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Reviewed: 03/27/00 | Updated: 03/27/00

The First Dreamcast RPG.. a good effort, but it falls short

Evolution, the first Dreamcast RPG. It's nice, but could be better. The developers had some good ideas, but there's several flaws. Let's hope they do better with Evolution 2. Anyways, onto the review....

Graphics: This is the Dreamcast. Of course the graphics are good. The dungeons are kind of bland, but the town is a little more interesting to look at. The characters look great, but they all seem to childish for my tastes. The monsters you fight also look to childish and in no way seem like monsters, but rather stuffed toys you'd find on your sister's bed. Some of the earlier skills and attacks look lame, but the more you learn the better they look. Some are just plain stupid; for example, a healing spell's animation has a spinning bandaid hover over the character for a second. Overall, the graphics are nice, but a few touchups and improvements would've been greatly appreciated.


Gameplay: This is where, in my opinion, the game falls a little. The main point of the game is to explore these dungeons (which are randomly generated every time you enter, kind of like Diablo), and that's basically all you do. Yep.. explore..kill...get some experience by going through the dungeons a couple times if you have to, then kill the boss. whoo, go back to town, rinse and repeat. I like how you see the monsters before you fight them, which is something I wish all RPGs had. The battles themselves are fun. They're turnbased, and in the right hand side of the screen you can see the order in which characters and monsters will attack, which adds a bit of strategy to battles. Sadly, however, not even a totally unique and insanely fun battle system could save you from being bored after a few monotonous dungeons.


Sound: Not much to say here. Not really any touching songs or interesting songs, but at least you don't really notice the music. The battle theme, however, is all right. The music doesn't even touch that of any Final Fantasy, but was anyone really expecting it to?


Story: Story? What Story? If you call that crap inbetween dungeons a story, I have to wonder about your sanity. The characters are totally uninteresting, there's only one relatively small town to explore and talk about, and that's about it..


I would've given this game an overall score of 3, but I had to give the developers some credit for taking the first shot at a DC RPG. Good try guys; you have the potential to do much better with Evolution 2. Overall I gave this game a 5.... And as a warning, I wouldn't pay $20 for this game.. It's worth $10 though, which is what I got it for (from a disgusted friend).. that's all

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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