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Reviewed: 05/21/03 | Updated: 05/21/03

Needed more effort.

Evolution was the first RPG for Dreamcast. As the first RPG, you'd expect something special. This game did shine in some areas, but then you realize how boring and dull this game really is.

Graphics 9/10

Nothing particularly wrong with the graphics, everything is colorful and well animated. The only problems I can see are the sub par backrounds and how the enemies repeat themselves. Fight a white wolf in one area, go to another area and fight the same exact wolf, only yellow! Joy! Although, a lot of games do these.

Story 3/10

Rather simplistic. You play as a boy called Mag Launcher who is in debt and his family is known for being legendary adventurers. With the help of your friends, Linear Cannon, Gre Nade, Chain Gun and Pepper Box, you must get out of debt by finding treasures in ruins. However, a military group known as the 8th Empire who is searching for the legendary Cyframe, Evolutia. They will get in your way and do some mean stuff and you wind up fighting them at the end of the game. I purposly left out some details so I wouldn't spoil anything. Still, it is rather simple of a story, however I must admit that stories don't bother me much, gameplay counts a lot, however gameplay didn't turn out so good either. By the way, did you readers out there notice that the characters are named after guns?

Gameplay 5/10

Okay, Evolution is a turn based RPG. The game has many RPG style techniques, such as equipping weapons and armor, carrying items. It sounds all good, the battles seem fun with all the unique characters, the special abilities that each character has. After you experience the bliss, you experience a test to your tolerance. You go in ruins that a series of floors. There are many enemies on the floors, you'll find items and traps. The enemies and the music get repetitive after so many battles and the game turns very frustrating. Seeing the same enemies and hearing the same music over and over again is very tedious. And this is all you do in this game, select a ruin, somehow survive all the floors and fight a boss at the end. If that doesn't sound boring enough, as you go on, the ruins increase in floors. Ruins can have as much as twenty six floors! And as you move on in the floors, the same enemies get higher in level and become a serious threat. The enemies can badly damage your party but the only way to survive the boss fights is to level up and to level up that means fighting most or all the enemies on the floor, a single floor can take over an hour. Luckily, there's an object that gets you out of the ruins and lets you continue two floors below the last one. However, this object is totally random so if you're on the twenty second floor and your party is on the brink of death, you're screwed.

Music 9/10

Believe me, the music in this game is very good, especially the final boss theme. I would have given this a perfect ten if not for the fact that the music can become very repetitive.

Replay value 1/10

If I was going to play this game again, I'd play until after the final boss because after that you'll want to shelf this. You get a $200,000 debt after the game, sure you can complete ruins and pay off the debt, but all the ruins will have twenty six floors and if you do manage to repay the debt, all you get is a crappy item. After that you can just go through ruins for fun, hey you can fight the bosses over and over again! Yay! But seriously, the ruins are the main reason I didn't really like this game. Not because they're ruins, but because of how they were done. The end of the game is probably the best part because you get to fight on a place that's not a bunch of dark ruins. It would be really cool if you could go to other towns, but there's only one town in the entire game......


The repetitiveness of the enemies, the ruins and the lack of replay value tells me that this game needed more effort. They did some things right in this game, such as the great graphics and music, I could care less about the story as long as the gameplay is good but as you can see, I didn't like the gameplay that much. Oh and if you think those problems were solved in the sequel, they were actually worsened.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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