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    FAQ/Move List by Alucard_

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 08/01/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   | Powerstone 2 |
    | Information |
    | Type      - Game Info/FAQ/Move List              |
    | Game      - Powerstone 2, NTSC/JAP               |
    | Developer - Capcom Co.                           |
    | Author    - Written by Alucard                   |
    | E-mail    - lordmjr@shiningforce.freeserve.co.uk |
    | Homepage  - http://saturn.sega-zone.com          |
    | Version   - 0.5 (01/08/2000)                     |
    | Contents |
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      1. About The FAQ
       1.1 - Disclaimer
       1.2 - FAQ Description
      2. History
        2.1 - Version History
          2.1a - v0.1 (24/07/2000)
          2.1b - v0.2 (26/07/2000)
          2.1c - v0.3 (27/07/2000)
          2.1d - v0.4 (28/07/2000)
          2.1e - v0.5 (01/08/2000)
        2.2 - In The Next Update...
      3. Prelude
        3.1 - Opening Speech
        3.2 - My Opinion
      4. General Game System
      5. Game Controls
      6. Menus & Options
        6.1 - Main Menu
        6.2 - Options
        6.3 - Extra Options
        6.4 - Button Config
        6.5 - Pause Menu
        6.6 - Versus Menu
      7. Characters & Stages
        7.1 - Characters
          7.1a - Fokker
          7.1b - Ayame
          7.1c - Gunrock
          7.1d - Ryoma
          7.1e - Wang-Tang
          7.1f - Galuda
          7.1g - Rouge
          7.1h - Jack
          7.1i - Pete
          7.1j - Julia
          7.1k - Gourmand
          7.1l - Accel
          7.1m - Mel
          7.1n - Pride
        7.2 - Stages
      8. Gameplay            
        8.1 - Basic & Arcade Game      
        8.2 - Versus Game     
      9. Adventuring     
        9.1 - Adventure Game
        9.2 - Item Shop     
      10. Other Stuff
        10.1 - Sound Test
      11. Secrets
        11.1 - Extra Options
        11.2 - Characters
        11.3 - Stage
      12. Notes
        12.1 - Funny Things
        12.2 - Credits
        12.3 - Final Thought
    | 1. About The FAQ |
    | 1.1 - Disclaimer \
    This FAQ is for _personal_ use only! It can only be reproduced electronically
    and cannot be used for means of profit. It is copyright Alucard c2000. All
    characters, names etc. are copyright of Capcom Co. I am in no way affiliated
    with Capcom Co.
    | 1.2 - FAQ Description \
    This FAQ was written by me, Alucard, mainly because I found it annoying
    having to constantly translate the menus every time I played the game. So
    really it just started out as a list of translations made, and then it just
    went into an FAQ. Its my second attempt at making one - my first attempt is
    at Resident Evil Code: Veronica, which is a work-in-progress incomplete and
    can be downloaded at my website (http://saturn.sega-zone.com).
    NB. The latest versions of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs
        (http://www.gamefaqs.com), GameWinners (http://www.gamewinners.com) and
        at http://www.cheatcc.com
    NB2. My website is currently located at
         http://www.shiningforce.freeserve.co.uk due to server troubles, but you
         won't be able to download anything, so you can only get this at the
         above mentioned sites for the time being.
    | 2. History |
    | 2.1 - Version History \
    | 2.1a - v0.1 (24/07/2000) \
    Began writing out some translations of options and menus. Visited
    http://www.gamefaqs.com and found that there was only one other FAQ for the
    game, so decided to make my own. Add disclaimer and FAQ Description, as well
    as translations for the options.
    | 2.1b - v0.2 (26/07/2000) \
    Added descriptions of what each option will do. Added the opening speech and
    my opinion of the story, as well as a description of the game system, and the
    games' controls. Added this Version History section too...
    | 2.1c - v0.3 (27/07/2000) \
    Decided on a layout for the FAQ and implemented it. Added a contents section
    (which also displays sections I plan on adding soon. Began writing out stage
    descriptions and speeches. Also wrote character select section so I can begin
    adding character details.
    | 2.1d - v0.4 (28/07/2000) \
    Completed most of the character details, and added descriptions for the major
    stages. Created the Secrets section and the Notes section, and added in the
    methods for gaining the extra characters and options, and my first credits.
    Took a big step and released this to GameFAQs.
    | 2.1e - v0.5 (01/08/2000) \
    Completed the character descriptions and the stage descriptions, including
    the extra stages. Updated the secrets and credits, and completed the Basic,
    Arcade and Versus descriptions. This FAQ can now also be found on
    (http://www.gamewinners.com) and http://www.cheatcc.com - lots of people
    asking for it :) Finally, i've added translations for the menus in the Item
    | 2.2 - In the next update... \
    In the next release im hoping to have a lot more translations done for the
    item shop, and i will be making more corrections and changes. I've also been
    adding bits and pieces about the Sound Test etc - I want this to be the most
    thorough FAQ I can :) Im also going to begin writing in the items and their
    uses/descriptions. I'll put each one in as I get them!
    | 3. Prelude |
    | 3.1 - Opening Speech \
    Without warning, a dark cloud fills the sky, and then a huge shadow blankets
    the entire world, with a roar that shakes the entire planet. Suddenly, a
    mysterious floating castle appears out of nowhere. In the blink of an eye,
    the Powerstone heroes are caught, and are transported to the floating castle.
    What will happen to our heroes..? Welcome to the Powerstone world!
    NB. The opening speech is in Japanese, but if you leave the game to play the
        demo and then start the intro again, the speech is in English.
    | 3.2 - My Opinion \
    Yeah, I know. It sounds very far fetched - I mean, how unlucky can these guys
    get? Another thing that got me is that they are all caught when Fokker
    (Falcon over here in the UK) flies into the castle? How'd they all fit on his
    plane?! Weird...
    | 4. General Game System |
    Powerstone 2 is a strange, but immensely fun fighting game. It still holds
    true to many fighting games; characters beat each other up until one of them
    runs out of "energy" and is knocked out (KO'ed). Powerstone 2 is no different
    in that respect, but then it has so much more to it then that.
    The game is in full 3D. The play area is usually a large rectangular area,
    which sometimes has platforms and raised areas. Your character has full
    freedom to move around this area. This allows for some great tactical play -
    you can circle around your opponent and attack them from all sides, even from
    above or below. The play is fast and frantic, with many of the characters
    having good speed to traverse the area.
    The arenas themselves are packed full of different objects, some good or bad.
    There are many boxes and other objects which you can pick up to throw at your
    opponent, causing significant damage. There are also item boxes, which look
    like chests - these contain items which you can use, either to damage your
    opponent with, or to help you regain some of your energy. Also, each arena
    has a small task (such as escaping from a boulder or climbing a tower), which
    will move the fight onto a different arena...
    Fighting is a simple process. You can throw your opponent by either pressing
    the throw button next to them or when you are over their heads. You can even
    throw in mid-air. There is only one attack button, which you can use on the
    ground or in mid-air. You can also keep on pressing the attack button to
    create a short combo. These are useful as the final hit is powerful and is
    capable of knocking Powerstones out of your opponent.
    Powerstones. These are vividly coloured gems which appear occasionally from
    item chests. Each person also starts the battle in possesion of a Powerstone.
    Underneath your energy bar is another bar which shows how many Powerstones
    you are in possesion of. When you collect three Powerstones, this will change
    into a multi-coloured bar, and your character will transform into a new
    state. In this state, your character will have new attacks and will be able
    to perform special attacks called "Power Fusion" moves. These moves are very
    powerful but will deplete your Powersone bar by nearly 75%! Once this bar
    runs out (it decreases steadily), one Powerstone will disappear and the other
    two will burst out of you, causing you to return to your normal state.
    One aspect of Powerstone and Powerstone 2 which has been of great debate is
    the lack of a blocking facility in the game. Your character cannot block any
    attack, although it is possible to escape an attack by double-tapping in a
    direction away from the attacker. To be frank, you won't really need to block
    as you can just run in a direction away from the opponent or jump over the
    attack. Do try to get used to it though.
    There can be up to four players in the game. This can make battles a big
    frantic mess of attacks, dodging and throwing, but is also the high point of
    the game. There is nothing better then coming from behind to beat the other
    three opponents!
    If you are unable to beat them all by the end of the time limit, sudden death
    will occur. Large boulders will fall from the sky, causing you to lose almost
    all your energy - in otherwords, one hit will KO you - and all your
    Powerstones will burst out of you. The match will end when one person is left
    standing. Remember that just a single hit can KO someone, so use this to your
    advantage and try to throw something at them or use a weapon. Even better,
    get three Powerstones and use a Power Fusion attack to really hammer home
    that win!
    Okay, that's a generalised description of how the game works - now its on to
    the serious stuff.
    | 5. Game Controls |
    For those of you who played the original Powerstone (who hasn't?) then the
    controls shouldn't be too much of a problem for you. They are listed as
    Analogue stick
    Use this to control your character's direction. In otherwords, push it to the
    right and your character will run to the right side of the screen. Its a bit
    weird - instead of pressing up to make your character run forward ala
    Resident Evil, pressing up will make him/her run towards the back of the
    screen, away from the camera point. Trust me, you'll get used to it.
    Digital pad
    Basically the same as the analogue stick, but in digital. This limits you
    somewhat as it means you can only go in eight directions, so I recommend you
    use the analogue stick.
    (A) Button
    This makes your character jump. Some characters can also jump again in
    mid-air, giving you extra height and range. You'll need it too - the stages
    are far bigger than the original's. You can also jump off objects and walls
    by jumping into them and pressing (A) again to jump off, and if you are hit
    you can recover by pressing (A) whilst flying through the air.
    (B) Button
    The (B) button will make your character perform a throw. If you are on the
    ground then you must be near your opponent to have any chance of throwing
    them. If you are in the air, you just need to be in the area above them and
    your character will fall down on them to throw them.
    (X) Button
    Pressing (X) will cause your character to attack. Attacks vary in speed and
    power. The bigger characters have slow but powerful attacks, wheras the
    smaller characters have faster but weaker attacks. You need to be pretty near to
    your opponent to hit them. If you hit them, you can keep on pressing the (X)
    button to continue into a combo. The last hit of the combo will knock a
    Powerstone out of them or some money. You can also attack in mid-air, but you
    will only perform one hit.
    (Y) Button
    The (Y) button allows you to pick up and drop items. Items which can be
    picked up will have a circle underneath them when you pass near them. Some
    items don't need to be picked up (like food), but most do. Just press the
    attack button to use said item. When you have an item in your hands, a small
    bar appears above your energy. This shows how much more "health" the item
    has. Each time you use the item this will decline, and when its all gone your
    character will drop said item and it will disappear.
    (L) Trigger
    This will cause your character to perform their first special attack (or
    "Power Fusion"). You can only do this in your transformed state. If you
    aren't in this state, the (L) trigger will make your character attack.
    (R) Trigger
    This will cause your character to perform their second special attack (or
    "Power Fusion"). You can only do this in your transformed state. If you
    aren't in this state, the (R) trigger will make your character perform a
    (Start) Button
    Simple - this will pause the game. 
    NB. All the controls can be changed in the options menu, and you can also
        set one of the buttons to Chouhatsu (or "taunt"). I haven't found a way
        of taunting without this yet. If you know what it is then please tell me
        and i'll give credit.
    | 6. Menus & Options |
    | 6.1 - Main Menu \
    Since just about everything is in Japanese, here are some translations of the
    menus and options, beginning with the menu on the title screen:
    * Basic Game *              *: This option is highlighted
      Arcade Game                  by two Powerstones.
      Versus Game
      Adventure Game
      Item Shop
      Extra Options
      Save - Load
    Basic Game
    The mainstay of Powerstone 2, this will start a trip to escape the castle.
    You can pick from five different stages to start on, and when you win you can
    choose which stage to continue onto.
    Arcade Game
    An exact translation of the arcade game. Standard arcade fighting fare,
    allowing upto four players to fight against each other - there is also a
    cooperative on this mode - if a second player presses the (Start) button on
    the character select screen he/she can play with you.
    Versus Game
    Versus mode allows you to have up to for players fighting against or with
    each other. Different from arcade mode in that you can set the teams, have
    computer players, and choose your stage.
    Adventure Game
    Weird mode which pits you in a load of battles. At the end of each battle you
    see how much gold you collected and what items you got. You can keep going
    through this and spend your money on items and other things in the item shop.
    See section 9 (Adventuring) for more details.
    Item Shop
    You can spend your hard-earned moolah here to get extra items for use in the
    game. See section 9 (Adventuring) for more details.
    Allows you to change the game options. Check below for translations of the
    options menu.
    Extra options
    These extra options change other aspects of the game and even offers a sound
    test, but you have to earn them by completing the game with seven different
    characters. See later in the section for translations of them.
    Save - Load
    Allows you to save and load your VMU file. You can also download a VMU
    mini-game too. Once again, check below for translations of the options in
    Ah. Trouble. Well, living in England kinda means I can't do anything with
    this bit. If any of you out there can help me with what you can do and see
    with this part of the game, please contact me and credit will be given for
    your contribution.
    | 6.2 - Options \
    Now here are the translations for the options menu. When you change an
    option, the text will go blue, indiating that it is not the default choice:
    This goes from 1 to 8 (8 being the highest). The default setting is 4. Use
    this to make the computer opponents easier or harder to defeat. This setting
    affects all game modes.
    Time Limit
    Use this to turn on or off the time limit that is imposed on battles. By
    default it is set to "on", and this setting affects all game modes.
    This goes from 1 to 4 (4 being the highest). The default setting is 2. Use
    this to change how much damage you do when you attack an opponent. Be warned
    that this makes your opponent's attacks more powerful too. This affects all
    game modes.
    Auto Save
    This will allow you to make the game save to the VMU every time you leave to
    the main menu, by whatever method. By default it is set to "off".
    Allows you to have the sound output in stereo or mono form. Obviously if you
    don't have a stereo television you should set it to mono so you can hear
    everything. By default, this is set to "stereo".
    BGM (Background Music) Volume
    This goes from 1 to 15 (15 being highest and the default setting). You can
    alter how loud the background music is by changing this value. Affects all
    game modes.
    Sound Effects Volume
    This goes from 1 to 15 (15 being highest and the default setting). Use this
    to alter how loud the voices and sound effects are. This affects all game
    Quick Continue
    When you continue, you will usually have to pick your character again. If you
    set this to "on", you won't be able to pick your character and will instead
    start the battle again. By default this is set to "off", and will affect all
    game modes bar the Versus mode.
    Button Config
    Press (A) to enter the button config menu. See section 6.4 for more details.
    Restore Defaults
    Press (A) to change all the settings back to their default values.
    | 6.3 - Extra Options \
    These options have to be earned - see section 11 (Secrets) for details on how
    you get them. They are all translated as follows:
    Extra Items
    Any items you gain in adventure mode can be used in other modes. By default,
    this is set to "on".
    Number of Powerstones
    Pretty self-explanatory. This allows you to set the number of Powerstones
    allowed in the battle. By default, 7 Powerstones are allowed.
    Transform Timer
    When you are in your transformed state, your gauge which displays how much
    power you have will decrease at a slow but steady rate. By default this is
    set to "normal", but you can change it to off to stop it from decreasing.
    Transform Damage
    Allows you to specify how much damage your character takes when in his/her
    transformed state. By default this is set to "50%". In otherwords, when
    transformed your character will only take 50% of the damage he/she would
    normally take.
    Transform Attack Power
    Allows you to specify how much damage your character gives out when in
    his/her transformed state. By default, this is set to "100%". In otherwords,
    when transformed your attack power is at normal. You can make your character
    weaker, or even twice as strong as normal!
    When your character is KO'ed, a big HELP appears over them and a countdown
    will appear counting from 9 to 0. This will remove that counter and thus
    when KO'ed you will instantly pass away.
    Target Line
    Displays a target line from your character. This shows where you will attack
    with an item or Power Fusion attack. By default, this is set to "off".
    Sound Test
    Self-explanatory. Allows you to listen to the various music and voices in the
    game. See section 10.1 for details on this.
    Restore Defaults
    Pressing (A) results in all the Extra Option settings being restored to their
    default values.
    | 6.4 - Button Config \
    These are the options for the button config menu. From here you can change
    all the button settings. The menu shows the settings as:
    (A)     - Jump
    (B)     - Throw
    (X)     - Attack
    (Y)     - Item
    (L)     - Power Fusion A
    (R)     - Power Fusion B
    NB. Above are the default settings. You can change them how you wish, and
        even set a button to "Chouhatsu" or "Taunt".
    The other two options are:
    If you have a vibration pack, turn this on to feel the attacks and damage you
    receive. By default, this is set to "off".
    Restore Defaults
    Press (A) to restore the buttons to their default values and turn off the
    vibration function.
    NB. There are more menus in the game, but I haven't translated them yet. When
        I have I will list them all here.
    | 6.5 - Pause Menu \
    Whenever you press (Start) to pause the game, a menu will appear. These are
    as follows:
    * Continue *               *: This is the default choice.
      Button Config            @: Only appears in Versus mode.
    @ Change Characters @
      Quit Game
    I think I don't really need to explain what each of these do.
    | 6.6 - Versus Menu \
    Whenever you finish a match in Versus mode, a menu will appear. These options
    are translated as follows:
    * Replay *               *: This is the default choice.
      Change Characters
      Quit Game
    Replay will make you play the match again with the same characters on the
    same stage. The others are pretty self-explanatory.
    | 7. Characters & Stages |
    | 7.1 - Characters \
    There are a total of fourteen characters in Powerstone 2 (the original eight
    plus four more and two secret ones). On the character select screen, they are
    as follows:
    |           |           |           |           |           |           |
    | * Pride * | Fokker    | Ayame     | Gunrock   | Ryoma     | * Mel *   |
    |           |           |           |           |           |           |
                |           |           |           |           | 
                | Wang-Tang | Galuda    | Rouge     | Jack      |
                |           |           |           |           |
                |           |           |           |           |
                | Pete      | Julia     | Gourmand  | Accel     |
                |           |           |           |           |
    NB. Those marked with an (*) are secret characters. See section 11 for more
    Since the Versus select screen is different, you have to cycle through the
    characters to get to the one you want. They go in the following order:
    Fokker, Ayame, Gunrock, Ryoma, Wang-Tang, Galuda, Rouge, Jack, Pete, Julia,
    Gormand, Accel, *Mel*, *Pride*, (Random Select).
    Below are details about each character, along with their replacement attacks
    when transformed, and descriptions of their Power Fusion attacks:
    | 7.1a | Fokker \
    Attributes: Fokker is the kinda default character, with average speed, power,
                jumping height etc. As such, he is always a good choice to play
                as. As he's pretty fast, you can do some good attacks and still
                escape away if they miss.
    Power Attack: Fokker will release a missle from his arm which will seek out
                  the nearest opponent.
    Power Fusion I: Fokker will burst towards the nearest opponent covered in
                    light, causing damage to them. He will stop moving for a
                    second before continuing to attack them. Keep on pressing the
                    (L) trigger to make a total of five attacks.
    Power Fusion II: Fokker will power up for a second before releasing a huge
                     amount of missiles from his body which will automatically
                     home in on the nearest opponents, causing significant
    | 7.1b | Ayame \
    Attributes: Ayame is a very fast and quite small character. As such, she is
                quite suited to quick attacks. She can also utilise a double-jump
                to gain a lot of height. However, she is a weak hitter, and has
                little defense, so can be easily hurt.
    Power Attack: Ayame will let loose three shurikens in a line towards the
                  nearest opponent.
    Power Fusion I: Ayame will send out a large number of shurikens, which will
                    home in on the nearest opponents and continue to cross
                    through them. Link two of these attacks to cause massive
                    damage to the opponent - its also virtually impossible to
    Power Fusion II: Ayame will jump in the air and will begin to fire pointed
                     spikes towards the ground. You can direct where she fires
                     these by using the Analogue stick. They can cause a fair bit
                     of damage if used correctly.
    | 7.1c | Gunrock \
    Attributes: Gunrock is the biggest and heaviest character in the game. He is
                very powerful and is capable of taking a lot of damage. However,
                he has a very small jump height and is also very slow, which is
                not very good as it means he cannot avoid most of the attacks in
                the game.
    Power Attack: Gunrock will throw a large boulder across the screen in the
                  direction you are facing.
    Power Fusion I: Gunrock will crouch down and then grow in size. He will then
                    curl up and begin rolling around the play area. Whilst like
                    this you can direct him around with the Analogue stick, and
                    can even jump. Just roll into them to cause damage. 
    Power Fusion II: Gunrock will jump into the air and slam down on the ground,
                     causing everyone nearby to become dizzy. He will then start
                     stomping on the ground, making large boulders fall from the
                     sky onto your opponents' heads.
    | 7.1d | Ryoma \
    Attributes: Ryoma has speed and jump height equivalent to Fokker, although
                he has slightly raised attack power. This is mainly due to the
                katana (sword) he carries around, which also gives him a little
                bit of extra range.
    Power Attack: Ryoma will send out a glowing slash mark towards his nearest
    Power Fusion I: Ryoma will begin swing his sword around really fast, causing
                    large curved slash pieces to head towards the nearest
    Power Fusion II: Ryoma will spin around vertically with his sword, catching
                     anyone nearby and bringing them up with him. As he reaches
                     his highest point he will stop and slash on the ground,
                     causing a huge explosion.
    | 7.1e | Wang-Tang \
    Attributes: Wang-Tang is my personal favourite. He's fast, has some good
                attacks, and has excellent Power Fusion attacks. However, he is
                a bit weak and can't take damage too well.
    Power Attack: Wang-Tang will shoot out a fast beam of energy in the
                  opponents' direction.
    Power Fusion I: Wang-Tang will hold his hands above his head, and a huge ball
                    of energy will begin to form there. When big enough he will
                    throw this ball at his nearest opponent for multiple hits.
    Power Fusion II: Wang-Tang will cause a plume of fire to rise up, catching
                     anyone nearby. He will then begin to fly extremely fast
                     through this fire, kicking anyone inside, before returning
                     to the bottom and sending a huge dragon made of fire up to
                     finish them.
    | 7.1f | Galuda \
    Attributes: Galuda is large and powerful, almost like Gunrock. However,
                Galuda is a bit faster than Gunrock, meaning he can attack and
                dodge faster, as well as jump higher. Once again though, he is
                still too slow for the fast action of the game.
    Power Attack: Galuda will grow small wings and shoot upwards at a 45 degree
                  angle, hurting anyone near him.
    Power Fusion I: Galuda will make a large bow out of energy, and fire several
                    arrows into the sky. These arrows then fall at great speed
                    towards all nearby opponents, causing a fair bit of damage.
    Power Fusion II: Galuda will grab the opponent (you must be near or under
                     your enemy), fly them into the air, and then bring them
                     smashing into the ground at ffull speed for some hefty
    | 7.1g | Rouge \
    Attributes: Rouge is a pretty fast character, with some excellent attacks,
                but weak attack power. One great high point is that she has an
                extremely high jumping height.
    Power Attack: Rouge will act like a human flamethrower and spread flames
                  from her hand.
    Power Fusion I: Rouge will take the fireball floating around her and slam it
                    into the ground, creating a huge wave of flame which spreads
                    out in all directions for a moderate distance, causing some
                    moderate damage.
    Power Fusion II: Rouge will start to float in the air, and a huge red skull
                     will appear above her head. Whilst like this, you can
                     control her direction with the Analogue stick, and she will
                     automatically point towards the nearest opponent. Press the
                     attack button to send huge fireballs at your opponent. This
                     attack is almost impossible to avoid.
    | 7.1h | Jack \
    Attributes: Jack is an incredibly weird character (although admittedly no
                where near as weird as the next few). He runs on all fours and
                carries two small knives, which gives him excellent reach. He is
                also very fast, once again with the trade off of low power and
                suspectability to damage.
    Power Attack: Jack will swing his arm around in a huge arc, hurting anyone in
                  its path.
    Power Fusion I: Jack will create several small swords out of energy and will
                    release them into the sky to come hurtling at an opponent. If
                    you do this in the air, the swords will head straight for the
                    opponent rather than into the air first.
    Power Fusion II: Jack will spread both arms out and begin spinning on the
                     spot. Anyone caught in this is brought up with him, causing
                     multiple hits of moderate damage.
    | 7.1i | Pete \
    Attributes: Pete is a really weird character with glasses and shorts and red
                cheeks. He is very small and very, very weak. He makes up for it
                by being the fastest character in the game though, and he has
                effectively four Power Fusion attacks.
    Power Attack: Pete will send out two beams of energy in the direction he is
    Power Fusion I: Pete will generate several toy soliders in front of him,
                    which then procede to begin shooting several shots. You can
                    direct the way they shoot with the Analogue stick.
                    If done in the air, Pete will make loads of toy planes appear
                    and fly towards his opponent, causing some moderate damage.
    Power Fusion II: Pete will generate a huge electric field around him which
                     will cause anyone who touches it to go flying across the
                     screen. Has the bonus effect of occasionally stunning your
                     opponent. You can move him like this too.
                     If done in the air, Pete will generate several electric
                     bolts towards the ground, hurting anyone they touch. You can
                     move Pete whilst he does this.
    | 7.1j | Julia \
    Attributes: Julia is like the female equivalent of Fokker (figuratively
                speaking of course). She has moderate speed, attacks, and jump
                height, but with the added bonus that if you hold jump down her
                umbrella will open up and she will float down.
                NB. This doesn't count for the falling-from-the-sky bit on the
                    Blue Sky Stage.
    Power Attack: Julia will send out an energy beam which, on contact with an
                  opponent, will trap them on a cross.
    Power Fusion I: Julia will send several energy beams along the ground at fast
                    speeds towards her nearest opponent, causing multiple hits of
    Power Fusion II: Julia will create a merry-go-round from nowhere. Anyone
                     caught up in it will be tossed around like clothes in a
                     washing machine. It isn't too powerful though.
    | 7.1k | Gourmand \
    Attributes: This guy has to be the worst looking character in the game. I
                mean, a chef! What were you thinking Capcom? Anyway, this guy is
                much like Galuda (ie. strong), but has the advantage of being
                fast enough to be worth using in the game.
    Power Attack: Gourmand will shoot a barrel out of his mouth which will
                  explode in mid-air.
    Power Fusion I: Gourmand will begin spinning around breathing fire from his
                    mouth, creating a tornado of flame which will damage anyone
                    stupid enough to touch it. You can move Gourmand whilst he
                    does this.
    Power Fusion II: Gourmand will create a huge cooking pot with some purple
                     coloured liquid in it. Pieces of food will fly out towards
                     the nearest opponents in an attempt to damage them.
    | 7.1l | Accel \
    Attributes: Probably the most "Normal" of the standard new characters is
                Accel. He is very fast and has some excellent attacks. He also
                carries two guns - always handy for a cowboy.
    Power Attack: Accel will fire some huge bullets from his guns in the
                  direction he is facing.
    Power Fusion I: Accel will fire some bullets into the air. They will stop and
                    then head towards the nearest opponent, stopping every second
                    to change direction to face the opponent.
    Power Fusion II: Accel will morph into a huge big machine with a spiked
                     wheel. You can control Accel and drive him anywhere, and
                     even jump. The spiked wheel can cause some pretty hefty
                     damage too.
    | 7.1m | Mel \
    Attributes: I think Capcom were running out of ideas now. Mel is the shop
                owner in the Item shop mode. Basically she is just like Julia
                (she even carries an umbrella sometimes), so treat her as such.
                One useful aspect is that her Powerstone bar decreases only
                slightly when a Power Fusion attack is used, meaning she can
                string together four Power Fusion attacks before she transforms
    Power Attack: Mel will create several cards (see section 9) which spin around
                  her, damaging anyone who comes near.
    Power Fusion I: Mel will shoot out loads of coins along her field of view,
                    damaging anyone they hit.
    Power Fusion II: Mel will throw several money bags into the air and they will
                     come down again on the heads of her nearest opponents,
                     causing some significant damage.
    | 7.1n | Pride \
    Attributes: Pride is Fokker's dad (whom Fokker blamed in the original game
                for making him drop the Powerstone). He is so much like Fokker
                its unbelievable - Think of Ryu and Ken from Streetfighter.
    Power Attack: Pride will create a whirlwind of air in front of him, sending
                  anyone nearby flying across the screen.
    Power Fusion I: Pride will shoot up into the air in a tornado of wind, taking
                    anyone nearby up with him and causing multiple hits of
    Power Fusion II: Pride will power up for a second and then release several
                     missles which will go hurtling through the air, and then
                     will release a second pair which will go in slightly
                     different directions. Unlike Fokker's missiles, these do not
                     home in on the opponents.
    | 7.2 - Stages \
    There are ten stages in Powerstone 2, although only five are available at the
    start. See the secrets section for information on earning the extra stages.
    Below are descriptions of the stages along with the opening speech
    by the narrator:
    Blue Sky Area
    Opening speech: Hey now, watch your step. Don't fall off, 'cause its a long
                    way down from here.
    Description: You will start off on a huge airship, which has three turrets.
                 There are several boxes and item chests for you too. Over time,
                 parts of the airship will fall off - first the left side, then
                 the right, and eventually the middle will collapse.
                 You will be free falling through the sky now - a counter in the
                 top-right corner will display how far away from the ground you
                 are, and will of course be constantly going down. Use the attack
                 button to boost your character forward. Item boxes will also
                 usually give out health items. As you fall, umbrellas (they look
                 like blue poles) will fall - grab these quickly. When the
                 counter reaches zero, you will fall to the floor.
                 If you didn't get an umbrella, you will crash to the floor and
                 lose some health. However, if you managed to get an umbrella,
                 you will float to the floor and not lose energy. In this area
                 there are several raised and lowered areas. At one end is some
                 flowing water which brings some bombs and item boxes. There are
                 some large doors which will occasionally open to produce a large
                 tank for you to use. On the other side are some stepped
                 platforms leading to two catapults, which will catapult boulders
                 down to the lower levels when hit.
    Dark Castle Area
    Opening speech: What's going on here? I have a very bad feeling about this
                    place - you'd better stay alert.
    Description: In this are you'll start off on one side of a large pool of
                 water. There are many items around, such as boxes and targets.
                 There are also some lily pads in the water which you can stand
                 on, albiet not for too long.
                 After some time, some GO> arrows will appear, and the side you
                 started on will begin to be lined with fire which is coming from
                 some flaming arrows being shot towards you. You will have to
                 jump from platform to platform to reach the top of the tower. Be
                 warned, as some platforms are unstable and will crumble beneath
                 you (this can damage people below you too). When you reach the
                 top there is a door have to get through.
                 You pop out of a giant lion head to arrive in this room. There
                 is a slightly raised platform at one side which has some reels
                 on it. You can hit these to cause various effects, such as food
                 appearing, dropping bombs on the play area, or causing a beam to
                 come from the lion's mouth. There are also a few pillars and
                 item boxes for you too.
    Tomb Area
    Opening speech: What's going on here? You'd better watch out for traps.
    Description: You'll start off in a large room with two pillars, each with
                 boulders on them. Next to each pillar are small platforms. At
                 one end of the room is a raised area with several caskets on -
                 these can be thrown to trap your opponent. The pillars can also
                 be knocked to make the boulders drop off and flatten your
                 opponents. Also a small revolving block will occasionally stop
                 and whatever picture is displayed will cause an action (eg. if
                 spikes are displayed, spikes will shoot out of the ground).
                 After some time, the floor will collapse and you will fall into
                 a linear path. You must run away from a boulder, and there will
                 be pitfalls you must avoid. Go thorugh the door at the end to
                 reach the next area.
                 In here is another large room. A huge bell is at one end (which
                 can be knocked about with a hammer), and some jars are also
                 present which can be thrown on your opponents' heads. Some
                 statues will also emerge from the walls occasionally too, which
                 can harm your character.
    Iceberg Area
    Opening speech: An aquatic adventure... don't forget to take advantage of
                    those subs.
    Description: You begin this area on two large submarines. There are three
                 subs in total, each with different objects on them. They will
                 be constantly submerging and raising again. The yellow sub has a
                 small trigger device which will activate some large
                 missiles housed in the submarine. The blue one has several
                 turrets, including a large turret at one end. The green one has
                 several platforms which usually have item boxes on them, and
                 sometimes have flying vehicles which you can use to drop bombs.
                 Whilst you fight, small ice floats will pass by, which contain
                 item boxes for you. Eventuall, the sub will crash into an
                 iceberg, and the fight continues. Watch out here as the ice
                 floor can easily be destroyed by explosions.
    Space Station Area
    Opening speech: Remember, don't miss the elevator, or else you'll be sorry!
    Decscription: You start off in a large room, with a lit green floor at one
                  end (its actually an elevator). One side of the room has a red
                  window with a conveyor belt behind it. This can be destroyed to
                  gain access to the item boxes behind it.
                  After some while, the elevator will begin to rise, and you must
                  get on it. It will stop at a larger area with several small
                  moving platforms. These generally lead to more item boxes, and
                  on some are small green teleporters, which will transport you
                  to another teleporter in the area.
                  Soon though the elevator will begin to rise again, so once more
                  you will have to board it. At the top you discover a huge alien
                  which you will have to avoid whilst you defeat your opponents.
                  The alien doesn't move from its position but has various
                  attacks that can do a fair bit of damage.
    Special Area #1: Desert Area
    Opening speech: What a massive enemy! But its not unstoppable - aim for its
    NB. Even if you are in Versus mode when the mid-boss isn't here, the narrator
        still says this quote...
    Description: This area is just a large open plain, littered with cacti, both
                 large (which you can grab onto, or if your character is big
                 enough, swing around) and small (which you can pick up and
                 throw). Apart from that, this area has nothing special going for
    Special Area #2: Pharoah Walker Area
    NB. Only TWO players can fight on this area - it is not available for three
        or more.
    Opening Speech: What a massive enemy! But its not unstoppable - aim for its
    Description: Basically this is just like the Desert Area. The one difference
                 here is that you have to fight the boss!! See section 8 for
                 tactics on beating the Pharoah Walker.
    Special Area #3: Chaos Area
    NB. Only TWO players can fight on this area - it is not available for three
        or more.
    Opening Speech: It's do-or-die time now - destroy the monster and get out of
                    the castle!
    Description: This is just one long corridor separated by metal gates, with a
                 wall at one end of the room. Here the idea is to survive up to
                 the end of the corridor. After a short time, the metal gates
                 will rise so you can procede to the next room, but don't hang
                 around because spikes will come out of the wall and it will
                 start moving towards you. In the first room, you can survive by
                 just grabbing onto a pole and climbing to the top. In the second
                 room you'll just have to avoid the enemies, and in the last one
                 just grab the pole again. Eventually you'll climb up some stairs
                 to reach the final boss! See section 8 for tactics on beating
    Extra Stage 1
    NB. This is only available when you have completed the game as Mel. See
        section 11 for more details.
    Opening Speech: N/A
    Description: Hmm... this looks familiar... wait a minuite! This is the Item
                 Well anyway, this place is a pretty small L-shaped room. I
                 can't emphasise how small this room is - its far too frantic in
                 4-player mode. There is a large tree in the middle which you can
                 jump on. There is also a pole at one wall, and some boxes around
                 too. There is also the counter desk at one end, and a small
                 place by there which you can just about fit two people in. Its
                 not much in the way of being special, but in four player mode
                 its great fun!
    Extra Stage 2
    NB. This is only available when you have completed the game as Pride. See
        section 11 for more details.
    Opening Speech: N/A
    Description: Now this is an interesting area! It is set in a city on some
                 beams that are interconnecting two buildings. All the players
                 start off on the central (and widest beam). There are five beams
                 in all - the main beam and two either side. This is great fun as
                 players jump to and from beams - watch your shadow to make it
                 easier. You can also go to the end and walk across, but this can
                 be dangerous as the walkways are much smaller than the beams.
                 There are several item boxes on this stage, so expect frantic
                 attempts at dodging Power Fusion moves from everyone! Huge fun.
    Extra Stage 3
    Opening Speech: N/A
    Description: This stage is a big collection of blocks piled together in a
                 weird geometric shape. It is very high, and has several item
                 boxes and wooden boxes for throwing. In order to get to the
                 higher levels, there are small platforms and several poles that
                 you can climb. Can be fun, but it can also be hard to see what's
                 going on because of all the blocks in the way!
    | 8. Gameplay |
    | 8.1 - Basic & Arcade Game \
    The Basic and Arcade games are virtually identical, so i've put them together
    into one section.
    This is what the opening speech is about really. You have to escape the
    castle - simple eh? Well, when you pick a character, you will descend an
    elevator to the bottom where there are five "teleporters" each displaying a
    stage. Choose whichever stage you like by running into it.
    Once you have completed whichever stage you took, one or two teleporters will
    appear behind you displaying which route you can take. Once again, choose
    whichever you want. As your character is running to the next stage, a map
    will appear showing your progress. The map looks like this:
    |                                  |
    |            ·-------·             |
    |            | Start |             |
    |            ·-------·             |
    |                                  |
    |   ·-----·             ·-----·    |
    |   |  A  |             |  B  |    |
    |   ·-----·             ·-----·    |
    |                                  |
    |   ·-----·             ·-----·    |
    |   |  C  |             |  D  |    |
    |   ·-----·             ·-----·    |
    |                                  |
    |           ·----------·           |
    |           | Mid-Boss |           |
    |           ·----------·           |
    |                                  |
    |   ·-----·             ·-----·    |
    |   |  E  |             |  F  |    |
    |   ·-----·             ·-----·    |
    |                                  |
    |          ·------------·          |
    |          | Final Boss |          |
    |          ·------------·          |
    |                                  |
    Taking a different route doesn't result in anything different - it just means
    you're playing on a different stage.
    Anyway, after the first three stages, you'll approach the boss, called the
    "Pharoah Walker".
    Pharoah Walker Tactics
    The Pharoah Walker is huge (in comparison to your characters that is). It
    has several weak points - its legs, its main body, and the head. Several
    beings are hidden inside and will poke out to shoot purple energy balls at
    you, and its tail can act as a huge laser. The head attacks by shooting its
    tounge out at you and eating you (!). Sometimes it will crouch to the floor -
    when it does this, run to the very edge as it will start spinning on the
    spot. It also has a habit of jumping in the air - jump just before it hits
    the ground, or it will stun you.
    Anyway, I find the best tactics to be to attack two or the legs until they
    are both destroyed - this will cause the Pharoah Walker to fall to the
    ground, giving you the opportunity to attack its head. Using Power Fusion
    moves are a good idea too. Remember what the announcer said - aim for its
    Once you've beaten the Pharoah Walker, choose your next stage and beat that
    to head on to the final stage - the Chaos Area!
    Chaos Area Tactics
    With the Chaos Area you have to survive until you reach the final boss. The
    basic premise is to survive each area for a short while until you move to the
    next. You can't stay in one area as when you must move the wall to the left
    will form spikes and begin moving towards the right, forcing you along.
    In the first room, you can survive by jumping and grabbing onto a pole and
    climbing to the top - the enemies in the room will be unable to hit you. In
    the next room, you should just try to avoid the attacks sent at you, as there
    are no poles to climb. It is useless to attack and defeat the enemies, as if
    you defeat one another will appear in its place. When you move on, there are
    poles in this room, so grab one again and climb to the top until you have to
    move again.
    When you do, the view will change to show the wall approaching from the top
    of the screen. Grab any Powerstones nearby and run to the bottom of the
    screen - your character will automatically climb up the stairs and come face
    to face with the boss.
    Final Boss
    The final boss is rather annoying in some respects - ie. he takes a literal
    age to defeat. First i'll describe his attacks and how to avoid them:
    If he holds his hand in the air whilst saying something...
    Get ready to jump out of the way, as he will send lightning towards you at a
    fast speed from his hand.
    If he starts to pull his hand away...
    Be ready to jump, as he will swing his hand around to catch you - so you need
    to jump over his hand. If he does grab you he will eat you and your
    Powerstones will burst out.
    If he grabs hold of the can on the table...
    Move to the far left or right of the table, as he will spew out the drink
    which will poison you if it touches you.
    Now that you know how to avoid his attacks, you can concentrate on attacking
    him. The best way is to pick up the items (fruit, teapot, pepper etc) and
    throw them at his head. Keep doing this whilst checking the item boxes that
    appear for Powerstones. Hopefully you should soon get enough Powerstones to
    transform - when you do, attack his head with any multi-hit attack you have.
    If you do enough hits/damage with this attack, he will bow his head, and the
    chest cavity will open up, revealing his heart. Hit this with as much as you
    can to deal some major damage. Just keep repeating these tactics, and
    eventually you will beat him!
    Enjoy the ending of your character's escape. Notice that Fokker's plane can
    still fly with a rotor that spins as fast as a stationary merry-go-round...
    | 8.2 - Versus Game \
    Now we're getting somewhere. The Versus game - easily the best option of the
    entire game. Here you get to face up to three opponents in a huge fighting
    frenzy! You can have a free-for-all, or even have teamplay! Lets take a look
    at what you get when you choose this mode...
    |                                                                |
    | |------------|  |------------|  |------------|  |------------| |
    | | Human      |  | COM        |  | No Entry   |  | No Entry   | |
    | |------------|  |------------|  |------------|  |------------| |
    |                                                                |
    | |------------|  |------------|  |------------|  |------------| |
    | | Red        |  | Blue       |  | Yellow     |  | Green      | |
    | |------------|  |------------|  |------------|  |------------| |
    |                                                                |              |
    | |------------|  |------------|  |------------|  |------------| |
    | |            |  |            |  |            |  |            | |
    | |            |  |            |  |            |  |            | |
    | |            |  |            |  |            |  |            | |
    | | Player 1   |  | Player 2   |  | Player 3   |  | Player 4   | |
    | |            |  |            |  |            |  |            | |
    | |            |  |            |  |            |  |            | |
    | |            |  |            |  |            |  |            | |
    | |            |  |            |  |            |  |            | |
    | |------------|  |------------|  |------------|  |------------| |
    |                                                                |
    You will have a small icon which you can control. Pressing up or down will
    move it between boxes vertically, and left and right horizontally. Press (A)
    to change each box.
    With the top boxes, pressing (A) will cycle through "Human", "COM" and "No
    Entry". Human means you will control the player, COM means the computer will
    control that player, and No Entry means no character will play here.
    The next box is used to set the teams. If you want to use teams, then the
    players must have the same colour. In otherwords, if the match was Players 1
    and 3 against Players 2 and 4, P1 and P3 would set their colour to red (as an
    example), and P2 and P4 would set their colours to blue.
    The final box is used to select your player - you will cycle on to the next
    one with each press of the (A) button. See section 7.1 for how they cycle
    Once done, a message will appear to tell you to press the (Start) button.
    If this doesn't appear and you are ready to play, something isn't set right
    (one character may not have picked a player or something) so make sure
    everything's in order. Once done, press (Start) to change the screen.
    In the top corner are all the stages open to you. There are five at the
    start, along with a random select button. Three new areas will appear here -
    the Desert Area, Pharoah Walker Area and the Chaos Area. Note that the
    Pharoah Walker and Chaos Areas are only open for one or two players - three
    or more and you can't access them. If you have the Extra Stages up (see
    section 11), then you can access them by pressing left or right when you
    are highlighting either the Iceberg Area or Random Select respectively.
    Choose your stage by pressing (A) and fight to your heart's content! Once the
    battle has ended, you can choose to retry with the same characters on the
    same stage or change them (see section 6.6 for a translation of the menu).
    | 9. Adventuring |
    | 9.1 - Adventure Game \
    In the adventure game, you play it just as you would do in Basic or Arcade
    modes. The differences here is that when you are hit or you hit someone,
    money will pop out for you to collect. When you finish the battle, a list
    will appear showing which items you picked up and how many you used. It will
    also show the gold you collected during the match. All of this mounts up for
    use in the Item Shop.
    When you complete the game, a huge list of every available item will appear,
    showing the ones you collected and the ones you didn't. Some are only
    available through the item shop though, so don't worry if it looks very
    blank. All of these items will be added to an "inventory" which is basically
    a book in the Item Shop showing you what you have earned. Any item you get
    here will now appear in all the other modes too, so in order to get all the
    items in the game you must pick up as many as you can in the Adventure Game.
    You can use the gold to buy or even make items too, which will also appear.
    Remember that some items can only be gained this way.
    In order to make items, you will need "cards", which will spring up
    occasionally. Walk over them to pick them up - they can come in very useful.
    That's all that is really different in the Adventure Game, but all of these
    changes are for use in the next mode - the Item Shop!
    | 9.2 - Item Shop \
    When you come in here, you will meet the shop owner Mel. I'll have a
    translation of what she says to you at some point, but just skip through
    until you get to the main Item Shop Menu, which is as follows:
    * Combine *             *: This is the default option.
      Dressing Room
    This will bring you into the Combine mode, where you can combine the various
    items and cards to create new items. See later for a more detailed
    Here you can buy or sell items you have - this allows you to get new items
    and sell off ones you have too many of. You can also buy items for combining
    to create even better ones.
    You can have a chat will Mel here, although it isn't really much use until I
    get it translated properly. She says different things too, which really
    doesn't help!
    Like the original, this book shows you what you've gained, including all the
    items you carry in your inventory.
    Dressing Room
    Here you can alter the apperances of the characters, by changing their
    colours to outfitting them with new clothing!
    Pretty obvious what this does...
    NB. I will begin adding translations of the items in the next release - I
        want to get as many done in one go as I can. Im also trying to figure
        out some combinations for item creation, so please bear with me!
    | 10. Other Stuff |
    | 10.1 - Sound Test \
    The Sound Test is the final option you can earn in the Extra Options. It is a
    lot easier to get than in the original Powerstone (where you had to get about
    2000 points in Fokker's mini-game). When you choose it, you will see a screen
    with some controls and options at the top. These are:
    * BGM *        *: This is the default choice.
    Below these options are a few controls. We'll start off with the Music...
    |                                                                           |
    | ·----------------------· ·----------------·                               |
    | | BGM                  | | No.      01/39 |    -------------    (This is  |
    | ·----------------------· ·----------------·   /  ---------  \   meant to  |
    |                                              |  -         -  |  be a CD   |
    | ·----------------------· ·----------------·  |  -         -  |  but I am  |
    | | (Track Name here)    | | Time  00'00"00 |   \  ---------  /   no good   |
    | ·----------------------· ·----------------·    -------------    at ASCII) |
    |                                                                           |
    |                                                                           |
    | ·-----------------------------------------------------------------------· |
    | |        <       (A)       (B)        >        (X)        (Y)           | |
    | ·-----------------------------------------------------------------------· |
    |          |        |         |         |         |          |              |
    | ·-----------------------------------------------------------------------· |
    | |     Previous   Play      Stop     Next      Repeat     Random         | |
    | ·-----------------------------------------------------------------------· |
    |                                                                           |
    As you can see, there are 39 tracks in total, which I will list in the next
    version (ie. when I can be bothered to go through them all). Use the left or
    right buttons on the Digital pad to go to the previous or next track. Press
    (A) to play a track and (B) to stop it (notice the nice spinning CD when you
    play a track?). Pressing (X) will make it continuously repeat the current
    track - press (X) again to turn this off. The same with pressing (Y), but
    instead of repeating the track it will mix them all up and play them randomly
    (like you couldn't guess that?).
    I will list the music titles etc. in a later version - right now, lets head
    on to the voices. Press down on the Digital pad to highlight the voices
    option. Now the screen looks like this:
    |                                                                           |
    | ·----------------------· ·----------------·                               |
    | | Voices               | | No.      01/29 |    --------------------       |
    | ·----------------------· ·----------------·   /    |          |    \      |
    |                                              | / X | Picture  | Y \ |     |
    | ·----------------------·                     | \   |          |   / |     |
    | | (Speech Made)        |                      \    |          |    /      |
    | ·----------------------·                       --------------------       |
    |                                                                           |
    |                                                                           |
    | ·-----------------------------------------------------------------------· |
    | |        <       (A)       (B)        >                                 | |
    | ·-----------------------------------------------------------------------· |
    |          |        |         |         |                                   |
    | ·-----------------------------------------------------------------------· |
    | |     Previous   Play      Stop     Next                                | |
    | ·-----------------------------------------------------------------------· |
    |                                                                           |
    Slightly different isn't it? Well, the time counter has gone (you don't
    really need that now do you?), and some of the labels have changed. There
    is no Random or Repeat function anymore either. The spinning CD has gone to
    be replaced by a picture of the character currently selected. Pressing either
    (X) or (Y) will scroll backwards or forwards through the characters - you can
    even hear the voices of the bosses.
    | 11. Secrets |
    | 11.1 - Extra Options \
    To gain the extra options, you must complete either the Basic game or Arcade
    game with seven _different_ characters. Each time you complete it with a
    different character a new option will be opened up. You don't have to start
    again if you are KO'ed - you can still continue and the secret will still be
    opened up.
    NB. You can be very sneaky here. If you have two people, choose Arcade mode
        and have the second player join in before the first picks his/her
        character. After selecting, an option menu will appear with two choices:
        * Players cannot hurt each other *     *: This is the default choice.
          Players can hurt each other
        Choose whichever you wish. Complete the game, and you'll find two options
        have appeared instead of one! The game counts it as being completed by
        two seperate characters! Just repeat twice and then with a single player
        to gain all the options in just four games! Thanks goes to Michael Bell
        (michael@rdwarf.freeserve.co.uk) for helping me try this.
    | 11.2 - Characters \
    There are two secret characters in the game - Mel and Pride.
    Mel is the shop keeper in the Item Shop mode. Lord knows why she's a player
    in this game, but she is actually pretty good, and has some very weird
    attacks, many involoving money bags!
    Pride is Fokker's dad (the one Fokker blamed in the first game for making him
    drop the Powerstone). He's pretty much the same as Fokker except his attacks
    are slightly different (although are very similar to Fokkers).
    To gain these characters, you must complete either Basic or Arcade mode with
    nine different characters. Once again, you can use the two-people-in-a-game
    technique to get this done quickly.
    | 11.3 - Stages \
    There are six extra areas I have found. These areas are the Desert Area,
    Pharoah Walker Area, Chaos Area, Extra Stage 1, Extra Stage 2 and Extra Stage
    The first three easy to get. Just complete the game with eight different
    characters to unlock the Desert Area. To get the other two, you only need
    complete it once, but they are only available to two players (you cannot
    play on them with three or more). It took me some time to figure this out
    because I always play the game with a few mates :)
    To get Extra Stages 1 & 2, you must complete the game with either Mel or
    Pride - completing with Mel will get you Extra Stage 1 and completing with
    Pride will get you Extra Stage 2. Use the two-people-at-once technique to
    get these stages up quickly. They will appear in versus mode when you head
    to the middle line of stages and press left or right at the edges (they are
    marked by red arrows).
    Finally, to get the last extra stage, complete the game with every character,
    and it will appear.
    | 12. Notes |
    | 12.1 - Funny Things \
    Although not really related to the actual game, I think you should all know
    of this. In a recent episode of the latest series of "Bits" (a videogame
    show over here in the UK, which is presented by three women who can't act),
    they did a preview of the Playstation 2. During the episode, I was very
    suprised to find them previewing Powerstone 2 on Playstation 2 (Capcom have
    stated a Powerstone game will head to Playstation 2 but haven't said whether
    it will be Powerstone 2). They described the game and how good it was and
    that it would be a selling point over the Dreamcast (!). Mistake 1 - The game
    is already on the Dreamcast. Then, and this is a whopper, they stated the
    game would feature VMU support!! VMU SUPPORT!! Excuse me, were you previewing
    the Dreamcast game and saying it was Playstation 2? Were you?
    Funny that isn't it. At least you would think a television program would get
    its facts right...
    | 12.2 - Credits \
    These are the people whom I just have to thank for helping me to create this
    Michael Bell (michael@rdwarf.freeserve.co.uk)
    Many thanks for perservering with me as I tried many different things, and
    for helping me in that sneaky way of getting the Extra Options up. Also
    thanks for lending me your power adapter whilst I waited to get one...
    NC2 (nc2@uswest.net)
    Thanks for giving me the methods for gaining the extra stages and telling me
    what they look like (even if I had already gained them). :)
    TyRaNiD (tyranid2@hotmail.com)
    Thanks for promising to help find any mistakes and with translating the
    bucket loads of Japanese text this game has.
    | 12.3 - Final Thought \
    What are you doing reading this? PLAY THE GAME!
    Well that's it. I hope you found this FAQ easily readable and useful. Its
    taken a lot of my time to write it, but then when you're waiting for your A
    Level results at least its something to do!
    Until next time - Pip pip!

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