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A Fun and Interesting RPG

The Summer of 2012 was... interesting, to say the least. It was my first summer with a girlfriend (and my future wife), I almost died due to a freak bacterial infection and I purchased both of Sting's (that NOT the musician, though my iPod seems to think it is him <_<) role-playing games for the Dreamcast, Evolution: The World of Sacred Device and its sequel. While a bit lost at first on how the game indeed played, after a good twenty minutes or so, I got the hang of this title and while it was not even the best role-playing game I have ever played, Evolution was a highly enjoyable title indeed. Game play will expand more on my stance.

Game play: 8/10

The game play in Evolution is simplistic enough, as well as fairly easy to get into. It is a standard dungeon crawler, rife with battles and items strewn all throughout said dungeons. The game plays similar to Grandia 2, in that how you approach the enemies will determine the course of the battle, at least, in the beginning; approach the enemy from behind or without them noticing you, and you will have initiative which allows your entire party to strike first in succession, before the enemy is allowed to attack. Approach the enemy from the front or if they spot you, and a normal battle will ensue, however if the enemy spots you and touches the last person in your party, then you will be ambushed and each enemy will strike first before anyone in your party has an opportunity to attack. This usual game play style is given a bit of a twist in the way that you can re-arrange the order of attackers, depending on how close or far you are to the enemy; yes, there are planes that that will change the amount of damage given/received, as well as also changing attack time in some instances. In addition to all of this, there are game-unique parts of battle in terms of weapons and special maneuvers that can be used, depending on what certain cyframes (the weapons in-game) can do; this makes the battle system actually fairly complex when you get down to it. Why the non-perfect score though? Well there are two issues with the game, one major, one minor; the major gripe is that there is only one town in the entire game, which makes the game seen very shallow in terms of locations (there is also the ship, however that is a glorified dungeon). The minor gripe is that the dungeons are all randomly generated, which can bother some gamers though it does not really bother me. Game play is solid, as is the story.

Story: 9/10

Mag Launcher is a young boy, whose parents were adventurers, just like him. One day, the day that they disappeared, a little girl was left on the Launcher family's doorstep, with a note to always look after her and have her stay close to Mag at all times. The girl, is a meek little girl who never speaks; Linear Cannon. Why she speaks is not known, though it can be seen that she has a sort of magical aura around her, that Mag cannot understand (hint, it has to do with rehabilitation). In order to find out what happens to his parents and find out more about Linear herself, Mag undertakes jobs for the society of the town, which piques the interest of a certain prince of a faraway land. The story seems like a bit of a mess, however it is actually very well done and it really picks up steam
once the game continues. Graphics are up next.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics in Evolution are nothing amazing, however they are well done indeed. The characters faintly resemble super-deformed or chibi-style characters though that does not appear to be the intention. There are many bright colors and sunny dispositions among all of the characters and while there is indeed only one town in the entire game, it too is bright and vibrant with great textures and color use. The dungeons however are very sparse and really do not add anything to game from a graphics point of view; they probably could have been done a lot better given the size of the game. The sounds though, are a bit better.

Sounds: 9/10

No dialogue in the game however the sound effects here and there for certain items, weapons and events are fairly well done and they never get stale. The sounds are good, though the music is absolutely great for the most part, with many great tunes that you will be whistling or humming along to by the time you are done playing the game. There is not much else to say regarding the sounds aside from they are great! Replay is not as great though.

Replay ability: 8/10

The game took me around twenty hours to complete from beginning to end though "complete," is an operative word here. The game, once beaten, is not fully completed as there are still random items to collect in terms of appraisal items (which are useless items you can sell) to collect and there is a "debt," that the Launcher family has that you would need to pay off; this can only be done by going through the dungeons yet again, to attempt to find the new items as well as pay off the debt. Its a bit of a nuisance, though it DOES cause you to play the game longer, even if you do not want to.

Buy or rent?

As it is a medium-length game, it would be a decent renting title, if you are able to rent the game. If you own a Dreamcast and like RPGs however, this is definitely a game to purchase; you will love it.

Evolution: the World of Sacred Device is a really fun game that many RPG enthusiasts should play before their gaming days are done. Mag is a lovable character, Linear is a good compliment to Mag, and either Gre, Chain or Pepper are fun and lovable characters as well, with enough interesting quirks and uniqueness to allow you to want to use them and feel for them. Dungeon crawlers may be falling by the wayside, however this does not mean that older titles such as this should not be played! "Mag: Its that short temper of yours that always makes people mistake you for a man. Chain, if you could just stay calm and quiet, you might actually be kinda cute. Chain: You jerk!"

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Evolution: The World of Sacred Device (US, 12/16/99)

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