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Reviewed: 07/26/00 | Updated: 07/26/00

First ever Dreamcast RPG that has its own specialities and cool graphics beyond.

This game has no ending to its fun factor with tons of cute characters in the game including the enemies and the boss. Sting has done a great job to produce the first RPG of all for the Dreamcast, making more people eager to buy it. There are some new stuffs that you want to know, perhaps totally different if compared to other RPG games like Final Fantasy VII.

Graphics – 10
The graphics are simply beautiful and this is the first game (import) I’ve ever seen that drives me into buying a Dreamcast. It’s simply amazing to describe and it has the looks of cuteness that will drive everyone saying how nice this game is. Furthermore, the perfectly rendered 3D graphics of the characters, animals as your enemies, other bosses in the game and the surroundings and background, all totally in 3D.

Not only do the pictures look clear, they do deliver millions of colours to fit into this game and the animations are really quick. Backgrounds are just nice and many other visual things are just nice for Evolution. Lighting is used correctly in the game with the sparkles that appear during battle.

Music – 9
Now, the background music just sound all right and the different kinds of music in the game during battle, in the town or wherever you go will have different background music going on. Some places will have quick, emergency, terror kind of music to make you more be careful of that particular place. Others suit really well like the humorous, comedy background music that will turn on in a funny situation.

Sound effects like the hit-and-dash, fire, lightning, ice, gun and others all can be heard during battles and other moves like jump can also be heard. Basically, they do deliver something that all of us want, something that will sound either real or fantasy and this game deals both. Sometimes, you can really hear the sound effect as if it’s in the real world and other like sparkling stars are just fantasy.

Gameplay – 9
There are few characters that you will hang out and play with, mostly Mag Launcher and a mysterious girl Linear Cannon. The main character, Mag Launcher looks extremely cute because of his young face and the always-funny conversations with Gre, his butler. Other optional characters are also available and only three characters can be joined in the same battle.

You can also upgrade weapons, process and research items, wear protective things and other usual things that you will expect in all RPGs. Together with Mag’s family debt, you will receive little money and try and keep them and make full use of it by don’t spend all the money at one go. Also, you can sell items or buy new ones by going to a shop but most good ones are located in ruins.

One good thing is in a battle area (specifically, ruins), you can see the enemies and later attack them. There are three types of battle, the first one being normal, second is initiative where you sneak behind them and taken them for surprise and the last is that your own group is surprised by enemies. Of course, the most preferably thing is having the initiative type and the bad one being surprised where the enemies will have two rounds in hitting you. This will cause great damage and grief to you.

Other than good things, there are bad things. Not all games are super-perfect except few exceptions that are quite rare. This game gets a bit annoying after you are stuck in ruins for hours and my own main reason is getting beaten by normal enemies while other people is being stuck in them. There will be always a special item to help you in the treasure chests in ruins.

Bosses are extremely tough, believe me. Chuck out some spare time and use all of that time to defeat them. Most of the time is that you don’t know the right strategy and the right and strong equipment to fight. This will get down right annoying as you will either lose your items and money or just one big ‘Game Over’ splashed across the screen.

There are many special powers that can be used by using FP and to learn them by using TP. These are quite different than the normal MP (Magic Power) in normal RPGs. Many of these special powers help you a lot in tight situations and using them will consume your FP. Levels can also be leveled up by gaining more experience points too.

Some save-points are too far for you to save so you will have to exit the ruins for a while. There are two types of load, the normal load and the resume used in dungeons. It’s advisable to think when using the resume because they will automatically delete the resume file once you enter the file. This has become a lesson for me because out of anger, I reset the whole game and that’s all too late and I have to start the ruins all over again from scratch.

Controls – 10
Who complain about controls are really mad because even a kid of six can control them! It’s really easy, A to select or activate, B to jump and X for menu. You can even head to options and change them according to your likes. No problem really.

Replay Value – 8
Who ever wants to play an RPG all over again? Some people do like me because I want to feel as if I have totally understand and master the whole game.
There are also many secret and hidden items too including secrets that are quite special to do and use. These will provide further entertainment for you to try it out though they are not really that special except to wow and surprise you.

Overall – 9
As all the facts above collected, this game doesn’t turn bad as it sounds. If you’re extremely lucky, you may find this game easy because the most important things are having the right equipment. Have some patient and give this game a little try. After all, it’s the first ever RPG on the Dreamcast! It does worth the money to buy it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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