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FAQ/Move List by Z-Force

Version: F | Updated: 03/14/00

Ready 2 Rumble FAQ Final Version
FAQ Written by Z-Force (z-force@execpc.com)

I. Intro
II. Thanks Section and Disclaimer
III. Version History
IV. Places to get this FAQ
V. Legend
VI. Basics
a. Punching
b. Defense
c. Taunting
VII. Rumble Mode
VIII. Moves List
a. Selene Strike
b. Boris "The Bear Knokimov
c. Salua Tua
d. Tank Thrasher
e. "Big" Willy Johnson
f. Butcher Brown
g. Jimmy Blood
h. Angel "Raging" Rivera
i. Afro Thunder
j. Lulu Valentine
k. "Furious" Faz Motar
l. Jet "Iron" Chin
m. Rocket Samchay
n. Bruce Blade
o. Kemo Claw
p. Nat Daddy
q. Damien Black
r. Gino Stiletto (PSX Exclusive)
IX. Championship Mode Hints
X. Training Modes
XI. Cheat Codes
XII. Character Rankings.


This FAQ was written in response to the amount of requests given at GameFAQs for 
one.  At first, it won't have much other than the moves list, but in time, I may 
improve on it, depending on feedback.  Please feel free to e-mail me with 
questions, comments, contributions, ideas for improving the FAQ, etc.


Sega:  For providing us with the all powerful Dreamcast
Midway:  For making this kick-butt game
GAMEFAQS:  For being an awesome resource site
Prima Publishing:  Since I'm taking the moves out of their strategy guide, I 
will give them credit.  Part of the reason for this FAQ, is to save you money on 
a strategy guide or magazine just to learn the moves.
All the people who have e-mailed me asking to use my FAQ or ask questions.  It 
inspired me to keep at this FAQ and make it better.
Game Informer: For the list of basic moves


This document is copyrighted by me, Z-Force.  I really don't care that much if 
you take it and use it for your own website or whatever, just don't try to sell 
it or use it in any way to make money.  Also, if you want to use my FAQ on your 
website, e-mail me so I can add your site to my list.  Also let me know if you 
are currently using your FAQ.  I put all the people using my FAQ in my address 
book so that when there is an update, those that I know are using it get the new 
version right away.


V1.0 (9.9.99)  Just got the game today, putting up a list of moves for the 
V2.0 (9.12.99) Added the following:  Comments on a few fighters and special 
moves, a few tips on Rumble mode, tips for Championship mode, info on training 
programs, cheat codes.
V2.1 UNRELEASED(9.14.99)  Added some comments to Butcher Brown and Tank 
Thrasher.  Also corrected a confusing bit on the FAQ where I used the same 
notation for both left or right on the controller and the L or R buttons.  See 
the Legend for details.
V2.5 (9.18.99)  For the sake of completeness, added the fighter profiles and 
information from the instruction manual.  Also added maneuver information for 
Boris Knockimov, Big Willy Johnson, Faz Motar, Kemo Claw, and Rocket Samchay. 
V3.0 (9.28.99)  Added 2 great tricks that were sent in to me.  Also added info 
for Bruce Blade.
V3.5 (9.30.99)  Added the rest of the character info, as well as a character 
ranking list.  Added in Table of Contents
V4.0 (10.5.99)Added a list of basic moves and taunts.  For now, the FAQ is 
pretty much complete.  However, I'll still take anyone's submissions or 
suggestions and add them to the FAQ.
V4.01 UNRELEASED (10.5.99)  Corrected a typo saying that Damien Black's age is 
unknown when in fact, he is only 500 years old... (funny, he doesn't look a day 
over 400...) Added another site to the list of places where this FAQ is 
V4.2 (10.6.99) Added a couple of tips to Championship Mode.  Added a few notes 
on Taunting.  Changed the rankings chart a little bit (Salua moved up a few 
places.)  Added average amounts for stat increases for each different training 
V4.21 (11.28.99) by EZ0, very minor tweaking
V4.22 (12.14.99) Added a couple places to get this FAQ, and some other minor 
updates.  (SHAMELESS PLUG:  Be sure to check out my new FAQ for SNK vs Capcom: 
Cardfighter's Clash on Neo Geo Pocket Color)  Oh, and if anyone has info on 
either the PSX or N64 versions of this game, make sure to let me know, 
especially the moves and bios for the PSX and N64 exclusive characters.  I'd 
like to make this FAQ as universal as I can for all versions, so if you can help 
me, it would be greatly appreciated, and I will give you full credit.
V4.5  (1.1.00)  Added profile (but no moves yet) for the PSX exclusive 
character, Gino Stiletto.  Also added ability ratings for all of the characters.  
Both of these new additions were sent to me by Steve Feffer.  Also added the 
handy dandy DC - PSX - N64 button chart.  Use it to translate my moves for the 
Dreamcast version to whatever version you are playing.  This chart is in the 
legend section of the move list.
V5.0  (1.7.00)  Added in the moves list for Gino Stiletto, as well as some 
modified ratings, and a second ranking chart, sent in by Steve Feffer.
V5.1  (1.18.00)  Added some more places to get this FAQ.  Steve Feffer sent in a 
few modified rankings for his stuff.
V5.2  (2.17.00)  Added in some special combos for Butcher Brown.  Added a few 
more sites that have this FAQ
V5.3  (3.5.00)  Added some new special tricks for Damien Black.  Added a site 
that has this FAQ.  Added a combo for Selene Strike.
Final Version (3.14.00)  Added some more moves for Damien Black.  This will be 
the last revision I do, as I don't think there is much of anything left to 
discover.  I won't accept any more submissions of info, and if you are using or 
want to use my FAQ on your site, go ahead, you don't have to let me know.  
Thanks again to everyone who sent me info for this game.

THIS FAQ CAN BE FOUND AT  (If you're using my FAQ, or have asked to use my FAQ 
and I didn't list you here, please let me know so I can add you to the list.)

www.geocities.com/~z-force (My home page.  The latest version may not always be 
available here, as my page is updated sporadically, usually once every week or 
http://www.rumbleonline.8m.com/  (This page is kinda like an HTML version of my 
FAQ.  You'll notice most of my witty writings there.  None the less, it's a 
nicely put together site, and is much better than buying a $15 book in case you 
don't like looking at just text)


Note:  All moves are listed assuming the character is facing right.

r = Right
d = Down
l = Left
u = Up
A, B, X, Y, L, and R correspond to their respective buttons on the Dreamcast 

Please note, that a lowercase r or L refers to buttons on the control stick (or 
pad) Uppercase L and R refer to the trigger buttons on the controller

If you are playing the PSX or N64 version of this game, use the following chart 
to determine what button to press in lieu of the one I have listed.

Dreamcast                Playstation               Nintendo 64
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
X                        Square                    C-Left
Y                        Triangle                  C-Up
A                        X                         C-Down
B                        Circle                    C-Right
L                        L1                        B
R                        R2                        A     


First, decide if you want to play with the analog stick or the control pad.  
Either will work, however, I find it easier to move around the ring using 

Punching:  Your 4 buttons each do different punches.  If you just press the 
button, you will do a left or right jab or body blow.  Don't underestimate these 
punches as they are useful for softening up an opponent.  If you press a button 
plus a direction, you can do more powerful punches such as a hook or uppercut.  
These are more powerful, but also are slow.

Defense:  R blocks high, L blocks low.  Blocking is useful to stop weaker 
punches, but if the other guy is throwing heavy artillery, combine L or R with a 
direction on the stick.  This will allow you to duck or sway.  Sometimes, it's 
possible to rope-a-dope your foe by holding a block button and pressing various 
directions on the stick.  This is a fun way to frustrate people.

Taunting:  Press either X + A or Y + B.  Each character has 2 different taunts.  
Taunting serves no real useful purpose other than to annoy and humiliate a foe.  
Don't to it when close to the opponent, or you'll probably be beaten senseless.  
In the moves list, Taunt 1 will be done with X+A while taunt 2 is Y + B
Please note that the two female boxers have flip type moves as taunts.  Unlike 
other taunts where it is basically an open invitation to get slugged in the 
mouth, these 2 moves can be useful as escapes.  Try them, you may catch an 
opponent off guard.


If you land a hard punch, you earn a letter in RUMBLE.  Once you have it spelled 
out, press L + R to power up.  Once you are in Rumble mode, your punches will do 
more damage.  Also, some fighters have special attacks that they can only do in 
RUMBLE mode.  Finally, by pressing A + B, you can do the Rumble Flurry which is 
an unloading of all of your special moves in sequence on your hapless foe.  Try 
to wait till the enemy is open before doing this.  RUMBLE mode ends after a 
certain period of time, when a round ends (also any letters you had saved up are 
lost at the end of a round) or you or the opponent are knocked down

Other tips on using RUMBLE Mode:  Don't use it if your opponent is about to go 
down, as it will be wasted.  Also, if you are about to fall, use it immediately 
and try to do some damage before hitting the mat.  In that case I would go for a 
RUMBLE Flurry quickly in order to do some heavy damage.  Also, use it when there 
are 10 seconds or less to go in a round in order to go for a quick KO.   Another 
good time to use the flurry is when the opponent is backed up in a corner.  That 
way they have to eat the whole thing.  Even if they block part of it, they'll 
still take some damage.

(Note:  The character ratings were provided by Steve Feffer  They are from 1 to 
5, with 5 being the highest)

Selene Strike
Hometown:  Brasilia, Brazil
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 6'2"
Reach: 80"
Age: 24
Power @@@
Endurance @@
Punch Speed @@@@@
Move Speed @@@@
Basic Moves @@@@
Special Moves @@@
Flurry @@@@
Overall @@@@
PROFILE: Selene is, pound for pound, one of the best female boxers in the world 
today.  Her graceful technique is backed by lethal power, particularly with her 
potent straight and right hook.  Not particularly fast, this young veteran makes 
up for her lack of speed with awesome toe to toe tactics.
OTHER INFO:  Selene is one of the best fighters in the game.  She is fast and 
has a good amount of moves.  She also has a good Rumble Flurry.  Also, one of 
her taunting moves is a backflip which can actually be useful in defensive 

Basic Moves
Lightening Jab: X
Overhand Smash: u or d, X
Stylin' Uppercut: l, X
Powercut: Y
Head Turner: d, Y
Step & Strike: u, Y
Brain Bruiser: l, Y
To The Moon: r, Y
Jolly Punch: A
Blocking Hook: u or d, A
Slide & Stab: r, A
Fakie Jab: B
Low Blow: u or d, B
The One-Two: r, B

Taunt 1: Backflip (This can be used as an escape move)
Taunt 2: Let's Get Busy

Special Attacks
Rush:  r, r
No Love: l, r, B 
(A powerful shot below the belt.  Good as a surprise move.)
Rejection: r, l, Y 
(A powerful head shot.  A fairly useful punch.)
Superwoman: l, r, X
(A quick 2 punch combo)
Below the Belt: r, B
(Just what it says.  A useful move to use up close.)
Cold Shoulder: l, l, r, A
(A powerful low elbow shot.  Fast and does a lot of damage.  Selene's best 

Combos:  This combo was sent into me by R.J.  With a full stamina bar, do a left 
jab followed by a quick right hook (d + Y).  As soon as the hook hits, do 
Selene's low blow (r + B), then chain it with her Superwoman special.  I can 
also substitute the Cold Shoulder for the Superwoman, but it's a lot harder.

Boris Knokimov
Hometown: Zagrev, Croatia
Weight: 220 lbs
Height: 6'3"
Reach: 73"
Age: 30
Power @@@
Endurance @@@@
Punch Speed @@@
Move Speed @@@
Basic Moves @@@@
Special Moves @@@@
Flurry @@@@@
Overall @@@@
PROFILE: Boris is a folk hero in his country along with being a living legend 
all across Eastern Europe.  He is arguably one of the most complete fighters in 
the circuit with both inside and outside attacks.  With the support of the best 
Olympic coaches and gyms in Croatia, Boris trains intensely for every fight, 
believing that he must never let his country down.
OTHER INFO:  Boris is a very well-rounded character, with decent speed, good 
power, and an above average Rumble Flurry.

Basic Attacks
Jab: X
Mighty Hook Left: u or d, X
Iron Uppercut: l, X
Sliding Jab: r, X
>From Croatia With Love: Y
Mighty Hook Right: u or d, y
Superior: l, y
Moving Bruiser: r, Y
Zagrev Crusher Left: A
Sweep Left: u or d, A
Evasive Jab: r, A
Zagrev Crusher Right: B
Sweep Right: u or0 d, B
Stomach Splatter: r, B

Taunt 1: Game Over
Taunt 2: No Pain

Special Attacks
Justice Axle: l, r, X
(A mighty backhand body blow.  Try this technique out.  Use the Justice Axle, 
then when it connects, quickly press d+B, followed by l+A.  If you can pull off 
this combo, it'll do tons of damage.)
Reigning Axle: r, l, Y
(Similar to the justice Axle, but is aimed at the head.)
Dividing Shaker: u, X, Y
Delta Axle: r, A, Y, X
Axle Combo: r, l, Y, X, X

Salua Tua:  
Hometown: Waipahu, Oahu
Weight: 358 lbs
Height: 6'0"
Reach: 77"
Age: 33
Power @@@@
Endurance @@@
Punch Speed @
Move Speed @@
Basic Moves @@
Special Moves @@@@
Flurry @@@
Overall @@@
PROFILE: Salua is a former sumo wrestler who originally came from Hawaii but 
later moved to Japan to take on the world's greatest sumo wrestlers.  After 
becoming Grand Champion, Salua was concerned with the lack of recognition sumo 
receives from the rest of the world.  A consummate disciplinarian, he has 
entered boxing and left his championship behind in an attempt to represent and 
bring respect to the sport he loves.  (Sounds suspiciously like E. Honda if you 
ask me.)
OTHER INFO:  despite his size, Salua is still fairly agile.  Use this to your 
advantage.  Better than Average Rumble Flurry

Basic Moves
Straight Jab: X
Short Hook: d, X
Wide Hook: u, X
Flubber Fist: l, X
Hidden Uppercut: (close) r, X
Hula Tula: Y
Quick Hook: u, Y
The Wai Ki: d, Y
Skull Smasher: l, Y
Running Uppercut: r, Y
Below the Belt: A
Fat Sweep Left: u or d A
Belly Bruiser Left: r, A
Mr. Fisto: B
Fat Sweep Right: u or d, B
Belly Bruiser Right: r, B

Taunt 1: Butter Man
Taunt 2: Big Target

Special Attacks
Porkchop: l, r, Y
(Nothing special, just a big damaging punch)
Ton of Fun: l, X
(A belly flop.  Very useful in close.)
All You Can Eat: r, l, X
(A more damaging belly flop with more range.  Probably Salua's best move)
Gut Buster: r, l, r, B
(A big body blow.  Not as useful as some other moves)
Monster: d, A, r, l, X
(A big punch followed by a belly flop.  A useful combo attack.)

Tank Thrasher:  
Hometown: Guntersville, Alabama
Weight: 290 lbs
Height: 6'4"
Reach:  80"
Age: 26
Power @@@@
Endurance @@@@
Punch Speed @
Move Speed @
Basic Moves @@
Special Moves @@
Flurry @
Overall @@
PROFILE: Tank used to fight in the extreme sport of crocodile rodeo but soon got 
bored from the "lack of serious competition."  Boxing is his forte now, and he 
has become a leading contender, often misleading opponents with his apparent 
lack of conditioning.  Talking trash and pummeling his opponents into 
submission, Tank holds up convincingly against the better trained boxers.
OTHER INFO:  Tank is rather slow and not a very good character, though he does 
pack some power.  Rumble Flurry is terrible.

Basic Moves
Sloth Punch: X
Nose Bleeder: r, X
Earth Shaker: u or d, X
Over-Extended Jab: Y
Le Tardo: u, Y
Heel to Fist: d, Y
Over the Top: l, Y
Tiring Punch: r, Y
Sloth Gut Shot: A
Hidden Delight Left: u or d, A
Duck & Punch Left: r, A
Tummy Tucker: B
Hidden Delight Right: u or d, B
Duck & Punch Right: r, B

Taunt 1: No Hurt
Taunt 2: Huh?

Special Attacks
Blitz: l, X
(A powerful 2 fisted punch.  Does a lot of damage and usually earns multiple 
RUMBLE letters.)
Rush: r, r
Crash Test Right: r, r, Y
Crash Test Left: r, r, X
Shameless Left: r, r, A
Shameless Right r, r, B
Tenderizer: l, l, r, B
(A rapid fire body blow.  Does good damage, and is difficult, if not impossible 
to punch through.)

Big Willy Johnson
Hometown: Chester, England
Weight: 172 lbs
Height: 5'9"
Reach: 72" 
Age: 108 (?!)
Power @@@
Endurance @@
Punch Speed @@@@
Move Speed @@@
Basic Moves @@@
Special Moves @@@
Flurry @@@
Overall @@@
PROFILE: Willy comes to us from the late 1800's where he was the undisputed 
fist-a-cuffs champion.  Brought to the present through a mysterious rift in 
time, he resurfaces among modern day gladiators in an attempt to remind the 
world where the sport originated.  From a time where there were hardly any 
rules, no time limit, and little protection, Sir Johnson serves up a rowdy blast 
from the past.
OTHER INFO:  Willy is a pretty good character.  He has a good variety of moves 
and decent speed.  His Rumble Flurry isn't all that great, but is still 
reasonably useful

Basic Moves
Knuckle Sandwich: X
Haymaker: u or d, X
Rising Dragon: r, X
Maker's Mark: Y
Jolly Ol' Punch: u or d, Y
Thunder Thwak: l, Y
The Fancy Man's Punch: r, Y
Jab the Ribber: A
The Hasty Pudding: u or d, A
Kidney Killer: r, A
McGrumpy Stab: B
The Tasty Pudding: u or d, B
Overhead Stab: r, B

Taunt 1: "Let me show ya something!"
Taunt 2: "You've got nothin' left!"

Special Attacks
Clockwork: r, r, l, X
(A rapid fire series of punches.  Fairly easy to block, but can do some good 
Tea and Crumpets: r, r, Y
(A powerful pair of uppercuts that can do monster damage.  Willy's best move.)
Stealing Props: u, d, X or d, u, X
(A quick straight followed by and overhead punch.  Useful as a confusion tactic, 
as it's hard to block both moves.)
Old School: d, u, X, A
Timeout: u, d, X, X

Butcher Brown:  
Hometown: District of Columbia
Weight: 232 lbs
Height: 5'9"
Reach:  82"
Age: 23
Power @@@@@
Endurance @@@@@
Punch Speed @@@@
Move Speed @@@
Basic Moves @@@@@
Special Moves @@@
Flurry @
Overall  @@@@@
PROFILE: Butcher is a goofy, cocky boxer who was once the undisputed champion, 
but lost his title in a controversial match with Boris Knockimov (my guess is he 
was DQ'ed for attempting to bite Boris's ear off)  After a leave of absence and 
a long bout with personal turmoil and disillusionment, and inspiring 
relationship with the spiritual Kemo Claw reunited him with the sport that once 
made him famous.  Armed with newfound confidence, Brown is now determined to not 
only reclaim his belt, but to unify the championships as well.
OTHER INFO:  Butcher is well balanced, and one of my favorite guys to use.  His 
Rumble Flurry is so-so.  Usually at least part of it connects

Basic Moves
Lil' Butcher: X
Ear Mutilator: u or d, X
Jump & Jab: r, X
Tooth Taker: Y
Small Hook: u or d, Y
Wind-Up Slam: r, Y
Brute Disaster: r, Y
Evasive Jab: r, A
Machine Jab: B
Doctor Gut Killa: r, B
Wild Hook Right: u or d, B

Taunt 1: "You better put yo' money on me!"
Taunt 2: "I'm Angry Now!"

Special Attacks
Disaster Blaster: l, Y, X
Scrape the Gutter: Y, X, X
Bad Manners: l, X
(A headbutt.  Useful up close move.)
Total Disrespect: l, X, A, B
(A headbutt followed up by two more punches.  Very useful.)
Wild Ride: r, l, Y
(A powerful swinging punch.  It resembles Super Macho Man's move in Punch out.
Probably the Butcher's best move.)
No Turning Back (RUMBLE Mode only) r, l, Y, X, Y
(The Wild Ride followed up by some more punches.  Devastating.  Usually results 
in a knockdown if it connects.)

The following tips were sent in to me by Adilson Carvalho

1) During a fight, if you need some fast punchs, you can use: X, X, Y, Y If the 
first jab connects, you'll get two letters of RUMBLE.
2) While in RUMBLE MODE, you can use the following undocumented special attack:
X, Y, Y, Y, X. It's always worthwhile to press the X twice at the end of this 
sequence 'cause if you fail in performing this combo, at the end Butcher will do 
the Y, X, X sequence devastating your foe.  It's really a sequence of cool 
moves, and it's even possible to do this attack twice during the RUMBLE time.
3) Well, when I'm in the RUMBLE MODE, my preferred sequence is pressing the u, X
continuously, till the foe is on the floor. I think this single punch used 
repeatedly during the RUMBLE MODE is the most effective of all. The foe cannot 
react, and after the RUMBLE MODE you may still proceed punching till your 
opponent is on the floor. In fact, everytime I used this punch, all my opponents 
bited the dust. Always.
4) Of all the Butcher Brown's special moves, the one I consider the most 
effective is SCRAPE THE GUTTER (Y, X, X). You get three letters of RUMBLE and I 
think it causes the greatest damage.  Wild Ride (r, l, Y) and Wind-Up Slam (r, 
Y) serves only for punching an opponent is far away.

Jimmy Blood
Hometown: Oamaru, New Zealand 
Weight: 226 lbs
Height: 6'2"
Reach:  87"
Age: 23
No ratings available
PROFILE: A furious and malicious fighter, Jimmy is uncontrollable at the sound 
of the bell.  While he's often criticized for his constant lack of discipline, 
no one can deny his fight winning power and audacity among the professional 
ranks.  His weapons of choice are devastating lunging hooks to the head.
OTHER INFO:  Jimmy is a midcarder at best in the world of R2R.  He doesn't have 
any glaring strengths or weaknesses.  His best ability is his reach.  Rumble 
Flurry is average.

Basic Moves
Dashing Punch: X
Leaping Lefty: u, X
Eyebrow Shuffle: d, X
Super Uppercut Left: r, X
The Bruiser: l, X
Nut Soccer: A
Full On Left: u or d, A
Streaking Jab: r, A
Blistering Bliss: B
Full On Right: u or d, B
Devil Punch: r, A

Taunt 1:  (Jimmy Screams really loud)
Taunt 2: Constipator

Special Attacks
Blood Rush: l, l, r, Y
(A rushing punch.  This move does fair damage and is very useful for closing the 
gap if the opponent is at a distance)
Blood Shot: r, l, B
(A lunging punch.  Packs some power, but not much else_
Splatter Punch: r, r, X
(A flurry of punches.  Not too useful.)

Angel "Raging" Rivera
Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico
Weight: 155 lbs
Height: 5'9"
Reach:  71"
Power @@@
Endurance @@@
Punch Speed @@@@
Move Speed @@@@
Basic Moves @@@@@
Special Moves @@@
Flurry @@@@
Overall @@@@
PROFILE: Angel is one of the toughest and most endearing boxers.  Undefeated in 
the amateur circuit, he was known for adhering to the styles of boxing purists.  
His professional debut was no different, and after swiftly winning his first 
championship belt, Angel lost it in his first title defense against a former 
classmate, the brutal Rocket Samchay.  Puzzled by the new champ's unorthodox 
fighting method, Rivera abandoned the confines of his traditional techniques in 
exchange for a wilder, more reckless path.  Now fueled by revenge, he has little 
respect for those he must defeat in order to again face his nemesis.
OTHER INFO:  Angel is a decent character.  He is pretty well balanced, but leads 
more towards speed.  His weakness is the fact that a lot of his moves are 
complex combos that are hard to pull off.

Basic Moves
Smell da Glove: X
Neck Snapper: u, X
Downcast: d, X
Around the World (Left): r, X
Step & Jab: Y
Repeat Offender (Close): Y
Ear to Chin: u, Y
Around the World: (Right) r, Y
Extendor: d, Y
Monterrey Power: l, Y
Flab Checker (Left): A
Mean McSpleen (Left): u or d A
Gut Shot: r, A
Flab Checker (Right): B
Mean McSpleen (Right): u or d, B
Over the Belt Boarder: r, B

Taunt 1: Yo Ese
Taunt 2: Check the Machine

Special Attacks
Ghetto Blaster: l, r, X
(A leaping uppercut, during which Angel screams "SHORYUKEN!!!"  (just kidding)  
powerful, strong move)
Lowrider: r, l, B
(A quick right body blow.  Though fast, this punch has no real use.)
Crusin: r, l, B, r, B, A, B
Salsa: r, A, l, r, X
(A right body blow followed by the Ghetto Blaster.  A very powerful combo if 
Lambada: r, l, B, r, B, A, B, l, r, X

Afro Thunder:  
Hometown: New York City, New York
Weight:120 lbs
Height: 5'7"
Reach: 70"
Age: 21
Power @@
Endurance @
Punch Speed @@@@@
Move Speed @@@@@
Basic Moves @@@@
Special Moves @@
Flurry @@@
Overall @@@
PROFILE: Afro Thunder is obviously a stage name for this ex-cab driver.  
Immensely agile and talented, he tried his hand at many careers before heeding 
the call to professional boxing.  While not having the greatest record, he never 
fails to draw a huge crowd with his showmanship and trademark flare.
OTHER INFO:  Afro is agile, but not very strong.  His punches are also limited 
in usefulness.  He does however, have a very good rumble flurry.

Basic Moves
Sissy Punch: X
Groovy Hook: u or d, X
Left Uppercut: l, X
In Yo' Face: r, X
Fro Jab: r, Y
Low Blow: A
Fierce Hook: u or d, A
Hair to Gut: r, A
Gut Thumper: B
Belly Button: Tap r, B
Fro Windup: u or d, B

Taunt 1: "I can't go on!"
Taunt 2: "Call da doctor!"

Special Attacks
Up Tempo: X rapidly
(A rapid series of punches.  Useful if the opponent is in a corner)
The Supa Stupid Funky Punch: l, r, Y
(A big lunging punch.  Slow to come out, but does good damage)
Sucka Punch: u, d, Y, Y, Y, Y
(Useless.  This is a big windup punch, it takes forever to come out, but does 
lots of damage.  If you hear him say "sucka punch!" hit him immediately)

Lulu Valentine
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Weight: 105 lbs
Height: 5'2"
Reach: 64"
Age: 21
Power @@
Endurance @
Punch Speed @@@@@
Move Speed @@@@@
Basic Moves @@@
Special Moves @@@
Flurry @@@
Overall @@@
PROFILE: A graduate student in business and fashion design, Lulu Valentine 
supplements her world famous clothing line with her other profession, prize 
fighting.  Her compact and efficient punches generate surprising power that 
often catches opponents off guard.  This, along with her stunning looks and 
knowledge, is more than enough to help her climb the ranks, where she hopes to 
make a name for herself and her business.
OTHER INFO:  Lulu is probably the fastest character in the game, and is 
therefore effective despite her limited range and power.  She has some good 
specials and her taunt is a cartwheel that can be useful for escaping from 
corners.  Rumble Flurry is average.

Basic Moves
Sweet & Petite: X
Running Clobber Left: u or d, X
Double Time: l, X
Spinning Soundgarden (close): l, X
Speedy Uppercut: r, X
Uppercut (close): r, X
Nirvana Shotgun: Y
Running Clobber Right: u or d, Y
Monster Smash: l, Y
Power Uppercut: r, Y
Side Uppercut (close): r, Y
Navel Knocker: A
Rock Rocker Left: u or d, A
The Juggulator Left: r, A
Spin Navel Knocker: B
Rock Rocker Right: u or d, B
The Juggulator Right: r, B

Taunt 1: Cartwheel (This move is effective as an escape move if you are against 
the ropes)
Taunt 2: Go Diva

Special Attacks
Springing Assault: l, X
(A powerful pair of blows.  Use this up close to wear out your opponent.)
Backhand: r, l, Y
(This is a backhand punch.  Fast, but has next to 0 range.)
Triple Upper: l, l, r, Y
(A rapid fire set of uppercuts.  Lulu's best move.)

"Furious" Faz Motar
Hometown: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Weight: 230 lbs
Height: 6'5"
Reach: 76" 
Age: 28
Power @@@@@
Endurance @@@@
Punch Speed @@@
Move Speed @@
Basic Moves @@@@
Special Moves @@@@@
Flurry @@@
Overall @@@@
PROFILE: The former bodyguard of a wealthy Middle Eastern entrepreneur, Faz 
comes to the ring with a gritty, no-nonsense style.  Fully backed by his wealthy 
benefactor, he is a cutting-edge specimen in the world of professional sports.  
Don't let the flashy garb fool you, he is dangerous both in and out of the ring.
OTHER INFO:  This guy is brutal.  He has one punch that can be used to decimate 
almost anyone.  So-so Rumble Flurry, but you probably won't need it.

Basic Moves
Jabber Jab: X
Harem Scarem: u or d, X
Uppercut: l, X
Step & Jab: r, X
Sir Jabalot: Y
Right of Agony: u or d, Y
Head Crusher: l, Y
Step & Smack: r, Y
Jewel Jab: A
The Scud: u or d A
Duck & Fly: r, A
The Right Stuff: B
Naval Navigator: u or d or r, B

Taunt 1: Feel No Pain
Taunt 2: Oh Yeah

Special Attacks
Cruise Missile: r, r, Y
(This is a devastating punch, especially on the computer.  You can fully spell 
out RUMBLE in one fell swoop with this attack, and possibly knock off over half 
the opponent's power.)
Urban Attack: d, u, X
(A powerful 2 punch attack.  Slow and easy to block.)
Whirlwind: r, r, l, X
(A powerful uppercut punch.)
Oasis: r, r, l, X, r, Y

Jet "Iron" Chin
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 5'8"
Reach: 78"
Power @@@
Endurance @@@@
Punch Speed @@
Move Speed @@@@
Basic Moves @@@@@
Special Moves @@@
Flurry @@@@@
Overall @@@@
PROFILE: Jet once made a living as the stunt double for a famous Hong Kong movie 
star.  (Can't be Jackie Chan, he does all his own stunts)  After living in the 
shadow of his hero for many years, he made his way to the ring to make a name 
for himself outside of the theatre.  Being new to the sport, Jet's lethal brand 
of martial arts often overrides his traditional boxing training.
This info courtesy of D.M. Williams: Jet Chin is a combination of Jackie Chan 
and Jet Li.  When the biography says Jet Chin did the stunts of a famous movie
star, they are probably referring to Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.  Jackie Chan got 
his start in the movie business as the stunt man for Bruce Lee in "The Chinese 
Connection."  After Bruce died, Jackie Chan was turned into a replacement Bruce 
Lee until he gained more control over the direction of his movies.  That's when 
he cut loose with his trademark martial arts comedy style.
OTHER INFO:  Jet is a great character due to his speed and many moves.  
Excellent Rumble Flurry

Basic Moves
Backhand: X
Arch Protest: l, X
Holy Hand Slap: d, X
Karate Fury: r, X
Slap: Y
Iron Angst: u or d, Y
Firecracker: l, Y
Sacred Slam: r, Y
Uppercut (Close): r, Y
Forearm Check: A
Small Hook: u or d, A
Step in Jab: r, A
Taiwan Thunder: B
Rocket Right: u or d, B
Iron Strike: r, B

Taunt 1: Come Get Some
Taunt 2: Check It

Special Attacks
Giving Order: r, l, Y
(A powerful spinning move.  Does a lot of damage up close.)
Arch  Nemesis: l, X, A, B, Y
Great Fang: l, r, X
(A powerful 2 fisted punch.  One of Jet's better moves.)
Fists of Fuzzy: r, l, r, X, Y, X

Rocket Samchay
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Weight: 165 lbs
Height: 6'2"
Reach: 78"
Age: 23
Power @@@@
Endurance @@@@
Punch Speed @@@
Move Speed @@@
Basic Moves @@@@@
Special Moves @@@
Flurry @@
Overall @@@@
PROFILE: A Muay Thai champion in his home country, Rocket wanted to prove to the 
world that his kickboxing school is the best with hands as well as feet.  
Although restricted with the rules of western boxing, he often punctuates his 
wins with eastern style fury.  After studying boxing in the states and winning 
the championship from Angel "Raging" Rivera, Rocket is now convinced that he is 
OTHER INFO: A well rounded character.  His Rumble Flurry is entirely high, so 
you either hit the whole thing or have it totally blocked.

Basic Moves
Quick Jab: X
Overhead Bash: u or d, X
Crazy Uppercut: l, X
Step & Jab: r, X
Pumpin' Punch: Y
Thai Hook: u or d, Y
Forehead Crunch: l, Y
Stab: A
Left Hook: u or d, A
Trouble in Belladise: r, A
Tight Tuck: B
Right Hook: u or d, B
The Dominator: r, B

Taunt 1: The Champ
Taunt 2: Duck Taunt

Special Attacks
Rocket Launcher: r, l, X
(If Angel's punch was the Shoryuken, this I guess would be the Tiger Uppercut.)
Left Elbow Smash: l, r, X
(A quick elbow attack.  Very useful at close range.)
Right Elbow Smash: l, r, Y
(Pretty much the same as the left elbow smash.)
Double Trouble: l, r, X, l, Y
No Trouble: l, r, X, l, Y
Bangkok Express: r, l, r, B, Y

Bruce Blade
Hometown: San Diego, California
Weight: 243 lbs
Height: 6'5"
Reach: 78" 
Age: 25
Power @@@@@
Endurance @@@@
Punch Speed @
Move Speed @
Basic Moves @@@@
Special Moves @@@@
Flurry @@
Overall @@@@
PROFILE: A skilled naval engineer and notorious ladies man, Bruce moonlights as 
a boxer in identity-shielding headgear.  The added protection is also rumored to 
protect his dashing good looks, not to mention his over inflated ego.  New to 
professional boxing, his hit and run tactics might seem cowardly to some and 
have also caused critics to doubt his seriousness for the sport.
OTHER INFO:  Bruce isn't too fast, but he's strong.  All his special moves do a 
lot of damage, but none of them are very fast.  His Rumble Flurry is OK, if you 
can connect. 

Basic Moves
The Rock: X
Long Left: d, X
Over-Extended Long Left: u, X
Street Sweeper: r, X
Jab & Hide: Y
Nuclear Right: u, Y
Armageddon: d, Y
Straight Line: r, Y
Sit Down: l, Y
In Check: A
Roundhouse Left: u or d, A
Flying Eagle: r, A
Below the Belt: B
Roundhouse Right: u or d, B
The Hammer: r, B

Taunt 1: Touch the Weasel
Taunt 2: Resident Dork

Corkscrew Blade: l, r, X
(A powerful uppercut punch.  Slow and damaging)
Sit Down: l, l, r, Y
(An even more powerful jumping uppercut.  Slower than the Corkscrew, but does 
more damage.)
Disrespect: r, r, l, Y
(A backhand.  Too slow to be really effective)

Kemo Claw
Hometown: Gallup, New Mexico
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 7'1"
Reach: 99" 
Age: 34 
Power @@
Endurance @@
Punch Speed @@
Move Speed @@
Basic Moves @@@
Special Moves @@@
Flurry @@
Overall @@
PROFILE: Kemo is a wise old boxer who baffles opponents with his somewhat mystic 
fighting style.  It is said that he channels the spirit of the greatest warriors 
from his family, and that his long reach and towering height are the products of 
a shaman.  Rarely uttering a word, his actions speak loud and clear.
OTHER INFO:  I personally don't think Kemo is a very good character.  He's not 
overly strong or fast.  The only thing he has going for him is his range.  
Rumble Flurry is nothing great.

Basic Attacks
Rubber Jab: X
Back at Ya: u or d, X
Power Slap: r, X
Elastic Uppercut Left: l, X
Overhead Pound: Y
Fake & Pound: r, Y
Elastic Uppercut Right: l, Y
All Corners: A
Fierce All Corners: d, A
Step & Tap Left: r, A
Backward Flurry: B
Righteous Hook: u, B
Step & Tap Right :r, B

Taunt 1: (Kemo Cowers in the corner)
Taunt 2: Chicken Wings

Special Attacks
Warcry: l, r, X
(A powerful overhead punch.  Slow, but powerful if it connects.)
Arrowhead Punch: l, l, X
(A useful two fisted punch.  Does nice damage.)
Shaman Punch: l, l, r, Y
(A powerful roundhouse blow.  Kemo's best move.)
Warpath: l, l, r, Y, B, A, X

Nat Daddy
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Weight: 265 lbs
Height: 6'9"
Reach: 100"
Age: 25
Power @@@@@
Endurance @@@@@
Punch Speed @
Move Speed @@@
Basic Moves @@@@
Special Moves @@
Flurry @@
Overall @@@@
PROFILE: Intimidating and with an awe-inspiring presence, Nat has arrived in the 
boxing scene as one of the largest figures in the sport, physically and 
professionally.  Relying on his super-long reach and frightening agility, he is 
regarded as a legitimate contender despite his somewhat limited arsenal of 
punches.  Still, one can't help but think that someday, he could take the 
championship belt by force.
OTHER INFO:  Nat is one of the best characters in the game.  He has great power, 
reasonable speed and great range.  His only weakness is that he doesn't have a 
great variety of punches like some other characters. Rumble Flurry is good in 
that if it fully connects, it is almost guaranteed to score a KO.

Basic Moves
Lazy Left: X
Lackadaisical Uppercut: r, X
Lefty Lefty: u or d, X
Bum Rush: Y
Pain Express u or d, Y
Corporate Uppercut r, Y
Overhand Thunder l, Y
Knee Buster A
Left-O-Matic u or d, A
Package Checker r, A
Up the Abs B
A.O.P. Assassin u or d, B
In & Out r, B

Taunt 1: Earth Shaker (Nat flexes and Roars)
Taunt 2: Ballerina

Special Attacks
Jackhammer: l, r, Y
(A powerful downward punch.  Slow but damaging.)
Dropping Bombs: l, l, r, Y
Like the Jackhammer, but adds in a little jump.  This causes more damage.
Power Trip: r, l, r, B
(A variation of the Jackhammer that goes up instead of down.  Is a little faster 
than the Jackhammer)
Dump Truck: l, l, r, Y, B

Damien Black 
Hometown: ???
Weight: 250 lbs
Height: 7'3"
Reach:  105"
Age: 500
Power @@@@@
Endurance @@@@@
Punch Speed @
Move Speed @@
Basic Moves @@@@
Special Moves @@@@@
Flurry @@@@
Overall @@@@@
PROFILE: Little is known about the strange abomination known as Damien Black.  
It is speculated that he is a being from another dimension and that he funds and 
promotes many boxing events, including his own.  It is also rumored that the 
Blackheart Spear, his patented body blow, causes fighters to become ill the 
instant it connects.  His goal is unclear, but few wish to stand in his way.
OTHER INFO: Damien is the Akuma of R2R.  He is designed to be able to destroy 
almost any opponent when used by a player of even reasonable skill.  He has a 
ton of powerful moves, including the devastating Blackheart Spear.  His Rumble 
Flurry is good.  Overall, Damien has no real weaknesses, and is by far the most 
powerful player in the game.

Basic Moves
Demon Slayer: X
Splatter Machine Left: u or d, X
Underworld Uppercut: l, X
Extendo Man: r, X
Bone Breaker: Y
Final Blow: u, Y
Splatter Machine Right: d, Y
Wind Up Slam: r, Y
Growl Uppercut: l, Y
Tummy Squisher: A
Chestal Harassment: u or d, A
Satan's Fixer: r, A
Reckless Right: B
To Hell & Back: u or d, B
Freakin' Fright: r, B

Taunt 1: "Come Here!"
Damien only has one taunt

Special Attacks
Scorcher: l, r, X
(A big uppercut.  Good to use as a surprise move.)
Damien's Grip: r, X+Y
(A powerful clapping style punch.  Does tons of damage if it connects, although 
it's fairly easy to block.)
Damien's Fury: r, X+Y, B, A, Y, X
Pitchfork: l, r, Y
(A 2 fisted punch.  Fast and damaging.  Use this punch often.)
Raging Storm: r, l, X
(A leaping uppercut.  Like the Scorcher, but more powerful.)
Hades: l, r, A
(A backhand blow.  Not too useful)
Blackheart Spear: l, l, r, B
(This punch is huge and does lots of damage.  Arguably the best move in the 
Also pretty fast and does damage even if the enemy blocks.)
The two Special Punches were sent in to me by R.J.
Special Punch #1: u, d, X
Similar to Faz Motar's Urban Attack
Special Punch #2: u, d, Y
Similar to Willy Johnson's Tea and Crumpets.

Secret attacks:  These were sent in to me by Alex L Grimshaw

Double Uppercut.... U,U,D+Y or D,D,U+Y
Double Elbow............U,U,D+X or D,D,U+X
Windmill Punch.........L,R,R+X  
Right Backhand High....L,L+Y

He also states that the Double Uppercut and Double Elbow can be linked together 
for big damage.

Gino Stiletto (profile submitted by Steve Feffer)
Note:  Gino Stiletto takes the place of Jimmy Blood in the PSX version.

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Weight: 180 lbs
Height: 6' 0''
Reach: 72''
Age: 38
Power @@@
Endurance @@@
Punch Speed @@@@@
Move Speed @@@@
Basic Moves @@@@
Special Moves @
Flurry @@@@
Overall @@@
Overall @@@ (based on rated categories)
Bio:  Gino is a proven warrior whose accomplishments are some of the most noted 
highlights in the sport today.  He has won and lost
the championship many times, often coming out of retirement to do so.  Now a 
respected trainer, his star pupil, J.R. Flurry (N64
exclusive), carries on his testament, but the success Gino's protege garners has 
rekindled a fire thought long extinguished.  Donning
his trademark Stars and Stripes, Gino reenters the pugilist world for perhaps 
the last time.

Other Info:  Gino is at least decent in every area except his awful special 
moves.  If you are someone who likes to stick to basic moves, he is a good 
Basic Moves
Flash Jab: Square (This is probably the fastest punch in the whole game.  Very 
Power Jab: Forward + Square
Jaw Breaker: Back + Square
Captain Hook: Up/Down + Square
Lightning Right: Triangle
Nose Snapper: Forward + Triangle
Glove for an Eye: Up/Down + Triangle 
Avalanche: Back + Triangle
Stomach Smasher: Circle
Body Hook: Forward + Circle
Body Jab: X
Long Low: Forward + X
Special Moves
Short Knuckle: Back, Back, X
(There can't be a worse move.  A jab type blow that requires you to be as close 
as possible.  Forget about using this.)
Knuckle Driver: Back, Back, X, Circle, X, Triangle
Bait the Stallion: Forward, Back, Forward
(Consider this a third taunt)
Hard Rider: Forward, Back, Forward, Square
(Bait the Stallion followed by a rapid fire of punches.  Very hard to pull off 
without getting hit.  It's as easy to stop as the Sucka Punch. 
The effectiveness of the hits is good, however.  Unfortunately, this is his best 


1. First, fight some prize fights, betting as much as possible.  This will give 
you money that you need to train your fighter as well as others.  

2. Once you have enough $$$, buy 1 Rumble Mass Regime.  This boosts your 
strength and experience, which is useful early on.

3. Generally, it's best to stick to the weights and build up your strength.  If 
you have high strength, you do more damage, and can also take more hits.

4. Concentrate on building up one guy and advancing him up a class at a time.  
When you're about to win a class with one guy, and you still have some fights to 
go, fight a few prize fights to get money for training your next guy.  Leave at 
least one or two fights remaining to fight the champ, just in case he gets 

5. If you build your strength up enough, you should have little trouble 
defeating most opponents.  If you lose to a guy, Hit the weights once or twice 
before challenging him/her again.

6.    This trick was sent to me by NicelyJ2@aol.com: This game is incredibly 
easy once stamina is at 100%.  However, as you may have noticed, it doesn't 
exactly go up as easily as the other attributes.  If you take fifteen minutes 
with each fighter starting at base, and have about 200,000 bucks (prize fights 
at 20,000 each don't take long once you get that first pumped up character), do 
1) Set training to Auto
2) do the heavy bag one until strength is at 100%
3) then do the punching bag until stamina is at 100% (which will also raise 
dexterity all the way).  This takes the longest, at around 7-8 minutes.
4) kick some ass.  With stamina at 100 percent, you can throw unlimited jabs or 
any punch for that matter without running out of energy.  It's Rumble mode, 
without the Rumble Flurry option available essentially.  Once you do this 15 
minutes up front, you can whip through all 30 fights in no time.  I've won in 30 
seconds in gold class.  It's ridiculously easy.

7.   Here's a tip regarding Rumble Mode.  The higher your Stamina is, the longer 
your Rumble Mode will last.  You can even pull off multiple Rumble Flurries 
consecutively.  For example, if you have 30% Stamina, you can pull off 2 
Flurries, if you have 50% you can pull off 3 with one power up.  This is a 
little extreme, but can be very effective when using a character like Jet Chin, 
who's Flurry is very effective.  At the least, I'd try to build Stamina up to 
about 30% or more.  The trick shown above is effective in doing so.

8.  On the same lines, once you build your strength up to 100%, you become 
almost invincible, and can take lots of hits with little or no effect.  Hitting 
the weights is the best way to do this, though there is an easier way... (See 
cheats section) 


Rumble Aerobics
Price: $500
Attributes: Stamina (0.2), Dexterity (0.5)
Object:  You must press the buttons that the little ball lands on.
Analysis:  This training is cheap, but almost useless.  You don't get much 
increase in your stats.

Sway Bag
Price:  $1000
Attributes: Stamina (0.3), Dexterity (1.0)
Object:  Start with a left jab.  You must then follow the pattern and avoid 
being hit by the bag.
Analysis:  This is slightly better than Aerobics, but also tougher.  Also, not 
much stat increase

Speed Bag 
Price: $1500
Attributes: Stamina (1.2), Dexterity (0.5)
Object:  Start with a jab.  Use different punches to hit the bag and make it hit 
the ceiling
Analysis: This is decent for increasing the two stats listed above.  It's also 
easier than the 2 previously listed stats.

Heavy Bag
Price:  $2000
Attributes: Strength (4.0), Stamina (0.6), Dexterity (0.5)
Object:  Your trainer calls out a punch and you must match it.  You have a 
certain amount of time to throw the punch.  3 screwups and you lose.
Analysis:  This is a good way to increase 3 different stats.  If you can master 
this game, it's highly recommended.

Weight Lifting
Price:  $5000
Attributes: Strength (7.2), Stamina (0.5)
Object:  You must press and hold A to lift the weight, then release it when it 
reaches the white bar.  Then when it gets to the lower white bar, press and hold 
A again.  The closer you get to the white bars, the more efficient you will be 
and the more reps you can do
Analysis:  This is the best training in my book.  If you get good at it, you can 
beef up your strength a lot.  It may cost more, but you get what you pay for in 
this case.

Vitamin Training
Price: $10000
Attributes: Stamina (1.5), Dexterity (1.2)
Object:  No minigame.
Analysis:  A waste of money.  It costs way too much for what you get.  Better to 
go with Speed Bag workouts.

Rumble Mass Nutrition Reigime
Price:  $25000
Attributes: Strength (14.0), Experience (7.5)
Object:  No minigame
Analysis:  I would buy this once for each guy to give them a kick start.  After 
that, it's better to fight for the experience and use the weights to build up 

CHEAT CODES (used with permission from www.cheatcc.com)

Put these codes in when selecting your gym name.  They will also give you more 
hidden characters.  Personally, I am against using these, and would just assume 
earn the characters myself (as it takes most of the fun out of Championship 
mode) but they are here for your perusal.

Bronze Class (and Kemo Claw) Rumble Power
Silver Class (and Bruce Blade) Rumble Bumble
Gold Class (and Nat Daddy) Momsa!
Champ Class (and Damien Black) Pod 5!

Alternate costumes:  At the character select, press X + Y to select the 
alternate color

To unlock hidden characters:  Note:  Once you unlock a guy in Championship mode, 
he also becomes playable in arcade mode.

Kemo Claw:  I think he is unlocked once you have unlocked all characters in 
Championship mode
Bruce Blade:  Get all fighters up to Silver Class
Nat Daddy:  Get all fighters up to Gold Class
Damien Black:  Make all of your fighters Champions

Cheaper Training:  This code was sent to me by AgentHeath@aol.com
to get cheaper training in championship mode(actually the price of the next most 
expensive training below it)  ex.  you pay 10000(vitamin price) for the 25000 
Rumble Mass Regime.  Just bring the screen to vitamin(or the training below the 
one that you want) and then press  --> on the control pad or stick to bring it 
to the next training, but, while the screen is changing press A.  You will get 
the training you want at the cheaper training's price.

Note:  I've found that this trick also works in reverse.  Put the cursor on the 
cheapest training (Rumble Aerobics) then push left (To highlight Rumble Mass)  
While the cursor is scrolling hit A.  You'll get Rumble Mass, a $25000 value, 
for the low low price of only $500!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is incredible!  You can 
pump your guys up quickly and cheaply using this method.  Once your strength is 
up to 100%, you're almost invincible and you can easily whoop anyone's ass!


Here, I will rank the characters in order of their effectiveness.  Keep in mind 
that this is my own personal opinion.  If you disagree with me, send in your own 
ranking list, and I will include it here.  Generally, the top 6 or 7 guys are 
all well balanced with good overall skills.  The middle range characters are all 
decent, but may have a glaring flaw that keeps them from being effective.  The 
bottom characters may have one or two good traits, but otherwise stink.

#17: Afro Thunder
Despite his popularity, Afro doesn't have much going for him, except speed.  He 
doesn't have any very effective attacks, the worst of which being his Sucka 
Punch.  He is fun to use though, and is good as a taunting, Dan like character.
Like Dan, he lies at the bottom of the barrel.

#16: Kemo Claw
Kemo is the Dhalsim of this game.  His only good attribute is his range.  
However, he has no effective moves to speak of.  Also, he is slow and doesn't 
have much power.

#15:  Jimmy Blood
Though Jimmy is a decent fighter, he is somewhat slow, and lacks variety in his 
attack.  If he had a few more useful moves, he'd be a top character.  He is good 
at distance fighting however.

#14:  Angel "Raging" Rivera
Angel is well-rounded attribute wise, but loses points due to having too many 
moves that are too complicated enough to use regularly in the heat of battle.  
His best move, the Ghetto Blaster, isn't enough to keep him in a heated fight.

#13: Bruce Blade
Bruce is strong, but too slow.  He does benefit from having a number of powerful 
uppercut attacks.  He will do well if played properly.

#12: Tank Thrasher
After gaining some playing time with Tank, I've found him to be better then the 
guys listed above.  He may be slow, but he has some good unorthodox moves ant 
heavy power.

#11: Lulu Valentine
Lulu has great speed and some useful moves, including a taunt that can be used 
as an escape move.  Her weaknesses are speed and power, but she is good at 
playing a hit and run game.

#10:  "Big" Willy Johnson
Willy has an unorthodox style of fighting that can throw other players off their 
game.  He has some good special moves and well rounded abilities.

#9: Rocket Samchay
Rocket is a good well balanced player who can hang with anyone.  His biggest 
weakness lies in his Rumble Flurry which isn't very effective.  If he had a 
better Flurry, he'd be a top 5 player.

#8: Salua Tua
Salua has a little speed for his size, although isn't  as fast as some top 
characters.  He packs power though, and his belly flop moves are useful in 
close, especially the one where he jumps at the foe.  This move can do heavy 
damage, and isn't easy to counter.  Salua is good enough to compete with the top 

#7: Boris "The Bear" Knokimov 
Boris is probably the most well rounded character in the game.  He can fight 
with anyone and do well.  His weakness is a lack of a dominating move that can 
destroy foes.

#6: Nat Daddy
Nat has it all.  Decent speed, range, and power.  His only weakness is the lack 
of variety in his moves.  They're all double fisted attacks that can easily be 
picked up on by the opponents.

#5: "Furious" Faz Motar
Faz has one devastating move, the Cruise Missile, that makes him a force to be 
reckoned with.  Without this punch, he'd be a midcarder at best.  He is a decent 
character however, and if you mix up your moves, he can beat anyone.

#4: Butcher Brown
Butcher is a powerful all-around character, that has a lot of effective attacks.  
He can be very dangerous in Rumble mode as well.

#3:  Selene Strike
Selene has good speed and decent power.  She has a lot of variety in her attacks 
that make her a contender in any matchup.  Mix up her varied attacks well and 
you'll destroy most foes.

#2: Jet "Iron" Chin
Jet has a lot of varied attacks and much speed that makes him a powerful 
offensive character.  He also has one of the best Rumble Flurries.

#1:  "Da Man!"  Damien Black
Damien is unstoppable in almost every respect.  He has tons of moves, including 
the deadly Blackheart Spear which will destroy anyone.  If you master this guy, 
you can beat anyone.  (Except maybe another Damien Black)

Here is an alternate Ranking List, sent by Steve Feffer.  If you have a ranking 
list of your own, feel free to send it in.

17.  Kemo Claw
As a one on one game rule, nobody really sucks.  Kemo, however, comes pretty 
close with one good punch (jab) and not much else. 
(Why is he a boss?)
16.  "Big" Willy Johnson
Johnson is pretty fast but since his moves are slow, his lack of punishment 
taking hurts him.
15.  Tank Thrasher
If you are a fan of the big guys that just rule by brute power, its better to go 
with Nat Daddy (or "Furious" Faz Motar if you haven't
unlocked Nat yet).
14.  Lulu Valentine
Sure, she's fast, but her basic moves aren't as good or fast as Afro Thunder's, 
and her special moves aren't super.
13.  Boris "The Bear" Knockimov
Boris is a good all around guy, but his horrible jab and somewhat slow punches 
combined with not so good special moves give him
number 13.
12.  Salua Tua
Without his belly flops he'd be contending for a spot out of last.  Does well 
with toe-to-toe style players.
11.  Gino Stiletto
Gino has an outstanding left jab, it cannot be blocked or dodged because of its 
speed.  His other basic moves are also pretty good, but
his special moves really suck.
10.  Bruce Blade
Bruce's only good stat is his heavy power.  His moves are too slow and you'll 
find yourself a quick loser against a more speed reliant
9.  Afro Thunder
Afro's great speed, dodge moves, and lightning quick basic moves are perfect for 
a hit-and-run game.  A seasoned warrior should have
a lot of fun with him humiliating a friend.  Someone who is really good at dodge 
moves should move him up to a top 5 player.
8.  Selene Strike
Three words: FOR EXPERTS ONLY.
7.  Rocket Samchay
His basic moves are very good, but his flurry and special moves are nothing 
great.  His right hand body blows are outstanding.
6.  Nat Daddy
Nat has pretty bad special moves, and, like Bruce Blade, will get slaughtered by 
a speed demon.
5.  Angel "Raging" Rivera
Angel is a great fighter.  He is fast, strong, has an excellent flurry, and his 
Ghetto Blaster can be devastating.
4.  Jet "Iron" Chin
Jet has strong endurance, good moves, and great speed.  His poor punch speed is 
what keeps him out of the top 3.
3.  "Furious" Faz Motar
Motar's Cruise Missile, the best move in the game (better than the Blackheart 
Spear!), is what put him here.  Without it, he'd be about
2.  Butcher Brown
Butcher is a great fighter, he has decent speed, great basic moves, and 
incredible power.  His left hook is an outstanding move and can be thrown with 
repetition.  When you enter RUMBLE mode, don't waste it on your flurry. Instead, 
punish your foe with a series of left hooks.  This tactic is very effective.  
However, Butcher can't quite compete with the next boxer...
1.  Damien Black
Despite his slow punching, Damien is the king of R2R.  He can take an 
unbelievable beating and throws devastating punches.  He is just simply too 
strong to be messed with.  Very weak with CPU.

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