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    Character Guide by shiva

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    The true character guide FAQ
    by Shiva (falcon@gravitoncity.org)
    SECOND VERSION - corrected misspelling mistakes, corrected game related mistakes and added
    (little) info
    Websites with permission for posting this FAQ: GameFAQs.com, Neoseeker.com
    -Speed/Defense List
    -Character Evaluation:
     I was tempted to create a FAQ for Power Stone 2 mostly due to the reason that the existing FAQs
     aren't very good, and many (only not to say all) reflect personal opinion, and also because it
     is my favorite fighting game of all time. As this guide will assume the form of a character
     guide, I'll be the less biased as possible. This FAQ is aimed for intermediates or higher level
     players of Power Stone, because it doesn’t explain basic concepts of the game. Also, don't sue
     me if you think this FAQ ain't good enough, because this is my 1st attempt at one :)
     This is NOT a strategy guide, it's a guide for you to know the best and worst points about each
     character and their power change (if something about a character, for example, speed, isn't
     mentioned in this global view of a character, it's because it is average - not great, not bad).
     I also rate each characters power change attacks (in terms of damage, accuracy, difficulty to
     connect it) and give you a comparison with the 1st Power Stone version of each character.
     In-depth strategy guides for each character may follow (you know whose I'll do first, kekekeke).
    SPEED LIST                           DEFENSE LIST
    Highest to lowest                    Highest to lowest
    -Ayame/Julia/Wangtang                -Gunrock
    -Rouge 				     -Gourmand
    -Pete/Jack/Accel	             -Galuda
    -Mel	                             -Falcon
    -Falcon/Ryoma/Pride	             -Ryoma
    -Galuda/Gourmand	             -Jack
    -Gunrock		             -Pete
    The main character. A balanced one. He's not too slow nor quick, weak nor strong.
    +  a balanced fighter
    +  throws crates at good speed
    +  double jump
    +  his combo finisher ('B' button on the ground) is a good anti-air move
    +  his back attack ('X' button when an enemy is behind you) stuns the enemy
    -  nothing really - not very good at anything, not very bad at anything
    Power type: Missiles and Rockets
    Power Missile - a missile that seeks the nearest enemy; 3 can be fired in a row
    Grade: 3/5
    Power Explosion - Falcon stops in place and prepares an explosion of missiles that homes in on
    the nearest enemy
    Grade: 3/5
    Power Rocket - Falcon stops for an instant in place and charges at the nearest enemy 5 times (the
    height at which you are doesn’t count)
    Grade: 3/5
    +  can deal high damage in seconds
    +  there´s no way for your opponent to know instantly which Fusion you´re preparing
    +  can launch 3 power drives in a row, making the attack more damaging and harder to escape
    +  he only loses Power Change bar after he has started his Fusion (if he's hit during the setting
       up for the fusion animation, he won't lose Power Change energy)
    +  he’s able to introduce a time lag in Power Rocket, making it hard to stop with the help of
       walls or poles
    +  he can fire 3 Power Missiles in a row, increasing their damage and accuracy
    -  Power Explosion is easy to avoid, especially with any wall or pole attack
    -  Power Rocket is easily stopped with a crate
    Actually, Falcon was better in the 1st Power Stone. He was quicker and he threw crates/boxes at a
    surprisingly high speed (for a character as quick as him). He lost the Power Uppercut (but that
    move wasn't that useful). Power Rocket was much quicker and accurate than it is now.
    A mysterious character. Cool looking. Strong but underrated.
    + has a directionable aerial drill kick, which makes him the fastest character in the game (with
      it you can easily be the 1st to reach the power stones or anything you want); it's good for
      attacking (3 hits max) and to escape anyone or anything quickly
    + due to the fact that he crawls, he avoids lots of attacks this way
    + if you connect all the hits of his wall/flying wall attacks or flying pole attack on a grounded
      opponent, it will do a fair amount of damage (the highest for wall attacks in the entire game)
    + he can combo his wall attack into the drill kick
    + his stomping move is the only in the game that hits multiple characters (intentionally)
    + one of the quickest and highest priority back attacks ('X' button when foe is behind you) in
      the whole game
    - his defensive power ain't very good
    - a lame crate/box thrower
    - his wall attacks aren't very effective
    Power type: Blade/shredding type
    Round Slash - Jack extends his Leg/Blade, homing on the nearest enemy
    Grade: 3/5
    Killer Dance - Jack extends both his arms, and carries everyone around with him, up in the air
    Grade: 3/5
    Misery Rain - Jack spins around in place, and swords go high in the air, and from there rain on
    the nearest character
    Grade: 3/5
    (air) Misery Rain - Jack stops in place, and swords come out of his body, homing on the nearest
    Grade: 2/5
    +  everything he picks up becomes bigger, increasing its effectiveness
    +  Killer Dance can hit up to 3 opponents at the same time
    +  if the swords of Misery Rain hit when going up and down, it'll do tremendous damage
    +  Round Slash is great against people with slow reflexes and people that are always jumping
       (because you can perform a ground-only version of Round Slash/because when a Round Slash done
       in the ground goes after an opponent in the air, it's super quick)
    +  Misery Rain is perfect for punishing people who throw themselves out of the stage
    +  you can't "wall escape" his fusions
    -  his Fusions use Power Change bar imediatly after they're started (which means you'll waste bar
       if the opponents stop them)
    -  his Fusions aren't easy to connect
    -  not a very good power change to face other powered up characters
    Jack was stronger in the 1st power stone (I don't mean he was better, he just did a lot more
    damage). His pole/flying wall attack was the best wall attack in the game, because it was the
    quickest in the game, and it easily juggled the opponents for 4 hits (unlike the PS2 version,
    where it only connects well on a grounded opponent). He was a lot more effective, since his
    Misery Rain almost never missed, because the stages were smaller and you could only hit him out
    of it with a throw. He lost his hovering capability (but gained the drill kick, which is a lot
    better), and his power drive "Rolling Slash". Overall, I think the PS2 version is better (only by
    a small margin).
    The most popular character. Known for his transformations and powers, which ressemble SonGoku
    from the DBZ series. His transformation is considered the best by many.
    +  a  very agile character
    +  throws crates/boxes surprisingly well
    +  his combo finisher ('B' button on the ground) is great for getting to power stones first
    +  a good and with good reach flying pole attack
    +  quick back attack ('X' button when enemy is behind you)
    -  low defensive power
    -  his air attack ('X' button in the air) isn't very good
    -  uses heavy items slowly
    Power type: Light Energy
    Power Drive:
    Dragon Fang Bombs - Wangtang sends energy beam aiming at the nearest opponent; 3 can be
    launched in a row
    Grade: 3/5
    (Air) Dragon Fang Bombs - Wangtang sends energy beam aiming at the nearest opponent, even if he's
    in the air; 3 can be done in a row
    Grade: 4/5
    Power Fusions:
    Big Dragon Ball - Wangtang gathers energy and does a massive energy ball, and releases it towards
    the nearest opponent
    Grade: 3/5
    Dragon Dance - Wangtang makes an explosion in the area surrounding him, whoever is caught will
    be hit with a flurry of very quick kicks, and finishes with a Dragon rising from the ground and
    hitting the opponent
    Grade: 3/5
    +  his power drive is unavoidable when done at close range
    +  can combo his fusions
    +  great for facing other powered up characters
    +  his fusions can hit multiple characters
    +  you can't wall escape his Fusions
    -  his fusions aren't very damaging
    Wangtang's power change in Power Stone 2 is actually better than the 1st Power Stone's one. His
    Dragon Fang Bombs are now unavoidable at close range. However his Big Dragon Ball used to do big
    damage. He also lost lots of efectiveness, because Power Stone 2 levels are so large. His main
    strenght in PS1 was to be constantly attacking and pressing his opponent, and that's not possible
    now. His run-up-the-wall attack was also better. His Dragon Dance is modified in PS2, and in PS1
    Dragon Dance was a very stylish move!! His lost tornado power drive was good.
    The sexiest and hottest character. Known for her very powerful transformation and fire powers.
    +  she has a diving kick, that is good for attacking, escaping and getting Power Stones before
       everyone else; also, if this kick hits a grounded foe, you can follow up with an attack combo
    +  a very quick character, and even quicker with her diving kick
    +  if connected properly, her flying pole attack removes 2 power stones from a character
    +  her combo finisher ('B' button on the ground) seems to have some frames of anti-air properties
    +  her back attack ('X' button when the enemy is behind) stuns the enemy
    -  low defensive power
    Power type: Fire
    Power Drive:
    Sight of hellfire - Rouge does a fire breath aimed at the nearest enemy.
    Grade: 3/5
    Blanket Bombing - Rouge does a fire corridor in the ground in front of her.
    Grade: 2/5
    Power Fusions:
    Fiery Trap - Rouge makes a big explosion around her.
    Grade: 3/5
    Summon Giant - Rouge summons a fire god, which fires 5 meteors at the nearest opponent.
    Grade: 4/5
    +  a very damaging power change
    +  Summon Giant is one of the most damaging supers in the game if all 5 meteors hit
    +  Fiery Trap can hit multiple people
    +  Sight of Hellfire has good reach and is of the most damaging power drives in the game
    -  Blanket Bombing rarely hits, and it's not very damaging
    -  the "wall escape" makes her Fusions do measly damage
    Rouge is a much better character in PS2 than in PS. Her Sight of hellfire gained reach. All the
    five meteors of Summon Giant easily hit now. Fiery Trap also totally connects more easily now due
    to the large extension of the stages. She lost her Carpet Dive, but since it only had good
    vertical range, it doesn't matter that much.
    The wandering samurai. Ryoma is one of the 5 characters in the game who wield a weapon prior to
    +  the longest reach for a combo starter in the whole game
    +  he has the only attack combo that ends in an anti-air move in the game
    +  his stomping move is quick
    +  his flying pole attack has a very good reach
    +  his air attack ('X' button in the air) has good reach
    -  nothing really (he's an average character)
    Power type: Lightning
    Power Drive:
    Raijinken - Ryoma summons a bolt of lightning in front of him, aiming for the nearest opponent;
    if the button is mashed, Ryoma will keep advancing forward while summoning lightning, ending with
    a rain of bolts of lightning
    Grade: 3/5
    Kuchuu Raijinken - Ryoma creates a thunder ball that homes on the nearest enemy; the more you
    mash the button, the more thunder balls appear (max 5).
    Grade: 3/5
    Power Fusions:
    Midare Zantou: - Ryoma stops in place and slashes himself, creating a series of crescent-shaped
    projectiles that home on the nearest enemy
    Grade: 3/5
    Tenchi Ryoudan - Ryoma slashes upwards surrounded with lightning, and then descends, creating a
    a lightning field around him upon reaching the ground; this attack homes on the nearest foe.
    Grade: 3/5
    +  when transformed, he can be a total combo character
    +  if mashed, Raijinken becomes a speed-increaser special and can be followed by a fusion
    +  Kuchuu Raijinken juggles the enemy and can set him up for a fusion
    +  Kuchuu Raijinken prevents the enemy from performing any action other than running
    +  if Midare Zantou connects fully, big damage guaranteed
    +  Midare Zantou acts like a shield that protects you against boxes/crates
    -  "wall escape" decreases the efectiveness of both his Fusions
    -  his power drives do low damage
    Ryoma was modified in Power Stone 2. In PS, Midare Zantou and Tenchi Ryoudan were some of the
    most unavoidable fusions of the game. However, his power drives were horribly slow. Now, his
    power drives are better, but the fusions are less effective, mostly due to the "wall escape". He
    lost an attack combo that removed 2 power stones in a row, and a vertical ranged power drive.  I
    consider it a tie between his Power Stone and his Power Stone 2 version.
    The cherry blossom ninja. Mostly feared due to 100 Cherry Blossom Bloom, her main Fusion.
    +  great speed
    +  double jump
    +  the highest priority stomping move in the game
    +  throws boxes/crates well for such a quick character
    +  her back attack stuns the enemy
    -  weak defensive power
    -  somewhat uneffective wall/flying pole attack(s)
    -  uses heavy items slowly
    -  weak attacking power
    -  low reach attack combo starter
    Power type: Ninja shuriken
    Power Drive:
    Flower Shuriken - Ayame throws a 3-hit shuriken towards the nearest enemy; two can be done in a
    Grade: 2/5
    Power Fusions:
    100 Flower Bloom - Ayame throws multiple shurikens, that chase the nearest enemy
    Grade: 3/5
    100 Flower Power - Ayame sends hairpins towards the nearest enemy; mashing the attack button
    increases the number of thrown hairpins
    Grade: 3/5
    +  a very powerful power change
    +  100 Flower Bloom is unavoidable
    +  she can combo one 100 Flower Bloom into another (she can even add her power drive to the mix)
    +  100 Flower Power is simply THE MOST DAMAGING FUSION IN THE GAME, if connected and mashed
    +  she can keep you guessing with her Power Fusions (if you're not near a wall, expect a 100
       Flower Blossom, if you're near a wall, she'll use the hairpins one)
    +  after the power change, her speed is slightly increased
    -  100 Flower Bloom is easily avoided by the "wall escape"
    -  Flower Shuriken is everything but accurate (when outside a combo)
    Let's put it simple: Ayame is much better in PS2. 100 Flower Blossom wasn't that hard to avoid
    and wasn't this damaging. Her autocombo Fusion was replaced by the 100 Flower Power, which is a
    lot better. Her stomp, similar to Falcon and Rouge's, was replaced by a high priority one. The
    only thing actually better about her Power Stone version were her flying pole/wall attacks, which
    didn't need to connect 2 hits to remove a power stone.
    The proud indian. People who use him like, above all, his powerful slamming fusion, Heaven's
    Victory (this is the real name of this Power Fusion; there's a mistake in the instruction booklet
    where this move is called "Power Explosion" - Falcon's/Fokker's missile Fusion; you can check it
    in the french language part of the booklet - provided you know french - or in the 1st Power Stone
    +  good defensive power
    +  damaging attack combo and moves overall
    +  good crate/box thrower
    +  his flying wall attack lets him roll without needing to be knocked down; you can roll almost
       when you want to
    +  he can pick up poles before power change
    -  not a fast runner
    Power Type: Phoenix
    Power Drive:
    Heaven's Cry - Galuda charges at the nearest enemy; two can be done in a row
    Grade: 2/5
    Power Fusions:
    Light of Vengeance - Galuda sends an arrow to the sky, and then many arrows rain on the nearest
    Grade: 2/5
    Heaven's Victory - Galuda grabs the enemy, and then slams him/her violently against the ground.
    Grade: 3/5
    +  Heaven's Victory does very high damage
    +  you can't "wall escape" his Fusions
    -  His power drive is weak and not hard to escape.
    -  Light of Vengeance is not very accurate, making the opponent being hit only by 2 or 3 of the
       arrows; it has a stupid range limit (why Capcom decided it to be this way remains a mistery to
       me, since they didn't mind making unavoidable moves for other characters), making enemies far
       away from you safe.
    -  Heaven's victory isn't easy to connect.
    While Galuda seems to have some weaknesses Power Changed if you read above, you had to see the
    Power Stone version. Light of Vengeance was much slower (even Gunrock could EASILY escape it),
    Heaven's Cry went only upwards or downwards, and Heaven's Victory only went upwards (even if
    performed in the air). The better things about his Power Stone version were that he could combo
    into Heaven's Victory with his Power Drive (since there wasn't air recovery) and he had a
    projectile Power Drive. Why it wasn't chosen to be in PS2 instead of Heaven's Cry is a mistery to
    me. But overall, he is much better in Power Stone 2.
    Power Stone's heavy character. If you like heavy damage above anything else, he's your man.
    +  everything he does is highly damaging
    +  his air attack ('X' button while in the air) is perfect for keeping enemies away; plus it's
       very strong
    +  the best box/crate thrower in the whole game
    +  very high defensive power
    +  uses heavy objects like feathers (very quickly)
    +  can pick up poles before power change
    -  the slowest character in the whole game
    -  his attack combo takes long to fully perform
    Power type: Rock
    Power Drive:
    Gun Gun Rock - Gunrock throws a rock at the nearest enemy, in an arc-like motion
    Grade: 3/5
    (air) Gun Gun Rock - Gunrock throws a rock at the nearest enemy straight forward.
    Grade: 3/5
    Power Fusions:
    Rock 'n' Roll - Gunrock grows bigger and rolls against the opponent (you're free to control him)
    Grade: 3/5
    Earthquake - Gunrock jumps high, and then shakes the ground with a powerful impact; afterwards he
    summons several rocks that rain on stunned enemies.
    Grade: 2/5
    +  Great to face other powered up characters
    +  Gun Gun Rock is accurate and damaging
    +  Both his Fusions are strong and capable of hitting multiple characters
    +  Earthquake is perfect to punish people who throw themselves out of the stage
    -  Rock 'n' Roll does measly damage with the help of the "wall escape"
    -  Earthquake is almost useless, unless people throw themselves out of the stage or are cornered
    Gunrock is better now. Rock 'n' Roll is more controlable, and Gun Gun Rock is harder to escape.
    However, he lost his Rock Crush Power Drive - the first part of the Earthquake Fusion (so useful
    for combos). His non powered up form remains the same, except for his air attack, which is better
    in PS2.
    A "mademoiselle" that fights with her umbrella! Talk about unorthodox characters. A deadly
    character, often underestimated due to her funny looks.
    +  a quick character
    +  she can glide in the air with her umbrella
    +  her air attack ('X' button in the air) hits all the way around, even grounded opponents
    +  she has the probably the best wall/pole attacks in the whole game (one of them even let's you
       continue with an attack combo or a stomp)
    -  low defensive power
    Power Type: Enslaving/Dominating
    Power Drive:
    Slave of Love - Julia sends a candle homing on the nearest foe, that upon impact, freezes them in a
    a cross.
    Grade: 4/5
    (air) Slave of Love - Julia sends a candle that homes on the nearest enemy, even if he's in the
    air, that upon impact, freezes the foe in a cross.
    Grade: 4/5
    Power Fusions:
    Queen's Mischief - using the candles in her head, Julia, homing on the nearest enemy, makes a
    fire way in the ground in front of her.
    Grade: 2/5
    (air) Queen's Mischief - before performing the Queen's Mischief, Julia does a dive towards the
    nearest foe.
    Grade: 2/5
    Merry-go-Round - Julia creates a Merry-go-Round around her that damages enemies caught in its
    Grade: 3/5
    +  the only character in the game with a power drive that freezes the enemy in place, allowing
       her to combo any fusion she wants
    +  her Merry-go-Round is very damaging
    +  both her Fusions can hit up to 3 people
    +  after transformation, her new pole/wall attacks are still good (one of them even stuns the
    -  Queen's Mischief isn't very accurate nor damaging, and leaves her open to attack
    -  Merry-go-Round is often stopped by an enemy who wasn't caught in it
    The crazy gun fighter. An overall strong character.
    +  can shoot opponents from a distance with a pole or wall attack
    +  surprisingly high defensive power
    +  a balanced character
    -  his air attack ('X' button in the air) isn´t easy to connect and only the last hit will
       remove a power stone
    Power type: Bullets
    Power Drive:
    Beat Assault - Accel fires a round of 10 shots in the direction he's facing
    Grade: 3/5
    Power Fusions:
    Crazy Revolver - Accel fires a set of bullets that chase and juggle the nearest enemy
    Grade: 2/5
    Wild Buzzsaw - Accel turns into a giant vehicle with a saw, that can run over his enemies (you
    control it)
    Grade: 3/5
    +  the fastest character in the game after Power Change
    +  Crazy revolver does great damage if connects totally
    +  Wild Buzzsaw is a multiple-enemy-hitter
    -  Some may find Wild Buzzsaw hard to control
    -  His Fusions' effectiveness is seriouly toned down with the "wall escape"
    -  His power drive can be difficult to aim
    -  if he's hit any time after performing Crazy Revolver, the attack stops imediatly
    The smallest character. His non powered and powered up form are a complete anthytesis: one is
    weak, and the other is very strong.
    +  his small size makes him hard to hit with some attacks
    +  surprising defense (for such a puny character)
    +  his air attack ('X' button) is good: hits all around and does good damage
    -  bad reach for attack combo
    -  weak attacking power
    -  everything he picks up becomes smaller, decreasing its effectiveness
    Power type: Toys
    Power Drive:
    Energy Shot - Pete does a beam that hits in front of him
    Grade: 3/5
    Power Fusions:
    Toy Parade - little soldiers appear and start shooting the enemy
    Grade: 2/5
    Electric Shield - Pete creates an energy field around him, which can hit the enemies
    Grade: 3/5
    Propeller Dream - little airplanes appear from Pete and chase the nearest enemy
    Grade: 3/5
    Electric Pillar - Pete creates a lightning storm, which hits all the enemies directly under him
    Grade: 3/5
    +  being the only character with 4 different Power Fusions, he has a diffent super for each
       situation; you can keep the opponent guessing what will be your next move
    +  all his Fusions are highly controlable
    +  Propeller Dream, connected totally, does massive damage/try Toy Parade against a petrified
    +  his Fusions are great for hitting multiple enemies
    +  his stomp/wall/pole attacks are highly damaging in this form
    -  Toy Parade and Electric Shield do low damage with "wall escapes"
    The evil cook. He brings his kitchen utensils into the fights. Power changes into a fluffy
    dinosaur and serves his "friends" the dinner. Another laughed at but strong character. (since
    Gourmand is supposed to be french, the french names for his moves in the booklet were adopted -
    they also make much more sense)
    +  good defense
    +  good attacking power
    +  his attack combo starter has good reach
    +  great for throwing boxes/crates
    +  his air attack ('X' button in the air) hits all around him
    +  his back attack, if hits, makes the enemy fly
    +  can pick up poles before transformating
    -  a slow character
    Power type: Food
    Power Drive:
    Entreé du Jour - Gourmand spits a barrel on fire to the nearest enemy, in an arc-like motion
    Grade: 2/5
    (air) Entreé du Jour - Gourmand spits a barrel on fire to the nearest foe below, in a 45 degree
    angle motion
    Grade: 3/5
    Power Fusions:
    Chef Flambé - Gourmand spins around, with fire surrounding him (controlable)
    Grade: 2/5
    Plat De Résistance - a cooking pot appears below Gourmand, and cooked animals start leaving the
    pot and home at the nearest enemy.
    Grade: 3/5
    +  all his moves in this form are highly damaging
    +  Chef Flambé can hit multiple enemies
    +  he gains new pole/wall attacks with good reach, due to their fiery nature
    -  his Fusions are "wall escapable"
    -  Entreé du Jour can be hard to aim
    -  Chef Flambé is easy to avoid (unless cornered)
    Falcon's father who likes to take your items or money away. His most feared attack is his Missile
    Fusion - Missile Armageddon (*UNOFFICIAL*) - which does MASSIVE DAMAGE.
    +  good attack power
    +  can pick up poles before power change
    +  the only character whose air attack ('X' button in the air) aims upwards
    -  weak defensive power
    Power type: Missiles/Cyclone
    Power Drive:
    Piercing Tornado (*UNOFFICIAL*) - Pride homes a small horizontal cyclone towards the nearest foe
    Grade: 2/5
    Power Fusions:
    Hurricane Upper (*UNOFFICIAL*) - Pride does an air-directed punch which creates a massive fiery
    tornado below
    Grade: 3/5
    Missile Armageddon (*UNOFFICIAL*) - Pride stops in place and shoots two waves of cyclone missiles
    Grade: 4/5
    +  ultra damaging power change
    +  Missile Armageddon is probably the special who can dish the most damage in the least amount of
       time in the whole game
    +  Both his fusions are perfect for hitting multiple people
    +  you can mash Hurricane Upper for getting even greater damage
    +  you can't "wall escape" his Fusions
    +  he only loses Power Change bar after he has started his Missile Fusion (if he's hit during the
       setting up for the fusion animation, he won't lose Power Change energy)
    -  nothing really
    The item shop owner. Her power change is POOR (visually) and at the same time RICH (you know why)
    She fights with her umbrella (a deluxe one at that).
    +  she can glide in the air with her umbrella
    +  her air attack ('X' button in the air) hits all the way around, even grounded opponents
    +  as Julia, she probably has the best wall/pole attacks in the whole game (one of them even
       let's you continue with an attack combo or a stomp)
    +  uses heavy objects as if they were feathers (very quickly)
    -  the weakest defensive power in the whole game
    Power Type: Money
    Power Drive:
    Essence Shield (*UNOFFICIAL*) - Mel creates an attacking essence card shield around her
    Grade: 2/5
    Power Fusions:
    Keep the Change (*UNOFFICIAL*) - Mel sends a wave of coins to her nearest foe
    Grade: 1/5
    Wealthiness Rain (*UNOFFICIAL*) - Mel sends money bags to the air, that then rain on the nearest
    Grade: 3/5
    +  the only character in the game that can perform 4 power fusions with one sole power change
    +  she can triple jump
    +  you can't "wall escape" her fusions
    -  Essence Shield is weak and hard to connect
    -  Keep the Change is the most WORTHLESS super in the game (in terms of effectiveness, damage,
       connecting difficulty)
    - Capcom, for producing such a fantastic title
    - me, for writing this FAQ (even during tests time)
    - JustJay and Alkaiser DELTA, for making up some names for Pride's and Mel's moves
    - Falcon1, for convincing me to write a FAQ and for so much else
    - Falcon1, Ryoma123456, Alkaiser DELTA, JustJay, EvilAnimChik, Ayame, SpilSKinAnkhe, JumiViolet,
    Ragnarok/DarkfireOMEGA, MaDCLowN, Aerwin, QuickMan, Joe2001, Gorgondo and many other people
    (sorry, I can't remember all your names) for making of the DC PS2 message board the best of
    If there's wrong info or something you don't agree with and want to contact me, come to the
    Dreamcast Power Stone 2 Message Board, or simply e-mail me at falcon@gravitoncity.org.

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