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Guide and Walkthrough by Iamyofatha

Updated: 03/08/2003

                      ILLBLEED FAQ/Walkthrough v.06



 1. Time to get ILL: The Story of ILLBLEED

 2. How To Play the Game
    2.3-The Four Senses and Your Vital Signs
    2.4-The Horror Monitor
    2.5-Important Tips

 3. Characters
    3.1-Playable Characters
    3.2-Non-Playable Characters

 4. Enemies
    4.1-Standard Baddies

 5. Items
    5.2-First Aid
    5.4-Key Items

 6. Walkthrough: Shop Zone/Graveyard

 7. Walkthrough: Minnesota Hell Cinema - HOMERUN OF DEATH

 8. Walkthrough: Cinepanic - THE REVENGE OF QUEEN WORM

 9. Walkthrough: Boogie's Fun Movies - WOODPUPPETS

10. Walkthrough: Shock It To Me Theater - KILLER DEPARTMENT STORE

11. Walkthrough: Hall of Resentment - KILLERMAN

12. Walkthrough: Child Palace - TOYHUNTER

13. Walkthrough: Michael Reynolds' Horror Museum - THE FINAL BATTLE

14. Fun Stuff
    14.4-Stuff I Really Want To See In ILLBLEED 2
    14.5-Q & A
    14.6-More About The Author

15. Denuement
    15.3-Legal Crap & Disclaimers

   "In as much as liberals want us to ritualistically assert that 'Islam is a
religion of peace', Muslims could do their part by not killing people all the
time" - Ann Coulter*

*This quote brought to you by the Foundation for Quotes That Have Absolulutely
Nothing To Do With the Rest of the Document, or the F.Q.T.H.A.N.T.D.W.R.D. for


   Hi ho, everyone! I'm back in "da house" with yet another update to this
monstrosity of ILLBLEED information. I'm very happy to tell you all that I've
finally begun to pursue my dream of a career in acting..........I can hear you
laughing over there, you know. Look, if that kid who screwed a pie or those two
palookas from "Dude, where's my car?" can have an acting career, why the hell
can't I? Amazingly enough, there are at least 7 well connected talent agencies
here in Red Stick the I could hook up with, and I fully intend to do so. Wish
me luck with that.

   Nothing particularly special in version .06, just correcting some spelling
errors and making a few minor alterations. V.07 will be coming out once some
big news hits the wire.

   Now, I've tried to make this FAQ as accurate and concise as humanly
possible, but if you spot any errors, stuff I might have missed or ways I can
improve this FAQ, don't hesitate to E-mail me and let me know about them(No
l33t speak). Don't worry, I don't get my kicks from insulting people who try to
E-mail me for help/to be helpful, unlike some of the other bastards stinking up
the 'net(They know who they are and so do I), and you'll recieve full credit in
the next update for providing any information(Requests for anonymity will be
honored as well). This FAQ can only be as good as the kindly souls who assist
in it's development. If there's one thing that makes me better than the other
FAQ writers, it's that I don't act like my time is too important to help you. A
lot of writers do this and it pisses me off to no end. If my time were so
goddamn valuable, would you be reading this right now? Nope.

   The way I see it, when you log onto the world wide web, your time is public
domain. It can't be wasted.

   If you wish to contact me with questions, comments or suggestions, my E-Mail
address is Iamyofatha@excite.com(As in "Luke, I am yo fatha").

   BE CAUTIONED: Flames hurled in my direction will be caught, filed down to
little stumps and dropped at your feet. I am not Thomas Wilde! Your puerile
attempts to ruffle my feathers don't bother me in the least. You're nothing
more to me than a few bytes of information on my monitor. When I shut my
computer off for the day, you are shut off right along with it. If I do reply
to your flames at all, it's not going to be the answer you want. They don't
roll right off my back; They never even touch it. For the most part, I've
received positive messages from fans all over the world, but there's always a
bad egg or two. It's a shame that I need to include a disclaimer like this just
because of a few misanthropic dingleberries.

   And please: Don't bother making physical threats against me. I'm not the
least bit intimidated by some milquetoast threatening to beat me up from 2000
miles away. And don't get any ideas: You wouldn't intimidate me if I came home
and saw you sitting in my LA-Z-BOY holding a machete. If you ever met me in
person, you wouldn't "kick my ass" like you promise to do. You'd probably call
me "sir". Enough with the threats, you're only amusing me.

   Oh yeah, this is a very detailed walkthrough, and as such, it contains
several SPOILERS. I've tried not to blow any key details before they actually
appear in the game, but sometimes it's just not that easy to do.

    Anyway, let's get started.



   Our tale begins in Castle Rock High's auditorium, where we join the lovely
Ms. Eriko Christy during a speech competition as she delivers a rather
unsettling monlogue to her fellow students. In it, she talks of her estranged
father's horror caravan as well as her state of fearlessness brought on by said
caravan. What, could you do better with that kind of material?

   Afterwards, she is joined outside by two of her buddies; Kevin Kertsman and
Randy Fairbanks, who congratulate her on a speech strangely done. Before long,
an excited(Yes, that's her excited face. It's her only face, get used to it.)
Michel comes bearing four invitations to ILLBLEED, the self-dubbed "Virtual
Horror Land". Michael Reynolds, the certifiably *warped* brain behind ILLBLEED,
is offering $100,000,000 to the first person to survive the entirety of his
theme park. Apparently, no one has ever lived to claim the prize......

   But Eriko, always the skeptic, doesn't buy into the hype. Her three friends,
however, are taken by the idea of blowing through this "Virtual Horror Land"
and collecting a cool 100 mil, so they opt to go on without Eriko. And all is
well...... until they don't come back after three days. Concerned for her three
airheaded comrades, Eriko decides to finally put her invitation to use, and
ventures into ILLBLEED. Alone....... In a very short skirt......



   I must admit, ILLBLEED can be a hard game at first. The Graveyard "training
area" is anything but, and level 1's difficulty throws a severe curveball at
you(No pun intended). Here I'll explain how to play, how to fight and how to
utilize the SENSORY METER and HORROR MONITOR to detect and disarm traps.


JOYPAD: This controls movement for your character. REMEMBER: Depress the
joystick FIRMLY to run, press the joystick GENTLY to walk. If you want stop
walking and start running or vice versa, you must LET GO of the joystick to
stop first. Practice this a bit before you enter the first level, as it's
important to your survival during combat.

DIRECTIONAL PAD: Press up or down to switch between camera modes. There are
four modes: Semi Auto-Follow 1(Passive, close), Semi Auto-Follow 2(Passive,
far), Auto-Follow 1(Active, close) and Auto-Follow 2(Active, far). There's
really no sane reason to ever use any mode other than Auto-Follow 2, but hey,
whatever floats your boat....

START BUTTON: Brings up the menu screen in normal game mode, pauses game in

L TRIGGER: Centers the camera. That's it.

R TRIGGER: Activates/deactivates the HORROR MONITOR in normal game mode, fires
projectile weapon in combat(Assuming, of course, that you have one).
NOTE: If you don't have a HORROR MONITOR, you'll simply switch to 1st Person

Y BUTTON: Brings up the map in normal game mode, utilizes melee weapon in
NOTE: If you have no melee weapon, you use the Y BUTTON to attack by punching.

X BUTTON: This is the jump button. Yes, you have to do some jumping in this
game, I'm afraid. But don't worry, there's only a handful of Tomb Raider-ish
"Oh God if I miss this jump I'm SO screwed" parts in the game.

A BUTTON: Used to examine your environs for items in normal game mode, used to
mark suspicious areas in HORROR MONITOR mode AND is used to dodge enemy attacks
in combat.

B BUTTON: Closes the map and menu screens and signals the getaway chopper in
combat mode(press RAPIDLY).


   In your adventure, you'll frequently encounter instances where your Sixth
Sense(See section 2.3 below) will start jumping. This can mean one of two
things: Either there's a helpful item nearby, or there's a psychopathic monster
waiting to disembowel you and feast on your entrails. If your screen flashes
RED and quickly fades out; then brother, you got what's behind Door Number 2.
Get ready to fight.

   In combat mode, the area is quarantined into a specific zone where you'll do
battle. Attempting you flee on foot will cause the "arena" floor to glow bright
blue, displaying your boundaries. In 95% of the fights you'll get into, you'll
notice a large green and white "H" somewhere in the combat zone with the shadow
of a helicopter hovering above(Even indoors!). If you don't feel like slugging
it out, run to this helipad and press the B BUTTON rapidly until a rescue
ladder is lowered to the ground, allowing you to make a "Narrow Escape". Watch
out, though; Your oppponents won't take this sitting down, so you'll need to
lure them away from the helipad when they get too close. Don't waste too much
time, though, as the ladder will slowly start to pull back up if you dawdle for
too long.

   On most of the early levels, you'll have only melee weapons for your
protection, so you'll have to get used to close quarters combat. It's best to
always go for the opponent's blind spot rather than going toe-to-toe. All melee
weapons have a 3-hit combo. If it's at all possible, try to get all three hits
in, that third hit deals the most damage. And don't forget, the A BUTTON is
your best friend, use it to dodge any kind of enemy attack.

   With projectile weapons, however, you can sit back and treat your opponent
to a nice lead shower from a distance. Just be sure to keep your distance from
the bad guys at all times. When they try to close the gap between the two of
you, stop shooting and run the other way to get some more leverage, then
continue merrily blasting away.


   At the top of the screen you'll notice a meter that displays the names of
four of your brain's sensory functions: Sight, Hearing, Smell and Sixth
Sense(Taste and Touch got the week off, I guess) along with a a black bar that
contains an ECG-style "line". Pay close attention to this SENSORY METER as you
work your way through each stage, and pay even closer attention to your
surroundings. The "Smell" meter is jumping; Is there something smelly nearby,
like a toilet or a pile of compost? The "Hearing" meter is jumping, you say?
Then look out for that phone sitting on the desk. Watch for details like this
to determine what the trap is and where it might be. WARNING: Many, many traps
throughout the game are randomized.

   Now for your vital signs. The green bar at the bottom of the screen displays
your stamina, the blue box on the left displays your adrenaline count and the
red box to the right is your current pulse. When you are hurt by a trap, you
may see a red bar appear above your stamina meter, that's your bleeding factor.
When it reaches all the way to the right of the screen, you die(Your pulse will
start to drop when bleeding becomes too severe). Likewise, if your stamina
drains to zero or your pulse climbs too high, you die. There's plenty of ways
to croak in ILLBLEED, so watch your ass, okay?

NOTE: When you're pulse starts climbing too high(Give or take 200), you're
susceptible to fainting if you get scared by a trap or surprised by an enemy
encounter. If you faint during an enemy attack, you'll be temporarily helpless
and the enemy will be free to wreak holy havoc on your unconscious carcass.
Keeping your pulse at or around it's normal level of 50 is crucial if you want
to survive.

   Oh yeah, there's also lots of hidden booster items that you can use to
upgrade your characters' stats. These are good. Utilize them at any of the ER
stations littered around the park and it's attractions.


   Located near the start of each level(Exact locations will be given in the
individual level walkthroughs), the HORROR MONITOR is instrumental to your
surviving the horrors of ILLBLEED. Used directly in conjunction with the
SENSORY METER. When you notice a partiular section of the SENSORY METER
jumping, press the R TRIGGER to turn the HORROR MONITOR on. This will bring you
into a 1st person viewpoint where you can scan suspicious areas(The monitor
will automatically zoom in on possible traps). If you think that spot the
Monitor zoomed in on is a trap, you can -provided you have enough Adranaline-
press the A BUTTON to mark the spot. Marked locations are indicated by a
glowing blue orb hovering above the area. When you approach or inspect the blue
light, you'll disarm the trap and regain some Adrenaline. Sounds complicated,
but it's not.

NOTE: When the HORROR MONITOR is hidden nearby, all four senses will
simultaneously begin jumping like crazy.


1. Notice how your bleeding meter flashes and your pulse stays high whenever
you start running? Running speeds up the heart rate, which in turn causes your
blood to flow through(And out of) your body faster. Take the hint and SLOW
DOWN, your bleeding will decrease gradually and your pulse will slowly go back
down to normal while you walk. Plus, it keeps you from accidentally running
into traps and allows you to cover more ground than you can while standing
still. Makes sense to me.

2. Don't bother hoarding items you've collected over the course of a level, as
they disappear after the stage is cleared. Sadly, this also goes for weapons,
too. But the booster items you find will roll over to the next levels.

3. While many traps are randomized, monster and item locations are always the
same(A few monster locations may be random).

4. If you're fairly certain that there's an enemy hiding nearby, mark the area
before you initiate the fight. That way, you won't be be knocked down(A costly
error) and your pulse won't go up 20+ points.

5. Try to take full advantage of the ER Tickets by upgrading your characters
within the level you find the Ticket in instead of at the Shop Zone. You can
save a good bit of money on costly upgrading operations this way.

6. Activating the HORROR MONITOR costs 10 Adrenaline Points, marking an area
will set you back 40 points. Don't play around with the HORROR MONITOR lest you
exhaust all your adrenaline before you really need it.

7. The dodging technique may be cool, but please bear in mind that your pulse
goes up 2 points each time you press the A BUTTON to dodge, whether you avoided
an actual attack or not. Don't overdo it, try to run around baddies whenever

8. The stats of each character remain the same even after you've beaten the
game. So you can continue upgrading each character on your subsequent plays
through until you have a party full of ultimate badasses.

9. A good rule to follow when buying the items you need is to buy at least (3)
of each low-recovery item(Hassy, Deep Breath and Bandage), (2) of each
mid-recory item(Salad, Relaxation CD and Gauze Wrap) and (1) full-recovery
item(Steak Dinner, Nitroglycerin and Coagulant). Don't ever buy less than that
to be safe, but feel free to get more if you think you'll need them. Depending
on how carefully you play, you may not need to buy any Adrenaline items at all,
but I'd recommend you get at least 1 Injection or Intravenous Drip before
starting each new level. The natural exception to this rule is level 1 -
Homerun of Death, because you won't have nearly enough money to buy all this.

10. Don't panic if you can't meet the exact requirements for a certain level.
Prize deductions aren't nearly as severe as you'd expect them to be. Even if
you fail all of them, you'll still get plenty of cash.

More tips will appear throughout the walkthrough as needed.





There are five playable characters in ILLBLEED. You start out with only Eriko
and must rescue the others before you can use them. There are also two special
characters you will play as...

NOTE: On your first time through the game, I'd recommend sticking with Eriko.
But you can use whoever you want with little consequence. Eriko should also be
the first character you start upgrading.


Eighteen year old senior at Castle Rock High School. Head of her school's
"Horror Movie Research Club" which consists of four members(Everyone's gotta
start small, I suppose) including herself. A lovely young woman who -thanks to
the sheer trauma her father subjected her to as a child- has no sense of fear.
She fancies herself to be the ultimate horror buff, she has appeared in several
horror trivia game shows and even scored a starring role in "Killerman 8:
Killerman Goes to Japan", which was produced by none other than Michael
Reynold's himself, though she never actually met him on the set. An equal
opportunity horror fan, she loves all genres with a near religious fervor. Be
it splatter, supernatural, classic, slasher,  Troma et cetera. One thing that
has me curious: Is she a *natural* purple, or what?

STATS: Pulse-255, HP-250, Adrenaline-540, Bleeding-100cc

SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES: Rises to her feet quickly when startled. And that strained
little T-shirt can't hold out forever....


Seventeen year old junior at Castle Rock High. 1st member to join Eriko's club,
and five bucks says he wasn't a horror fan at all until he met her. He likes
most types of horror flicks except for "splatter". But he prefers the
oldschool, classics such as the Universal Studios monster flick, films made by
Hammer studios and the like. He's stuck on Eriko, but luckily for us, his
advances will never be reciprocated.

STATS: Pulse-255, HP-300, Adrenaline-540, Bleeding-100cc

SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES: He's a good all-rounder with average skills in each
category. But really Kev, get a damned comb!


Seventeen year old senior at Castle Rock high. The brains of the outfit. Michel
has been blessed with the gifts of ESP and telepathic communication. She has
actually assisted in a few real exorcisms before. Michel is mostly into
supernatural and religiously themed horror flicks.

STATS: Pulse-255, HP-200, Adrenaline-720, Bleeding-100cc

SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES: A smart gal, but a strong breeze could send her to the
floor. Cute, but a little creepy.


Sixteen year old sophomore at Castle Rock high. Randy is the most recent member
of the Horror Club. He prefers slasher movies mainly because of the chestily
endowed females who often grace films of that genre. He also has an affinity
for horror movie memorabilia, and even owns a chainsaw used in a geniune
splatter flick worth $10,000. Why he didn't bring it with him is anyone's
guess, but I personally think it's because he's a moron.

STATS: Pulse-255, HP-450, Adrenaline-270, Bleeding-100cc

SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES: A tough guy, but basically paralyzed from the neck up.
Talks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.


Twenty-one year old reporter for Amusement Topic magazine. Jorg was invited to
ILLBLEED in order to investigate the operations of the park. He's got a good
head for problem solving, and his analytical skills are well above average.

STATS: Pulse-255, HP-300, Adrenaline-720, Bleeding-100cc

SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES: The second best character behind Eriko, but nowhere near as
slick as the game makes him seem.


There are also a few characters you interact with(And a few you don't) as the
story progresses.


Okay, so you never actually meet the kid in person, but it's all his father's
fault you have to go through level 1.


This guy operates the animatronics in HOMERUN OF DEATH. What he needs is a damn
good whacking.....


David hit it big with his highly successful worm farm and the help of his
prized queen worm, Rachel. After Rachel's growth spurt spiraled out of control
and she became too great a liability, David did the only reasonable thing to
do; He commited suicide and left Rachel to eat everyone in the whole friggin'
town. Maybe his ghost can give you a few pointers on how to put Rachel down


Okay, so you never actually meet the guy in person, but it's all his fault that
you have to go through level 3.


I don't know why, but I laugh every time I see this thing.


A meat lovin' redneck who hates vegetarians(Don't we all?). Make sure you're
packing some dead animal when you run into him.


An employee of the KILLERMAN stage. A prime suspect in the Killerman murder


The shifty supervisor of the KILLERMAN stage. Another prime suspect in the
Killerman case.


Intrepid explorer and hunter of toys. His perpetual grin diguises his ability
to kick names and take ass(And lots of it, wait 'til you see his girlfriend)
like nobody's business. He is the Toyhunter, and he's available at a major
outlet store near you for only $11.99!


That's pronounced "Marie", thank you. A "friend" of Cork Inda and Sexy Doll.


When a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in yo' face you
get..... Sexy Doll? This bootylicious figurine is the love interest of Cork the


A Schwarzeneggeresque toy rocket that helps Cork out a few times. Ja, he does.


The reason you're stuck in ILLBLEED right now. The ultimate master of horror,
he's poured over $5,000,000,000 into his proudest creation in order to create
the most frightening experience in the world, ILLBLEED is that creation. Don't
you just want to beat the crap out of this guy already? I want to eat his
children. Don't we all? ;D




A number of truly badass monsters populate ILLBLEED, and they all want you


Looks like a large, skinless man with organs and bones protruding from his
body. They look tough, but they're actually slow and easy to kill. Inside-out
men appear in levels 1 and 5.


Crash Test Dummies brought to life by The Dummyman. They don't pack much of a
punch, but they're fast as hell, making it difficult to run away. It's easier
to just stand your ground and fight them. Dummies appear levels 1, 3, 4 and 6.


Larger than the other Dummies, he wears a tattered orange jumpsuit and carries
an enormous wrench. He's fast as hell AND packs quite a punch. You'll need to
learn to use the dodge maneuver properly to take this jerk down. Dummyman
appears in levels 1, 5 and 6.


A horrific pain in the ass. Stalks you from underground and pops up to munch on
you. Run in a circle to lure them out, then give 'em a good thrashing from
behind. But it's best to just run from them whenever possible. Giant Earthworms
appear in levels 2 and 4.


Horny little primate/trolls that attack you with meathooks. Don't try to fight
them unless you're carrying a projectile weapon. Luckily, they're not too hard
to run away from, just lure them away from the helipad when they get too close.
Monkillers appear in levels 2 and 6.


Decent looking broads from the neck down. Too bad there's no way of knowing
just how nice they originally looked. Faceless Women always attack in pairs,
and carry high caliber revolvers. They shoot at you from a distance and pistol
whip you at close range. Faceless Women appear in levels 2 and 6.


A tall, disfigured lumberjack carrying a large axe. They're tough to bring
down, but not too quick. Woodcutters appear only in level 3.


Ever seen those wooden models artist use to capture a specific pose? Well,
that's exactly what these creeps are, only more evil. And stupid. They attack
by spinning their arms like a helicopter rotor and by kicking at you. Easy to
kill. Woodpuppets appear only in level 3.


Fat little spiders with an ugly face plastered on their abdomens. They attack
in groups, but that still won't save them. Cashman's Spawn appear in level 4
and in the final stage.


This devilish dollie will steal your heart....... Right out of your chest. A
mean, nasty little bitch; she hovers in the air and stabs at you with a giant
survival knife. She assaults you on numerous occasions throughout level 4, but
also appears in level 5.


Yes, they really are giant green eggs with arms. They attack by jumping at you.
You *can* run away from them, but killing them is just too damn funny to miss.
Rotten Eggs appear in levels 5 and 6.


The old survival horror standby doesn't make an appearance until level 5, but
at least they had the courtesy to show up. They attack in groups of five or six
and -surprise!- they're *invincible*! Just lure them away from the helipad and
run for it. Zombies only appear in level 5.


The worst of a bad lot. The modus operandi for taking these bastards out can be
found their respective level's walkthrough.


Okay, so the idea of a sports-obsessed father conducting a rampage on his son's
behalf is nothing new, but how many OTHER little league dads would go batshit
crazy with an acetylne torch when upset? Truly hideous in appearance and
temperament, Mr. Banbollow has been on an uninhibited killing spree ever since
the accidental death of his son, Jimmy. Banbollow gives you a hard time
throughout level 1.


Were you wondering where those big, nasty earthworms came from? Hiya, Mom!
Rachel is responsible for the destruction of Camp David(No, not that place the
President hangs out at). Her former caretaker killed himself rather than
euthanize her, so that job is now up to you. Rachel appears at the end of level


Like a crossbreeding of Adolf Hitler and a Sycamore, Trent was understanably
miffed by George MacLachlan's attempt to cut him down. So he chowed down on
MacLachlan and then took over his lumber mill. He's not going to be happy until
all humans are either destroyed or assimilated and turned into living
Woodpuppets. Trent shows up in level 3.


Greedy department store owner Donald Cashman robbed and murdered all of his
customers after learning that his store was on the verge of bankruptcy. After
police arrived on scene, they promptly shot Cashman to pieces. But ever the
scam artist, Cashman managed to talk Satan into allowing him to return to life.
Turns out Satan's quite a scam artist himself, because upon his return, Cashman
took on the form of a huge spider. Donald Cashman turns up in both level 4 and
the final stage.


No one knows exactly what Killerman is or where he came from, but we know that
he's been killing for well over 70 years. A mysterious entity that knows
nothing but death and bloodshed, Killerman is far more dangerous than his
somewhat goofy appearance would suggest. He makes his big entrance in level 5.


Hmm, he reminds me of someone I know...... As a guardian of Toy Hell, the
fiendish Zodick is the arch nemesis of Cork the Toyhunter. He makes Cork's life
miserable throughout level 6.


Like a giant Ken doll with no head. He attacks with a pair of kama blades, oh
no! The easiest of the 3 final bosses.


Insisting the first fight was rigged, Cashman wants a rematch. Mid-level
difficulty of the 3 final bosses.


Still upset over getting tarred and feathered by Eliot and Dogs back in Blue
Stinger, the Bullstinger is looking to unleash some pent-up aggression. The
hardest of the 3 final bosses.



NOTE: The alternate names for certain items are from the Japanese version.


Exercise your license to ILL with these pain dispersal units, 'cuz you ain't
got time to BLEED.


Your hand, curled up into a tight ball and swung at enemies. Very low range and
power. It stays attached to your arm at all times(As it should), but you stop
using it once you obtain a melee weapon.


Jimmy Banbollow's treasured bat, the very same Slugger that he hit his first
home run with. Decent power and range. Found only in level 1.


Said to be taken from the site of a mass murder. Terrible range and low power,
it's a genuinely piss poor weapon. You're better off just using harsh language.
Found only in level 2.


A typical agricultural-grade flame thrower. Highly damaging, but medium range.
Infinite fuel. Found only in level 2.


Believed to have once belonged to none other than Jason Vorhees of "Friday The
13th" fame. Moderate power, but short range. Found in levels 3, 5 and in the
final stage.


Looks more like an oversized cleaver, and is just as effective. Excellent power
and good range, it's the best melee weapon. Unfortunately, it is only found in
level 4.


A compact submachine gun resembling a Tec-9. High rate of fire, but low power.
Infinite ammo. Found in level 4 and the final stage.


Like the Zombies, the revered boomstick is yet another survival horror staple
that makes its appearance a little too late in the game. Very high power up
close with wide damage radius at a distance, but rate of fire is slow. Infinite
ammo. The shotgun can be found only in level 5.


Apparently a Browning Hi Power 9mm pistol. It's said that all 13 of the gun's
former owners commited suicide with it. 13 suicides, 13 bullets in a Hi Power's
clip. Coincidence? Medium rate of fire and decent power. Infinite ammo. Found
only in level 6.


ILLBLEED is a dangerous place. When the many horrors of the park begin to take
their toll on your mind and body, insert any one of these items into the
appropriate orifice to cure your ILLs. No point in giving locations since
almost all of them turn up at least once in every level.


Recommended by top veterans of BLUE STINGER, this energy drink provides you
with a slight boost of health.


A grilled chicken caesar salad that gives you a larger boost of health. Pass on
the croutons, they give me gas.


Your typical meat-and-potatoes fare(Hardy har), a steak dinner is not only
delicious, it fills up your health to 100%.


Apparently nothing more than a reminder to calm down, a Deep Breath slightly
lowers your pulse.


You'd normally never be caught dead with one of these in your CD player. In the
world of ILLBLEED, however, you just might be caught dead without it. Your
pulse takes a bigger drop when you spin one of these.


A common medication used to treat angina pectoris(Stop giggling. It's a heart
condition, you perv), Nitro fully relaxes your pulse down to it's normal level
of 50.


Band-Aid brand bandage used to treat minor scrapes and cuts, so what the Hell
good is it going to do in ILLBLEED? Plenty, actually. Provides light bleeding


In real life, you'd put a dressing underneath this stuff to control bleeding.
But it seems to work just fine on it's own here. Provides moderate bleeding


Got hemophilia? Then you can't do much better than this stuff here. Fully
staunches bleeding.


Low on adrenaline? Chug down one of these to get some of that brain juice back.
Gives a small boost of adrenaline.


The directions say to "Inject into the back of the neck", ouch. Provides a
bigger increase of adrenaline.


A big, fat bag of adrenaline. Gives you a full adrenaline recovery.
NOTE: This is the only first aid item that you must purchase, as it's not found
in any level.


Except to recreate the thrill of buying your first Penthouse magazine, there's
really no reason to get one of these. No matter how bad you are at this game,
you'll probably never need to use one. I certainly didn't. An Erole raises your


God himself supervised the creation of this cure-all drug. Fully recovers
NOTE: You cannot buy this item. It is only found in certain levels.


This Monster Rancher-ish item recovers some health, but raises the pulse.
You'll probably never need to use it.
NOTE: You cannot buy this item either.


Excellent stuff indeed. The majority of these goodies are automatically
equipped once you find them.


Located near the entrance of almost every level, the HORROR MONITOR is
instrumental to your surviving the many traps and shocks that ILLBLEED
contains. You need to find this, so don't continue on until you do.


Used at ER stations in conjunction with $20,000 to toughen the heart of the
character of your choice, making them less susceptible to a high pulse.


Used at ER stations in conjunction with $30,000 to steel your body against
attacks, thereby increasing your maximum stamina.


Used at ER stations in conjunction with $20,000 to take the place of your
normal blood, slowing down the bleeding process.


I know a *lot* of people that could use this one. Used at ER stations in
conjunction with $40,000 to increase your maximum adrenaline capacity.


This body armor cuts all damage you receive by two thirds, bleeding is also
slowed down. A very rare item.


Causes the rescue chopper's rope ladder to drop twice as fast, allowing you to
beat a much hastier retreat.


This item marks all suspicious areas within a 5 yard perimeter, saving you a
helluva lot of Adrenaline. Use it wisely.


Allows your character to immediately rise to his/her feet when frightened by a
monster instead of crawling on the ground like an idiot while said monster
beats on them. This item is a lifesaver, but it's useless if you're playing as
Eriko, as recovering quickly is already one of her special attributes.


The calculator plugs into the HORROR MONITOR, allowing you to see the
probability of your fainting or dying from the next trap. Not terribly useful,
but it's still good to have.


Very helpful device that attaches to the HORROR MONITOR to reveal locations
where items are hidden. Look for the throbbing white icons that appear on the
map once the item sensor is obtained.


A replica of Cuty Mary that will take your place on the slab should you die,
allowing you to return to life.


Using this gives you a 40% discount on any ER services performed IN THE


Would it be okay if I didn't explain this one to you? Thanks.


Stuff that you need to find to advance through the levels. For the purposes of
not spoiling absolutely everything in the game, the files are not listed here.


Mr. Banbollow's pride and joy. Hangs in the dining room of Chateau Banbollow
for all guests to see. Level 1.


Mr. Banbollow's other pride and joy. Sits atop the dresser in Banbollow's
bedroom. Level 1.


Taken from Operator Jackson after he's rendered.......inoperable. Level 1.


Once used by David Rodriguez to feed his beloved Rachel, holds much sentimental
value for David. Level 2.


Used to unlock the path leading to David's old shack. Level 2.


Used to "knock down Dummyman", you'll see what I mean. Level 2


About half full, there's plenty enough to fuel an empty automobile. Level 2


A receipt for a lumber purchase. 3221 pieces of 2x4 at $3.00 each. Level 3
JP: A mysterious note that simply says "MURDER".


Oddly shaped piece of wood taken from a sleeping Woodcutter. Level 3


Large, glowing beetles that eat dead wood. Level 3


A freshly severed human head. There's actually a use for this revolting item.
Level 4


It's just a red herring, don't even take it. Level 4


Ditto for this. Level 4


A large chunk o' cow. Cockroaches love it. Moo, I say! Level 4


A big, fat ham butt. Cockroaches love this too, even though they left in the
sphincter. Level 4


The original white meat. Cockroaches like it, but they'd prefer beef or pork.
Level 4


4 different cards that are combined to unlock a door. Mary really doesn't want
you to find these. Level 4


Used to gain entry to Mary's final challenge. Level 4


Your reward for putting up with Mary's crap. Trust me, it's worth it. Level 4


You need this to beat the "invincible" Cashman. Level 4


Used to unlock an emergency exit. Level 5


Cunningham's ID card. Use it's pin number to gain access to the power room.
Level 5


Used to fuel Potedon. Level 6


Contains all of Potedon's data. Can be used with any Potedon toy. Level 6


Uses 3x the normal amount of adrenaline. SECRET


An old childhood toy belonging to Eriko. SECRET


Another of Eriko's belongings from her youth. SECRET


Yet another of Eriko's childhood possesions. Are you getting curious about what
these are for yet? SECRET


    Upon beginning the game, you'll join Eriko at the entrance to the
park(You'll also be brought back here after each level you beat). To the right
you'll see Bloody Mary's Shop, Dummyman's Photo Stand and the ILLBLEED Visitor
Bank. Off to the left is an ER Station, you'll want to go to the Graveyard
first. To visit the Graveyard, take a right from the entrance to the ER and
follow the tunnel. Those two freaky statues don't ever do anything, in case you
were wondering.


    Starting from the right, follow the wall and read each hanging sign that
you see. The second sign mentions that there is a HORROR MONITOR hidden where
you are standing right now. Specifically, it's directly behind you at the
center tombstone in the second row. After you've finished reading the signs,
Check the two burial plots opposite where the HORROR MONITOR was found for a
Hassy, Injection and an Iron Heart. Leave and return to the Shop Zone.


    Stop here before you begin each level to stock up on first aid items.
Bloody Mary(Cuty Mary's more hospitable cousin) sells the following items:
Hassies, Salads, Steak Dinners, Ampoules, Injections, Intravenous Drips, Deep
Breaths, Relaxation CDs, Nitroglycerines, Eroles, Bandages, Gauze Wraps and
Coagulants. You can buy up to 9 of each item. <<But since you only start out
with $3000, you'll have to make do with 3 Hassies, 3 Deep Breaths and 3
Bandages for now>>. Don't fret; there's plenty of extra items laying around
throughout level 1, and that Injection you found will cover your adrenaline for


    You don't really need to yet, but you can save your game here now if you
want to, I guess. Just walk up to Dummyman(Don't worry, he won't bite) and
press the A BUTTON. It costs nothing to save your game.


    If you fail to save any of Eriko's confidants, the Faceless Woman behind
the counter here will keep tabs on them. For a token fee($375,000), you can
purchase your deceased buddy and bring him/her back to the land of the living.
Hopefully, you'll never need to make use of the Visitor Bank, 'cuz $375,000 is
a big chunk of money to hand over.


    Here, you can use any booster items you find hidden in the levels to
upgrade your characters, cure your ILLs with a recovery operation or revive
teammates that have been killed in action(Not the same as the visitor bank.
That's for characters you didn't rescue. This is where your character goes if
you, the player, are killed in a particular level). You won't need to use this
place just yet either. From here, just move on the the Cinema Zone.


    Here, of course, is where you access ILLBLEED's 6 levels and the Final
Stage. Here's a layout of the Cinema Zone:

                         final stage
              _____________|     |_____________
             |       |                 |       |
             |   5   |                 |   6   |
             |___ ___|                 |___ ___|
      _______|                                 |_______
     |       |                                 |       |
     |   3                                         4   |
     |_______|                                 |_______|
             |_____________        ____________|
                  |       |        |       |
                  |   1   |        |   2   |
                  |___ ___|        |___ ___|
                  |                        |
                  |_________      _________|
                            |    |

    You have to complete these levels in sequence, and you cannot revisit them
once they are cleared. When all 6 levels are cleared; the final stage, Michael
Reynold's Horror Museum, is unlocked.

    Now that you've had a rundown of the pre-stage areas and purchased the
items I told you to buy(Hint, hint), you're ready to begin. Proceed to level 1.


"Jimmy, my son........."


Clear Time: 50:00/under
Traps Disarmed: 25/over
Pulse Rate: 120/under
Hit Points: 150/over
Adrenaline: 200/over
Bleeding: 20cc/under

ITEMS TO BUY: You only start out with $3000, so just buy 3 of each of the
low-recovery items for now.


    You begin at the front gate to the chateau. After you've noted the neon
sign featuring a smiling figure with an AXE in it's head(Aww...), proceed
through the front gate. And congratulations, you just experienced your first
Shock Event(A fancy term for those traps I told you about)! Relax, that falling
plank didn't hurt you at all and your pulse only went up five measly points. Go
straight through the gate as there are traps hidden in the graffiti on either
side. From there, go right past the picnic tables and hop the fence to get to
that lone tree beside the house. Inspect the tree to find the revered HORROR
MONITOR! After getting your HORROR MONITOR, go across the yard, mindful of
those shallow ponds. The red pond contains a Hassy, but there's a trap hidden
in one of the other ponds. There may be a trap hidden in the bloody cross(But
there's a Gauze Wrap in the cross on the left). Check the nearby well for a
Deep Breath, and get the Nitroglycerin from the flower bed beside the porch.
Now go up the stairs and head for the entrance to the house. Be sure to mark
the area in front of the doors before you approach them, and be mindful of the
randomized trap hidden in the bloody window.

    After you've cleared the traps, continue through the doors and enter the
chateau's foyer.


    After viewing a short cutscene, go right towards those two tables. There's
a trap hidden in that soda can on the left table, but there's a Salad at the
table on the right for you to take. Ignore the large painting against the far
wall, as it's booby-trapped(one of the lights on either side contains a trap as
well). There're also traps hidden in the telephone and in the file cabinets
behind the desk(there's a Gauze Wrap hidden in one of the cabinets). Read the
two newspaper excerpts detailing the opening and subsequent destruction of
Chateau Banbollow if you like, and continue on through the doorway past the
desk to the first corridor.


    There are three random traps in here; One is hidden in a door, the other
two are hidden in the light fixtures on the walls. Pay close attention to the
Sensory Meter to find where they are hidden. Oh yeah, when you reach the door
leading to the showers, ignore that right-hand turn unless you want to fight an
Inside-Out Man while unarmed. If you can beat him(or just run away), there's a
Steak Dinner waiting for you at the dead end.


    Check the lockers to your immediate right for a Calculator, there's a trap
hidden in the lockers across from you, but you can find a Bandage hidden there
as well. Be very careful, the next two rooms contain several traps. The only
item is a Hassy in the last sink. But be wary, 1 window, the alarm in the
washroom, 1 sink, the corpse in the bloody stall and 1 other shower stall are
all booby trapped. All of these are random except for the corpse in the bloody
stall. And be especially careful with the window trap, it deals serious damage
if you don't disarm it. After carefully making your way through the showers,
head out into the courtyard.


    The only trap here lies in one of the two piles of straw on either end of
the courtyard, you can safely ignore it. Go to the large fountain and inspect
it to receive your first weapon, the Homerun Bat(Oh yeah, if you inspect an
area that contains a weapon, the word "WEAPON" will flash on the HORROR
MONITOR's display), and enjoy the brief cutscene. Inspect the tree in the
center of the courtyard for an Iron Heart, and get an Item sensor from the tree
across from the fountain. Now proceed to the entryway on the far end to find a
Dummyman Photo booth where you can save your game. Check the lockers to find a
Steak Dinner and a Nitroglycerin, and move on to the next corridor.


    There's a lone Dummy waiting for you once you round the first corner. You
can either use this as an opportunity to try out that new Bat you found, or you
can stay close to the left side of the corridor and bypass him completely. A
little further down there's an Ampoule for the taking, as well as a pair of
Dummies. As before, stay to the left to avoid them. Make sure to get the
Relaxation CD and Injection before proceeding to the kitchen.


    This place has to smell terrible..... Anyway, there's a trap hidden in the
pool of blood, another in the oven, one in the ventilation shaft farthest from
you and another in the doorway leading to the dining room. From what I've seen,
none of these are randomized. However, this kitchen and the adjoining dining
room feature the only randomized monster encounter in the game that I know of.
There may or may not be an Inside-Out Man waiting at the kitchen sink(He's
rarely here). There's also a Salad in the pantry and a Steak Dinner on the
counter. Go into the doorway(After you've disarmed the trap at the top of the
doorframe) leading to the dining room.


    Check the booths for a Hassy, but watch out for the ceiling fan, it's
but beware of the Inside-Out Man near the toppled table(If he didn't appear in
the kitchen, he'll turn up here). There's also a trap at the cook's window that
you should watch out for. Read the newspaper clipping on the desk if you
please, then continue.


    Not much here. Get the Coagulant and look out for the collapsed ceiling at
the end of the hall.


    Watch out for those beer bottles sitting on the table, the graffiti on the
wall may be rigged too(Yup, even the Krylon can kill you in ILLBLEED). Grab an
Injection from one of the beds, and check the washroom to your right for an
Artificial Plasma and a Gauze Wrap. There's 1 mirror, 2 TV sets and (maybe) 1
lamp that contain traps throughout 5 different bedrooms; So if you don't find
any of those in this room, they will turn up in one of the next 4. In the
adjoining bedroom, look out for the second bathroom's doorway, there's an
Inside-Out Man waiting to ambush you there. After beating his ass outside-in,
continue on through the adjoining hallway.


    Again, not too much to fret about. That corpse lying on the floor is
rigged, of course, so be sure to mark it. After that, count on at least 1
door(It's randomized) to hide a trap. Then move on to the den.


    Read Banbollow's Diary on the desk to learn a little bit about how driven
he was to see Jimmy succeed. That TV might contain a trap, but those windows
definitely do. Get the Artificial Plasma and Bandage from those gray cabinets
before going to the next room.


    Check the refrigerator for a Hassy and then read another excerpt from
Banbollow's Diary sitting on a bed that details Banbollow's grief over the loss
of his son as well as his newfound hatred toward the kids responsible for
downstairs for the storeroom. 2 Dummies will jump you once you reach the
stairs, so settle your differences(I.E. Crack their skulls like a pair of
coconuts) before heading down.

    The bloody bandages and forceps tell me that this is where Banbollow
patched himself up after the fire. Check behind those crates to find a Gauze
Wrap, then head upstairs. But watch out, there may or may not a trap waiting at
the top of the stairs. Search around for a Deep Breath before going into the
next bedroom.


    Eew, bodies! Read the newspaper clipping on the floor if you wish, check
the bed for a Hassy and watch out for the TV, mirror and lamp as according to
protocol. Beware of the Inside-Out man hiding in the bathroom. After you've
spanked him soundly, grab another Hassy from the sink. Moving on...


    There's a Nitroglycerin here for the taking, and that's it. Moving on....


    Check the bed for an Erole, get the Relaxation CD from the closet and get
the Gauze Wrap from the Bathroom. And again, look out for the TV, mirror and


    Here, you'll have your first run-in with The Dummyman. He's larger than the
regular Dummies and a helluva lot meaner, use stick & move tactics to bring him
down and make good use of the dodge button. After he's been dealt with, get the
Artificial Brain and Ampoule from the bathroom. And yet again, be mindful of
the TV, mirror and lamp.


    There are two booby-trapped doors in this hallway, along with a second
encounter with The Dummyman about mid-way down the corridor. But don't forget
about the Biobody and ER Discount Ticket hidden here as well. Now head
downstairs to the basement.


    Here, you'll find another Dummyman Photo Booth to save your game(Do it
now), and an ER Station. Since you probably won't have much money, just use
that Discount Ticket and get a small recovery operation. Now head down the next
flight of stairs to Jimmy's practice room.


    ........Freaky! Go to the display case on the right and place Jimmy's
Trophy in the display. Then go to the display cases in the far left corner,
read Banbollow's final Diary that was apparently written sometime after he
snapped, and then hang Jimmy's Testimonial Plaque on the wall(You can see the
imprint where it's supposed to go). Now run to trophy case near the entrance
and place Jimmy's Trophy inside. After you put up Jimmy's memorabilia, the
batter's box will begin to glow. Simply walk onto it to initiate a cutscene
where Eriko plays a little game of "Make Fun of the Poor Dead Kid" before
Banbollow himself comes out to say hello. Then, he tries to incinerate you into
unrecognizable char. Hmph.


    Surprise, he's immortal! At least for now, so you'll have to run away.
Avoid his blowtorch and lure him away from the Helipad when he gets too close.
After you successfully duck him, leave through the opening he came through to
enter the maze.


    I wish there was a way to give you specific directions, but two factors
keep me from doing so:

1. There are several different paths you can take to reach the goal.

2. Banbollow is stalking you throughout the maze, so you'll frequently have to
stray off the beaten path to avoid him.

    So check your map often to navigate the maze successfully, and listen for
the sound of scraping metal; it's coming from the blowtorch that Banbollow
carries(Eriko will also look in the direction he's coming from). He teleports
to random areas of the maze constantly, so you can't ever lose him completely.
If you're caught, you'll go back into combat mode with a still-invincible
Banbollow. Eventually, you'll come across a large bathroom.


    Upon entering, you'll see a cutscene of Kevin(!) lying on the ground
unconscious as Banbollow continues to rant and rave about Jimmy. Banbollow then
drags him off to God knows where, leaving you alone.

    You're safe in here, Banbollow won't enter the bathroom again. Take a
second to get your bearings, then check the sinks and toilet stalls to find an
Artificial Plasma and a Speed Ladder. After that, go in the direction Banbollow
took Kevin.


    See MAZE 1 for details. When you reach the end, heal yourself completely
and save your game at the Photo Booth before heading into the boiler room.


    Hey, he ain't immortal anymore! You know what that means, don't you? When
he tries to spray you with his blowtorch, run around to his back and give him
three good whacks with your Bat. Rinse and repeat 'till he gives in.
NOTE: You can also stand RIGHT NEXT TO his face and bash him without getting
torched, just watch out for his acid puke.

    After beating him, one of the boilers will explode in his face, covering
him in flames(This is a familiar sensation for him, I suppose). After he runs
off, approach Kevin to wake him up. After a brief chat, he joins up with you,
allowing you to choose him from the character select screen from now on. After
Kevin leaves, check the shelves near the staircase for an Amazon and a
Protector(Wonder why they're giving us these items now? hmm...) and head up the

THE END.......?

    Head up stairs into what looks like another den. Before you can continue
on; the lights go out and a now enormous Banbollow tears the room you're
standing in away from the rest of the house, leaving you stranded out in the
middle of a lake! And did I mention he's now enormous?


    My, how he's grown! As you've probably guessed, you can't kill him with
that little bat, so once again you have to run for your life. Keep jumping
across the logs, making sure to dodge Giant Banbollow's attacks. Eventually
you'll see an offshoot to Eriko's left, get on it. Continue avoiding
Banbollow's attacks until you reach the control center on the shore. Go into
the shack to meet the nutcase operating Giant Banbollow, Operator Jackson.
Eriko pleads with him to shut down Banbollow, but to no avail. Well, when
negotiations have failed, other means must be sought......


    No way you can talk this guy into cutting you a break, and even after you
said "please". The only thing left to do is to grab your Bat and hang a beatin'
on him, three hits oughta do the trick. After you've literally knocked his
block off, grab his ID Card sitting on the desk next to his body. You can also
check the locker room nearby to find a Salad. Now leave the shack and head
towards the Goal on the other shoreline.


    After getting back on the original path of the log bridge, press on until
you reach a locked gate on the shore. See that card reader right next to it?
Use Operator Jackson's ID Card to unlock the gate. Now use any leftover items
to heal yourself, control any bleeding and lower your pulse(You can't take them
with you and you'll want your stats as high as you can get 'em so you don't
lose prize money. In fact, do this before the exit of every level). Then,
simply walk through the open gate and follow the path.



"I'll never forget you........ Rachel....."


Clear Time: 30:00/under
Traps Disarmed: NOT APPLICABLE
Pulse Rate: 70/under
Hit Points: 130/over
Adrenaline: 200/over
Bleeding: 30cc/under

ITEMS TO BUY: Get extra stamina building and pulse lowering items, but DO NOT
buy any Adrenaline recovery items before starting level 2.


    First things first, run to those covered vending machines and grab your
HORROR MONITOR. A Monkiller stole your HORROR MONITOR, eh? Relax, you don't
need it anyway; This level has *no* traps! After the stinky primate makes off
with your MONITOR, go to the now opened barrier leading out to the campsite
itself, but don't go through it yet. Inspect the one-armed corpse lying nearby
to get an Item Sensor, then look at the map to find out where an Artificial
Brain and and a few files giving you the backstory of this level are hidden,
then leave through the aforementioned exit.


    Looks like we know where that HORROR MONITOR went to, please tell me you
were playing as Eriko..... After seeing this somewhat disturbing cutscene,
you'll hear a cry for help that sounds a bit familiar. We'll find out who that
cry for help came from a little later.

    Here's another maze-type area. I can't give you specific directions through
this maze, because there are many items scattered off the beaten path that
you'll certainly want to get and the Item Sensor can do the work of pinpointing
them for me. These include: 1 Steel Pipe, 1 Steak Dinner, 1 Artificial Plasma,
1 Speed Ladder, 1 Bandage, 1 Anti Shock Brace, 1 Artificial Brain, 1
Nitroglycerin, 1 Amazon and several expository files. But be especially careful
of the *11* Giant Earthworms and 2 pairs of Monkillers, 4 in total. Giant
Earthworms can only travel through dirt, so you're safe as long as you stand on
the pavement. You can also lure the Giant Earthworms to one side of the path,
then dart around the other side to avoid them. If you happen to get caught by a
Worm or Monkiller, just run like hell; That pipe is nearly useless. Throughout
the maze you'll see signs pointing you in the direction of the drive-in
theater, follow them to find the exit. Make your way out of this dump to emerge
in another, slightly more varied section of the campsite.


    If you look to the far right, you'll see a garage. That's the level's GOAL,
and it's also where the cry for help came from. If you want; you can bust in,
go medieval on the 3 Monkillers inside and rescue Michel. But with only that
wimpy pipe to do battle, you might want to try my alternate strategy: DON'T DO
IT YET, those Monkillers can easily make mincemeat out of you if you don't have
a decent weapon. Instead, go left and try to enter the gas station's
convenience store. A voice coming from behind the doors rudely asks you to go
away. Instead of arguing with said voice, go through the drive-in theater gates
and jump across the wrecked van to get the Baby Bottle sitting on the ground.
But be warned: Stay on the concrete! If you step on the soil, you'll be
introduced to the boss, Rachel(Who is invincible for the time being), as well
as have your pulse shoot up 25-30 points for no good reason. After getting the
bottle, head back to the store. The voice concedes to let you through this


    Check the aisles first; There is an Iron Heart, 2 Hassies and a
Nitroglycerin for the taking. After cleaning out the aisles, go around to the
little stockroom beside the cash register. After viewing a short cutscene where
the picture on the wall talks to you, asking you to read the note on the desk.
Read the file wherein David asks you to kill Rachel for him because, well, he's
too dead to do it himself. Get the Rusty Key from the nearby trinket box before
heading back outside the store and using the Rusty Key to unlock that small
gate to the store's left.


    Follow the path, enjoying the phony movie billboards lining the road.
You'll eventually be ambushed by 2 Faceless Women. You can try fighting them,
but it'll save time to just run away. Continuing on further, you'll see a brief
cutscene where a dying victim tells you to "Knock down Dummyman". Whatever,
just get the newspaper clipping from his carcass and move on. Now, that
skeleton hanging from the water tower is David, and below him there's a suicide
note you can read if you wish, you should also watch out for a second encounter
with 2 Faceless Women in the vicinity. Now continue on a little further to
reach a small shack, inside the shack you'll find another of David's memoirs
revealing that Rachel is actually <<GASP!>> that friggin' huge earthworm that's
been munching on the townsfolk. Now check the shelves to find a Wrench and an
Artificial Heart. On your way out of the shack, check the front of the "Attack
of the Monster Bee" billboard to find the Flamethrower. Unfortunately, it has
no fuel, and you won't be able to kill Rachel without it. So for now, let's
make use of that Wrench you just found. Well, that dying schmuck said to "Knock
down Dummyman", and there are three Dummyman movie billboards bolted up here.
So go to each sign and use that Wrench to unbolt all three. After you've
"Knocked down Dummyman", go back out to campsite 2.


    Now that you've unbolted the three billboards, they combine with the
wrecked cars to form a quasi-walkway that allows you to reach those fuel tanks
miss a jump and step on the dirt, you'll not only have to square off against an
invincible Rachel, but you'll also restart from the beginning of this sequence
with about 30 extra pulse points tacked on. Take your time and carefully jump
across each car and toppled sign until you reach a row of fuel drums. Heal
yourself with whatever items you have, then use the Flamethrower on the drums
to refill it and initiate the boss battle.


    If you attempted to fight a Giant Earthworm earlier in the level, then you
should know how to fight against Rachel. Avoid her attacks(Running around in a
broad circle is the best way to avoid being hit) and wait for her to emerge
from the dirt, then run to her blind side and blast her with your Flamethrower.
Make sure to keep it trained on her until she goes back into the soil, rinse
and repeat. After Rachel expires, you'll be treated to the most offbeat
cutscene so far. Trust me, they get much wierder from here.


     Now that Rachel has gone down to Hell with David(You're welcome, you
crotchety old bastard), You're free to leave. Get one of those green Gas Tanks
from behind the fuel drums and head for the car parked in front of the
convenience store.

     But wait, don't leave yet! What about Michel?? Run over to the garage
where I told you she was being held and enter the door. Here, you'll find three
Monkillers checking Michel(!) out, but they spring to the attack when they
notice you. Stand right where you are, hold down the R TRIGGER and sweep the
Flamethrower's spray from side to side, the little creeps won't stand a chance.
After you burn those damn dirty apes to a crisp, she'll thank you for saving
her life and rejoins the team!

     Now that Michel is safe, run back to the car and use the Gas Tank you
found to refuel the car. Step on the gas and get the hell out of Dodge!



"Cut in pieces. . .  It's still warm. . ."


Clear Time: 50:00/under
Traps Disarmed: 18/over
Pulse Rate: 70/under
Hit Points: 130/over
Adrenaline: 400/over
Bleeding: 15cc/under

ITEMS TO BUY: Buy extra quantities of each item, level 3 can be quite taxing if
you don't know what you're doing. I'd recommend stocking up on lots of pulse
lowering items as well.


    From where you start, go around to the opposite side of the small guard
shack to your left and inspect the area for your HORROR MONITOR(NOTE: It's the
only item in this area). Now immediately mark that truck parked nearby, it's
rigged. Now, you see the piles of sawdust in front of those warehouses? Two of
them contain Dummies, avoid them like the plaugue, as you certainly won't want
to fight a Dummy while unarmed(Use your sixth sense meter to find out where
they are, then steer clear). You'll see a cutscene where some strange root-like
tentacle destroys a truck. After this, there are two more RANDOM traps here:
One is hidden in a pile of sawdust, the other is in a bundle of planks. Now,
there's nothing more to do than enter MacLachlan's mill.....


    You know this isn't going to be pleasant. Okay, there are three traps in
this room and the smaller room upstairs: 1 circular sawblade, 1 chainsaw(It
figures.) and 1 painting. It's a bit of a guessing game, unfortunately. After
going up the short flight of stairs, check the small sign at the doorway for an
Artificial Plasma, then walk out into a small room with two statues, one of
Maclachlan and one of a Woodcutter. Then approach both statues to see a
cutscene of that tentacle ripping both of them apart(Yo ho ho, gonna cut da
tree...*SPLOTCH*). Inspect the carnage to find an Invoice on MacLachlan's
remains, and an Axe from what's left of the Woodcutter. Now continue

    Okay, there's an assload of traps in this room, and all of them are
randomized: 1 blood pool, 1 in the ceiling(maybe), 1 in the scratches on the
wall, 1 stack of crates and 3(maybe 2) windows! There's also a Salad, a
Calculator, an ER Ticket and a Guaze Wrap here for the taking.


   Across from where you stand there's a Woodpuppet waiting on top of the
crates, so stay to the left to avoid him. Notice the name "RANDY" stenciled on
that open crate? Yep, Randy's been here. Now go out to the catwalk to see a
cutscene of a lone Woodpuppet running haphazardly and sputtering nonsense as a
Woodcutter goads him on. That babbling Woodpuppet was Randy. After seeing the
cutscene, watch out for a trap hidden in one of the windows to your left and
enter the door at the end of the catwalk.


   Get the Artificial Brain from the crates nearby and stop by the ER if you
like(I'd take advantage of that ER Ticket now to upgrade your characters if I
were you), then head down 2 flights of stairs to find a Photo Booth to save
your game and an Artificial Plasma hidden in a crate before continuing on.


   After rounding the corner, look out for a trap hidden in the floor(It's easy
to spot, look for the only patch of floor that isn't smeared with blood), and
continue on to see a cutscene involving that huge piece of machinery to your
left and some flayed corpses. Go to that sleeping Woodcutter and take the Piece
of Wood from him. This royally pisses him off, and he rushes to attack you as
you try to leave through that black curtain(You can't run away from him). He
attacks surprisingly fast for a big fat guy, so put the dodge button to good
use, then run around him and attack his flank. After he goes down, you're free
to go.


   There's a trap in floor right in front of you, so pull out your HORROR
MONITOR and mark the area. There's nothing else here, so move on.


   Continue on a little ways to see yet another cutscene of those flayed
corpses you saw before being transformed into Woodpuppets(Well, now we know
where MacLachlan's employees went). Before rounding the next corner; Look ahead
with the HORROR MONITOR. See the floor grates, pipes and bloodstains? There are
at least 3(Rarely 4) traps hidden here, so just mark all 4 areas to be safe. A
little farther ahead is a staircase leading up to another catwalk, but 2
Woodpuppets will jump you before you can head upstairs. You can try to run from
them if you like, but they're remarkably easy to kill(You can trick them into
hitting each other with little effort). Once they're down, check the alcove by
the stairs to find 1 more Woodpuppet and Randy's Brain(You mean he didn't have
it already??) hidden in a crate. Now go up those stairs to find a sealed
trapdoor. Go to the keypad nearby and insert the Piece of Wood into the
keypad's slot, activating it. Now that it's activated, you need a passcode to
key into it, so look at that Invoice you found earlier. It states that 3221
pieces of lumber were purchased at $3.00 a pop, right? So multiply 3221 times 3
to get the passcode: 9663. Now the trapdoor will open up and Trent will show up
on the door's display screen to bark a few orders. After you've finished
ignoring Trent, jump down the trapdoor for a surprise.......

NOTE: In the Japanese version the receipt is a small note that reads "MURDER"
and the pass code is 1564. There's a long-winded explanation as to how the
numbers 1, 5, 6 and 4 are derived from the the word "MURDER", but it involves a
more than rudimentary understanding of the Japanese language.

OTHER NOTE: 9663 is also how you spell "wood" on a telephone's keypad. I forgot
who first pointed that out, though. Consider yourself thanked, whoever you are!


   YOU ARE NOW A WOODPUPPET! In this state, you move considerably slower, you
cannot jump and you cannot dodge enemy attacks. However, you're attacks are
more powerful. In combat: Use the R TRIGGER to attack with your arms and use
the Y BUTTON to attack with your feet(Manipulating the D-Pad while pressing
either the R TRIGGER or the Y BUTTON can give you different attacks)

   There's nowhere else to go but through that door, so go through it!


   There's one yellow overhead light that contains a trap(It's randomized), but
nothing else here. Keep going.


   If you recignize this as the place where you first saw Randy, you win a
cookie! Just follow the path, but be wary of the traps hidden here. There are 2
randomized traps hidden in the cut cables lining the walkway, along with
another trap at the first turn you'll take.


   Take a left turn to reach the signup booths for the Woodcutter Hunting
Grounds. Once the Woodcutters leave, go to the booth on the right to register,
making sure to check both of them afterwards to get the Hunting Ground Rule
Books(One for you, one for them). They will explain the rules for getting past
the Hunting Grounds, but they basically boil down to one thing: DON'T GET
KILLED. Now enter the Hunting Grounds and prepare for a very miserable time.


   This place is liberally peppered with ornery Woodcutters. And in your
current state, avoiding nasty encounters is pretty much impossible. When you're
attacked by a Woodcutter, you have no choice but to fight it out as there's no
escape helipad for you to use(Woodpuppets have no fingers, hence they can't
grab the emergency ladder. Sigh....)! Simply run around to their flank like you
did before and attack nonstop(I prefer to use the Y BUTTON to kick as it's
faster than using the R TRIGGER), running around to his backside again once he
turns to attack you.

   Some of the gentlemen on GameFAQs.com's ILLBLEED Message Boards have claimed
that by pressing the Y BUTTON to bring up the map, you can make persuant
Woodcutters disappear. I've tested it for myself and found that pressing the Y
BUTTON doesn't make them *disappear* per se, it actually stops them in
mid-stride for about 2 and a half seconds. When a Woodcutter is about to catch
you, pressing the Y BUTTON will make him pause temporarily, allowing you some
extra time to get away. Press the Y BUTTON repeatedly every 1-2 seconds and you
may be able to make it through the entire maze unscathed(Emphasis on MAY).

   Follow the directions on the map to reach a long hallway in the center of
the maze. Head north up this hallway, making sure to wave hello to Randy when
he passes by -still waxing idiotic about Lord knows what- on the catwalk above
you, until you reach a dead end populated by a bunch of large, glowing beetles
called Wudolla Insects. Inspect their feeding spot to take a few of them with
you, now turn around and go the that staircase that's blocked off by a rotten
tree trunk. Use the Wudolla Insects on the dead trunk to make it disappear,
then go up the stairs and follow the catwalk. Don't be careless; You can fall
off the walkway and into the company of several pissed-off Woodcutters, then
have to make your way back to the catwalk again. So just take your time getting
across. Eventually you'll come upon a storage area. Grab the Relaxation CD and
Steak Dinner from the crates, then save your game at the Photo Booth before
moving on.....

   Now continue further until you reach a fork in the path. The sign says to go
right to get to an ER, so go that way. Round the large bookcase(?) to find not
an ER, but 2 Dummies beating up on your pal Randy(!). When they're alerted to
your presence, they cast off their medical scrubs and leap to the attack.
They're so easy, you can beat them with your eyes closed. After the 2 Dummies
are shown the errors of their ways(read: They die choking on thier own clotted
blood), you'll automatically give Randy back his brain so he can rejoin the
posse! Yay!

   After you get Randy back, grab the Biobody hidden at those gurneys beside
the wall and take the other path opposite the faux ER. Consult your map to
reach the goal, and watch out for the numerous Woodcutters populating the open
space ahead. You'll know when you've reached the goal because it has the word
"GOAL" written above the door in big, colorful letters.


   Be wary of those open lockers, roughly 3 out of 5 contains a Woodcutter
ambush. There's a trap hidden in the ground in the second adjoining corridor,
it stands out quite conspiciously from the rest of the floor, so you shouldn't
miss it. Work your way through here(Don't forget about the Scapegoat Mary
hidden in one of the lockers nearby) while battling the Woodcutters that pop
out to say "Howdy" until you find some strange coffin-like device at the bottom
of a stairwell. The machine obliterated the wood that was placed in it, so what
will it do to *you*? Walk in and find out. After a brief wait, the machine
reopens to reveal.......... You. That's right, you're back to normal now! Now
that you've regained your old abilities, hop over that row of crates and
continue through to the exit(Grab the Gaboie in one of the lockers on your way


   Before you move on, use whatever items you still have to heal yourself.
You're going to want to be in top form before you face off against Trent.
Approach the 2 ILLBLEED Employees to find out that the "Trent" animatronic is
malfunctioning, so it looks like you won't have to fight him after all.........
Oh wait, he's coming to. Damn it! After he shows the 2 ILLBLEED saps(Hardy har)
a shortcut to the bottom floor, he invites you to attack him.


   Trent attacks in two different ways: He slaps you with his tentacle/roots
and spews acidic bile at you when you get too close. To take him down you must
run to him and smack him TWICE with your axe, then immediately dodge his
attack. I know it's tempting to get that third strike in, but he's definitely
going to land a hit on you if you stick around long enough. So hit twice, then
dodge. It's a long fight, but you can tough it out. Right?


   After you land the final blow, Trent's circuitry goes haywire and causes his
face to contort into several hilarious positions before he sinks back into the
ground. Now that you've taken Trent behind the woodshed(Hardy har), go up the
stairs ahead and follow the outdoor path until you reach the wrought iron gate
at the end.



"Go to #1!"

REQUIREMENTS TO KEEP $150,000 PRIZE(Your prize money is paid in advance at the
start of level 4)

Clear Time: 1:15/under
Traps Disarmed: 28/over
Pulse Rate: 80/under
Hit Points: 150/over
Adrenaline: 250/over
Bleeding: 40cc/under

ITEMS TO BUY: This is certainly the most difficult level to date, so buy plenty
of high-powered recovery items(Especially pulse lowering items!) before you
begin. I'd also advise you to buy some extra adrenaline recovery items as level
4 is loaded to the gills with traps. Be forewarned: SEVERAL TRAPS IN THIS LEVEL


   From where you start out, go through that orange door to your left.


   Inspect the gray bookshelves to the right of the desk to get your HORROR
MONITOR, then use it to mark the assistant manager's corpse sitting in the
chair(He's rigged). Now inspect this office thoroughly to find several
informative files and a Caution Bomb, and leave via the door you came in
through to go back out to the entrance lobby.


   Watch out for the 2 silver carts, one of them contains a trap(It's random).
Now go behind the rows of red carts to find a Severed Head, take it. Now
continue forward through a long stretch of aisles. Here's a list of traps: The
"Dummy Popcorn" display on the left, 1 tongue-like banner decoration, 1
clown-face banner decoration, 1 "Hell Candy" display, 1 tray of gumballs, 1 arm
sticking out of the wall, at least 4 different traps in the jelly aisle(It'd be
a good idea to use the Caution Bomb here), 2 giant display cans and 1 empty
space in the big rack of soda cans. All these traps are random except for the
"Dummy Popcorn" display. And be warned, there's a Dummy waiting inside the
smashed gumball display case on the left just before you enter the jelly aisle,
so keep to the right of the aisle to avoid him.

   Eventually you'll come across a staircase to your right. Go up this
staircase, which leads to the Bakery.


   The traps in this room include: 1 mass of hair growing out of the bowls at
the soup bar(Yech!), at least 2 of the racks of bread, 1 set of crossed swords
adorning the wall and 3(Sometimes 2) in the oven at the far end of the room.
There's also a pair of Dummies waiting inside a rack of bread rolls. Check the
soup bar to your left to find the Hatchet(Yes!), then turn around and leave.
Yes, just leave. The only other item here is a Baked Cake in the oven, and it's
totally worthless.


   Completely ignore the Ice Cream aisle to your left, as there's nothing but a
few traps, a Dummy and a useless Sweet Strawberry. Instead, go to the small
Burger Joint to the right, but watch out for the traps hidden in the burger
sitting on the counter and the ketchup bottle sitting in the hot dog cart. But
do get the Calculator hidden in the cash register.

   Next, turn your attention to the large cake that's jumping up and down on
the nearby stage. He introduces himself as the Cake from Hell, and tells you
that he needs something "Glorious! Or should I say, goreious" to crown his
head. If you bothered to get the Baked Cake and Sweet Strawberry, you get to
find out just how useless they are when the Cake from Hell kicks them back at
you. He said he wants something "Goreious", didn't he? So give him that Severed
Head you found earlier. He'll be so delighted that he'll not only let you pass,
but he allows you to take him with you! Don't worry, you won't have a giant
cake following you around throughout the level, just go and pick him up. You
can use him if you're running low on energy for a complete refill of your HP.

   Now that he's out of the way; hop down from the stage, get the Hassy from
one of the tables and head downstairs to the Meat Department.


   Save your game at the Photo Booth if you wish, then continue on to the Meat
Department. I don't know about you, but I was expecting this place to be far
more disturbing than it actually is. Anyhow, look out for the pieces of hog
covering the ground up ahead: 1 set of hooves and 1 hog rump contain traps.
There's also a trap hidden in the large cow skeleton on the floor as well. At
the end of the aisles there are two gigantic cockroaches barring your path.
Apparently, they expect you to feed them, so go back to the Meat Department and
grab some of the Chicken, Pork or Beef from the meat cases and give it to
them(Any kind will do, but I always use Beef. Oh yeah, you can eat the stuff,
too). The amount they can eat varies, so it'd be a good idea to just get 1
piece of meat at a time to feed each of them. Once you feed them enough meat,
they will retract back up into the ceiling, allowing you to continue. Go back
and get another piece of meat -only if you used all of it up feeding the
roaches- to take with you before you enter the Steakhouse.


   Upon entering the Steakhouse, you'll be greeted by the Chef, Mr. Meat. He
invites you to put the meat you brought with you up on the grill. But when you
do, the meat springs to life and attacks you. Yes, a large chunk of animal
flesh will begin bouncing around on the grill and threaten you with bodily
harm. Just suspend your disbelief for a moment and give each one(Assuming you
brought more than one piece of meat into the Steakhouse) 3 good whacks with
your Hatchet. After you've finished beating your meat(I'll let you add your own
punchline.), the Chef will give you a stern talking-to, then send you on your
way. Just hop off the other side of the grill and exit the Steakhouse.


   Okay, check your map to see how to get through the Produce Department.
You'll see that the quickest path is to go straight, take the second right,
then continue going straight until you reach the exit. The only traps you'll
have to deal with if you take this route are: 1 in the watermelon patch, 1 in
the group of pineapples and another is hidden in a compost heap(This one's
random), you will also run into 4 Giant Earthworms along the way. There are 2
more traps(1 hidden in a group of onions and 1 more in a bunch of carrots) and
several more Giant Earthworms off the beaten path, so don't even bother going
there. Just go straight, round the corner, and head for the doorway at the end.


   I can't even guess what this place is supposed to be, so I just call it a
Garden Center. Head for the exit on the far end, but before you get near it you
should mark the ground in front of it with your HORROR MONITOR. That's because
once you get near it: Not one, but *three* Giant Earthworms will launch an


   This is an insanely difficult fight(I spent nearly 2 days trying to beat
them the first time I played this and had to go to GameFAQs' ILLBLEED forum for
help), and what's worse: You cannot run away from it, so you have no choice but
to stand your ground and smash them. The trick is to run around in a broad
circle and wait for one to emerge from the ground near you, then run to it's
backside and hit it ONCE. That's right, only once. If you try to hit it 2 or 3
times, one of it's cousins *will* get you from behind. Immediately after you
land a blow, retreat and continue running in circles again until another Worm
pops it's bloated head out of the dirt close to you. You can deal more damage
by hitting them in the face, but it's exceedingly dangerous to do. Repeat this
cycle until you've downed 2 of them, then feel free to go medieval on the
third, his boys can't help him now!

   After all three Giant Earthworms have met their well-earned deaths, leave
through the door they were guarding to emerge in a posh, green-colored foyer
with a large, hideous face at the end(It's actually an elevator).


   As you approach the elevator, you'll see a missing column at the left-hand
corner. Follow the short path therein and enter the door and the end.


   If you look to the far end of the room, you'll see Cashman's corpse smeared
on the wall(Jesus, exactly *what* did the cops shoot this guy with??). Make a
beeline for the fireplace on the left, where you'll be surprised by a group of
Cashman's Spawn. Don't worry: They do very little damage and can only absorb a
few hits before going belly up. After you take 'em to the cleaners, get the
Machine Gun from the fireplace as your reward. Check around to find another
Caution Bomb, an Artificial Plasma and a few of Cashman's memoirs. Of of said
memoirs includes a cryptic message; "I ate six trees". What the Hell does that
mean, you say? Well, go over to Cashman's splattered remains and use the
calculator in his hand. The phrase "I ate six trees" sounds a little like
"1863", so try keying that into the calculator. Bingo! The safe on the right is
now open for you to pillage. When you try to check it, you'll see a cutscene of
Cashman's disembodied head flying towards you to try and take back his money.
He fails, we can only assume, and you walk out $100,000 richer! Now head back
out the the Elevator Hall and use the huge, freaky elevator to arrive at the
Toy Department.

NOTE: In the Japanese version, the code is 5271.


   You're not allowed to proceed into the aisle itself unless you have $200,000
or more on your person. After getting the money from Cashman's office, that
should pose no problem.

   Okay, there are no items here, but *scores* of traps. You'll see 3 of each
kind of toy in groups of 3 lining the aisles; 1 toy out of the 3 sets will
contain a trap. The traps are: 1 Alien, 1 Robot, 1 Laser Pistol, 1 UFO, 1 Magic
Hat, 1 Trick Card, 1 Magic Cane, 1 Magician Standee, DASHMAN Standee,
1(Possibly 2) TV Screens, 1 Jet, 1 Video Game Console, 1 Skateboard, 1 Baseball
and the large TOYHUNTER Standee at the end of the aisle.

   Once you've past the toy aisles, check those trash cans lining the wall to
get a Salad and an Artificial Plasma, then save your game at the Photo Booth
before heading downstairs to meet...... Cuty Mary! She will introduce herself
to you before inviting you to play a few games with her. You don't really have
much of a choice, so follow her through the large gateway to begin her first
game(Be careful for the 2 traps on either side of the gate as you walk out).


   Now that you've passed the gate, Mary will invite you to play tag. The rules
are a lot like traditional tag, 'cept if she tags you, she gets to impale you
with her massive knife. Bummer.

   Remember level 1? Where Banbollow chased you through a large maze and you
had to avoid being caught by him, lest you be forced to fight him? Well, change
the look & layout of that maze and replace Banbollow with an evil,
knife-wielding doll and you have Cuty Mary's Maze. Only this time, you cannot
run away from her if she catches you. When you get caught by Mary, I'd
recommend using the Machine Gun on her for safety's sake. The Hatchet deals far
more damage, but requires you to get in close to use it.

   Like in level 1, Mary randomly teleports throughout the maze, so listen for
the sounds of her giggling and pay attention to the direction your character
turns his/her head to steer clear of Mary(Expect to be caught a few times,
regardless). At the far end of the maze, there's a sealed door with a large
indentation of Mary's face on the front. To unlock this door, you must find 4
of Mary's cards. Check your map and look for 4 bright red squares at different
ends of the maze, the cards are located there. Once you find all 4, run to the
big door and use the 4 of them to unlock it, then exit the maze.

   Mary is not happy about your survival, to say the least, so she forces you
to compete in yet another game.


   Get an Artificial Brain and an Amazon from the colorful boxes to your left,
then move forward until a cutscene begins. In it, Mary will explain the rules
of Hide N' Seek(As if you don't know how to play), and the game will begin.

   There are many, many possible places that Mary could be hiding here. One
random object in this room hides Mary, all the others contain potent Shock
Events(This is why I told you to buy extra pulse lowering items before you
started the level). You may be lucky enough to find her on your first try. But
on a bad day, you can get nailed by *every* other trap before you finally
ferret her out(This has happened to me before). The 3 objects you should try
first are: The refrigerator, the large pair of sunglasses and the pink
keyboard. If she's not in one of these items, you've got a miserable time ahead
of you.

   When you do find her, she'll throw a fit and fight you. This battle is
rather tough due to the small size of the arena, making the Machine Gun less
than practical. She starts out slowly walking around the ring, but she springs
to action once you begin to attack her. So use the Hatchet to get as many blows
in as you can when the fight starts, then revert to "Stick & Move" tactics
until you drop her.

   After she retreats, go back to those colorful boxes and get Mary's Key. Use
the key on the locked gate behind you, then save your game at the Photo Booth
ahead. Now approach Mary to receive your toughest challenge yet.


   Okay, you have to press the A BUTTON to skip rope 10 times in succession,
this is nowhere near as easy as it sounds. The rope will progressively turn
faster with each jump, and if you fail to clear a jump: You'll not only suffer
a *very* bloody defeat, but you'll also have repeat the rope skipping sequence
all over again. You must time each jump carefully(Press the A BUTTON when the
rope is about a two-thirds of way towards your legs to compensate for the brief
delay between the button press and the actual jump). Oh yeah, watch out for the
final jump, the rope will slow down a bit to try and trick you.

   Once you complete the challenge, Mary will concede defeat and allow you to
take what's in the 3 treasure chests nearby. Get the Salad, Scapegoat Mary and
Mary's Stick from the chests, then leave via the designated exit.


   Save your game in the Photo Booth if you wish, then go to that large eerie
painting on the wall and use Mary's Stick. The painting slides away to reveal
another secret passage.


   Check around the room to find an Artificial Plasma, a Biobody and an Erole.
But watch out for another group of Cashman's Spawn lurking in this room. Now
turn your attention towards the odd pictogram posted beside the entrance. It
shows a hand of BlackJack, the word "SICK!" and a swan. Well, a BlackJack is
21, and "sick swan" sounds a bit like 61, so key "2161" into the calculator on
the desk. The safe will open up, allowing you to reap the bounty within. Check
the safe to see a mildly amusing cutscene involving an overly affectionate
Cashman Spawn, then claim an extra $150,000! Yes!

NOTE: In the Japanese version, the hand of Blackjack has been replaced with a
hockey mask and the code is 1361. Get it?

   Now head back out to the Elevator Hall and use the elevator, then cross a
short bridge to enter Cashman's Vault.....


   Once you reach the center of the room, Cashman himself will drop down from
ceiling and the fight will begin. The itty-bitty "Infinity" symbol by Cashman's
stamina bar tells you that he's immune to damage. So rather than slugging it
out with a very agitated giant tarantula, just run to the left hand corner and
hop up the(Surprise!) hidden staircase to find Cashman's control room.

   You'll find the Operator busying himself with a telephone call, but rather
than knocking his block off with a baseball bat, just grab the Controller
sitting on the desk while he's not looking. Now run back downstairs to initiate
a short cutscene where your character assumes control of Cashman. Use the
Joystick to make Cashman skitter around the vault and press the X BUTTON to
make him jump(NOTE: Don't make him jump at you, that'd just be stupid). NOW
make him skitter towards a wall and jump into it! After doing this 4 times,
Cashman's circuitry will go on the fritz and he'll catch on fire.


   At last, the empty-headed Operator will notice the fire, hang up the phone
and drop a rope ladder so you can escape the vault. And....... That's it, you
made it.



"Destroy.........One by one......"


Clear Time: 50:00/under
Traps Disarmed: 10/over
Pulse Rate: 80/under
Hit Points: 180/over
Adrenaline: 200/over
Bleeding: 10cc/under

ITEMS TO BUY: You might be able to get away with the default number of items I
told you to buy. But you may want to buy extra stamina-building items, just in


   There's nothing inside this theater auditorium, so head down to the front of
the screen and turn left to reach the exit.

   A short distance down the corridor, you'll see a locked door in front of you
and a Monitor Room to the left. Go inside the Monitor Room to find a dead
ILLBLEED Employee -with a crimson star carved into his face- sprawled on the
floor. Check his body to see his ID number: 0017. Now grab your HORROR MONITOR
from the display rack nearby, head back out to the corridor and enter the ID
number into the locked door's keypad. Now head down a long hallway and enter
the door at the end.


   Relax, those monsters standing around are just props. But make sure to take
the Axe from the Woodcutter mannequin on your way through here. Up ahead you'll
see Jason, an ILLBLEED Employee, fretting over a missing Killerman costume.
Jason mistakes you for an employee and tells you to find the manager,
Cunningham. I guess we should do what he says, keep moving forward.


    The first thing you'll see upon entering this room is Cunningham the
supervisor speaking to a member of the press. You try to tell Cunningham about
the dead guy in the Monitor Room, but he interrupts you in mid-sentence. After
he introduces you to Jorg S. Baker, the guy from the press, the two of them
will leave you alone. Now that they're gone, go down the stairs on the right
and get the Item Sensor from the lockers. Now go through the doorway, head down
another short flight of stairs, the enter the door to your right.


   Save your game at the Photo Booth on the left-hand side(the other two are
bogus)if you wish, the continue onward. Here's a list of traps for this room: 1
Pond, 1 Location on the large brick wall to the left, 1 Blue door, 1 Pool of
blood and 1 Circular sawblade(There may be a trap in the ceiling fan high
overhead, but it's very rare). After rounding the first corner, watch out for
an ambush by Cuty Mary(Just run away, you're no match for her with only that
measly Axe), and watch out for a return appearance by the Dummyman further
ahead. Carefully make your way to the other end of the room.

   Oh yeah, some of the traps in the next room can steal your money; Just like
in the Killer Department Store.


   Once you reach a left-hand turn, take it(But watch out for a pair of Rotten
Eggs near the corner). On your way through here, keep an eye out for 1 Cow's
skull, 1 Compost heap and 1 Stack of crates(If the stack of crates doesn't hide
a trap here, it'll turn up on the main route). At the end of this hallway,
you'll run into 2 Inside-out Men. After killing them, Check up and down this
section of the hall for a Biobody and an Amazon(Check your map to see where
they are), then head back to the hallway you started out on and go straight
from there.

   Back on the main path, watch out for the trap hidden in the UFOs sitting on
the crates and brace yourself for another run-in with Cuty Mary(She's right in
front of the giant soda cans). After you RUN AWAY from Mary, watch out for 1
trap hidden amongst the giant soda cans, 1 in a stack of crates(Only if you
didn't find it in the other hallway), 1 in a "Dummy Popcorn" display and
another trap is hidden in the "Hell Candy" display. Look out for 2 more
Inside-out Men along the way. Be sure to pick up the Artificial Plasma and
Salad on your way.


   Run, don't walk, to those big storage shelves in the center of the room and
get your Shotgun(Hell yeah!). Now go to the big glass door on the right and
check the card reader to obtain the ID Card 2. Now use it to unlock the glass
door, go through it and go up the stairs to the left to go back to the
Surveillance Hub.


   From the Surveillance hub, head back to the Monitor Room where you first
found the dead ILLBLEED Employee. Jorg will be there, examining the Employee's
corpse. He tells you that Cunningham turned deathly white on seeing the
corpse(I don't see how the guy could get any whiter) and left for the
Surveillance Hub. While Jorg is doing his thing, get back to the Hub again.


   Uh oh, seems that Killerman's been here. Just as Cunningham breathes his
last, Jorg come rushing in. There's nothing you can do for Cunningham now, so
after the cinema ends check his body for the ID Card 3, then go downstairs on
the left side and enter the number on the card(0824) into the keypad on the
large "STAGE 5" door and proceed through.


   Watch out for a trap hidden in the small corridor a short distance ahead.
After passing through, you'll emerge in a large room full of machinery. You'll
be treated to a creepy cutscene where you can hear some poor jerk being
murdered on the floor above you, then you can move on. Stay away from the
conveyor belt on your left, there's a trap hidden in the steps leading up to it
and there's nothing useful on the belt itself. Now follow a long and winding
series of passages until you come upon a large row of conveyor belts to your
left. Watch out for a trap hiding behind one of the columns to your right.
Rounding the corner, you'll hear a cutscene similar to the one you heard
earlier(This time, it's a woman being murdered out of your sight). Now be
careful of the two traps on the conveyor belt to the left and another trap
hidden in one of the big circuit breakers lining the right-hand side of the
wall(Blue Stinger fans might want to set off the first trap on the left just
for kicks). Now make your way to the exit.


   You'll see several large computer panels on either side of the room. Watch
out for a trap hidden in the center of the floor here(It's random), and
continue on a short distance to see a cutscene where an ILLBLEED Employee meets
a searing death at the hands of Killerman(Finally)! Killerman then leaps away,
leaving you to move on. Did anyone else crack up when Jorg said "Look at the
way that he jumped!"? 'Cuz I did. Now keep moving along to see another cutscene
of a second Employee getting iced by Killerman. Once the cutscene ends, head
downstairs to where the Employee got his and get the Amazon from the pool of
water there(Only after you disarm the trap inside the pool!). Now head back up
to the main route and continue on to reach the exit.


   One of the(RANDOM) bodybags hanging from the ceiling will contain a trap.
But check the aisles between the bodybags to find an Artificial Brain. Then
head the the passageway on the right to run into Jason, who's standing right
next to the stolen Killerman costume! Jason maintains his innocence in the
killings, and points out the costume is not only missing is tracking sensor,
but that it also "Reeks of Cunningham sweat"(Just what makes Cunningham's
perspiration so damn special anyway?). But before he can reveal more
information he is shot in the back by Killerman. Wait a minute; Since when did
Killerman start packing a pistol?? Something's fishy here.... Kinda like
"Cunningham sweat"....

   Jason was hurt, but he wasn't mortally wounded. So leave him be and move on
to find a big, open room with a ladder at the opposite end. Go up the ladder to
enter the air ducts.

LUKE'S SHORT & SWEET EDITORIAL: Jason explains that all of the character
costumes have sensors placed inside due to problems with "Employee theft". So
let's see here: Reynolds doesn't care if one of his attractions guts an
innocent customer like a fish, but there's cause for alarm if their
*belongings* are stolen by the workers?? What about their lives?!


   This is really too easy, if you see a dead end, just don't go that way. The
exit isn't hard to find at all, it's that big opening in the chain link fence
you saw back in the Machinery Room. Step down and head back to the Surveillance


   If Cunningham's dead, then how did his indistinguishably smelly sweat get
inside that Killerman costume? Well, if his body's still laying on the floor in
the Surveillance Hub, we'll know for sur- What the hell?!? This is a new
wrinkle, Cunningham's gone! Jorg will ponder the clues that have been given so
far, and the game will leave you with a question: WHO DONE IT?

   Yes, you now must guess from the clues you've gathered to figure out who the
real killer is! The choices are:

1. KILLERMAN - Well, you've seen him killing lots of people already....

2. JASON - He's got the skills that a trained killer might possess, being a
former gymnast and all.....

3. JORG - You just know he's hiding *something* behind that big forehead of

4. CUNNINGHAM - His signature B.O. didn't just get inside that costume by
itself, did it?

5. YOU, THE PLAYER - I haven't been watching you this whole time, so I don't
know WHAT you've been up to....

   I don't want to tell you who to pick just yet, but here's a tip: It's not
who the clues say it is.

   After you've made your choice, go to the smaller door labeled "MORGUE"
beside the Stage 5 entrance. Ooh, a Morgue, eh? It's disturbing, alright, but
not in the way you'd expect..... It's the biggest damned maze in the game and a
MAJOR headache for me to document!


   Upon entering the morgue, Jorg will explain that this massive room is where
the corpses of deceased patrons are stored and destroyed, and that hundreds of
visitors die in ILLBLEED every day. Can you imagine the legal ramifications of
running such a theme park? No wonder Reynolds is nuts...

NOTE: When I say to take a left or right, it means that there are two different
paths available. To me, turning a corner is still considered "going straight",
so I'm not counting every turn you'll take. I hope that helps to avoid
confusion. Oh yeah, there's also a small number of traps hidden on the
catwalks, but their number and locations are always random.

   Once he's through giving you the dirt, you're free to peruse the maze. At
the first fork in the path, go right. Grab a Hassy along the route, and then
take a left. You'll find a Deep Breath on the path before coming across a
staircase leading down. Head down a short distance until you see a cutscene of
6 Zombies shuffling toward you. Instead of spending a large portion of your
natural life fighting the invincible undead, just run away from them. After you
duck the Zombies, Jorg will begin to go into another spiel before being
snatched by a Zombie and carried off to an uncertain fate. Bye bye, Jorg.

   Now that Jorg has gone "bye bye", continue forward up another flight of
stairs, and keep following the path(Traversing a few more staircases as you go)
until you reach a ledge that you can jump off of and onto the cart tracks. Once
on the tracks, turn left and continue on. Ignore the first right and round the
corner, ignoring the second right as well. If you want a Biobody, take that
first left. If you don't want it, just take the third right to continue on. Now
take two left turns to get on the path perpendicular to the one you're
on(There's a Bandage here, too). Confused? Here's a diagram of what this area
looks like on your map(Not drawn to scale). Point A is where you got off the
tracks from, with the Xs representing dead ends:
       X    X
       |    |
       |    |
       |    |
 B_____|    |                 X
    Bandage |                 |
                         |                         |
                         |                         |
                         |                         |
                X________|                         |____X
                         |                         |
          Biobody________|                         |

   Once you get to point B, go a short distance further and jump off the
tracks. Now go up another flight of stairs and continue going straight along
the path, snatching up a Hassy along the way. Eventually, you'll come to a
large open section of the catwalk that branches into two paths. Here's another

                                                  to continue
                                                     |   |
                                                     |   |
                     ________________________________| /\|
            to save Jorg <                               |
                     __________                          |
                               |                         |
                               |                         |
                               |                         |
                               |                         |
                               |                         |
                               |                         |
                               |                         |
                               |                         |
                               |___________     _________|
                                           |   |
                                           |   |
                                           | X |
                                        you are here

   As you can see, the path on the left is where you really want to go. You'll
eventually see a break in the railing. Jump down off the catwalk to land on the
tracks below, then do a 180 and keep moving. But be mindful not to accidentally
fall off the tracks, or you'll have to get back to the main route and start
again. At the end of the path, there's a place where you can jump off the
tracks to your right. But instead, go left and head for the cart parked at the
dead end. Jorg(!) is laying inside, unconscious. Simply approach him and he'll
wake up and join the team! Alright!

   Now you've got to get back on the main route and get out of here. After
you've saved Jorg, turn around and jump off the tracks then go up the flight of
stairs and turn left, then keep going straight. You should be back at the large
opening where you turned left to find Jorg. This time, however, take the "to
continue" path. Keep going until you see another gap in the railing. Jump down
and turn 180 degrees, then take a left, making sure to get the Ampoule along
the way. You'll come across several rows of tracks with many carts dotting the
area. You need to go ahead and jump off at the other end of the tracks where
several carts are lined up end to end, but watch out for 2(Sometimes 3) more
groups of 5 Zombies waiting inside some of the carts. After jumping off the
tracks, go up the flight of stairs and continue following the path until you
reach a Photo Booth amongst several stacks of coffins. I would STRONGLY suggest
that you use whatever items you have left(Preferably one of those Amazons if
you haven't already used them both) to heal yourself and save your game here
before continuing.


   I'm not sure what else to call this place, but it certainly looks like the
stuff of nightmares to me. Upon rounding the corner, you're treated to a
cutscene of Cunningham(!!) stuffing money into a bunch of satchels. It turns
out that Cunningham faked his own death, and now he plans on making off with a
cache of stolen money, but not before he tries to blow you and Jorg away. He
never even gets to pull the trigger, as another searing energy beam comes from
behind and blasts him to Kingdom Come. He wasn't Killerman after all, because
the REAL Killerman is now standing before you, daring you to attack him!


   I cannot tell a lie; Killerman is a real pain in the ass. He has several
methods of attack: He tosses out a machine gun-like stream of glowing stars
that chase after you, he throws out glowing stars in a scattershot pattern and
he has a powerful star-shaped energy beam that can follow you(You'll see him
charge up for a second before releasing it). When he attacks you with any of
these,  keep running like hell to the left or right, as his attacks chase you
across the room and dodging them won't work. He also teleports to random spots
throughout the room. If he materializes beside you, run away fast; He has a
powerful "shove" attack that he uses when you're too close. Whenever you get a
chance, give him a good blast with your shotgun(You'd have to be an idiot to
try nailing Killerman with that puny Axe) and keep running to either side to
avoid his retaliation. Occaisionally he'll stop to gloat, giving you a golden
opportunity to force-feed him some pellets. Eventually, one of you is going to
die in this fight, try really hard to make sure it's not you. May your
boomstick serve you well....

   It's as rare as a chicken's tooth, but sometimes if you manage to stay in
between the glowing stars from his scattershot attack, he'll glitch and
continue using the attack over and over again. If he starts doing this, you can
stand in between the flying stars and happily blast away at him without taking
a scratch. Don't ever count on this happening, but don't hesitate to take
advantage of it in case it does.


   Jesse Condon writes to say that an even easier way to beat him is to to just
stand at the entrance and pump him full of lead. I'll go ahead and quote him

   "I found that if your character stands right by the entrance and just shoots
Killerman every time he teleports you'll start killing him very quickly.
Killerman does come up really close for that one blast but you can just run
away or take the hit. If you run then stay beside the wall so he can't teleport
behind you. When he does the star attack or his big blast, you can dodge if you
stand still and rapidly press the dodge button. If you do get hit it will take
so long to get up the most of his follow-up attack will be done. So opposite of
what most people do -instinctively running around and dodging him in a frenzied
panic- I made it through with a lot of health left simply by standing still!"

   Not only does this strategy work, but I've found that Killerman rarely uses
his big uber-blast if you stay by the entrance. Thanks JC!


  ILLBLEED forum alumnus Omnislash708 suggests another method for beating the
star-studded hobbledehoy by faking him out:

  "If you get too close to Killerman he will almost always use that move where
the energy comes out of his body hitting you if you're in close range. So every
time Killerman disappears quickly run up to him, then immediately dart away so
that he won't hit you with his power shove. While he's still using his shove
attack, whip around and blast him with the shotgun. This may sound hard to do
but it actually isn't, it just takes a little practice to get the timing right.
This will cause him to vanish and warp elsewhere. Since he usually materializes
close to close to you it's easy to get to him and trick him into using the
close range shove before he can attack with something more deadly. Of course,
he'll occasionally teleport too far away for you to reach him in time, when
this happens just try to dodge his move(Don't worry, it doesn't happen too
often). Sometimes he will not disappear after being shot, so you can try to
dodge the upcoming attack and pop him a second time. Even if you get hit every
time he does this you'll still most likely win the fight simply because he
doesn't do it very often. The move that he most often uses at a distance is
that big charge-up beam, which is easy to dodge if you just keep running to the
left or right."

Sure, it's a little risky. But if your reflexes are good you'll find this an
excellent strategy for putting the kibosh on the Man who is Killer.


   After Killerman collapses, several eerie ghosts begin seeping out of his
corpse. Now it's all coming together: No person had stolen the costume at all!
The angry spirits of deceased patrons had possesed one of the stored Killerman
suits in order to exact revenge on Cunningham and the other ILLBLEED Employees.
Jorg briefly muses on this, as well as the depths to which humanity can often
sink, then snaps out of it and reminds us that it's time to blow this pop
stand. So let's blow, already!

   Now, who did you think was the real killer? If you had guessed "Killerman",
you win a MILLION clams! If you guessed anyone else........Well......... You
don't get squat. Stupid! You're so STUPAAAD!!



"Cork goes to Hell"


Clear Time: 1:00/under
Stories Viewed: 15/over (More on this later)
Pulse Rate: 60/under
Hit Points: 180/over
Adrenaline: 250/over
Bleeding: 10cc/under

ITEMS TO BUY: In addition to the usual, get plenty of extra HP increasing and
pulse relaxing items before you enter level 6. I'd recommend at least 1 extra
Injection to boot.

NOTE: In addition to the standard traps, level 6 also contains story events.
The words "STORY" will appear when you spot one using the HORROR MONITOR, but
DON'T mark them! In order to get credit for the story events, you must approach
and view them. Story events cannot be skipped like normal cutscenes, and
they're all very, *very* strange.

   Which brings me to point 2: You've seen a lot of weird stuff so far. You've
seen a mass murdering little league dad try to kill you, you've seen a dead
worm say "Papa!" to it's hellbound owner, you've seen an evil mustachioed tree
take over a lumber mill, you've even beaten your meat..... But nothing can
prepare you for the sheer oddity that you're going to see here. This section of
the game will severely tax your suspension of disbelief like nothing you've
experienced before. Just TRY and keep your poker face on!


   Make a beeline for the rental machines at the far end of the room and
inspect them both to obtain a Handgun and your HORROR MONITOR. Now try to buy a
ticket from the ticket booth and Dummyman will jump out and fight you. 'Cept
this time, you have a gun! Run around in a circle and shoot his ass whenever
you get the chance, repeat until he goes down, then use the ticket on the blue
doors to the right of the ticket booth. Upon entering this hallway, you'll see
a cutscene of some eel-like creature devour you. Once he spits you back out,
you've somehow turned into........Cork!

   That's right, you get to play through all of level 6 as Cork Inda the
Toyhunter! Unlike the Woodpuppet you played as before, Cork's controls are the
same as your regular characters, the only exception being that he cannot throw
a punch(He lets his Handgun do all the fighting for him). Now the REAL Cork
will drop in to explain the special rules of the level, basically elaborating
on what I've already told you. Once Cork splits, you're free to move on.


   Follow the green hallway until you come upon the Toy Chest, here you'll see
Cuty Mary and Sexy Doll waiting for you. Approach Sexy Doll for a short
cutscene where she flirts with Cork and asks him to tell her the details of his
trip "In bed". Um.... Anyway, go to Mary and she'll tell you that your owner,
Henry, has fallen ILL while you were away.

   Now approach the compass on the other side of the room to see a cutscene
where Henry opens up the chest to bid you goodnight. There's nothing else here,
so go through the door past Mary to leave the Toy Chest.


   Continue on until you reach a large dark space to your left. Approach it to
see a very creepy cutscene where it's pretty clear that Henry is about to kick
the bucket. Now go up the yardstick and jump down on the other side and make
your way out.


   Aw, shoot. Henry kicked the bucket! Approach the railing near his casket to
see a cutscene of Henry's mother placing Sexy Doll inside to be buried along
with him. Darn. Afterwards, move along to the exit where the loudspeaker beside
the door will chime in and give you the details on Cork's exodus from the Toy
Chest. Now leave.


   This appears to be inside the walls of Henry's house. Be cautious as you go
through this long, winding passageway. There are 2 traps hidden along the path
for you to watch out for. Eventually, you'll emerge from the house to see the
gates of a Cemetary.


   The Cemetary is a maze-like area loaded with traps, but several cool items
as well. The traps are: 1 hidden in the trees, 1 blue flame, 2 in the ground
itself and 2 in the headstones. At various dead ends of the Cemetary are some
goodies that are well worth straying off the beaten path for, such as an
Anti-Shock Brace, an Item Sensor(Be prepared to duke it out with 3 Monkillers
first) and a Steak Dinner near the exit. There's another trio of Monkillers
while en route as well. Approaching the large stone crypt will initiate a
cutscene where Henry and Sexy Doll bid you farewell from beyond the grave, only
to be interrupted by a fierce looking creature. That's Zodick, and you will
soon learn to hate him if you haven't already. Afterwards, jump down off the
other side of the crypt and check the tree to your left for another cutscene
where Mary chides Cork for not trying to save Sexy Doll when he had the chance.
That's right Mary, be supportive.....


   The loudspeaker will tell of how Cork has sunken so low in his depression
that's become a drifter, doomed to wander the streets of Toy City all alone.
Now, there's a trap hidden in the window of the blue building and another
behind the chain link fence. Scout around and check the trash cans to find an
ER Ticket, an Iron Heart, a Biobody and a Gauze Wrap. You'll also run into 2
Faceless Women and 2 Dummies along the way. Eventually you'll reach the
entrance to the "EGG BAR", and see a short cutscene where Cork eyes the bar and
decides to stop in and quench his thirst(Though he no doubt intends to actually
order booze and not milk). Now enter the bar.


   Off to your left you'll see 3 Rotten Eggs jumping up and down on stage,
approach them to be treated to a hilarious little ditty about Cork's situation
set to the tune of "O Susanna". Cork takes offense at this insult, and
challenges the Eggs to a  brawl. If you fought those two Eggs back in level 5,
you should know how to deal with these oversized ovaries. Keep moving around to
avoid their jump attack and plug 'em full of holes whenever you get a chance.
Now, *THIS* is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

   After you finish making the world's largest omelet, head out the back door
and jump down the fire escape to see another cutscene where several wind-up
police cruisers block your path and arrest you for "Egg murder". There's
nowhere else to go but through the door on your left that leads to Alcatoyz.
Gee, I hope we're not in trouble or anything......


   Upon entering, you'll see an ER Station to your left and a Photo Booth on
your right. Use that Ticket you got to heal yourself up and perform any
upgrading operations that you've been needing(Remember, upgrade Eriko first),
then save your game at the Photo Booth before moving on.

   Keep moving on to see a cutscene where the guard at the desk orders you to
your cell. As you make your way through the cellblock, watch out for the
"blacked out" prison cells where you can't see what's inside, most of these
will contain traps.  The cells that you can see the walls of, however, contain
items such as a Gaboie, an Artificial Plasma and a Biobody. You'll eventually
come to a small courtroom, standing in front of the judge's podium will trigger
a cutscene where your verdict is handed down. And the verdict is: Guilty! Now
go behind the podium to continue on.


   Make your way through another strecth of jail cells, mindful of the numerous
traps therein, until you find a guard guiding you to your cell. Once there,
you'll happen upon a toy rocket buried head first in the cell wall. That toy is
Potedon, and he was attempting an escape until he ran out of gas halfway
through the wall, so you'll need to find some gasoline to fuel him back up. Go
past him and through the holes in the wall to get to the other side of the
guard is standing(IGNORE the red fuel drums in each cell, as they conceal
traps). Check the cells here for a Gauze Wrap and another Gaboie, too.
Eventually you'll see a green fuel tank wobbling back and forth. Approach him
to see a cutscene where the sputtering gasoline drum called Mr. Gas offers some
of his fuel for you to take. Afterwards, check him to get the Gas Tank 2, then
make your way back to Potedon and use the Gas Tank 2 on him. He'll explain that
in order to meet up with Sexy Doll again, you must kill yourself to go to Toy
Hell where she is kept as it's written in the Toy Bible. He then revs up and
takes off, leaving a now excited Cork to his desired fate. Go back to the
hallway where you found Mr. Gas and go to the exit.


   There's a Photo Booth here if you wish to save your game. Go downstairs past
the two guards to find a guillotine in one room and an electric chair in the
next, both are rigged with traps. The third room contains a lone guard standing
beside a noose. Step up to the gallows to see a cutscene of the guard stringing
you up. Before they can hang you, Potedon zips through and cuts the rope,
sending Cork plummeting to relative safety - exactly where he didn't want to
be. Down here, check around to find a Nitroglycerine on one of the corpses, and
leave the room.


   Check your map to see which way to go to get through this simple maze.
There's at least one trap hidden in the water, but there's an Artificial Plasma
and an Iron Heart here for the taking. Now make your way to the end of the maze
to find a large bridge. Halfway across the bridge you'll run into Potedon,
who'll explain that upon re-reading his copy of the Toy Bible(Interesting
bathroom reading, by the way). It turns out that killing yourself will only get
you sent to the REAL Hell instead of Toy Hell where Sexy Doll is kept, and
that's why he cut your noose earlier. To go to Toy Hell, you must be buried
along with a child like Sexy Doll was. After this brief discourse, he gives you
a lift up to the surface.

   After he drops you off at the surface, he informs you that he has run out of
gas again. Rather than scrambling back to Alcatoyz to get more, he asks you to
take his Potedon Chip with you. After you take his data chip, he falls over,
dead. Now go up those steps in front of you and leave the sewers.


   Hey, you've emerged in Human City! Now you can find some kid that you can
get buried with(I don't like the way this is headed, do you?). Go to your right
and check the alcove to find a Steak Dinner. Then head west on your map to
reach a large scrap yard(Get the Artificial Plasma en route). Beware of at
least one trap hidden in the stack of tires and a pair of Faceless Women hiding
inside the burning oil drum in the center of the yard and inspect the area to
find a Relaxation CD(You may want to skip this part, actually). Now head north
to the narrow alleyway to find a Biobody and a Gaboie. Tempting as it may be,
don't check every broken window you see here, many of them contain either traps
or monster ambushes. Look for a poorly worded sign warning children of ghosts,
you can expect to run into at least 1 group of Rotten Eggs on the way. Once you
find the sign, go up the stairs nearby and onto the balcony and check the first
broken window you see, then prepare to meet your new owner, Jeremy!


   Unlike Henry, Jeremy doesn't have nearly as much respect for his toys, as
evidenced by his forcefully tossing you into the wall of the toy chest. When
you come to, you'll notice another toy rocket just like Potedon sitting
silently. Use the Potedon Chip on this toy to input Potedon's knowledge, memory
and personality into a new body. Now that you've got your buddy back, he
suggests you find a way to bump off that Jeremy kid so you can be buried with
him. So you pick up the kid's toy pistol, take aim and POW! Right between the
eyes! At this point I must ask myself why on Earth this kid would have a toy
laser pistol that's completely capable of killing a human being. The answer
won't be coming any time soon, so let's just go up the mysterious staircase the
materialized in Jeremy's place and enter the door at it's end.


   Walk right past his casket and go to the Photo Booth to save your game(Make
sure to heal yourself before saving), then check his casket to be picked up and
dropped into the casket with him. Next stop: Toy Hell!


   Once the coffin makes it's landing, head out and enter the cave in front of
you. Once you come upon a precipice with a red vortex swirling out from it,
jump off. Cork will fall a distance, then land in a large open arena to face
the evil Zodick!


   Zodick's main method of attack is his SuperZodick Spin Dash, where he curls
up into a ball and launches himself at you. Luckily for you, this move is
startlingly easy to dodge. He also tries to kick and slap at you when you get
too close. To beat Zodick you must shoot him once or twice until he staggers
and several golden rings pop out of him, then run to these gold rings and
continually shoot them to drain his life. As you whittle down Zodick's life
meter, fewer rings will fly out when he's shot. It's a long fight, but it's
much easier than the Killerman fight was. Just be patient and keep blasting
those rings until he finally shuts down.


   The two ILLBLEED Employees who were controlling Zodick have a lengthy
discussion about the fairness of the fight, but rather than giving them time to
work out the bug, Cork and his pals decide to blast off while they're not
looking. If you were paying attention, you'd have figured out that one of those
Employees was, in fact, the perverted Monkiller who was spying on your naked
behind way back in level 2. As much as you'd like to kill him, sadly, you
cannot. But who cares? You just beat this level, so go have a beer and some
nachos or something.



NOTE: There are no requirements for this level, and you will not need to
purchase any items either. I would strongly recommend that you upgrade your
character as much as possible before entering the museum.


   Check the wooden cabinets lining the walls to find a Scapegoat Mary, an Axe
and a Machine Gun(They're in the last 3 cabinets at the end of the corridor)
before proceeding to the large platform in the center of the room.

   Stepping onto the platform will trigger a cutscene where Michael Reynolds
commends you on surviving for as long as you have. He then points out 3
paintings and tells you to choose one. After the cutscene ends, you must decide
which painting will have the least severe consequences. The Bullstinger boss is
the hardest, Donald Cashman's Second Coming is intermidiate difficulty, and Oh
NO! Man is the easiest. When you've decided which boss you want to fight, go
and choose the appropriate painting and prepare to do battle. Keep in mind that
you're not fighting all three.


   Keep your distance from his swinging kama blades and plug him full of
bullets whenever you can. He'll sometimes stop to rest for a moment. When he
does, hit him with your Axe to knock him to the ground and shoot him as he
tries to stand up to inflict massive damage. Keep this up until he expires. I'd
suggest you choose to fight this boss.


   Cashman's preferred method of attack is to rear back and jump at you. Dodge
this attack and continue shooting at him until he jumps up on the ceiling. From
there he'll send down 4 of his Spawn and spit acidic bile on you if you're
standing underneath his shadow. After killing the 4 Cashman Spawn, he'll drop
back down and resume jumping at you so that you can shoot him some more. This
cycle will continue until you waste Cashman. Not much tougher than Oh NO! Man,
but the fight drags on a bit longer.


   A very difficult fight. He attacks by jumping at you from a distance and
clawing you up close. When he jumps at you press the A BUTTON and the Joystick
facing towards the Bullstinger simultaneously to dodge under him and turn
around as he jumps past you, then use your Machine gun or Axe on his blind
spot. When he turns around again, run away to get some distance and then use
that Dodge+Joystick combo to get behind him and attack some more. When he's
close to death he will start flashing red and green. That means he's trying to
recharge his energy, so quickly hit him out of it to keep the fight from going
on any longer than it has to. This fight is much harder than I'm making it
sound, and you'll likely be near death by the time you kill the Bullstinger,
*if* you can. It'd be best not to tangle with this jerk at all, really.

   Once you've defeated the boss of your choice, Michael Reynolds will
congratulate you on a job well done, strike up the band to play the fanfare and
then you'll receive your $100,000,000 as was promised to you at the beginning
of your adventure. Watch after the credits to see which ending you got.





Don't shelve the game just yet, there's a couple of secrets to uncover! Don't
read below until you beat the entire game.....

Don't look below, I'm warning you!
Last chance, pal. I'm serious.
Alright, you asked for it......

1. After beating the game once, highlight "OPTIONS" at the title screen and
press the X BUTTON and A BUTTON at the same time to unlock a special minigame.
The object of which is to avoid the strange mushroom-like objects that fall
from above. Use the D-Pad to move left or right and the A BUTTON to jump. Each
time a row of mushroom-thingies is completed, the row will disappear. It's like
"Tetris", only you have to avoid being hit be the blocks rather than guide them
around. If you get creamed by a mushroom-thingy, it's curtains for ya. Up to 4
players can participate.

2. You may have thought of this already without my help: "What if I don't pick
up Randy's Brain and still rescue him?". Well, I'm glad that you asked! If you
don't pick up Randy's brain before going to save him, he'll be.................
Drumroll please............ BRAINLESS Randy! And you didn't think he could get
and dumber, did you? In this state, he slumps forward, wears a retarded look on
his face and babbles nonsense while, hilariously, the other characters converse
with him as though nothing's wrong(I guess they can't tell the difference). The
downside, however, is that his Adrenaline count will reset to zero every time
you do this trick. But it's still worth seeing at least once.

3. There are three endings in ILLBLEED: One if you save all 4 supporting
characters, another if you fail to save one or more and a final, well hidden
ending that I will explain how to get in secret #4.

4. It's been said that in lieu of creativity, sexuality is often substituted.
But what if you've already used up all of the creativity? That's right: More
sexuality! This has to be one of the coolest(And biggest) secrets in any game
I've ever played. On your second time through the game, complete level 1 as you
did before. But when you reach the bathrooms in the Banbollow maze and see
Kevin dragged away, stay there and wait 15 minutes or more before you complete
the maze. After you beat Banbollow in the boiler room, approach Kevin to see
that he's DEAD. After you complete level 1, you'll notice that Eriko's clothing
has been partially ripped. In level 2, don't visit the garage where Michel is
being held hostage at all to leave her behind. Upon your return to the Shop
Zone, you'll see that even more of Eriko's clothing has been torn away. In
level 3, either wait until the timer reaches 0:50 or simply avoid the phony ER
altogether to abandon Randy. And then, in level 5, don't take the left path to
rescue Jorg and just keep going straight to the end of the level to let Jorg
die(And say "adios" to that $1,000,000). By the time you complete level 5,
Eriko will be almost completely nude(Save for a few strategically placed
patches of underwear over her naughty bits)!

   Before you go into Michael Reynolds' Horror Museum, go to Bloody Mary's Shop
and purchase 3 Intravenous Drips. Then enter the museum, grab your Axe, Machine
Gun and Scapegoat Mary from the cabinets, and step up to the platform.

   Reynold's will start to greet you, then he notices Eriko's lack of clothing
and gawks at her before realizing who she actually is. Michael Reynolds aka
*Eriko's Father* and Eriko have a brief, tearless reunion before Eriko embarks
on the old "You ruined my life" chestnut that we've all heard so many times
before. This irritates Reynolds, so he invites his daughter to play a special
game involving the 9 monoliths behind him.

   After the cutscene, check Reynolds to find the SPECIAL HORROR MONITOR. What
makes it so special is that it can only be used 3 times before all of the
adrenaline is exhausted. So use it to mark 3 monoliths, use an Intravenous
Drip, then mark the next 3 et cetera. Check all 9 to disarm the traps and find
3 items: Eriko's Baby Shoes, her Ribbon and her toy Rubber Snake. Once you find
all 3, Eriko will return to her father, insult his testicular fortitude and
then pull a trick of her own to freak him out. And freak him out it does, for
he then melts to the ground and reforms as a gigantic, disfigured head. Then,
he tries to kill you too. What, were you expecting a hug?


   His preferred method of attack is to brain you with that giant wrecking ball
attached to his head, you cannot run away from this, so you must use the A
BUTTON to dodge it instead. He also has a powerful energy beam that he shoots
at you with. He briefly charges up the attack first, leaving you about a second
and a half to get away. He constantly melts down to the ground and then
rematerializes behind you, so stay on your toes. Strangely enough, the Machine
Gun does nearly as much damage to Reynolds as the Axe does in this fight.

   Once you lay out Reynolds, his head splits open and his brain emerges from
within to finish you off!


   Phase 2 isn't really that difficult. Reynolds' brain will attack by shooting
swarms of red ghosts at you and little green sperm-thingies that follow you
around the arena. Run along the outside of the arena until they dissipate, then
start shooting at the brain until it launches more projectiles at you. Rarely,
the brain will try to ram you if you get too close, doing massive damage, but
it's easy to dodge. Even rarer still is a quick red tornado that he'll suddenly
fire off at you, it's not so easy to dodge, but then again you may never see it
at all.

   Now that Reynolds himself is defeated, sit back and let the credits roll.
After the credits, you can bear witness to the one of the biggest plotholes
ever implemented into a video game(Didn't he die?).


Here's some useless factoids from the small but lively ILLBLEED universe.

1. While ILLBLEED receives mega props for originality in most respects, many
levels were inspired by classic horror flicks.

Level 1 - A seriously disturbed killer who runs a hotel and mantains an
attachment to a long dead loved one that he believes is still alive? Sounds a
lot like Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO.

Level 2 - The giant worm setup was clearly inspired by TREMORS.

Level 3 - The premise for this level seems to be pretty original, but the whole
"living tree" concept could have come from EVIL DEAD, where one character is
sexually assaulted(Yeah, you heard me) by sentient tree branches. And don't
forget EVIL DEAD 2, where a hillbilly chick gets eaten by a living tree! If you
haven't watched either of these, first of all: What the Hell is wrong with you?
And second: Get your butt out there and buy the DVDs tout d'suite!

Level 4 - The most likely inspiration for this level could have come from
INTRUDER, a film about several gruesome murders(Including a bandsaw lobotomy)
set in a grocery store. Also, Cuty Mary is obviously inspired by the homicidal
doll Chucky from the CHILD'S PLAY series. Matthew McDonnell tells me of a book
called "The Store" written by Bentley Little that could have inspired this
level as well, but I've had no luck obtaining a copy so far.

Level 5 - Does HALLOWEEN ring a bell? How about SCREAM? Level 5 pays homage to
every whodunit from FRIDAY THE 13TH to the board game CLUE.

Level 6 - Very obviously inspired by TOY STORY, but also references RAIDERS OF
THE LOST ARK, in that Cork is dressed not like a cowboy but like Indiana
Jones(Notice the fedora hat and bullwhip). His last name is Inda, too.

2. ILLBLEED received a healthy amount of pre-release hype in Japan. One limited
edition of the game even came packaged with an Eriko Christy action figure!
This figure is extremely rare and you have little, if any, hope of ever finding
one. All searches have turned up dry, and none have ever appeared on Ebay
either. Makes sense, since no one in his right mind that owns such an awesome
toy would ever want to get rid of it.

3. One of the traps in Level 5 shows a bearded, paunchy corpse drop down from a
chute and splat on the conveyor belt below. That corpse belongs to Dogs Bower,
one of the heroes from BLUE STINGER. Dogs' likeness appears in the video game
aisle in Killer Department Store as well. Also, the "Hassy" power-up first
appeared in BLUE STINGER.

4. The back lot in Level 2 has several movie billboards lining the walkway. If
you look closely at the "Godlla" billboard, you'll see a giant monster
attacking a flaming World Trade Center. Of course this has no more to do with
9/11 than J.R.R. Tolkien's book being named "The Two Towers", but it's still an
unfortunate coincidence nonetheless. Note the tagline: "Size Is Problem".

5. Some of the movie posters in the Cinema Zone also have the names of your
captive friends listed in the billing. For example, Randy Fairbanks is credited
in the posters for Level 3.

6. Some of the traps involving television sets feature a disturbing cartoon
called "Fall Down Bear". In Level 1, disarming a TV trap and approaching it
will allow you to see a short cartoon where Fall Down Bear, well, falls down.
In level 4, there's another TV monitor in the toy aisle that shows a sequel
where Fall Down Bear avoids falling down, and is instead hit in the head by a
flying battle axe. To see this one, you must NOT disarm the trap. As for as I
know, those are the only two "Fall Down Bear" cutscenes.

7. One of the monoliths in Michael Reynolds' Horror Museum is a DreamEye, a
camera peripheral that hooks up to a Dreamcast.

8. Killerman is actually a parody of Pepsi's Japanese mascot, Pepsiman. And in
case it wasn't obvious enough already, Zodick is indeed a parody of Sonic the

9. The character of Jorg S. Baker is based on ILLBLEED's publicist, Jorg S.
Tittel. Mr. Tittel provides the voice for the character Jorg, and they even
look alike. See? They take good care of their P.R. guys over at Crazy Games


ILLBLEED just may be a little too quirky for it's own good. Here's a list of
errors that have been pointed out so far.

- The Narrator can be heard to stammer and flub his lines in the prologue for
Killer Department Store. Listen closely when he says "In his warped mind..."

- When playing as Nude Eriko, her clothes will magically reappear in cutscenes.

- The large breaker panels in Level 5 have the word "DENGAR" proudly emblazoned
on them.

NOTE: Matthew McDonnell writes in to tell me that in a certain Japanese
dialect, "dengar" is sometimes added to the end of sentences as punctuation. If
this is true, then it's basically the equivalent of having "!" printed on the
breakers, which makes sense. You learn something new every day!

- The prize amounts listed in the Cinema Zone are inconsistent with the amounts
that you actually receive. For example, the sign in front of Homerun of Death
says you receive $10,000 upon completion, yet you really get $50,000. Strangely
enough, the numbers are correct in the Japanese version. My guess is that they
planned to change the monetary amounts to correspond with the US exchange rate,
but simply forgot to finish the alteration.

- The narration text in the prologue for Woodpuppets doesn't match what the
Narrator is saying.

- The name of Jimmy Banbollow's team is the Minnesota Fires, but the name on
his bat says Minnesota Firers.

- Before you enter Level 3, the game will ask you "Do you want to enter
WOODPPUPPETS?". Note the extra "P".

- Nitroglycerine is not actually swallowed like stated in the game. It's taken
sublingually, meaning it's dissolved under the toungue. And as far as I can
tell, no one has ever been blown up from chewing Nitro. You'd get a headache
for the ages, but no explosion.

- The normal pulse level for a young adult in NOT 50. 65-70 is considered
healthy, anything less means trouble.

- Adrenaline(or Epinephrine as it's also called) is not injected into the back
of the neck like stated in the game. The correct place to inject Epinephrine is
in the muscles of the outer thigh. This is good to know in case you try and
stick your friend in the neck with his Epi-Pen if he goes into shock. 'Cuz
that'd just kill him and ruin everyone's day.

- The Egg Bar logo on the blackboard near the entrance is spelled "Eeg Bar".

- And of course, the big one: All over the game's advertisements, packaging and
instruction maual you're promised a fictitious $1,000,000 for surviving
ILLBLEED. But when you beat the game, you take home $100,000,000. Hey, no one's
complaining, but....


There's not much possibility of seeing an ILLBLEED 2 in the foreseeable future,
so let's just call it wishful thinking. It could happen.

- More of the park should be open for your exploration. Stuff like rides,
concession stands, gift shops and the like would not only add more depth, but
would also contribute to the whole "Demented Carnival" theme. Think CarnEvil in
3rd person perspective. Oh yeah, there have to be some evil clowns. Everyone's
afraid of clowns.

- How about being able to keep items after you clear a level?

- Chainsaws. You must be able to use a chainsaw! You hear me, Crazy Games?

- More level-appropriate enemies. What the Hell are crash test dummies doing in
a haunted hotel anyway?

- Being able to not only keep weapons, but also switch between them within
levels. Or at least choose from the weapons you've gathered at the start of
each level.

- A cameo by Bruce Campbell. I'm dead serious, Bruce Campbell makes anything
cool! In fact, make him a playable character!

- For the nitpickers: Make the character's mouths move when they're talking.
You have no idea how many people get their panties in a bunch over this little

- Make those two statues at the park entrance do something! I was expecting
them to attack me all through the game, and I was bummed that they never did.

- Being able to complete the levels in any order would be nice.

- Let's see what Reynolds looks like underneath that stupid mask, hmm?

- How about actually paying a million dollars to whoever can beat it? Or just
giving me a million dollars for coming up with the idea? That'd be even better!


Got questions? Ask away! Maybe they'll turn up here.

Q: Really, what is the possibility of an ILLBLEED 2?

A: Not too good. But word has it that Ken Gratz(The product manager for
ILLBLEED) wants very much to do either a PS2 port or a sequel(Looks like he
settled for the XBox instead), he's just having trouble securing funding*. I'd
think that ILLBLEED might be a success on PS2, due to the constituency of PS2
fans(i.e. Preference for gameplay over cosmetic fluff) and the console's
friendliness towards quirky titles(Mister Mosquito, anyone?).
Try writing them -Do NOT use E-mail, as they are usually ignored. And forget
about petitions, nobody likes them- and voice your interest in either a sequel
or PS2 port, making it very clear that you will buy it if they ever do release
one, and keep your fingers crossed. It helps to be optimistic. After all,
there've been sequels to lesser known games before.....

*Thanks to Demented Ferret the info.

Q: Xbox remake? Tell me more!

A: Yes, there will be a re-release of ILLBLEED on the Xbox sometime in 2003.
According to IGN, there will be be new characters and revamped graphics. It
will be released through a division of Sega called "Cool Cool". I know what
you're thinking, "Did you say 'Cool Cool'? Uh oh, that sounds distinctly
Japanese". Yes, it does. But considering that about three or four people in
Japan at the *most* actually own an Xbox, a US release sounds inevitable if
Sega wants to make any money off of it.

Q: Xbox remake?! NO!!

A: Yeah, I was disappointed too. But look at it this way: ILLBLEED was played
by very few people because it was released so late in the Dreamcast's life.
Think of this as ILLBLEED's second chance at success, and then do what you can
to ensure that success! If you've got an Xbox, buy it! If you don't have one,
buy it anyway and use it as a coaster! If it turns out to be a runaway hit, who
knows what'll happen then? Sequels? Book deals? Movies? Merchandising(Who
*doesn't* want an ILLBLEED luchbox?) maybe? This is actually very good news,
depending on how you look at it. As long as you keep it in perspective, as I've
clearly failed to do.

Q: The voice acting was horrible! Why in the Hell did you commend ILLBLEED for
it's voice acting in your review??

A: Because the casting as well as Eriko's voice were done by Lani Minella, an
accomplished voice actress who's done dialouge for games like Duke Nukem
3D(She's the one that said "Kiiilll mmeeee...."), Blood 2: The Chosen,
Shadowman and several others. It's not like the developers just recruited a
couple of poker buddies to do the voice work. They actually WANTED it to sound
cheesy! And in that respect, the voice acting does just fine.

Q: I've heard that in the Japanese version, Eriko is completely naked. Is this

A: At last, I can say that this rumor has been bashed over the head with a
shovel and buried. I've completed the Japanese version of ILLBLEED through the
courtesy of one Sir Plus. And Eriko is indeed exactly the SAME in both versions
GAME, THERE IS *NO* DIFFERENCE! So if you want to see naked anime chicks, save
your money and check out jlist.com instead.

Q: Okay, so what other differences are there?

A: Here's a list of the differences that I've spotted:

- Operator Jackson babbles and screams as his head separates.

- The note by Maclachlan's statue says "MURDER", and the passcode is 1564.

- The clue for Cashman's first safe is "GO TO NO. 1" and the passcode is 5271.
Those literate in l33t speak should've figured this out easily.

- In the toy aisle, the packages of Cork action figures are Inda action
figures, Inda being Cork's last name(So, what does the Cork go Inda?).

- The pictogram for Cashman's second safe shows a hockey mask in place of a
hand of Blackjack and the code is 1361.

- The morgue maze in level 5 has no background music, making the maze eerily
silent save for your heartbeat.

- The Salad item is called Chinese Noodle, and looks like a plate of lo mein.

- The Steak Dinner is called a Kaiseki, and looks like an old Japanese matron
kneeling amongst a spread of food. I wonder how it fits in your pocket?

- The Anti-Shock Brace is called a plaster, the Scapegoat Mary is called a
Sacrifice Mary and the Hatchet is called a Nata. They still look the same.

- Turning the messages on in the options menu allows you to have Japanese
subtitles during cutscenes.

- There's a fourth Networking option at the title screen, and it allowed you to
link to CG's now defunct website.

- The prize money marquees are accurate, in that the sign over Homerun of Death
says you can win $50,000 and, sure enough, you are awarded $50,000 for
completing it.

Q: How can I get one of those Eriko Christy action figures?

A: By carving one out of soap.

Q: Why is there so much ranting in this FAQ?

A: Long version? It's because I'm too lazy to make my own website.

   Short version? Go away.

Q: Hey, can I use your FAQ on my site?

A: Sure! Just E-Mail me first so I'll know that you're using it, don't alter it
in any way, and give me full credit for it. And please keep up with the current
versions if that's at all possible. I update this thing a lot, y'know.

Q: Hey, can I take your FAQ, claim that it's actually mine and sell it for a

A: No.

Q: What was all that Thomas Wilde brouhaha about? (Yes, someone did ask.)

A: Immediately after 9/11, I had asked Wilde what his thoughts were about the
tragedy and if his anti-U.S. stance had at all changed since then. His answer
at the time surprised and offended me(though it shouldn't have, read below to
find out why), and the discussion quickly descended into verbal fisticuffs.
I've done a lot of growing up since then and recently told myself: "Wait, this
guy's not holding any position of authority over you(And if there's a God, he
never will), he doesn't pay your bills and doesn't put food on your table. So
why do you care what he has to say at all?" And that was that, I completely
washed my hands of him.

   So if any of you have been giving him grief over what he said: STOP NOW.
Please realize that his views are nothing unique. About 70% of college students
hold the same views, but nearly 98% of all college students don't know ANYTHING
about how the real world works, so just take their ramblings with a grain of
salt. Personally, I could kick myself for ever giving a flying shit to begin
with. There is nothing more for me to say on the matter.

Q: "License to ILL"? "Time to get ILL"? Are you a big Beastie Boys fan?

A: Nah, I just got no sleep 'til Brooklyn because I had to fight for my right
to party in an intergalacic planetary sort of way. But ya gotta admit the whole
ILL thing works fairly well. Word.

Q: Hey, my girlfriend looks just like Eriko and she loves ILLBLEED just as much
as I do! Isn't that *awesome*?!

A: Uh huh, and I can whistle the Star Spangled Banner out of my ass.



Q: So, how exactly do Cork and Sexy Doll......... Y'know......... Do it?

A: Slowly and very, very carefully.

14.6-About the Author
(Because you shouldn't take information from strangers.)

Name: Daric Lucas Daigle

Date of Birth: July 31st, 1983.

Occupation: Fledgling actor, along with whatever else pays the bills.

Birthplace: The ladies' room at an old Denny's downtown, but I think dad was
pulling my leg with that one.

Marital Status: Are you kidding?

Height: 5ft, 10in.

Weight: Enough.

Hair: Yep, it's there.

Eyes: Still working.

Political Leaning: I prefer to look at both sides of an issue. I usually end up
siding with the conservatives anyway because the left side is so full of crap.

Sign: Leo

Likes: Acting, collecting weaponry, watching MST3K, Sam & Max: Freelance
Police, SpongeBob Squarepants, cheesy movies, *making fun* of cheesy movies,
all the lovely ladies in da house(All none of 'em <<sniff>>), music that
doesn't suck, scottish accents, chinese takeout, karate lessons, the Evil Dead
trilogy, playing them vidja games, wearing my sunglasses at night, and your
sister. Oh, and ILLBLEED, of course!

Dislikes: Reality TV, anything -and I mean ANYTHING- that uses the term
"X-treme", pop music, traffic jams, people who think that professional
wrestling is real, the fact that the newspaper comics aren't funny anymore, the
fact that George Carlin isn't funny anymore, the sound of a small child's
laughter, Game Informer magazine, Japanese anime(At least the stuff they bring
here), Dave Matthews Band, open head wounds, being kicked in the crotch, kids
who pretend to like getting hammered in a desperate bid to seem cool, anytime a
song I really hate gets stuck in my head, when some idiot goes on and on about
stuff that bugs him when it's clear that no one else gives a flying flock about
what he thinks but he just keeps ranting like some pretentious twit with
nothing better to do, and I also hate people who aren't self aware(........).

If You Can Read This: You don't need contacts.




Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and so must this walkthrough.
Before I depart, I'd like to thank some of you, spank the others and provide
the obligatory legal info that you're not going to read anyway.



To God. Just because, y'know, he's God.

To OrochSonic, Fatalist, Omnislash708, KillerMAN, ROBOCOP, KinkyCherry,
ReynoldsRevenge, Demented Ferret and the other truly excellent dudes and
dudettes(perhaps) that hang around GameFAQs.com's ILLBLEED forum:

It's all your fault that I decided to make this walkthrough to begin with.
Thanks, guys.

To George W. Bush(C'mon, we all know he's reading):

I'm mainly doing this to irritate people, but I gotta give Dubya *some* kudos
as well. I know you're not an idiot. Lacking in verbal eloquence maybe, but by
no means an idiot. Fact is, idiots don't graduate from Yale *and* Harvard!
Daddy's money may have gotten you in, but it certainly didn't get you out.
Everyone's hero Al Gore dropped out of law school, and Ted Kennedy got
*expelled* from Harvard! But just between us: It's pronounced "nuke-LEE-ar" not

And about the whole war thing: You got us into it, now get us out quickly. Then

To my instructor in EMS school:

   Y'know, I'm not a very hateful guy. I can name many, many people that I have
a strong dislike for, but I don't harbor genuine hatred for most of them,
except for one. I could have stabbed this man with a shiv and laughed
hysterically as he bled to death. A petty, sawed-off, miserable excuse for a
human being if ever there was one. Pure scum.

   So why thank him? Well, this is the guy who(Unintentionally) taught me not
to put up with anyone's bullshit, starting with his own. He told me I'd fail,
and I passed *just to spite him*. So even though I view him with a level of
contempt commonly reserved for snakebites, brain aneurisms and reality TV, I
must grudgingly thank him for that. It's a lesson I'll never forget.

To Official Dreamcast Magazine, for getting me so pumped about ILLBLEED prior
to it's release:

May you rest in peace.

To Matthew McDonnell:

For bringing a few errors to my attention. Merci beaucoup!

To Jesse Condon:

For his alternate strategy for beating Killerman. Grazie!

To Omnislash708:

For yet another strategy for laying the beatdown on Killerman. Danke schoen!

To Sir Plus:

If it weren't for you, that damned nude Eriko rumor would still be making the
rounds. Arigato gozaimasu!

To CJayC:

For hosting and maintaining THE best gaming site on the web, bar none. Keep up
the always great work, Jeff!

To the people all over the world who have shown their solidarity and support
for the United States after the events of September 11(That's what, five
people?), to our soldiers who are out there putting their lives on the line to
kick some terrorist butt and to the boys in blue who are working hard 24/7 to
keep us all safe on the homefront:


And finally, to Crazy Games, Inc. for creating this disturbing little gem of a
videogame, and to AIA for distributing it:

What were you smoking and why aren't you sharing it?



To Satan. Just because, y'know, he's Satan.

To all of the smartasses, charlatans, circlejerks, illiterates, "veterans",
karma counters(ESPECIALLY the karma counters) and other slime that pollute
GameFAQs.com's forums:

May you all burn in Hell. Sure, I don't NEED to tell you that, but you could
use a reminder every now & then. Pricks.

To all geeks and fanboys everywhere:

Jesus Christ, I wouldn't take a trip to a burn unit as seriously as you take
<<INSERT OBSESSION HERE>>! Why don't you pull the corncob out of your ass and
enjoy whatever it is you enjoy like a normal human being? It's really not all
that important. God gave you a life, so live it, already!

To those who would steal this walkthrough and take credit for it:

No, no, no. I don't th- Just NO! Write your own damned guide!

To all the Flag-burning student activists infesting a college near you:

Isn't it ironic? In the interests of appearing more intelligent and
open-minded, you've exposed yourselves as the dumbest bastards to ever fall off
the hemp truck. The only reason you can conscientiously object(Which is fine,
your tax dollars speak louder than you do anyway.) to our war on terror is
because your grandaddy took up arms to fight for your freedom last time around!
"Well, I'd only fight for what I believe in", you might say. I say "Horse
shit". You don't *believe* in anything, and even if you did you wouldn't have
the nuts to FIGHT for it. It's easier for you to sit in a dorm, smoke weed, and
whine about how evil capitalism(The same system that feeds your ass and keeps
it in college) is, so that's all you're going to do.

You want me to try and change your mind? I don't have to, because once you get
a real job and have to make your own living, your mind will change itself.
Trust me, your political science professor's opinions(As well as your own) lose
a lot of their novelty once you go out into the real world. Yell, scream, cuss,
rant and rave all you want for now, but just wait until your time comes....

P.S. Don't like what I think? Neat-o, cuz' I don't like what you think either.
Stop bitching and get over it.

WHOO! That felt good!

To the perpetually whiny celebrities currently protesting nowhere near you:

You are actors and entertainers. You are paid rediculously large amounts of
money to parrot lines from a script or play music. You are not our political
advisors. So say your lines, sing your songs, pick up your fat checks and SHUT
THE F*** UP!

To Capcom:

Resident Evil exclusive to GAMECUBE? Are you nucking futs?? Pehaps the worst
part is all the weiners who've only played Resident Evil 2 on N64(If even that)
laughing in our faces as though they actually had something to do with your
exclusivity deal. Shame, shame. Oh what's this? We can have Resident Evil:
Online? Gee, thanks a *lot*. I guess now you're gonna cancel that cool Capcom
All-Stars fighting game too, right? What? You DID? Geez!!

P.S. How many copies has REmake sold already? 1 million? 2 million? Well, you
could have sold 5 or 6 million had you stuck with the Playstation, and even
more if you went multiplatform! And you've been doing business for HOW long??

To anyone who played this game for only five minutes before writing a crappy

You, sir, are dumb as a rock. A really, really stupid rock. Have a nice day!

To Osama:

If you're not dead already, you will be soon. Tell Allah I said "Hi".....

To Pat Robertson and the other 700 Club alumni(Who no doubt was checking out
internet porn before he stumbled across this):

My grandpa summed it up best, "Pat Robertson's an idiot!". No description suits
him better. He gives civil-minded Christians everywhere a terrible name.

To Saddam:

You're in trouble, dude.

To th-You know what? This list goes on for quite a while. So if you ever have a
weekend to kill, E-mail me and we'll talk about it.


   This Walkthrough/FAQ is the sole property of Luke Daigle aka Tom Servo. No
part of this document can be sold or otherwise used for profit in any way. If
you want to host this FAQ on your site, you must obtain my permission first(I'd
need a really good reason to turn anyone down). You're welcome to use this
document for your own personal use or to distrubute for free, however.

   I don't have much money right now, so if you try to use this illegally I'll
gladly file suit against you and line my pockets with some of your green. Try
me, sucker.


Contact me at: Iamyofatha@excite.com

Peace, I'm outta here!

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