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Dialogue FAQ by Numbuh 128bit

Version: 1.95 | Updated: 05/13/2009

    ______     _______      ______        __   _________    ______________
  /  ____/    / _____ \    |   _  \      |  | |         |  /             /
 /  /        / /     \ \   |  | \  \     |  | |__     __| /    _________/
 \  \____   | /       \ |  |  |  \  \    |  |    |   |    |   |
  \_____ \  | |       | |  |  |   \  \   |  |    |   |    |   |
       \  \ | \       / |  |  |    \  \  |  |  __|   |__  |   |_________
 ______/  /  \ \_____/ /   |  |     \  \_|  | |         | \             \
/________/    \_______/    |__|      \______| |_________|  \_____________\

              ___   __  _   _  ___   _  _   ___  _  _  __   ___
             ||_|| ||_\ \\ // /===| | \| | |_ _| |||| | _| /===|
             || || ||_/  \-/  \===| |_|\_|  |_|  \__/ ||\\ \===|
    ______     _______      ______        __   _________    ______________
  /  ____/    / _____ \    |   _  \      |  | |         |  /             /
 /  /        / /     \ \   |  | \  \     |  | |__     __| /    _________/
 \  \____   | /       \ |  |  |  \  \    |  |    |   |    |   |
  \_____ \  | |       | |  |  |   \  \   |  |    |   |    |   |
       \  \ | \       / |  |  |    \  \  |  |  __|   |__  |   |_________
 ______/  /  \ \_____/ /   |  |     \  \_|  | |         | \             \
/________/    \_______/    |__|      \______| |_________|  \_____________\

              ___   __  _   _  ___   _  _   ___  _  _  __   ___
             ||_|| ||_\ \\ // /===| | \| | |_ _| |||| | _| /===|
             || || ||_/  \-/  \===| |_|\_|  |_|  \__/ ||\\ \===|

 _____________________                             _______            _______
|                     \                            \      \          /      /
|                      \                            \      \        /      /
|        _______        \                            \      \      /      /
|       |       |       |                             \      \    /      /
|       |       |       |                              \      \  /      /
|       |       |       |                               \      \/      /
|       |       |       |                               /      __      \
|       |       |       |                              /      /  \      \
|       |_______|       |                             /      /    \      \
|                       /                            /      /      \      \
|                      /                            /      /        \      \
|_____________________/                            /______/          \______\
Dialogue FAQ
version 1.95
Copyright (c) 2003-2009 by Numbuh 128bit
E-mail Address: bill1280@att.net

                              -Table of Contents-
/ Sec. 1: Version History                                                   \
|                                                                           |
|  Sec. 2: Intro                                                            |
|                                                                           |
|  Sec. 3: Story                                                            |
|                                                                           |
|  Sec. 4: Idle Dialogue                                                    |
|                                                                           |
|  Sec. 5: Adventure Dialogue                                               |
|                                                                           |
|  Sec. 6: Deleted Dialogue                                                 |
|                                                                           |
|  Sec. 7: FAQs                                                             |
|                                                                           |
|  Sec. 8: Closing                                                          |

Sec. 1: Version History

-version 0.30; 9:38 PM 12/3/03: -submitted the FAQ, incomplete

-version 0.50; 9:02 PM 12/8/03: -FAQ is now half completed
                                -new method of contact

-version 0.75                   -25% left to go

-version 1.00;1:14 PM 12/25/03: -100% complete
                                 Merry Christmas!

-version 1.35;10:52 PM 12/26/03:-sent FAQ to NeoSeeker
                                -Heck of a lot of thanks to Bennettman>=)
                                -1 FAQ added

-version 1.40; 10:17 PM 1/18/04:-extra info on Chaos and the Chao added

-version 1.41; 7:21 PM 2/8/04:  -hardly started on the Adventure Dialogue
                                -alternative method of contact returns

-version 1.42; 9:54 PM 3/4/04:  -text dump on hold until further notice
                                -fixed typo

-version 1.70; 2:53 PM 3/12/04: -FINALLY started to put the Adventure
                                 Dialogue in! A rather high amount
                                -Added a section with Deleted dialogue

-version 1.71; 1:58 AM 8/16/07: -Removed profanity =P
                                -fixed minor typos
                                -Updated data

-version 1.95; 6:44 PM 05/04/09:-Added Adventure Dialogue for Big and
                                 adden a sub-section under Adventure
                                -Fixed many typos and grammar errors
                                -Finally completed Adventure Dialogue

-version 1.95; 2:39 PM 5/29/2009-Changed my E-mail address

-Sec. 2: Intro

        When Sonic Adventure first came out for the Dreamcast, many people
couldn't seem to adjust to the new surroundings. Fortunately, I was not one of
them. My younger step-brother got a DC for Christmas 2000 along with Sonic
Adventure. When I first played it in 2000, I was like a grpahical masterpeice.
And now with Sonic Adventure arriving on the GCN, I can finally play this
game all I want without constantly having to ask.
        I've really got to hand it to SEGA and Sonic Team for making one of my
favorite games of all time! Sonic Adventure DX is a perfect, upgraded version
of one of the best games I've ever played! Everything from the original and
more! Unfortunately, I had to step down from the game series due to ShTH(I'm
religious), so I'm out of date after Sonic Riders. I'm not gonna spoil any-
thing, so onto the main info.
        Have you ever noticed how when you leave a character standing still for
about 30 sec, they say something random? Well, this FAQ is intended to tell you
just what it is they say. I have finally closed the auditions mentioned in
other updates.

Sec. 3: Story

0. FYI- Incase you didn't know, Sonic Adventure takes place on Earth (as does
Sonic Adventure 2) instead of Mobius.

        Here I will list each character and their story.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog- Sonic is returning home after a long day at work. He
finds this mysterious liquid life form called "Chaos" who was freed by Dr. Egg-
man. Sonic finds out that Chaos gets stronger will each given Emerald. What'll
happen if Chaos gets all 7 emeralds? You don't want to know. That's why it's
Sonic's job to keep Chaos from getting all 7 of them. Sonic is the only one
who can be selected at the game's start.

2. Miles "Tails" Prower- Tails is testing out a new plane he made with a Chaos
Emerald to power it up. But the plane goes out of control as Tails crash-lands
at the beach where he is rescued by Sonic. As the stroy passes, Tails must also
keep Chaos from getting the Emeralds. He also has to make the most important
decision of his life: to overcome his fear of not being with Sonic. Tails is
unlocked after being rescued by Sonic.
3. Knuckles the Echidna- Dr. Eggman has released Chaos From the Master Emerald.
Upon doing so, it is shattered into peices. Without the M.E. to power Angel Is-
land(formerly known as the "Floating Island"), it falls into the ocean. Knuck-
les then makes it his job to recover the rest of the Emerald peices. He is also
curious about his past. Knuckles is unlocked after his scuffle with Sonic/

4. Amy the Hedgehog- Amy is bored of her constant life of shopping and longs
for Sonic. While flashing back to their Adventures on Little Planet (Sonic CD),
Amy runs into this Flicky who is trying to escape from Eggman's flying fort-
ress, the Egg Carrier. This robot named Zero is one of the E-100 series and has
been instructed to capture the "Birdie" from Amy. She also has another E-Series
robot to deal with: Gamma! Amy decides to help Birdie find his parents. Both of
whom are hidden in 2 seperate badniks: E-101 Beta and E-102 Gamma! Amy is un-
locked 1) after Sky Chase 1 as Sonic or 2) after escaping from the Egg Carrier
as Tails. Keep in mind that if you use method 2, you will also end uplocking
Gamma at the same time you do Amy.

5. E-102: Codename: Gamma- Gamma is the second of the E-100 series robots. He
was created by Eggman to serve Eggman. After being granted access to the Egg
Carrier, he is instructed to capture a certain "long-tailed frog." As he meets
Amy, he slowly undergoesthrough a change of heart. He eventually figures out
that Eggman is the enemy as E-102 has to save the rest of his brothers from
Eggman's clutches. Unlock him by 1) beating him as Sonic, 2) or Tails, 3) meet-
ing him as Amy, 4) spying on him as Knux.

6. Big the Cat- A rather disliked character, Big is a laid-back and easygiong
guy who loves to fish. Because of his 617 lb weight, he is a very slow guy. He
is never without his rod favorite fishing rod, lure, and best freind Froggy.
One night, Chaos' missing tail is seeking the owner, Chaos himself. It acci-
dentally find Froggy and attatches itself to him. Froggy then starts to display
some weird symptoms such as swalowing a whole Chaos Emerald! It's up to Big to
rescue his pollywog pal back before he is lured back to Chaos via the tail. Un-
locking him can be done by 1) talking to him in the Adventure Feild, 2) defeat-
ing Chaos 6 as Sonic, 3) stealing Froggy from him as Gamma.

7. Dr. Eggman- The evil mad genius formerly known as "Dr. Ivo Robotnik" has re-
turned to wreak havoc upon all. Dr. Eggman has released Chaos from the Master
Emerald(and unknowingly, Tikal as well) for his own evil needs. With each Emer-
ald he gives to Chaos, Chaos becomes stronger. What will happen if Chaos gets
all 7 emeralds?

8. Tikal- Tikal was a mysterious girl who can warp people back through time.
She is possibly the most important Character in the game as everyone's story
is  connected through her. Her father, Pachacamac, was hooked on power and was
unable to resist trying to use the Master Emerald for more power. Him trying
to do so resulted in all of the Chao who lived there being killed. This made
their gaurdian, Chaos, angry and he was orced to wipe out all of the Echidna
race except for Tikal. ther and he became obesessed with greed. When Chaos got
too out of control, Tikal was forced to seal him in the Master Emerald using
the words she learned from her grandmother: The servers are the 7 Chaos. Chaos
is power enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the
Chaos." Doing so caused her to be trapped in the Emerald along with Chaos, so
Tikal didn't really die, but was trapped inside the Master Emerald.

9.  Chaos- (note: Thanks to Dale Giramma for more info in Chaos and the Chao)
Chaos was a mythical beast who existed long ago and was the gaurdian of the
Chao. The chao are somehow a  part of chaos' power and his personality. When
the Chao died in Sonic's first flashback, Chaos' power and personality had
been altered into rage and evil. Chaos was bound to protect the Chao, so when
the Chao were killed by the ancient race, he was forced to kill them. But Tikal 
had no part in the destruction of the Chao, so Chaos couldn't kill her. And
when Tikal first approached the Chao, she posed no threat, so Chaos couldn't
hurt her. And when Chaos was released, he seemed to be greatful and sided with
Eggman as his way of thanks. As time went onn, Chaos went out of control and
Destroyed all of Station Square. Until Super Sonic had to put a stop to him and
purifie him again by freeing all of his anger and turmoil.

10. Chao- The O-so lovable creatures you can raise. Chao actually made their
debut in NiGHTS: Into Dreams on the Saturn and not Sonic Adventure. According
to Dale Giramma, the Chao are somehow a  part of Chaos' power and his personal-
ity. The plural of this word is still "Chao". See Chaos for more info.

Sec. 4: Idle Dialogue

a. Sonic- English voice-                              Japanese voice-
          Ryan Drummond                              Junichi Kanemaru

note: the following is all in English

Universally(can be said anywhere at anytime)-
-"Better get going!"

Station Square: Center of City-
-"This station must be the center of the city."

Station Square: Casino-
-"There's no time for playin' around!"

Station Square: Hotel/Pool-
-"Hey, Hey! There's no time to rest!"

Staiion Square: Chao Garden-
-"Just remember, no fighting."
-"What a peaceful place!"
-"Yo! Have you guys been good?"

Station Square: City Hall-
-"This area's sure changed alot."

Station Square: Sewer-
-"This makes me feel like a rat!"

Station Square: Twinkle Park-
-"I'm not too fond of places like this."

Mystic Ruins: Main Area-
-"It must get pretty lonely here."

Mystic Ruins: Angel Island-
-"So, this is Angel Island."

Mystic Ruins: Jungle-
-"Now this is more like it!"

Mystic Ruins: Eggman's Base-
-"This must be Robotnik's Base!"

Mystic Ruins: Chao Garden-
-"What a peaceful place!"
-"Yo! Have you guys been good?"
-"Just remember, no fighting."

Egg Carrier: Main Area-
-"This ship is too much!"

Egg Carrier: Pool-
-"This ship is too much!"

Egg Carrier: 1st floor of Captain's Room-
-"This ship is too much!"

Egg Carrier: 2nd floor of Captain's Room-
-"This ship is too much!"

Egg Carrier: Inside the ship-
-"This ship is just too weird!"

Egg Carrier: Entrance to Chao Garden-
-"This ship is just too weird!"

Egg Carrier: Chao Garden-
-"What a peaceful place!"
-"Yo! Have you guys been good?"
-"Just remember, no fighting."

Mystic Ruins: The Past-
-"That's bad!"

Emerald Coast: Act 1-
-"All I have to do is cruise this coast!"

Emerald Coast: Act 2-
-"What a nice breeze."

Windy Valley: Act 1-
-"I can hear the wind in the distance."

Windy Valley: Act 2-
-"I'd better get out of here!"

Windy Valley: Act 3-
-"Wow! That's pretty high up!"

Casinopolis: Act 1-(Main Room)

Casinopolis: Act 2-(Sewers)
-"What's this smell?! Smells like trash!"

Icecap: Act 1-
-"It's getting cold!"

Icecap: Act 2-
-"Man! Everything's frozen!"

Icecap: Act 3-
-"Watch and learn!"

Twinkle Park: Act 1-
-"This must be the entrance to the bumper car area."

Twinkle Park: Act 2-
-"Looks like nobody's around."

Speed Highway: Act 1-
-"Time for some supersonic speed!"

Speed Highway: Act 2-
-"Hey, there's no time to relax!"

Speed Highway: Act 3-
-"The cars are so slow! They look like they're not moving!"

Red Mountain: Act 1-
-"Where did the Egg Carrier go?"

Red Mountain: Act 2-
-"Whoa! That lava looks really, really hot!"

Sky Deck: Act 1-
-"Whoa!!! I sure don't want to fall off from here!"

Sky Deck: Act 2-
-"Shoot! I hate this wind!"

Sky Deck: Act 3-
-"Hey, what's up with this ship?!"

Lost World: Act 1-
-"It's mighty quiet here..."

Lost World: Act 2-
-"Where am I?!"

Lost World: Act 3-
-"Where am I?!"

Final Egg: Act 1-
-"I smell oil!"

Final Egg: Act 2-
-"Where does this end?"

Final Egg: Act 3-
-"Just you wait, Robotnik!"

Boss: Choas 0-
-"He can't be invincible, can he?"

Boss: Egg Hornet-
-"You're no match for me!"

Boss: Knuckles-
-"What's up, Knuckles?"

Boss: Chaos 4-
-"Hey, this time you're not getting away!"

Boss: E-102 Gamma-
-"Not bad, not bad at all!"

Boss: Chaos 6-
-"Where can his weak spot be?"

Boss: Egg Viper-
-"You've had your fun, now it my turn!"

Mini-Game: Sand Hill-
-"Shoot! I got sand in my eye!"

b. Tails- English voice-                             Japanese voice-
          Conner Bringas                              Atsuki Murata

note: all of the following is in English

Universally(can be said anywhere at anytime)

Station Square: Center of city-
-"Trains are cool too!"

Sataion Square: City Hall-
-"Boy, I'm hungry!"

Station Square: Hotel/Pool-
-"This hotel is nice!"

Station Square: Casino Area-
-"What a big city!"

Station Square: Twinkle Park-
-"Hmm... I can't get into the park."

Station Square: Chao Garden-
-"I really feel at home here."
-"You guys are the best!"
-"How's it goin' guys!"

Mystic Ruins: Main Area-
-"This area sure has changed after they built this station."

Mystic Ruins: Forest-
-"Which way did I come from?"

Mystic Ruins: Angel Island-
-"This area sure has changed after they built this station."

Mystic Ruins: Chao Garden-
-"I really feel at home here."
-"You guys are the best!"
-"How's it goin' guys!"

The original Mystic Ruins: Shrine of Knuckles' race
-"What is this place?!"

Egg Carrier: Main Area-
-"This ship's cool!"

Egg Carrier: Pool-
-"This ship's cool!"

Egg Carrier: 1st floor of Captain's Room-
-"This ship's cool!"

Egg Carrier: 2nd Floor of Captain's Room-
-"This ship's cool!"

Egg Carrier: Inside the ship-
-"I wanna make a ship like this one day!"

Egg Carrier: Entrance to Chao Garden-
-"I wanna make a ship like this one day!"

Egg Carrier: Chao Garden-
-"I really feel at home here."
-"You guys are the best!"
-"How's it goin' guys!"

Windey Valley-
-"I wonder where Sonic is..."


-"Time to jam!"

Sky Deck-
-"It's pretty high! My legs are shaking!"

Speed Highway-
-"Where's Robotnik?"

Boss: Egg Hornet-
-"Come on, Tails, you can do it!"

Boss: Knuckles-
-"H-hey, wait a minute!"

Boss: Chaos 4-
-"You liquid monster!"

Boss: E-102 Gamma-
-"Something's different about this robot..."

Boss: Egg Walker-
-"I KNOW I can do it by myself!"

Mini-Game: Sand Hill-
-"This sand is kinda loose!"

c. Knuckles- English voice-                                  Japanese voice-
            Michael McGaharn                                 Nobutoshi Kanna

note: the following is all in English

Universally(can be said anywhere at anytime)-
-"I'd better hurry."

Station Square: Center of city-
-"So THIS is Station Square."

Station Square: City Hall-
-"I HATE big cities!"

Station Square: Train Station/Casino-
-"This place is noisy!"

Station Square: Hotel-
-"Great, a resort hotel!"

Station Square: Twinkle Park-
-"What IS this place?"

Station Square: Chao Garden-
-"This place reminds me of home. Wonder why?"
-"I have this feeling I've met these guys before..."
-"I guess there are no Emeralds here..."

Mystic Ruins: Main Area-
-"I've got to find...the Master Emerald."

Mystic Ruins: Angel Island-
-"I've got to get this island airborne again!"

Mystic Ruins: Jungle-
-"This place...gives me the strangest feeling!"

Mystic Ruins: Chao Garden-
-"This place reminds me of home. Wonder why?"
-I have this feeling I've met these guys before..."
-I guess there are no Emeralds here..."

Egg Carrier: Main Area-
-"How does this...thing fly?"

Egg Carrier: Pool-
-"How does this...thing fly?"

Egg Carrier: Inside the ship-
-"Where's the exit?!"

Egg Carrier: Entrance to Chao Garden-
-"Where's the exit?!"

Egg Carrier: Chao Garden-
-"This place reminds me of home. Wonder why?"
-I have this feeling I've met these guys before..."
-I guess there are no Emeralds here..."

Mystic Ruins: The Past-
-"Where am I?"

Speed Highway-
-"The pieces for the Master Emerald must be somewhere in this city."

-"It's so bright here!"

Red Mountain-
-I sure don't wanna fall off."

Lost World-
-"The Emerald is somewhere in this room."

Sky Deck-
-"OK now, where's the treasure?"

Boss: Chaos 2-
-"That's it! I've had enough.

Boss: Sonic-
-"Hand over the Emerald."

Boss: Chaos 4-
-"When will you  ever learn?"

Boss: Chaos 6-
-"This time, you're finished!"

d. Amy- English voice-                                      Japanese voice-
     Jennifer Douillard                                       Taeko Kawata

note: All of the following is in English

Universally(can be said anywhere at anytime)-
-"I'm so tired."

Station Square: Center if City-
-"It's nice to have an ocean nearby."

Station Square: City Hall-
-"I wanna go shopping!"

Station Square: Hotel-
-"I'd love to vacation here!"

Station Square: Casino Area-
-"This city never changes."

Station Square: Twinkle Park-
-"I'm getting excited!"

Station Square: Chao Garden-
-"*yaaaawn* I'm getting sleepy."
-"This place is so relaxing!"
-"If only Sonic were here..."
-"I don't wanna see you guys fighting!"

Mystic Ruins: Main Area-
-"I don't like places like this."

Mystic Ruins: Jungle-
-"This place is great!"

Mystic Ruins: Eggman's Base-
-"I'm going to do my best, Sonic."

Mystic Ruins: Chao Garden-
-"*yaaaawn* I'm getting sleepy."
-"This place is so relaxing!"
-"If only Sonic were here..."
-"I don't wanna see you guys fighting!"

Egg Carrier: Main Area-
-"I wonder why that man bothered making things like this."

Egg Carrier: Pool-
-"I wonder why that man bothered making things like this."

Egg Carrier: Inside the ship-
-"Better tread lightly so they don't hear us."

Egg Carrier: Entrance to Chao Garden-
-"Better tread lightly so they don't hear us."

Egg Carrier: Hedgehog Hammer-
-"Hey, c'mon!"

Egg Carrier: Prison-
-"Better tread lightly so they don't hear us."

Egg Carrier: Chao Garden-
-"*yaaaawn* I'm getting sleepy."
-"This place is so relaxing!"
-"If only Sonic were here..."
-"I don't wanna see you guys fighting!"

Mystic Ruins: The Past-
-"Hey, Where am I?"

Twinkle Park: Act 1/3(Outside/ontop of castle)-
-"I wonder where Sonic went."

Twinkle Park: Act 2(Inside the castle)-
-"I wonder where Sonic went."

Hot Shelter: Act 1-
-"I really hate Robotnik!"

Hot Shelter: Act 2-
-"Uh, which way do I go now?"

Final Egg-
-"Hey litle Birdie, are you OK?"

Boss: Zero-
-"You're gonna pay for what you've done!"

e. Big- English voice-                                  Japanese Voice-
        Jon St. John                                     Jyoji Nakata

notes: -all of the following is in English
       -Big's Japanese voice actor died in July 2003 at age 80.

Universally(can be said anywhere at anytime)
-"Hey, I'm kind of hungry."

Station Square: Center of City-
-"I wonder if there are any fish here?"

Station Square: Twinkle Park-
-"Twinkle Park?!"

Station Square: Sewers-
-"*scared* Wow, it's dark in here!"

Station Square: City Hall-
-"Everyone seems very busy."

Station Square: Train Station-
-"I wonder where Froggy is."

Station Square: Hotel-
-"What a huge house!"

Station Square: Chao Garden-
-"Hey, I'm getting hungry again."
-"Are you guys OK?"
-"Looking good, buddies!"
-"I wanna go fishing!"

Mystic Ruins: Main Area-
-"Froggy, where are you?!"
note: this is not said the same way when Big is spoken to in Station Square

Mystic Ruins: Jungle-
-"Maybe I'll go home."

Mystic Ruins: Angel Island-
-"Froggy, where are you?!"
note: this is not said the same way when Big is spoken to in Station Square

Mystic Ruins: Chao Garden-
-"Hey, I'm getting hungry again."
-"Are you guys OK?"
-"Looking good, buddies!"
-"I wanna go fishing!"

Egg Carrier: Main Area-
-"Uh, how does this ship fly?"

Egg Carrier: Pool-
-"Uh, how does this ship fly?"

Egg Carrier: Inside the ship-
-"Um, exits, Exits."

Egg Carrier: Entrance to Chao Garden-
-"Um, exits. Exits."

Egg Carrier: Hedgehog Hammer-
-"Um, exits. Exits."

Egg Carrier: Prison-
-"Um, exits. Exits."

Egg Carrier: Chao Garden-
-"Hey, I'm getting hungry again."
-"Are you guys OK?"
-"Looking good, buddies!"
-"I wanna go fishing!"

Mystic Ruins: The Past-
-"Erm, where am I?"

Twinkle Park-
-"I wonder if the fish are biting."

Ice Cap-
-"The ice looks kinda tasty."

Emerald Coast-
-"What a big lake!"

Hot Shelter-
-"I wonder if Froggy's OK."

Boss: Chaos 6-
-Info needed.

f. E-102: Gamma-      English voice-                     Japanese voice-
                 Steve Brodie(unconfirmed)          Syun Yoshiro(unconfirmed)

notes: -I am not sure if these are the correct VAs or not so let me know.
       -Gamma's English voice actor died sometime ago.
       -All of the following is in English.
       -BIG thanks to Smash Master for saving me the trouble of Gamma's entire
        phrase list!

Universal(can be said anywhere at anytime)-
-"Combat System Activated."

Station Square: Outside train station-
-"Searching Station Square."

Station Square: City Hall-
-"Multiple Life form readings detected."

Station Square: Train Station-
-"Train to Mystic Ruins confirmed."

Station Square: Twinkle Park entrance-
-"Bumper car area confirmed."

Station Square: Hotel/Pool-
-"Combat System disengaged."

Station Square: Chao Garden-
-"Combat system disengaged."
-"Sensors detecting life."
-"Location unknown."

Mystic Ruins: Main Area-
-"Now searching Mystic Ruins."

Mystic Ruins: Angel Island-
-"Now arriving at Angel Island."

Mystic Ruins: Jungle-
-"Temperature rising. Cooling system activated."

Mystic Ruins: Eggman's Base-
"The place I was created..."

Mystic Ruins: Chao Garden-
-"Combat system disengaged."
-"Sensors detecting life."
-"Location unknown."

Egg Carrier: Main Area-
-"Continuing mission."

Egg Carrier: Pool-
-"Continuing mission."

Egg Carrier: Inside the ship-
-"Continuing mission."

Egg Carrier: Entrance to Chao Garden-
-"Continuing mission."

Egg Carrier: Hedgehog Hammer-
-"Continuing mission."

Egg Carrier: Prison-
-"Continuing mission." 

Egg Carrier: Amunition Room-
-"Continuing mission."

Egg Carrier: Reservoir-
-"Continuing mission."

Mystic Ruins: The Past-
-"Data not available."
-"Current location unknown."

Final Egg-
-"Blue hedgehog...enemy."

Emerald Coast-
-"Frog life form detected."

Windy Valley-
-"E-103 detected."

Red Mountain-
-"E-104 detected."

Hot Shelter-
-"E-105 detected."

Boss: E-101 Beta-
-"Target confirmed."

Boss: Sonic-
-"Blue hedgehog: enemy."

Boss: E-101 Beta Mk2-

-Sec. 5: Adventure Dialogue

a. Sonic-

~Station Square: Center of City~
-Sonic: "Ah, Yeah! This is happening!"
 "What's up?"

~Station Square: City Hall~
-Police: "You are completely surrounded! Surrender yourself!"
"Lock on target men! Ready? Fire!"
"Oh no, our weapons are useless!"
"Retreat! All personel, fall back!"
-Sonic: *looks at Chaos 0* "Ah yeah! This scould be fun!"

~After beating Chaos~
-Sonic: "Come on ya big drip! Where Ya going!"
-Dr. Robotnik: "You know nothing fool! It's Chaos, the God of Destruction!"
 "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

~Station Square: Pool~
-Sonic: "Huh"
 "What? Tails?"
 "Watch out! You're gonna crash! Ahhh!"
 "What am I gonna do with you?"

~After rescuing Tails~
-Tails: "Hey, Sonic. Long time no see, huh?"
-Sonic: "I'm just glad you're OK."
 "What happened anyway?"
 "You're too good of a pilot to just crash like that."
-Tails: "That was a test run using a new prototype propulsion system."
 "It's got a few bugs to iron out."
-Sonic: "Why not use my plane, the Tornado?"
-Tails: "Thanks, but you gotta check out my latest power supply. Ta dahhh!"
-Sonic: "WHOA! A Chaos Emerald!"
-Tails: "Yep! I just happened to find one of the 7 Emeralds during one of my
test flights." This thing's got unlimited power, ya know... So I figured, why
not use it to power up my plane. Super charged! You gotta come over to my work-
shop, Sonic! I've got something I've gotta show you! It's in the Mystic Ruins.
The fastest way is by train. Let's go!"

~After meeting Eggman~
-Robotnik: "Ha ha ha ha! If it isn't Sonic!"
-Sonic: "Look! It's a giant talking egg!"
-Robotnik: "Silence! I am Dr. Robotnik, the greatest scientific genius in the
-Sonic: "Whatever you say, Eggman!"
-Robotnik: "Enough! I've got big plans, and now I'm gonna put them to work!"
-Tails" "You're always up to no good. Now what d'ya want?"
-Robotnik: "I want all of the Chaos Emeralds. Better not interfere! Or else!"
-Sonic: "Or else what, ya big loser?"
-Robotnik: "Or else I'll take them from you by force... the hard way!"

~After beating Egg Hornet~
-Sonic: "Well, that wasn't so hard!"
-Robotnik: "Aha!"
-Sonic: "Oh, no!"
-Robotnik: "Come on Chaos, time to eat!"
-Sonic: "Chaos?"(no pun intended)
 "Oh no, isn't that the same monster I saw the other day..."
-Robotnik: "Ooooh Yes! It's just as the stone tablets predicted." Ha ha ha ha
ha! His strength increases every time I feed him a Chaos Emerald! With all 7
Emeralds in him, he'll be invincible and work for me! Together, we'll destroy
Station Square! And on it's ruins, I'll build Robotnikland, the ultimate city!
Where I will rule it all! Come on Chaos! Let's find another Emerald, shall we?"
-Tails: "Sonic! We can't let him get away with this. Can we?"
-Sonic: "No way, Tails!"
-Tails: "Without more Emeralds, the monster can't transform, so... It's up to
us to get the Emeralds before Eggman does, huh?"

~After getting the 3rd Emerald~
-Sonic: *gets surprised by Robotnik*"Hyah! *drops the Emerald while escaping
Robotnik's attack*"Hey! Oh no! The Chaos Emerald!
-Robotnik: "Oh, no you don't!"
-Sonic: *gets gassed along with Tails*"Aw Geesh!"(that line cracks me up
every time=P)
-Robotnik: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
-Sonic: *weak*"E-gg-ma-n--"

~After recovering~
-Tails: "Oh man, what happened to that Emerald we just had?"
-Sonic: "Aahh... I guess Eggman's got one of 'em, but the other one's safe.
That gut must be desperate."
-Tails: "That means his two to our one, and that's not good! Come on Sonic, we
need to get busy!"

~Near the entrance to the jungle~
-Sonic: (spots Knuckles) "What's up, Knuckles?" dodges his punch "Somethin'
buggin' you?"
-Knuckles: "No time for games, Sonic! Give me the Emeralds you have! Right
-Sonic: "What!? Let's just see yo take 'em, huh!"

~After the battle~
-Sonic: (Sonic and Knuckles drop their Emeralds) "Oh no, the Chaos Emer-
alds..." (Robotnik appears and takes the Emeralds)
-Knuckles: "Ahhh! Eggman!"
-Robotnik: "Ha... like taking candy from a baby!"
-Knuckles: "That's a Chaos Emerald!"
-Robotnik: "That's right, fool, you made it all too easy! You practically
gave them to me!"
-Sonic: "Hold it right there, creep! You can't get away with this...!
Knuckles, don't tell me Eggman tricked you again?"
-Knuckles: "Me? What about you?"
-Sonic: "Way to go, Knucklehead!"
-Robotnik: "Now I have 4 lovely Emeralds... Chaos..." (Chaos 2 appears)
"These are for you, my friend..." (throws Chaos the 2 Emeralds)
-Tails: "Ah! He transformed again!"
-Sonic: "Man, No one ever cuts us any slack!"

~After beating Chaos 4~
-Robotnik: "Behold my floating masterpiece, the Egg Carrier! But it pales in
comparison to the power of Chaos! Adieu... Until we meet again, my friends...
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
-Tails: "Hey, we can't let him get away! Let's get to my workshop and We'll
take the Tornado!"
-Sonic: "Yeah!"
-Knuckles: "You guys go! I have some unfinished business to take care of."
-Sonic: "No problem, Knuckles. We'll take care of everything here!"
-Tails: "Come on, let's get going!"

~At Tails's workshp~
-Tails: "Sonic, wait here for a second..." (prepares the Tornado) "Sonic! Hop
in! Let's go!"

~After landing in the beach~
-Sonic: "Tails? Tails?" (spots a random girl) "You're not who I'm looking
for. Oh, I wonder if he's okay?"

~In the Casino area~
-Amy: "Sonic! Wait up! Long time no see!"
-Sonic: "Uh... A... Amy?"
-Amy: "What's wrong with you anyway? Listen, this birdie seems to be in
trouble. So you need to be his bodyguard for a while!"
-Sonic: "You must be kidding!"
-Amy: "If you don't, we're just gonna tag along anyway!"

~Outside Twinkle Park~
-Amy: (Spots Zero behind her) "Aah, look! Eggman's Robot's on the loose!"
-Sonic: "No problem! He's just a chunk of cheesy hardware."
-Amy: "Whoaaa!"
-Sonic: "Oh, now what?" (turns around) "Huh?"
-Amy: "Look here! It says, 'Cute couples get in free!' Let's go!"
-Sonic: "Amy! Wai-wai-wai-wait! Oh man... That girl is such a pain!"

~Exiting Twinkle Park~
-Sonic: "Oh shoot! I've lost Amy! I bet that robot hauled butt after her.
I'd better catch her befor it does."

~Casino Area~
-Sonic: "Amy! Oh man, where can she be?"
-Amy: (with Zero) "Aaaagh! Sonic! Help!"
-Sonic: "I'll cut 'em off at the Mystic Ruins!"

~Mystic Ruins~
-Amy: "Let me go you hunka junk, I mean it!"
-Sonic: "Hey there, bolt brain! You better give Amy to me, or I'll squash
ya!" (Sky turns dark) "Hey, what's happening here?" (Egg Carrier beams Amy
and Zero away) "Stop!"
-Amy: "Sonic! Help me!"
-Sonic: "Shoot! I've lost her again!"

~At the top of Red Mountain~
-Tails: (in Tornado 2) "Hey Sonic!"
-Sonic: "Tails! I'm glad you're okay!" (hops on) "Ready to roll champ? Let's
-Tails: "Roger!"

~Aproaching the Egg Carrier~
-Tails: "Alrighty, we're in!"
-Sonic: "We gotta land on the Egg Carrier!"
-Tails: "Whoops. Uh... I forgot something."
-Sonic: "What's that?"
-Tails: "There's no landing gear in this mode."
-Sonic: "Whaaat!"

~On the Egg Carrier~
-Sonic: "Wow! This thing is really huge!"
-Tails: "No time to gawk now. We need to find Amy!"
-Sonic: "You're right, my friend! So here we goooooo!"

~Edge of the Egg Carrier~
-Robotnik: (on speaker) "Don't get to many ideas, you fools! You haven't seen
the power this vessel really has! Get a load of this!" (transforms ship)
-Tails: "Aaah, wow! It's changed shape. Did you see that?"
-Sonic: "Darn! This makes it harder for us to get to the bridge!"
-Tails: "I hate it when he doesn't listen..."
-Robitnik: (on speaker) "Ha ha ha ha ha! I bet you weren't expecting this!
The only way you can get to me is through the Sky Deck. I doubt if you can
figure this one out! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
-Sonic: "Oh yeah! Well, I'll show YOU! Bring it on!"

~Entrance to Sky Deck~
-Sonic: "This must be the way to the Sky Deck!

~Inside the Egg Carrier~
-Sonic: "Is that it?"
-Tails: "It might be. But let's check out the bridge."

~Outside of the Egg Carrier~
-Amy: "Sonic!"
-Robotnik: "Huh! They're too late!" (grabs the bird)
-Amy: "Not the birdie!" (Bird reveals an Emerald)
-Tails: "...A Chaos Emerald!"
-Amy: "No way!"
-Robotnik: "Be gone! All of you! this is all I really need! Gamma!
-Gamma: "What is your wish, master Robotnik?"
-Robotnik: "Get rid of these pests! Show them what you've got!"
-Gamma: "Aya aye, sir."
-And don't disappoint me, or else..."

~After the battle~
-Amy: "Stop it, Sonic!"
-Sonic: "Step aside, Amy! Out of my way!"
-Amy: "No! This robot is my friend. He helped me. Don't hurt him."
-Sonic: "Okay. Whatever you say. You must have your reasons..."
-Tails: "Hey, this ship is losing altitude!"
-Sonic: "Hurry, Tails! Take Amy and get out of here!"
-Amy: "But what about you?"
-Sonic: "I'll find that Eggman and put him out of commission!"

~Edge of the Egg Carrier~
-Sonic: "If I'm to continue, I need to change this ship back to its original
shape! There must be a switch somewhere on the bridge! I've gotta find it,

~After transforming the Egg Carrier~
-Computer: "Emergency alert has been cancelled. Resuming monorail operation."

~Front of the Egg Carrier~
-Sonic: "Oh no! Not again! Chaos! Could this be the same beast?"
-Robotnik: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, yes! Attack Sonic, now!"
-Big: "Froggy! I must save Froggy!"
-Sonic: "If he's you friend, I'll help you. Just leave it to me!"
-Robotnik: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Now I have 6 of the Chaos Emeralds. There's only
one more left to find. I even found Chaos' missing tail!"
-Sonic: "You won't get away with this, you madman!"
-Robotnik: "I will! You're no match for Chaos - even though he's not perfect-
ed yet. Okay Chaos! Destroy them all... Immediately!"

~After beating Chaos 6~
-Robotnik: "No way! I can't believe this!"
-Knuckles: "Sonic!"
-Sonic: "Hey there, Knuckles. Glad you finally made it! I thought you got
lost or something!"
-Robotnik: "Until we meet again, Sonic!"
-Sonic: "Stop! Come back here!" (Follows him off the Egg Carrier)

~Mystic Ruins forest~
-Sonic: (lands, missing Robotnik) "Aarrgh! I hate Eggman! Where's this?"
(Lost World reveals itself) "Hmm? That light! I think it's trying to show me

~Center of the ruins~
-Sonic: "Whoa! What's this? A mural."

~Mystic Ruins: The Past~
-Sonic: "What's this place? Where am I? This is really wierd."

~Before the altar~
-Tikal: "Why? Why did this have to happen? It's terrible! I must stop this

~Outside the Lost World~
-Sonic: "What was that all about? I don't think I'm dreaming here." (Spots
Robotnik) "Hmm? Eggman! What's he doing here? Oh, never mind. This time I'll
get him good!"

b. Tails

~Flying overhead~
Tails: "Everything's working great! All systems go...Full speed ahead! Uh oh!
What's this? Nooooooooooo! Aaaaggg...! I'm outta control! Mayday! Mayday! Go-
in' Down! Aaaaggg...! Look out below!"*crashes on the beach and gets rescued by

~Pool Area~
-Sonic: "Boy, you're lucky I saw you coming down! So what went wrong, anyway?
It's not like you to just crash like that."
-Tais: "Yeah, it's just that I'm testing a new power prototype power supply,
and it's not fully compatible yet!"
-Sonic: "You can always borrow my plane, the Tornado, of you want."
-Tails: "Thanks, Sonic. But if I can make this work, it'll run circles around
yours. Check out this power supply!"
-Sonic: "It's a Chaos Emerald! No way!"
-Tails: "I was lucky to find one of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. They have unlimited
mystic powers. Now I want to harness that power to fly my plane. Let's go to my
workshop in the Mystic Ruins, and I'll show you what I've been working on.
We'll go to the station, hop on a train, and get there in no time!"

~Confronting Robotnik in the Mystic Ruins~
-Robotnik: "Well, well, well... If it isn't Sonic and Tails!"
-Tails: "It's Eggman!"
-Robotnik: "Silence! I am Dr. Robotnik, the most cunning scientific genius in
the world."
-Sonic: "Yeah right, Dr. Eggman!"
-Robotnik: "Enough! I've been working on a master plan, but now it's time to
put it to work!"
-Tails: "That usually means trouble coming from you."
-Robotnik: "Don't even try to interfere this time. Give me that Chaos Emerald,
or else!"
-Tails: "Or else what? Huh?"
-Robotnik: "Or else I'll take it from you... the hard way!"

~After beating the Egg Hornet~
-Tails: "That was just too easy!"
-Robotnik: "Gotcha!"
-Tails: "Hey! He snagged it!"
-Robotnik: "Chaos could usa a little snack!"
-Tails: "Who's Chaos?"
-Sonic: "That's the monster I saw the other day."
-Tails: "Uh, monster?"
*gives Chaos the Emerald*
-Robotnik: "Yes, yes, yes! It's really happening! Just as the stone tablets
said it would! Ha ha ha ha! Hear this, Sonic! Chaos' strength increases every
time I give him a Chaos Emerald. All he needs is 7 Emeralds to become
invincible! Then he will turn Station Square into rubble. Upon which I will
build the ultimate city, Robotnikland! Ha ha ha ha! You ready Chaos? Let's go
find the next Emerald. Come on!"
-Tails: "Thank goodness they're done. Good riddance!"
-Sonic: "We can't let that monster get bigger. It could get ugly!"
-Tails: "You're right, Chaos must be stopped! And he can be if we keep him away
from more Emeralds, right? So what do you say, Sonic? Let's find the Chaos Em-
eralds befor Eggman does!"

~After getting the 3rd Emerald~
*Tails dodges Eggman'a attack*
-Tails: "What's that?*drops Chaos Emerald* The Chaos Emerald!
-Robotnik: "get away from there!*gasses Tails*
-Tails: "Aaaaahh!"
-Robotnik: "Nighty-night... Ha ha ha ha!"
-Tails: *weakly*"Egg-man..."

~After recovering!
-Tails: "Ugh... Sonic... What happened to the Chaos Emerald?"
-Sonic: "Argh... Eggman got one of them, but the other one's safe." He must
be getting desperate."
-Tails: "Now the Emerald Count is two to one, and Eggman's winning. Let's
get a move on!"

~Confronting Knuckles~
-Tails: "Hey, Knuckles. What's up? *dodges Knuckles' attacks* What are you
-Knuckles: "Don't mess with me now. Just hand over the Emeralds you have,
-Tails: "No way, Knuckles!"

~After beating Knuckles~
-Tails: "Whoa! Oh no, the Emeralds!"
-Robotnik: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And they're all mine!"
-Tails: "Eggman's back! He;s got the Emeralds!"
-Robotnik: "You two are bumbling idiots, you know that!"
-Knuckles: "Hey... those are... the CHAOS Emeralds!"
-Robotnik: "you are so easily tricked! All I did was wait for you to bring it
to me!"
-Tails: "What the heck is he talking about, anyway?"
-Sonic: "Don't you realize when you've been tricked?"
-Knuckles: "Tricked? No one makes a fool out of me!"
-Sonic: "Way to go, Knucklehead!"
-Robotnik: "Ha ha ha ha! Four! Count 'em, 4 Emeralds! I summon Chaos! come
forth! Here! Eat up!"
-Tails: "Oh no... It's changing again! We gotta stop this, fast!"

~After beating Chaos 4~
-Robotnik: "Behold my floating masterpiece, the Egg Carrier! But it pales in
comparison to the power of Chaos! Adieu... Until we meet again, my friends...
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
-Tails: "Hey, we can't let him get away! Let's get to my workshop and We'll
take the tornado!"
-Sonic: "Yeah!"
-Knuckles: "You guys go! I have some unfinished business to take care of."
-Sonic: "No problem, Knuckles. We'll take care of everything here!"
-Tails: "Come on, let's get going!"

~At the work shop~
Tails: "Sonic, wait here for a second..."*gets the Tornado* Sonic! Hop in!
Let's go!

~After Tails wakes up~
-Tails: "Hmm, wow... That dream brought back memories! I owe so much to Sonic.
Sonic! Hmmm, wonder where he went? sure hope he's all right. The Tornado isn't
powerful enough. If I'm gonna get that Egg Carrier, I need to finish my proto-
type. It needs a Chaos Emerald to work! Looks like I'd better fins one, fast!"

~In the Jungle~
-Tails: "Wow! There's a Chaos Emerald! *Froggy steals it*Hey, wait up

~After catching Froggy~
-Tails: *spotting Tikal!"Oops!"
*is warped into the past*
-Tails: "Uh oh. I thought I was in the desert. I wonder where I am?"

~After reaching Tikal~
-Tikal: "The servers are the 7 Chaos Emeralds. *spots Tails*Hello there,
friend. How are you?"
-Tails: "Umm... what were yo saying before?"
-Tikal: "Huh? It's something my grandmother taught me. I'm never to forget it.
It goes like this...'The servers are the 7 Chaos. Chaos is power...Power enri-
ched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos' But I'm
still not sure what it all means. But the number 7... is the same as the num-
bers of Emeralds there are."
-Tails: "Emeralds?"
-Tikal: "Forgive me, but I don't thnk we'ce ever met before... I'm Tikal...and
you are?"

~Upon returning to the present~
-Big: *slams on the ground*"Waaaaaaa!"
-Tails: "Yiiiikes!"
-Big: *Froggy escapes from Tails and hops away*"Wait foe me!"
-Tails: "Weird! now where was I? Oh yeah! The Chaos Emerald... Perfect! This
will get my Tornado 2 up and rarin' to go!"

~At the workshop~
-Tails: "The time has come at last. This new plane should work alot better.
I've ironed out most of the problems. So, here it goes! Emerald, do your stuff!
Ready Sonic? Here I come!"

~While flying above the top of Red Mountain~
-Tails: "There you are, dead ahead! The Egg Carrier! *spots Sonic* There's So-
nic! Sonnnnic!"
-Sonic: "All right, Tails! Way to go! This plane's cool!" *hops in*Now what do
you say we nail those guys?"
-Tails: "You got it! Hang on!"

~Before landing on the Egg Carrier~
-Tails: "Coming in tight!"
-Sonic: "Tails! We gotta land on the Egg Carrier."
-Tails: "Oops... We gotta problem here!"
-Sonic: "What's now?"
-Tails: "I forgot to put in the landing gear!"
-Sonic: "Whaaaa...........!"

~After landing on the Egg Carrier~
-Sonic: "Whoa! This thing is really huge!"
-Tails: "No time to gawk, Sonic. We gotta find Amy!"
-Sonic: "You're right, pal. Let's get busy!"

~Before the Egg Carrier changes shape~
-Robotnik: "Don't get any ideas, Sonic!" You have no idea what this vessel
can do! How about I give you a little sample? Ha ha ha."

~After the Egg Carrier changes shape~
-Tails: "Whoah! It transformed! Hey, did you see that?"
-Sonic: "Darn! Now how are we gonna get to the bridge?"
-Tails: "I hate it when he doesn't listen to me!"
-Robotnik: "He he he he he! I gess you weren't expecting that, were you? There's
only one way to get to me Sonic. And that's through the Sky Deck! I doubt if
you can make it! Ha haaaaaa! I dare you!"
-Sonic: "Just watch me! Bring it on, Eggman!"

~At the entrance to the Sky Deck~
-Tails: "So this must be the Sky Deck, huh?"

~After the Sky Deck~
-Sonic: "Aahh! Is that it?"
-Tails: "Sonic, we should check out the bridge!"
~On top of the Egg Carrier~
-Amy: "Sonic! Tails!"
-Robotnik: "Hah! You're a bit late..."*snatches Birdie*
-Amy: "Not the birdie!" *Robotnik retrieves Birdie's Emerald and releases him*
-Tails" "That's a Chaos Emerald!"
-Amy: "No way!"
-Robotnik: "Be gone! All of you! This is all I really need! Gamma!"
-Gamma: *appears* "What is your wish, master?"
-Robotnik: "Get rid of these pests! Give them all you got."
-Gamma: "Aye aye, master Robotnik!"
-Robotnik: "I'll leave it up to you, Gamma..."*takes off*

~After beating Gamma~
-Amy: "Please stop, Tails!"
-Tails: "Move aside, Amy! Get out of the way!"
-Amy: "No! This robot is my friend. He helped me. Don't hurt him."
-Tails: "Hmm... Okay! If you say so. You have your reasons, I guess. *Egg
Carrier vibrates* Hey, this ship is losing alltitude!"
-Sonic: "Hurry, Tails! Take Amy and get out of here!"
-Amy: "Well, what about you?"
-Sonic: "I'll find that Eggman and put a stop to his evil ways!"
*Tails, Amy, and Gamma escape; Sonic runs after Robotnik*

~Station Square Center~
-Tails: *lands with Amy going elsewhere* "That's Eggman! I wonder what happ-
ened to Sonic?"(huge YES!)
-Robotnik: "I'm finished! Chaos was defeated, and now my Egg Carrier is
ruined!" No matter! I will destroy Station Square anyway!" *activates missle
in sea*
-Tails: "If that missle is launched..."
-Robotnik: "Ready? Fire! *launches missle into Speed Highway Act 1* Aah! No!
It was a dud! I can't believe this! Ah! I'll go and deal with this myself!"
-Tails: "Oh, no! I'd better get to that missle before he detonated it!
*follows Robotnik to Speed Highway entrance* I see it! I've gotta get it
before Eggman. The fate of Station Square depends on me, huh... Sonic! I've
changed alot since I've started hanging with Sonic... But I can't depend on
him forever. I know I can do this by myself... Ok, Eggman! Bring it on!

~After stopping the missle~
*crowd in comotion of Robotnik's entance
-Robotnik: "So you beat me to the missle, you little pest!" I will make you
all pay for this!" *lands down in Egg Walker as crowd runs away* You fool!
Away! Before I make mincemeat out of you!"
-Tails: "I'm not scared... I'm not scared!" I can do this!"

~After beating the Egg Walker~
*crowd congratulates Tails*
-Tails: "Hey! I did it! I did it all by myself!" *flies back to Mystic Ruins
and joins up with Sonic*

c. Knuckles

~On Angel Island~
-Knuckles: "As far back as I can remember, I've been living here on this dark
island... Always gaurding the Master Emerald from anything that could harm it.
I don't know why I was given this job... Why it was my fate... Destined to be
here forever!"
*Robotnik frees Chaos from the Master Emerald*
-Knuckles: "What the...? What's going on here? Oh no! Something's happened to
the Master Emerald! *sees Chaos 0* Huh? Who are you? Did you do this? Ohhh,
I'll get you for this!" *tries to attack Chaos but misses and gets attacked*
"Ooomph! Ugh agh!(grunts) Hey, no fair!"
*Chaos dissapears* "Wait! What's hapening to you? Come back here! Wow! That
was incredible! I've never seen anything like it. Oh no! It's starting to
happen. Without the Master Emerals's power, this whole island will fall into
the ocean!"

~Station Square~
-Knuckles: "It's up to me to find the missing peices of the Master Emerald. It
won't be easy. Pieces flew off everywhere. guess I'd better start looking any-
where I can."

~Mystic Ruins: The Past~
-Knuckles: "Where in the world am I? I don't remember being here before. But
something about it is familiar. Hmmmm... This is very strange."

~Near Tikal~
-Tikal: "Father! Please don't!"
-Pachacamac: "Tikal, the 7 Emeralds are essential to our survival. It is for
the good of all our people."
-Tikal: "How can I make you understand? Attacking other countries, stealing
and killing... can't be the right path to peace. No one has the right to take
their holy grounds. I beg you father!"

~Outside Casinopolis~
-Knuckles: "Uhh! Now where am I? Back in Station Square, I see. What's going
on here, anyway?"

-Knuckles: "Hey, it's Dr. Eggman! What's he got there? It's gotta be a part of
the Master Emerald! Hold on! Come back here!"

~Hotel: Floor 2~
-Knuckles: "Eggman! Give me back he Master Emerald!"
-Robotnik: "Knu... Knuckles! Uhhh, this isn't what you're after!"
-Knuckles: "Huh, you're right!"
-Robotnik: "That's okay, though. I can use you as a guinea pig to test it.
Chaos! Chaos!"
-Knuckles: "Chaos? It's that creature again! The same one I saw on my island.
He was there when the Master Emerald shattered, I'm sure of it. He saved me
the trouble of looking for him. Now I'll get him good!"
-Robotnik: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Way to go, Chaos!"
-Knuckles: "Hah! Changing shape won't scare me! Fine! Give it your best

~After beating Chaos 2~
-Robotnik: "Bah! So what if you won this time. You have yet to see the true
powers of Chaos!"
-Knuckles: "Yeah yeah, that still doesn't faze me, you hear?"
-Robotnik: "I know something that might. It's about Sonic."
-Knuckles: "What? What about Sonic?"
-Robotnik: "He's after the pieces of the Master Emerald, too!"
-Knuckles: "What do you mean?"
-Robotnik: "You're not the only one on a wild goose chase, idiot! Why should
I ruin your surprise? Ha ha ha ha ha ha..."
-Knuckles: "I wonder what he meant by that? I'd better find Sonic."

~After being tricked by Robotnik~
-Knuckles: "I wonder why Sonic is after the Master Emerald? I'd better work
fast and get to the bottom of this."

~Confronting Sonic and Tails~
-Knuckles: "There's Sonic! Eggman was right. What's that in his hand? It looks
like a piece of the Master Emerald! He has no right to have that!"
*Sonic and Tails spot Knuckles*
-Sonic: "Hey, knuckles!"
*Knuckles tries to attack Sonic*
-Sonic: "Whoa! What do you think you're doing?"
-Knuckles: "All right! Put 'em up! Hand over the Emerald, now!"
-Sonic: "That's not gonna happen, buddy!"

~After the battle~
*Sonic and Knuckles collide*
-Sonic: "Aw, Geesh!"(yes!) *Sonic and Knuckles drop their Emeralds* "Oh no!
The Chaos Emeralds...!"
-Robotnik: "Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
-Knuckles: "Eggman! What's he doing here?"
*Robothik steals the Emeralds*
-Sonic: "Uh oh!"
-Robotnik: "Ha! That's all there is to it. You guys are too easy!"
-Knuckles: "That's... a CHAOS Emerald!"(as in not a Master Emerald like he
-Robotnik: forst come, first served, they say. And you serve me too well for
your own good! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..."
-Sonic: "You won't get away with this! Knuckles, did you let him trick you
-Knuckles: "Like you weren't?"
-Sonic: "Smooth move, Knucklehead!"
-Robotnik: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... I've got 4 Emeralds now. Here, Chaos.
*Chaos rises* Come here, my hungey pet!" gives *Chaos the 2 Emeralds*
-Tails: "Now look what he is!"
-Knuckles: "No problem. I'll make him eat dirt!"

~After defeating Chaos 4~
-Robotnik: "Behold my flying fortress! My creation, the Egg Carrier. Beware.
Chaos' true power has to be unleashed. Ha ha ha ha ha... We shall meet a-
-Tails: "Hurry, Sonic! What are we waiting for?" My workshop's close, so let's
get the Tornado and go after him!"
-Sonic: "Good Idea!"
-Knuckles: "You go on ahead without me. I have some things I need to take care
-Sonic: "No problem, Knuckles! We'll take care of everything here. Let's

~In the past again~
-Knuckles: "Where am I? This is very strange". *runs up to Tikal*
-Tikal: "I beg of you. Hear me now. My father is coming here soon. And I fear
what may happen. You must take everyone away from here! Oh please! *some
'drops' fall in the water* So, are you saying you can't leave this place? I
understand... Let me talk to my father again! There must be a better way to
do this. Don't worry, my friends. I won't let you down. I must do something...
quickly." *walks off as Knuckles winds up back on Angel Island*

~Angel Isnald~
-Knuckles: "What... I'm back in front of the altar! This is beginning to blow
my mind! Wait a minute... I remember... the broken pieces of the Master
Emerald... I have to restore them to where they belong. *does so* It's still
incomplete! I need to find the remaining. Wherever they are.*Egg Carrier
appears inside the almost-perfect Master Emerald* Hey look! It's Eggman's
flying fortress. That's where the rest of the pieces must be. But I don't
know where that ship is. *spots Gamma* Hey! Isn't that one of Eggman's robots?
I know... I'll follow i back to Eggman's base! Here I come, Eggman!"

~In the Jungle~
*spot's Gamma at the entrance to the Egg Carrier*
-Knuckles: "Hmm... just what I thought. Time to make a house call! *on board
the Carrier* Now we'll see who's so easily tricked. I can sense the Emeralds
are here somewhere!"
*Egg Carrier changes shape*
-Knuckles: "Uh! What's going on? Uhg! This thing's always changing."
*goes in now-drained pool*
-Knuckles: "I sense the Master Emerald. It can't be far from here."

~After beating Sky Deck~
-Knuckles: "The last missing piece! All right! Now to restore the Master
Emerald! *sees hintball as he gets warped back into the past* Huh?"

~In the past AGAIN again~
-Knuckles :"Oh no! Not again. What is the meaning of this?"
*sees Tikal and Chao*
-Knuckles: "Hey, what happene here?"
-Tikal: "I couldn't... stop them. They came... and my father... I had no idea
how bad this would turn out! I'm shocked."
-Knuckles: "Look, it's the Emerald! *tikal runs toward the Master Emerald*
Wait!" * Knuckles gets warped back to the present.

~Back at the exit/entrance to Sky Deck~
-Knuckles: "Is this a dream? It's more like a nightmare!"

~Outside the Egg Carrier~
-Knuckles: "I've finally found all the missing Emerald pieces... But... I
still can't figure out that creepy monster. Huh! What's that? *Chaos 4 evolves
into Chaos 6 in the background with a giant flash* Woah..........

~Center of the Egg Carrier~
-Robotnik: "Aarghh! Not again... I hate you!"
-Knuckles: "Hey Sonic!"
-Sonic: "There you are, Knuckles. About time!"
-Robotnik: "I will return!"
-Sonic: "Eggman! Come back!"
-Knuckles: "I'd better let Sonic handle it from here. He'll do okay. Now...
I must return to Angel Island, and the Master Emerald. *sees Chaos 6* No! It
can't be! I guess he didn't get enough the first time! You can't stop me from
restoring the Master Emerald!"

~After beating Chaos 6~
- Knuckles: "Yeah! You're finished! What's left now is to return the Master
Emerald safely to my island."*junp off the ship onto Angel Island*

~Angel Island~
-Knuckles: *restores the last 3 pieces* "This should do it! Perfect. All is
well now! The Master Island and the Emerald have been restored. *Angel Island
finally rises back up into the sky* "I'll probably be on this floating island
forever. Gaurding the Master Emerald again. I may not know the whole story
behind this. But perhaps it's better that way, I am at peace once more."

d. Amy

~City Hall~
-Amy: "Gee, I'm bored. Every day's the same old thing... Same place, diff-
erent day... I miss the good old days. Hangin' out with my hero, Sonic...
Chasing day guys... And blowing them away - ha hah! But now he's gone. And
there's nothing left to do, but shop 'til I drop. There was always something
fun to do with Sonic around. I really miss him." (Sky turns dark) "Hey. what's
going on here? Is there an eclipse today, or what? Nobody's forecast a storm
or anything..." (spots the Egg Carrier in the sky) "Eggman? Can it be? What's
that?" (is collided into by a blue Flicky) "Ow! You should watch where you're
going, buddy! Hey. Are you alright? You look kinda hurt." (spots Zero)
"What's this? Huh... uh oh." (runs from Zero) "Yikes! You almost ran me over,
creep! Oh no! Let's get out of here!" (runs into the burger shop) "That was
one of Eggman's robots, huh? He must have captured you, and somehow you got
away, right? Don't worry, I'll protect you! I'll do my best to keep us both
from harm. I'll stand by you all the way!"

~Casino Area~
-Amy: "Oh, Sonic! Huh... my hero! Soni-c!" (runs to him) "Long time no see!"
-Sonic: "Uhh... Amy!"
-Amy: "What's your problem?! See, this little birdie's got in trouble. I
think you should be his bodyguard a little while."
-Sonic: "What!?"
-Amy: "Doesn't matter. We'll just tag along!"
-Sonic: "No way! Uh uh." (runs away)
-Amy: "Come on, don't run away. Ohhhhhhhh..."

~Entrance to Twinkle Park~
-Amy: "Wait up, Sonic! Not fair! I can't run as fast as you!" (spots Zero)
"Ahhh! Look, Eggman's robot's on the loose!"
-Sonic: "Don't panic! I'll handle that bag of bolts!"
-Amy: "Ahhhhh!"
-Sonic: "Now what's wrong?! Huh?"
-Amy: "Look! It says cute couples can get in free! What are we waiting for?"
-Sonic: "Amy! Wai-wai-wai-wait! I give up. She's so wierd!"

~Outside Twinkle Park~
-Amy: "Whew! I'm glad we finally lost that robot! Sonic must've gotten lost,
too!" (Zero appears behind Amy) "Ahhhhh! Hey, watch it bolt brain! Let us
down! Let us go!"

~Train Station~
-Amy: "Help! Son-ic!"

~Egg Carrier Jail~
-Amy: (to the bird) "Now, now. Calm down." (to Gamma) "What fo you want?"
-Gamma: "Hand me the bird."
-Amy: "Nope!"
-Gamma: "Quietly hand over the bird."
-Amy: "NO! Never!"
-Gamma: "Why not?"
-Amy: "I don't need to tell you anything. You tell ME why you want it, now!"
-Gamma: "Does not compute."
-Amy: "You don't even know? I know you might hurt us both. Please, Mr.
Robot... Won't you help us, please?"
-Gamma: "Insufficient data. You have feelings for something you know nothing
about. Illogical!"
-Amy: "I pity you. Love is not part of your programming, you are missing
something good." (bird flies out of cell) "Hey birdie! Come back here!"
-Gamma: "Go, escape!" (opens cell)
-Amy: "Wh-what? You sure?"
-Gamma: "It's dangerous here. Hurry. We'll be arriving at the Mystic Ruins
base soon."
-Amy: "You're really nice. You're different from the other robots. You've got
a soft spot inside yor metal frame. If you want, we can be friends, okay?"

~Hedgehog Hammer~
-Robotnik: (on speaker) "Ha ha ha ha! You're not going to escape from here!
Let's see if you can clear this awsome game!"
-Robotnik: (if you win) "What? I can't believe this is happening!"

~Mystic Ruins: The Past~
Amy: "Huh? What's this place?"

~The altar~
Tikal: "You're the.. Chao. Don't be afraid. You're safe with me."

~Egg Carrier Pool Room~
Amy: "Gee, what was that? I wonder if I'm dreaming? Oh my! I need to get out
of this place!"

~Outside the Egg Carrier~
-Robotnik: "Where do you think you're going, Amy?"
-Amy: "Eggman... No!"
-Robotnik: "You can't get away this easily!
-Amy: "Sonic, help!"
-Robotnik: "Too late, buddy!" (grabs the bird and reveals an Emerald)
-Amy: "Birdie!"
-Tails: "It's a Chaos Emerald!"
-Amy: "What?!"
-Robotnik: "I don't need YOU when I've got this! Gamma!"
-Gamma: "At your service, sir!"
-Robotnik: "Dispose of these annoying pests! Give 'em all you got!"
-Gamma: "Aye aye, sir! Will comply."
-Robotnik: "I've got better things to do!" (escapes)
-Amy: "Stop, Mr. Robot!" (to Sonic) "Please stop!"
-Sonic: "Amy! That's one of Eggman's clunkers. Outta my way!"
-Amy: "No! He helped me before by letting me escape. This robot is different!
You don't need to hurt him, okay?"
-Sonic: "Amy... Okay. I guess I'll let him go, then." (ship vibrates)
-Tails: "The Egg Carrier's losing altitude!"
-Sonic: "We're fresh outta time! Take Amy clear out, fast!"
-Amy: "What about you?"
-Sonic: "I'll nail that Eggman! Can't let him escape!" (goes after him)
-Amy: "I knew you would save me, Sonic. You're my hero!" (to Gamma) "Uhhh,
you okay? It's dangerous here. Don't pay attention to Eggman anymore. Free
yourself. Come on!"
-Gamma: "Why are you helping me?"
-Amy: "I said we'd be friends and I'm returning you favor. Even this birdie
wants you to be free. Eggman's not the kind of man you should work for."
-Tails: "Amy, come on! Let's get going!"
-Amy: "Until we meet again, Mr. Robot! Take care of yourself!"

~Station Square~
-Amy: "I wonder what Sonic is doing... He's always rescuing me, it seems. I
should be more independent." (to the bird) "You know, you sure surprised
me... by having a Chaos Emerald with you. No wonder they were after you, my
feathered friend. Hey! A pendant, wow!" (looks at a family of Flickies) "So,
I'll help you find your family. Does Amy have them captive now?"
-Birdie: "........"
-Amy: "I bet he does! So, I'll help you find your family. I've come this far.
I may as well go all the way! That Robot said Dr. Eggman's base is in the
Mystic Ruins. So what d'ya say we check it out?"

~Outside the Mystic Ruins base~
-Amy: "Hmmmm... I don't remember this bridge... Looks dangerously suspici-
ous! ..." (to the bird) "Wanna go?"

~Exiting Final Egg~
"Whew! That was a close one! I saw no sign of your relatives, birdie! Ohhhhh!
You escaped from the Egg Carrier! So maybe your family's still in there!
Let's investigate. Wanna?"

~Egg Carrier~
Amy: (spots the bird's parents) "Yeah, it's them!" (the blue bird is attacked
by Zero) "Gasp! Oh no! Are you okay?" (to Zero) You idiot! How could you do
this! Now you're gonna get it!"

~After beating Zero~
-Amy: "Please, wake up, birdie. Are you okay? Can you fly? Whoa! You did it!
Now you three can live in peace again! I'm so happy!" (Flickies fly off) "I'm
going to try my best, too!"

-Amy: "Just watch me. I'll make that Sonic respect me! And by that time it's
gonna be too late!"

e. Big

~On his bed in the Jungle~
-Big: *wakes up* "Huh... er... wha? Froggy, is that you? You're lookin' kinda
weird, good buddy. *looks at Froggy's tail* What's up with the tail? *Froggy
swallows Big's yellow Emerals* Hey, wait a minute! You swallowed my lucky
charm. *Froggy 'runs' off* Come back here... What's wrong with you?
Something's not right. We've always been Friends... for years. *goes after
froggy* Froggy! Wait up! Oh dear!"

~Station Square Center~

-Big: "Yoohoo! Froggy! Come out, come out wherever you are! Oh man, where
could my Pollywog Pal be, anyway?"

~City Hall~
-Big: "Froggy! There you are! Wait, don't run away! What cha' doin' under
that car? What's wrong?"

~After Tails captures Froggy~
-Big: "Oh no, he's got my little buddy!" (runs towards Tails and trips)
"Waaaaaaahhhhh! Ugh! Ugh!" (looks at Froggy) "Glad I found you!"
-Tails: "Oops!"(Froggy escapes Tails's grasp)
-Big: "Awwwww, now what am I gonna do?"

~After beating Emerald Coast~
-Big: "Froggy? Uh oh! NO, hold on there! Come back, please! Give me my friend
back! I'm beggin' ya, please!"

~After the Egg Carrier takes off~
-Big: "Froggy? This place doesn't look familiar to me at all..." *sniffs* "Hmm,
smells like Froggy's around somewhere. Think I'll see what's behind this door!"

~During Hot Shelter~(the only time a cutscene occurs within a stage)
-Big: (spots Froggy in a pool)"Aaaah! There's Froggy! Looks like he needs my

~After beating Hot Shelter~
-Big: "Yes! We're together again at last, heh?" (Hintball zooms around Big &
Froggy) "Huh? That's strange!"

~Back in the past~
-Big: "Where am I? Froggy?"

~At the altar~
-Tikal: "Wow! Is it alright for me to be here? So do you... Trust me? So these
are the 7 Emeralds..." (gasp) "! ? Could it be? The servers are... the 7 Chaos
Emeralds... Unified by one that is the controller... The 7 Chaos... The con-
troller itself... Could this be the Emerald that controlls the 7 Chaos?"

~Back at the Egg Carrier~
-Big: "Froggy! I don't like the looks of this place! If something happens
now... There's no point to my rescuin' you. I don't know who would bother to
save us both. We better get going, buddy!"
-Computer: "Emergency alert has been cancelled! Resuming monorail operation."

~After meeting Chaos 6~
-Robotnik: "So! I see you're trying to escape! I'm right on time. Chaos! Grab
him. Get that frog!" And don't forget the Chaos Emerald. All right! And now for
the frog. The frog is possessed by your tail. Once you get your tail, you'll be
complete and ultra strong." (Froggy jumps inside Chaos 6 and loses the tail)
-Sonic: (Arrives) "Unbelievable! Look what happened! Chaos has transformed
-Big: "Huh?"
-Robotnik: "Hahaha!!! Uh oh! Gotta go!"
-Big: "Froggy! I'll save you... Don't worry pally."
-Sonic: "So he's your friend, eh?" (Big nods) "No sweat... I'll get him back!
Watch me!"
-Big: "Careful Froggy! Don't worry. We'll get ya back!"

~After rescuing Froggy~
-Big: "Hoo-ray! Froggy, heh heh heh heh, I won't let them take you away again."
-Sonic: "Go! Go on and get outta here! I'll do the rest."
-Big: "Oh, okay... Thanks! Come, little buddy. Time to get a move on."

~After spotting the crashed Tornado 2~
-Big: "Huh... er... what? Hey, maybe we could use this? But I don't know the
first thing about it. Oh well, I'll give it a try anyway."

f. Gamma

~After being activated~
-Robotnik: "Excellent! All systems-full power! Look at me! I'm your brilliant
creator, Dr. Robotnik! You're the second of my E-100 model machines. E-102!
Code name: Gamma."
-Gamma: "Gamma."
-Robotnik: "That's right! You will now boey only me!"

~Approaching Robotnik~
-Robotnik: "The shooting range is through this door. Your big brother, E-101
Beta is there practicing. Enter, Gamma! You're not as advanced as Beta is,
but you'll do fine."

~After clearing Final Egg~
-Robotnik: "Good job, Gamma! I didn't think you had what it takes! Okay then,
Gamma... Here's your test. If you want to stay on board, you must be able to
pass it! So pay attention to what I say. The almighty Egg Carrier is a flying
fortress that needs a good crew! Come forth, Beta! I'd like you to meet your
older brother E-101. Just call him Beta. I am pitting the two of you against
each other, and the winner serves on my ship. I put my bets on Beta, but I
owe you at least a fair chance."

~After beating Beta~
-Robotnik: "Ho Ho ho! You surprised me, Gamma! I had a funny feeling there
was more to you than meets the eye. I hereby grant Gamma permission to serve
on board the Egg Carrier." (to Beta) "What? so you want to come along with
us, eh? Okay, okay... We could always use a spare set of parts, I guess. You
have special permission."

~On board the Egg Carrier~
-Robotnik: "Ah, hah... Testing 1, 2, 3... Ahem... You, the elite Egg Carrier
crew, are here today... to hear a very special announcement. Behold! It's a
tailed frog! Very unique! This frog is absolutely vital to my plans! I
command you to locate this frog immediately. You hear me? I don't care what
it takes to get it. Just bring it to me! We haven't got time to waste, so
come to attention!"

~Mystic Ruins: The Past!~
-Gamma: "Must determine location. Accessing data. No data found. Location un-
known. This presents a problem."
-Tikal: (As Gamma approaches the Chao) "No! Don't go any closer! I'm sorry,
I see you must not be one of them, huh? Did you notice the presence guarding
these children? He's a very loving and gentle creature. These little
creatures are too vulnerable without its protection. This protection allows
them to continue singing in peace. Even I was surprised the first time I saw
him. Now my father is trying to take their sacred home. It seems his heart
has closed off to us all. My true hope is that some day, we'll understand
each other."

~Inside the Egg Carrier~
-Robotnik: (Checks the E-100 series's frogs) "Argggh! Dummies, dummies, dumm-
ies, dummies! None of you got the right one! We must find the frog with
Chaos' tail! That same frog has also swallowed a Chaos Emerald! Huh? Ah,
there it is! Right there! I'm proud of you, Gamma! I knew you'd be of use to
me!" (to the rest of the E-series) "All you worthless hunks of junk, be
gone!" (sends them away and turns to Gamma) "You will get a new assignment!
This one's easy! Go to the room through tht last door. Once ther, you'll find
a girl and a bird. Just give me that bird. Now go!"
-Gamma: "Is this the one?" (enters the left door) "BETA?" (leaves room) "...
This is the wrong room."

~The Prison Room~
-Amy: "Go away!"
-Gamma: "Give me the bird."
-Amy: "No way!"
-Gamma: "Resistance is futile: give me the bird!"
-Amy: "I said NO!"
-Gamma: "Why not?"
-Amy: "None of your business why not. I want to know why you want it."
-Gamma: "Data unavailable."
-Amy: "You don't even know? I bet you'd be mean to him, you bully! Why not
help us out instead? Don't know how bad I feel?"
-Gamma: "Does not compute. Why try to save that which is useless to you? Does
not compute."
-Amy: "I feel sorry for you! Eggman failed to give you feelings." (Birdie
flies up to Gamma) "Wait a minute, birdie!"
-Gamma: "Get going!" (opens Amy's cell)
-Amy: "Huh? Why are you letting us go?"
-Gamma: "It is dangerous here. Hurry. We will be arriving at the Mystic Ruins
base soon."
-Amy: "So... You're not like those other robots, huh? You truly are a good
person inside, aren't you? I guess we can be friends then... Take care, ok?"

~Back inside the Egg Carrier~
-Robotnik: "Uh, uh, testing 1, 2, 3... Gamma! Get ready for battle instruc-
tions! Get the Jet Booster from the ammunition room, and get up to the deck.
The ammunition room is unlocked."

~After leaving the Jet Booser room with the Booster~
-Robotnik: "I see you've got the Jet Booster. Report to the rear of the ship.

~On the Egg Carrier's rear~
-Gamma: "How can I serve you, Dr. Robotnik?"
-Robotnik: "Eradicate all of those menaces! Give them all you got!"
-Gamma: "Aye aye, sir. I will comply."
-Robotnik: "I'm counting on you, Gamma!"

~After the battle with Sonic~
-Amy: "Stop, Mr. Robot!"
-Sonic: "Amy...?"
-Amy: "Hey, Mr. Robot. I know you're not an evil sort. Wait! Remember me?"
-Sonic: "Amy? Huh! I really don't get this."
-Tails: "Sonic, look! The Egg Carrier's losing altitude!"
-Sonic: "We've gotta split. Take Amy and go!"
-Amy: "What will you do?"
-Sonic: "I'll nail that Eggman! He must be stopped, at all costs!"
-Amy: "Thanks again for saving me as usual, Sonic. And how are you, my metal
friend? It's dangerous here. Why not leave Eggman and come with us?"
-Gamma: "Why do you help me?"
-Amy: "I told you we'd be friends the next time we met. Even birdie wants the
best for you. You must ditch that awful Eggman!"
-Tails: "Amy, come on!" (Amy leaves the Egg Carrier with Tails)
-Amy: "We'll meet again, my  robot friend!"

~After arriving in Mystic Ruins~
-Gamma: "Dr. Robotnik... Enemy... Master registration... Deleted. E-Series...
Friends... Must save..."

~After returning from Red Mountain~
-Gamma: "E-103 Delta... E-104 Epsilon... Rescue mission accomplished. E-105
Zeta... E-101 Beta... Location unknown. Perhaps... aboard the Egg Carrier."

~After returning to the Egg Carrier~
-Gamma: "E-series data. Beginning search. ... Accessing data... Hot Shelter:
location confirmed. Unlocking Hot Shelter, now."

~On top of the Egg Carrier after boarding the monorail~
-Gamma: "E-105 Zeta rescue complete. Units remaining: Gamma... Beta..."

g. Super Sonic

~In the jungle~
-Robotnik: "Ooooh... I hate that Sonic! He always seems to get in my way! But
I bet he can't even foil my master plan." (spots Chaos's puddle nearby)

~Angel Island~
-Knuckles: "The Master Emerald is where it belongs. But Angel Island is still
falling! this doesn't make any sense. Maybe... Those Chaos Emeralds... that I
brought back with me... have something to do with what's happening. I'll take
them to Sonic for his advice." (spots Robotnik nearby on the ground.)
"Eggman!" (runs over to him)
-Robotnik: "This is terrible! Ch- Chaos is........"
-Knuckles: "Is what?"

~Mystic Ruins main area~
-Sonic: (resting under a tree) "Yawn. Guess Eggman learned his lesson... yep!
And maybe I'll take another vacation somewhere."
-Tails: (runs up to Sonic) "Son-ic!"
-Sonic: "Hey there, Tails! Did you find the Tornado 2?"
-Tails: "Never mind that. Get up and follow me. Angel Island is falling
-Sonic: "Hey, no way! Who blew it this time?"
-Tails: "I don't know, but we'd better hurry!"

~Agnel Island~
-Knuckles: "Sonic... uhhh, sorry!"
-Sonic: "Knuckles! And Eggman? What happened here?"
-Knuckles: "He stole my Chaos Emeralds! And Chaos is still alive!"
-Sonic: "What?!"
-Robotnik: "Aaarrgh! He's not gonna get away with this!" (gets into Egg
Mobile and flies off)
-Kunckles: "Hey Eggman! Wait up! Sonic... Chaos is a fearsome beast! If he
gets that last Chaos Emerald, we're done for!"
-Sonic: "No need to explain, we'll get on it! Tails!?"
-Tails: "Right!"
-Sonic: (Hintball flies around him) "Wha...?! Aw, Gee...!" (returns to the

~Mystic Ruins: The Past~
-Sonic: "This place... It looks familiar! It's not a dream, after all."
-Pachacamac: "Get out of my way!"
-Tikal: "No way!"
-Pachacamac: "Did you hear what I said?"
-Tikal: "I won't obey!"
-Pachacamac: "We need those 7 Emeralds to give us total power! It's power to
the people. And... they are your people too, you know! We must get that Emer-
-Tikal: "Greed is our enemy! Once it starts, you will always want more! Please
don't do this. I beg you!"
-Pachacamac: "Bah! I don't listen to the words of a child. Ready, men?
Charge!" (tribesmen charge towards Tikal, the Chao, and the Emeralds.)
-Tikal: "Father!"
-Echidna: (upon being stopped by Chaos 0) "Aaaaagh! It's a monster!" (Chaos
absorbs The 7 Chaos Emeralds) "Noooooooo!"
note: I'm unsure if Pachacamac was speaking or not. Please correct me if you
know the answer.
-Sonic: (upon aproaching Tikal, the only survivor) "Hey, are you all right?"
-Tikal: (wakes up) "Uhh... I think so." (spots the empty altar) "Oh my gosh!
No!... No!... No!..." (runs toward the altar)
-Sonic: "Wait up!"
-Tikal: "The 7 Emeralds are the servers. Chaos is power, enriched by the
heart. The controller serves to unify the chaos. Uh... The 7 Emeralds can
change our thoughts into power. If this Emerald controls that power..
Please, you must stop him!" (Sonic is returned to the present)

~Angel Island: Present~
-Tails: "Sonic! Wake up!"
-Sonic: "Ahhh... I was on a snooze sruize, I guess!"
-Tails: "Good thing you're okay. You just sort of conked out, there. Knuckles
left already. Come! We gotta go after the last Emerald!"
-Sonic: "?... Lead the way!"
-Tails: "It should still be on board the Tornado 2!"

~Big's House~
-Tails: "Look! It's the Tornado 2!"
-Sonic: "Yeah!, so let's get that Chaos Emerald and leave!" (Chaos swipes
the Emerald from the Tornado 2 first) "What? No! He's got the last Emerald!"
-Tails: "Now what do we do?"

~Station Square(destroyed)~
-Sonic: "If I wasn't just dreaming, that monster is a real menace!" (spots
The Egg Carrier 2) "Eggman! Looks like he's after Chaos, too!"
-Robotnik: "The Egg Carrier 2 was made because something like this could
happen. You have defied your master, stupid beast. Now you must be destroyed
at all costs!" (Perfect Chaos destroys the Egg Carrier 2, sending Robotnik
flying) "Aaaaahhhhh!"
-Sonic: (So Perfect Chaos) "I've had enough! Who do you think you are, any-
way?" (Hintball appears in front of Sonic) "Oh, it's you! The one... who
sealed Chaos... in the Master Emerald! Tikal!" (Tikal appears)
-Tikal: "My heart has always been in the Master Emerald along with Chaos'.
Now he's filled with anger and sadness. And if it goes on, he'll eventually
destroy the world, like he did before! Look! He's absorbed the Emerald's
power! He must be sealed in the Master Emerald, NOW!"
-Sonic: "How can that help? It won't change how he feels inside, will it? His
heart will still remain in turmoil and his anger just won't vanish! He'll
just be trapped forever!"
-Tikal: "What choice do we have?" (Big, Tails, Knuckles and Amy show up)
-Amy: "Hey, Sonic!"
-Sonic: "Amy!"
-Amy: "Here, take this!" (hand Sonic an Emerald)
-Sonic: (To Tails and Knuckles) "Hey guys, what's up?"
-Tails: "Chaos only used the negative power of the Emeralds. Sonic, you
should be able to harnness their real power!"
-Knuckles: "As much as I hate to admit it, I think Tails is right about this!"
[Tails Knuckles and the (dead?) crowd cheer for Sonic]
-Tails: "Negative forces aren't thw only way to empower the Chaos Emeralds.
Our positive feelings toward each other can make them work. Our hearts toge-
ther form awsome power."

~After defeating Perfect Chaos~
-Knuckles: "Chaos has changed again. This time, for the better.
-Tails: "Yeah! Super Sonic must have neutralized it, so it's nice again."
-Tikal: "These are the Chao you were protecting. They stayed alive for gener-
ations and now live peacefully with humans. The fighting's over. Harmony's re-
stored, and life goes on. Thank you so much!" (Tikal, Chaos 0, and Chao re-
turn to the past)
-Tails: "All's well that ends well, right? Sonic?"

h. Extra Adventure Dialogue

During certain times in Adventure Mode, playable characters will appear on the
Adventure Fields. They can be spoken to and will say something.

~Outside the Train Station before taking the Ice Stone to Mystic Ruins as
-Big: "Froggy? Where are you?"

~After beating Gamma as Sonic~
-Tails: "The Egg Carrier's losing altitude."
-Amy: "Are you okay?"
-Gamma: "Auto-Recovery System activated."

~After returning to Casinopolis from the past as Knuckles~
-Knuckles: (Sonic and Tails are out cold on the ground) "Mmmm??? I wonder
what those guys are doing..."

~In Station Square as Knuckles before facing off with Sonic in Mystic Ruins~
-Big: "Froggy? Whare are you?"

~After beating Chaos 4 as Knuckles~
-Sonic: "Hey Knuckles! What ever happened to your 'unfinished business'!?"
-Tails: "We'd better go after the Egg Carrier!"

~After Gamma lets Amy out of jail as Amy~
-Gamma: "It is dangerous here."

~After Froggy escapes Tails while playing as Big~
-Tails: "Sorry, If I had only held on tighter..."

~After returning to Station Square Train Station as Big~
-Sonic: "That Robot...!! I'd better go after Amy!"

-Sec. 6: Deleted Dialogue

        This section includes various voices and sayings that were removed from
the final version of the game. They can be heard in Sound Test, but I may say
specifically where later on. Thanks to Blaze Hedgehog for collecting these.

a. Tails

-Tails has several "oofs", groans, and an "oooh!"

b. Knuckles

- *grunt*
- "Hey!"
- "Whoa!"
- "Oof!"
- "Ouch!"
- *frightened*"Gyaaaahhh!"
- *sounds like who and phew*

c. Amy

-"Oo-ooo!" (sounds like she's sore)

d. Big

-*sounds like he's trying to balance*"Waa"

-Sec. 7: Frequently Asked Quetions (FAQs)

        No FAQs at the time.

-Sec. 8: Closing

        Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut was a real hoot! It took me 5 days
to get all 130 emblems and 60 missions cleared. I couldn't have done it with-
out Shinryu's Misson FAQ. It didn't take me long to beat the whole game, but I
don't stop playing games after I beat them. I just keep on playing them, dis-
covering new glitches, quircks, etc. This proves useful to me in future up-
        This FAQ is Copyright © 2003-2009 by me, Numbuh 128bit. It is to ap-
pear only on GameFAQs. You are not to copy this FAQ for any reason at all!
You are, however, free to save this FAQ to a disk and print it out. I have at
last finished this FAQ as much as possible. I can't add anymore data as of
now.I believe there are a few pieces of Adventure Dialoge I haven't entered,
and am unable to enter it. If anyone can find out what I left out, please let
me know as this FAQ is almost finished.
        I just want to thank all who helped make this FAQ possible:

-Bennettman for too much info!

-Yuji Naka for creating the StH series(until ShTH).

-Smash Master for doing Gamma's entire phrase list! Thanks a bunch!!!>=)

-Yuji Uekawa, Sonic's artist.

-True Red of Sonic HQ for some info on the voices.

-Shinryu for making a Mission Mode FAQ. Thanks alot!

-Service Games(SEGA) and Sonic Team for making this game possible.

-CJayC for being the genius behind GameFAQs as well as posting this FAQ.

-Terrance Drayton for teaching me how to Cut and Paste.

-The shop for fixing this computer.

-Blaze Hedgehog of Sonic Fan Games for the deleted dialogue inserts.

-Dale Giramma for extra info on Chaos and the Chao's story.

-Leo Chan of NeoSeeker for also posting this FAQ.

-God Almighty, for allowing me to live

-end of document-

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