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  • Most Dreamcast games, if used in a CD player, give stock messages warning against CD player use. In Skies' case, the stock message is replaced by the main cast humorously berating the player to "just put us back in the Dreamcast so we can do our job".

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  • One Skies magazine ad featured an "Employee of the Month" wall with framed pictures of Vyse having different titles, like Coward, Bold, Hero, etc. Although readers wouldn't know at first glance, these titles are derived from the in-game Swashbuckler rating, which rises and falls based on daring and ignominious acts, respectively. Oddly, a blurb states Vyse is a well-known Ninny (the worst title) when his default is "Vyse the Unimpressive," the third-lowest.

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Famous Quote

  • Vigoro: I am Vigoro. No woman in Valua can resist me. I believe that the worth of a man can be measured by his popularity with the women.
    Gilder: Hmm... I kind of like that. I should remember that for later.

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  • Vyse: Impossible is just a word to let people feel good about themselves when they quit.

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  • Aika: You're acting like you've never seen a girl before... If you could just pry your eyes away from that dancer for a few seconds...
    Vyse: Okay, okay. It's just that she's such a good dancer... I didn't want to insult her by uh...looking away. New lands, new customs y'know.
    Aika: What kind of excuse is that!? You're undressing her with your eyes, not that it would take that long. You weren't zooming in, were you?

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