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Reviewed: 04/01/00 | Updated: 04/01/00

DC's first RPG, worth your dough?

Evolution: The world of Secred Device

Graphics – 10
Hay, it’s a Dreamcast game, Dreamcast and great graphics go hand-and-hand. Lets face it, with a 128-bit processor, great graphics are a given.

Sound – 10
Excellent music scores. The music at the beginning of the game is really lame but it’ll get better, trust me. The best music happens as your exploring the ruins. You may want some of these songs in your personal collection, but the only way to unlock all the songs is to beat the game.

Plot – 8
Not too original; rescue the damsel, save the world, pretty ordinary. This game takes place in the 930’s (no, not 1930’s, 930’s) and the main character (Mag Launcher) is the last remaining descendant of the Launcher family, a famous adventurous family. Anyhow, 3 years prior, while exploring some ruins looking for the legendary evolutia cyframe, Meg’s mother and father disappear. However, just before their disappearance, they send Meg a little surprise, enter Linear Cannon. Both you (as Mag) and Linear are taken care of by your families long time butler Gre Nade (gotta love those names).

Characters – 10
Excellent design with really stupid names. With names like Mag Launcher, Linear Cannon, Gre Nade, Chain Gun and Pepper Box, you would wonder what the developers were thinking. The manual states that the lead developer really liked the military (gee, doesn’t show). Each character has his/her own special abilities granted by the use of cyframes (mechanized extensions of the body). All these characters are in full 3D, nicely designed, very sharp colors.

Control – 7
Good control with a comfortable fit. The controls flow very well, of course, you can re-configure them if you wish. The two shoulder buttons allow you to view ruins in full 3D.

Replay – 7
This game does get kind of annoying. The whole object of this game is to explore ruins, collect artifacts (of course while battling enemies) and return them for money. You start the game off with a dept that you have to pay back to the Society (the organization that hires you to excavate ruins). It takes a long time to pay this amount off and money doesn’t come very easily in this game. The dungeons you explore are randomly generated and the more ruins you go into, the more floors you have to explore. This game is one of those rare games that allows you to continue play even after you beat it. It took me about 30 hours to beat this game.

Overall – 8
If you’re into RPG’s, this is one game that I’d recommend for the Dreamcast, it is a nicely put together game. Dreamcast’s first RPG, I think it was a success.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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