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Combo/Secret FAQ by Uncle5555

Updated: 09/28/02

Sword of the Beserk: Gut's Rage for Sega Dreamcast (1999)
Combo-Secrets FAQ
by Brian S. Lang AKA Uncle5555

This guide is exclusive to GameFAQ's posting it to other sites will not be
tolerated or accepted. Action will be taken against parties who violate these

This guide Copyright 2002 by Brian S. Lang AKA Uncle5555

Version 1.0

I.    Introduction
II.   Version History
III.  Combo Guide
IV.   Secrets (Or how to get all the blasted prize box items opened up)
V.    Boss Strategy
VI.   Misc.
VII.  Credits/Thanks/Copyright Info.
VIII. Web Adresses for more information on Beserk/Contact Info.

I. Introduction

This is a specialized guide for the American version of the awesome
Yukes'/Eidos game Sword of the Beserk: Gut's Rage this guide will cover only
the combos Gatsu can pull off with his sword and also the prize box section
which can be a pain if you don't know exactly what to do to open all the parts
of the prize box. Other FAQ's cover the walkthrough for the game so please
consult them (they are quite good and extensive) and one in particular
Red_Bejelit's FAQ covers very little on the secrets section as far as a how-to
guide to opening all the secrets in the game as well as both being 1 to 2 years
old from there last update. So a chance of that happening is slim to none, but
I am here to make up for their shortcomings and fill in the blanks so anyone
who plays it can have a completely open prize box like me :)


II. Version History

1.0 Sept. 28th 2002- Started today. Hopefully all information I have will make
the guide complete if not there's always an update. :)


III. Combo Guide

This is a detailed list of all the moves I have discovered in various
playthroughs that Gatsu can pull off if I discover anymore I will include them
in the next update.

Basic Combos
A X 5 - regular weak multislash attack
B X 3 - regular strong multislash attack
B X 2 - like the B X 3 except Gatsu stops after second blow with a downward
Charge A -Gatsu will hold his sword off to the side     while being able to
move.  He then performs a 540' slash around himself slashing the enemy.

Advanced Combos
A, B, B -Gatsu will perform a downward slash, then upward slash sometimes
hitting the ememy up into the air followed by a 270' slash hitting all enemies
in the area.
A, B    -Same as above only with hitting the ememy up into the air. (Good for
knocking them on the ground, then slashing them)
X, A, A -A jumping slash upward and downward you must press the A button fairly
quickly to perform the move otherwise he will only slash up or down not both.
X, A    -As stated above Gatsu will slash up or down depending on when the A
button is pressed.
X, land, A -Gatsu will jump and land and slash his sword low as a sweeping
motion (I have found this move only effective against the frogs in the forest
but feel free to experiment)


IV. Secrets (The main reason you are reading this)

This section will cover the how-to's on opening the prize box section to
completion with everything unlocked.

When opened the prize box reads as such:

                    Puck's Game
                    Battle Arena
                    Stage Select
                   No Limit Mode

When you originally start the game the only thing available in the Prize Box is
World giving a detailed description of the world of Beserk, and the characters

These are pictures opened up for defeating Normal Mode playing the Battle Arena
stages, and playing Puck's Minigame.

They come with descriptions by selecting the picture with A and pressing A
again. It tells a brief synopsis about the character and thier bio. Plus
they're pretty nice to look at too. :)

01-Gatsu    -Play on normal and complete the game
02-Caska    -Play the Great-Tree Caska Battle in the Arena
03-Puck     -Play Puck's Game minigame in the prize box
04-Skull    -Play Time Attack A in the Arena
05-Rita     -Play Time Attack B in the Arena
06-Eriza    -Play the Great-Tree Niko Battle in the Arena
07-Balzac   -Play the Disciple Balazac Battle in the Arena
08-Annette  -Play the Baron Balzac Battle in the Arena
09-Job      -Play the Job Battle in the Arena
10-Zoddo    -Play the Zoddo Battle in the Arena
11-Dunneth  -Play on normal and complete the game
12-Beherite -Play Time Attack C in the Arena

*Note to open all pictures except Gatsu(01) and Dunneth(11) you have to play,
not defeat or get high score in Battle Arena and Puck's Game to open the
gallery pictures. That means even if you die or just start it let time run out
or get killed you will still get the picture this also applies to Puck's Game
as well. Pretty lame but hey you score a pretty picture, shame on you Yukes. :b

These are game movies that you had seen while playing through the game now you
can watch them anytime you want. They should all be opened after a successful
playthrough of the game once on any difficulty. Tested on normal, though should
work with all.

Puck's Game:
Opened after completing Easy Difficulty.

Help Puck defend his bag against the nasty Mandragora saplings. This also opens
Puck's picture in the Gallery.

Battle Arena:
Opened after completing Normal Difficulty.

Timed fights against Boss characters and free for alls against regular enemy
characters in the game. Go for the High Score, it does nothing but gives you
bragging rights. See Gallery section for details on how to obtain the Gallery
pictures through the Battle Arena.

Stage Select:
Opened after completing Hard Difficulty.

Let's you select any stage without having to play the game from scratch.

No Limit Mode:
Opened after completing Hard Difficulty.

Makes Gatsu a lethal weapon by giving him unlimited supplies and ammumition for
his cannon >:) and his bombs. Plus you have unlimited fairy powder but like
you'll need it. ;)


Boss Strategy

Here I will give a few hints and tips to defeating two bosses in the game Zoddo
and Disciple Balzac (End Game Boss) Please Read Red_Bejelit and Michael Lo's
FAQ's for a more detailed walkthrough on the game and defeating the bosses.


He will start off in front of you in the burning Mandragora village I always
wait for him to move first then start to attack. I use my cannon reserves
always making sure to get the hits (trust me you will need to hit him with the
cannon) There is a barrel in the top right side of your starting position that
can be broken and a extra cannon aquired.

However make sure you use your reserve (if 2 make it 1, if 1 then X(0),
otherwise you will not get the cannon that goes for any other breakable object
in the game that contains items if your full you will not get the item inside.

Ok where were we, oh yes killing this ghastly behemoth I usually don't use my
bomb reserve unless his back is turned away from me because the bombs take to
long to get out leaving me vunerable to get speared by his horn. grabbed by the
headand tossed,  or hit by his tail. The easiest way to damage him as well as
getting your Beserk Meter to max is to Jump, A, A combo and to stay on his left
side (the one without the horn) and continue this until Beserk then B X 3 until
Beserk is depleted then rinse repeat healing as necessary if you are lucky you
will go Beserk twice and will deplete his health if not you are playing on easy
:b or are dead now. :) Good Luck

Disciple Balzac
Or how to defeat the ugly scary looking boss at the end of the game.

When you start off Balzac will be in front of you hw will either try sucking
you toward him or using a flame/bomb to damage/knock you down. You can try two
strategies to defeat him. One use the Boss destroying patented X, A, A on one
of his sides (left or right) doesn't matter which while slashing in between his
heads or run around to either side again and slashing like a mad man until your
Beserk Meter maxes then run to the front then press B like a mad man until the
meter runs out. Same as before rinse repeat, use health when needed and before
starting everything try getting some good shots with the cannon/bombs off
before you start on the meat and potatoes of the fight. Happy Slashing >:)


VI. Misc

This section will contain everything else I found in the game but didn't fit
into the other sections, noteworthy little things included into the game but
might be missed if you only play once or twice through the game.

While Fighting the Stage one Boss Job if you go to the outsides of the fighting
area you can destroy the items sitting around barrels and bottles. But the neat
thing is Job can damage the walls if his tentacle hits them making slashes and
cuts into them. A pretty neat fact if you never messed with it before. Plus
also pretty cool Yukes added such a cool feature to it that most people won't
see because they'll be too busy running around trying to stay away from the
boss. :b

If you are in desperate need of items and the end of the level is far away
don't fret start slashing boxes, barrels, anything that looks like a container
and is destroyable if you are down on an item more often than not when you
really need something you'll get it just as you need it, and also items are
always in the same spot same item, same place pretty cool indeed.

Dying, tired of killing enemies, finger sore from jamming the controller to
hard. Then RUN that's right run in many places in the game you can fight
minimal ememies while still progressing through the game not only does this
save health it also let's you get through the game faster :) (Oh wait that's
not necessarily a good thing as the game is already short) but if you want to
write a FAQ or just see more of the engrossing storyline there ya go.
Areas where this can be done include the first city level, the forest, the
second castle level (going after Balzac), the area underneath the church
(almost the entire thing)

If you are trying to convince a skeptical friend to play the game tell them
it's just like Shenmue. Shenmue you say, yes it has QTE button press areas just
like the Yu Suzuki classic albeit less of them but still cool nonetheless. Plus
they all lead to different paths. So they are two times the fun.

The only alternate path I was able to find that was not part of the QTE was
fighting the soldiers outside of the castle that is actually a timed event if
you cannot defeat all the soldiers before the main gate closes you have to take
an alterante route around to get into the castle to get to the room with the

The music for the menu's and the ending are used in the Anime from Media
Blasters listen closely it's there.


That's all for this section if I can think of more I will add it to a future
update if not that's it :)


VII. Credits/Thanks/Copyright Info.

As always first goes to me. :) If I wasn't so aggrevated by the lack of info
from the other two FAQ's on the Prize box section, I wouldn't have written this
so thank those two for thier glaring ommisions that is what got you this little
gem that your reading right now. ;)

Next thanks goes to Red_Bejelit and Michael Lo, in all seriousness they did all
the grunt work for me so I could write mine and complement thier work. Thanks

Indiviually I would like to thank Red_Bejelit for his detailed guide on the
world of Beserk and for telling me what was in the Prize Box but not how to get
it. :)

I would like to thank Michael Lo for tips on the Zoddo boss strategy which I
refined and also the Charge A slash without him I would have never known about

Again please read their FAQ's (since I plugged them enough) they are well
detailed and thorough (not perfect, but that's why I am here to pick up what
they missed)

Personel thanks goes out to WOC on the game FAQ's message boards for motivating
me and giving me ideas as what to do next for finding out how to unlock the
Gallery Pictures and for teaching me not to be such a Jerk to others for there

And to all others (you know who you are) Thanks for nothing and for wasting my
time with you're nonsensical posts if I am not allowed an opinion about stuff I
will move to a communist country where I am not allowed free speech or thought
were smart @sses like you are executed. (Only in a perfect world) :)

Like I said above this is exclusive to GameFAQ's unless someone has a better
site than "CJayC" then it will reside there, but since I am not including
contact info it will remain exclusive to GameFAQ's until I deem otherwise. :b

Special Thanks to Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for hosting this FAQ and for running one
of the if not the best game information center on the net. The message boards
are another story. :)
And for the blatant use of his copyright info. Thanks. :)

Copyright Notice:

This document is Copyright 2002 Brian S. Lang "Uncle5555".  It may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site outside of GameFAQs. It may not be distributed
electronically outside of the GameFAQs web site, and it may not be distributed
otherwise at all. The latest version of this document on the GameFAQs web site
will hold the current Copyright and distribution information. At this time,
this document is exclusive to GameFAQs; please do not ask for reproduction
rights without compensation. Thanks "CJayC"


VIII. Web Adresses for more information on Beserk/Contact Information

This is alittle extra for folks who want more infomation on the game or the
world of Beserk. Credit for these goes to Oliver Hague (the only useful
information he contibuted to this FAQ)

The Hawks
A very informative site has extensive information on the world of Beserk. A fan
run site he has pictures, links, and more check it out. Also has fan scanned
subtitled manga for D/L. Good for an introduction to the world but buy the real
thing. :)

Nightfall Beserk
Another awesome site pictures, descriptions, manga translations available, also
Cool multimedia section featuring movie clips and OST MP3's :) What you mean
you're not there yet. :b

The definitive Beserk site, if you need to know if Gatsu ever had a cold or
what he ate for dinner in a certain volume of the manga this is your place.
They have fan translations of the manga, a very detailed character guide, FAQ
you name it.

Also the home of the infamous "Oliver Hague" -the human encyclopedia
know-it-all of the world of Beserk...Use at your own Risk can cause serious
injury, harm, or other bodily disfunction. (kiddin' :b)

Love ya buddy just from now on don't be so "Vague"...sorry couldn't resist. :b
He is one of the ones mentioned in the thanks section see if you can guess what
for you get a special prize of nothing for the correct answer.

I am not getting anything for pimping these sites in my guide they are a
reference tool for helping others discover more about the World of Beserk they
are all worth your time to visit, otherwise I wouldn't have spent time listing
them in the FAQ. Enjoy and happy Demon Hunting. >:)

P.S. for those who have read this far I am putting in absolutely no, none,
nada, zip, zilch, zero contact information. If I think I need to abridge,
revise, review, remove information I will do at my own behest not any sooner
and will make a better (hopefully) version FAQ in the future.  So that means
all digs, sticks, slams, ect., will stay in file until further notice I was
fair and not too cruel. So be it.

This document has not been proofread..sorry for typographical errors, it's in
English so enjoy. :)

Thanks for reading.

"Aieya too many spells" -Uncle (Jackie Chan Adventures)
watch it, it is a very cool show plus it has Uncle :)

-End of File-

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