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Cham Locations by PKeating

Updated: 04/30/01

Skies of Arcadia - Cham Locations

For Sega Dreamcast

By Paul Keating - houshin@talk21.com

*** Copyright information ***

This guide can be freely distributed as long as:

* You let me know that you are posting this guide elsewhere.
* You do not modify this guide in any way, shape or form.
* You do not attempt to profit from my work.  This includes
  showing banner ads on the same page as this guide.

If you can meet these conditions then feel free to post
this guide on your own site.

*** Revision History ***

30TH APRIL 2001

NOTE:  This guide will no longer be updated.  I no longer
have the time I once had to dedicate to gaming.  This means
less time to play games and to write guides for them.

Also I no longer enjoy playing next gen games, call me old
fashioned but I still prefer playing 2D games over 3D.  I
still believe Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 have yet
to be equalled and there is no better platformer than Super
mario world.

This means any future guides I do will be more likely for
older systems and the GBA when I get one.  I have a couple
of guides to finish and a couple more in the pipeline once
they are done.  But no DC/PSX/PS2 guides.

If this is an inconvenience to any one I am sorry.  If any
one wants to take over the guide then let me know and I will
pass ownership of the guide over to you.

Thanks to all the people who have helped with this guide.

*** Index ***

    Section 1 - Beginners Guide to Chams
    Section 2 - Cham Locations
    Section 3 - Abirik Cham Locations
    Section 4 - Chom Locations
    Section 5 - Thanks To:
    Section 6 - Help Required/Contact Information
    Section 7 - Next Update
    Section 8 - Final Word

*** Section 1 - Beginners Guide to Chams. ***

What is a Cham?

Cham's are special moon crystals that can be fed to Fina's
pet, Cupeli.  As he is fed cham's his attacks start to

Why bother looking for Cham's?

Well Fina's only weapon is a Cupeli and unlike the other
characters this can not be upgraded in a shop.  The only
way to make Fina's weapon more powerful is by feeding it

So, how do I find a Cham?

As you wander around the locations of Arcadia you may hear
your VMU beep and as you move it gets more and more urgent.
Then it stops.  This means you have just gone past a Cham.
The beeping represents Cupeli who is getting excited. Look
on the VMU display and you will see Cupeli bouncing about.
As you get closer he gets more excited.  Once you are
virtually on top of it his tongue will transform into an
arrow.  If you search the immediate area (pressing the A
button) you should find a cham.

The VMU is beeping, Cupeli is overexcited and I still can't
find the Cham?

You will have to wander around in the immediate area to find
it.  It can take a couple of tries.

I have just started the game and can't find the Cham you
have mentioned in Pirate Island or Sailor Island.  Why is

Fina needs to have joined you as a playable character.

So I have my Cham, what now?

Open the menu and select Fina's face on the menu.  Go to
the items option and then select the Cham.  An icon
representing Cupeli should appear press again and you will
feed it to Cupeli.

So how many chams are there?

I have been told that there are 30 chams and 3 aribik chams
in the game [Thanks to Troy McBride for this information]

What is a chom?

A chom is a tainted cham.  If you feed a chom to Cupeli he
regurgatates all the cham's he has eaten.

So what does that mean?

Below is a word for word copy of what David Litchman sent
me, thanks.

  "Regarding choms, and why you would want to feed them to
Cupil, here's why. I don't know what his advancement table
looks like, but let's just say that each level requires one
more cham than the previous one. Say you found three chams,
and one abirik cham. You feed him one for level 2, and 2 for
level three, then the abirik cham for level four. Now say
you find three more chams. You would need four to get him
to level five, but if you give him a chom, he'll barf up 6
chams and one abirik cham. Then you can feed him 1 for
level 2, 2 for level three, three for level four, and the
abirik cham to get him to level five. Using the choms just
allows you to optimize the way in which you feed chams to

*** Section 2 - Cham Locations ***

Cham 1

Location:  Pirate Isle

How to find it:  Once Fina has joined your party head to
the entrance to the underground base.  As you enter the
underground section you should hear the beeping begin.  As
the base opens up in front of you you should see the
fireman's pole in front of you.  Turn to the right you
should see a catwalk with cranes attached to it.  About a
third of the way along the beeping should be really fast
now.  Search around here and you should find the cham.

Cham 2

Location:  Shrine Island

How to find it:  Apparently this cham is located on the
second to last floor of the island. I will add a proper
description when I go back to get it.  [Thanks to everyone
who told me about this cham, see the thanks section]

Cham 3

Location:  Sailors Island

How to find it:  Head over to the lighthouse at the end of
the Island.  Climb to the top of the tower and you should
hear the VMU start to beep.  Just walk around the tower
until it is beeping really fast and you should find the

Cham 4

Location:  Maramba

How to find it:  In the first half of town there is an inn.
Head up stairs and then out of the bed room to the balcony.
Once here your VMU will start beeping.  Walk to the end of
the balcony and the VMU should be beeping really fast.
This is where you will find the next cham.

Cham 5

Location:  Temple of Pyrnn

How to find it:  As you run down the second Indiana Jones
boulder trap (copyright lucasfilms & paramount) you should
hear the VMU beeping in the second alcove.  If you are
coming from the top (so the boulder is chasing you) then you
will find it in the right hand alcove.  If you are coming
from the bottom (so the boulder is coming towards you) then
you want the alcove on the left (same alcove I know).  The
next cham is in there.

Cham 6

Location: Horteka, Ixa'Taka region

How to find it:  This cham is located in the northern part
of the first section of town.  Head past the save point and
past the weapon/item shop.  You should be standing on some
grass now rather than all the catwalks that make up
Horteka.  You should be in front of an entrance leading to
the abandoned ship. You will hear the beeping and this is
where you will locate the next cham.

Cham 7

Location:  King's Hideout, Ixa'Taka region

How to find it:  After the cut scene with the king you
should immediately hear the beeping.  See the pot in the
upper left corner of the screen?  The cham is located around

Cham 8

Location:  Moon Stone Mountain, Ixa'Taka region

How to find it:  After first entering the mountain the door
will shut behind you. There will then be a brief cut scene.
Head through the next door and that will shut behind you.
When you come out you should be in a room where mining carts
keep rolling past.  Turn left and around the large metal
door you should find the next cham.

Cham 9

Location:  Moon Stone Mountain, Ixa'Taka region

How to find it:  When you reach the first room with all the
metal catwalks there is a cham in this area. It is easier
to show you via a small map.

           |   |
           |   |
   |-------|   |-------|
   |                   | S = Starting Position
   |   |---|   |---|   | W = Trap Door, doesn't open
   |   |   |   |   |   | X = Trap Door, opens
   |   |   | C |   |   | C = Cham
   |---|   |---|   |---|
   | W |   | X |   | X |
   |---|   |---|   |---|
---|   |   |   |   |   |
       |   |   |   |   |
---|   |---|   |---|   |
   |                   |
   |-------|   |-------|
           |   |
           | S |

As you can see from the map you need to walk up, turn left
then head up on the left hand passage.  Once at the top you
want to come back down the middle passage and stop before
the trap door and you should find the cham there.

Cham 10

Location:  Rixis, Ixa'Taka Region

How to find:  When you first enter Rixis you will be infront
of a massive statue and two smaller statues either side of
it.  Head over to the smaller statue on the left hand side
of the screen.  There is a small hill here so go on top of
it and you will locate the cham in the centre of this hill.

Cham 11

Location:  Rixis, Ixa'Taka Region

How to find:  You can't really miss this Cham.  When you
enter the third screen, the one with all the floating
platforms on, you need to get on the first floating
platform and then stand on the left hand side.  When the
platform stops and you get off you will be in part of the
ruins and should be facing a flight of stairs. Climb up the
flight of stairs to what is a balcony. At the end of the
balcony is the cham.  Cupeli starts beeping as soon as you
enter this room, so as I said you can't really miss this
one. [Thanks to Kristofferson Fenol for confirming this

Cham 12

Location:  Valuan Airspace

How to find it:  As you fly to retrieve the Yellow Moon
Crystal in Valua you will come across the Black Pirate Gordo
who challenges you to a fight.  When you win the Cham is one
of the prizes.

Cham 13

Location:  Nasr capital, Nasrad

How to find it:  After Vyse arrives at Nasrad with Gilder
head over to the hotel and stay the night.  This will
switch control over to Aika & Fina.  Once you are in
control head over to the restaraunt to get your wages.
Along with your wages you will receive a Cham.

Cham 14

Location:  Nasr airspace, Ducatts Island

How to find it:  When you reach Ducatts Island with Aika
and Fina there is a cham at the entrance of the caves. On
the left hand side, by the trees, is where you will locate
the next Cham.

Cham 15

Location:  Nasr airspace, Ducatts Island

How to find it:  Inside Ducatts Island you will come across
an area with rotating stairs.  Vyse activates the switch
which rotates the stairs.  After completing this section
Aika and Fina will be in an area made up of small islands
of rock connected by walkways.  The central one (the one
that connects to the next door) has a Cham in the center of

Cham 16

Location:  The Delphinius

How to find it:  When you explore the Delphinius head to
the deck.  This is located on the floor below the bridge.
On the deck you should see Fina here.  Head to the far left
of the deck you will find a Cham.

*** Section 3 - Abirik Cham Locations ***

Abirik Cham 1

Location:  Fishermans Ship, Ixa'Taka Region

How to find:  Again this is taken from an email David
Litchman sent me.

  "By the way, one of the abirik chams is gotten from a
fisherman's ship in Ixa'taxa airspace. He'll ask you for 10
Sky Sardis, and if you give those to him he'll give you the
abirik cham in return."

Abirik Cham 2

Location:  Nasr capital, Nasrad

How to find it:  While Fina and Aika are on there way to
collect there wages they should stop of at the weapons
shop.  Here you will meet the merchant you escorted.  As
thanks for escorting him here you will receive an Abirik
Cham as thanks for helping him earlier.

*** Section 4 - Chom Locations ***

Chom 1, 2 & 3

Location:  Maw of Tartas, Valuan Empire

How to find:  when you land at the Maw of Tartas you will be
in an area that looks a little like stone henge.  There is a
circle of stone pillars and in the centre is a large steel
gate in the floor.  The first chom is located by the single
pillar on it's own on the left hand side of the screen.  The
second and third are on the steel gate itself.  The steel
gate has a large pentagram which is shaded in a grey/brown
colour.  The second one is on the bottom left hand point of
the pentagram and the third one is at the tip of the

*** Section 5 - Thanks to: ***

Mathew Greenwell, Scott Carey, Michael Convento,
Zeningame325, Rilink for the information on the cham in the
shrine island.
Thanks again to those above who pointed out the location of
the chams in the Ixa'Taka region.
Troy McBride for the information on the amount of chams in
the game.
Kristofferson Fenol for confirming the location of the
second cham in Rixan.
David Litchman for the information on the Chom's and the
location of the first Abirik Cham.
Sherwin Tam for some general pointers on the guide.


CjayC for posting this guide on Gamefaqs.  Probably the best
and most reliable source of game guides there is.

Sega/Overworks for creating such a wonderful game.  Roll on
Skies of Arcadia 2...

*** Section 6 - Help required/Contact Information ***

If you see that I have missed any cham's or know of the
location of any cham's I haven't reached yet then email
me on "houshin@talk21.com".  If it is a cham that I
haven't reached yet then it won't be added until I get

Anybody who sends me this information will be fully

*** Section 7 - Next Update ***

Won't be for a few weeks at the very least.  Sorry.

*** Section 8 - Final Word ***

Remember this guide was bought to you by the letters A & F
and the number 15.

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