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Discovery Locations by JIrwin

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/29/00

Skies of Arcadia Discovery FAQ v1.0

by Jim Irwin

|Table of Contents:|

I. Introduction/revision history

II. Things you need to know about Discoveries

III. Non-spoiler Discovery list

IV. Detailed directions to all Discoveries (full o' spoilers)

V. Miscellaneous

|I. Introduction and revision history|

Welcome to my Discovery FAQ for Skies of Arcadia.  I normally
don't like to write (or use, for that matter) FAQs since they give away
a large part of the enjoyment of games, but I make an exception in this
case for a few reasons...chief among those being the insanely high
encounter rate in this otherwise excellent game.  I spent SO much time
looking for some of this stuff that my Swashbuckler rank was at Legend
less than an hour into the 2nd disc because I had so many random
battles :P  So, to (hopefully) stop other players of this fine game
from going insane from the ridiculous amount of random battles fought
while trying to fill the last ???? on your logbook  I write this FAQ.

11/28/00 - version 1.0 - I don't plan on there being other versions of
this FAQ since all 64 Discoveries are listed, but I have been known to
make mistakes from time to time.

|II. Things you need to know about Discoveries|

First off, when you find something REPORT IT TO THE GUILD!  You and
your crew may know where a hidden grave or some rare plant is, but if
you don't tell the rest of the world, it's not discovered, now is it :)
Furthermore, the longer you wait to report Discoveries to the Guild,
the less money you get and the higher chances are that someone else may
discover it first.  So, always report stuff as soon as you can.  Also
explore everything before you advance the storyline...if you find a new
town or dungeon, chances are the story will advance if you go inside
and you will lose value of the discoveries you can still make before
entering.  Always fill in all of the map you can before you go into new
towns or dungeons...you can't find Discoveries if you're not on your

As far as monetary rewards go, the earlier in the storyline you report
a Discovery the more you get.  If you see a hint available in the guild
it usually means you've missed something and should find it ASAP if you
want a decent reward for finding it.  As time goes by and the storyline
progresses more and more detailed (and expensive) hints will be
offered, but since you're reading this guide you won't need them now
will you :)  I assume if you take TOO long to find something someone
else will be credited with finding it,  but that never happened to me.
Note that there ARE some Discoveries that it's impossible to report
before the hints show up so don't feel bad if that happens once or
twice ;)

Last you need to know where the Guilds are to report Discoveries.  You
run across the first very early in the game on Sailor's Island and most
of the major cities you travel to will have a Guild as well.  Notable
exceptions are the Blue and Green Moon areas; the Green Moon area has
a ship where you can report your findings, but I have yet to find
anywhere to tell of your exploits in the Blue Moon area.

Oh one last thing...in case you didn't know...your compass goes crazy
when you're at a Discovery location, so pay attention to it!

|III. Non-spoiler Discovery list|

In the interest of folks like myself who prefer to find stuff on their
own as much as possible I have divided the meat of this FAQ into 2
parts; this part lists the hints you can buy at the Sailor's Guild and
when it is POSSIBLE to get a given Discovery.  I've worded these as
best I can to avoid storyline spoilers, but there's only so much I can
do in that regard...so don't read any farther when the brackets
describe something you haven't done yet :)

I will list the Discoveries in the following format in this section:

[In the brackets I list what is necessary to find the following 

Number (note each page contains 16 Discoveries listed numerically from 
top to bottom)

Hint as listed in the Sailor's Guild - Some of these I have modified to
avoid story spoilers..also this is the hint given after you've actally
found the Discovery; I'm assuming it's the final hint you can buy.
Modifications will be noted as (parenthesis) surrounding the changed
text.  Some of the hints practically give the location of the Discovery
away so be warned...you may just want to read the brackets and try to
find them on your own from there.

{In these things I will list how hard I think it is to find}

Difficulty ratings are as follows:

N/A - You have to find this to advance the storyline.  Some of these may 
still be a little hard to find, but hints are given places other than 
the Sailor's guild.

Very Easy - You can SEE it, or the hint completely gives it away.
Just sail up next to it and hit A.

Easy - It's in a very obvious place or the hint almost gives it away.

Medium - Probably invisible, but in a fairly obvious place like an 
island; or the hint is very helpful on a more hidden Discovery.

Hard - The hint is relatively vague and the Discovery is invisible,
moves around, or is in a weird place.  You should still be able to find
it with a small amount of searching though (10-15 battles max).

Very Hard - Given the hint, there is no way you'd be able to find this
without HOURS of searching or incredible luck.  The Discovery may move
around, but it's probably invisible and in the middle of nowhere.
These are the Discoveries that drove some of us nuts on the SoA board
at gamefaqs :P

And here we go:

[Start the game and gain control of a ship]

#1 - It stands on a small island north of the Moon Stone Waterfall, in 
Blue Rogue territory. {Easy}

[Gain your 4th party member and his ship]

#2 - If you go north from Sailor's Island, you'll see a small island.
You'll find something there. {Very Easy}

[Have a ship with the ability to fly through brown stone reefs]

#3 - From the ruins on Shrine Island, go southeast, and it's just
beyond the stone reefs. {Medium}

#4 - Silver Moon Stones are found near Shrine Island.  Try going
through the stone reefs east of there. {Hard}

#5 - It's on the island that Maramba is on.  You'll see it when you get 
there. {Easy}

#6 - If you go to the Nasr desert, you should be able to find it right 
away. {Easy}

#7 - Try looking in the narrow strip of desert in southern Nasr. {Easy}

#8 - Try looking high above Nasr.  I hear it's on an island high above 
the desert. {Very Easy}

#9 - (You have to discover this to advance the storyline) {N/A}

[Be able to enter the South Ocean]

#10 - Somewhere in the South Ocean,  there's an island that never moves 
in the wind.  {Medium}

#11 - It lives in the South Ocean.  There's all kinds of creatures out
there, eh? {Hard}

#12 - (You have to discover this to advance the storyline) {N/A}

#13 - I hear that Ixa'takans usually settle on islands where these 
fruits grow. {Medium}

#14 - (You have to discover this to advance the storyline) {N/A}

#15 - (You have to discover this to advance the storyline) {N/A}

#16 - (You have to discover this to advance the storyline) {N/A}

#17 - You can find it on a large island north of where the Ixa'takans 
live.  {Hard}

#18 - Look for an island to the north of the Moon Stone Mountain in
Ixa'taka.  {Easy}

[Be able to enter North Ocean]

#19 - Try looking right in the middle of North Ocean, between Valua
and Ixa'taka. {Very Hard, at least for me.  I spent a day looking}

#20 - Try looking right in the middle of North Ocean, Valua and 
Ixa'taka. (No this is NOT the same as hint #19) {Medium}

#21 - They say (this) is on the tip of a peninsula in the north of 
Ixa'taka. {Easy}

#22 - It's on an island near the middle of North Ocean.  Once you get 
there, you'll see it.  {Medium}

#23 - It's on an island facing North Ocean, on the west coast of the 
Valuan continent.  {Easy}

#24 - There's a large valley in the middle of the Valuan continent. 
It's somewhere near there.  {Hard}

[Have a ship with the ability to go through sky rifts]
[SPECIAL NOTE:  You can find numbers 25 and 47 before this if you look]
[for them while one of your characters is...um..."stranded"]

#25 - On the tip of a peninsula on the east side of Valua, there's a 
strangle-looking (sic) rock... {Hard}

#26 - Try flying along the northern coast of Valua.  You should be able 
to see it. {Hard}

#27 - It's near North Dannel Strait.  You can't get there with a normal 
ship though. {Easy}

#28 - It's in the skies of northern Valua.  A philosophizing sailor, eh?  
Sounds interesting... {Medium}

#29 - I never thought anyone would actually find it...  Try looking in 
the skies above northern Valua. {Very Hard}

#30 - (You have to find this to advance the storyline) {N/A}

#31 - They live on the western snowy plains, in the Lands of Ice.
{Very Hard}

#32 - Near the Land of Ice, there's floating masses of ice called 
icebergs.  It's in one of those. {Hard}

#33 - Go to the Lands of Ice, and I'm sure you'll have no problem 
finding it. {Very Easy}

#34 - You might want to try looking in the area right near the entrance 
of the Dark Rift. {Medium}

#35 - It's somewhere in the southern area of the Dark Rift.  I guess not 
too many people go there. {Medium}

[Be able to enter the Dark Rift]

#36 - I've heard rumors about a strange Moon Stone floating somewhere
in the Dark Rift. {Medium}

#37 - (You have to find this to advance the storyline) {N/A}

#38 - It's on an island straight south from (#37), near the Dark Rift.

#39 - Go through the Dark Rift to (#37), and you can't miss it.
{Very Easy}

#40 - They've been seen flying in the skies north of a mountain called 
Kazai, in (#37). {Very Hard}

#41 - I hear there's a big wall that goes around (#37).  It lives on an 
island on that wall. {Easy}

#42 - Try looking for an island near the stone reefs far to the south of 
Ixa'taka. {Easy if you pay attention to the brakets above}

#43 - (This) is in the skies south of (#37), they say.  They say they 
got pepper there, too.  {Very Hard}

#44 - It's in a wide area south of (#37).  Apparently it comes up a lot 
in (#37)'s stories.  {Very Hard}

#45 - It's in an area east of the Dark Rift.  I guess no one goes there 
too often.  {Very Hard}

[Begin Disc 2]

#46 - (You have to find this to advance the storyline) {N/A}

#47 - It's really hard to get to, between a sky rift and some mountains 
in eastern Nasr.  *see note above by #24 {Easy}

[Have a ship able to fly above (or below) and beyond normal ships]

#48 - It's just south of South Ocean.  I hear it's a beautiful place...
{Very Easy}

#49 - Somewhere at high altitude, they say there's a place where there's 
always a rainbow. {Very Easy}

#50 - Just follow the Moonstone waterfall to it's source.  You should 
find it easily. {Very Easy}

#51 - It's high above Nasrad.  I hear it's some relic from some ancient 
civilization...{Very Easy}

#52 - There's an island with a waterfall that feeds a lake in Ixa'taka.
Look in the forest there. {Easy}

#53 - (This) is on the continent of Ixa'taka, on a plateau that rises 
above the clouds. {Easy}

#54 - You can find 'em near a giant crevasse low on the eastern side of 
the Valuan continent. {Very Easy}

#55 - It's on an island north of Yafutoma.  I hear it's pretty well 
known among the locals. {Very Hard}

#56 - I hear it flies in a circle along the sky rifts around the Dark 
Rift. {Medium}

#57 - I hear they fly in the high areas of Mid Ocean.  You gotta be 
pretty lucky to see 'em. {VERY VERY HARD - this took me forever}
There is a ship above the clouds in Ixa'taka that gives another hint,
but it STILL doesn't help much :P

#58 - In north Ixa'taka, find an area inside the sky rifts and stone 
reefs where the sky turns dark. {Hard}

#59 - Try searching in the area bounded by stone reefs and currents, 
north of Ixa'taka. {Hard}

#60 - It's at a low altitude, near the Vortex.  Maybe it's a relic of an 
ancient civilization...{Easy}

#61 - It's down low, west of North Dannel Strait, where one of the 
Valua-Nasr battles happened. {Easy}

#62 - They live on the bottom of the Valuan continent, on the eastern 
side. {Hard}

#63 - Head east from Dangral Island.  It looks just like it sounds, so 
you'll spot it easily. {Hard, in spite of what the hint says}

#64 - It's somewhere at low altitude, near the Dark Rift.  You gotta 
keep your eyes peeled, though...{Hard}

|IV. Detailed directions to all Discoveries|

If you absolutely, positively can't find something, this is the section
to check.  As I've already warned, it is FULL of spoilers so read at
your own risk.

This section is set up similar to section III, but I've added much more
info including:

Discovery type - I will list which of the following applies:

Visible/Invisible, Moving/Stationary, Ground-based/Free-floating 
(note some things SAY they're on an island, but you can't SEE it
because the island is PART of the Discovery...grrrr)

Map Coordinates in (X,Y) fashion - the Map is divided into nice squares 
for us, so I've given what square the Discovery is located in to help
limit the search area.  X is how many squares ACROSS and Y is how many 
squares DOWN, both starting at _1_, not 0.  So for example, Sailor's
Island is in the square of (7,6), and Crescent Isle is in (11,4).
Also note that these are for the larger map...not the small map of the
Mid Ocean at the beginning of the game.  Some Discoveries are on the
lines in which case I will list both squares (for example 5,7/8
indicates column 5 on the line between rows 7 and 8).

Altitude:  How high or low the Discovery is at.

Below Clouds - Middle of the below clouds altitude...you can see all
Discoveries below the clouds from this position.

Low - Almost to the bottom of normal ship altitude.

Medium low - Around 25% of normal ship altitude.

Medium - Around 50% of normal ship altitude.

Medium high - Around 75% of normal ship altitude.

High - Almost to the clouds.

Above clouds low - Just high enough above the clouds to see.

Above clouds mid - About halfway up the blue altimeter.

Above clouds high - Almost to the top of the blue altimeter.

N/A - The Discovery can be found at almost any height or is automatic.

Special directions (if any) will be listed after all this info.
Usually the description, grid coordinates, and altitude is enough, but
in some cases specific directions are helpful also.

Ok here we go!

[When you first control the Albatross]
[Obviously you have to wait until you reach Sailor's Island to report]

#1 - Pirate's Grave
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (5,8) Medium
It's right in front of you when you fly for the first time in the game.

[Once you get Drachma and the Little Jack]
[Report at Sailor's Island]

#2 - Guidestones
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (8,6) Medium high
They're on the only island in the area NE of Sailor's Isle

[Once you get the Harpoon Cannon]
[Report these at Sailor's Isle before you go in Maramba]

#3 - Sky Coral
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (7,8/9) Medium high
It's above one of the smaller islands in this area...not difficult.

#4 - Silver Moon Pit
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (7,7/8) Medium
On the northeast tip of the rock island just north of the Sky Coral.

#5 - Topple Rock
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (9,7/8) Medium
On top of the rock outcropping due S of Maramba.

#6 - Wandering Lake
Visible/Moving/Free-floating at (10,7) Medium
It moves so little you can't miss it.  Easy to find.

#7 - Oasis
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (10,7/8) Medium low
Smack dab in the middle of the desert southeast of the Sandfalls.

#8 - Sandfalls
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (10,8) N/A
Just get near the floating island and your compass should go crazy.

#9 - Temple of Pyrynn
Visible/Stationary/Ground-based at (11,6) Medium
You may have to move around a little bit to get the compass to go off.

[Beat Belezza and steal her engine]
[Report the 2 South Ocean Discoveries before you find Ixa'taka]
[Report all the Ixa'taka Discoveries before you go in Horteka]

#10 - Beak Rock
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (5,10) Medium high
Find #11 first, then go to the far S of South Ocean.  It's on an island
near the sky rift pointing Northwest.

#11 - Sky Anemone
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (7,10) Medium high
It's on one of the islands right next to the sky rift...stay south.

#12 - Ixa'taka
Automatic when you make it through South Ocean.

#13 - Garpa Fruits
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (3,8) Medium
Underneath Horteka on the north part of the island.

#14 - The Great Bird
Visible/Stationary/Ground-based at (2,7) Medium
Very obvious.

#15 - Golden Man
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (3,7) High
Search the plateau west of the King's Hideout (floating tree thing).

#16 - Gates of Rixis
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (2,6) Medium high
Line your ship up with the Great Bird's beak and go straight that way.
You'll have to go around one pillar, then between 3 more to find it.
It's on the south face of the pillar there at the end.  You MAY not be
able to find this until you hear about it from the King, but I know you
can find everything else listed here beforehand.

#17 - Ixa'takan Palace
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (3,7) Medium
Head due S from the Golden man and search in the middle of the
3 stones you see there. The black market ship passes over it too.

#18 - Ixa'ness Village
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (2/3,9) Medium
It's in the clearing next to the forest on the island north of Moon
Stone Mountain (where you see the base operating).

[Beat Grendel and have the Iron Gate open]
[Report all these before you go to the Maw of Tartas]

#19 - Mysterious Rings
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (3,5/6) High
Ahh the first of the invisible island Discoveries.  Find the Will o'
Wisps first, then head due south.  Hopefully you'll find them on your
first try; if not keep trying.  They're only like a second south...if
you reach the Air Pirate ship you've gone too far.  BTW if you found
this yourself by luck I hate you forever :)  It took me an entire day
of searching madly with only the clue that they were in the North Sea
somewhere.  Grrrrr...stupid invisible islands.

#20 - Will o' Wisps
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (3,5) High
They're on the island north of the Iron Gate.

#21 - Roc's Nest
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (2,5) High
On the grassy part of the island W after you head out of the Iron Gate.

#22 - The Giant Throne
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (5,5) Medium high
On the eastern end of the easternmost island in the North Ocean.

#23 - Lighthouse Ruins
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (6,3) Medium high
On the west tip of the island on the way to Valua.

#24 - Ancient Palace
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (8,4) Medium high
Hug the mountains on the right after you come out of the trench leading 
into Valua.  Stay right where the yellow ground meets the mountains and
you'll find it eventually.

[You can find and report this while piloting Gilder's ship or Aika and]
[Fina's ship after Vyse escapes Crescent Isle.  ALSO note you can find]
[and report #47 Ruins of Rolana for a good chunk of change as well    ]

#25 - Skull Rock
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (10,3) Medium high
When you see all the islands north of Crescent Isle head west towards
Valua.  You'll see a crevasse running between 2 huge islands...it's on
a small flat part of the island on the north side of the crevasse.
Alternately, if you found Daccat's Island first head due west to find
Skull Rock.

[After your base is set up and the Delphinus can go through sky rifts]
[Report all these before going to Esperanza]
[Don't forget to pick up Domingo for your crew once you have 30]
[Discoveries...he is at Gordo's Bistro in the North Ocean]

#26 - Stone City
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (8,3) Medium high
Find the boulders (or where they used to be) on the north side of
Valua.  Head west along the edge of the continent and you'll find it
in a few seconds.

#27 - Ship Graveyard
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (9,5/6) N/A
It's inside the North Dannel Strait.

#28 - Philosophy Stone
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (8,2) Medium
It's on an island all out by its lonesome.  Easy to find.

#29 - Baloon Flower
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (10,2) High
The 2nd invisible island in nowhere.  This one's easy though...head due
north from Skull Rock at high altitude...you'll find it in no time.
Make sure you account for having to go around the continent; it is
directly north of the Skull, not the continent edge.

#30 - The Lands of Ice
Automatic when you get there.

#31 - Icebird
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (4/5,12) See below
This is hard to find...here's the best I can do.  First off get to the
area indicated by the coordinates.  To the east will be the BIG ice
field and then a little mountain separated from a range of small
mountains.  Get in the part where they are separated and head SSW at
ground level (which is about medium high) and mash on the A button.
This worked for me, I hope it works for you too.  The Icebird is about
4 seconds away from there (from a complete stop), so keep restarting
and tweaking the direction if you can't find him.  If you reach the
other mountain range you've gone too far.

#32 - The Frozen Giant
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (5/6,11/12) Medium
Directly north of the really small mountain at those coordinates is a
non-moving glacier...check the north side to find it.

#33 - Aurora
Visible/Stationary/Free-floating N/A
You can see this just about anywhere in Ice land...just hit A until you
get credit for discovering it.

#34 - Blimp Wreck
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (10,11) Medium
It's on a tiny island just west of the Dark Rift entrance...one of the
closest islands to the Rift.

#35 - Giant Squid Nest
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (11,12) Medium high
It's directly above one of the craters on the big island in that area.

[Beat Gregorio and gain access to the Dark Rift]
[Report the Black Moon Stone before you complete the Rift]
[Report all others before returning to Crescent Isle (on disc 2)]
[Don't forget to report World is Round before heading off to Ice Land]
[Also don't forget to talk to Domingo in your planning room when you]
[have 40 Discoveries...he'll give you some nifty items]

#36 - Black Moon Stone
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating N/A
It's in the 2nd "room" in the Dark Rift...just go straight ahead in the
psychedelic room and you should find it.

#37 - Yafutoma
Automatic when you get there.

#38 - Uguisu's Nest
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (12,9) Medium
On the first normal-looking tiny island after coming out of the Dark
Rift, but before crossing the sky rift leading to Yafutoma.

#39 - Guardian Walls
Visible/Stationary/Free-floating N/A
Possibly the most obvious of all non-continent Discoveries.

#40 - Wanderbirds
Visible/Moving/Free-floating at (13,4) High
Just north of Mt. Kenzai in the sky...they don't move that much so once
you see them, sit still and they'll come back.

#41 - Dheerse
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (14,5) Medium high
Check the surface of the big island in the middle of the wall around
Yafutoma (east of the city)...you can't miss it.

#42 - Grieving Prince
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (2,9) 
It's on the southwest corner of the island there wedged between the
impassible rift and the grey stone reef.

#43 - Spice Island
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (12,7) Medium high
Yet another invisible island...get medium high and head due north from
the Uguisu Nest (#38) and you should find it no problem.

#44 - Mystic Orchard
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (1,11) Medium high
Welcome to Yafutoma, land of invisible islands...blah.  The best way
to find this one is get to where the impassible rift and grey stone
reef intersect, then head due west.  Keep trying until you find it,
that's how I did it (took me 3 tries).

#45 - Inverse Isle
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (13,10) Medium high
And yet another invisible island.  First find the really really tiny
black island (size of your ship) in this area...it should be at medium
high also.  Line up on top of it and head NNE, you should find the
Discovery after about 2 seconds (from a complete stop).  Use the tiny
island as your starting point and you should find it after a few tries.

#46 - World is Round
Automatic when you return to Crescent Isle on Disc 2.

#47 - Ruins of Rolana
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (11,7) Medium
This is actually really easy to find, you just have to know to look for
it.  Follow the impassible rift to the east of Nasr south until you
reach the end of the green parts on the mountains...it's right there in
a really obvious place.  As I said above you can find this when your
party is split up into Guilder/Vyse and Aika/Fina for a decent reward.

[Finish the quest for the Purple Moon Crystal]
[Report all these before going anywhere else, and you're done!]
[(Hopefully with a ton of cash now...mwahahahaha :)]
[Before you get all 64 but after getting 50 make sure you talk to]
[Domingo again...he'll give you a really nice item at 50 and then]
[something completely worthless at 64 :P]

#48 - Southern Cross
Visible/Stationary/Free-floating at (4,11) Below clouds
Really big and really obvious.  I was annoyed I couldn't discover it
before going below the clouds :P

#49 - Rainbow Island
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (11,4/5) Above clouds high
At the end of the rainbow...'nuff said.

#50 - Moon Stone Lake
Visible/Stationary/Island-based at (5/6,9) Above clouds low
Very obvious, no special directions.

#51 - Iron Star
Visible/Stationary/Free-floating at (11,5) Above clouds high
You'll probably find this right when you find Rainbow Island...it's
right near it.

#52 - Alupas
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (2,7) Above clouds high
Right next to one of the waterfalls on the twin waterfall island above
the clouds in this area.

#53 - Observatory
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (1/2,7) Above clouds mid
Find the pyramid from where the Green Moon Crystal was taken and head
to the first plateau to the south...it's right there.

#54 - Dancing Lights
Visible/Stationary/Free-floating at (9,4) Below clouds
Very easy to see.  Basically they're there to show you where the cracks
below Valua are.

#55 - The Mother Tree
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (13,2) Above clouds mid
Go to Tenkou island and head due south.  After a few seconds you should
find it.  Thank god...the last invisible island.  I hate those things.

#56 - The Ghost Ship
Visible/Moving/Free-floating N/A Above clouds low
This one sounds hard to find but it's actually pretty easy.  Since it
moves counterclockwise around the sky rifts near the Dark Rift, just
fly clockwise on the same course and you'll find it in no time.

#57 - Flutterflies a.k.a. the most annoying Discovery EVER
Visible (barely)/Moving/Free-floating (see below) Above clouds low
Probably the hardest of all discoveries.  Even with hints and knowing
the path they travel it can still take a LONG time to find them.
They travel between (3/4,6) and (9,6)...that's right half the map :P
Just keep wandering back and forth just above the clouds and you may
get lucky, which is about the best you can hope for unfortunately.

#58 - Eclipse Point
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (3,2) Above clouds low
Fly around in that area until the screen gets dark then press A.  Poof!
Just make sure you're close to the clouds or you may not see it.

#59 - Loopers' Nest
Invisible/Stationary/Free-floating at (3,4) Medium High
It's at the northeast corner of the island where the grey and green
parts meet...hard to find but that's the best I can do.  I wasn't able
to find this right away...I don't know if you have to get to a certain
point in the story before it can be seen or if I was just unlucky.

#60 - Flying Machine
Invisible/Stationary/Island-based at (6,8) Below clouds
Very obvious, no special directions.

#61 - Valuan Wreckage
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (8,5/6) Below clouds
It's the only island down there, pretty obvious.

#62 - Rabbats
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (9,4) Below clouds
Found the Dancing Lights yet?  Good!  Now head straight north while
tapping the A button and you've found Rabbats.

#63 - Bottomless Pit
Invisible/Stationary/Ground-based at (4,7) Below clouds
This may actually be visible but I didnt see it.  Head WSW from Dangral
Island and you should find it.

#64 - Ancient Fish
Visible/Moving/Free-floating at (10,12) See below
You can find him in the area right below the island with the Giant
Squid Nest on it.  Go a little to the west and stay at medium depth.
When you see a single fish right near the clouds just above you, push A
and you should have your last discovery!  BTW - after discovering this
one you can catch him like you would any other fish...they sell for a
whopping 3000 each!

|V. Miscellaneous|

Contact information:
If you wish to contact me my email is lirwin1@columbus.rr.com.
Please do NOT send messages asking how do I find xxx as I have
described all the discovery locations to my best ability in this FAQ.
Please DO send corrections/comments about this FAQ, as I am not
unwilling to update it if it's necessary.

All the guys on the SoA message boards at gamefaqs...they helped me
find the damned Magic Rings and are generally a bunch of cool guys :)

Whoever runs http://arcadia.dricas.ne.jp/hakken/hmap2.html.  Without
that page I think I would've gone insane trying to find a few of these
things all on my own.  (also check out hmap1.html and hmap3.html)

Mountain Dew for keeping me up the past 8 hours to type this thing.
I had no idea it would take this long hehe.

I wrote this.  This is my property.  Don't copy it or I'll poke your
eyes out and take nasty legal actions against you too.  Blah blah blah.
If you're from Prima and you copy this, I'll hunt you down and burn
your house to the ground :P  (Can anyone tell it's 5am and I'm tired?)

Ok well that's it.  I hope you guys all benefitted from and enjoyed
this FAQ...now it's off to sleep and then start a new game of SoA

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