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One of the greatest games ever, eh? I see… 06/22/03 Bargregibo
Undeniably a truly perfect game with simply lots of things to do, which enters this game to the Guiness Book Records 2001... 01/16/01 CChan
Incredible! 05/02/02 Comfortably Numb
Good overall experience, but FAR from perfect. 11/18/00 DLopez
Its not just about looking for sailors. 04/13/06 falk aspargs
A beautiful, inspiring and quite incredible gaming experience. 01/01/02 falsehead
Now, before you all flame me, let me explain.. 11/24/00 Fazzle
The game that posed the question, "Do you know where I can find sailors?" 06/21/03 Genjuro Kibagami
Sega ends the year 2000 for Dreamcast with this great title! 03/06/01 Gruel
This unique game is truly a MASTERPIECE. The beginning of a great series. 08/22/01 Gyarados
The definition of a gaming experience 06/29/03 HitBattousai
A great adventure game for the Dreamcast! 12/20/06 jpark4evr
Yu Suzuki's dream come true. 06/20/01 JPeeples
The Definitive Shenmue Review 11/18/00 jzorbino
Much ado... 02/02/03 Kane
Ambitious, unlike the new rating system. 02/24/17 Kashell Triumph
Shenmue is not a game. It is an experience. 07/11/03 Lee1
A true work of art 08/16/05 MRadford
A jubilant, resonating beacon that will forever shine brightly amongst its peers 08/16/16 NewSupra12
It wouldn't be worth playing if it was 2D 03/26/01 Nezuji
Shenmue forever changed the way I look at video games 07/19/10 nintendosega
A masterpiece, no strings attached 11/25/08 Osafune2
Shenmue is great. 05/12/04 Showtime1080
Conceptual Marvel, Not for Everyone 08/01/05 SimJetJock747
Shenmue...The Saga BEGINS! 01/22/04 The Hellbound Heart
Have you seen that Dragon, the One with a rhetorical question 10/10/06 Virus919
A Masterpiece that the Masses have Forgotten 09/09/09 Vyse_skies
Hey Sega you love to release 10 different retro releases of your classics so can't you port Shenmue to at least one modern system? 12/20/12 Zylo the wolf

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"I want to ask you something. It's about that day." "Oh, the day the rivers ran red and this turd of a 'game' was foisted upon us?" 01/11/01 PUhler
Not so much a game more of a way of life... 12/04/00 Auto2112
One of my top favorite games, and possibly the greatest Dreamcast game ever... 06/09/04 bungleinthjungle
A tale of a man’s quest for revenge and every single toy capsule. 03/28/04 Disco1960
Have you ever wondered where the sailors are? If so, you and Ryo have a lot in common! 12/15/04 DjSkittles
Game as good as the hype behind it? 12/04/00 dosetsu213
Groundbreaking for it's time, and still fun to play today 07/21/10 Dosu1524
Could've revolutionize gaming, damn.... 01/16/04 furiousmaico
It puts the "Dream" in Dreamcast 04/03/12 LostSoulCalibur
A Shenmue review - do you know where I can find it? Right here? I see... 09/13/01 miffo
I can't even begin to stress how amazing Shenmue is ... This is the best overall game to date! 11/21/00 PWolfstien
Closer to perfection than any other 08/01/05 Racer1445
Hey! You've killed my father!!!! 06/14/01 RHibiki
This games blends some of the best qualities found in other genres and properly delivers! 11/12/00 Seifersoul
Shenmue has heart 05/05/09 shenmuer2001
Mere words cannot describe such magnificence. 06/09/01 The Tenan Star
Shenmue is not F.R.E.E. but it's the best game on the DC 11/25/00 tomstaind
In a Word: Epic. 02/04/08 Truck_1_0_1_
Doesn't have a 10 but is my FAVORITE GAME EVER!!! 08/14/02 XtremeGundamX

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