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Reviewed: 06/09/00 | Updated: 07/18/01

It's reputation has preceeded it. Unfortunately, it was the wrong reputation

Evolution is a quirky (in a good way!) RPG. Humor abounds throughout it. Your character owes 80000 dollars. Have we not all been in that position. Out of college, buying a ohuse, a car, we can identify. We cannot justify their parents decisions, though. Who names their kid Linear? (No offense to anyone out there whose name really is Linear. And I mean first name.) And the puns! Ugh! Chain Gun as a characters name. Lame! The dialogue is rather funny, with Gre speaking his mind about Mag, forgetting that he is standing in front of him, and things like that. And the random dungeon generations is not as bad as everyone makes it seem. It presents a new challenge.

I like these anime-styled graphics better than those in Final Fantisies 7 or 8. They a quirky (in a good way!) just like the rest of the game. The character drawings themselves add to the humor. Like Gre in his stiff formal butler's uniform serving soup to confuse the enemies. I would be pretty confused if some guy that just started a battle with me brought me soup on a silver platter under glass. All the levels look very different, yet all look the same. Confused? I will explain it to you. The format for all of the levels is the same. It cannot be to different, considering they are randomly generated and only so much can be stored on one disk. Yet, the environments are wonderful and fit the level perfectly. And they look very different from each other. Now do you understand? Good.

The music is great, probably the best I've seen (I mean heard) since Suikoden. The interesting adaptations abound. If you or your opponent gets the inititive a different song is played rather than if the other got the inititive or no one got the inititive. They help you know what to plan for, and offer some variety.

I've said it many times, but I will say it again. I HATE RATING CONTROL IN RPGS! But, this game actually has something to grade in it. The map can be very confusing if you accidently rotate it, so you need to get used to that whole thing. One good thing about the map is that it unfolds as you go, like The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. I like this feature for some odd reason. And the battle system is fairly innovative, and it's one I rather like. Choosing which attacks you learn is quite fun. It is like an expanded Limit Break choice from Final Fantasy 7. It helps you plan out your whole game the way you want to. If you only want to use items to heal, so be it. If you only want to use Gre's cooking spells, and no other spells of his, so be it.

This game is for you if you want a break from the traditional RPG while still keeping the same key aspects. This game is not for you if you like beating the game over and over in the same way, doing everything the same everytime. The story may be somewhat linear, but nothing about the game is except for the character. Linear is the only linear thing about this game.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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