.

Great, more hunters, and the first is in a narrow pathway.  Only one at 
a time though, so no big deal.  I know you're saying "But I've got this 
nice shiny .357 I could use!", but don't, just forget you have it until 
the end.  Slash away at the hunter from the middle of the path, 
avoiding the wall hits, until he's dead.  Use one of those green herbs 
to get yourself back in the green if need be.  Around the corner a 
slasher will attack so take him out from the center of the room, then 
grab the spray from the locker.  If you're poisoned use that blue herb 
you picked up, and get yourself back in the green.  From here on it's 
relatively easy if you've got another 1 or 2 full health items.

Run up and kneecap zombie #1, and maybe kill him if you think you have 
time.  Take a couple potshots at the other two near you, but stay in 
this area (the first corner).  When a whole bunch of zombies show up 
and swarm around you, push one into the rest (you should be able to do 
this without taking a hit for sure by now), and push down any who 
remain standing, then run down to the middle corridor.  Hug the right 
wall (relative to the camera) and face the oncoming horde, knee 
slashing them as they approach, and eventually they'll all be dead.

Well no fancy one hit wipeout this time around, but the barrels can 
still be helpful.  Circle around the room to where the barrels are and 
use them to obstruct the zombies as you slash them.  Some of these guys 
may be spitters, who are difficult to kneecap, so just slash them 
normally.  Once the room is clear heal up, as the next room isn't 
terribly easy.

Kneecap the nearest zombie quickly if you can.  Then run straight into 
the crowd (you are at a full health, right?) and knock them over like 
bowling pins.  Now get some distance by moving toward the exit door and 
let a few of them come to you.  If they all seem to be bunching up 
either go for the über-slash on the whole mess of them, or try to 
separate them again.  Take them out however you can, then get yourself 
to full health if possible.  If you're at full health going into this 
next room, whether you have healing items left or not, you're good.

Immediately head right, hugging the wall to avoid the slash of the 
nearby bandersnatch.  Take him out with chest slashes quickly, then 
grab the first aid spray nearby if you have no other full-health items.  
Wait for the other two bandersnatches to get closer, healing yourself 
up with the aid spray if you're at orange or red.  Don't worry too much 
about saving those healing items at this point, by now you're good 
enough at maneuvering to avoid Alexia 1's attacks.  Anyway, once the 
bandersnatches get to the small bottleneck near where you got the aid 
spray, run up and begin slashing the first one until he dies, checking 
your health every one or two hits.  Once the other one goes down heal 
yourself up (if you can) to full health and exit the room.  Oh, and 
equip the magnum while you're at it.

Alexia 1
Full health? Check.  Full magnum? Check.  Great, you're basically done.  
There is one thing to remember in this fight, do NOT fire more than one 
shot in a row.  After every shot, give Alexia a moment to feel the 
effects, as it were.  If you fire all your shots at once they sometimes 
don't manage to kill her, but if you plug her once then run and repeat 
those 6 shots are plenty.  
Anyway, at the start get moving before she touches you (did I mention 
if she grabs you its instant death?  Not good this far in).  Once 
you've got some distance, fire a shot.  Never barricade yourself in a 
corner here, stick to the middle of the wall so you can dodge to either 
side and avoid becoming trapped.  If it looks like she may be able to 
corner you with the flames it's time to book it to the other side of 
the hall.  She'll die quickly and you've completed the hardest of the 
battle mode games.  Congratulations.

09. Personal Bests

Chris:    6'06"40  A
Claire A: 5'37"41  A
Claire B: 7'13"50  A
Steve:    9'29"36  A
Wesker:  16'13"90  A

10. Secrets

If you manage to get an A with all the characters you will get the 
Linear Launcher to start with for each person.  This is rather boring 
as by the time you can beat Wesker's game, you'll already have enough 
skill to beat it with your eyes closed with most of the characters.

Each character also has a special animation they will perform if you 
backtrack after clearing a room in certain places.  Credit for these 
goes to Nemesis, I believe, though I was unable to verify at the time I 
wrote this.

Chris gets a little curious if you look at the tiger statue in the 
statue room (where the jewels were in the eyes).

Chris will also notice something in the (broken) mirror in the locker 
room if you look into it after killing the hunters there.

Claire will shiver and dance around a little if you head back toward 
the entrance of the frozen hallway after you kill all the zombies 
there.  Most entertaining in her alternate costume, natürlich.

Steve realizes prisoners don't carry much money if you try to get a 
soda from the machine in the locker room after killing the hunters.

Wesker gives a funny look to the one-eyed statue in the medical 
examination room.

11. Revision History

v1.0 September 28, 2002 03:45-07:20am 
-Wrote the guide

12. Special Thanks

CJayC for hosting the best FAQ site on earth, and putting up with all 
the lamers who harass him about it.

CVXFreak, Nemesis, TWilde, Minesweeper and AWebcraft for their various 
walkthroughs and guides that helped me tremendously in all the Resident 
Evil games.

President Evil & TWilde for the excellent Plot Analysis of Resident 
Evil, which I've read on many a bored day in class.

Cannabis for, um...I forget.

13. Contact

You can send me suggestions, complaints, questions, compliments, money, 
drugs or women at tty0@yahoo.com if you would like to.  Flamers will be 
ignored, so don't type your subject lines in all caps or use more than 
one exclamation mark, or I'm likely to just delete it straight out.

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