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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kain

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    Walkthrough/Guide for
    Frame Gride on the Sega Dreamcast 
    by Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
    Version 1.0
    Anyone using this document for anything besides non-profit uses must notify 
    me. Thanks.
    Since I won't be covering the basic principles of the game here, I highly
    recommend you read D. McDonald's excellent manual translation, which I can
    attest to as being translated perfectly.
    I will also NOT be translating everything to the best of my ability, because
    I feel a bit lazy. However, since (not to boast) the best of my ability is
    pretty darn good, you don't really need to worry - it's just that one or two
    words\phrases might be off. Sorry, but after all that work I've been putting
    into FAQs recently (like Valkyrie Profile) I'm kinda tired. :(
    Basic Tips and Hints :
    1. Strafe. This is a technique that works in almost all games of this nature,
    and Frame Gride is no exception. Use the L1 and R1 buttons to circle your
    opponent and attack from the sides. Why strafe? Firstly, your enemy's always
    in your sights, ensuring a higher degree of accuracy. More importantly, 
    though, he\she can't guard against most of your shots if you're firing from 
    an angle. You'll also discover than if you remain stationary for too long in
    this game things will go badly for you fast - strafing helps with this
    problem as well.
    2. Fire when the enemy lands. Because enemies tend to jump around a lot, one 
    of the only times they present an easy shot in JUST when they land. Learn to
    time your attacks to take advantage of the slight lag after a jump.
    3. Match your Element Stones to your opponent's. This might seem like an 
    under-handed manner of playing, but it helps. If your enemy has a Fire Element
    Frame, switch to an Earth Element for the battle. Water? Use Wind. This could
    be just the edge you need to beat that battle.
    4. Wait for opportunities to let loose with your cannon fire or other 
    large-scale weaponry - you don't want to waste precious time and energy 
    firing blindly. Some instances include when your opponent is releasing a 
    Squire, firing his\her own cannon, setting mines\traps or generally anything
    that causes him\her to slow down for a while.
    5. Guard often. You take much less damage from attacks while guarding, and
    in some cases can defend against the entire thing. Guarding only works right
    in front, though - if you're being hit from the sides you will take full
    damage. In addition to that, long streams of attacks and powerful attacks in
    general can't be guarded fully (you'll still take damage) but hey, at least
    you won't be eating it all. 
    6. Cornering is a useful strategy in this game if you can pull it off. Try to
    back your enemy into a corner with spread-fire Guns, Cannon and Mines, then
    let rip with the big guns (Exodus Gate, sword slashes) when up close. It 
    requires some skill to really master this (mainly because the computer's 
    Squires tend to snipe at you from behind) but it remains the best offensive 
    strategy in the game, bar none.
    7. Not really a tip, but the only way to increase LF besides equipping a 
    better helm is to have your Squires go out and attack the enemy. If you win 
    the battle, you'll have some points added to your LF total which will always
    8. Close-range attacks (sword blows and punches) do a whole lot more damage
    than long-range ones in this game (with the exception of a few Cannon) so
    melee might be the way to go if you're really looking to deal damage. More
    on this later...
    9. Some degree of leg stability is important in this game so that you won't
    be knocked about too much by enemy attacks, especially when there are 
    homing mines and whatnot floating about. Don't focus on this too much, but
    don't forgot about it totally either.
    10. When trying to accumulate Material Stones to create better equipment
    later on, focus your attention on destroying enemy Squires and NOT the 
    Knights, since they will give you comparitively little. And if you haven't
    noticed, only the more advanced Squires become rare Materials like Ramud,
    Angalt (and sometimes even Mithril and Orihalcon) when destroyed. This
    information is only when fighting the Knights in the Forsaken Town - the first
    time you whack them, they give you a whole load of stuff.
    11. Squires can be hit by attacks, Mines etc from either sides, so try to 
    lure your enemy into firing on his own Squires. On the same token, don't hit 
    yours, especially not with stuff like Exodus Gate. 
    Walkthrough :
    Obviously because not everyone starting choices will be the same, and neither
    will they be using the same kinds of Frame during play, the walkthrough 
    will not cater to everyone. However, I hope it at least helps. ^_^
    Your first opponent won't prove to be much trouble for you. He's dumb enough
    to let you run rings around him. (literally, in this case) Take out the
    Squire for an extra Stone and avoid his mines. 
    Fallen Bridge - Cronea 
    Slightly harder than Gordoba, might give you a real problem if you're not
    fast enough. The trick to fighting Cronea is to nail him as he lands so you
    get a clear shot; he is pretty fast, so accuracy will be a problem, but no
    real difficulty besides that. 
    Great Ravine - Otalante (Main-Type, Water)
    This guy's easy. The only thing to watch out for is this fact that his 
    weapons are stronger that most of the enemy Frames you'll fight. Use basic 
    strafing tactics and he shouldn't put up much of a resistance.
    Vanity Castle - Redrall (Heavy-Type, Flame)
    Again, a quick win. The only thing to watch out for are his Squires, which 
    fly and then self-destruct upon contact with your Frame. To prevent this, 
    just guard against the explosion and note that the Squires need some time to
    track you first. Besides that, Redrall's lack of speed will make your attack 
    and defense that much easier.
    Silent Forest - Lishirias (Light-Type, Earth)
    This guy's fast. With a multiple-shot gun weapon and Elemental Song, he 
    might pose a problem if your Frame's not fast enough. However, he does have
    very little armor and can be taken out fast with precision shots. Be careful
    of his two powerful Squires, though - one of which is nearly as fast as he 
    is and then other which fires a powerful beam-type weapon. Take them out 
    before you do him or they'll pose a serious problem.
    Ancient Ruins - Baraelk (Light-Type, Flame)
    Watch out - this guy's FAST. He will give you trouble if you allow his 
    Squires to hem you in so he can pepper you with gunfire...so don't. Either
    focus on him (he has low armor, being a Light-Type) or defeat his Squires so
    the battlefield's clearer. But do it fast; this is a serious opponent.
    Forgotten Temple - Eudorpho (Main-Type, Wind)
    His main asset are his two powerful Squires, so once you destroy them the
    fight will become much easier. Besides that, watch out for his gun shots, 
    since the barrage can be deadly. Not too hard, all things considered...you'll
    be wanting to revisit this guy after he's beaten, though, because his two 
    Squires are advanced enough to give you good Material Stones when destroyed.
    Grudge Arena - Valentine (Main-Type, Wind)
    This is where your fights start getting harder. Valentine packs a close-range
    punch (literally) and his Squires have very good AI - you should try to take
    out at least one before concentrating your attention on him. He also has an
    irritating tendency to lay a lot of mines around the battlefield, so watch
    out for those. Above average stats and power overall, but if you've gotten
    this far you should be able to perserve and beat him. 
    Deep Cave - Racine (Heavy-Type, Water)
    Another toughie, but with planning you should come out on top. He packs
    versatile Squires, so it might actually be worth it to rush him and ignore
    them if you find yourself getting hemmed in. Once again, like all Heavy-Type
    foes, his lack of speed will ultimately be his undoing, so use that against
    him - if you can corner him and avoid his Squire's attacks he should be
    going down. Don't underestimate him, though, because the computer can be
    canny enough to trap you occasionally.
    Lost Tower - Sidranel 
    Here we are - the last boss, and he's damn powerful. There are two main
    approaches for tackling this guy; either pick a fast Frame which will allow
    you to dodge his hellish attacks (a few hits and you're toast, though) or
    a medium one which balances speed and power. Heavy Frames are out - you'll be
    so slow that you'll get taken down in no time at all.
    Sidranel's got three main means of dealing damage - one where he fires 
    fireballs up into the air upon which they crash down into you, (avoidable -
    just run continously in one direction) another when he shoots homing blasts
    (guard these) and the last where his arms raise and he generates a field of 
    purple energy around you. This is the worst - I've tried and tried but I can
    find no indication of when he's about to use this, which makes it pretty much
    unblockable. This can do serious damage if it hits, which I why I recommended
    a fast Frame earlier. Of course, if you do get hit by this you're in deep
    trouble...if worse comes to worse, simply retry again and again until he
    doesn't use it with such regularity.
    On the offense, you're going to want at least a few Squires attacking him and
    drawing his fire. Try to pick ones which are reasonable intelligent (so they
    stay out of the way) fly (so that his constantly-moving tail doesn't hit 
    them) and fire beams or shots (so they don't get in too close) You might need
    to do some "levelling-up" of LF for this battle. On your end, I find using a 
    gun with a decent range and power works best - keep up a steady stream of 
    fire and don't bother with Mines or Cannons. (Though if you want to use 
    those, Homing Mines and long-range Cannons (like Elemental Song and Gungnir
    Charge) are effective enough) Hang in there and you WILL eventually beat him.
    Equipment/Weapon Lists and Strategies :
    All these lists will be made from the top left-hand side down and then back to
    the top right hand side in order, so you know which piece of equipment is 
    I will also be including an evaluation\strategy for use for and against the
    particular piece of equipment below it, but only if I've used it before, it's
    been used against me or it can be done (for example, most armor tends to be 
    more or less alike in nature - don't need any help with usage I think) 
    otherwise I will just translate the description.
    Main Type Helms :
    Sharp Knife - Low defense but conserves LF. (Ekshineet, Marl)
    Knight Masquerade - Helm which concentrates on a balance of all factors. 
    (Filohait X 2)
    Satan Helm - The demon residing in this helm will aim for the enemy. 
    (Angalt, Paskroa or Orihalcon, Ekshineet)
    Bolt Head - Composite head armor with high durability. (Marl, Firam)
    I usually pick this one as it has a good average of all stats.
    Sword Color - High speed, and has a distinctive horn for piercing. (Firam,
    Cannon :
    Exodus Gate - Opens a door to the other dimension to suck things within. 
    (Cromdait, Angalt)
    An EXCELLENT weapon. While the pentagram of light is starting up, it will 
    drag the enemy Frame into it's range of effect, whereupon it will start
    spinning, causing spears to appear from the Frame and doing massive damage.
    The great thing in that you can continue to attack your foe while this is 
    happening - try a few normal slashes, then use a continious sequence just as
    the pentagram disappears. If you can manage to corner your opponent fast 
    enough, one use of this can make the difference between victory and defeat -
    truly a fearsome weapon. Hell, I had a friend who simply uses a fast Frame,
    Exodus Gate and maxed out close-range offensive capabilities to win all his 
    fights. The only real drawback to this weapon is the charge-up time (not that
    long, but noticeable) and relatively small area of effect. Your Squires can
    also be trapped it in, which is a real bother. (So your can your opponents'
    Gungnir Charge - Fires a beam of light which destroys all in it's path.
    (Rishia, Ekshineet)
    Pretty fast start-up for a cannon and the actual blast travels very fast.
    A good choice all-around; easy to use. If you're alert, it's easy to see
    coming and avoid, though.
    Holy Ray - Sacred lightning blasts your foes. (Parait, Paskroa)
    A close-combat weapon. The lightning which is generated appears in a field
    around you - excellent for repelling rushes, destroying multiple Squires or
    cornering, but useless for anything else. If you see your enemy using this,
    get AWAY, or if you're in too close simply guard and hope for the best.
    Dragonic Meteor - Summons a dragon which creates a destructive shockwave.
    (Ramud X 2)
    This has a delayed effect - i.e, you use it, you run around a bit while the
    dragon auto-tracks your opponent, THEN it hits and goes boom. Because of 
    this, it requires some thought to be able to use it effectively, but overall
    it's another good cannon. If being used against you, try to outrun the 
    dragon (possible - easier with a Light Frame) or else just guard.
    Elemental Song - Fairies fly out in a spread to chase your opponent. 
    (Paskroa, Rishia)
    You have to use this from some distance away for it to be effective, because
    the fairies will fly in an upwards arc to start with and will miss totally
    if you're too close. Once released, though, their wide spread and limited
    auto-tracking make this a powerful weapon and hard to dodge. If it's being
    used against you, either close in as the cannon is being fired or guard
    immediately - unless you're damn fast you won't be able to avoid this one.
    Eldal Ruin - Creates a field of holy force which renders enemy attacks 
    useless. (Orihalcon, Paskroa)
    The ultimate in defense, the Eldal Ruin's field blocks each and every attack,
    whether it be a Mine, Cannon shot or sword blow - and it'll even follow you
    about the place! But I don't like it. Why? Takes up a whole lot (too much,
    IMHO) of energy and I'm not really much of a defensive player anyway. It also
    doesn't last too long. If you see this, just run away and wait for the field
    to wear off.
    Flame Bird - The spirit released will crash down upon your foe. (Angalt,
    Fires a huge blast of your chosen element's energy at your opponent. Powerful
    enough if you actually hit with it, but the colossal delay before the shot
    means that you must be sure of actually hitting before firing - try after an
    enemy jump or when he\she fires a cannon. Might work better on Light Frames.
    This is damnably easy to see coming, so there's no reason you could get hit
    by this. 
    Solomon's Rope - A green light is released from your body which enfolds and
    destroys your enemy. (Mithril, Cromdait)
    This is a short dash-type move which requires you to have enough speed to
    hit with - therefore, it's most useful on a Light Frame. Takes up quite a lot
    of energy, but does good damage and knocks down; plus, it can be activated
    right after a blocked attack and it's sure to hit. Stay away from your enemy
    if she\his has this - if you must close in, keep an eye out for the telltale
    green aura which signals the use of the Rope.
    Guns :
    Skiavona - A standard gun which has a good rate of fire. (Ekshineet, 
    Basic gun, fires a steady stream of shots. Nothing much to be said about it;
    will serve you well enough until you upgrade to something else. This whiffs
    badly on jumping opponents and fast Frames, because the shots won't track
    the moving target fast enough.
    On the other hand, if you can get used to it, the sheer number of times it
    fires makes the Skiavona quite good indeed in the right hands...it's also
    excellent at taking out Squires, since most of them aren't agile and will
    furthermore be stunned by a single shot, letting the rest of them batter it
    for more damage. It also does well against Frames too slow to avoid the
    stream. If used against you, simply move out of the way - it's not too hard
    to dodge.
    Soul Strike - Fires a single powerful shot. (Filohait, Rishia)
    Like the description says. Also has good speed, so you needn't worry that 
    this is merely a glorified Cannon. Works well enough due to the high damage.
    If fighting against, either close in or snipe from afar - the computer's a
    good enough shot with this to cause you some trouble.
    Distract Stare - Fires shots in a spread formation. (Cromdait, Mithril)
    Another weapon which functions more or less like the Frissa. (Don't these
    guys know the meaning of the word originality?) It does seem to do more 
    damage but consume more energy, though.
    Knight Smasher - A shockwave-type weapon which is effective in close combat.
    (Mithril, Ekshineet)
    This is an extremely powerful weapon at close-quarters, but becomes next to
    useless if you even move to middle range. The Knight Smasher (quite aptly
    named ^_^) fires three fast-moving waves of energy - a combination which makes
    it very difficult to avoid. It also does excellent damage and doesn't even
    take that much energy! However, as I've mentioned above, it has one hell of
    a drawback - horrible range. If you can compensate for that, though, you have
    one powerful weapon on your hands. The counter to this Gun should also be
    obivous - Falcon Arrow. If you stay far enough away there is no chance of
    getting hit by the Smasher.
    Falcon Arrow - Has the best range; a gun used for aiming. (Firam, Angalt)
    Works like a less powerful Skiavona but with a much better range. This is
    your weapon of choice for sniping - with an Ether Stone you can keep up an
    almost continious barrage of shots which can do frightening damage if you
    keep your distance. Just don't get too close and be patient - the Falcon 
    Arrow isn't really a powerhouse. The solution to an enemy using this should
    be obvious enough - get in close.
    Frissa - 
    Fires two powerful spread shots. Useful if your accuracy is bad, your enemy
    is fast (the shots will prevent him\her from escaping the entire blast) or if
    you're attacking multiple Squires. Does use up quite a lot of energy though.
    Guard if you're being fired upon with this - either that or back off fast.
    Royal Spear - Uses large amounts of energy to fire a beam of devastating
    power. (Orihalcon, Mithril)
    This is it - the most powerful Gun in the game. It has everything; range,
    power, speed...except energy consumption. Or perhaps I should say even
    energy consumption - this thing eats up your gauge like there's no tomorrow.
    Boy, they weren't kidding when they said "large amounts of energy..." 
    Because of this, I usually don't waste my precious Orihalcon trying to make
    this; other weapons do a lot more damage when you compare their respective
    energy and time costs. If you can find a way to offset this fault, then the
    Royal Spear's the gun for you. 
    Lockroim - 
    A weaker version of the Frissa. Much lower EN consumption ensures a steady
    flow of shots, but it's reduced power will be a real problem. The low damage
    shouldn't be difficult to counter if you're fighting against it.
    Shields :
    Flame Leaf - Offers protection against both material and magical attacks. 
    (Ekshineet, Filohait or Cromdait, Marl)
    Eternal Guard - Excellent against magic. (Marl, Rishia or Paskroa, Cromdait)
    I'd recommend this as your first shield upgrade since most enemies tend to
    use distance attacks. If you're more of a close-combatant the Gosshic Plant
    might be a better bet.
    Cross Shield - A shield shaped like a cross which has long-lasting 
    durability. (Rishia, Firam or Cromdait, Paskroa)
    If you're willing to sacrifice attack capability, a really good shield as if
    has damn high ratings in all other areas. 
    Gosshic Plant - Large-type shield that protects against shock. (Firam X 2 or
    Mithril, Parait)
    See Eternal Guard section. 
    Metal Blood - A shield with balanced defense. (Filohait, Cristobal or Mithril,
    Just like it says. Use if you're looking for an all-around average.
    Lutheran Shield - Although it's main use is for defensive purposes it has
    limited attack capability. (Filohait, Mithril or Angalt, Parait)
    Spontheen - Works well as a direct-assault weapon. (Ramud, Mithril, 
    Orihalcon, Paskroa)
    Ransol - Better on attack than on defense. (Orihalcon, Ramud)
    If you really want to do heavy melee damage, pick this. For balance, try one
    of the above shields...of course, if you want pure defense get one of the
    non-attack ones.
    Swords :
    Able to cover both close and long-range combat, this is a versatile enough
    blade. The long-range version fires multiple spheres of your chosen elemental
    energy in a wide-arc - very multi-purpose - while the short-range continuous
    one does a few large swings. Overall an excellent weapon. 
    Your weapon of choice if you're a close-range fighter. Fast strikes and good
    damage tie this weapon with Answeller as premier melee choices. Short-range
    functions much like any sword but with noticeable speed and power upgrades,
    while the long version is a huge blast of energy that travels reasonably
    fast. (bad range though)
    Excalibur - 
    Extremely fast strikes, but the range is very limited. Definitely a thrusting
    weapon only - the continuous version will actually connect with all three
    all the time, an instant combo. The true strength of this sword lies in it's
    long-range version (which is actually quite short - watch out) three precise
    blasts of purple energy that are both fast and do good damage.
    Answeller - 
    A bit on the slow side, but excellent damage. Another good selection. 
    Long-range version is a series of slow-moving pillars of energy that rise 
    out from the ground - again, rather slow but decent range and knock-down
    capability. Note that you can hit the enemy only when he falls back to the
    Rune Mace -
    Like Excalibur, this is geared towards long-range attacking. Up close, it's
    fast but doesn't do that well; the long-range version is a grenade-like blast
    with an okay area of effect. This one really depends on how you like to
    fight - pick accordingly. 
    Materials List :
    Again, in order from left-hand side down. I've also included descriptions
    to help you identify the stones - of course, some of them are rather skimpy,
    but then again, the shapes of these things aren't exactly regular either, you
    know. ^_^
    Ekshineet (green emerald) - A jewel highly prized by nobles and well-to-do
    Marl (pinkish) - Used often in trading.
    Rishia (looks like a bowtie, orange) - Because of it's hardness, can retain
    magical energy. 
    Parait (cross-shape) - Holds a shine which makes it very valuable. 
    Cristobal (twin diamonds) - A stone often used for magic. 
    Firam (greyish) - A precious stone said to contain a light which can cure 
    Filohait (trident shape) - A jewel said to protect with good fortune.
    Cromdait (looks like a red tooth) - A material used far and wide in the 
    Paskroa (diamondish) - Used in ancient technology, but now lost. 
    Angalt (big yellow-orange X shape) - Gem that can be found in many areas.
    Ramud (small green cross) - Has magical energy which is difficult to 
    Mithril (red triangle) - Sleeps deep in the earth and cannot be found on the
    Orihalcon (golden diamond) - A legendary stone said to hold great magical

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