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FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

Version: Final | Updated: 02/22/03

		Final version : 
Welcome to my real time walkthrough of Lodoss. Real what? oh yes : You must know 
that Lodoss for Dreamcast is really a difficult game, so difficult that 
sometimes you can despair of life. So i found that saying to do this or that 
without humanize the thing was as to taunt the reader. This walkthrough is in 
fact my personnal progression and not the absolute
way to complete the game like in other walkthrough of me.
However if the advice and tips are here i don't know how a non japanese speaker 
can complete this game even with this walkthrough. I play usually japanese games 
and it was a real fight for me. If you can't read katakanas you will be stucked 
near the end of the game because all the techniques i used to beat the boss came 
from the skill i discovered and increased. The only possible way for a non 
japanese speaker is to increase all caracteristics to the max, else i say it 
again it's impossible to win.

Homepage : http://www.dimensions-sega.fr.st
E mail   : http://advanced_knight@yahoo.fr
Join my Forum for quick answer and to discuss about Sega Games.

UPDATE (02/23/2003) : I'm back on the scene of video games, less active than before but back. 
If you wish to talk of video games with me or other fans in the future join my forum.

V 1.2 update : I obtained some tips about the battle of the golem in B6 of 
Conquara. I removed the rumor about the statue of Karla because it's two demon 
statues, that Leyla asks you to destroy in B6. Also some useful tips appeared in 
generalities section.

V 1.3 update : I obtained a new method for the battle against the golem in 
conquara B6, also i changed the text for people that are currently using the 
translated version of Lodoss War.

V 1.4 : Thanks to the new mail i received, i have infos about the maximum power 
and the alternate ending and also i corrected the mistake about Beld, Wort 
revives him, it's the hero's name. I couldn't understand cause of the japanese... 
I have opened a new section, the tips which are useful like all tips. 

Final version : Since the time i wrote this, the translated game arrived and a 
lot of people said it wasn't so difficult to complete this game. I'm ok, but try 
it in japanese like me...

Here is the program : 

1 A complete review of Lodoss
2 Our friend the blacksmith
3 Generalities about the game (read this before the walkthrough) (UPDATE 1.2)
4 characters and main bosses
5 Walkthrough (main adventure and secret quest)
6 Tips
7 Credits 

1 Review : 

Oh Lodoss for my Dream ! Cool ! I'm a fan of the first Lodoss which appeared on 
Nec CD and then on Sega CD. This old Lodoss was (on Sega CD) full of videos (45 
Minutes) and was a great game. The story followed the OAV and stopped after Ghim 
sacrificed his life to free Leyla from the spiritual sorceress Karla. The second 
part of the game appeared only on Nec CD and on Japanese PC. In the Dreamcast 
game, we can see a video of the two kings killing each other and it seems that 
this game is the parallel of the second chapter on PC and Nec. The story is 
different because you don't play with Parn and Deedlit but you meet them. For 
those who don't understand the presentation, it's simply the resurrection of 
Cardice by Karla and Vagnard.
Narse was awaken and ran away from a fight with Cardice. For the rest of the 
story, you will discover it by playing the game.
The presentation in Lodoss is extremely cool with impressive FMV before and 
during the game. Thanks to Kadokawa Shoten for that. The FMV are in my humble 
opinion the best thing in the game.
Graphically Lodoss is very poor and good at the same time. Good because the area 
is enormous (play the game and you will understand) and we can easily lost our 
way. The graphics are various but not so good in fact. The color choice is poor, 
there are some brightness effects but i found them normal, not especially for a 
Dreamcast. I can't admit that this game is
in 3D because most of the time it's a classical 2D battle. However some bosses 
are impressive and original, i was also happy to see how many different monsters 
i can meet. But even with the good point i couldn't stop to think to Light 
Crusader on Genesis which is incredibly superior to this Lodoss for the graphics.
The animation is incredible. You can fight two or three hordes of foes at the 
same time. Some battles are awful in difficulty and in fun at the same time. The 
game slows, yes, but i don't see a machine which can animate this game better. 
The character's speed depends on the boots he has and on his dexterity. It's 
original and the difference is real in the game.
I give a large credits to the sound. The musics are excellent, i don't know if 
they are linked with the OAV, but they are excellent. I regret there's not an 
"official" music for the boss. On the contrary the voice acting is ridiculous. 
Once again even on a genesis it was better. The sound effects are correct and 
sometimes good.
The controls are good for this game, i though to a Gauntlet in 3D view. However 
during some battles you can make a game over without doing nothing to change the 
situation. In addition, sometimes you can make directly a reset (A+B+X+Y+START) 
because a monster stones you and a second increases the curse. Bug or not ? well 
once again it depends on the skills you have
increased and so far i play the game i haven't found it (rise your intelligence 
point, update 1.3).
Well as you can see, the technique is not the strong point in this game. The 
action is not everything here, you must think and find the good skill for the 
good battle (especially at the end). If you want a long and difficult game you 
have found it, else pass your way. Lodoss is not only for the fan but for the 
elite of Dreamcast players. Elite means you can overcome the situation and don't 
abandon the game due to its difficulty. Honestly i doubt that this kind of 
players exist yet in majority. Only a minority will enjoy playing this game. I 
think that Lodoss is a good game but not a super hit. It's up to
you to choose to play it or not but if you begin you'll see that it's a good 

GRAPHICS     : 14/20
ANIMATION    : 16/20
SOUND        : 17/20
CONTROLS     : 15/20
INTEREST     : 18/20
FINAL NOTE   : 85%



At the beginning of the game, you'll save COX the blacksmith. The entire 
originality of Lodoss is in the equipment. You can keep the same weapon and 
upgrade it as you wish. Also you can change its name and even transformS it. 
Kadokawa had pity of us and translateD in english the menu of the blacksmith.
First you need to SELECT a weapon of an armor piece to upgrade.
Second go in the ANCIENT menu to choose the skill you wish to upgrade.
Then if you wish you can TRANSFORM your weapon and choose its form. Beware it 
changes the impact and some caracteristics.
The REFINE option is here to sell unused weapon and armor pieces.
The DUPLICATE menu helps you to duplicate Lock pick and Pick mainly.
All this is possible by finding Mithril in the game. In the game, never equip a 
new weapon, when you will find the book of Rune just install the Rune on the new 
weapon to see if it is good or not.

The best classical skills to increase are : 

HP for the life
ARMOR for the defense
STR for your fighter
DMG so can hurt violently the foe and boss
DURABILITY so can't be knocked by a boss shop
PARING so you don't fall each time an ogre hits you.
INT so you can master powerful magic, make combos with a firewall and other type 
of group magic and avoid being stoned.
MP CHARGE SPEED and MP (to increase the number and its regeneration)

Other skills are Regeneration or counterstrike for example. The problem is that 
YOU must find them. I can't tell you where they are because they are random.

You will find also special skills for special monsters like a Goblin Killer 
which allows you to kill a goblin in one hit for example.

Skills in yellow can be installed on your weapon and armor piece to increase a 
particular skill like number of HP or Durability. They are the most important so 
don't underestimate them.

Kyapiko (yes the guy who helped me in the pair con game of 7th mansion and the 
same who wrote the Super Runabout faq) played the game simultaneously and 
provides some interessant advice : 

1 When you have a large sword, you must wear a ferral boots so you don't fall if 
an ogre hits you.
2 With a single sword you can wear the boots you want, you will not fall if the 
correct skills are increased.

Last in the game you must choose between a single sword or a double. The double 
provides power and you can exterminate easily the foe. The single allows you to 
use a shield, it's a plus for armor, hp and other skills. In fact i play 80% of 
the game with double sword and then change for a single sword according to the 
The best advice i can give is to never TRANSFORM a weapon but always have it on 
you so you can change for free.


1) when you have a third party member, heal yourself and he will be heal 

2) Store a lot of bottles in your inventory.

3) Abuse of the RECALL spell and of the map (L+R+START) SO YOU CAN SAVE whenever 
you want.

4) The mithril is the most important thing in this game, use it wisely to 
upgrade the hero.

5) When the game is completed, save it to continue the quest, don't worry 
there's no trap.

6) Level are not everything in the game. The most important things is to upgrade 
the hero    not his level. It's an option you need to increase only at 
particular moment.

7) At the beginning of the game by using L or R you can change the alphabet and 
enter a name    you can recognize. Especially at the beginning of the game, no 
one knows you. You must    introduces yourself to everyone each time you can, if 
not people can hurt you or answer    useless things. It's important for you to 
recognize your name.

8) For non japanese speaker avoid systematically sentences with a "!". Answer 
normal    sentences or question with a "?".

9) In this walkthrough when you see (3,2) it means answer third choice then 
second. it's a    hint for non japanese speakers.

10) Also when i say "introduce yourself" or "ask him" it means use the answer 
with your name     inside and for the second use the sentence with a "?".

11) In B6 of Conquara you can find a mithril sword, good to kill the golem.

12) if you find the mithril skill in B6 of Conquara Wort didn't give it to you 
in the secret     quest.

13) the more HP you damage your enemy, the more mithril you get.

14) to prevent from being "stoned to death", all you do is to wear the set of 
armour that is     highest in INT (the purple one) and then wear the necklace 
and 2 rings...  in that case     you almost never get stoned long enough such 
that you will have to restart.  You can        also set these rings aside and 
use them when you need them.


HERO/BELD : you can name him as you wish. Beld was the hero's old name, before 
Wort used his body to create the actual hero.

WORT : The magician who creates you.

PARN : The first friend you meet.

PIROTESS : Is the counterpart of DEEDLIT. Helps her but never fight her.

DEEDLIT : Parn's girlfriend (i think).

SLAYN : A wizard who lives with NARSE.

LEYLA : Is her faithful compagnion.

FINGERPOST : Is the old woman you saved in the pyramid of dark elf village. She 
is the mother of RUSSEV.

NARSE : He wants you to become the dragon knight. Then other problems will fall 
on you...

ASHRAM : the bad guy of Lodoss 2 on Nec.


RUSSEV : he burns everything and is difficult.

SERAPHY : is a terrible and quick opponent.

SHORDEL : is SERAPHY's master. He stones you.

VAGNARD : is the sorcerer who resurrects CARDICE.

KARLA : is the spiritual sorceress. It's possible to kill her in the game, on 
the contrary of the OAV.

CARDICE : is an efreet. No one knows exactly if that thing is good or bad.

NARSE : yes you can fight him.

There are a tons of boss in this game, but you will discover them by reading my 
walkthrough and playing the game.


First i really doubt of an alternate ending. The ending we can see is not the 
best of course but there is another interpretation of this. I will not tell you 
for the moment, you have to wait the end of the main quest.
The only possible way to obtain a bonus ending or a different one is to increase 
all the skill at 100%, find all the ANCIENTS (Rune of skills), Obtain the 
thunder wand and the efreet wand, COMPLETE the secret quest and then finish 
again Cardice. I have done all except for increasing to the max all the skills 
and never saw a difference.
Someone e mail me that nothing change even when all the skills are maximum. So 
we must forget the idea of an alternate ending definitely.
Also at the end of the game you will see the real name of the character but they 
are not translated correctly because Japanese people have a lot of problem with 
our alphabet. However you will learn to pronouce them correctly.

Now let's go. 

"WELCOME HERO, my name is Wort. I have created you to save the world."

The game begins after two FMV. In one of them, Karla advices Wort to abandon the 
war since the hero of the first battle have all disappeared.


Remember carefully what you will do here. First search for the room you are and 
collect boots in a chest. Then exit. You'll learn to use items (Y+ up or down), 
to use a switch or to use a magic scroll to open a sealed door. At the end of 
tutorial you must have found a shield, a potion, a sword, boots, armor and a 
helm in disorder. You can break the chest by hitting it. The locked chest must 
be opened with a lockpick. After you learn to fill a bottle at the fountain Wort 
joins you for a tough battle. After that you exit to the MARMO CIMETERY.


Here you can kill a lot of zombies. First find a house with a green goblin 
inside. Never kill him. Talk with him and ask him how to open the sealed door in 
the cimetery. He will give you a scroll. Now visit the cimetery and find an area 
with 5 lockpicks on the ground. collect them all and with them, open two locked 
chest in this area to collect a double sword. Then you have now a great power. 
Find the sealed door and open it with the scroll. First in the dungeon go right 
then up to find
another lockpick in a chest. Then open the chest left of the entrance. Visit the 
dungeon and all paths. Fight two gargoyles then go upstairs. You find a jail. 
Save COX (you can rename him) and he opens the way and go upstairs. You can look 
at a golem and an ogre in a jail. Now continue and upstairs is the goblin fort.


There's a lot of ennemies to blast here. Enter a house and find the GOBLIN LORD 
(boss). Kill him and Wort appears. Take the book and use it to win between 100 
and 150 hp (it's random). 
FMV : Wort shows you the four heroes you must save (Slayn, Parn, Leyla, Deedlit). 
Wort teaches you the RECALL spell. It's a combo of button, then use X to recall. 
This spell is the most useful because each time you use it you come in this fort, 
heal automatically and you can save. Saving the game now is a good idea.  Go in 
a big house from where you hear a sound and meet COX who is the blacksmith. 
Remember where you see a jail with monsters, COX has let three chests for you 
there. Take them.
Equip then talk to the goblin to learn many tips (L+R+START= MAP for example). 
Save again. You notice a chest in COX's house, use it to store useless items. 
Equip yourself with the knife you had at the beginning and with the best armor 
and helm you have. Then talk again to COX : Your mission is to increase your 
weapon, armor and helm and you will exit once you have done it. Refine all your 
old weapon and even the sword. Select the knife, increase, HP and DMG then 
transform it in the double sword. If you do correctly the things your knife is 
superior now. Then try to increase armor and helm and when you can exit. It's 
hard and take time before you obtain the exit. Try different combinations then 
each time you talk to the blacksmith you'll be free of your decision.
Go down to the jail and ask the goblin to open the jail (3,2). Kill the ogre and 
have a lot of potion for the Golem (you need to be at level 4 or 5). You can now 
exit of here and return to the green goblin in the cimetery. Talk to him and use 
all questions until he gives a second magic scroll. Remember the second sealed 
door in the first dungeon, go to it, open it and you reach a new part of the 

Enter this cave full of zombies. Kill them all then kill the red one or you will 
lose a lot of EXP. You obtain a medal and collect new ANCIENTS.

Return to goblin fort and talk to COX. Customize again the hero (1) then talk 
(2). Talk to Wort and collect new ancients in the fort. The main door is opened. 
You are now ready for the real game and to stop the advance of CARDICE.



You can collect ancients on the way by going to the right. Don't forget to kill 
everyone to gain a tons of exp. Then go north. You arrive in an area with a gray 
ground. You can locate the cyclops cave because near it is a teleport that 
didn't work yet and there is an ancients also. Continue north and you arrive in 
lizard town. Kill the red lizard to collect a
magic scroll. You are not ready for this cave but remember the location we will 
come back to it later. Continue north, pass a wooden bridge and you'll reach the 
dark elf town.


When you arrive you see a dark elf lord (Pirotess) talking with a dark shaman. 
Now enter and save. Go right, introduce yourself to Pirotess (answer 1) or 
you'll regret it. Avoid the phrase that ends with a "!". Then visit the house 
and the town  to find items and magic scrolls. You'll find a lot of ancients 
here. Then you'll eventually find Pirotess's house. talk and accept to help her 
(1,1). She will test you (a bad habit in this game). You must save Fingerpost 
the elder of the village.


Visit 1f. Here collect everything. Your test will end when you will kill the 
blue demon. Exit. Talk with Pirotess and she opens the way to 2F. Visit 2F and 
find the elder. Talk with her and you have finished. They all advice you to 
visit the 3F for a boss fight, so let's go. Kill the green monster and then all 
his friend (not so easy). Collect items here and use a lockpick to open the 
chest. Now you can go to 1F and use the only exit that you havn't used because 
it was locked and you exit on the last part of the town, near the forest.
Return to Goblin Fort (with a recall of course) and Wort lets a special item for 
you to COX. It's a Rune book. It allows you to unequip a rune on a weapon or 
armor and change to a new weapon or armor you just find. Very useful .

4 PARN : 

Your mission is to find Parn in the dark elf forest so from the last part of the 
town you find an exit to this forest. Use L+R+START to abuse of the map. For 
going to the small island you must find a house with an underground tunnel that 
leads you to the island. You find there a magic scroll. Near this house is a way 
to a lever so use it to open the new area.Go to this area and enter the sealed 
house with the scroll. You find new items. Enter a cave to arrive in the final 
zone of the forest. Save and equip yourself with the tornado spell. Enter the 
shrine and kill the DARK KNIGHT. Have your hero takes care personally of this 
boss so you can collect special items like dexterity boots or power bracelet. 
You find anyway a shield and a potion to heal MP and HP at the same time. Talk 
to PARN (1,1,1,2). Normally the guy laugh, it means that you have accepted to 
help him to save Deedlit. (If Parn didn't laugh you must restart the fight and 
change the choices, you must be sure that you help him to avoid bad surprises).


Now go downstairs in the second part of the cave you have begun to visit earlier 
(the exit that Parn shows you). You'll visit 2 floors before reaching the goblin 
village. Advance and kill everyone until you see a FMV and then advance until 
you see Deedlit. Now kill the boss of this village. Then you can save Deedlit. 
Deedlit joins the force. Ask her about Russev.
Open a door and arrive in a big area. Here you must visit all ways you find and 
take all your time because it's very long. Don't forget to visit all the sub 
caves to collect special items and ancients. Don't worry about the crystal here. 
You can't destroy it yet.
You'll obtain new weapons and armor. Don't forget to change the weapon with the 
When you arrive near the exit you'll see a magic stairs near the door that says 
to follow the light and kill the titan to open the door. Follow the light and 
kill the titan... . Go back to the door and Now climb 2 floors (very easy) and 
emerge in Russev's area.


OK. To end this part of the game you must visit this area. First, visit this 
part and collect the rune and items. Now go in the cave and arrive in a short 
second part. Visit another cave and emerge in the last part. Heal and recall to 
save then kill Russev (after a FMV and a dialogue of no importance). Now Deedlit 
and Parn leaves the team... Open the chest here and use your magic scroll to 
visit the small area near you. Then go to Wort to ask about Leyla and Slayn. It 
appears that they are with the dragon Narse.

Visit the lizard cave and the cyclops cave you have found earlier to gain two 
new medals. Store them for the moment.

MINI QUESTS 4,5,6,7 : 
Go to dark elf village by using the teleport in goblin fort (click on the skull 
to open them). Talk to Finger post, the elder of the village. After a long talk, 
she opens a teleport to an island and indicates on your map all the mini quests 
to complete. (it also gives a dimension to the world of Lodoss, the time you 
were lost is over). Use the teleport and kill the LIZARD KING. You obtain a book 
that allows you to open Sealed Doors. Cool. Throw all your magic scrolls of the 
inventory because they are useless now. Return to Fingerpost with all your 
medals and she gives you items to help you. You need now
to find 3 coins to obtain a new item. You can visit TITAN ZOMBIES, SKELETON KING 
and GOBLIN KING which are all on the first map and easy for now.

MINI QUESTS 8,9,10,11 : 
When you exit by the normal way of the dark elf village you can see and complete 
the following quests : ELDER KNIGHT, DARK SHAMAN, GARGOYLE. If you exit by the 
left on this map, you will arrive in a land where it rains constantly. Follow 
the long way to the south (north then west then south) to reach the WORM'S LAIR. 
Once you have finished, return to your home and customize the hero.



Go to goblin fort. Now exit to the map and follow the path until you see a fork. 
It's a long way. Once you find the fork, go left and you arrive near Narse's 

Enter the cave and kill all golem here. Then to beat the giant iron golem, 
simply destroy a pillar. He will be stuned and you can hit him quietly. Exit 
then contiue the way to Narse's lair. Go north and enter the cave, it's 


1F : You discover teleport 3. Follow all the possible way. It's simple. Near the 
end of the 1F is a gold giant lizard you must kill. Destroy the box to collect a 
ring and open the chest for a book. Then go to 2F.

2F : Talk to Slayn and Leyla (4,2,1,1). Advance and click on the magic stairs 
here. A mithril golem appears and gives you a pick. Go to goblin fort and 
duplicate the pick. Continue and collect the ancients "durability+3" (in 2F) and 
go downstairs.

1F again : Go straight for the moment. You emerge on a new area.

Follow the way to the north to arrive in FARALYS.


You discover teleoprt 4. Explore this area. I have noticed 3 traps : 
	You destroy a mithril block and ennemies appears.
	You open a giant box and a horde of golem and ogre appears to kill you
	Open a door, break a mithril with picks and fight an ogre while 3 
magicians are 	shooting you.
I also notice a door you can't open yet. Here to enter the castle you must 
destroy 4 giants demon statues. 2 are easy, the other are dangerous because a 
horde of ennmies appears. Then save and go to the castle. You'll fight a new 
horde before entering the castle. Then talk to Leyla in the castle and she joins 
you. According to Kyapiko, it depends of your answer.
Slayn can join you. Destroy the four statues here to open new gate. Destroy a 
chest and kill the gargoyle. Now you are ready for the castle.


update 1.3: note the name of the floor has changed in the translation. Someone 
says i have maybe used false name for the floor, i just want to say that they 
are named like that and clearly in english in the japanese game. It seems that 
english translators didn't like when
japanese wrote something in english and they feel the need to change it. Gee, 
anyway sorry for the confusion, it's not my fault.

1F : Destroy the statue to open new doors. Once you have opened them all, 
destroy the big statue and kill everyone. Go to B1.

B1 : Explore B1 until you meet Shordel. Kill the horde he lets with you. Pass 
the door and destroy the statue and a horde will appear. Push the lever and come 
back to the beginning of the floor to collect 2 items in a chest. Explore the 
new way destroy a statue and kill another horde. Continue and pull all levers 
then destroy the statue. Save and go to B2.

B2 : Destroy the statue and meet Seraphi. Talk and destroy the horrible monster 
and his friends. First use only the lever with yellow arrow on it to destroy the 
main giant statue. Now use the red one to arrive at the end of this floor. If i 
say "kill them all" you believe me ?. You must try different levers to reach B3.

B3 : Visit this floor until you meet Seraphi. Kill her. FMV. Visit B3 and use 
all the way you can and kill them all. There's a lot to do here. Open a sealed 
door and once you are near a blue circle, go north and exit.

B4 : It's very difficult here. I can just say use the lever at your left to open 
the way to B5. But before this you must destroy all the statues here and mainly 
the one of Shordel, protected by a tons of mithril. Once you have done it, 
Shordel is no more invincible. You will know you are on the way when you begin 
to open sealed door. Now go to B5.

B5 : FARALYS CHAMBER : Here kill that pig named Shordel (i hate his voice 
Oyakuyokuyo... pfff ridiculous). Exit of the castle. Once you come back to 1F, 
search for the outside wall of the castle to find a secret area (when i say 
outside wall, i mean the wall near the entrance of the castle of course). Visit 
it and kill everyone until you see a shrine. By killing a lizard you discover a 
new teleport (to ORPHAN'S GATE).

This cave is full of poor magicians. You collect a coin and a sword. If you 
finish to explore this area you will find the locked door i mentioned earlier.

Now return to Goblin fort and buy a tons of picks. Explore the 1F of Narse's 
lair to collect all the mithril here. Come back home and customize the hero. 
Return to Narse and talk with Slayn. Talk again to give the two heads (of Russev 
and shordel) you have. You obtain a key that allows you to go to Conquara, the 
final dungeon. Don't forget it. Then Slayn asks
you to find all the dragon weapon and armors (4 pieces). You will notice four 
new marks on the general map which are the location.

You have to complete the two long quests (Fingerpost and Slayn).

You can complete GOBLIN LORD and GIGANDEATH ZOMBIE cave on the first map by 
hiting the mithril. Beware for Gigandeth it's a long fight. Go to the area full 
of Worms. At the west side is the FLAME DEMON cave. Then go north to complete 
the TITAN CAVE. Exit by the south of this area and on the north of the new map 
is the PHANTOM cave. Then go to the very south and find the GOBLIN MASTER cave. 
Then return to Narse's area and on the way to Faralys, if you go east instead of 
west is the SALAMANDER cave.

In the area full of worms enter the WORM SHRINE. Here you must fight until you 
reach level 60. It's not a joke. It means exit and makes a tons of recall.

Now in the map of PHANTOM cave you can visit MEDUSA cave .

Go again to that shrine full of worms and reach level 76.

Go again in the map of the phantom cave and find this time THE PADDLE QUEEN cave 
(north). Then kill the CHIMAERA with Firewall near Orphan's gate.


Go to Goblin fort and search in all the items you have stored and not throwed (i 
hope) for the ones that increase greatly your armor (boots and rings and even 
armor). You will have to have them with you so can equip them before an 
important fight.
Talk to COX and equip your sword with the first yellow skill in the list called 
MANA and you triple your HP. You can also find for your armor a skill that 
double the DURABILITY and for the HELM a yellow skill that double the MP.

Go to the GRAND DEMON cave near Orphan's gate (on the way, destroy the demon 
statue to reach the teleport you have activate near the CULTISTS). Then visit 
GIGANDEATH. To kill the horde of ogres here you must hide behind the door and 
cast firewall repeteadly. Then use the WONDERDEAD spell to revive the silver 
ogre (which becomes green when you awake him). Use him to destroy the other 
green ogre and don't forget to heal him. Then let your friend fight with 
GIGANDEATH and simply heal him. You must be sure that it's a duel so before 
attacking GIGANDEATH kill every ogres here. Once you have finished you collect a 
single sword ultra powerful but slow. Equip yourself with it. Go to the 
blacksmith and increase the FAST ATTACK skill. Now your are virtually invincible 
(1300 to 1600 of armor and only 2870 of attack...). But you can do better.
It's time to kill the DEMON LORD. With your new power. All the teleport gate to 
the main ennemies opens in Orphan's gate. It's time to build a powerful shield. 
Take the best you have and increase ARMOR PARING and DMG (DAMAGE).
Now visit the LEATHER DEMON cave which is ridiculous after the demons you killed.


The HELM is near an oasis in the area full of worms. With the skills equiped 
correctly and a shield and ferral boots given by Fingerpost it's easy.
The SWORD is near the Leather demon cave.
The SHIELD is on the same map as Goblin master and Paddle queen.

Equip yourself with the dragon's sword (even if it's a poor sword) and the mana 
that triple your HP (beware you must unequiped the other weapon if the dragon's 
sword haven't it in the yellow list). Then kill the poor hell lord. Now prepare 
to fight two Mithril golems. It's simple : take the dragon sword and increase 
the GOLEM BUSTER and add the mana that triple
your HP.

Go to the hell lord cave and near it is the dragon's armor mark. Kill the golem. 

Now you can visit the MITHRIL GOLEM cave. You obtain the BERSERK SWORD which is 
the best weapon of the game. It can have something like 6000 points of DMG if 
you do things correctly. Increase Resist cold, resist hell and some other stuff 
if you
can. Go to Fingerpost and collect the last item (a green saber, ultra speed but 
not so powerful).

In fact you have on you ferral boots and berserk sword for difficult battle and 
you can wanderer the world with the dragon sword and helm and shield. If you 
sacrifice a little of durability for armor you can equip yourself with the 
dragon armor. It's not obligatory but NEVER sell them to COX.

Reach level 100 and then kill the big worm mama. There is a simple way, kill 
everyone and then the mama. Wait at the entrance and the mama can't touch you. 
You have just to cast Firewall again and again.


At least you have completed thoses quests. Never bring the 30th medal to 
Fingerpost. Go to the dragon Narse. Save before this. Disguise yourself in the 
dragon knight and Narse gives to you the dragon buster. Answer 2 i think and you 
can go away if not you arrive in a supreme battle you must avoid now. Retrun to 
Goblin Fort and choose for your shield a yellow skill that divides MP by two and 
adds 50% of HP. Then choose a yellow skill for the helm that increases the magic 
power. Save. If you have done everything correctly you have something like 16000 
HP and 6000 of attack and 2000 of defense or around
(yes it's my hero you see here and all the skills are not to the max).

Conquara is on the same map as GIGANDEATH and north of it. To enter the cave put 
the item Narse gave to you in the hole. Destroy the pillar and Kill the horde 
and enter.

B1 : Visit it and kill everyone after Pirotess joins you (answer 4). Collect the 
mithril. Exit to 1F and answer 1 to Pirotess. Use the teleport to arrive in 
Goblin fort and now you can recall in Conquara. In 1F you saved ASHRAM. Answer 1 
constantly and ASHRAM joins the team and Pirotess leaves. Explore the floor 
until you find a skeleton king. There are a
lot to find here. Now you can return to B1 by the new exit the skeleton guarded 
and then complete B1. Find the floor guardian and all the secrets here. Then you 
are ready for B2.

B2 : is a duel against Vagnard.

B3 : If ASHRAM is with you answer 4 so he goes away. Destroy all the giant 
statues to fight with the floor guardian.

B4 : There is a horrible trap here : When a cultist blocks you with ennemies, 
you must kill HIM with firewall. Also some people talk of a problem to pass the 
golem here. I though it was evident but there are two levers to make him move. 
The first is visible and the second is hidden by the golem himself.

B5 : is a duel against ZOMBIE VAGNARD.

B6 : At least a permanent teleport gate to B6. cool. Visit the short first part 
and kill the paddle queen to access to B8.

B8 : here go directly to B9.

B9 : Wort talks and offers a skill. Kill Karla. Don't waste your time to kill 
Shordel or Russev else Karla calls Vagnard to help her... . Go to Cardice and 
Wort appears (1,2,3,4). and then opens the last warp. Teleport, heal and save. 

You must complete B6, B7 and B8 for the following reason : Mithril is infinite 
so you can discover new armors and shields and customize your hero. On B7 you 
find a worm to kill before going to B6. The main problem is that the medusas are 
infinite and if two stoned you, you can make a reset. There are two demon 
statues, if you destroy them you arrive near a mithril piece, destroy it and 
kill the golem here IF YOU CAN. I have failed. Someone e mail me the following 
tips :
"to win, bring an ogre with you so he takes care of the medusas and you of the 
golem. Then you obtain a skill that allows you to collect mithril each time you 
defeat a monster." 

Here is another method you can try : 
"I want to remark something on the mithril golem battle on B6 (Conquara) - yes, 
I managed to beat him, but I didn't use an ogre, I recommend to bring up your 
anti-golem-skill to 99, use the light saber from Fingerpost and equip rather the 
skill that lets you regain 
hp with each hit (which doesn't work on golems, but on medusas), the skill that 
triples your hp, or the skill that lets you do more damage with each hit. I used 
the following strategy successfully: start with killing the three medusas 
running counter-clockwise and then take on the golem. The lightsaber is fast 
enough to let you land a hit, then run at the side of the golem, hit again, run 
back, hit - just move in a quarter circle back and forth around him and the 
golem will never hit you. When the medusas start to respawn, take them quickly 
out as before (run couterclockwise) and then focus on the golem
again. It takes a bit of time, but if done correctly, you won't take any damage, 
I promise. =)"

I have notice a thunder sword that knocked the medusa and a black armor which is 
the best i have found in the game. It could also help you.

Once you think you are ready, take the elevator to Cardice. Once you reach the 
ground you notice explosive pillars. Don't search for them and go to the boss. 
Cardice is nice with two forms, one he attacks you and two he summons a strange 
beast to help but it's useless with a berserk sword. You can then watch the 
final movie.

ABOUT THE END  : It looks like a bad ending because the hero die but i think 
that it was Wort's plan. He wants to give to Cardice a pure heart, full of 
bravery and courage so Cardice becomes a good efreet. In fact the blond girl you 
see is Cardice with the heart of the hero. That's why i think there's no 
alternate ending. However don't forget to save your game and then to reload it 
because the game is not over.


Go to Wort's house in Goblin fort, enter it and take the teleport. You arrive in 
your headquarter (where you began the game).
ROOM 1 : battle with an ogre and a dark golem.
ROOM 2 : the horrible battle with a dark mithril golem and some medusas and 
demons. To block the medusas use the spell WALL and kill all the demons. Then 
kill the medusas and last the golem. It's ultra hard but not impossible. You 
must have a lot of INT so the wall didn't disappear in the second.
ROOM 4 : FINAL KARLA. Yes you can kill her now. 

Then Wort gives a mithril skill that allows you to collect a mithril piece each 
time you kill a monster. That's why i think you must increase to the max all the 
skill if you want to obtain a bonus ending. Wort gives you a thunder wand to 
cast thunder like a demon.

Gives the 30th medal to her and talk. If you answer correctly you will fight a 
green dragon. To kill a dragon you must increase to the max the DRAGON BUSTER 
Narse gave to you. You will then do 35000 points of damage on him. You must 
remember that a dragon mustn't fly (at any coast) during the battle.

Here is the exact method : at the beginning the green dragon cast fireball, 
avoid them from not so far and in a range so the dragon has just to turn to 
reach you. Then the dragon turns and heads to you. Await him and give two hits 
to him (with the dragon sword). Normally the dragon simply pushes you with his 
head (if you have ferral boots). Then you can escape to a
short distance so the dragon never fly and follow you. Wait for him and hit two 
times again. If you fall, it's not a problem, run a little more and wait again. 
It's long but it's possible. You will collect a tons of mithril. Then Pirotess 
appears and beware to not answer that you want to kill Fingerpost. Let her live 
and Pirotess will let you (sorry i think
it's answer 2 but i'm not sure).


Talk to Slayn and then you will fight the 30 bosses you have killed and Narse 
after them. The Paddle queen and the Leather demon are more difficult this time. 
To kill the queen, increase the ELEMENTAL BUSTER to 15 so she takes 5800 points 
of damage. Normally you can't fall even when Gigandeth hits you.

According to Kyapiko you can hit Narse and fight him directly. Then in the 
middle of the fight, he stops and allows you to regenerate at the fountain near 
the place you fight when you have killed the 30 spirits in the supreme battle. 
It's an easy way to kill him after the 30 bosses. In my case i play the 
barbarian and kill them all without healing.

NARSE has less HP than the green dragon but has a better range for his fireball. 
It means that even if you are on the side and even behind him he can hit you and 
kill you. However the same method can be used.

I don't speak japanese but i'm sure that Slayn and Leyla are not happy you do 
that. Even if they are free now. You collect a tons of mithril.


In the ground you can see explosive pillars. Destroy the first and kill the 
horde. You obtain a demon armor piece. Destroy the second and the third to 
obtain other pieces. For the fourth you need the thunder wand to destroy it. 
Then you can kill the horde (it's not easy to do that). You collect an EFREET 
WAND. Kill again Cardice and save again to refine the weapon you have found 
there. Now you have find something like 95% of the weapon of the game.

Well that's all for this one. But if you have the patience increase to the max 
all the skills,  Then kill Cardice and maybe you will have a bonus ending but 
there is ABSOLUTELY nothing sure.

Update 1.4 : it's sure the answer is "no bonus ending" cause Daniel done 
everything. Bouh...too bad.


6 TIPS : 

Submitted by  Daniel Harthoorn : 

"----> Unlimited mithril 1.
For unlimited mithril early on in the game go to the huge underground area you 
come in after the goblin cave where you rescue the elf girl. You have to make 
your way to the top left to the door that doesn't open right? You have to 
complete a number of mini-bosses at the flashing points to make it open. In the 
top-right part of this section you can enter a cave that has Ogres appear once 
you step on the flashing light. The 'boss' Hammer Ogre drops 3K mithril. When 
you re-enter, the flashing light is gone but if you step on the point where it 
WAS, the Ogres appear again! You don't need to exit the level, just the room is 
enough. I only found this out when I was significantly far in the game so I 
don't know if it works right away."

"----> Unlimited mithril 2.
At the end, when on B9, you can take the elevator to Cardice. You have a limited 
time to beat as many Mithril Golems as you can. They drop lots of Mithril and 
you can collect about 50K each time and 100K when you have the skill that makes 
every enemy drop Mithril when killed. I spent no more than 10 hours getting all 
the Mithril I needed to FULLY upgrade my Hero. My guess you need about 10 
Million or so." 

----> Easy 'Mithril at every kill' skill. 
You need 'Step' at S level!!
You know the part at B7 completely full of those Medusas and the lot? If you 
continuously get stoned by 1 or more Medusas.....-which everyone does-......stop 
trying to fight them and run away! Believe me there IS an easy way through this 
First of all, revive one of the big Hammer Ogres (and keep him alive!) to occupy 
the enemies. Second, always cast 'Invisible' on yourself and advance deep into 
enemy territory in running bursts. "

Note that it depends of your hero for this tips.

"When they spot you and you are afraid to run into trouble, just recall 
INSTANTLY. Better safe then sorry.... Back at base; Save. You will notice that 
when to teleport back into the fray the enemies are not moving and your Zombie 
Ogre is right next to you again. 
Cast 'invisible' again and advance deeper into enemy territory. Some enemies are 
blocking narrow paths. Lure them out, but have recall ready to save you. You 
should be able to make it to the farthest corner of B7 where you have to hack 
through 2 statues to reach
a pile of Mithril. Recall and save. When you use your Mithril Picks on the 
Mithril, 3 Medusas will appear as well as a Mithril Golem. Give up on fighting 
them fair and save yourself the aggrevation; You are in a tight spot, with 3 
regenerating medusas stoning you, and a Golem knocking you down unless you have 
DUR maxed out AND doubled (about 1500). Instead, use an 'Invincibility potion' 
and hack away at the Golem. Once he's dead, the battle is won. If you still die 
because the potion doesn't last long enough max out your STR and Golem Buster 
skills at the 'Unlimited Mithril spot 1' and/or build INT to increase potion 
duration. If you want more potions instead, 'Recall' in front of any treasure 
chest deep within B7 territory and keep loading and restoring until you get one. 
After you got about 5 they become extremely rare.

NOTE : Contrary to what most people think monsters on B6, B7 and B8 do not 
respawn infinitely. Yes, they do respawn, but if you structurally kill them off 
(usually about 10 times) they do not appear anymore OR much more infrequent with 
long times in between 
spawns. Note that when you 'Recall' ,after you warp back the monsters do 
definitely respawn instantly so all your diligent killing has been in vain... I 
prefer the cowardly tactic to save time and aggrevation."

I want to add that some groups of ennemies are lead by a special creature, like 
a mini boss, if you kill this mini boss, the entire group will never respawn.

"At either 2 of the Dragons don't cast the 'Inferno' magic on the Dragon more 
than twice in rapid succession. The game will freeze if you do."

Very important to know about this bug. It's rare however to be in this situation, 
i never cast magic on the dragon.


I want to thank Kyapiko who plays the game simultaneously and provides good 
advices to me.
I want to thank Napalm (yes the guy who explain to me the CPSL code in the 
Nanatsu no hikan faq) who checks this walkthrough (i forget so many times people 
who do that).
I want to thank Bernard Ly who sent me the result of the battle with the golem 
in B6 and some good tricks.
I want to thank Nathalie Martin for her method in Conquara B6, and because she 
tells me that the name of the floor in Faralys castle have changed. 
Thanks to Daniel Harthoorn for the tips section and some informations.
Thanks to Amaranth Silversword for the information about Beld.

As usual this faq is copyright and if you want it on your site, e mail me at 

						ADK, tired of the Record of Lodoss. 

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