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FAQ/Walkthrough by JunoGem

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 11/29/00

Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise From The Ashes FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
By: JunoGem (Aaron Knepper)

Hello and welcome to my third FAQ/WALKTHROUGH. This one is on the Sega 
Dreamcast system and is called Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise From The Ashes. I 
hope this helps you out, and if you need to contact me, my E-mail address is 
at the bottom of this and every FAQ/WALKTHROUGH.


Version History-

New Version:

Version 1.4 (11/29/00)

Long time people, I'm sorry. This move is taking more of a toll that I thought 
it would. There will be a new Secrets FAQ for the game. To the writer of the 
FAQ, E-mail me as soon as possible. Also, there is a new 2-D Gundam game 
coming out in November.

Past Versions:

Version 1.0 (7/22/00)

First version. Nothing to say here.

Version 1.1 (7/23/00)

Fast update, I'm happy. Just changing some stuff.

Version 1.2 (8/3/00)

New version, I added information on the Japanese Premium Disc.

Version 1.3 (8/15/00)

Not much of a update but I have some bad news, I'll be moving this week and I 
won't reply to any mail for a week, but other than that it's all A OK. JunoGem


Table of Contents:

1.  Game Information
2.  Story
3.  Controls
4.  Main Menu
5.  Briefing Menu
6.  B.I.C. System (Pause) Menu
7.  Characters
8.  Mobile Suits (MS)
9.  Weaponry
10. Hints and Tips
11. Walkthrough
12. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
13. Game Shark Codes
14. Premium Disc
15. Disclaimer
16. Credits
17. Contact Me
18. E-Mail that I'll Accept or Delete
19. Other FAQs made by me
20. Where you can find this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
21. FAQ/WALKTHROUGH Information


1. Game Information-

Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Publisher: Bandai
Developer: Bandai
Genre: Action
Origin: Japan
Number of Players: One
Peripherals: Analog Memory Pack/Visual Memory Unit
Approved for use by: Sega


2. Story-

January, UC 0079

The space colony Side 3 declares itself the Duchy of Zeon and begins a war of 
independence against the Earth Federation government. As hostilities commence, 
the Zeon Army carries out Operation British, dropping a space colony on Earth. 
Its target is Jabrow, the Earth Federation Army's stronghold in South America.

Due to desperate resistance by the Earth Federation Army, the colony 
disintegrates in the skies above Saudia Arabia after it enters the Earth's 
atmosphere. The drop onto Jabrow is prevented, but the leading edge of the 
enormous colony falls on Sidney Australia, transforming the city into an 
enormous bay.

The Zeon Army, which doesn't have the resources to sustain a protracted 
conflict because it is a space colony state, anticipates a lengthening of the 
war after failure of Operation British. They immediately begin a series of 
Drop Operations to secure resources, and rapidly occupy 2/3 of the Earth's 

The Zeon Army invades Australia, hardest hit by Operation British, in order to 
secure its abundant subterranean resources. The Federation Army in Australia, 
having suffered a crushing blow, doesn't appear to stand a chance.

11 months after the beginning of the war, the Earth Federation government 
launches a massive counteroffensive in Europe called Operation Odessa, and is 
victorious. Due to the success of Operation Odessa, the military balance on 
Earth begins to shift significantly in favor of the Federation Army, and 
counteroffensive commence all over the globe. Even in Australia, still 
recovering from the devastation of Operation British, a counteroffensive is 
about to begin.



Analog Stick: Adjusts viewing angle.
D-Pad: Moves MS. Double tap and hold to dash. Double tap and hold done to 
"Y": Activates Sniper Scope.
"B": Locks on to enemy or centers view when held.
"A": Attacks with equipped weapon.
"X": Changes weapon.
Right Trigger: Guard
Left Trigger: Jump or fly when held.
Start: Activates B.I.C. System (Pause)


4. Main Menu-

New Game: It lets you start out on the first mission.
Continue: Select this to continue a game saved onto VMU or a normal memory 
Options: Change features of the game, it saves these changes.
Extra Options: Add some new features, it saves the features you add on. You 
earn this after you beat the game.


5. Briefing Menu-

This is where you go before every mission. There are many features, but there 
not hard to remember.

Briefing: Here is where you get your missions and objectives. 
Garage: Here Bob will help you prepare for you missions. He will set up the 
MS, the weapon, and shield for Fang 1, Fang 2, and Fang, 3.
Mailbox: This is the place where you check your E-mail from Leung, Max, and 
System: This is the Options menu.
Exit: Take you to your next mission.


6. B.I.C. System (Pause) Menu-

This is the screen you see when you press Start during game-play.

Map: This shows you a sky view of the area. It shows you enemies and allies.
Command: In this screen you can issue orders to Fang 2, Fang 3, and Oasis.
Condition: It shows you the condition of Fang 1, Fang 2, Fang 3, and Oasis.
Mission: It displays your mission(s). Once you accomplish all of them you exit 
the level.
Exit: It takes you back into battle.


7. Characters-

Here's a list of the major characters of the game.

White Dingo

Master Pierce Rayer
AKA: Rayer
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Age: Late20s
This is the main character and he is you. He is a brave man, but he's not 
stupid. In combat he is Fang 1.

Stanley Hawkins
Rank: Commander
Age: 40s
A friendly man from a military family. He gives you your missions and 
objectives in every briefing.

Leung Lee-Fai
AKA: Leung
Rank: Ensign
Age: Late20s
He responds to every challenge with a cool head, but don't take him lightly. 
He was once a tank driver but now uses his skills in his MS. In combat he is 
called Fang 2

Maximilian Berger
AKA: Max
Rank: Ensign
Age: Mid-20s
He's a thinker and a lover, but he's no sissy. If I were from Zeon, I wouldn't 
mess with him. In combat he is known as Fang 3.

Anita Julianne
AKA: Anita
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Age: Mid-20s
A kind woman with a pure heart. Although she does not fight in combat, she is 
very helpful when using the S.P. Search. In combat she is known as the 
hovertruck Oasis.

Bob Rock
AKA: Bob
Rank: Chief Mechanic (Earth Federation Army)
Age: Late40s
A great mechanic and a great person. People would do anything to have Bob work 
on their MS.


Visch Donahue
Rank: 1st Lieutenant (group leader, Zeon Forces)
Age: Early30s
He is known as Wild Thunder, and is just as dangerous. He is an excellent MS 
pilot and is your rival.

Walter Curtis
Rank: Lt. Colonel (Commander, Zeon Forces)
Age: Late40s
He's a very nice guy but he's on the wrong side. He believes that this war is 
a Holy War.


8. Mobile Suits (MS)-

Here I will list the Mobile Suits in the game.

White Dingo

Model Name: GM
Model Number: RGM-79
SPECS: Total Height 18 m. Dry Weight 41.2 t
Fixed Weapons: 60 mm head-mounted Vulcan cannon x2, Beam Saber.
Hand-held: 100 mm Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, P-Beam Rifle, B-Spay Gun, Beam 
Rifle, Grenades.
Energy: 800
JunoGem's note: I recommend this until you have the Extra options. It is great 
for ramming and faster than the GM Cannon so it is better used in Close 

Model Name: GM Cannon
Model Number: RGC-80
SPECS: Total Height 17.8 m. Dry Weight 49.9 t.
Fixed Weapons: 60 mm head-mounted Vulcan Cannon x2, Beam Saber, 240 mm Cannon.
Hand-held: 100 mm Machine Gun, P-Beam Rifle, B-Spray Gun, Beam Rifle.
Energy: 900
JunoGem's note: Great for sniping. When sniping you always use your 240 mm 
Cannon. You may be able to get in two shots if you blow off a part of the 
enemy on your first shot.

Model Name: RXD
Model Number: RX-77D
SPECS: Unknown.
Fixed Weapons: 60 mm head-mounted Vulcan Cannon x2, 240 mm Cannon x2.
Hand-held: 100 mm Machine Gun x2
Energy: 1500
JunoGem's note: Don't use in Close Combat because the RXD is slow and it's 100 
mm Machine Gun x2 may fire fast, but they don't do enough damage. When sniping 
use the 240 mm Cannon x2 and blow a part of the enemy away. Since there are 
two shots each time you may be able to inflict great damage on an enemy MS. If 
you are two close to an enemy and you can't run, ram your enemy and blast 'em.

Model Name: GM Sniper.
Model Number: RGM-79SP
SPECS: Unknown.
Fixed Weapons: Beam Saber.
Hand-held: 100 mm Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, P-Beam Rifle, B-Spay Gun, Beam 
Rifle, Grenades.
Energy: 1000
JunoGem's note: If your engine is at 0% it will only go up to 10% when 
ramming. Best for sniping.

Duchy of Zeon Mobile Suits

Model Name: Zaku
Model Number: MS-06J
Fixed Weapons: Beam Axe.
Hand-held: Grenade, Rocket Launcher.
JunoGem's note: A normal Zaku, easily destroyed. They're fast, but not fast 

Model Name: Zaku II
Model Number: MS-06S
Fixed Weapons: Beam Axe.
Hand-held: Grenade, 100 mm Machine Gun.
JunoGem's note: Not much better than the original. Easily destroyed.

Model Name: Zaku Cannon
Model Number: MS-06K
Fixed Weapons: Beam Axe, Cannon.
Hand-held: 100 mm Machine Gun.
Energy: Unknown.
JunoGem's note: It's a GM Cannon with the MS of a Zaku. That 240 mm Canon is 
dangerous, so be careful.

Model Name: Gouf
Model Number: MS-07B
Fixed Weapon: Beam Axe, Energy Chain.
Hand-Held: 100 mm Machine Gun x3.
Energy: Unknown
JunoGem's note: Watch out, this is one dangerous MS. If it gets you with it's 
Energy Chain it will shoot you or a friend with its 100 mm Machine Gun x3 on 
it's left arm.

Model Name: Gogu
Model Number: MSM-03
Fixed Weapon: Claws, Energy Cannon (in chest)
Hand-held: None
Energy: Unknown.
JunoGem's note: Snipe these bad babies; they can rip you apart, literally. 
They are very claws are dangerous, and the Energy Cannon implanted in their 
chest is even more dangerous. The Beam is aimed at you so jump as soon as it 
is shot. If you're too close, you're in trouble.

Model Name: Geloog
Model Number: MS-14G
Fixed Weapon: Double Sided Beam Saber, Grenade.
Hand Held: P-Beam Rifle.
Energy: Unknown.
JunoGem's note: I like this one, its really cool. Its P-Beam Rifle can take 
you out, so be careful. Its Double Sided Beam Saber is very effective too.


9. Weaponry-

Here I will list the weapons you can use in the game and then I will give them 
a comment a rating of 1 (sucks), 2 (okay), or 3 (kick butt).

60 mm head-mounted Vulcan Cannon x2: It has very low accuracy and does little 
damage. It may over heat and not be able to shoot until it cools down. If your 
head is destroyed you cannot use it. Don't use it on an enemy MS, use it on 
fliers or ground units. I give it a 1.

100 mm Machine Gun: A weak gun that can shoot rapidly. If you choose to use it 
you need to either snipe so you get in a few hits or get close up so you can 
do damage. Only choose this if your using the GM Cannon and you don't have the 
Extra Options yet. Can become unusable if right arm is damaged or destroyed. I 
give it a 1.5.

Rocket Launcher: One strong gun that can be dangerous. If Fang 2 and/or Fang 3 
are fire at an enemy make sure they don't hit you and/or you don't hit them. 
Can become unusable if right arm is damaged or destroyed. I give this a 2.5

Grenade: You can lob these babies a long distance and are very devastating, 
but they are hard to use. I highly recommend these, if you can aim. Can become 
unusable if left arm is damaged or destroyed. I give it a 2.5.

240 mm Cannon: One great weapon. It is a long-range weapon and is great for 
sniping. It packs a punch. I give it a 2.5.

Beam Saber: By far my favorite weapon in the whole game. Good for de-arming 
any enemy, literally. Strong and swift, just be sure not to get hit by one. 
Can become unusable if right arm is damaged or destroyed. I give it a 3.

P-Beam Rifle: It is also known as a High-Output Beam Cannon. It is a great gun 
that takes a long time to reload but can destroy any MS in four or less clean 
shots. Can become unusable if right arm is damaged or destroyed. You must 
unlock this. I give it a 3.

B-Spray Gun: A smaller Beam Rifle that fire more and reloads quicker. Good 
gun. Can become unusable if right arm is damaged or destroyed. I give it a 2.5

Beam Rifle: A great gun that does less damage than the P-Beam Rifle but it 
recharges faster than it. Can become unusable if right arm is damaged or 
destroyed. I give it a 2.5.

Small Shield: A good shield that gives little cover but has ramming 
capabilities. If you ram an opponent, they are gonna feel it. Can become 
unusable if right arm is damaged or destroyed, or if the shield itself is 
destroyed. I give it a 2.5

Medium Shield: I love it. It is a cross between a Small Shield and a Large 
Shield. I takes less damage than a Large Shield, but its ramming capability 
deploys more damage that a Small Shields does. Can become unusable if right 
arm is damaged or destroyed, or if the shield itself is destroyed.  I give it 
a 3.

Large Shield: It's okay. I don't use it because it doesn't have ramming 
capabilities. On the bright side, it takes a lot of shots to destroy this 
baby. Can become unusable if right arm is damaged or destroyed, or if the 
shield itself is destroyed. I give it a 2.


10. Hints and Tips-

* A strong offense is the best defense.
* Sniping may take time, but it can help you avoid damage.
* Don't go into close combat unless you are good with a Beam Saber.
* Use Fang 2 and Fang 3, they can take on a MS easily while you take on 
* The game is easy, even if you have it on hard.
* The best weapon is the P-Beam Rifle.
* Ram an enemy and then get him while he's down.
* The 100 mm Machine Gun is good for sniping, but it doesn't do that much 
* Zeon is also known as the Zeeks.
* There are only nine levels.
* You get Extra Options by beating the game.
* Don't give up.
* Always have OASIS perform a S.P. Search as soon as possible. 
* If you loose your lock on a MS when in close combat, evade!
* Who ever said it wasn't fair to go 3-on-1?
* Use the Sniper Scope to get the first hit on an enemy.
* Use a faster MS in close combat so you can evade and receive less damage.
* You go into close combat when your locked onto an enemy and your 100 or less 
feet away from an enemy MS.
* Aim for the head when sniping because it will stun the enemy MS for a moment 
to get in another shot if the head is destroyed. Best when using strong 
* SHORT attacking is 200-0 feet away. This is best if every body is using it 
so your comrades don't shoot each other.
* MEDIUM is just getting close and pumping the enemy full of lead.
* LONG is distant shots and/or sniper shots.
* An enemy may not show up on the map or your radar even if it shooting you if 
it isn't in one of you Mobile Suits search range.


11. Walkthrough-

I hope this helps you people out, but I'll change it every once in a while. 
NOTE: in my recommendation is if you are not using the extra options.

Mission 1
Rainbow Valley   
Nov. 23rd, UC 0079
5:20 A.M.

Destruction of enemy MS
Destruction of target (15 Gun Turrets)
Enemy Mobile Suits in area: MS-06J (3)
JunoGem's recommendation:
Fang 1: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield
Fang 2: GM/Rocket Launcher/Large Shield
Fang 3: GM Cannon/100 mm Machine Gun/Large Shield

As you start the level you will be in front of a small town (few buildings 
small). Have Oasis perform a S.P. Search. After the search is complete you 
will see there is a MS-06J a few hundred feet behind the small town. There is 
another one a few hundred feet to the right (on the map) of the first one. The 
third one will go after Oasis after she finishes moving on her own. Have Fang 
2 and Fang 3 attack the MS right of the first MS you located. After you take 
out your enemy MS help Fang 2 and Fang 3. Now send Fang 2 and Fang 3 to attack 
the last MS-06J after the enemy reinforcements arrive. Now take out the Gun 
Turrets and Magellas. If before you end the level you feel like you have to 
take out some enemy fliers, use your Vulcan Cannons.

Mission 2

Alice Spring
Nov. 25th, UC 0079
11:30 A.M.

Destruction of target (supply train)
Perform S.P. Search
Enemy Mobile Suits in area: MS-06J (2), MS-07B (1)
JunoGem's recommendation:
Fang 1: GM Cannon/100 mm Machine Gun/Large Shield
Fang 2: GM/Rocket Launcher/Large Shield
Fang 3: GM/Rocket Launcher/Large Shield

This mission can be very hard if you don't know what the hell you are doing. 
Oasis will perform the S.P. Search without you commanding her too, so don't 
bother. The firs enemy MS is straight ahead in the city. Once you see it shoot 
at it, it will dive behind a building. Before it pops out and shoots at you 
(then dives again and will repeat unless you follow it you destroy the 
building it dives behind) use your Sniper Scope and select your 240 mm Cannon. 
Each time it comes out it will shoot, now is the time to shoot it once, if you 
shoot before it does it will dive again. After the target is destroyed have 
Fang 2 and Fang 3 go after the other MS-06J. While they are doing this attack 
the Gun Turrets, be careful because they pack a punch (enough to knock you out 
of the sky. If you finish destroying the Gun Turrets before Fang 2 and Fang 3 
are finished, help them out. Soon a cut scene will occur. There are three ways 
to make this happen. 1, destroy the supply train, let the supply train leave, 
or damage the Gouf a lot. When the enemies retreat don't attack them because 
the Gouf gets fully repaired and it will most likely kill you. If you let them 
leave, you still finish the level. If you destroy the entire train before the 
next mission Anita will tell you about five teens with experimental Mobile 
suits are doing fairly well. Sounds like the Gundams, but it's not. I kind of 
wish I knew what it was though.

Mission 3

Simpsons Gyapps
Dec. 1st, UC 0079
2:07 P.M.

Destruction of Gaw
Enemy Mobile Suits in area: MS-06J (4), MS-06S (2)
JunoGem's recommendation:
Fang 1: GM Cannon/P-Beam Rifle/Large Shield
Fang 2: GM/Rocket Launcher/Large Shield
Fang 3: GM/Rocket Launcher/Large Shield

In this level you will need to destroy the Gaw, a giant aircraft. The first MS 
will be in front of you about 800 feet. The next one is on the right of that a 
few hundred feet away. After you destroy all the Mobile Suits the Gaw and four 
MS-06Js. When the Gaw comes into combat it will start dropping bombs, if you 
can't escape use your shield. You'll still get hurt, but the shield will help 
you out. One of your air units will fly into the Gaw and self detonate and 
stop the bombing. Now aim for the engines with you P-Beam Rifle and blow them 
away. Have Fang 2 and Fang 3 attack the nearest enemy MS. After all four 
engines on the Gaw have been destroyed you and your comrades will need to take 
out all the enemies to end the mission.

Mission 4

Dec. 18th, UC 0079
10:15 A.M.

Destruction of enemy Mobile Suits
Enemy Mobile Suits in area: MS-06K (3), MS-07B (2)
JunoGem's recommendation:
Fang 1: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield
Fang 2: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield
Fang 3: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield
As you enter the level you will notice it is around an old mine, the owner 
died during Operation British. The First MS-06K is in a ditch right in front 
of you. Use your Sniper Scope and blow his head off and shoot him again (use a 
grenade if your good with them) and then command Fang 2 and Fang 3 to destroy 
him. After he is gone command your comrades to attack the MS-06K on the left 
side of the map. You then go by the mine and blow away the Magellas by the 
other MS-06K. Now take out the MS-06K. Then destroy the stray Magella by the 
back of the map. Command Fang 2 and Fang 3 to move to the spot on the map that 
is a box (part of the runway) and destroy the MS they were attacking. Now a 
cut scene will occur. After wards go to the runway and have everyone attack 
The MS that is after the Hover Truck. If that Hover Truck gets destroyed you 
lose. The reason I want you to go 3-on-1 is that these Mobile Suits have 
Energy Chains that can grab you and then they can shoot with their 100 mm 
Machine Gun x3 on the left hand. After the two enemies are destroyed you beat 
the mission.

Mission 5

Dec. 23rd, UC 0079
9:42 A.M.

Search for enemy presence
Destruction of enemy Mobile Suits
Destruction of target (Submarine)
Enemy Mobile Suits in area: MS-06S (1) MS-06J (1) MSM-03 (2)
JunoGem's recommendation:
Fang 1: RXD/100 mm Machine Gun x2
Fang 2: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield
Fang 3: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield

This mission can be easy or it can be hard, it all depends on what you do and 
how you do it. First you will need to find the two enemy Mobile Suits. Once 
you spot them have Fang 2 and Fang 3 take on the other MS. After they are 
destroyed head for the submarine and take out the two Zeon helicopters. Now go 
directly in front of the submarine and dive into the water. Under the water 
the submarine can't get you and it is easiest destroyed this way too. Select 
your 240 mm Cannon x2 and lay waste to the belly of the sub. After the 
submarine is destroyed two MSM-03 will arrive. Have Fang 2 and Fang 3 attack 
on while you get the other. Use the rest of your 240 mm Cannon ammo on these 
guys so they just die. They are a BIG pain, but they die. After you destroy 
the two MSM-03s the mission ends.

Mission 6
Broken Hill
Dec. 25th, UC 0079
3:28 P.M.

Destruction of enemy MS
Destruction of target (Giant Hover Tank)
Enemy Mobile Suits in area: MS-06J (2), MS-09 (1), MS-06S (2)     
JunoGem's recommendation:
Fang 1: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield
Fang 2: RXD/100 mm Machine Gun
Fang 3: GM/Rocket Launcher/Large Shield

As you enter the level Oasis will get shot and will not be able to perform a 
S.P. Search. I recommend taking the MS on the right side (around the huge 
hill) then going after the DOMs. The DOMs hover so you'll need to go into 
SHORT-range combat to keep them still and destroy them. Ram them and then hit 
them with your Beam Saber for best results. Now the Giant Hover Tank will 
appear. It is very strong but it has a weakness, it is slow. After you destroy 
it, it will deploy two more Mobile Suits to destroy. After all enemies are 
destroyed you finish the level.

Mission 7

Dec. 26th, UC 0079
6:04 P.M.

Guard your defense post
Backup friendly unit 
Destruction of enemy MS
Enemy Mobile Suits in area: MS-09 (3), MS-06J (1)      
JunoGem's recommendation:
Fang 1: GM Cannon/100 mm Machine Gun/Small Shield
Fang 2: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield
Fang 3: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield

This mission is rather easy. All you really need to do is destroy the enemy 
Mobile Suits before they can cause any damage. It is easiest to go 3-on-1 but 
if you don't destroy one MS fast enough the others will cause some trouble. I 
suggest having Fang 2 and Fang 3 attack one MS-09 while you take on the other. 
After those two are destroyed all three of you should attack the last MS-09.
Then a MS-06J will come into the combat area. If you can take him on yourself 
so Fang 2 and/or Fang 3 don't shoot you. The battle is very easy, I suggest 
shooting him with your 240 mm Cannon and walk to 110 feet then ram him onto 
the ground and get a good slice in, then finish him off. When his health gets 
low a message will be sent to all troops from Walter Curtis telling his troops 
they got what they game for. After all enemies are destroyed you go home for 
some rest. 

Mission 8

Hughenden Fortress
Jan. 1st, UC 0080
10:00 P.M.

Destruction of target (Giant Hover Craft)
Enemy Mobile Suits in area: MS-06K (2)
JunoGem's recommendation:
Fang 1: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield
Fang 2: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield
Fang 3: GM/Rocket Launcher/Small Shield

If you know what you are doing you will be able to finish this mission with 
relative ease, but it will take you a while. As you get closer to the enemy 
base you'll notice your being shot at by four cannons implanted on the base, 
take them out with your Vulcan Cannons. Now have Fang 2 and Fang 3 attack one 
of the Zaku Cannons while you take on the other. After all shooting enemies 
are done and forgotten take out all the anti-air equipment. On the map you 
will notice in the bas there is a four square enemy that you can't find, it is 
the Giant Hover Craft. The Giant Hover Craft will be launched in an all out 
attack against you and your team, so beware. The Giant Hover Craft will shoot 
some type of electricity beam at you so be careful. After you destroy your 
target you head to the last mission.

Mission 9

Hughenden HLV Base
Jan 2nd, UC 0080
6:23 A.M.

Destruction of enemy MS
Destruction of target (HLVs)
Enemy Mobile Suits in area: MS-14G (1)
JunoGem's recommendation:
Fang 1: GM Snipe/Rocket Launcher/Medium Shield
Fang 2: GM Snipe/Rocket Launcher/Medium Shield
Fang 3: GM Snipe/Rocket Launcher/Medium Shield

This mission is fairly easy. As you start out Visch Donahue will contact you 
and start his assault on your team. Destroy him as fast as you can because a 
Hover Tank is coming and it will hill you if you aren't careful. Don't get in 
Close Combat because his Double Sided Beam Saber will get you good. After you 
waste his MS he'll ask you not to let his comrades die became they are mostly 
condense and just kids. Now have Fang 2 and Fang 3 attack the Hover Tank and 
Movie Oasis or she'll be shot. Now go destroy the eight anti-air cannons (4 at 
each HLV) so your backup can help you out. Now go finish off the Hover Tank. 
You will need to finish this mission alone so no one else gets hurt. Go to the 
northern HLV and shoot it. You will have had help as long as you destroyed the 
anti-air forces. As you shoot the HLV your ally aircraft will drop bombs on 
the HLVs. After you destroy the HLVs you will walk past Visch Donahue's MS and 
the game ends. After the Battle Record you will have the Extra Options.

NOTE: If you destroy the Booster Packs on the HLVs they will have trouble and 
blow up. It takes less time and ammo to do it that way instead of shooting the 
base of the HLV.


12. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)-

Q: How many levels are there?
A: Nine.

Q: This isn't Gundam Wing, where are the Gundams and characters like Heero 
Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Chang Wufei, Trowa Barton, and Quatre Rebaba Winner?
A: This is before their time. 

Q: Why do they call the Mobile Suits Gundams, when there aren't any Gundams?
A: On the contrary, there are Gundams. Most of the Mobile Suits you use are 
Gundam Class Mobile Suits though.

Q: Where can I find this game?
A: At any game retailer.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $45 to $60.

Q: It says that you can attack enemies with the Small and Medium Shield, how 
do you do it?
A: Most people think you use it as a weapon, but you don't. When you dash 
(double tap and hold the D-Pad) you will damage and knock down your enemy. 
Then you can use the Beam Saber to finish the job.

Q: I heard that after you beat the game you get a code, what does it do?
A: This is only in the Japanese version. In it you get a premium disc if you 
send the code in. You get to face Amuro Ray. I think it expired 9/30/1999.

Q: What does UC mean?
A: Universal Century

Q: What is the Battle Record?
A: It is a record of how many things you destroyed, how many Mobile Suits Fang 
1, Fang 2, and Fang 3 lost.

Q: Are you a fan of Gundam?
A: Yes, I think all of the Gundam Universe is great.

Q: I heard you could be Wing Gundam if you beat the game on HARD then enter a 
code, is this true?
A: NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOO!!! I hate this rumor; you CAN NOT play as any current 
Mobile Suits. I don't know where you people heard this from but it is nothing 
but a lie. I get this question at least once a week, so I decided to put it in 
the 'FAQ' section. 

E-mail me with some more.


13. Game Shark Codes-

Here are the Game Shark codes I found. NOTE: I have not tested these codes.

Level 1-Infinite Armor:

Level 1-Infinite Ammo Primary Weapon:

Level 1 Infinite Ammo Special Weapon:

Level 1-Low Engine Heat:

Level 1-Low Vulcan Cannon Barrel Heat:

Level 2-Infinite Armor:

Level 2-Infinite Ammo Primary Weapon:

Level 2-Infinite Ammo Special Weapon:

Level 2-Low Engine Heat:

Level 2-Low Vulcan Cannon Barrel Heat:

Level 9-Infinite Ammo Primary Weapon:

Level 9-Infinite Ammo Special Weapon:

Level 9-Low Engine Heat:

Level 9-Low Vulcan Cannon Barrel Heat:

Level 9-Infinite Armor:


14. Premium Disc-

Since so many people wanted information on the Premium Disc, I added some.

First of all the Premium Disc is and is only for the Japanese version of the 
game. What happens is the Japanese people beat the game and they send in a 
code they get from beating the game. When Bandai Japan gets it, they send the 
person the Disc. In the Disc you have to face Amuro Ray and his two Mobile 
Suits. You get a RX-78SP.

1.) You die. You get a Game Over and you get to restart.
2.) You defeat one of his Mobile Suits, either the RX-75 or the RX-77, he'll 
complement you.
3.) You defeat both of his Mobile Suits and he complements you even more.
4.) Fang 2 and Fang 3 get defeated he will tell you that the simulation is 

I have never played it, but you can. You can purchase it for $19.95 at 
http://www.BuyRite1.com and play it on an import Dreamcast or use yours if you 
have a Game Shark. That's right; Game Shark alloys you to play import games.


15. Disclaimer-

I, JunoGem (Aaron Knepper), swear that I and only I create all of this 
FAQ/WALKTHROUGH. I did get help though; those who helped me are at the bottom 
of this page and tell whom I got the information from. If I see any of this 
FAQ/WALKTHROUGH somewhere else I will hunt you down to the ends of the Earth 
and chase you into He... just kidding. If you wish to use any of my 
FAQ/WALKTHROUGH for anything or need any help just E-mail me.
I believe credit is due and here it is...


16. Credits-

Thanks to the other FAQ/WALKTHROUGH writers for help when I first got the 

Thanks to the booklet that comes with the game for the 'Story' section.

Thanks to http://www.GameShark.com for the Game Shark codes.

Thanks to CJayC for putting up yet another FAQ/WALKTHROUGH for me.


17. Contact me-

If you need to contact me for any reasons feel free to E-mail me at 
JunoGem@AOL.com (that's where I get JunoGem from). My name is Aaron Knepper if 
you need to know. I also have AOL Instant Messenger.


18. E-mail that I'll Accept or Delete-

I will accept:

Valid criticism

I will delete and won't reply to:

Repeated questions.
Stupid questions with obvious answers.
Letters that aren't in English.
Questions that are clearly answered in this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH.
Invalid criticism


19. Other FAQs made by me-

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20. Where you can find this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH-

You can find the newest version of this FAQ at the following websites, if you 
see it anywhere else please inform me.










21. FAQ/WALKTHROUGH Information-

I really dislike this part but it has to be done.

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