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Battle Mode FAQ by matt91486

Version: Final | Updated: 07/19/01

*                      By Matt91486 (matt91486@aol.com)                         
       This FAQ/Walkthrough is (c) 2000-2001 by Matt91486. San Fransisco Rush 2049 
(c) 1996-2000 by Midway. All of the characters, items, and absolutely everything 
else about this game is (c) Midway in some year or another. I am in no way related 
to Midway, nor do I have anything to do with Midway. 
       If you wish to use this guide on your site, e-mail me at 
matt91486@aol.com. This guide will never be allowed to be used for profit. What 
I mean by this is there can be no ads added to it. There is a 95 percent chance 
I will say yes to your request, assuming you ask. If you do not ask, I will 
demand that you remove it, and I will prosecute you to the full extent of the 
law. I have already done this to one site already, and I will do it to others. 
       As of now this guide is only allowed on nine sites: 
       If I answer positively to your request for usage of this guide your site 
will be added above. If you see this guide on any site but those listed, please 
notify me. It could just be a mistake (I said yes but have not added them yet), 
or they could have stolen it, and then I need to prosecute it. And I do keep 
track of this guide, so do not think you can get away with it. 
GUIDE! Make sure to read my guide thoroughly and be absolutely sure that the 
information that you are requesting cannot be found anywhere in my guide. Do not 
just look in the walkthrough section, as the information may well be located 
somewhere else in my guide. If you request information already found in my guide, 
expect a sarcastic response from myself. 
       I know this all probably sounds like a confusing waste, but it has to be 
done to keep people from using those who spend their hard work and time writing 
these guides. 
I. Copyright Information 
II. Table of Contents 
1. Revision History 
2. Controls 
3. Game Modes 
4. A Brief San Fransisco Rush 2049 Review 
5. Vehicle Guide 
6. Custom Vehicle Guide 
7. Battle Mode Arena Guide 
8. Battle Mode Weapon Guide 
9. Battle Mode Item Guide 
10. Codes 
   A. Codes that Use the Cheat Menu 
   B. Codes that Do Not Use the Cheat Menu 
12. Game Shark Codes 
13. Special Thanks 
-Final Version: July 19, 2001: I regret having to do this, but I have to 
downgrade this guide from a complete guide to an in-depth guide with itOs main 
focus on Battle Mode. I do not have the time, nor the motivation, to finish a 
complete guide for this game. So, I did the final quality check, made sure all 
of the spelling errors were fixed, and submitted this final update. But I could 
not quite bear to leave you empty handed, so I added a couple of new codes for 
your viewing enjoyment. 
-Version 1.73: January 2, 2001: Did some guide fixing, no real data though. I 
will add a Stunt Mode Guide as my next addition. 
-Version 1.72: October 4, 2000: Added Battle Mode Arena Guide, other 
miscellaneous additions. 
-Version 1.3: October 2, 2000: Added a very early Track Guide. 
-Version 1: October 1, 2000: Started basically everything. Submitted Version 1 
to GameFAQs. 
A (On the Menu): Accept choice 
Start (On the Menu): Accept choice 
B (On the Menu): Go back to the previous screen 
Control Stick (On the Menu): Change the highlighted item 
L (In the Game): Break 
R (In the Game): Accelerate 
A (In the Game): Go in reverse 
B (In the Game): Activate Wings 
X (In the Game): Shift Down 
Y (In the Game): Shift Up 
Down on the Control Pad (In the Game): Change the view 
Left on the Control Pad (In the Game): Use your horn 
Up on the Control Pad (In the Game) Reset your vehicle into the flashing state 
Control Stick (In the Game): Steer your vehicle 
Start (In the Game): Pause the game 
B (In Battle Mode): Fire your weapon 
Up on the Control Pad (In Battle Mode): Get rid of your weapon 
Here I will describe to you the different Game Modes in San Fransisco Rush 2049. 
They are organized by number of players that can be used in them. 
*Ghost Race: In the Ghost Race Mode you can determine the settings like you do 
in the Single Race Mode, and then you can save a ghost of exactly what you did 
in that race, and race against it later. 
*Circuit Race: The Circuit Mode is the main mode in San Fransisco Rush 2049. 
There are different Circuit levels, and on each you race on a predetermined 
number of tracks against five computer controlled cars. Your goal is to get the 
highest point total possible. You get points for each place, first through sixth, 
ranging from ten to the winner, to one for finishing last. 
*Single Race: In this mode you can race one race, setting the track to go 
backwards, be mirrored, and adding fog, wind, and the like at your will. This 
mode is great for those who only have a little bit of time. 
*Practice Race: In this mode you can do everything like the Single Race Mode, 
except you can do it for all eternity to get the hang of it. 
*Stunt Mode: In the Stunt Mode, which is my personal favorite, your goal is to 
gain as many points from stunts as possible in the time limit that you set. You 
can do a wide variety of stunts, and you are rated for points on a wide variety 
of things. In this mode, your wings help more than in any other. 
*Battle Mode: This is the Multiplayer Mode that many of you will buy the game 
only for. This Battle Mode marks the entry of weapons into the San Fransisco 
Rush universe, even if it is only for one Multiplayer Mode. And Midway did a 
great job of inserting a wide variety of weapons and different levels in this 
Battle Mode. 
IOm not going to give you a full review of San Fransisco Rush 2049, but you can 
still read my full review at GameFAQs. I will just give you a brief basic 
overview of the important scores included. 
This is where I will give you the rating percentages of each of the default 
vehicles with the default settings in place. 
*8 BALL 
*Speed: 40% 
*Acceleration: 40% 
*Control: 90% 
*Strength: 100% 
*Vehicle Tidbit: The 8 Ball is a vehicle that especially shines in the Stunt 
*Speed: 40% 
*Acceleration: 40% 
*Control: 90% 
*Strength: 100% 
*Vehicle Tidbit: The Bruiser is by far the best choice for the Battle Mode. Its 
combination of Strength and Speed is great in the normal races too. 
*Speed: 40% 
*Acceleration: 40% 
*Control: 90% 
*Strength: 100% 
*Vehicle Tidbit: The Formula 1 is faster than its 40% speed ranking suggests. 
*Speed: 45% 
*Acceleration: 40% 
*Control: 85% 
*Strength: 60% 
*Vehicle Tidbit: The Magnum is the best car for beginners. 
*Speed: 50% 
*Acceleration: 45% 
*Control: 80% 
*Strength: 30% 
*Vehicle Tidbit: The Rocket 2X is never a good vehicle to use, unless you really, 
really like going very fast. 
*Speed: 40% 
*Acceleration: 40% 
*Control: 90% 
*Strength: 100% 
*Vehicle Tidbit: The Super GT is my favorite of the default vehicles, as it 
seems to have the best control, even though its ratings are equal to some of the 
In this section I will explain what all of those vehicle customization options 
actually do, with descriptions of their default settings. 
*Normal: This is the default setting. Handling is good, and speed is not 
*Advanced: This is the setting I would recommend using. There is a good 
combination of speed and handling to make your life easy. 
*Extreme: This is the most advanced setting. Handling is sacrificed for speed 
and acceleration. This is recommended for experts only. 
*Turbo 350: The settings are the same as the other two default engines. The 
Turbo 350 weighs in in between the 3.21 HP V6 and the 6.2L V8. 
*3.21 HP V6: The settings are the same as the other two default engines. The 
3.21 HP V6 is the lightest of the three, so I would recommend using it. 
*6.2L V8: The settings are the same as the other two default engines. The 6.2L 
V8 is the heavies of the three starting engines. 
*Standard: This is the default setting. The numbers are the same as those listed 
in the Vehicle Guide above. 
*Light: The Light frame sacrifices a little control, and a lot of strength, for 
speed and acceleration. 
*Heavy: The Heavy frame sacrifices a little speed, and a lot of acceleration, 
for control and strength. 
There is only one default setting for tires. 
*Small: The small wings make your car 'fly' faster. 
*Large: The large wings make your car 'fly' further. I recommend the large wings. 
*Stunt: These wings you can only use (as far as I know) in Stunt Mode. They are 
the perfect wings for Stunt Mode, and they should be used there always. 
The color has no effect on performance 
The rims have no effect on performance. 
In this section I will give you a brief overview of the battle arenas. This can 
help you when you need a strategy to get away from your friends. 
*Strengths: Easy to ambush 
*Weaknesses: Nowhere to hide 
*Best Weapon: Machine Gun 
*Worst Weapon: Grenade Launcher 
*Information: Atomic is basically four different colored rings set around a 
central hub, which is a pool of water. The level has power-ups in in-the-way 
locations. You will come across them without much looking. 
*General Strategy: Find the Machine Gun near the center right away. In this 
level with lots of turns, it is the best weapon there is. Look on your radar to 
see which turns an opposing player will be moving out of into the center. Then 
sit outside the pool entrance that faces onto that turn exit. As soon as they 
turn, start firing your machine gun rounds at them. They will not have time to 
*Strengths: Battle and Chase 
*Weaknesses: Running against Homing Missile not possible 
*Best Weapon: Homing Missile 
*Worst Weapon: Battering Ram 
*Information: Melee is a a multi-tiered level, with a large open space in the 
middle. The weapons involve a little bit of searching, but not all that much. 
*General Strategy: Find the Homing Missile as soon as possible. It is at one of 
the ends of the sandy open space. The Homing Missile is the best weapon on this 
level, because you can nail an enemy from anywhere as long as they are on your 
screen, and this can invoke some great shots from above, or from a distant 
*Strengths: Easy to get easy shots 
*Weaknesses: Perhaps too easy to get easy shots 
*Best Weapon: Grenade Launcher 
*Worst Weapon: Homing Missiles 
*Information: This level is a football stadium, set with a very large 
obstacle/jump in the middle, and many jumps and paths on the outside. This may 
be my favorite level. 
*General Strategy: This WILL be the only level that you should not use the 
Homing Missile in. There are too many paths in between the jumps that you can 
dodge the missile with. The Grenade Launcher is the best weapon here, just 
because it bounces, and it can bounce over those obstacles and other things in 
your way. The Rail Gun is also pretty good here. The Rocket Launcher is found 
between two jumps along the long sides of the stadium. 
*Strengths: Wide open spaces 
*Weaknesses: It can be rather hard to keep from sliding into the water/oil pit. 
*Best Weapon: Battering Ram 
*Worst Weapon: Machine Gun 
*Information: This is my other favorite level. There is a ring around the 
outside that you can travel through, or else you can cut through the wintry 
center, which is capped in the dead middle by a trench filled with water and an 
oil fire. 
*General Strategy: The Battering Ram can be deadly here because there are so 
many exits and entrances to the different regions you can surprise someone, 
especially with four players. You should head to the center as little as 
possible, as in there you can be sniped from any of the locations in the tunnel, 
if someone so happens to have the Homing Missiles, Rockets, Rail Gun, or the 
like. The outer ring is the best place to be on defense AND on offense. 
*Strengths: Catching lots of air makes guns hard to use 
*Weaknesses: Not a wide array of effective weapons 
*Best Weapon: Shockwave 
*Worst Weapon: Rail Gun 
*Information: Downtown is set in a city set on a steep hill. There is an upper 
and lower part to this downtown. At each end, there seems to be a wide space, 
where most of the fair battles will take place. 
*General Strategy: Avoid those wide spaces as much as possible, unless you are 
going to go fight in a battle, or you desperately need to collect a weapon. 
Staying on the hills, and especially going over the jumps, makes you a very hard 
target to hit. Plus, on the hills there are shields, repairs, and invincibility 
waiting for you. The Shockwave is the only weapon really effective on the hills, 
plus it is deadly in the wide spaces. 
*Strengths: Tons of places to hide 
*Weaknesses: Weapons too hard to come across 
*Best Weapon: Homing Missile 
*Worst Weapon: Battering Ram 
*Information: The Plaza is a combination of ramps and tunnels. The ramps go up 
three or four stories, while the tunnels go through the hills that double as 
jumps. In the center there is an especially large maze of tunnels. 
*General Strategy: This is a level that you can get away from most anyone in, 
especially in that center tunnel maze. There are so many ledges and ramps and 
tunnels, even a match up to five points can take hours. The Battering Ram is 
woefully ineffective because it is almost impossible to actually catch up to 
someone without losing them and strike them with your vehicle. The Homing 
Missile is your best option, because then you can strike them from a ways away, 
which is where you will be from your enemies most of the time. 
Here I will describe to you the information about the weapons in the Battle Mode. 
*Strengths:one hit enemy destruction 
*Weaknesses:you have to ram them 
*Range: Near 
*Information: This is the only weapon you do not actually have to fire. All you 
need to do is simply run into an opposing vehicle and, if it is a good, 
straight-on collision, they are blown to smithereens. 
*When to use: When you are cloaked or when you can easily ambush your opponents. 
*On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the Battering Ram rates: 9 
*Strengths:the grenades bounce and do lots of damage 
*Weaknesses:very low accuracy grenades bounce to much 
*Range: Medium 
*Information: The grenade bounces once before it explodes, so keep that in mind 
when you are firing it.The grenade launcher can spray grenades everywhere  
*When to use: When you are fairly close to an enemy, but far enough away that 
you can get that bounce in. 
*On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the Grenade Launcher rates: 4 
*Strengths: They home towards your enemy 
*Weaknesses: They are not very fast 
*Range: Middle 
*Information: The Homing Missiles home on your nearest enemy. They do not move 
all that fast, but they destroy an enemy instantly like the Rockets do. 
*When to use: When you can see your enemy. 
*On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the Homing Missiles rate: 10 
*Strengths: Rapid fire, large ammo number 
*Weaknesses: Difficult to aim 
*Range: Long 
*Information: The machine gun is an accurate portrayal of its real life 
counterpart. It fires its arsenal of one hundred bullets continuously as long as 
you hold the B button down. This is one of the better weapons due to those two 
*When to use: When in a high speed, short range chase 
*On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the Machine Gun rates: 7 
*Strengths: Do large quantities of damage 
*Weaknesses: Small amount of mines 
*Range: Near 
*Information: The Mine weapon is only really useful if you are playing with four 
players. When you are playing with two players, then only one person can get 
damaged by them, since you cannot be damaged by your own mines. This makes them 
pointless in two-player matches. 
*When to use: In four-player matches, and when an opponent is trailing you 
*On the GameFAQs one to ten the Mine rates: 5 
*Strengths: The bullets travel quickly 
*Weaknesses: The trigger is kind of slow 
*Range: Medium to Far 
*Information: You get twenty shots per power up. It does an average damage total, 
and it takes two or three to fully destroy your opponent. A good combo attack is 
to couple the Nail Gun with your default weapon. 
*When to use: When sniping from a long distance away 
*On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the Rail Gun rates: 7 
*Strengths: destroys enemy with one hit 
*Weaknesses:You only get three 
*Range: Near to Medium 
*Information: You get three Rockets per power up.They destroy an enemy with two 
shots. They are one of the most powerful weapon in San Fransisco Rush 2049 
*When to use: When you have a very straight, wide open shot. 
*On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the Rockets rate: 9 
*Strengths: Can damage enemies as well as flip them on their tops 
*Weaknesses: Very short range 
*Range: Near 
*Information: A blue shockwave emanates from your vehicle. It may be the most 
fun weapon to use. You get five Shockwaves in a power-up and they all do average 
damage. But, you always can perhaps flip your opponents over. 
*When to Use: When your opponent is within ten virtual feet of you 
*On the GameFAQs one to ten scale the Shockwave rates: 7 
There are three items that are not weapons that you can pick up in San Fransisco 
Rush 2049. In this section, I will explain them to you. 
*Color of Power-Up: Silver 
*What it does: It makes your vehicle so it cannot be seen by your opponents for 
a period of time. 
*Strategy: The best time to use Invisibility is when you are in the middle of an 
intense battle, and/or you have the Battering Ram. Then you can sneak up and 
destroy your opponents. 
*Color of Power-Up: Red 
*What it does: It heals your health bar a little bit 
*Strategy: The best time to use the Repairs is when you are in the yellow stage 
of your health bar, and you could be killed by an indirect shot from most any 
*Color of Power-Up: Blue 
*What it does: Shields you from all damage from opponents weaponry for a period 
of time. 
*Strategy: Keep in mind that you can still blow up if you run into a wall, for 
example, at high speeds, or other deaths like that. The best time to use a 
Shield is when you are being trailed by an opponent, or when you are in the 
middle of a fierce battle. 
Here I will provide you with the knowledge you need to unlock everything that is 
a secret in San Fransisco Rush 2049. 
Cheat Menu: At the main menu, highlight Options and hold L + R + X + Y to show 
Cheats as an option at the bottom of the menu. Choose Cheats to enter the Cheat 
Menu. Then, enter one of the following codes to enable the corresponding cheat 
*Invincibility: Highlight Invincible on the cheat menu, then hold L + X and 
press Y, A. Release the buttons, then hold R, A, X, and Y.  
*Invisible Car: Highlight Invisible Car on the Cheat Menu, then hold L + X. 
Release the buttons, then hold R + Y. Release the buttons, then press A and hold 
L and R and press X. Release the buttons, then press Y three times.  
*Invisible Track: Highlight Invisible Track on the Cheat Menu, then press R, L, 
Y, X, A(2), X, Y and hold L + R and press A. 
*Super Tires: Highlight Super Tires on the Cheat Menu, then hold R and press X 
three times. Release R, then hold L and press A two times, followed by Y. 
*Unlock All Parts: Highlight All Parts on the Cheat Menu, then hold Y, A, R, L, 
and X. Let go of these five buttons, and hold A and Y. Let go of these two 
buttons, and then press X, X. 
*Brakes: Highlight Brakes on the Cheat Menu, then press Y three times and hold 
L , R, A, and X. 
*Increase Mass: Highlight  Mass on the Cheat Menu, then hold A and press X two 
times, followed by Y. Release A, then press L, followed by R.  
*Unlock All Tracks: Highlight All Tracks on the Cheat Menu, hold A and X, then 
press R. Let go of all three buttons, hold X and Y, then press L. Let go of all 
three buttons, and press A, A, Y, Y. Lastly, hold L and R, then press X. 
*Random Battle Mode Weapons: Highlight 'Random Weapons' on the Cheat Menu, then 
hold L and A and press X, followed by Y. Release the buttons, then hold R and A 
and quickly press X, followed by Y. 
*Unlock All Vehicles: Highlight All Cars on the Cheat Menu and press A, A, Y, Y, 
L, L. Then, hold R and X at the same time. Let go of these two buttons, and then 
hold L and A at the same time. 
*Demolition Battle Mode: Highlight Demolition Battle on the Cheat Menu, then 
hold L and A and press Y, followed by X. Release the buttons, then hold R and A 
and press Y, then X. Vehicles will only be able to pick up battering rams. 
*Track Orientation: Highlight Track Orientation on the Cheat menu, then press L 
and R followed by X. Then release the buttons, Then press A then X then Y. Then 
press L and R followed by X one more time. 
*Intermediate Circuit: Finish in first, second or third place on the Beginner 
Circuit to unlock the Mission Track and the Intermediate Circuit. 
*Extreme Circuit: Finish in first, second or third place on the Intermediate 
Circuit to unlock the Presidio Track and the Extreme Circuit. 
*Advanced Circuit: Finish in first, second or third place on the Extreme Circuit 
to unlock the Gauntlet Track and the Advanced Circuit. 
*Venom Car: Collect all of the Silver Coins in Stunt Mode. 
*Crusher Car: Collect 16 Gold Coins in Stunt Mode. 
*Euro LX Car: Collect 24 Gold Coins in Stunt Mode. 
*Mini XS Car: Collect 36 Gold Coins in Race Mode. 
*GX-2 Car: Collect half of the Gold Coins in Race Mode. 
*Disco Track: Get 100,000 points in Stunt Mode. 
*Oasis Track: Get 250,000 points in Stunt Mode. 
*Warehouse Track: Get 500,000 points in Stunt Mode. 
*Obstacle Course: Get 1,000,000 points in Stunt Mode. 
*Downtown Battle Arena: Get 100 kills in Battle Mode. 
*Plaza Battle Arena: Get 250 kills in Battle Mode. 
*Roadkill Battle Arena: Get 500 kills in Battle Mode. 
*Battle Arena 8: Get 1,000 kills in Battle Mode. 
*Quick start: When you are using the default controls, hold L during the 
countdown before the race. Release L and hold R when the countdown gets to 3. 
Release R and hold L when the countdown gets to 2. Release L and hold R when the 
countdown gets to 1. This should get your car a faster start. 
Here you can get some codes for your Game Shark. 
Master Code (Which must Be On): 22C5F54A    00000002 
Invisible (Player 1): 926809CC    00000008 
Extra Stunt Points: 86BB8E31    00000010 
Unlock Intermediate Circuit: 3D3566FA    00000001 
Unlock Extreme Circuit: 601729FC    00000001 
Unlock Advanced Circuit: 4C225D74    00000001 
Unlock Mission Track: FCF9D438    00000001 
Unlock Presidio Track: 2CB321FB    00000001 
Unlock Gauntlet Track: ECCF5A2A    00000001 
Unlock Disco Track: D2D4C161    00000001 
Unlock Oasis Track: BC667833    00000001 
Unlock Warehouse Track: D2ECC161    00000001 
Unlock Light Alloy Frame: 568B35EA    00000001 
Unlock Standard Alloy Frame: 569735EA    00000001 
Unlock Heavy Alloy Frame: 799191BF    00000001 
Unlock All-Terrain Tires: 1538542C    00000001 
Unlock Off-Road Tires: F349D43B    00000001 
To Iamnothing, for showing me the ins and outs of FAQ writing. 
To Midway, for making such a fun game. 
To Cheat Code Central, for telling me some of the codes that I did not know of. 
To Midway, for releasing some new codes weekly. 
To Zis109 for assisting me with the Stunt Mode Guide and note taking. 
To everyone who requested this guide, as they all inspired me to write it. 
And to whomever assists me with this guide, who is no one yet.

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