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Reviewed: 04/16/00 | Updated: 04/16/00

Here to test your fast-twitch

In a move that has impressed few and baffled many, Sega has released an updated version of Virtua Cop 2. Even though the game is 5 years old and has gone through a Saturn and PC make over, they felt it was necessary to recycle it yet again. Many have criticized them severely for doing this, but I personally welcome this new addition to the small library of DC light gun games.

Graphics 6/10: This was originally developed on Model 2 hardware and sadly, even with a machine as powerful as Dreamcast, Sega has failed to make any significant improvements. Because of this, some people have been making some very harsh statements such as ''It sucks because it's the same as the Saturn version.'' and ''The graphics are worse than the Saturn version''. These comments may be true in part, but in my opinion these were simply the venting of anger stemming from the fact that when we wanted Virtua Cop 3, we got ANOTHER version of this dusty old game. When viewed in comparison to it's arcade counterpart though, it still manages to surpass it by a pretty big margin. The polygon count as a whole has been raised significantly, but everything seems to be lacking in detail. This is the main graphical downfall because the truth is, what looked amazing in 1995 is inevitably going to look not-so-amazing in 2000; no matter what kind of face-lift you give it.

Sound 6/10: The gunshots, ricochets, pedestrian screams, and villain shouts all come through with clarity, definitely making this one of the LOUDEST games on the DC. The music seems muted and distant at times; doing little to heighten the suspense. Overall, the sound is good though and delivers a fairly authentic action experience.

Control 10/10: The Japanese light gun does an excellent job of keeping you accurate in your pursuit to blow away the hoards of bad guys lurking around every corner. This game has some of the fastest shooting action I have ever seen and despite some past complaints about Sega's gun being inaccurate, I had no problems whatsoever.

Gameplay 8/10: If you've ever played the arcade version, then expect nothing new. No secret levels, no new weapons or characters, no new modes. Just fast, furious, action packed, gun blasting mayhem that sometimes makes even House of the Dead 2 look tame. Intense car chases, hostage situations and what seems like a never ending stream of trigger happy criminals bent on your destruction make this an exercise for the fingers and arms. Virtua Cop 2 is different from games such as House of the Dead because instead of concentrating on pumping 50 rounds into
in-your-face blood thirsty zombies at a consistently close range, it demands a combination of expert aiming ability and quick reaction time; more so than it's ''undead cousin''. There is little replay value, so if you're thinking about buying this one, remember that you are basically getting the Arcade/Saturn version and nothing more.

Final Thought: If you liked HOTD 2 and are thirsty for something else to test out that fast-twitch muscle, look no further. Now.....if only Sega would bring out Virtua Fighter 2 and Daytona........

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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