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Secrets Guide by Megacosm

Version: 0.60 | Updated: 06/24/2000

Copyright 2000 Megacosm.  All rights reserved.
Author: A.C.
Email: devildog@megacosm.com

Title: Gauntlet: Legends (Dreamcast) Secrets
FAQ Version: 0.60
Last Revision: June 24, 2000

Table of Contents

A. Revision History
B. Author's Notes
C. Secret Characters
   1. The Alter Egos
   2. Other Hidden Characters
D. Hidden Levels
   1. Mausoleum
E. Secret Levels (Treasure Rooms)
   1. Warrior's Mountain
   2. Valkyrie's Castle
   3. The Desert Land
   4. The Forest Realm
   5. The Battlefield
F. Legendary Weapons
   1. Ice Axe of Untar (aka Legendary Ice Axe)
   2. Scimitar of Rasha (aka Scimitar of Decapitation)
   3. Poisonous Bellows (aka Poison/Toxic Bellows)
   4. Magic Lamp (aka Lamp of Dark Obscurement)
   5. Soul Savior (aka Soul Stealer)
G. A Bag of Tricks
   1. Health
      a. Gaining Health
      b. Conserving Health
   2. Experience Points
      a. Deaths in the Volcanic Cavern (Level 5)
      b. The Homemade Method - Infinite Enemy Generator
   3. Magic
      a. Throw Magic Like an All-American
      b. Shield From the Storm?
   4. Character Quirks
      a. Dwarf - The Smallest Bodyguard in the World
      b. Jester - Explosive Persona
      c. Archer - Munitions Expert
H. Stuff You Should Know
   1. Familiars (Those Lovable Flying Companions)
   2. Pojo Da Chicken
   3. Tag: You Are Now IT
   4. Wings of Levitation (aka Limited Levitation)
   5. Faster Way to Fire
I. Rumors and Lies
   1. Lies
      a. Missing: Sorceress
      b. No Alter Egos?
      c. No Secrets?
      d. Better Stats = Nothing?
   2. Rumors
      a. Dream World
      b. Ice World
      c. Playable Sumner
      d. The Appearance of Garm
      e. Buy Some Grub
J. Credits
K. Legal

A. Revision History

Updates have been disjointed as of late due to my current 
schedule.  I am in the process of moving, so updates may 
not appear as regularly as before.  Please bear with me.  I 
will, however, update 3-4 times a week.

- June 24, 2000: "Stuff You Should Know" updated.  Also, 
  the locations of Desert Land's Treasure Room and 
  Poisonous Bellows (Toxic/Poison Bellows) added.  (v.60)

- June 21, 2000: First update of the week.  "A Bag of 
  Tricks" updated.  "Stuff You Should Know" section added.  

- June 15, 2000: Treasure Room of Valkyrie's Castle 
  added.  "A Bag of Tricks" updated.  Remember, this FAQ 
  will NOT be updated between June 16-19.  Lastly, I am 
  pleased to announce that this FAQ is at its halfway 
  point.  Thank you to all the readers for your continuing 
  support.  (v.50)

- June 14, 2000: Location of "Scimitar of Rasha" 
  (Decapitation) added.  "A Bag of Tricks" updated.  MUCH 
  MORE tomorrow.  (v.45) (Remember, no updates between 
  June 16-19)

- June 13, 2000: Added "A Bag of Tricks section.  Also, 
  Ice Axe of Untar location has been augmented.  "Rumor and 
  Lies" updated.  (v.40)

- June 12, 2000: I added a "Hidden Levels" section to 
  quell the confusion between unlockable levels and 
  treasure rooms.  In the instruction manual, the treasure 
  rooms are called "Secret Levels," which is rather 
  confusing to some arcade veterans.  Also, look for a Rune 
  Stone section by the end of the week.  I know all of the 
  Rune Stone, Obelisk, Legendary Weapon locations -- but it 
  will take awhile to write.  (v.35)

- June 11, 2000: HUGE CORRECTION on obtaining the ALTER 
  EGOS (see "Secret Characters") Legendary Weapons still in 
  progress.  I apologize for the initial error.  This FAQ 
  is under R&D, and is subject to change. (v.30)

- June 10, 2000: The Birth of this FAQ.  Legendary Weapons 
  section to be added in the next update. (v.25)

B. Author's Notes

This FAQ is not an in-depth walkthrough.  Rather, it is a 
conglomeration of character statistics and secrets, hidden 
levels, and strange easter eggs and tricks.  Megacosm 
Magazine is the owner and holder of this FAQ's copyright.  
Do not distribute, copy, or modify without a written 
consent from the author, Alfred Charles N or Megacosm.  
Currently, only two sites house the "Gauntlet Legends 
(Dreamcast) Secrets" FAQ with the author's approval: 



C. Secret Characters

In the Dreamcast incarnation of Midway's "Gauntlet Legends" 
there are eight main characters to select, including:

   1.  Warrior
   2.  Dwarf
   3.  Valkyrie
   4.  Knight
   5.  Wizard
   6.  Sorceress
   7.  Archer
   8.  Jester

In addition to these characters, there are four alter-egos 
(see "The Alter Egos"), which seem to be the four hidden 
characters Midway referenced on its game package.  There is 
a slim possibility other characters exist (see the 
incomplete "Other Hidden Characters").


Embodying mythical creatures and animals, the four alter 
egos (the alter egos of the extension characters have 
yet to be uncovered -- read more below) are better equipped 
than their "regular" counterparts; the reason being that 
their starting/maximum stats (attributes) are significantly 
higher.  For example, the Warrior has a starting speed of 
350, while his alter ego, the Minotaur, has a starting 
speed of 400.  In addition, the Minotaur's maximum speed 
of 850 is more than the Warrior's maximum speed of 750.  

<Selecting the Alter Egos>

In order to select the respective alter egos (of the 
Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, or Archer) your main character 
must be at level 25.  After reaching the milestone, save 
it under the "Character Management" option (press "start" 
in the Tower). 

Return to the "Character Management" option after saving 
the game; this time select "New".  A small popup should 
appear, warning you about losing your current character.  
Confirm your selection with a "yes."  An initial input box 
should then appear (the 3-character initial box).  Enter 
your initials (according to Albert Chung, it does not have 
to be the same initial as your original character).  Then, 
holding the TURBO button, select the character you gained
level 25 with.  There should be a portrait of an alter ego 
in the character select box.  Press A or start.  Voila!

Please note that you must reach level 25 with the specific 
character in order to select his alter ego.  Therefore, if 
you want to select the Minotaur, reach level 25 with the 
Warrior, etc.  If you are uncertain which alter ego belongs 
to what character, use the chart provided below:

Warrior -----> Minotaur
Valkyrie ----> Falconess
Wizard ------> Jackal
Archer ------> Tigress

IMPORTANT NOTE: This alter ego trick DOES NOT WORK with the 
Dwarf, Knight, Sorceress, or Jester.  After testing a 
variation of things, including passing the game twice, we 
could not obtain their respective alter egos.  Our 
investigation continues.

For reference, the remaining "unlocked" alter egos are:

Dwarf -------> Ogre
Knight ------> Unicorn
Sorceress ---> Medusa
Jester ------> Hyena


So far, the hidden characters within the game are just 
speculations and rumors, talk that have spun throughout DC
forums.  Sumner, the good wizard, is one of the characters 
frequently mentioned (he is playable in the PSX and N64 
versions -- confirmed by Darrell W.).  Another possible 
hidden character is Pojo the Chicken, which was easily 
accessible in the Arcade version.  In the Dreamcast version, 
however, the EGG code does not work (neither does the 
Armored Warrior code RAT). 

The other possible characters are the remaining alter egos 
(Ogre, Unicorn, Medusa, and Hyena).  Since the Level 25 
method (above) only works for the original four characters 
(we tested all eight of them), the other alter egos could 
possibly be obtained by special codes or items.  

The guys at the office really doubt this to be true, 
however.  We tried a barrage of different things, but 
nothing seems to work thus far.  

D. Hidden Levels

Not to be confused with Secret Levels, which are treasure 
rooms, Hidden Levels are extra levels found within the 
different worlds.  Thus far, only one hidden level has been 

1. MAUSOLEUM (Mirror) - The words "Mirror" appear in 
parentheses because the hidden Mausoleum stage in the 
Dreamcast is the inversion of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy's 
Mausoleum (arcade) -- the Dreamcast Mausoleum starts where 
the arcade Mausoleum ends.  

The hidden Mausoleum (Mirror) level is in the Castle 
Treasury level (fourth level) of the Valkyrie's Castle 
(BLUE World).  To find the Mausoleum (Mirror), locate the 
Castle Treasury exit portal (it should be situated on the 
higher grounds after a flight of stairs).  Do not exit.  

Instead, walk down the flight of stairs (to avoid 
confusion, the full flight of stairs is two adjoining 
stairways).  You will immediately reach a southeastern 
corner wall (with a burning torch).  Walk to the NORTHWEST 
until you see a red tapestry hanging against a wall 
(between two wall torches).  Walk towards the left wall 
torch (next to a switch).  There should be a dead end to 
the left of the left wall torch.  Shoot the wall (adjacent 
to the left wall torch).  The wall should flash.  Hit the 
wall several more times until it breaks.  Behind the wall 
is the exit portal to the Mausoleum (Mirror).

NOTE: The Mausoleum (Mirror) stage is a hidden level, 
which is accessible through another stage (not the Tower).  
Therefore, you will not return to the Tower when you exit 
from the Castle Treasury to the Mausoleum (Mirror).  You 
will go straight to the Mausoleum (Mirror) level.  After 
completing the Mausoleum (Mirror) level, however, you will 
safely return to the Tower.    

Also note the Mausoleum contains neither a Rune Stone nor 
an obelisk.  There is not any object to collect, etc. (at 
least to the best of my exploration).  The level, 
nevertheless, is a blast to play, partly due to its killer 
soundtrack and massive amount of enemies (try the stage 
with the highest difficulty).

E. Secret Levels (Treasure Rooms)

Secret Levels are, in actuality, treasure rooms filled with 
bronze, silver, and gold coins, as well as power-ups.  The 
object of these levels (rooms) is to collect as many items 
as possible within the set time limit (hour glass 

1. Warrior's Mountain (Red World)
   The Treasure Room of the Mountain World can be found in 
   the fifth level, The Volcanic Cavern.  
   In order to access the Treasure Room, first locate the 
   exit.  From the exit portal, walk to the left until you 
   see a fire geyser near a dead-end corner.  Shoot the 
   walls in front of the fire geyser; the walls should 
   blink/flash.  Keep shooting the wall until it 
   disappears (it should take only 3 or 4 shots).  Hit the 
   switch that appears behind the obliterated wall.  

   From there, walk to your RIGHT (not south) and follow 
   the path between the exit portal and ANOTHER fire 
   geyser.  There should be a red switch in front of an 
   archer and a few scorpions.  Hit the switch.  Near that 
   switch there should be a fire geyser (north).  And, 
   NORTHWEST from that geyser there should be a light 
   purple platform (with dark cracks) .  Stand on the light 
   purple platform.  When the platform fully descends, walk 
   all the way to the right and touch a wooden trap door.  
   The trap door will lead you to a fairly easy Secret 
   Level (Treasure Room).  
2. Valkyrie's Castle (Blue World)

   The Secret Level (Treasure Room) of the Valkyrie's 
   Castle is in the Tower Armory (Third Level).

   First, locate the exit.  It should be up several flights 
   high.  From there, walk down a single stairway (it should 
   be to your left).  Walk down the next stairway.  You 
   will see a corner if you are on the right track.  
   Continue down the stairway until you see a green 
   floor switch.  Next to the switch, there should be a 
   safety rail running along the platform's side.  Follow 
   the rail towards the EASTERN direction.  You may see 
   poultry.  Once you have reached the end of the rail (you 
   will see a corner) hit the wall in front of you (the wall 
   is part of the stairway).  It should flash.  Break the 
   wall and grab the Thunder Hammer behind it.  Next to the 
   Thunder Hammer, you should see a wooden trap door.  
   Touch it; it will lead you to a space-age Treasure Room, 
   accompanied by a Blur-inspired soundtrack.

3. The Desert Land (Yellow World)

   The Desert Land's Secret Level (Treasure Room) is 
   located in the Mystic Pyramid (3rd Level). 

   Locate the exit.  The trap door to the treasure room 
   should be slightly below (southeastern from) the exit 
   portal, next to a switch.  Touch the trap door.  The 
   trap door should lead you to a laboratory-like Treasure 

4. The Forest Realm (Green World)
5. The Battlefield

F. Legendary Weapons

There are five Legendary Weapons in Gauntlet Legends.  They 
help you defeat the world bosses when activated 
(automatic).  The descriptions below reveal the locations 
of the Legendary Weapons, NOT the Rune Stone, Obelisk, etc. 
that may be found on the same level.  Also, there are some 
treasure chests we purposely skipped to make the directions 
shorter.  Seek them out yourself; I do not want to spoil 
all the fun for you.


NOTE: I know the locations of all of the Legendary Weapons, 
I just have not had the time to finish writing them out.  
They should be finished by June 21, 2000.

1. Ice Axe of Untar (aka Legendary Ice Axe)

   The Ice Axe of Untar is found in the fifth level of the 
   Valkyrie's Castle, the Dungeon of Torment.  

   Make your way down several flights of stairs and follow 
   through the level, hitting appropriate switches, etc.  
   When you reach the poison sewage area (the area where 
   the ground is made up of gray stones), you will be 
   greeted by a ground trap (two circular saws).  Move 
   pass them.  You should immediately see a sewage drain 
   (it looks like a fire pit) on the ground, center of the 
   area.  Move north in that direction.  You will see a 
   wooden plank to the left, acting as a bridge to the 
   adjacent island.  Before crossing it, note the 
   out-of-reach red switch to the northeast (next to an 
   anchored iron chain).  Cross the plank and destroy the 

   On this island, you will see two juxtaposed red barrels.  
   Shoot the wall between the LEFT barrel and an enemy 
   generator.  It should flash.  Shoot the walls until it 
   is destroyed.  There should be a red switch behind that 
   demolished wall.  Hit the switch.  From that corner, 
   move further left along the wall until you see a 
   stairway.  Climb up the first stairway, which should 
   split in two directions: south and north.  Take the 
   stairs leading south.  Beware of a ground trap in front 
   of the last step down (two circular saws).  Destroy the 
   horde of grunts.  Walk to the right until you see a 
   red ground switch.  Hit the switch.

   The switch will elevate an island full of rats.  Kill 
   them and walk in a NORTHEASTERN direction.  You will 
   see the sewage drain again (storm drain).  Continue in 
   the northeastern direction until you see the once 
   inaccessible red switch (the one next to the anchored 
   iron chain).  Hit that switch.  The platform the switch 
   is situated on will rise.  Hit the wall in front of you 
   when the platform comes to a halt (to the left of the 
   red wall insignia of Skorne).  It should flash.  
   Continue shooting the wall until it disappears.  You 
   will find two switches (one red, the other green) and a 
   three-way shot.  Activate the red switch.  Wait there 
   until you see a rotating blue axe descend in the 
   northeast corner of your screen.  

   Before getting the Ice Axe of Untar, you should note 
   that once you obtain the legendary weapon, the green 
   acid level will begin to rise, flooding the bottom-most 
   platforms and walkways with poison.  This poison can and 
   will drain your health points.  So, when you get the Ice 
   Axe of Untar, go back on the platform and push the red 
   switch.  This should lower the platform.  Move towards 
   the left and climb the stairway that splits.  This time, 
   take the northern stairway.  

2. Scimitar of Rasha (aka Scimitar of Decapitation)

   The Scimitar of Rasha is in the fourth level of the 
   Warrior's Mountain (RED World).  

   Start moving to the left when you first enter the level.  
   You will soon notice that the path splits: one continues 
   left and the other north, which is a dead-end guarded by 
   an archer.  Kill the enemies up the north, including the 
   red fire demons to the left of the archer.  Continue to 
   the left.  You will then see a small border between two 
   fire geysers, forking the road.  When you pass the 
   border, turn left.  Continue forward.  

   You will be greeted by a group of blue monsters, and an 
   archer.  You will also see part of a large rocky border 
   in flames.  Kill the monsters and follow the path 
   towards the flames.  Immediately, you should see a pesky 
   archer and a red barrel to your right.  Note the fire 
   geyser in the corner.  Shoot the walls at that corner 
   and take the treasure behind them.  

   From the corner fire geyser, follow the path to the 
   right.  Towards the end of the path you will be welcomed 
   by a nest of red fire monsters and scorpions.  You 
   should also see a mound of gold adjacent to a fire 
   geyser.  Destroy the light purple boulders in front of 
   the fire geyser, which is blocking your entrance to a 
   small room.  Enter the room and destroy the bomber.  
   Grab the treasure and head out.  

   From the fire geyser, continue to the right (the right 
   of the screen).  You should see a bridge across a bed of 
   molten lava.  Cross the bridge.  Continue right until 
   you hit a corner.  From the corner, move south.  You 
   will soon hit a dead end (with a piece of the border in 
   flames).  To the left of the dead end you will notice 
   light purple boulders, guarding a bomber and a red 
   switch.  Destroy the light purple boulders and the 
   bomber.  Hit the switch and watch a bridge descend and 
   another ascend. 

   Move left from that switch.  Grab the "Reflective Shot" 
   if you desire.  Continue down a southern path.  Towards 
   the end of the path (only a few steps away from the 
   "Reflective Shot") you will see a fire geyser.  Be 
   careful.  The path should split two ways at the fire 
   geyser's location: left and right.  Take the LEFT path.  
   The left path is a dead end.  But note the borders that 
   cover the dead end.  One side has a horde of hungry blue 
   monsters, the opposite side is the source of incoming 
   arrows.  Examine the border opposite to the blue 
   monsters.  You will notice, again, light purple boulders 
   concealing itself as part of the border.  Destroy the 
   boulders.  But before entering the path you uncovered, 
   heed the fire geyser in front of the opening.  

   Moving up the path, you should be able to see the 
   Scimitar of Rasha (Decapitation) to your right.  Keep 
   moving up the path until you reach a corner.  You should 
   see a red ground switch to the right of the corner.  Hit 
   the switch.  It should open a gate.  Pass through the 
   gate.  You will then see a bridge (the one you 
   resurrected).  Before crossing it, you should note that 
   a Golem is guarding the other side of the bridge.  
   Defeating him should be easy -- a Level 3 Turbo Attack 
   should suffice (or melee attack him or use a magic 
   shield if your character is extremely weak).  

   After defeating the Golem, you should see the Scimitar 
   of Rasha towards the left of the screen.  Grab it.  
   Return from whence you came -- the fire geyser 
   point of the splitted path.  Take the right path this 
   time.  Locate the exit.  

3. Poisonous Bellows (aka Poison/Toxic Bellows)

   The Poisonous Bellows is located in the fourth level of 
   the Desert Land, Tombs of the Undead.   

   Locate the exit.  From there, go down a ramp towards a 
   steam geyser (southeast of the screen).  Next to the end 
   of the ramp, you will see a wall torch.  From the torch, 
   move towards the southwestern point of your screen until 
   you see another wall torch.  Left from that wall torch 
   is an entrance to another room.  Enter the room.

   When you enter the room, move south until you see a 
   large floor medallion (with a shining centerpiece).  
   Stand on the centerpiece until the camera fully 
   repositions itself.  If a large violet staircase is to 
   your south (slightly southwest), the camera is correctly 
   positioned.  From the shining centerpiece, move to the 
   left through a small opening between the medallion's 
   wall and the stairway's hand rail.  

   From the opening, move north.  You should then see a 
   red switch slightly below a purple-tinged border.  Hit 
   the switch.  An opening (towards the left of the switch) 
   should appear.  Walk through the opening.  From the 
   opening, walk in a northeastern direction (pass three 
   torches).  Keep walking until you see a large opening.  

   Beyond the large opening, you will immediately see a 
   floor trap (spikes) in the northeastern region of your 
   screen.  Move close to it until the camera, once again, 
   repositions itself.  After the camera rotation, the 
   floor trap should be in the northern position (again) of 
   your screen.  Move in the opposite direction of the 
   spikes (yes, that means south) towards a wall torch and 
   phony ramp.  Keep moving south until you see a purple 
   ramp (yes, it is purple, not blue) and another set of 
   floor traps (spikes).  Safely advance through the spikes 
   (preferably, walk around them).  You will immediately 
   see two adjacent wall torches.  Between the wall torches 
   shoot the wall until it disappears (behind the curtain of 
   cobwebs).  Behind the obliterated wall is the Poisonous 

4. Magic Lamp (aka Lamp of Dark Obscurement)
5. Soul Savior (aka Soul Stealer)

G. A Bag of Tricks

Tricks are not secrets.  Rather, they are strategies for 
benefits and gains.  


The most efficient way to gain health is to repeat/cycle 
through the Warrior's Mountain levels (RED), especially 
the Valley of Fire (Level 1) and The Volcanic Cavern 
(Level 5).  The work vs. health gain ratio is better in 
Warrior's Mountain than in any other world.  

The Valley of Fire (Level 1) has 450 health points worth of 
food (when playing solo).  It is a very short and easy 
level.  In addition, recollecting the Rune Stone in this 
stage adds 500 gold to your bank (solo game value).  Also, 
there are eight keys in the Valley of Fire, one shy from a 
full key ring.  Unfortunately, there is only one magic 
potion on this level.

The Volcanic Cavern (Level 5) has approximately 450 health 
points in food as well (solo), but it is much longer and 
much more difficult.  However, the bonus here is the 
ability to gain massive experience points, using the 
anti-Death aura power-up (the halo).  There are two Deaths 
with a maximum of three (the third being RANDOM) on this 
stage (see "Experience" under the "Bag of Tricks" 
section... yes, directly below).  


a. Death in the Volcanic Cavern

The Volcanic Cavern (Level 5) will ultimately become 
the most frequented level next to the Valley of 
Fire (Level 1) because it is an attractive level for fast 
experience seekers.  Three words: Anti-Death Aura Power-Up 
(hyphen makes words singular, do not argue).

<How the Anti-Death Aura Power-up Works>

When Death touches you, he drains not your health, but 
your experience points.  Anti-Death aura power-up (halo) 
reverses this effect.  That means if you have the halo and 
you contact Death, you will earn experience points.  For 
each Death that you touch (with an Anti-Death Aura 
power-up), you gain a single level!  This is vital to 
players with characters at level 70+, levels that seem to 
take forever to gain another.  

Note About Death: He can not drain your experience points 
once you reach level 99.    

Tip: Before grabbing the anti-Death aura power-up (halo) 
destroy the enemies blocking the paths.  This will save you 
time, which you can invest in your hunt for the Deaths.  

Also, avoid using magic near the second treasure chest of 
the level (it contains Death), that is, before opening that 
chest.  Magic will change a trapped Death into a fruit (50 
health points) -- not exactly a fair tradeoff, especially 
with the anti-Death aura available.  Opening the chest 
before using magic will prevent you from losing Death.  
Just keep away from the opened Death until you decide to 
pick up the anti-Death aura.  The other Death and the random 
Death are in barrels, unaffected by the effects of magic.  

When you obtain the anti-Death aura, simply walk up to 
Death.  You will see green contact rays emanating from him 
to you -- that means you are gaining experience.  Death 
will and can run away, so try your best to trap him in a
corner.  Also, if you are playing a multiplayer game, have 
the remainder of your party stand back -- Death can still 
drain their experience points (maximum of one whole 

b. The Homemade Method - The Infinite Enemy Generator

This method is a bit pathetic; and depletes the joy of 
earning experience points.  I do not recommend using this 
method, for friends, neighbors, and family members will 
mock you.   

The Homemade Method is actually only good for beginning 
characters because it requires only missile attacks, which 
give you less experience points than melee attacks.  Aside 
from that, it will take you hours just to gain levels 
through this method after you have reached level 30.  

This trick requires you to position yourself far away from 
from a large enemy generator (meaning small monster 
generators will not work, especially small grunts and 
scorpions).  The generator should be barely visible on 
screen, but needs to be slightly visible.  Then, position 
yourself so that your missile shots will miss the generator 
but hit incoming enemies.  Hold down the fire button (the A 
button) -- do not press the fire button repeatedly.  Button 
smashing actually has a faster fire rate than holding it 
down.  Just hold down the button.  For every monster you 
kill a new one should emerge from the generator.  If you 
destroy the generator, that means you are not positioned 

If you prefer, you can tape down your A button and make 
yourself a nice sandwich.  By the time you come back, you 
should have reached level 5.  

They call this the "Homemade Method" for several reasons.  
It is shabby and does not work in the arcades.  

WARNING: Taping the A button and leaving it overnight may 
cause the game to freeze.  This is a fair warning.


a. Throw Magic Like an All-American

Note: Throwing Magic = Magic + Attack

Throwing magic is an art.  It can even be the determining 
factor of life or death, especially for weak magic users.  
Since starting Warriors and Dwarves are ultra weak in 
magic, they should preserve their magic for protection, the 
magic sheild.  If they must use it for offensive purposes, 
they should toss magic (instead of casting it) since their 
magic radius is minute.  Tossing magic will give you a 
better aim at your enemies.  Unfortunately, not many 
players know how to toss magic (the instruction booklet 
does not explain it adequately).  They just toss it, 
missing nearly half the time.  

<The Art of Magic Throwing>

To improve your magic tossing ability, you need to 
understand that it has ranges: short, medium, and long.  
Most players will toss it towards bosses without knowing 
anything about the ranges.

What affects ranges?  The attack button.  The longer you 
hold it down with the magic button button, the farther the 
potion will go.  It is quite simple.  

Short is directly in front of you, which is very similar 
to casting magic.  Avoid tossing it short.  Short is only 
effective when you want to launch a potion from the higher 
grounds to the lower grounds.  (Tap Magic+Attack)

Medium is half-way across the screen.  The most common and 
effective way to toss magic.  (Press Magic+Attack, do not 

Long is beyond the screen, away from view.  This is very 
useful against the Dragon boss and the genie boss, Djinn, 
which require players to stand very far from during 
combat.  (Hold Magic+Attack until it launches)

b. Shield From the Storm?

Ah, yes, the magic shield.  It is the ultimate protection 
against melee attackers, especially colossal Golems, pesky 
grunts, and the Black Widow boss.  Unfortunately, not many 
players use the shield to their advantage.  And, when they 
do, it is always to the minimum of the shield's potential.  
To maximize your magic shield, there is one thing you must 
know: its limit.

<Using the Magic Shield>

By pressing Turbo + Magic (X + B), a wall of pure power 
engulfs your character, protecting you from physical 
attacks.  When you activate this shield, your character 
freezes for a brief moment, but you can (and should) move 
shortly after its activation.  Many players believe they 
are frozen under this shield, but that is far from the 
truth.  You can move.  And, in order to burn distant 
enemies with this shield, you must move up to them.  Try 
moving through a horde of enemies with the magic shield -- 
the shield cuts through it like a warm knife against a 
stick of soft butter.

Unfortunately, you are not invulnerable under this shield 
of magic.  Traps, fireballs, and explosives can still very 
much affect you; and, they will if you are none too 
careful.  When you move through a pack of monsters with the 
magic shield, be wary of any green or red barrel.  Your 
shield will set them off.  Be equally watchful for Suicide 
Bombers, you must shoot them from a distance or outrun them 
to escape their wraith.  

Note: A higher level Wizard or Sorceress (level 50+) can 
escape damage from barrels or suicide bombers with the 
magic shield due to their larger shield radii.  Their 
shields will destroy the barrels far enough to escape 
damage, but be cautious of the lingering aura or cloud 
after the barrels explode.   


a. Dwarf - The Smallest Bodyguard in the World

Beware of the Dwarf, my son.

He may be diminutive, but the Dwarf packs a strong punch.  
Where his Level 3 Turbo Attack, Fire Fissure, lacks in 
control (once you launch the Fire Fissure, it stays in 
that direction), it makes up for it in width and range.  
His strength is nothing to laugh at either; he will hack 
most enemies down to size (pun noted) with his superior 
hand-to-hand fighting prowess.  The Dwarf is not just a 
little mean terror, he IS terror.  

<Dwarven Protection>

The most interesting thing about the Dwarf, however, is his 
unique team-up attack (aka Combo Attack and Team Turbo 
Attack).  His team-up attack has him piggy-backing on 
another character, enabling the Dwarf full control over the 
carrier.  While in this combo, he and the carrier are 100% 
invincible.  Traps, fireballs, and explosives do not 
phase them.  Though other characters may not appreciate 
this fact, they will thank him when he bails them out of 
tight spots and heated situations.  

For instance, through several parts of the game there are 
traps (fire geysers, etc.) lined up in one narrow path.  
The dwarf can bring safe passage to himself and the carrier 
via the team-up attack.  This is also good for areas with 
multiple suicide bombers (the Mausoleum has a bridge lined 
up with three bombers).  And, yes, you can use this combo 
to escape from the poison sewage when you disturb the Ice 
Axe of Untar.  

<Greedy Dwarf>

In addition to protection, the combo attack can be used for 
selfish reasons.  When you open treasure chests in this 
combo, you use keys from the carrier's key ring, not 
yours.  Therefore, if you do not have a single key 
remaining and your buddy has a full key ring, go ahead and 
combo him.  The trade off here is that any item you take 
while under the combo attack goes to the carrier's 
inventory.  So, if you want a specific item, wait until the 
combo attack wears out and then grab the item.

NOTE: This "Greedy Dwarf" trick is only tolerable when done 
to your friends, etc.  I do not condone using this trick 
against some stranger at the arcades (unless you want to 
pick a fight).  It does not fall under proper gaming 

NOTE 2: Unlike the other combo attacks, the Dwarf's combo 
depletes only two turbo levels, even when he is at level 3!  
While some characters can perform their team-up attacks at 
level 2 and 3, their entire turbo bar depletes after the 

b. Jester - Explosive Persona

I occasionally visit the arcades.  Okay, I visit the 
arcades alot.  Alright, so I live there; I have been living 
in a video arcade since I was five.  Is that what you 
wanted to hear!?  My point is, whenever, I see a Gauntlet: 
Dark Legacy player choose the Jester, I laugh 
uncontrollably.  Admit it, you probably do too.  The way the 
Jester skips reminds me how uncomfortable tights must be, 
and how the Jester would not make it in the modern world of 
image.  But under this fool's fascade, the Jester is one of 
the most effective regular attackers in the twelve character 
roster.  Not convinced?  Let his bombs do the talking.  
(possible jokes noted)

<Firewall of Protection>

The Jester, unlike any other character, has the ability to 
toss explosives, particularly comic bombs, which yield 
explosive damage.  What is explosive damage?  Simply, it is 
when a projectile contacts an enemy and creates an aura or 
field of energy that can damage other enemies.  So, in 
other words, one of the Jester's projectile can damage two 
or more enemies at a time (without a familiar).  

Explosive damage, commonly referred to as "Splash Damage" 
(water analogy found in many games), is important because it 
can cut work required for combat, especially when up against 
a cluster of enemies.  

In addition, the explosive damage of the Jester, can be used 
as a shield in multiplayer games, which will come in handy 
against Suicide Bombers on narrow paths.  To set up a shield 
in a multiplayer game, have the Jester stand behind everyone 
else; have him toss bombs over the other character(s) 
incessantly.  The other character(s) should advance and 
attack.  Should an enemy come close to any of the frontline 
characters, they will be stunned by the explosion for a 
split second.  And, should any suicide bomber come their 
way, the frontline characters can easily run behind the 
explosion towards the Jester.  The suicide bomber will be 
stunned when he attempts to pass the explosion, and killed 
when the second bomb drops.  Below is a practical formation 
for the Jester.

Legend: J = Jester; P = Party Member; X = Bomb Explosion; 
        E = Enemies. 

        Formation for shield (in a narrow path) 

                     |        |
        -------------  E  E   |
            J        X P   E  | 
        -------------   E E   |

It is not as complex as it looks; it will come to you like 
second nature.  Also, it is NOT a requirement for the Jester 
to take this formation all the time.  Only take this 
formation on occasions, especially when you sense Suicide 
Bombers (they are not exactly stealth creatures -- they 
scream like banshees before they attack).

NOTE: Try the Jester with a three or five-way shot for the 
ultimate firewall of protection.  (possible jokes noted)

c. Archer - Munitions Expert

Virtually all Gauntlet Legends FAQs, guides, etc. will give 
you a generic statement about the Archer's attributes.  
They will convince you that she is "fast, but weak", or 
words to that effect.  But like a Jerry Bruckheimer film, 
do not believe the hype.  The Archer weilds tremendous 
power, especially through her magnificent turbo attack, 

<Do Wanna See My BFG?>

The Archer's Level 2 (Double Bow) and Level 3 (BFG) turbo 
attacks are powerful because they are wide, consisting of a 
multitude of arrows in one shot.  Though this will come 
handy for gangs of smaller enemies, the Archer's turbo 
attacks are also well-suited for single large opponents.  

To attack larger enemies with the Double Bow or BFG, move 
up close to them and launch the turbo attack (preferably, 
the BFG).  Launching the turbo attack at close range will 
ensure that all/most of the arrows inflict damage against 
the giant beast.  If done correctly, the BFG will kill a 
Golem in one shot, at any difficulty level with any amount 
of players (with a 30+ Archer)!  It will also take nearly 
a tenth of most bosses' energy (in 2-player mode).

<Super Turbo Attack: Damn BFG>

And, as if her turbo attack was not powerful enough, the 
Archer is the only character with the ability to vary the 
turbo attack's strength via special items/power-ups.  In 
other words, power-ups (such as five-way shots and weapon 
amulets) affect her turbo attacks (both Level 2 and 
Level 3), increasing their effectiveness to the 10th 
degree.  Not convinced?  Try the "Damn BFG" experiment.

Buy or obtain the "reflect shot" and a multi-shot 
(i.e. three-way shot) with a weapon amulet (light, acid, 
fire, or lightning -- NOT a breath attack).  Try the BFG.  
The BFG should harbor elemental arrows of the amulet you've 
obtained.  In addition, there should be 3x or 5x the amount 
of arrows on screen (depending on the multi-shot 
power-up), bouncing off any wall they touch (via reflect 
shot).  Oh, and also, there should not be anyone left 

Final Verdict: The Archer is definitely not weak.  

H. Stuff You Should Know

This section was originally titled, "Stuff You Should Know 
(But Since the Instruction Booklet was Poorly Written You 
Did Not Have a Chance to Find Out)," but we felt that it 
was utterly inappropriate and bitter.  

Regardless of title, this section is here to provide you 
with commonly requested information we believe Midway 
should have included in the manual.

   Familiars are flying drones that permanently accompany 
   you on your quest.  They first emerge when you reach 
   level 30, helping you shoot enemies.  When you fire a 
   missile (shoot not melee), it will also fire a 
   projectile.  Though their projectiles are half the 
   strength of your missile strength, their power will 
   increase as you level up.  When you reach level 70, 
   your familiar will begin to "auto-aim" (as arcade 
   dwellers commonly say), converging with and diverging 
   away from your character's shots, depending on the 
   number of enemies it sees.  

   Each character has a different familiar (though they do 
   the same thing and function the same way):

   Warrior -----> Dragonfly
   Valkyrie ----> Falcon
   Wizard ------> Green Dragon
   Archer ------> Butterfly
   Dwarf -------> Owl
   Knight ------> White Dragon
   Sorceress ---> Bat
   Jester ------> Flying Rat --- changes to ---> Flying Pig

   NOTE: All of the familiars will change from their 
   initial color and size as you reach higher levels.  The 
   Jester's original familiar, however, changes into a 
   completely different animal.  The alter egos' familiars 
   are similar to their original character's.  


   Throughout the game, you will encounter a strange item 
   resembling an egg.  Upon touching it, you will transform 
   into Pojo the Chicken (temporarily).  As Pojo, you are 
   able to spit powerful fireballs and attack with your 
   sharp beak (melee).  In addition, you only have one 
   turbo attack level (Level 1), which is equivelent to a 
   fire breath attack.  The effects of Pojo last for 
   approximately 45 seconds.  

   NOTE: As Pojo the Chicken you are unable to cast magic, 
   though shooting magic is possible.  Also, poultry is 
   toxic to Pojo -- it will deplete Pojo's health if he 
   consumes it.  

3. TAG: You Are Now IT

   In multiplayer games, your party will occassionally 
   encounter a gold floating sphere in several levels.  
   When someone in your party touches it, a game of tag 
   initiates and he/she becomes IT.  

   When you are IT, enemies focus their attacks on you.  
   That means Death, Golems, and grunts will come after 
   you, IT.  Though they can and will attack others in your 
   party, 75% of enemy attacks will be targeted towards 
   your direction.  

   In order to remove the IT status bump into another party 
   member.  Your IT status should transfer to the character 
   you touched.  

   Though IT may seem to be a negative condition, it does 
   have a couple of advantages:  (1) It presents an 
   opportunity for you to kill more enemies, enabling you 
   to earn more experience points.  (2) It gives you a 
   condition for strategic fighting.  One form of strategic 
   fighting is having IT encircle the Golem (forcing him to 
   chase after IT), while another player shoots the Golem.  

   Another strategy is to give IT to the person wearing 
   the anti-Death power-up (the Halo).  Though Death will 
   still run away from the bearer of the Halo, he will 
   not target a specific player because IT is wearing the 

   Other strategies include having IT round up a large 
   group of enemies for a nasty turbo attack (by IT or 
   another player).  

4. WINGS OF LEVITATION (aka Limited Levitation)

   Pairs of Wings of Levitation appear throughout the game.  
   When a player touches a pair (it should make a strange 
   noise), his/her character floats above ground.  Floating 
   above ground allows your character to escape the effects 
   of ground traps: circular saws, small flames, acid 
   puddles, and spikes.  More importantly, small ground 
   creatures (rats, scorpions, spiders, and snakes) can not 
   hinder or harm you.  However, geysers, pools (tar, acid, 
   etc.), suspended traps (pendulum saw) and ground 
   explosions still can hurt you.  


I. Rumors and Lies

A lot of lies are circulating around the gaming community 
about the Dreamcast version of Gauntlet Legends.  The 
purpose of this section is to eradicate / clarify the cloud 
of misconception surrounding this cheap thrill of a game.  



  Not only is the sorceress in this game, she fires it up!  
  In fact, Midway increased her Turbo (Level 3) attack 
  radius from the arcade version, which suffered heavily 
  from its fixed position and inability to stun bosses.  


  The ALTER EGOS ARE IN THE GAME!  The guys over at the 
  Megacosm office are playing a level 72 Jackal and a level 
  99 Minotaur.  However, we have yet to obtain the elusive 
  alter egos of the Dwarf, Knight, Sorceress, and Jester.  
  To the dismay of many, I honestly do not believe their 
  alter egos exist.  

  In order to get the other alter egos, however, read 
  "Secret Characters" above.  Remember to save the alter 
  ego files in a separate character slot for it will erase 
  your existing characters (similar to when you start a new 


  Midway not only confirmed four hidden characters (alter 
  egos), but it also printed that fact on the package art.  
  In addition, Midway has included secret levels (Mausoleum 
  in reverse is an example) in their Dreamcast 


  Not true.  The fallacy of this belief can be demonstrated 
  through the ability of magic.  We tested two characters 
  side by side.  One Warrior had a magic rating of 200, the 
  other had 450.  When we used the magic shield (press 
  turbo + magic) on the 200-magic Warrior, it yielded a 
  puny result.  The shield was narrow with a small radius, 
  filling less than 1/8 of the screen.  On the other hand, 
  the 450-magic Warrior's shield was adequate, yielding a 
  circumference of 1/5 the screen.



  Most likely false, considering the Dream World was one of 
  the last worlds to be completed in the development stage 
  of the arcade game, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.  Since the 
  Dreamcast conversion of Gauntlet: Legends and development 
  of the arcade sequel overlapped, to fit Dream World in the 
  Dreamcast conversion of Legends would have been 


  More likely than Rumor 1.  The Ice World was complete 
  in a three-month old beta version of Gauntlet: Dark 


  Sumner (the holographic wizard) is playable in the PSX 
  or N64.  Therefore, this rumor may hold water.  A strike 
  against this rumor, however, is the fact that Midway 
  wanted the Dreamcast version to be more like the arcade 
  than its N64 and PSX counterparts, which included item 
  storage, etc.  


  Some are speculating that Garm is the true final boss of 
  the Dreamcast translation.  Though it may be possible due 
  to the end computer graphics sequence, which is a carbon 
  copy of Dark Legacy's false ending, this is not Dark 
  Legacy.  It is Gauntlet Legends.  It is possible that the 
  end sequence was added as a teaser for the upcoming 
  home sequel (announced for the PS2 thus far).  With or 
  without Garm, the Dreamcast version of Gauntlet Legends 
  manages to propell itself beyond the confines of the 
  other Gauntlet Legends incarnations.  

  Ah, quit yer whinin'.  There's more to be done.  


  False.  You can not purchase health.  This is a typo in 
  the instruction manual.  

  The closest thing to buying health is purchasing the Gold 
  Invulnerability cube.  When gold, you are impervious to 
  attacks; and any damage attempted against you adds to 
  your health.  In other words, it reverses the effects of 
  enemy attacks.  Instead of depleting health, enemy 
  attacks generate health.  

  Due to its steep price, you should only purchase the Gold 
  Invulnerability cube when you are up against a world 
  boss.  To gain more health, cycle through the levels of 
  Warrior's Mountain (RED): The Valley of Fire (Level 1) 
  and the Volcanic Cavern (Level 5).  (see "A Bag of 

J. Credits

Author: Alfred Charles N - "A.C."

Any finds, corrections, etc. can be submitted to 

Special Thanks:

* GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com - No site has a higher 
  information density. 

* Megacosm - A proud crew of artists and talents.  It is 
  always a privelege to work there.  

* US Marine Corps - For giving me motivation each day.  I 
  can not wait to join the ranks after bootcamp next 

* Pascal Vellet - My business buddy in crime.
* Wayne Ma - My good buddy, thanks for the massive Gauntlet 
* Polar Bear - Haa!?
* Chan Chin Shan - Hard working and always confident.
* Twenty One (Tuan) - My second brother.
* Jorge V. - The Sega tester.
* My Family - The strangest, lovable megamix you will ever 
* Razorclaw X - Thank you for the Alter Ego feedback.
* Tredain Doe and Jason Fabisch - For reminding me about the 
  fifth Legendary Weapon: Soul Savior. 
* Kevin Lightburn, Darrell Wong, Jon E. Theys, and Chad 
  Grill - For the cool insights and interesting feedback.  
* Marc Louradour, Albert Chung, and Aaron Mitschelen for 
  their support. 
* To all those who gave me feedback, helpful or 

K. Legal

Do not distribute, copy, or modify this FAQ by any mean 
without written consent from Megacosm or the author.  


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